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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Legislative Business  CSPAN  June 22, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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she loved to fish. she was that type of person. she wouldn't want her gun rights violated. d to do that would -- to me, would be a great injustice not only to her but the other people. these people, even watching the senators, you know, i'm appalled at what they're doing. there's a way to handle this. these guys are acting like children that's screaming, stay out of my sandbox. . host: arizona, good afternoon, to ray. go ahead, ray. renee, sorry. in arizona, go ahead. caller: hi. i just wanted to let you know i think a lot of this is just distraction from what's going on. guns don't hurt people, people hurt people. i was shot when i was young, by accident. the gun didn't shoot me, the
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person accidentally did. this the gun laws -- was a bigotries attack. it's just a big distraction. the democrats, people, anybody, not just democrats, are getting paid to do nothing except sit there. i admire paul ryan -- paul ryan is a good man because he is not kowtowing to anybody who tells him what to do. he's a strong leader. host: can i ask you about you. you said you got shot. it was an accident. when that happened, did have you think at all we should improve safety regulations with guns or -- did it have any ffect on you like that at all? caller: no. i don't like people to touch them if they are not intelligent. they want to teach about gays and transgender. they should teach every child how to handle a gun properly so they can't pick up a neighbor or friend's gun and get hurt or
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hurt someone else. host: renee, appreciate your comments. we're getting our information on what's going on on the house floor. of course our political political producer and other reporters, the "boston globe" saying our tax dollars paid to turn those lights on. they paid for those microphones. yet we can't view what's happening. on the house floor. pete in idaho. he's on our democrat line. go ahead. caller: yeah. so, spent eight years in the marine corps. obviously had a lot of firearm handling. i see an it embarrassment and this nation i fought for in vietnam allowing the murder that's going on to continue. it's appalling our congress is more beholden to the cash from the n.r.a. than they are
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serving the democracy that we tout around the world. i think i had a couple of experiences on a more personal level. my stepson shot himself when he was 4 years old because his uncle, who was a sheriff down in kentucky, would hang his gun belt up on the coat rack and it was accessible to them instead of storing that gun away in a safe manner. host: did that kill your nephew? caller: stepson, no. shot him in the stomach. was in critical condition for about four months. ultimately lived, but he was scarred for life by that. he's now 60 years old. he's had a life indulging in drugs. so he has recently -- he was
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recently arrested by the f.b.i. and had a cache of 40 guns. here he was previously convicted felon without the gun laws he goes to the gun shows and he buys them through the nickel want ads. he was basically providing the guns to the drug gang that the f.b.i. picked up this drug gang of 25 members. i say just recently, it was actually in 2011 here in spokane, washington. there's where background checks are needed so desperately. then with regard to these automatic weapons, we had use for them, i had uses in vietnam for automatic weapons. there is no use and there is no place in a civilian democratic society for automatic weapons.
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host: thanks for calling in. you talked about gun shows and one of the senate amendments, christopher murphy amendment, would have tightened up some of the background check procedures at not only gun shows, private sales in general because some at gun shows are required where they are federally registered sellers to conduct background checks. where we stand is about 2 1/2 hours into a protest by democrats on the house floor. a sit-in over gun legislation. here's the statement from the democratic whip from steny hoyer as the sit-in was getting under way. to give you background on what has happened today on the house floor. today house democrats are staging a sit-in on the floor of the house of representatives to demand a vote on legislation to address gun violence. after the unspeakable slaughter of 49 innocent people in orlando, earlier this month, it is unconscionable that house republicans would continue to block a vote even on commonsense safeguards, including expanding background
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checks and preventing dangerous firearms from being sold to terror suspects. all people, continues the statement, deserve to know where their representatives stand on this issue just as they do now with their senators led by civil rights hero john lewis, we will be sitting in until the house is allowed an opportunity to vote. this is an issue that ought to transcend party. it is about saving lives and keeping our community safe. that's from steny hoyer, the democratic whip. the sit-in continues. i wanted to show you some of the speeches, particularly on the gun issue that led up to the sit-in this morning. from the house floor here on c-span. maine, ms. pingree, for ve minutes. ms. pingree: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, we should not be here today. we should not have to come to the floor of the house of representatives to beg the majority party just to get a debate and a vote on commonsense gun legislation that the vast majority of americans demand.
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we should not be living a society where this is stifled by silence by the majority in this congress and where gun violence takes a toll on our citizens. but here we are. standing up for the millions of americans who want congress to do something and want to see us take action on gun violence. and here we're to represent the victims. the list is so long. orlando, san bernardino, newtown, fort hood, charleston. the list goes on. nine in a church. 23 in a restaurant. 26 in an elementary school. and now 49 in a nightclub. the victims are men and women,
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black and white, rich and poor, old and young. at a mcdonald's in california an 8-month-old baby was killed with his mother who was trying to shelter him when a gunman came in and started shooting. at a north carolina nursing home a 98-year-old grandmother was killed when a shooter came in and opened fire. here in the united states you are 10 times more likely to be killed by a gun than in any other developed nation in the world. of the 23 richest and most developed countries in the world, we have by far the most gun violence. we have half the population of the other 22. but 90% of the women killed by a gun are killed by a gun in the united states. 91% of the children under age 14 who are killed by a gun, are killed by a gun in the united states. if you are a young person in this country, you are 50 times more likely to die of a gun
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death than in all of those other countries. we have the most guns and we have the most gun violence. and, mr. speaker, we have the n.r.a. through fear, intimidation, and misinformation, the n.r.a. has taken control over the debate on guns to such an extent that we cannot even vote in this chamber on whether we should keep guns out of the hands of errorists. right now somebody can be on beth the terror watch list and no-fly list, in other words the f.b.i. thinks you're a terrorist and the t.s.a. bans you from flying. if you want to drive down to your local gun store and by an asafflet rifle, there is -- an assault rifle, there is nothing anyone can do to stop you. over the last 10 years people on the terrorist watch list tried to by explosives or firearms, 2,233 times. over 90% of the time they were successful. this is wrong. the american people know it's
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wrong. public health officials know it's wrong. and nearly every single you law enforcement association in america knows it's wrong, which is why they are all in favor of closing the terrorist gun loophole. in fact, a recent poll by republican pollster found 76% of gun owners and 71% of n.r.a. members said suspected terrorists should not be allowed to buy guns. if you were to walk outside the house of representatives right now and stop someone walking down the street and ask the simple question, should terrorists be allowed to buy guns? you would get a very simple answer. they would say, of course terrorists should not be allowed to buy guns. but they can. and republicans here in the house won't even let us have a debate and a vote on it. how did we get here, mr. speaker? how has the debate shifted so far away from commonsense gun regulation that a proposal to close the terrorist gun
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loophole is this controversial. why is it that here in the house debate is silenced and we're not allowed to vote? the closest we came to a debate on gun legislation recently came last week when a controversy erupted about the standard procedure to observe a moment of silence on the house floor after a mass shooting. mr. speaker, it's shameful that we have allowed this country to get to a point where congress has to even have a standard procedure to observe mass shootings. yet, we aren't even allowed to have a debate to address this problem. it is time for us to stand up to the n.r.a. to have a fair and open debate about gun violence, and it is time to -- for all of us to do our job representing the american people. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentlelady from illinois, ms. kelly, for five minutes.
