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tv   Ben Rhodes Delivers Remarks on Global Nuclear Challenges  CSPAN  June 6, 2016 8:44pm-9:47pm EDT

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>> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. i am standing here tonight is a representative of all of the soldiers that participated. , 1943,orn in tel aviv joined israel air force in 1961 1963eceived my wings in
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from the late president who was at the time the air force commander. younger i was a bit with a wonderful wife who is sitting right here and two lovely children. my third child was born later, said today i am of the father of three children, a grandfather of , the eldestildren is serving in the air force, of course and his name is jonathan. [applause] in 1976, i was a law student and litigator in the air force at the reserve forces and an employee as a navigator. on the afternoon of thursday,
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june the first i received a critical phone call telling me to attend a military briefing the next day at 2:00 p.m. i left home friday afternoon, driving very carefully to my base. i knew what the briefing must be about, knowing the prime knew there was only one option. we were flying. once that ran through my mind again and again, i wanted to be the lead litigator for the mission. why? because in the air force we are taught to take responsibility. the opportunity to lead this mission would be a reward for thousands of hours of training every week, twice a week, three times a week for 52 weeks a
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year. with all of this preparation, i knew i was ready mentally and professionally to lead the mission. i entered the briefing room and went directly to the board for the mission assignments were posted. i saw that my name was a part of the leading team and only then i asked to see the maps. tense at thed, same time, knowing that my life and my service had all been leading up to this moment. ,e took off the next day buckling and for a dangerous flight. we stayed low, flying through the night over the dark terrain of africa. our maps had not been updated for years. there was no gps, no anything
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like that. the only thing we had were a compass and radar. i needed to harness every ounce of skill to ensure that we did plan andte from the are scheduled timing. 11:00 p.m., the exact time we planned to land there. the shooting began five minutes later. my team remained in the plane, the engine slamming. as we waited, we overheard the , beating inside the airport terminal was wounded. it was a sad moment, a shocking moment and i still think of him today and remember his bravery, his heroism and his moral
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courage. had yoni and the hostages we took off, landed in nairobi and took off once again, heading home to israel. with raised in a village my family. thought of at, i says, and the lord brought us out of egypt, not by the hand of an angel and not by the hand of a seraph and not by the hand of messengers by the this glorious person, etc. that night he stepped down from his throne and carried us in his hand taking us back home.
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was the mission a success. the hostages were safe and they did he return to arms andth yoni in his a smile on his face. i called my wife when we landed. she heard my voice but could not utter a word. she burst into tears and hung up on me. [laughter] i hope that israel will never need to perform such an operation again, but if we ever do, i know that we will do it with the same efficiency, the same beliefs and hopefully with the same outcome. thank you all. thank you for listening to my words tonight and thank you for this great honor and thank you most of all for supporting israel.
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thanks. [applause] >> in 1976, i was a 15-year-old boy. you and your team were my heroes. it gives me a distinct pleasure to give you the moral courage award from ajc tonight. congratulations. >> thank you. [applause]
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[applause] >> just a few more words. and whenar your story i think about what your father did, i cannot help but ask myself, what i would have done were i the pilot of the air --nce flight 139, what i've what i have stayed with my passengers? what i have been brave enough to participate in the rescue you so skillfully navigated? i do know in today's world where jews are still being targeted because they are jews, where israel still faces these courage of terrorism, examples of true moral courage or rare and precious sources of inspiration and hope.
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we crave them, we need them and we just witnessed two of them before us. it is about uplifting spirit that i can think of no better way to conclude tonight's program then singing the national anthem of the state of israel so aptly titled "the hope." the words are in your program. ♪ [the national anthem of israel]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending the ajc world leaders summit.
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announcer: c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, mark udall lopez, a spanish research director will join us to discuss the role the latino vote has played so far in the presidential primaries and the voting power of this group potentially has in the fall election. we will look at the world of the pension benefit guaranty corporation as well as broader retirement security issues for america. economic studies scholar at the berkeley institution. be sure to watch washington journal beginning live at 7:00 a.m. eastern tuesday morning. join the discussion.
