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tv   Democracy Spring Sit- In  CSPAN  April 16, 2016 6:59pm-8:01pm EDT

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this is "the communicators." [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] >> this month we showcase the student can winners. this year's theme is road to the white house. what issuese asked do you want presidential candidates to discuss. one of our second prize high school central winners is from oklahoma. grader,burnett, a 12th once presidential candidates to discuss the cost of medication in his video titled "the price is not right. >> every morning my dad wakes up dressed in his work attire had begins his one-hour drive.
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i thought my dad just sat around all day counting out pills and dealing with customers. the i learned about dissensions that arise within the pharmaceutical industry. imagine waking up the next morning to find that the price of your pills has jumped to $750 overnight. is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs. >> millions of people take these drugs every month. >> drug companies have a near monopoly in which the government says everyone has to have insurance. everyone's insurance has to cover certain things. drug companies take advantage of that. bernie sanders: the pharmaceutical industry in this country is charging the american people by far the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. to better understand this
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issue we have to look at the reasons why the cost of medication has been rising. it is due to competition and companies buying their competition out. they can gain monopoly power. there are are limits on the prices. the drug manufacturer to make the price as high as they want. they have a patent for that particular medication. so no one else can produce it. they can make the price as high as they watched because they know people need it. >> some newer companies are behaving differently. buying the rights to manufacture a drug. and turning around and trying to immediately fund their purchase of that product. without skyrocketing the cost overnight. moneycan continue to lose on the drug at that price.
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so we took it to a price where we can make a profit. costs the pharmacy $50. the insurance is only going to pay the pharmacy $20 for that medication. no business can stay in business losing $30 on each transaction. >> it is hard because the customers think we are personally raising those prices and that is not just not the way it is. >> it was four dollars for several years. out of nowhere it jumped up to around $50. they were wanting answers for me that i couldn't give.
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bernie sanders: we hear from pharmacists in our legislation is supported by the association. and sit behind their desks their hearts are broken when senior citizens cannot afford the products that their doctors are prescribing. when people are dying and suffering and we have the cure right in front of us. >> for people who have no insurance coverage the cash prices for their medication rise significantly.
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>> they might have been paying $10. now they are paying $45. if you are on several medications that ends up. >> they have to decide if they're going to take their medication every day as prescribed or maybe every other day or even every third day in order to stretch it out longer. can afford to pay for some food or some other bills. patients have to switch the medications. suddenly it is not available or they can afford it. people may start going to mexico or canada to get the medicine.
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every time i am selling a customer prescription i kind of >> you guys have said the reason you raise the price was to do the research and development. i just got off the phone with hiv doctor who says they don't need a better version of this drug. >> that is not true. there are some recent papers that show the two people died because of the medication. product will be approved by fda. it might take 10 years of work to research that compound.
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be approved by fda. that is a lot of money that the pharmaceutical industry is having to pay out. for research on 12 compounds. after researching this topic i realize the job is much more than counting out pills and filling prescriptions. i realize the importance of my father's position. >> to watch all of the prize-winning documentaries, visit student >> all week democracy spring
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protesters gathered at the u.s. capitol for citizens to bring awareness to the influence of money in politics. the rally that kicked off the week of protests was held union station on monday.
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i believe, that we will win. that we will win. >> that we win will. >> that we will win. >> that we will win. >> that we will win. democracy. >> democracy. >> democracy. >> democracy. >> democracy. >> democracy. democracy! \[cheers and applause/] >> how you-all doing today? those of you who don't know me, i'm so excited to see you guys here. all your beautiful faces. so excited to see all these
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beautiful armbands and headbands. i'm so energized. you feeling energized? are you excited about taking steps to reclaim our democracy? me, too. yeah. so we got a couple speakers before we take on. so first i would like to introduce you to cenk uygur. i know. the host the world's online news show. he's the c.e.o. and true leader of the progressive media community. please give it up for cenk. \[cheers and applause/]
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>> so great to see you guys. wonderful to see you out here. all right. so i'm going to start with a study because that's always exciting. so there was a study of over two decades, 1800 policy decisions and they realized that public opinion has no correlation to public policy.
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in other words, that house over there, congress, they don't give a damn what we think. there was one thing that had a direct correlation to public policy, and that was donor opinion. special interest opinion. so unfortunately that great, great house over there has been deeply corrupted. all of you are here to take that house back. because it isn't their house, it's our house. >> ours! >> who's house? >> ours! >> who's house! >> our house! i started 14 years ago, i started wolfpack in 2011. at occupy new york.
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the point of wolfpack is to say fix this mess, right. so what we need in this country is our right as americans, free and fair elections. \[cheers and applause/] >> i can't imagine the founding fathers not being enormously proud of you guys here. because they put it in the constitution that we need to amend the constitution from time to time to make it a more perfect union. so they envisioned exactly this moment. in fact, they put in article 5 at some point it is likely that congress will get too corrupt and the people will have to get an amendment through the states. i want to tell you something about this movement, there are some that are in the press that are naysayers.