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ms. kelly: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i rise today heartbroken and angered once again by the rampant epidemic of gun violence plaguing our nation. gun violence is on the rise across the country. i'm not just talking about the tragic mass shootings that grip our collective attention, i'm talking about the everyday shootings that go undetected by the national media. last year gun deaths became the number one killer of youth age 16 through 24. we're on track to break this record in 2016. just this past father's day weekend, 41 people were shot, 13 of them fatally in chicago. the shootings in those 60 hours claimed the city's 300. this is the list of the names of the people that have lost their lives to gun violence. i don't have enough time to name every name. amar'e, 7 was the youngest. he was shot in the back. in 2016 alone, more than 1,800
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people have been shot across chicago. among this weekend's victims was 3-year-old devon. on sunday he was riding with his father to pick up his mother from work when a hail of bullets hit their car. devon is still hospitalized. his story is unfortunately all too common in communities like some of the once -- ones i represent where a trip down the street to a convenience store, or a gas station could end in tradgedy. i am -- tragedy. i'm tired of hearing stories like this. it saddens me and angers me each time i speak with constituents and hear their all too familiar story of losing a loved one to gun violence. i'm frustrated not only because we're losing an entire generation to gun violence, but because so many of these deaths were preventable if congress had just had the courage to take action. sadly we don't even talk about gun deaths until it's forced into our lives with another
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tragic mass shooting. when that happens, we give our fiery speeches, we hold our moments of silence, and then we wait for the national buzz to fade. it is a shameful and disrespectful ritual that proves that congress has little to no plans to truly honor the lives of gun violence victims. this weekend on "meet the press" the speaker gave his fellow republicans a pass to vote their conscious with respect to their presidential support. i ask the speaker to give his colleagues a pass when it comes to voting on background checks, which 90% of americans support. with each shooting we're quick to say it's a mental health problem, it's a family problem, it's a terror problem. but somehow it's never a gun problem. it's time we look at the common denominator and accept that the root of the problem is about how guns get into the hands of those seeking to do harm. prayer and reflection brings comfort to those who mourn, but scripture of all faiths teaches
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that prayer must be met by good deeds, silence without action is deafening. the majority of the american people want greater action. they want to close the gun show and online loopholes that allow people to purchase guns without a background check. they want medical experts and their government to research this plague of gun violence for what it is, a public health crisis. they want to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists on the no-fly list. why is it that when someone poses a credible national security threat we ensure that they cannot fly on a plane but they can still purchase a firearm? with each second that passes without action, we're risking another devon quinn, another blair holt. we're risking another orlando, another sandy hook, another virginia tech. so i ask my colleagues just who exactly has to die and how many before we finally put an end to
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this? just how many birthdays, father's days, mother's days must go uncelebrated? how many would-be graduations must pass? how many empty chairs at a kitchen table must there be before we show courage and say enough and take action to pass measures that keep us safe? instead of going on with our silence, it's deafening. bring these bills to the floor. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentlelady from the virgin islands, ms. plaskett, for five minutes. mr. speaker, i rise this morning in solidarity with my colleagues about the mass shootings that are being going on in our country. the orlando mass shooting has been another demonstration of an ongoing, for some americans, daily violence and daily
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nightmare. gun violence in our country. now, we all know that there's a systemic problem for many in our communities of lack of opportunities. lack of education, lack of add quick after school summer programs, job training, lack of expansion of economic opportunities, but we know measures to increase funding for these programs that will help will never reach this floor. we know also that now that the republicans refuse to take up other measures as well. what they can address right now, right here, is expanded background checks, prevention of gun sales to those on the no-fly list, a ban on assault weapons. i grew up fishing, hunting with my dad, and i passed that on to my children. so owning a gun is not something that i believe should not happen. but i know that it's not an absolute right. as the granddaughter of a police commissioner, the
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daughter of a new york city cop, a former bronx prosecutor, and justice department official, the war on crime, the war on these mass shootings, and destruction would be well served by voting on expanded background checks, prevention of gun sales to those on not-fly list, and ban on assault weapons. on the small islands that i represent, the u.s. virgin islands, there have been over 300 gun related deaths over the last five years. with a place with a population of 100,000 to have 300 gun related deaths in three years, that accounts for a murder rate, a death per cap that is several times the national average. now, much of this is through a lack of opportunity but also and absolutely the influx of legal assault weapons. high caliber weapons of mass murder that come into the market. those coupled in our instance
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with drug trade have left our community in fear and mourning for our young. last year alone there were twice as many gun deaths per capita in the virgin islands than there were in most american cities that we traditionally think of as having high gun rate. who were the victims of the destruction just this year in the virgin islands? and i'm going to name them because we never hear names like this. we have our moments of silence for the large groupings, but the day-to-day individuals that die, january 9, two unnamed males. january 20, stefan and heidi. 24. ry 21, tea sean, february 2, juan, 30. march 5, evan, 318. march 8, conrad, 30. march 22, deshaun, 23. march 27, hands, 38.
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conte, 33 yenne, and 29. april 19, joseph, 19. april 28, gentleman von, 22. may 1, shadel, 25. 21. 2, brushaun, une 4, shaque, 21. joseph, 19. june 22, johanna, 22. a zafari, 34. june 20, devon, 42. the blood of these victims speak to me. i hope, mr. speaker, it speaks to you. bring the bills to the floor, vote it up or vote it down, but do your job. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman
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from massachusetts, mr. capuano, five minutes. mr. capuano: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i pretty much everything has been said in many extent except obviously the leadership is still not hearing us. the american people are saying this, everyone is seeing the polls, everyone knows the reality that in the last couple of weeks 90% of the american want us to do very simple things. no fly-no buy. and closing gaping, not small, but gaping loopholes in the background check. now, i like some of my colleagues, i personally would go further. my constituents would support that. there are many things we could be doing, but we're not asking for those things because we know that's a difficult lift in the house of representatives. but i represent the same number of people as every other member here, about 750,000 people. and when 90% of those constituents in every district wants us to take simple, direct
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action, i think it's a dereliction of duty and responsibility in our oath to ignore that. unless there is some moral reason for us to disagree with our constituents, but on this issue, i can't believe anyone has a moral disagreement with this. everyone's talking about orlando, and that's obviously the most important, most compelling one. but since the orlando shooting, in the last 10 days, the last 10 days in america, there have been 77 people, at least, killed with guns. at least. i say that because many of these things get minimal reporting. why? because all of us are used to turning on the local news in every corner of this contry, every single night, they are seeing another act of violence
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almost always committed with a gun. across america. it's not an urban problem or rural problem. it's across the country. and we have become a little desensitized to it. because it happens all the time. once in a while we'll get an orlando tragedy or sandy hook tragedy, and we'll all jump up and down and say how upset we're. as has been pointed out many times, we don't seem to get that upset when two or three people get shot in the middle place. other well, it's think, probably just gang violence, one gang member shooting another. maybe they deserve it. america's better off. how do you say that when there is a 3-year-old who gets shot? or 7-year-old? how dare you say that? or a woman walking down the street, or people literally just sitting in their homes innocently. people say that some of the
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proposals that have been made wouldn't have stopped orlando or wouldn't have stopped sandy hook or wouldn't have stopped something else. you know what? , maybe they're trying. i don't know. but i've never in my life either politically or personally used the excuse because i can't do everything therefore i should do nothing. that is nothing more than a lame excuse. if we save the life of one person by taking simple actions that everybody seems to agree with. if you can't fly, you can't buy a gun. close the loopholes and background checks. no one has a problem with background checks. most americans don't know there are loopholes. i don't mean little ones. i mean gaping ones as you heard earlier, about 40% of the guns sold in this country are not subject to background checks.