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next, we are live in long beach, california where hillary clinton is speaking to some orders ahead of the state primary tomorrow. coverage now on c-span. you have always stood with us. [applause] leader who with a values the constitution, who will champion immigration reform, who will ensure we raise the minimum wage, who is the most qualified candidate to run. [applause] >> and who will inspire americans to be our best, a nation of dreamers and optimists. now, there is a lot of talk about a lot of new folks joining the democratic party in the youth vote.
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look around. young people are supporting hillary clinton. [applause] >> and let me say, and let me say like all of you, i am with her. [applause] thank you for coming to long beach tonight. secretary clinton, thank you for fighting for us. we know, we know she will fight for us in the white house so my friends, are you ready? [applause] >> my friends, please give a huge round of applause for the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. ♪ >> this is my fight song. take back my life song.
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my power is turned on. it's time to be strong. i don't really care if nobody else believes. because i still have a lot of fight left in me. ♪ [applause] [crowd chanting hillary] sec. clinton: hello, long beach. thank you so much. thank you. [applause] sec. clinton: i tell you what, it is great to be back in long beach. [applause]
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and to beon: introduced by your young, dynamic mayor, mayor garcia. thank you so much. i also want to thank the senate governor gavin newsom for being here. eleon senator kevin daly and i want to thank the entire college team led by resident oakley. phillips,thank misty eric bauman and samantha ronson. thank you all for being with me. [applause] sec. clinton: i have to tell you, according to the news we are in the brink of a historic, ,istoric, unprecedented moment but we still have work to do, don't wait?
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elections tomorrow and we are going to fight hard for every single vote, especially right here in california. [applause] so i am asking each and every one of you, how many of you have already voted by mail? how many of you have a valid at home on your kitchen counter? you could send it in tonight or even better, go to the polls tomorrow and take your family and your friends. [applause] sec. clinton: you know, i have a special place in my heart for long beach. [applause] sec. clinton: some of you remember that when my husband was president, he worked closely with your then mayor, mayor o'neill and your leadership in
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palm beach. he was -- long beach. he was a good partner for long beach as he began moving into the future, revitalizing long beach. we are proud of what long beach has become at want to be a good partner for the city. [applause] sec. clinton: i am so excited by all of the progress you have made here and i know that we can do even better. i am a progressive that likes to get things done. [applause] sec. clinton: so here is what i want to get done, more good jobs with rising incomes. [applause] sec. clinton: more jobs and infrastructure, our roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, airports, water systems. i want us to bring manufacturing and if we make it here in america, we will put people back to work and we should because we
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often invented, so why have it made somewhere else? great port tot export and import. we are going to fight climate change. [applause] sec. clinton: i have a plan to install half a billion more solar panels by the end of my first term. enough clean, renewable energy to power every home by the end of my second term. [applause] sec. clinton: we are going to have the leading number of clean, renewable energy jobs because some country is going to be the clean energy superpower and i think it is going to be either china, germany or us and i wanted to be us, don't you? [applause] sec. clinton: in addition to growing the economy, we will make it fairer.