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by the way, why are they naysayers, critics, why don't they believe? because they are the establishment. so when you got billion dollar companies who make billions of dollars to put money in politics, where does the money go? it goes to tv ads. you think those tv stations are going to turn down revenue to get our democracy back? they don't care about that. so of course they are not going to be on your side. but those naysayers, here's what they don't understand. we always win. so in the short run, can we get setbacks, of course. in the short run power and establishment win, of course. but martin luther king had a great saying about this.
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truth written on the scaffold, but that scaffold sways the future. and that scaffold is right here. when we fought for women's rights we won. when we fought for gay rights we won when we fight to get our democracy back, we are going to win! so we have been under siege for a long time by the establishment. it's time for us to put them under siege. so the first thing i ever said when i launched was they are not coming for us anymore, we are coming for them.
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and here you are coming for them right now today. one final thing for you guys. women's rights movement seemed absolutely impossible. they were naysayers back then, critics back then, they said, how in the world are you going to get women the right to vote when they can't vote in the first place? it's impossible. we did that, too. when they tell you today it's impossible, don't believe them. the whole point is to try to discourage you. i see you today. our wonderful brothers and sisters yesterday. are you not discouraged. a woman's right movement took 70 years, what they don't tell you, from the first day they were in the streets, it only took seven years to get that impossible amendment. it turned out that it was possible and that's exactly what we are going to do. here we are in the streets just
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like they did it. and it's great to see all of you here. just the beginning. i want to ask you one more time. who's house is that? >> our house! >> who's house? >> our house! >> let's go on to our victory march. \[cheers and applause/] >> please join me in welcoming our next speaker to the stage. feminist attorney, professor, and fighting for justice from racial and economic equality to push fog constitutional equality for women. she's the president of n.o.w., national organization for women. please join me in giving it up for terry o'neill. >> hi, everybody. good morning.
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on behalf of the national organization for women, i am thrilled to be here to welcome you to say we are working together to change our future. we know we can do it by working together. you know, the statement of purpose in our bylaws says that the purpose is to take action through intersectional grassroots organizing, to lead societal change, and build a feminist future, which will include all of us. for one thing when we work for gender justice, we will not be colorblind. we will any kind of policy we are looking at, how does that affect color? how does that impact my lgbt q
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sisters? how does that affect transgender women of color? what is the unemployment rate? homelessness rate? if we are looking at any single policy we look to the margins and put them at the center of our work. that is the dedication. and that is why, that is why n.o.w. is so adamant about overturning citizens united and getting money out of politics. and stopping these voters suppression laws, including an amendment to the constitution of the united states that says every citizen of this country is guaranteed the right to vote. i want to tell you very specifically why that's so important for women. when you ask yourself, what are these voter suppression laws specifically doing to women? let's begin the analysis with this.
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women work a lifetime at unequal pay. and that unequal pay, a large part of it, is a ridiculously low, in fact, a poverty level, minimum wage. 2/3 of minimum wage workers in the united states are women. 70% of workers in the united states are women. a lot of people don't know this, the tip workers' minimum wage is $2.13. very disproportionately tip workers are women of color and their gross revenue is less than $6 because of this low minimum wage that is overwhelm for tip workers. why get a job?
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how are you going to support your family? by the way, 40% of families women are the by primary or sole breadwinners. when you are faces these economic injustice ass cross the board, economic injustices that are more deeply felt by women of color, and lgbt q women than women who look like me, now you look at the voter suppression laws and what do you find? well, a key part of voter suppression laws are voter i.d. laws. women are more likely to change their name. so it takes extra time and extra resources to find not only your birth certificate but your marriage certificate and very often your divorce decree to go and prove to skeptical agents you are entitled to vote in this country. it is outrageous and a burden
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that falls disproportionately on the people with the fewest resources. we do not accept that. we are going to change it by taking back our country. so let's look at what happened and let's be clear about how that voter suppression system got into north carolina. how it gets into ohio. how it gets into florida. that happens because of money in politics. way too much money in politics. in theory a rich guy like charles koch or david, in theory they could use their money to help elect the president, candidate, couldn't they? the reality is, the koch brothers will always use their money to elect conservatives. and what do conservatives legislators do as soon as they
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get into office? you look at what happened. what happened in 2010 and 2011 and 2012 and on to today, conservative legislators at the state and federal level are waging an abominable war on women. that is what happens to women. they are determined to block the $15 minimum wage. we are determined to achieve $15 because that will help women. but with money in politics, you have politicians that want to block that minimum wage. with money in politics we have politicians that are trying to block women from abortion care. one in three of us. one in three women will have an abortion by the age of 45. it is a common and necessary aspect of our basic reproductive health care. these conservative politicians are also trying to block us from accessing birth control. where 99% of sexually active women in this country utilize
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birth control at some time. what does it mean when a woman can't access basic reproductive health care? she can't keep that lousy job she's got. decide what kind of family she has and then support the family in dignity and economic security? we must get money out of politics because that is the only way we will begin to elect more progressive politicians who will put our policies first. who will put our needs and our interest first. so women -- i way overstepped my time. i apologize. i do get excited about this. we are with you. we will take our country back, thank you. \[applause/]
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people!ions aren't ♪
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democracy now! ♪ democracy! energy!xcited about the
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[applause] >> what is our history worth of it is not translated into action? a whole group of us did a 30 day hunger fast for immigration. we protested our immigration policy.