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that's not a loophole. that's a gaping loophole. in the last 10 days, 239 americans have been injured with guns. some say, well, it's in home defense. it's accidental shootings, that's true. some of them are. all this stuff is available who wants to take five minutes and do a simple internet search like i did. there are dozens of reputable websites that have this information. ne of them, the gun violence archive. simple statistics. not advocating. statistics. in 2015, the last calendar year, they list 13,433 deaths by gun. that's 36.8 per day. this year we're on pace to exceed that. of that, two children under the
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per day were shot. two per day. yes, about 10% of the incidence were -- incidents were home invasions, defensive use, and accidental shooting. which is why none of us are trying to impede law-abiding american citizens from owning a gun. but leaves 90% of the gun activity outside that. for us to not take action, in my opinion, is indefensible. in 18 years i have never participated in this morning hour discussion. i haven't done it because i find most of this more often than not, somebody's reason to make a political statement. i guess in some level that's what i'm doing right now. but on occasion things get to
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the point we as a group have to stand up. we individually have to stand up and demand what is the implest action imaginable. if you're too dangerous to fly, you're too dangerous to buy. the simplest action, put it on the floor. i would respect someone for coming up and voting no. i would disagree, but at least they wouldn't be able to hide behind their own political rhetoric that somehow people like me are trying to pull guns away from them. the truth is, it's a simple action. and i will tell you this, a house member, i'm a bit embarrassed that the senate was at least able to put it on the floor. at least they'll have to answer to their constituents. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. capuano: i understand that, mr. speaker. this issue has not expired.
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the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentlelady from illinois, ms. schakowsky, for five minutes. mr. capuano: this will not be the end of the debate, today or tomorrow, until we get a vote on these simple issues and do something to protect the children of america. hank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady has already been recognized. five minutes. ms. schakowsky: over last father's day weekend, 13 people were killed with guns in chicago, my hometown. another 46 were injured, and one of those critically injured was 3-year-old devon quinn. devon and his father were sitting in their green van when someone pulled up and started firing shots into a crowd of people. devon was hit in the right shoulder by a bullet as he sat
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in his car. he was not the target. and he was another innocent victim in the terrible year of gun violence. a 17-year-old boy was walking down 46th street and he was mowed down by an assault weapon. according to the "chicago tribune," about 1,800 people have been shot in chicago this year. over 200 of them have died from guns. when shooting becomes so commonplace we risk forgetting how traumatic each one is for the people involved. i recently received a letter from keera, a high school senior in my district, she wrote, quote, talking on the phone with a good friend a few nights ago i heard the disturbing noise of gunshots. feelings of fear overwhelmed me as my friend was talking and he was walking home from the train station after a long day at work. almost immediately communication broke. i called back over and over and over again with no response. i was on the verge of a
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meltdown thinking of what could have happened to him after what seemed like the longest 10 minutes of my life i received a text. letting me know that he was ok but needed to call 9-1-1 as someone had been shot by a driver by shooting. i sat there frozen. what could i do? then thoughts of hopelessness and sadness took hold over me. and i thought about the family of this poor innocent person who was just shot and how terrible that phone call must have been from the hospital. i understand the need for guns and the role they play in protection in times of war and so on, but what i don't understand is the internal debate and menace within the united states over the use and misuse of weapons. too often we forget the names of victims and the pain of their loved ones as congress continues to do nothing to stop the violence. most don't even get that empty gesture of a moment of silence.
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even so we have done 27 moments of silence since sandy hook. how numb have we become to everyday violence and only stop for that lone minute to recognize the most horrific shootings? 49 victims in orlando. school children in newtown. church goers murdered in charleston. just during the senate filibuster on gun violence last week, 48 people were shot. as the mass shootings get worse and worse, we can't let these daily shootings fade into the background of america. we must -- i know that my constituents feel frustrated and ignored when congress responds to each of these tragedies with inaction. angela wrote to me from the rogers park neighborhood of chicago where i grew up, quote, i am writing to you as a frustrated and saddened constituent who is fired of watching innocent people die
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because the n.r.a. holds our congresspeople hostage. i'm begging you on behalf of our students and teachers and police, lgbt, and every innocent person who has been affected by senseless gun violence to please use this moment to enact meaningful gun control in our country. we have had decades of complacency from our government on this issue. it's no longer excusable, particularly for someone representing chicago. you know where these legally purchased guns end up, and that hundreds of our children and families pay the price for what selfish maniacs claim is their personal freedom, unquote. i have many more letters like those calling on us in congress to do our job and reduce gun violence in our country. neighbors ask me for action at the grocery store and at the gym and as i boarded the plane yesterday. we can start by enacting two gun safety proposals that are
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overwhelmingly supported among our constituents. all of our constituents. close the terrorist loophole, if you're too dangerous to fly on an airplane, you should not be able to buy a gun. people can't believes that isn't the law already. we need universal background checks, 40% of those guns used in violence in chicago are bought legally at indiana gun shows where there are no background checks. these proposals won't stop every single gun death. but we know that they will stop some. yes there are a lot of other things we could do, too. i call on speaker ryan along with my colleagues to bring these bills to the floor. before we break. americans are calling for action on gun violence. they are tired of being ignored. no bill, no break. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the
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chair recognizes the gentlelady from maryland, ms. clark, for five minutes. ms. edwards -- host: we'll break away here from these house speeches. earlier on the floor during morning hour speeches, many of the democratic speeches focusing on gun control. on gun legislation. democrats would like to bring forward the no fly, no buy bill. about 11:30 this morning when the house gaveled out for morning hour speeches, democrats began their sit-in. so this sit-in's been under way for some three hours on the house floor over the gun issue. our capitol hill producer tweeting that about 80 democrats are now sitting -- at the house floor sit-in that started at approximately 11:20 eastern with representative john lewis calling on members to be silent no more. david who reports for reuters on congress and more, another view on the protest he retweets justin amash of michigan say
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democrats are staging a sit-in on the house floor. they refuse to leave until our constitution replaces due process with secret lists. about the house cameras, about the cameras that are not c-span cameras. they are the house cameras. here's frank thorpe who is a producer for nbc in washington tweets, here's part of the house rule back where it states that speaker ryan controls the feed of the house floor. rule number five, broadcasting in the house, the speaker shall administer direct and control of system for closed circuit viewing of floor proceedings of the house in the offices of all members, delegates, and resident commissioner and committees in such other places in the capitol and house office building as the speaker considers appropriate. part of that house rule that governs the way the house handles the television feed. the senate the same way. they provide the feed. we show it to you here when they are in session. they have gaveled out subject
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to the call of the chair. we do have some video we understand from scott peters who is a congressman from california who has put up a periscope fee. looks like it's back up. live here on c-span. >> northern iraq. there is an area in northern syria called the gap. many of us on the defense committee and armed services are familiar. this is the gap which terrorists after they get trained they go north into turkey and then they go west into europe and they are thinking that some of the european terrorists have come from this region that have already acted. so we're spending hundreds of to close dollars the gap, bull we'll allow a major gap and a major loophole here in the united states to continue to exist. this is very simple.
