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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  April 15, 2016 6:50am-7:01am EDT

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>> this morning on capitol hill, the i digress national taxpayer advocate nina olson testifying before a house oversight and government reform committee. we will take you there live at 9:00 on c-span3. c-span2, the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction will brief lawmakers on defense
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committee, live also at 9:00 a.m. eastern. this month we showcase our studentcam winners. c-span3 annual video documentary competition for middle and high schools dues. this year's theme was road to the white house and students were asked what issues do you want presidential candidate to discuss? our second prize high school winners is from chardon, ohio. demeter from the notre dame cathedral latin school wants candidates to talk about education in "the big decision." ♪
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hey, my name is andrew carey i am a high school senior so i'm going to college next year. i want the truth about college but everyone has an opinion. a professor says you may need a degree to be successful and her friend's does despite the adult supervision, why bother going into deep debt. to hear one answer to that question i spoke to a soon-to-be freshman majoring in business and marketing. >> our society tells us that to get a well-paying job and be supportive of your family you have to go to college and this -- go to college. >> and this is tori martin. she is moving to the big apple to pursue a degree in hospitality. she still believes colleges necessary for some fields. >> i wouldn't want someone being my doctor and not knowing what
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they should be doing. >> shockingly, most of -- more than half of today's degree holders are working jobs that don't require a degree. when asked when she -- why she told -- chose college, she points her finger to following the crowd. was always told what you have to do after high school and it doesn't matter if you don't hope what you want to do because you will find out there. >> if some students have not decided on a major, why are they willing to fork over so much dough. he argues that parents are willing to take the financial risk for the opportunities provided by the degree. >> it will be the difference between whether their sons and daughters lives are successful or not. they undertake the risk. they pay the bills. statistically, the cost of
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public and private universities over the last 20 years has doubled even adjusting for inflation. >> it would be cheaper to work your way through. like thistudents senior are choosing a different route. taking a gap year between high school and college to hike the appalachian trail. >> i want to find out who i want to be. the outside of outside influences or six months. >> you have to jump off the conveyor belt for some time. the education system is very much a conveyor belt. >> he jumped off finding an apprenticeship for young people. >> people are looking at us because they are bored in cinderblock sells all they, memorizing facts and they want to get out and experience real-life. counselor says
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entering the workforce out of high school can help people develop their soft skills. >> punctuality and timeliness and rationalism and connecting with others. you have to learn these. >> another promising alternative is attending a trade school and working in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. these jobs are expected to grow by 13%. radical to invest in stem education and encourages students to pursue a career in that field. these of the many reasons students do not attend colleges due to their prohibitive cost. why is it so expensive to begin with? "smart money, the cost oflease college is a matter of supply and demand.
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>> there are so many colleges. competition is fierce. >> was you decide you have to have -- once you decide you have to have a degree, you will pay whatever is necessary. asthat is known on youtube bozeman signs. mr. anderson worries that some students and parents think that -- value and ig has a have to retrieve a certain amount of investment. collegeges no long -- is no longer just an educational experience. universities are locked in and amenities arms race and the costs continue to rise. presidential candidate bernie sanders is proposing the government tuition free at public universities. >> it is counterproductive to the interests of our country that hundreds of thousands of bright young people cannot
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afford to go to college and millions of others leave school with a mountain of debt that burdens them for decades. >> everyone should have access to education. >> the country is founded on so many different things that are not as an art. focusing on college which can help improve all of us at home, it will be more worthwhile. >> not everyone agrees with senator sanders tuition free clam. >> i believe college is a privilege and not an entitlement. just because you read there does not mean you get free college. air,st because you breathe does not mean you get free college. is college a, valuable investment in the future of america's youth or an unnecessary step for economic success? it is difficult to answer
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because it depends on each human being and what they want out of life. >> if you decide that what you love requires college and it is the only way to get there, then do it but then you are an informed customer. >> do what you want to do, no matter how crazy it teams. follow your dreams. at the end, if it does not work out at least you can say you try your hardest. to watch all of the prize-winning documentaries and this year's studentcam competition, visit c-span, washington journal. then the house of representatives returns for work on a bill that would prohibit ftc from regulating rate changes. later, donald trump holding a campaign rally in hartford, connecticut.
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coming up in about an hour on washington journal, rick shankman, author of political animals. >> i said we've got to and the starvation him him wage data secretary clinton said let's raged it to $12. there's a difference. >> i have said that i support the fight for 15 it. i supported those on the front line. those were some of the words used in newspapers to describe last night's democratic debate. we want to talk to you about your reaction. we want to hear from hillary clinton and bernie sanders supporters.


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