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tv   US House of Representatives Special Orders  CSPAN  May 12, 2016 8:14pm-8:32pm EDT

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donald trump have less to do with policy. i certainly have policy disagreements with him. but i believe that you can always navigate policy disagreements because you will never have 100% agreement with everybody. it has more to do with how he has managed his campaign, the language and tone, the insulting ture of his campaign. >> what has bothered you the most? mr. ribble: it is difficult to say because he has so many. it really rubbed me the wrong way when megyn kelly asked him to give statements about the women. his response was to attack megyn kelly, rather than answering for the very things that he has said. then to come back out and even become more inflammatory, calling women bimbos, and fat s, dogs, that language has
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no place in political discourse. neither does mocking a political discourse. i saw that happened, i thought this person does not have the maturity or temperament to hold the highest office in the land. >> did you have conversations with speaker ryan in determining how to move ahead with the donald trump nomination? mr. ribble: not recently. speaker ryan and i are good friends. we have not spoken directly about donald trump, or about what his meeting was today. >> clearly, a majority of republicans voting in these primaries and caucuses support donald trump. they want him to be the nominee. what are these voters seeing that you are not? mr. ribble: i think that you have an element of the republican primary base that is angry at washington, d.c. they see it as dysfunctional.
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they believe that someone with executive management skills the right prescription for america right now. they think there has been a weakness displayed in foreign policy. they view donald trump as somebody who is tough. and is kind of a get things done kind of guy. i think that is what they are seeing. the getting things done and getting them done in the right manner are two different things. and at this point, i am not convinced he will do things in the right manner. >> you're told reporters in your home state of wisconsin that you are not obligated to support a candidate from any party. have you decided you are going to vote for? ribble: i have only decided who i am not going to vote for. i'm not going to vote for donald trump or hillary clinton. though i am not certain hillary clinton is would be the nominee, based on the momentum coming around on the bernie sanders from. this could very easily be a bernie sanders versus donald trump race.
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and neither of those candidates would be acceptable to me. so i will be forced to look down ballot and see who else is on. >> would you vote for a right in or third-party candidate -- write-in or third-party candidate? mr. ribble: i have some strong libertarian tendencies. but i'm also a fan of the constitution and some of the policy decision. but i do not know enough about the candidates, nor do i plan on endorsing anybody between now and november. >> complete this sentence, the state of the gop today is what? mr. ribble: the state of the gop today is in limbo. >> why? mr. ribble: i think it is in limbo because we have a candidate that has taken policy decisions that is so outside the norm of the typical republican platform, that you have not seen in recent years, not since pat buchanan ran, such an anti-trade
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fervor from a republican presidential nominee or candidate. that is really unusual. and his position on trade i think is wrong. i think it is not based on real data. and i do not think he has really delved into it. i think there is some problems there, giving a segment of the republican party some anxiety. and in other segments of the republican party are liking that. this is really unusual in creating this limbo that i spoke of, that there is a tension there that we have not been able to resolve that. that is what speaker ryan is most engaged in, how do we resolve this? >> if you would to sit face-to-face with donald trump, would you tell him? mr. ribble: i would tell him to grow up. the schoolyard bully approach -- think about this. i don't know if you have children. but i do. i taught my children and the youngest of ages that you do not
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call people names. line ted, little marco, cricket hillary, this behavior is unbecoming of a president of the united states, unbecoming of a grown-up. i would like to see him start acting like a grown-up. not acting like a grown-up, but becoming one. >> finally, wisconsin is a number of key senate races. any concerns that the republican could lose control? mr. ribble: there are always concerns. there are more republicans up for reelection than democrats. there is legitimate concern. i have been pleased with the way ron johnson has been running his senate campaign here. he is running against a three term senator that wisconsinites know. and so i give ron johnson a pretty good shot at winning
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reelection. wisconsin'sle from eighth congressional district. thank you for being with us. mr. ribble: you're welcome. thank you. >> senate minority leader harry reid was critical of the meeting. he spoke on the senate floor for just under 10 minutes. donald trump met privately today with speaker ryan. and republican leader mcconnell. it is just the latest sign that republican leaders in both houses are marching in step with donald trump. mcconnell has fully embraced donald trump. he said last week when he secured the nomination "i have committed to supporting the nominee chosen by the republican voters." speaking with reporters earlier this week, he sounded
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enthusiastic about his chances in the general election. i guess he should be giddy. donald trump is everything that the republican leader could want in a nomination. trumps policy positions are identical to the republican party platform. and today, senator mcconnell discussed consensus with trump. let us talk about the supreme court. donald trump and the senator from kentucky can talk about obstruction, for the first time in the history of the country, to a presidential supreme court nomination. that has never happened before. we have had some stalling, a couple of filibusters, but this is one where people do not want to meet. they have not broken from that. people are certainly not wanting to have a hearing, and i don't want to have a vote.