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and i think every one of us needs to talk about it in this way. republicans are soft on terrorism. period dot end of story. if you're not for this, you are weak on terrorism and weak on protect the american people. that's our message. one last thing, one last thing i want to say, i believe that this is illuminating a bigger problem here in congress and in washington. the american people are wondering what's going on in washington, why all the gridlock? what you-all are doing here today is communicating to the american people why. it is the republican-led congress that is preventing us from doing something that 90% of the american people want. 90% of gun owners want. it's the republicans who won't
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allow this to happen. you know what else? it's the republicans that didn't bring up a vote on the jobs bill. it's the republicans that will not -- won't allow us to reduce the cost of college tuition. it's the republicans who are trying to repeal health care for everyone. and it's the republicans who are endorsing the biggest goofball for president of the united states. you want to know what the problem is in washington, it's the republican party and we're trying to stop it. >> we're proud to say that we're joined by senator ron white. ne of our own. debi stab now -- stabenow of michigan. ur next speaker is loice
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francle, followed by don payne, ollowed by alan grayson. if host: we have been showing you live individualo, periscope video from scott peerts, democratic congressman from california, of video from the floor of the house that that sit-in continues by democrats. got under way at 11:30 eastern this morning. the issue being, gun legislation. the democrats would like to be considered by the house. the house was set to come in at noon today and take up the financial services bill for 272017. hat's all been put off until t.f.n. we'll keep you posted on when and if the house will come in this afternoon. they are in recess called cubt to the you will -- called
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subject to the call of the chair. we'll get your thoughts on what ou're seeing, hearing. 202-748-8921 for democrats. 2 -- republicans, reart. 202-748-8920 for democrats. and independents and all others, 202-748, 8922. we welcome your comments on twitter. you can accepted us a tweet@c-span. one from kelly who tweets, stop yelling at c-span, yell at congress. she may be referring tore the cameras controlled by house leadership. the u.s. legislators that lie should be punished or removed from moves. the u.s. is in the bottom half of nations in murders per capita. democrats line. caller: i would like to thank c-span for keeping an open mind. i don't know the name of the erson that's doing it.
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this is about the first amendment not only the second amendment. the first amendment is free speech. and i have learned a lot just listening this morning to these learned congressmen who have been providing a lot of information as to why we have to have laws to decrease the health crisis of killing so many people. that is just -- it's absolutely scandalous. i notice that my republican congressman simply will not take any telephone calls. and paul ryan will not take any telephone calls. so i believe in general those people that want to defend these drugs -- excuse me, defend these tactics haven't got a foot to stand on. there is no reason why we should be number top in the
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world -- host: let you go there. we have the periscope video feed back up. this again is being provided by scott peters of california. looks like congressman -- >> what has always served me well. host: congressman payne, perhaps, on the floor. >> with their families. with their children mr. payne: i put my children in that position and what would i do? it served me well. why does it have to be something personally happens to my colleagues on the other side for them to ever understand anything? my colleagues here, we take the time to think about, we take the time to deliberate. we put ourselves and those people and our constituents in position. but until it's personal on that
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side of the aisle, it doesn't matter. 'm sick and tired of it. what do i tell my son that says, dad, why do you even go to washington? it doesn't seem like you can get anything done. why do i have people in my district that the only safe place for them to sleep is in their bathtub? because of the gun violence, because of what they suffer from. very single day. n my district, 10th district of new jersey, one third of the murders happen in my congressional district for the whole state of new jersey. one third. senator booker and i were on
2:44 pm
the municipal level of government, i talked about how my pager used to go off in the middle of the night and the only thing it was was the police informing me that someone else was shot. so my pager would go off, my blackberry would go off, and it would buzz and hum and i would just get a pit in my stomach because i know that meant there was another shooting. this has to stop. this has to stop. , e kowtow to the n.r.a. n.r.a. stands for and always has, since i have been here in the house of representatives, no republican a. - republican action.
2:45 pm
>> next speaker is alan grayson. we want to recognize the great senator from the state of virginia, senator kaine. -- use plause [applause] mr. grayson: the shooting took place eight blocks from my district a week ago last sunday. ere are a list of the victims. amanda, 25 years old. angel. adolfo, 33. antonio brown, 29. darell roman, 29 years old. angel, 28 years old. juan martinez, just 25 years old.
2:46 pm
luis, 39. roy, 21. y yacka, 32. imone, 31. leroy, 25 years old. mercedes, 26 years old. peter gonzalez cruz, just 22 years old. uan, 22 years old. frank hernandez, 27. miguel angel, 30. javier, 40. jason, 19 years old.
2:47 pm
eddie, 30. anthony, 25 years old. christopher, 32. alejandro, 21. brenda, 49. robto -- roberto, 25. kimberly, 37. kira, just 18. luis, 20. ric, 36 years old. oel, 32. juan carlos, 35. enrique, 25.
2:48 pm
christopher joseph, 24 years old. avier, 34. shane, 33 years old. martin, 33. onathan, 24. frank de jesus, 50. juan rivera, 37. luis, 22. luis wilson-leon, 37. jerald right, 31. in the time it took to read this list, that's pretty much the time it took to kill them. if you look at the video taken by one of the dead, the attack itself, you can count 17 gunshots in five seconds.
2:49 pm
and the shooter stopped in the middle. it is far too easy to kill too many people too quickly in this country today. we have to do something about that. otherwise these people died for no reason. we can give their lives meaning by making sure that it can't happen again. it's for we the living as lincoln said in the gettysburg address, it's for we, the living, to make sure that we olve this problem. it seems to be a congressman in the midst after tragedy. first just a couple of hours after the shooting was over, i got a call saying that the victims who survived were unconscious, they weren't allowed to give consent, and the hospital is not permitting their loved ones to provide them any aid under hipaa rules.
2:50 pm
we solved that problem. the next day we got calls from two parents living in two other countries who begged with us to try to get them visas because they wanted to go to the funerals of their children. and in the day after that, we dealt with the problem of what to do with the remains being transported out of the country. of the dead. those were easy problems. now comes the hard problems. the problem of how to make sure this doesn't happen again. we have to make sure that we do our best so that people who have an evil intent can't get a weapons of mass destruction in their hands. we may not always know what's in people's heads. we may not always know what's in people's hearts. but for sure we can see what's in their hands and we can control what's in their hands.