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we are going to raise the national minimum wage it you have done here in california. we are going to do more to help small businesses that create most of the new jobs in america and we are going to finally guarantee equal pay for women's work. [applause] sec. clinton: and i have to tell you, this is not a woman's issue . if you have a mother, a wife, a daughter or a sister who is working, it is your issue, too. [applause] tc. clinton: we are going get family incomes up and that is one of the fastest ways of doing it. when i think about what we can do together, i am really excited. i am tired of donald trump. for many reasons, but i am tired of him down grady america. i am tired of him really
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speaking ill of our country. i am tired of him talking about how we are just a third rate country. i do not know what country he lives in. there is no other place that america that has more people working harder right now. [applause] sec. clinton: so let's get real here for a minute. we have work to do. that is absolutely true. there is nothing we cannot do if we make up our minds to do it. i want us to have an education system that provides a first-class education to every child no matter what zip code that child lives in. [applause] sec. clinton: i want to work with our teachers, educators and to giver school staff our kids the best possible start . in order to do that, we have to begin with early childhood education, so that when they get to school, kids are ready to
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learn, and we are going to finally get the cost of college affordable for families. [applause] sec. clinton: i want to make it possible that you do not have to borrow a penny to pay for tuition at any four-year, public and we areuniversity going to help you pay down your debt and pay it off so you can get out from under that burden. [applause] sec. clinton: i am going to defend the affordable care act but i want to improve it. we are going to get the cost down, premiums, co-pays, deductibles, prescription drug costs and then there are two issues i want to tackle with your health, mental health and addiction. [applause] i have met too
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many people traveling the country over this past year who have told me the stories of their mental health challenges or someone in their family or a loved one. i have heard too many parents and grandparents talk about losing a younger person to addiction, to an overdose. we have got to confront this and more services, more resources, more treatment, more recovery, people do not along in jail if they have a mental health or substance abuse problem. [applause] sec. clinton: now, when you talk about what most people are concerned with, it comes down to their families, their lives, their futures. is number one,s education and health care, but we have more work to do besides that. i am going to introduce in my very first day as president, comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship.
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[applause] sec. clinton: i am going to build on the good work president obama has done for which he does not get enough credit, by the way, for all he has done on the economy and health care. but in particular, i am going to build on the work you started with criminal justice reform and ending over incarceration. we are going to provide more diverse and programs, more second chance programs. i am also going to do everything i can do defend a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. [applause] and that includes, that includes defending, not defunding planned parenthood. [applause] defendinton: and i will marriage equality and work against discrimination.
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[applause] sec. clinton: we are going to defend voters rights and i will appoint supreme court justices that will overturn citizens united. [applause] sec. clinton: i am going to defend workers rights and the rights to organize and bargain collectively. [applause] sec. clinton: and i am going to take on the gun lobby for common sense gun safety reform. [applause] [crowd chanting hillary] sec. clinton: i tell you, just about everything i just said donald trump disagrees with. we are going to have quite an
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election, aren't we? i personally cannot wait to debate him. [applause] sec. clinton: but you know, when you vote tomorrow, you are not just voting for the next president, you are voting for the next commander-in-chief. i gave a speech in san diego a d allays ago that outlines of the reasons i believe he is not qualified to be president and he is temperamentally unfit to be commander-in-chief. [applause] i have to confess, when i was preparing that speech and going through it, even i was thinking, he really said that? but in fact, he did. he attacked our closest allies, has praised dictators, said we
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should pull out of nato, the premier defense alliance. casually suggested he does not care if other countries, including saudi arabia get nuclear weapons. he has advocated a return to torture. he said he would order our the families of suspected terrorists, which is an international war crime. now, i know foreign policy is not always a big issue in the presidential election, but here is what i want you to know and understand. just ignore that, what i want you to know and understand is this. [applause] sec. clinton: here is what i
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want you to understand. when you are in the situation , thein the white house hard decisions are the ones that get to be president. if they are not hard, someone else decides it along the way, and when we had intelligence that we perhaps knew where bin laden was, i was part of a small group to analyze that intelligence and to work with my colleagues to make a recommendation to be president. it was personal to me because i was a senator from new york on 9/11 so i was there at ground zero, 24 hours after we were attacked and i said that i would do whatever i could to bring bin laden to justice for the murder of 3000 innocent people in our country. [applause] sec. clinton: so we went over all of the intelligence and finally the president said, after days of this, that he
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wanted each of us to go around the table and get a recommendation. the people of that table were experienced, experts and everybody are respected, but each person had a slightly different take. some people said, you know what, the intelligence is not strong enough and we should not ask. others said, you know what, it is strong enough for a missile attack but not to send in special forces. and a third option was, it is strong enough and we have to send in special forces because otherwise we will never know whether or not we got him. i was in that third category and i recommended that to the president, but here is what i want you to understand. president makes the decision. when he said, he was going to retire, take all of his notes with him to go off and deliberate, it was his decision. he came back the next day and
