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tv   Road to the White House Events  CSPAN  April 16, 2016 11:12pm-11:31pm EDT

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[laughter] >> how are you, buddy? [indiscernible] >> when you eat a pickle, you have got to put your finger up in the air like this.
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am i right? that is the way you eat a pickle. i will have a little soup. >> governor kasich, he told me your first trip would be to ireland if you became president. have you changed your mind? governor kasich: i never said my first trip was going to be to ireland. where did you get that? why would i say that? >> because i am irish. kasich: no, i mean, there is nothing wrong with it. there is nothing wrong with it. if it is true. no. >> so, governor, your numbers in
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new york? [indiscernible] [laughter] kasich: i don't know the difference between this pickle and this pickle. do you like pickles? >> [indiscernible] [laughter] >> [indiscernible] kasich: you know, i may have matzah. the reporter said i was 29 points down. what do you do to close the gap? i said put in steph curry.
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that was really good. >> salad, chicken soup. governor kasich: i ate a pickle. i'm going to have one more. p>> [indiscernible] uh?good, h governor kasich: i'm going to fly home and had dinner with one of my daughters. she is 16. do you have daughters? how many?
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>> five. kasich: on that basis, i assume you have two kids. give this man some publicity. talk about your restaurant. when did you start? -- >> my father started the business about 45 years ago. governor kasich: where are you from? >> originally from russia. governor kasich: we are going to get ukinians to defend themselves. where are you from in ukraine? when did you leave? >> he left in 1973. governor kasich: thank you. >> in 1983 -- i joined him about 20 years ago.
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governor kasich: i am going to have another pickle. [indiscernible] what is your specialty? >> we do very good on the chicken soup. ball. corned beef, chopped liver. governor kasich: where do you live? >> [indiscernible] governor kasich: well, we appreciate you having us in here. i cannot eat anymore. i have eaten so much, i cannot eat anymore. and i'm going to have dinner with my daughter. i am going to give this pastrami to kevin miller. kevin, come here.
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>> governor, is this better than lenny's in cleveland? governor kasich: do not try to trip me up. i make enough mistakes on my own. i'm not going to comment. i have an opinion. but i won't express it. i love soup. what kind of desserts you have? [laughter] >> we do apple strudel, bank apple. governor kasich: apple strudel? >> absolutely. havenor kasich: can we apple strudel cut in pieces? we have to have it in threes.
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>> sure. right away. governor kasich: wow. the apple strudel. wonderful. yeah, for all of you who are here, people from new york. i could not have had a better time in any campaign, then being able to campaign in new york. i mentioned earlier today, going to watertown. the only candidate who had been there before was teddy roosevelt. incredible. you know? to teddy'se visit home.
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beautiful. how about that theater that we played in? the paramount? it was me, frank zappa. i don't think zappa was ever there. dweezil zappa was there. i think. hello. [laughter] this is silly. what do you think? yeah, i'm going to have a little strudel. they have never seen me eating any dessert. can you cut it in three? three pieces, without any of that whipped cream or fattening stuff. just bring me strudel, three plates. strudel. i'm going to have a little piece of strudel.
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>> you have earned it. kasich: he is going to have a strudel, too. three pieces. perfect. perfect. ok. plates are right there. i know i am going to make mistakes. there we go. ok, i will not eat my strudel with a knife. i will use my finger. ok, here you go. strudel for you. we are going to need more utensils. just like this. wow. very good. is that apple in there? >> it is apple strudel. governor kasich: lovely.
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i commend this restaurant to everybody here. thank you. [laughter] ben, aren't you tired of this? what are you going to do when i leave ben? , where is your home? ben: brooklyn. governor kasich: oh, you are going to go home? ben: yeah. today, going home. governor kasich: we are back on monday. are you coming up? ben: i hope so. governor kasich what are you : doing tonight? >> i am going to hang out in prospect park. governor kasich: where is prospect park? k inrospect park is a par
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brooklyn. governor kasich: what are you going to do? >> right now? going to the bronx. governor kasich: really? you're going to go there? >> probably. what are you going to do? governor kasich: i'm going to go home and have dinner, weight on my wife and daughter to come home. and then tomorrow, i think i'm going to play golf. >> where? governor kasich: columbus. >> what did you think of the food? governor kasich i really want : another pickle. but i don't want to read about it. we have got to go. thank you very much. ok. what we are really interested in
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here is gathering delegates. i will beat donald in new york, but i think we will have momentum coming out of new york. and we will win delegates. that is what we want. we are on the delegate hunt. >> what would you consider -- you just said it would be difficult to beat donald trump in his home state? what would be a good night? governor kasich: i don't know. i am not a political guy, like that. don't tell me if we did well. apparently, we did well in indiana. that is what i am told. governor sandoval has endorsed me. the very popular governor of nevada which is a thrill for me because he is a terrific guy. he has like an 80% approval rating. not that high, but very high. aboutso, i was pleased
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governor pataki. and i am thrilled with christine todd whitman. who will campaign with me with george petaca across the country. a really great gift. sandoval, he is a wonderful guy, and i am thrilled to have him. >> do you think bernie sanders should have expressed sympathy for the palestinian people? governor kasich: i do not know what bernie sanders is going to do. i do not really follow him that closely. i need to get him on my playlist. >> do you think it is rigged? governor kasich: no, i do not think it is rigged. let me ask you this. that show on tv was that rigged? ,some of you did not get picked. did they jump up and say this is rigged? >> if you get to the convention in cleveland -- governor kasich: there is no if in there. it will be when. listen at the end of the day, i , think the republican party wants to pick somebody that can
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win in the fall. question the the way i want to answer it. you want to answer it? let me ask you. what do you think? >> debbie wasserman schultz said your comments were insulting, irresponsible. governor kasich: i have done more than any other governor to make sure women on college campuses are safe. they have confidentiality. and that the people that commit acts against them can be prosecuted. it is a time in this country for people to kind of work together on some of these issues. that is politics in washington. the fact of the matter is, most of the states could learn from what we have done in our state. we are proud of what we have done. and we want to make sure that the perpetrators are prosecuted.
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that women have a safe place to go. so she just ought to check out the legislation, she could probably learn a little bit. let's with governor pataki endorsing you, are you concerned -- governor kasich: i am not surprised. >> that more republican governors have not gotten behind you? governor kasich: no, i am not concerned. we have a good group in washington. you know, i am not really that worked up. people indoors for a variety of reasons. and frankly, some of these endorsements really have no impact, no effect. sandoval, he has got the whole package. he will matter. christine todd whitman, unbelievable lady. three term governor of new york, credibility. we are getting the ones -- these are all fairly recent -- having
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senator d'amato here for a long time, fantastic. we are starting to gain some ground with folks. i think most people never thought there would be a convention. it is nothing more than, you know, a timing issue. and we are doing better and better every day. >> we have to go. thank you. >> are you worried about -- >> governor, would you consider -- [indiscernible] governor kasich: thank you. >> thank you. >> nice to meet you. governor kasich: pay, we have to pay. i will see you again. we will come back. thank you. thank you. thank you.
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>> thank you. >> governor. got a go.
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announcer: tomorrow c-span road to the white house coverage continues in brooklyn, new york where democratic candidate senator bernie sanders of vermont. also scheduled to be there, hawaii representative, actors any devito, and justin long, and the rock band grizzly bear. live coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. eastern on seas in -- c-span. washingtonc-span's journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up, phil bump talks about the nominating roles for the democratic -- democrats and republicans. then sam baker will preview the oral arguments, challenging president obama's executive action on immigration. also, j


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