2:51 pm
we desperately need this this country to make sure that there is a background check of everyone who wants to buy a weapon. are you with me? [applause] mr. grison: we desperately need to make sure that those who are identified already by law enforcement as the ones who are most likely to do harm to other citizens, we have to make sure that they can't get the means to do so. are you with me? these are simple, obvious measures that the american people all support. almost to a man and a woman leaving aside the isolated leaders of the n.r.a. and their trolls in congress. by the way belong to the other arty not ours. we can't let this go. we can't put this behind us. not this time. never again.
2:52 pm
thank you. mr. larson: we'd like to recognize two other united states senators who have come to sit with us here in protest, bob kasich from pennsylvania. -- bob casey from pennsylvania. and the person donald trump loves most to be chatting it up ith, elizabeth warren. [applause] >> no vote! >> no break! >> no vote! >> no break! r. larson: jared houghman. followed by michelle lujan grisham.
2:53 pm
mr. huffman: i am so proud to be here with every one of you as we do everything in our power to spin that arc of history a little more justice and bring democracy back to the people's house. there is an irony here. the republican leadership has cut the mikes. they have cut the cameras, but far more people are listening to us and watching us on pirated cell phone pictures and youtube videos than ever would have tuned in to c-span. [applause] mr. huffman: something is happening here. have you noticed that the gallery is beginning to fill up with people? [applause] mr. huffman: even though the republican colleagues tried to block viss terse from being in that very gallery. so the fact is they can cut off the mike, they can cut off the
2:54 pm
cameras. they will not silence our voice because today at this moment on this issue our voice is the voice of the american people. and it will not be silenced. they say that great speeches aren't given on the house floor anymore. i have been here four years and i can't think of a lot of great speeches that i have heard. until today. in a house where some of the icons of american history serve and rose and gave great speeches, john quincy adams, abraham lincoln, john f. kennedy, john dingell, john lewis today i heard amazing speeches from so many of my colleagues and i know we're going to hear more. unscripted. completely authentic. something is happening here. and i'm proud to be a part of it. so speaker ryan, come out of your office. come and talk to us.
2:55 pm
[applause] mr. huffman: get out of that right wing echo chamber of special interest and unhinged ideologues and listen to the voice of the american people. if we don't have a bill, if we don't have a vote, we will not ave a break. thank you. mr. cartwright: my name is matthew cartwright, i represent northeastern pennsylvania. i am so honored to be among these courageous bans of brothers and sisters in violation of all the known house rules and against all the regulations and dereliction of
2:56 pm
the normal order of things around here and i'm honored to be among you. and i have some questions. it is a repetitive series of questions. i apologize in advance. my question is this -- we talk about going on a break. have the families and the loved ones of the innocent victims of columbine had a break from their grief? >> no. mr. cartwright: how about the families and loved ones of the innocent victims of aurora, have they had a break from their pain? >> no! mr. cartwright: the families and loved ones of the innocent victims of newtown, connecticut, have their families had a break from their sorrow? >> no! mr. cartwright: the families and the loved ones of the innocent victims of the charleston, south
2:57 pm
carolina, have those families and loved ones had a break from their suffering? >> no! mr. cartwright: the families and loved ones of the victims, the innocent victims, in orlando, florida, have these families and loved ones had a break from their horror that we just saw? >> nom! -- no! mr. cartwright: are you tired of the repetitive nature of my questions? >> yes. mr. cartwright: are you tired of this reputation of horrors in our country? i say no bill, no break. >> no bill, no break! no bill, no break! no bill, no break! mr. larson: a mighty voice in the house of representatives, from the most statuesque person here in the chamber.
2:58 pm
>> we'll take advantage of that momentum. i'm standing tall today! this is what i thought it was going to be like. i thought every single day i would be moved by my colleagues and members who would speak from their heart and talk about what's important. it would bring home both the positive and the not so positive examples from their districts and then do something about it. and i go home, but for today, i talked about how that doesn't happen. it's not an organic process. we don't debate. we don't take action on the very floor i fought incredibly hard to be elected, to be part of this group to make a
2:59 pm
difference for the people that i care about in my district and in my state and country. like all of you here today, it's personal to me. ast october a 4-year-old, lily garcia, was shot in her car gun n a highway by violence that made absolutely no sense and had no place in our community. in the last 11 years, 2000 people who were suspects on the f.b.i. terrorist lists have purchased guns. 2,000. i don't want to have to say anymore to the parents of lily garcia or the men and women who fought hard, the police officers, to get the perpetrators, who soon after officer daniel webster was gunned down by an individual
3:00 pm
who should not -- a felon who should not have access to a firearm. so when we talk about our fundamental rights, we have a fundamental right to be safe in our own communities! [applause] i want the chance to go home and tell my community that i voted on a bill to demand that my and your fundamental right to be safe in our homes and our communities gets done. no vote new york break. > no vote, no break! mr. larson: i want everybody to pay attention to the fact, look, these security people here are doing their job. they're doing a good job. they've been asked to shut off all the cameras to shut you off from filming. all i'm saying to you is, don't take it out on the very people that are just simply doing their
3:01 pm
job and understand that that's what they're doing, their job. ut by all means, keep filming. [applause] >> there's an app called periscope, i understand if so many people watch it, it crashes, if other people had it, wanted to download it, maybe .hey'd like to try it out too mr. larson: there's an app called periscope. of course you're talking to -- an app called periscope that if people were to down load it that scott recommends that that's what you're doing for some reason beyond my capability. >> we did a motion to suspend the rules unanimously adopted so
3:02 pm
we can film. mr. larson: lois fran tell, followed by frank morgan, followed by bobby rush, then debbie wasserman schultz, john sarbanes and steve israel. >> you saw the periscope feed from the house, that is being provided, we understand, by congressman scott peters' office from california. democrat from california. as the sit-in on the house floor approaches the 3 1/2 hour mark, started about 11:30 this morning. democrats seeking to bring gun legislation back to the house floor. going to take you back now live via periscope for more comments. >> listen, everybody wants to speak is going to get to speak.