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trump said republicans should delay, delay, delay the supreme court vacancy. following his lead, the republicans have personally overseeing the blockade of judge garland's nomination, forcing them to fall in line. let's talk about donald trump and women. when they get together, they can talk about the policies of being anti-women. so enthusiastically embracing trump, his view of women as igs, we can only assume the republican leaders are not repulsed by his behavior. look at the new york times story yesterday with him cavorting with howard stern. how the republican party has blocked every substantive bill for american women. equal pay for equal work, undermining women's health at
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every turn, trying to turn planned parenthood into a punching bag. even though millions and millions of american women have been helped by planned parenthood. go up there this morning to talk about the anti-latino vote. and they can discuss the anti-immigrant policies and the agenda. since republicans are already for donald trump,: immigrants rapists and murderers -- calling immigrants rapists and murderers. being near to drug dealing. assume, they had a long discussion about the wall, how high it should be? how they are going to get the mexicans to pay for the wall? even though most people think
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the idea is in thing. let us not forget that republicans have demagoguery for decades. they're doing it today. republican leaders voted against comprehensive immigration reform. and under cinem senator mcconnell, coming with hours of shutting down the department of homeland security because of president obama's actions on immigration. they can talk about their outlook on women -- i'm sorry, on families. donald trump and the republican leaders can talk about how little they have done for american families. now, they will cut medicaid and medicare. i guess that is because he is getting lined up for a meeting with paul ryan, because that it is his number one issue. he established himself in donald
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trump's corner, they can only discuss donald trump's shady business practices, bankruptcy many many times. corrupt,ersity that is and the trial will go forward during the election. showing a disregard for middle-class, and today's republicans, refused to address minimum wage, college affordability, even though we have legislation that helps families. here is the music. they can spend a lot of time talking about climate change. leader,d the republican in this private conversation, they can talk about denial of climate change. scientists say that it is here. ask the senior senator from florida, he will tell you that
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it is here. look at what is happening in miami. talking to senators, they will tell you what is happening to military bases on the coast of virginia. donald trump's highest-ranking supporter in congress, senator mcconnell, agrees with donald trump that climate change is a hoax. trump says it is perpetrated by chinese manufacturers. that position fits with the republican party refusing to recognize the environmental and security threats represented by climate change. if elected, donald trump and senator mcconnell would put the nation backward on a denial make us thewould and mak laughing stock of the world. what am 170 countries have agreed to address climate change because of our leadership. senator mcconnell said he would walk away from this publicly. let us talk about this thing
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they like to talk about, that is happening with the economy, keeping in mind, that bill clinton balanced the budget. keep in mind, george bush came to presidency, there was a $10 trillion debt -- i mean surplus, sorry. surplus over 10 years. i misspoke. it was $7 trillion over 10 years. for,ith two wars unpaid causing trillions of dollars. and tax cuts not being paid for. that is long since gone. that is surplus. they can talk about that. they -- talk about how how trump has said they think that they should default on america's debt. people need to take less money. that is what he said.
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he does not want to pay our national debt. that there is little distance between him and the republican leader. senator mcconnell has taken america to the brink of the monopolies of which is shutting this great government down for 17 days, closed, out of business. so, donald trump and the republicans have a long conversation, a lot of talk about. at some point in the conversation, donald trump should talk to the senior senator of kentucky. he owes his candidacy to the leader and the policies of obstruction, anti-women, anti-women, anti-muslim, anti-obama, antienvironment. everything obama has done in the last eight years have made donald trump a reality.
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announcer: president obama will host a summit for the prime minister's of norway and sweden tomorrow. they will host a dinner of the leaders. we will have coverage, starting with the arrival ceremony come alive at 7 p.m. eastern here on c-span. >> congratulations to the class of 2016. today is your day of celebration. you have earned it. >> the voices crying for peace and light, because your choices will make all of the difference to you and to all of us. do not be afraid to take on issuesr new jobs, or new that really stretches your boundaries. and theummer of broad, specter of living and your parents basement after this graduation day, is not likely to
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be your greatest concern. >> throughout this month, watch commencement speeches to the class of 2016 in their entirety, from colleges and universities around the country, by business leaders, politicians, and white house leaders on c-span. >> in april, 11.5 million confidential documents were leaked from a law firm in panama to journalist. they have become known as the panama papers. up next week hear from international journalists which recently created a database of the leaked documents. this event was held at the national press club. >> your name tag. >> do not worry. >> sounds great.
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>> i do not know. today.ant to be heard >> i am not the bernie sanders wing. [laughter] >> good morning everyone. i am thomas, the washington correspondent for the salt lake tribune and the 109th president of the national press club. last june in this room right next door to the press club, journalists held a secret meeting. honestly, we at the club had no idea what they were talking about. until now. that was one of the first meetings of the consortium of journalists who are investigating what we now call the panama papers. documents some 11.5 were late to a german -- leaked to a german newspaper. i am sorry. i got close. possibly the biggest leak in history. mossack fonseca,


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