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tv   Matthew Tully on the Indiana Primaries  CSPAN  May 1, 2016 11:43am-11:53am EDT

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>> thank you for being with us. thank you. how does the newspaper really feel about these republican candidate? think people were pretty disappointed by john kasich for
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pulling out of indiana. it is hard to endorse someone who kind of throws in the towel before the voters get a chance. >> yet the polls right now share donald trump maintaining at least a slim lead in advance of next tuesday's indiana primary. yeah, we have not had a poll in several days, but the writing on the walls sure seems to indicate that he will do well next week. he has had a steady week here. news,uz has made a lot of and he is been the more dramatic candidate with some of his decisions, with the alliance with kasich, and the carly announcement, and a couple other things here and there. not, has actually believe then the steady noncontroversial candidate in this week's race. to see be interesting what happens. like i said, we've not had a poll in several days.
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mess for sosuch a long, i don't think there are too many undecided voters even a week ago. >> a few days ago you wrote an essay which began with this headline, even at a ted cruz event it is all about donald trump. >> yeah. i was at eight ted cruz event -- , and it cruz event. an struck me that these people started talking about donald trump heard one was a donald trump supporter and the other was sort of a ted cruz supported. but what they were talking about was trumped. . that came after ted cruz giving a 10 minute sort of on formal -- informal appearance. and even all he talked about was donald trump. even at a ted cruz rally, the focus was on the front runner. let me go back to the editorial. every four years people often say is this the best that we can choose? >you write that in a nation of 300 million people, this is a
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disappointing field of candidates now competing the democratic and republican primaries. is this any different than what we saw 4, 8, 12, 16 years ago? >> i think this is a particularly distressing field for a lot of us. particularly the republican side. especially when you take out john kasich through the nonfactor here. that ted cruzeve has nothing to show. if you go back a years -- eight years ago. you had hillary clinton and barack obama, and there are strong feelings on both sets, but what you did not have was this idea that i wish i could start over with two new candidates. if anything, people had a tough time choosing between the two because they liked them both.
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based >> based on your column today, is donald trump ebola? -- a bully? >> absolutely. i have used that word several times my columns over the months. that column was written after a highly respected pediatric professor and doctors in the state reach out to me and said you really need to make this point that we are not just saying this as rhetoric, this is kind of a clinical diagnosis if you look at how he treats people. how he talks about women, protesters, and people that have irritated him. this is a textbook case that she says of bullying behavior. parents spent years telling kids that this is an appropriate and here we are having an election that is embracing somebody that is
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putting forth these behaviors. >> and yet he keeps winning. >> yes he does. and i will tell you, you go to his rallies and what i've been racially, it is not a diverse crowd, but beyond that, it is a very mixed crowd. men, women, people from the upscale suburbs. areas,e from rural people from rough parts are struggling parts of indianapolis. manufacturing workers, but also business people. it has been a more diverse crowd than i would have expected. based on everything i've seen and read heading up -- leading up to this. anyone who roles and i can do so at their own peril. he has shown that he can connect with people. he has deftly connected with people here in indiana. there are a lot of diehard supporters who i think even --
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those who say listen i don't agree with everything he says. though i don't agree with everything he says, i just think he is the one who can give us the change that we need. that, ieone believes just don't think they will back away from that. >> what is going to happen tuesday? and what role will indiana play in the road to the nomination in cleveland for the ultimate gop nominee? preface by saying i'm usually wrong about my predictions. but it sure does seem like this is going to be donald trump night on tuesday. if he be very surprised does not carry the state. he might not win all of the delegates, because i'm sure there are a couple of congressional districts that seemed tailor-made for ted cruz and his evangelical message. but it appears that donald trump
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is going to win solvay. on the democratic side, i will tell you it is very hard to predict because hillary clinton had a slight lead in the polls, but the clintons really not done much here. they have given a few appearances, but not a whole lot else. i've been very surprise after how hard she worked eight years and she got aa small win against barack obama. i thought they would play harder here. be that they are looking at polls that show it is wrapped up on the side, or they're just focusing more on part of the general. i think that means that bernie sanders has a pretty good chance to compete well here. he is drying massive crowds especially in the college towns. that side is a little harder to predict. as far as a convention in cleveland, this is an i wassting thing because told on the first bout they have to do with voters tell them to
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do. on the second ballot, is the very pro-john kasich delegates list. i just don't know how they would vote for john kasich at a brokered convention if he gets 10% here and abandon the state before the campaign even started. that would be a very difficult thing for them to be. is joining usly from indianapolis. a political columnist for the indianapolis star. thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thanks a lot. it was a pleasure. >> road to the white house coverage coming up later today with vermont senator bernie sanders. the democratic presidential candidate is holding a news conference here in washington dc where he first announces candidacy exactly one year ago. we devote 72etary,
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of our delegate votes to the next president of the united states... >> this month we showcase our student cam winter. video competition for middle school and high school students. year's theme is right to the white house. --


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