3:03 pm
[applause] >> it's the joy of technology, really. it's frozen up a little bit. we'll go back to it live if you can. we'll go to your calls live, mike has been waiting theren the independent line. go ahead with your comments, mike. caller: i want to bring up the fact that i think one of the all st things almost americans would agree, the s -- m that the benefit without giving them opportunity. is ink what they need to do to have a period more realistic,
3:04 pm
72 hour, give them the opportunity to go before the federal judge and say, this is proximate cause we have to keep this individual on the list. host: thank you for your input, mike. let's go back to our live feed via periscope from the house floor. . frankel: today, my remarks are about moms. the mom in aurora who sent her child to the movies. the moms in newtown. the mom whose children went to pray in charleston. the mom in orlando who sent her hild out into a celebration. these mothers and fathers expect
3:05 pm
congress to act, for them, i demand action. [applause] mr. larson: to our leader nancy pelosi who would like to share some information. ms. pelosi: it's not really nformation, but thank you all. i'm rising to say, mr. speaker, turn on this microphone. [applause] this is a courtesy we ask. i have a letter from our former colleague, gabbie giffords. -- i to read her letter don't want to read her letter without it being heard, heard by everyone in the gallery, our
3:06 pm
members, our guests. what would be the reason that the republican majority in the house is saying, well, we can't remove you physically, or maybe they will, but we're not going to turn on the microphones? as a courtesy. in this great democracy. for voices to be heard. [applause] >> early in my career as a 911 dispatcher, i took a call of an 11-year-old girl. it was an open line on 911. all i could hear was horrible five shots.then
3:07 pm
as a dispatcher, i counted every single one of them. i knew that i would have to go to court to be her witness. for this crime. had no idea that it was an 11-year-old girl who was going because er life simply er mother was having an affair with a neighbor. at, colleagues, is not a moment of insanity. that is a crime. terrorism domestic against a child. i am sick and tired of offending people with mental disabilities
3:08 pm
by calling racist people, homegrown terrorists, mental ill. they are not mentally ill. they're people that are growing up in our communities and have access to semiautomatic and fully automatic weapons. they don't deserve to have those weapons. our military is trained to have hose weapons and to use them during a moment of war. like you, i refuse to be shut down, i will not be shut down, and i will stand here until we have an opportunity to vote on this issue. my constituents deserve better than that. they sent me to congress to be their voice. so you can shut down the mic if you like. you can stop my constituents from coming here. you can stop the cameras from
3:09 pm
filming us here. but you are not going to shut us own. do your job. [applause] >> it is an hon knob tore here tonight. i want to thank you for leading us here. i want to also tell my colleague option the other side, my republican friends, that i have -- and i have many republican friends. don't harden your hearts. listen to the voices. we heard congressman payne come up here earlier and say , he remembers the little children of newtown. how many of us don't still remember their voices? they call out for us to do something.
3:10 pm
i also listened to the debate that the senate had the other night, my good friend senator kaine was talking about the scar tissue that we have. i thought of my own situation back in july 18, 1984. in california. a mangos with into a mcdonald yose -- mcdonald's, you may recall it. he go into a mcdonald's, with a 12-gauge shotgun and 9 millimeter handgun and starts firing and killing the people in many mcdonald's. and you may remember, it's even hard for me to remember a little child that rode up on his bike. mr. vargas: he was there to get a treat, instead he got a bullet. you can recall how he very softly fell over on his bike and died. the responders that came, the first responders that came and
3:11 pm
saw that said how incredibly brutal it was to see all these people die for no reason. at that point, that was the worst massacre in our history of gun violence. 21. 21 people were killed. we more than doubled it now and we haven't acted. that's not right. it's just not right. so i ask my brothers and sisters on the other side, harden not your hearts. change your mind on this. these weapons have no place in society. they have no place. they're built for one thing, to kill human beings quickly. by people that are not trained to use them. please, come out from wherever you are, listen to the people, more importantly, listen to the voices of all those that were killed. think about them. think about their parents. think about the families that have been suffering this whole
3:12 pm
time. have the courage to come out and take a vote. naung. [applause] host: you're watching life video via periscope from the house floor where democrats for nearly four hours have been holding a sit-in over the issue of gun legislation. that video, that periscope, is coming from scot peters, conditioning congressman from california, two-term congressman from california. the house is in recess subject to the call of the chair. not sure when they're going to gavel back in. we have video back up again from periscope. let's go back to the house. >> look at the state of vth -- host: and it froze up again. we apologize about that. it's been a busy day on capitol hill in addition to this sit-in by democrats on capitol hill. hillary clinton earlier today met with house democrats and has
3:13 pm
since moved on to a speech on the campaign trail. she tweeted about today's activities by the house. this is what real leadership looks like. she includes a picture from the floor as the sit-in was getting under way with congressman john lewis and others. looks like our video is ok. back to more coverage. >> all of these weapons that can do absolutely nothing. we ought to be able to work together as a congress and pass no fly new york buy. that should be easy. that should be simple. we don't want bad guys and terrorists having guns in this country. it shouldn't be up for debate. we ought to be able to come together and do this for the american people and stop hiding behind special interest groups and do the right thing. the time is now to do something about the gun violence and the bad people that are getting hold of them. thank you. [applause]
3:14 pm
mr. johnson: my brothers and sisters, how happy i am to be a member of congress today. i never thought i would be sitting around on the floor of the house, literally. and i never thought that i would be sitting on the floor of the in protestjohn lewis of the lack of action by this body. and nor did i ever think that we would be joined by our esteemed colleagues from the other side capitol, that you all have joined us today has heartened us. it stiffens our resolve for what
3:15 pm
we face. i want to share this with you. i just got this text from one of my staffers who is at a hearing that is supposed to be taking place right now. 'm supposed to be there. and i assume others of us are supposed to be in that hearing and in other hearings as well. but this staffer just texted me and said that he overheard a republican, one of our colleagues, saying to his colleague, another republican, in on uote, if we give this, there will be a lot more problems. so they are looking at this as if it's some kind of a game. they think that this is some
3:16 pm
kind of a ploy. they don't understand that this s a spontaneous development, unforeseen. they don't understand that when , hn lewis decided to sit down that one, two, and three more would join him. they never thought that they would see this many of us on the house floor. they never thought that we would be here for this long. they thought it would be over with in just a couple of minutes. but instead, it's been several hours that this has continued. what it's doing as we continue to do this, we're getting stronger, don't y'all feel? [applause]
3:17 pm
we listen to each other, as we listen to the pleas of our colleagues about the need to take action, each and every one of us is thinking about what's in the hearts and minds of our onstituents. host: the periscope video froze up once again. this is video we're getting from scott peters, congressman from california. we understand that there are some 3,800 watching it via periscope and how many thousands or millions watching it via c-span. we're at the mercy of technology with the periscope feed. we'll show you as much as we can. i did want to update you on the schedule. craig kaplan, our capitol hill producer, tweeting this -- tweets this out, saying the house floor schedule update they got this from leadership, members are advised the house does expect to vote today, the
3:18 pm
timing of which is currently to be determined. the pending business for the house today would have been, was said to have been, the financial services bill for fiscal year 2017, but they didn't even get into debate. the session lasted all of three or four minutes before they gaveled it out as the sit-in continues and congressman hank johnson, last we saw, was speaking on the floor. we're still having some issue with that video feed. a couple of other things on capitol hill. we mentioned hillary clinton spoke to democrats earlier. also today, the house judiciary committee was considering a possible impeachment motion against the i.r.s. commissioner, a tweet here from susan ferechio of the washington examiner saying, meanwhile, the house freedom caucus calls for a vote on impeach ofment the i.r.s. commissioner. we showed you the hillary clinton tweet earlier. looks like our video may be coming back.