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i welcome your people from many different faiths. community leaders, labor leaders. to put an into big money in politics. we want free and fair elections. justice cannot be achieved leaders takerld's action. essential to that promise is the citizens of votes.
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many of you are going to risk arrest. a whole group of faith leaders are going to risk arrest. i will be thinking about you today. shouldn't we just be interested in saving souls. for me this is prayer. this is how i pray. this is what jesus did.
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this is what st. francis of sec did. when jesus turned the tables over and the sabbath. in the temple. acts of civiling disobedience. st. francis got naked and the public square to protest the inequality among the people. we need to make it a story of connectedness not a story of separation. we have a story that tells us considered are not illegal because they are seeking a better life. children should not be sold into
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slavery. so our government is not controlled by a few wealthy people. them at theotect expense of a rest of us. it is necessary to have policies that ensure that more than just the wealthiest interest groups have access to the public sphere. it recognizes each person as a gift of the creator. every person should not only have the right to vote but every
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person shall the right to speak and to be heard. the shaping of our democratic government. we support the democratic process. for christians this issue could not be any clearer. you cannot worship both god and money. [applause] be telling all the members of congress who claim to be christian, just tell them that. about 95% of the people in
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congress claim to be christian. and i use that word claim to. we experienceaith firsthand the results that unlimited money has whether it in terms of immigration reform or voting rights or climate change. the partisan divide in america is fueled by attack ads by those who are unaccountable and unidentifiable. it works to deny certain classes of people the right to vote. it is not one where wealthy voices of the only ones that can be heard.
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the nature of the public common good should focus on the needs of those in society. more thanns to way the opinions of the american people. shown everyoneve believes that our political system is corrupt and needs reform. paul francis said we have created new idols of the golden calf.
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faith communities are in a unique position to address money in politics to make sure those in need are not endured. is beholden to those who can spend the most on elections. all it takes is one good person. money in politics is not just a political issue it is a moral issue. pope francis called for a bold cultural revolution. around thetraveling world calling for that. be part of that revolution.
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thank you. [applause] what a time to be alive. what a time to be alive.
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we are in unprecedented times. right-wing seeks to usurp the democratic process of our country we find from every crack and crevice from every people are standing up in every corner. say no more to the corporate class. no more to the billionaires. there are people who say that we have no right to be here. the people who say were asking for far too much too fast. we are only demanding everything that was promised to us.
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that we take it not just from our jobs as human beings but from the idea was that we hold so dear and so great. we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men and women are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. that among these rights are life liberty and pursuit of happiness. rights thehese government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. when the government does not do this, it is the duty of the people to abolish it. [applause] we are here to abolish it or aborted.
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we are rising up. all we need is power. transformation. and miracles. we want it. we needed. we got to have it. right now. right now. community before corporations. all power to the people.
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your corrosion will be evidence against you. you have laid up treasures in the last days. let us go forth. the spirit of all spirituality. the spirit of the universe. start the revolution. in whatever faith tradition you practice or don't practice. let us do together. let us do it as one. [applause]
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i am with the progressive change campaign committee. corporations and the billionaires no more buying elections. we are telling congress and the supreme court that we must reverse citizens united.
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the people who marched from philadelphia to washington dc the last 10 days. raise your hands. thank those people. [applause] i met so many amazing people. i also want to thank the people weeks andus days and months and years to organizing this event. thank you so much. raise your hand. this work is so important because they've created the foundation upon which we all
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stand today. seen media from msnbc and npr and many others. the international media already covering the events of the past few days. standing on the foundation of what is been created. you need to get to washington.