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said he was going to order the seal team. it was as crisp and courageous a decision i have seen because it was a risky one. when the day came and we will all -- we were all crowded in the situation room watching what we could see on the monitors, something happened. those of you the saw the movie, maybe you read about it, one of she helicopters clipped it' tail which meant it was disabled. after the seal team fought their way and, kill the bodyguards, him, theys son and knew they would have to blow up the helicopter because we could afford to leave it with all of the advanced technology there. seconds were passing by. people were waking up around there. this is a military base in town equivalent to where our west point is. every second counted, but you
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know what those seals to? they took all of the women and children to safety. they led them out of the compound before they blew up that helicopter. [applause] that is what donald trump does not understand. that is honor. that is a representation of the values of the american military, the american people and our country. [applause] sec. clinton: so there is so uch at stake notches for america that for the world. the final point i would ask you to consider is how we are going to unify our country. you know, abraham lincoln said, the house divided against itself cannot stand and like so many things, he was right about that. what we have to figure out how to do is begin actually
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listening to each other and respecting each other. [applause] sec. clinton: unlike donald trump, i do not think i have all of the answers. if you want to vote for somebody who thinks they have all of the answers, well, you have donald. when asked who his advisers were on foreign policy he said, well, i listen to myself because i have a very good brain. [laughter] sec. clinton: also my other favorite, i cannot let it go. he was asked about his foreign-policy experience and he said, well, i took a miss universe contest to moscow. [laughter] sec. clinton: my point is this, we have to listen and learn from each other. no one person has all of the answers. that is why it is so important that we have a conversation in america about how we are going to get things done, move it forward, lift us up. we are stronger together. i will go anywhere any time to
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seek common ground. i will talk to anybody. i did as first lady, as a senator, as secretary of state and i will certainly do that as president. [applause] but i cannot do any of this without your help. i need you to turn out tomorrow. get everybody you can to go vote tomorrow. make a very clear statement. we are repudiating donald trump and getting ready for the fall election. we are going to defeat him if you will vote for me, i will work for you, i will fight for you and together we will create the future america deserves. god bless you all. [applause] ♪ >> this is my fight song. take back my life song. ♪
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>> according to ap, hillard clinton has enough committed delegates to become the presumptive democratic nominee for president. secretary clinton reached the 2383 delegates needed with a victory in puerto rico.
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according to the ap account, she and 570 oneegates superdelegates. superdelegates will not formally cast their vote for clinton until the dnc convention in july. senator bernie sanders has 1567 toegates and would need 816 win the nomination. tomorrow there presidential primary contest. caliph you has 546 delegates up for grabs, new jersey 142, montana 27, new mexico has 43, and south dakota has 45. now here's a preview of tuesday's california primary. >> as california voters prepare to cast their ballots in tuesday's primary, polls showing the democratic race too close to call between hillary clinton and bernie sanders.
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dan walters, who is a politics and government political columnist writes the following, hillary clinton seemingly smooth have to the democratic nomination has suddenly developed some potholes. thank you for being with us. so what has happened? berniehe last few days, sanders and hillary clinton have been running up and down the state campaigning and strangely enough, donald trump has been up and down the state. i don't know why, he's got it all locked up but he's been almost as active as hillary clinton and bernie sanders in california recently. , andoting began weeks ago probably well over 50% of the ballots it will be cast in this election will be cast by mail. one of the important things to remember, were not going to know probably because of the large
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males ballots, they could be counting those ballots for days or even weeks. it's happened before in california are there's no guarantee that we will know for certain what happened in california on election night. x senator sanders show no signs of dropping out of this race. >> although it's unlikely that he could actually derail hillary clinton from getting the nomination, in fact she may claim it before the polls even close in california based on what happened in new jersey. it would be embarrassing to her some wind behind his sales to do whatever he every intendshat to do. >> as you point out in your latest column, california is relevant in this primary process. that has not always been the case. in my been longer than the
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lifetime that most of us were casting ballots that california had some relevance and being treated to a full-blown presidential contest. that goes back a long time, half a century perhaps, since that happened. >> has significant and how important was the endorsement last week of california governor jerry brown for hillary clinton? long and been a difficult relationship between bill clinton and governor brown. >> think it all depends on what she might oh him big time were she to win the white house. he would have a claim on the clintons and they would have a debt to him that would probably have to be repaid. roamingg like ambassador global warming or something like that. clearly he needs to make that is
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signal issue in the days after his governorship ends. i think he would like nothing to have a role where he can go around to all these global conferences and talk which is what he likes to do. narrowly andery can say that his endorsement put her over the top. in january hillary clinton had an 11 point lead in california. in april still a relatively good lead of six points and now it is essentially dead heat according to the latest surveys including one from nbc news in the wall street journal. does it feel this close as you go on the campaign trail and watch the candidates in the final hours before the california voting? >> they've been doing three or four appearances a day all over the state and going to places that not even statewide
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candidates go to, small towns and so forth. so i think they think it is there, and it's extremely close. why? who knows, but it has something to do with her, maybe the revelations about the e-mails, and she has a likability problem, there is no question about that. likable andot very bernie sanders is quite personable. he has an appeal to young people. they like somebody who is outside the establishment who wants to shake things up and in some ways it appears not dissimilar to donald trump. proposes inactually terms of substance and policy, universal health care is one of the things he espouses that has a lot of resonance in california.