3:19 pm
maybe a moment or two let's see if we can get some calls and your comments on today's activities in the house. in southern california, maggie or then democrat's line. go ahead. caller: hello. thank you for taking my call. i'm watching right now at home, i'm only 16 years old, i'm not even legally allowed to vote but i just wanted to say that i was very glad that this is on air right now, people are -- people are periscoping this, because it's really shocking what the republicans are doing right now and it's so scary for me to grow up in a society where this has become accepted. i remember when the first shooting i can remember was gabbie giffords. i don't know what year that was, 2007, maybe? 2009 or 2010? and it never stopped after that. it was constant, you would hear about gun violence on the news, and i just -- i hope that something is done from this because it's scary and it's
3:20 pm
really not -- not good, you know. i can't stress how just appalling and disgusting it is what the republicans are doing right now and i stand with all the democrats and i hope something gets done because it's just a basic -- we need to do something small right now right now. host: you may have seen democrat leader pelosi. thanks, maggie. you may have seen democratic leader pelosi on the floor. she was going to read she tchinald speaker to turn on the microphones to read a letter from gabbie giffords. i think that shooting was in 2012, i may be wrong on that sue is in limerick, maine, on our independent line. are you there? caller: i want to thank you -- i want to thank c-span for airing this and allowing comments. i don't always listen to c-span, i always have a lot to do and we
3:21 pm
had a big downpour here and i just came in and turned the tv on and saw this, to me this is history in the making. i just want to say that i applaud them whole heartedly and i hope they stay there as long as it takes. i can't believe that they will not go along with such a simple vote of a no fly new york buy. i just can't believe that. and the republicans have the nerve, especially in the house, to say they want to protect the american people? yet they refuse to vote on this, to allow a vote on this. and they say they want to protect us. in other words, they're saying they won't allow someone on the no -- they want to allow someone on the no fly list to buy a weapon. i'm in favor of better background checks, especially at gun shows. i can't believe that they even allow that. i've had to handle background checks for severaling orny cey
3:22 pm
-- organizations just for jobs and a person that has to buy a gun doesn't have to go through a background check? and i just want to add that i did hear today that senator collins and senator king from maine, where i'm from, will be presenting a bill later today. i'm proud that they're at least trying to do something. anyway, i think the house republicans are showing their true colors and i think what we're seing is yellow. host: that legislation by senator collins, as you mentioned, and a number of democratic and republican senators and independent angus king, was introduced yesterday in a news conference. we understand that is likely to come up for a vote in the senate as well. jeff flake, senator from arizona, a supporter and he tweeted about that earlier today. here on c-span, it's been nearly four hours since house democrats took the floor in a protest over gun legislation, calling for the
3:23 pm
house to take up the so-called no fly new york buy bill. and this in accordance with, or in conjunction i guess with erts in the senate to pass gun legislation. the four amendments falling short earlier this week. we don't -- we aren't able to show you tv coverage of the house floor those cameras are controlled by house leadership. it's the same in the senate too. our coverage is all dependent on the house providing us a video feed. we have been able to show you video via periscope and i think we can take you there live, scott peters, looks like this is a facebook feed, some of the facebook live video. et's go there now. >> about the killing that gos -- oes on in this nation. i've got a message for the republicans.
3:24 pm
ou can run but you can't hide. [applause] you can run, but you can't hide. no hiding place. mr. rush: the killings and the crimes and the murders that go on in our nation today. that just o know this past weekend in my city of that i love, ty the city that means so much to this nation, that's given so
3:25 pm
this this nation, just chicogoans shot n one weekend. 13 killed on this father's day weekend. nough is enough. you can run but you can't hide. [applause] , in his year alone chicago, illinois, over 1,800 just in the year
3:26 pm
016. over 200 american citizens .illed just this year ll by guns, all by guns. a republican controlled house of epresentatives, a republican , and there's te silence -- and share -- and their silence is deafening. and their sinls is deafening. -- and their silence is deafening.
3:27 pm
we're saying to the republicans, let's talk about this. to those who are sitting here, those who are in the chamber today, you are doing marvelous work. america is proud of you.
3:28 pm
what is required of a man is to love justice and walk humbly with your god. that strengthens us. the victims, the folk who are afraid for their very lives, afraid to stand outside of their doors, afraid to go to church, , when rk, go to school
3:29 pm
you're sitting down you acknowledge fam -- allowing families in north korea stand up. stand up, stand up. thank you so very much. [applause] mr. larson: we're also joined by gary peters, the great senator -- [applause] i want to again acknowledge the prime general tores of this -- the primogenitors of this whole
3:30 pm
movement, this is spontaneous and organic. own t started with our representatives, including john lewis. someone who can get in the way of the republican national committee is someone from this house of representatives, our own debbie wasserman schultz. [applause] ms. wasserman schultz: it's to the republican cow -- if the republican cowards who run this chamber would turn the microphones on, we could all be heard a little bit louder. but i am proud today to give voice once again to one of our own. 4 1/2 years ago, i stood at this very same podium on january 25,
3:31 pm
2012, and read a very different letter. from our friend and former colleague, gab bee giffords. that was her let over resignation. the letter that she proffered as a result of becoming a victim of senseless, brutal gun violence, in which six others lost their lives, including a 9-year-old little girl and a federal judge and 13 were wounded, including our own former colleague ron barber. gabbie and her husband mark since then have valiantly stood up and given voice to so many, to thousands of victims of gun violence, thousands who have died, and today i am proud to give her voice once again.
3:32 pm
dear member of the house and former colleague. there is nowhere i would rather be right now than with you, on the floor of the people's house, representing southern arizona. fighting for our country and working to make our communities safer. it is the ons, inspiration for my continued commitment, fighting gun violence takes great courage. i've seen great courage when my life was on the line. i see great courage in many, many of you right now. americans are grappling with a gun violence crisis. it's a crisis that tears apart the lives of so many americans and touches every community. it is both public and private. in our homes and on our streets. at work. at church. at the movies, at a dance club.
3:33 pm
at school, and at school again. t a congress on your corner. they are white and black and latino and asian american. they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer, and straight. they are christian and muslims, jewish and sikh. they are veterans and government workers and union members. they are rich and poor. they died by murder, they died by suicide, and they died by negligence. often thaw don't die but they carry the scars and their lives change forever. gun violence affects all of us -- if gun violence affects all of us americans, then the solution is not up to just some of us. we are all responsible for the
3:34 pm
safety we pass on to our children tomorrow. it's what makes us a country, where our country has already come together behind the simple proposition that we have law this is a keep guns out of the hands of the most dangerous people. so must our congress. and they should not waste another minute. we must not accept the world that will be the product of inaction in washington. we can do better. some states have already made progress. they show us. when we put aside our incidental or momentary differences and stand shoulder-to-shoulder, we have enormous power. it's been said that hope was forged of two powerful ingredients, anger at how things are and the courage to change them. we will not be driven backwards to live in isolation from one another and in fear of violence. thanks to you and millions of americans who share our values of pluralism, liberty, and responsibility, we'll stand strong and work toward a safer
3:35 pm
ation for all of us. speaking is difficult for me but i haven't been silent and neither should the american people, their representatives end gun violence. we will be here and sit in and stand tall until we can make sure there's no more orlando, no more aurora, no more victims, thank you so much. [applause]
3:36 pm
mr. larson: we are join bird the great senator of the state of wisconsin a member of the 106th congress, tammy baldwin. [applause] and peter defazio. if anybody is just tune -- mr. defazio: if anybody is just tuning in with the speaker having shut off speakers and cameras, he has graced us with lights, thank you. they might have to shut down the whole building, that might be the trip. if people are tuning in, they might wonder, what are these dangerous, radical, revolutionary proposals the democrats want to foist on the american people now? what are they? they must be horrible if the speaker is going to these
3:37 pm
lengths. universal background checks before you can buy a gun. today we have loopholes big enough to deliver truckloads of guns to people who are legally prohibited from buying guns but they don't have to undergo background checks and they can buy them, take them out and commit crimes and massacring and other things. is that a radical proposal, my friends? unanimous consent. it passed. now. there is one that, i can understand the republicans really have trouble with this. if you are on the terrorist watch list, you're on the terrorist watch list, you can't walk into a gun store and legally buy a gun. really? really, mr. speaker? you're holding up a vote on a bill that would say that people on the terrorist watch list,
3:38 pm
clear and present danger to citizens of the united states of america, should be able to buy guns? really, mr. speaker? et us vote, now. >> no bill! >> no break! mr. larson: representative arbanes. mr. sarbanes: god bless gabbie giffords, my classmate, we came here together. gabbie, we won't let you down. god bless katherine clark and john lewis. bobby rush. and god bless all of you. but most importantly, god bless the families in orlando and the families in aurora, families in sandy hook, the families of all these tragedies across the country. god bless them for their grief, for their perseverance, for their hope, that we will do
3:39 pm
something here. colleagues that they call this the people's house. and yet it's been a long time since the voice of the people has been heard in this place. the n.r.a. has a voice here. the gun manufacturers. have a voice in this place. but for some reason, that the republicans can't explain, the voice of the people is locked out and left out and left ehind. this icrophone -- motorcycle phone doesn't belong -- host: video froze up for a moment there. john sarbanes of maryland speaking to his fellow member thopes house floor. video looks good now, live coverage continues on c-span.