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we all know a lot of people that care about a lot of issues. the key point we have to thember is that the reason voting rights is so important is the success on these issues is the key to our progress on every single issue. allow all americans to vote and we get big money out of politics, that makes our job infinitely easier. if we care about wall street accountability, punishing the wall street bankers who broke the law. companiesthe big oil to stop climate change. taking on the for-profit prisons. take no the for-profit colleges
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that have so much money. the military-industrial complex. affect war's end lives and millions of dollars that could be invested in our communities. why will this make a difference? our goal is to change the conversation and to get congress and lawmakers to act on these issues. a show of force, by coming here and not going away. the media is reporting on the actions of all of us together. we are allowing this set of issues to thrive. house candidates and senators to all be accountable to the
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people. [applause] we are here together and it is so special. proud to be a part of occupy wall street. we did some civil disobedience then. we would do whatever it takes today. if there was ever a time in life to do it i can think of no no better send people to do this with. stick together people thank you so much. [applause] >> house every feeling? awesome.
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a lot of you are live streaming and tweeting to get the message out. we want to see your pictures. please #democracy spring. spring is already here. with couple more speakers. the next will be cynthia murray. despite intimidation from cynthia fights for the rights and dignity of workers at walmart. cynthia: good afternoon. we're so proud to be here. these workers aren't afraid to stand up.
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i am a walmart worker. i'm a founder of this organization. i have seen our coworkers mistreated by abusive managers. thee my voice to fight for hours that we need to survive. to make walmart a better workplace. at the center of our idea of democracy. walmart use like their deep pockets to drown out our voices. people like me and our fellow associates. i'm here was to associates who were fired for speaking out.
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walmart is the biggest corporate spender by a wide margin. to regulate things like the minimum wage. low andour wages subvert our political systems in the process. walmart uses its little influence to create policies that favor them. they want to use your money to silence us. to silence is that our workplace. that is why we are here today. to fight and to protect our democracy. thank you. >> we have one more speaker.
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he is a progressive organizer and activist. he works to reclaim our democracy. [applause] chai: how is everybody feeling? [applause] are you ready to take back the people's house? [applause] can you feel that spring is here? [applause] we will take back the people's house. we say that spring is here for our democracy. we the people have the power.
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defenders of the status quo in our country. i was a just a few words about what brings us here today. truth of thethe words that insist that all people are created equal. it's not just a sentence written down somewhere. it is true. we demand an equal voice in our government. we are here to defend our freedom. because the condition of freedom of participation. say, or someone
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else will be rolling you. in this country we rule ourselves. we simply demand a future. if we don't have a democracy the it threatensall, our very future. we have to be real about this. to defend our democracy. you will be able to look in the eyes of your grandchildren say you fought for better planet. we can accept that.
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a demand so urgent to the people's house. we will do nothing about that. to those who would be the people's representatives. the vast majority of the agree that wee should have a government in which all of the seven equal voice. sitting conference collecting dust. we are here today to say you must use that power.
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we must end of this corruption of big money in politics. all an equal voice in politics. i know what the pundits say. they say that is not going to happen. with republican leadership nothing is going to happen. we are not called hereby allegiance to the conventional wisdom. the demand of the people whose to say what is trust. true to the principles that they claim to represent. inaction in this crisis is inexcusable.
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they must decide. on the side of democracy. to those who would defend the status quo of corruption we send a clear message today. there will be a political price to pay. spring in the hopes and dreams of millions of people in america. this government will represent the voices of the needs of the american people. we will not walk away to you solve this problem. day after day hundreds of
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patriotic people were sent to jail. fixing this problem and our country. this congress must be changed. this house belongs to us. now is the time to stand up and take it back. take it back for the children in flint michigan. to the families of the miners who died in west virginia. the young men and women that are incarcerated in this system. this house is your house to. we say to the billionaires. this government does not belong
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to you. it belongs to all of us. if you see this video on facebook. if you see it on the news. hundreds of people come here today to take back the people's house. the people who are gathered here today don't have any power that you do. power that isame in every body that is here. don't let anybody tell you you're too old to take a stand for this. she was 80 years old. she walked from california to washington dc. if she wasn't too old you're not too old. [applause]
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the schoolchildren of birmingham. they faced down the police dogs and the fire hoses because they wanted to and jim crow. undocumented young people. dreamers. to win protection for all migrants. you don't have too much to risk. in some other time people had so much more to fight for. we will knowledge the truth. the principles that we love. if we don't create democracy we have tos all, step up now. we have to fight for the
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principles that we care about. are you with me? are we ready to march? a rewritten to take back the people's house? what we say that. it is not because of the history of this country. we knowledget back there is a place in our hearts where is the people's house. there is a principle that is true that we believe in. thate here today to say even if it hasn't been in the past in our time for our efforts democracy will be real at last. are you ready to walk? we will say no more. it is the people's house.
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it is our house. it is our democracy. spring is here. then the congressional gold medal ceremony to honor the 65th infantry regiment. after that, look back at presidents giving their last speeches at the annual white house correspondents in her. dinner.spondents republican presidential candidate, ohio governor john kasich, brought his campaign to a synagogue in long island, where he spoke to members of the congregation. cameras were not permitted inside. but afterward, the governor talked to reporters about what he said, as well as the role of the middle east peace


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