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a certain wing of the democratic party is extremely liberal and they really do respond to that sort of thing. me ask you about what we can expect not only tomorrow, but donald trump has been campaigning in your state. he says he can win california in a general election. for the democrats it is a must win state in order to get to 270. the sanders supporters go with hillary clinton, and what about donald trump's claim that he can win the state? if there is continuing antipathy between the clinton and bernie sanders people, i don't see any way possible that donald trump could win in california. the republican party , republican party registration is down to 23%. it's just ludicrous to think that donald trump could overcome went.ort of thing and
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excuse me, 27%. that's almost as low as the no party preference people at 22%. wash, republican has not one california since 1988 and the elder george bush won it. it's a state that used to be a fairly reliable republican state. when bill clinton one california in 1992, it was only the third time a democrat had one california since world or to. a reliableused to be republican state, and that changed dramatically in the last couple of decades. a very blue state someone as polarizing as donald trump is, not even a centrist or some sort of figure like arnold schwarzenegger or something,
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just the idea that he could do that is just ludicrous. i think he's just having fun with it are just trying to shake things up a little bit. >> dan walters is a columnist for the sacramento bee, joining us from california. thank you for being with us, we appreciate it. >> you are welcome. >> our live coverage of the presidential race continues tuesday night with primaries in six states. california, montana, new jersey, new mexico, and north and south dakota. >> a more different vision for our country than the one between our side of democrats for progress, for prosperity, for fairness and opportunity, and the presumptive nominee on the republican side. to win oning education, no more common core, bring it down. we want it local.
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we're going to win with health care, we're going to win at the border, we will win in trade. >> we've got to redefine what politics means in america. we need people from coast-to-coast standing up, fighting back and demanding a government that represents all of us, not just the 1%. >> join us live at 9:00 p.m. eastern for election results, candidate speeches, and your reaction. we will look ahead at the fall battleground states, taking you on the road to the white house on c-span, c-span radio, and ♪ >> washington journal, live every day. coming up tuesday morning, hispanic research director for willew research center
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join us to discuss the role the latino vote is played so far in the presidential primaries and the voting power this group potentially has in the fall elections. then we look at the role of the pension benefit guarantee corporation and broader retirement security issues for americans. guest scholarhe at the brookings institution. be sure to watch washington journal beginning live at 7:00 a.m. eastern tuesday morning. join the discussion. >> senator bernie sanders held a news conference in california the day before that states primary. he responds to questions about his plans after tuesday's primary. this is 15 minutes.
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>> good morning, thank you all very much for coming. i want to thank the people of california for the incredible support they have shown our campaign. weeks,the last several we have held 38 events, 38 separate events in 34 cities and towns throughout the state of california. one of the things i enjoyed very to areasetting out that other candidates will not go. we have been amazed at the kind of turnouts we have seen at these rallies which have been attended in the last several 215,000 over californians. we will be holding the last


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