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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  June 5, 2016 3:03pm-3:16pm EDT

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a lot of the republican members leave they have been sent to washington to obstruct. they might use a different word, but they believe that is what the voters in their district want and there are large pockets of voters around the country who do want to approach the president on anything he does -- democrats will try to make this message.n they are going to talk about republican obstructionism, the senate, not giving merrick garland a fair hearing, the hearing and the vote he deserves. but democrats will focus on republican obstructionism and try to use that against the incumbents. guest: i will respond -- i want to point out that the republicans could be criticized over the last two years. just want to stop everything that president obama wants to do. nathan is right. say, yeah,can voters
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that's why we sent them there. but there is also a growing movement on the democratic side like that. the whole bernie sanders message is we have compromised too much and have not been progressing far enough, fast enough. so the kind of bernie sanders that comes to washington seeks a compromise. as far as redistricting, some states are trying to go to a nonpartisan situation. iowa has had a legislative service for many years. you have the fair districts in florida. there are commissions in florida likes.zona and the there is some effort to this, but we put the politicians in charge and we -- and they don't want to give the power up. guest: it is not just about how the lines are drawn. there is a broader issue of where people live. people live within communities where you are surrounded by people who agree with things. arizona with a nonpartisan map, still all but one of the republican members of the arizona delegation are members
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of the house freedom conference. only sally is not a member. redistricting does not guarantee members who are more moderate mainstream. host: gary from salinas, california, republican line. caller: hi. i am listening to your two guests. either i am a dummy or your two guess our for hillary and the democrats. the republican party has consolidated already. even after indiana, trump has been getting record turnout for votes. they are voting for him because there is nobody in the race. the never-trump was a phantom
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that did not exist. democrat voting is down. it is down across the board. there is a civil war going on between hillary and bernie that your guests have not even touched on that fact. all i have been hearing is how bad trump is and how bad republicans are. and i don't really appreciate that. i want your guests to start talking about the democratic side of the election and why they are looking at losing seats in the senate. and looking at losing seats in the congress. host: tom, thank you. guest: we are talking about republican turnout. republican turnout has been up. i don't think all of those republican voters are supporting donald trump. there is some concern that donald trump might be the nominee. they wanted to get out and vote. i point to a piece by harry and looked at the last six presidential elections where
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they had open primaries on both sides at the presidential level and look at turnout. out of the six races, three of them -- half of them, the party that have a higher primary turnout won the popular vote. i don't think turnout -- turnout is not a good indicator of what is to come in a general election. guest: well, tom, you are allowed your own preferences, but not allowed your own facts. they are not going to lose senate and house seats. they have all the opportunities. the republican party has hardly any. you would get the same response
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if you talk to mitch mcconnell in the senate. the republican have high water marks in the house and senate and vulnerable seats. the republicans won democratic seats and swung democratic seats in 2012. that is a fundamental of politics. it does not mean republicans are worse. it doesn't mean we hate the republicans. it doesn't mean by like hillary clinton. the reality. the second point is no, it is interesting you say republicans have coalesced around donald trump in that the last two presidents, republican presidents of the united states have not endorsed in significantly. he is getting criticism from high profile writers and thinkers, so, to just dismiss this and say the republicans have coalesced, trump is getting 80% of republicans. he needs to get 90% to 92%. he may get there. we are not prejudging it one way or the other. we are looking at what the data say. and we're looking at the opposition.
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in terms of the democrats, of course they are divided. we have not brought it up because it has not come up. it does not mean we are ignoring it or intentionally avoiding appeared i am glad you brought it up. let's address that. the democrats are divided at the moment and it is keeping hillary clinton's ballot test down. if you as bernie sanders' supporters who are they going to vote for in the general election, hillary clinton or donald trump? they say they are not making that choice because it is going to be bernie sanders. you or i may think that is wrong, but as long as they think that way, it will affect how they answer the survey questions. of course the democrats are divided. but i believe on the basis of doing this for 35 years, and trust me, i have been wrong before, but on the basis of my knowledge in my experience, i believe the democrats will rally behind hillary clinton here it i think donald trump will help them do that. but the clinton folks in the
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sanders folks, they have differences in terms of legislative tactics. unless they do that, you will see a race where donald trump is a few points behind. then the question is, can he turn out enough voters and attract independent voters and nonvoters to overtake hillary clinton? is an open question. host: the national senate committee took to an ad connecting the senators to hillary clinton. [video clip] >> democrats need to act themselves a question -- can they really support hillary clinton? she is a living history of scandals, lies, and fibs. she defended a huge child rapist renne centbout his sentence. she politically attacked sexual
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harassment victims and pretended she landed under sniper fire. clintonwrite, the investigations, ruthless. fake accent. fake concern. fake laughs. hillary clinton. he's the living embodiment of everything people hate about politics. democrat candidates, she is your burden to bear. [laughter] >> i am a real person. host: mr. gonzales, what do you think? guest: that was there he subtle. [laughter] i think subtlety was lost on that. i think that hillary clinton's the shining light for the republican party in this election. that is the one thing keeping republicans were having a disaster because she is not popular. she is not quite as unpopular as donald trump, but her favorability numbers are upside down, means that they are unfavorable particularly in
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competitive states. we talked about democrats trying to tie republicans to donald trump. this is what republicans are going to do because she is not going to bring voters across the line because of hope and change some of the things we saw in 2008. this is going to be the standard republican attack this year. guest: i would simply add that her problem is not the democrats. they generally like her. her problem is republicans that feel what the nra see feels in the ad. republican voters do not trust her. she is a professional politician. has the clinton baggage. do we have to go through another eight years of: ton? i believe she is a relatively weak candidate. the one thing she has going for
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her is that the republicans have maybe nominated the one person who can't beat her. no, i don't think she is the ideal candidate for the democratic party. she is what they gave themselves. host: new haven, connecticut, thank you for waiting. caller: hi. i think rosa delauro is a pretty good candidate and we have two good senate candidates in connecticut. i think we are going to do ok in the selection. guest: we don't expect connecticut to be a hot election cycle. blumenthal is a for reelection and kind of struggled against linda mcmahon. but he is going to be fine this year. august wolf, there is a story where he has come under fire for alleged sexual harassment.
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so democrats will be fine. guest: connecticut is a good example of how the country has changed. or at least new england has changed. i grew up in new york and went to graduate school at the university of connecticut. i am familiar with the state politics. 40 years ago, 50 years ago, 60 years ago -- there were a number of parts of connecticut that were swing a republican. fairfield county portion, vary republican. i remember when a candidate won the new haven district. connecticut was at one time a competitive state and voted for liberal republicans. connecticut was a competition state. they voted for republicans. but it is not very reliably democratic.
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even the upscale portion is different. host: from ashland, massachusetts, this is wayne, independent line. caller: good morning, gentlemen, how are you? thank you for c-span and programming like this because it makes it worthwhile turning on the tv on sunday mornings. i have a question -- what percentage of the electorate will vote strictly not traditionally, not republican, not democrat going with libertarian or alternative parties in the election cycle? guest: i believe the returns had 1% of the vote and the greens got a third of the percentage, something like .36%. there were a handful of write ins. i expect those two parties to get a higher percentage of the vote because the to major party nominees, i will use the word to describe them, controversial. there are going to be democrats


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