3:40 pm
mr. sarbanes: this microphone they've cut off belongs to the american people. [applause] his is their microphone. all we are trying to do, mr. speaker is get a vote. that's all we're trying to do. we're trying to do our job. nd the only job that you have, really, is to bring a vote to the floor. that's your job as speaker of this institution. is to bring to the floor the matters that the american people want to have addressed by our vote, by their representatives. that's your job. to bring a vote to this floor. too many people in this country are grieving. and many americans are hungry
3:41 pm
for just some common sense. just the simplest things that show we haven't lost our minds, to show that we still have some sanity in this country. that's all americans are asking for. that's what they're hungry for. you know, i can hear doctor king's words. he once said, somewhere i hear the god of the universe saying, i was hungry and you fed me not. there are people in this country who are hungry for commonsense measures to address their grieving and their pain. is that going to be the legacy of paul ryan? that a grieving mother in sandy hook will say, i was hungry and ewe fed me not? that a parent in atlanta who is
3:42 pm
heart broken today will say, i was hungry, and you fed me not? all we are asking is for a vote, 85%, 90% of americans know we need to have universal background checks. they know if you're too dangerous to fly on an airplane, you're too dangerous to have a gun. 90% of americans want to see us take that vote. let us have the vote. and don't send us home without giving us that opportunity. don't send us home without giving us the opportunity to say to these families that are grieving, that are heart broken, that we hear them that we understand them, that we feel their pain, and that we want to do something about it. don't send us home without giving us that opportunity. no bill, no break. >> no bill! o break!
3:43 pm
mr. larson: our senator colleagues who have joined us, we're proud to welcome another former member of this body, gary peters. [applause] from the state of virginia by way of rockville, connecticut, mark warner who is here with us. and our great leader steve srael. mr. israel: my colleagues, about an hour and a half, two hours ago, many of us stood on the steps of this capitol with leader pelosi and we stood with bobby rush, stood with other members of this body, and we stood with families of those who have been kill by gun violence. i was thinking about the first time i stood on the steps of the capitol.
3:44 pm
i'm ending my career here. i couldn't help but think about then first time i stood on the steps of the capitol. it was the night of 9/11. i represent a district that lost 200 people that day. 200 people that day. every life precious. kath -- kathleen was with us, she lost constituents that day. mr. crowley was with us , he lost a cousin that day. we were standing on the steps of the capitol, democrats and republicans, pledges to do what needed to be done to protect the lives of the american people. we did it. we employed resources and assets, we created the department of homeland security. we sent young men and women into battle in afghanistan. the bush administration sent them into iraq. and whether you agree or disagree with some of those
3:45 pm
decisions, we stood on the steps and agreed that our fundamental job was to protect the lives of our constituents. and when tens of thousands of americans have been slaughtered, murdered, to gun violence, what does the republican leadership tell us to do? stand for a moment of silence. it ain't working, mr. speaker. it ain't working. we're tired of silence. we want action. now i was just outside the chamber as many of my colleagues have been before coming back and reporters are saying, why are you doing this? what's the point? what's the point? the point is 20 children at sandy hook who lost their lives. people in san bernardino,
3:46 pm
aurora. but let me give you 300 doctor i won't give you 344 points but let me give you 344 additional points to what we're doing. since orlando, 344 americans have been killed by guns. 344 since that tragedy. where's the moment of silence, mr. speaker, for victor robinson of des moines, iowale? what about the moment of silence, mr. speaker, for ashley ? where's the moment of silence for brady coleman of san antonio, wayne jerome bailey of washington, d.c., mary jane mcbroom of louisiana, cur tit mitchell of san bernardino, california? where are those moments of silence, mr. speaker? they deserve to be recognized as well. every life is precious. the lives of those in my district that were lost on 9/11,
3:47 pm
and the hundreds of thousands of lives that have been lost since then. mr. speaker, give us this vote. give us this vote. no bill, no break. >> no bill! o break! mr. larson: joaquin castro. while he's coming up, we want to remind everybody that even though cameras have been turned off, many americans keep coming into our balconies to witness democracy in action. to witness the members of the house -- [applause]
3:48 pm
joaquin. mr. castro: in the early 1990's, around the time i graduated from high school, my hometown was the drive by capital of texas. that year, there were 1,262 drive-by shootings in san antonio. more than dallas, fort worth, and austin combined. earlier this month, in san antonio, there was a 5-year-old girl who was killed while she was sleeping because of a stray bullet. on father's day, there was a 40-year-old man who had a son who was killed because of a road rage incident. we understand that these are folks who respect the second amendment. if wef us over the years,
3:49 pm
think about protecting our family, we've imagined somebody breaking into our homes at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and perhaps thought about buying a gun and many people have. for self-defense. in rural areas, people who live 20 or 30 minutes or more from law enforcement often buy guns for self-protection. and in places like texas, many people buy guns for sport. the legislation we support, that we're proposing, respects those rights. respects the second amendment. but we don't understand how republicans will continue to llow terrorists to buy guns. we don't understand why we can't have background checks on people who seek to own ar-15's that can
3:50 pm
kill dozens of people in a few seconds. you know, in the house of representatives, we deal with issues concerning people all over the world. recently, we've discussed and ad hearings on things like britain exiting the european union. on the president's trip to vietnam today. last week we voted on infrastructure in afghanistan. and yet the republican leadership can't hold a single hearing or a single vote on an issue of gun violence where 32,000 people a year in the united states of america, the people that we represent, our country, 32,000 people killed and they can't hold a single ote. instead, when one of these mass
3:51 pm
shootings happen, all we get are moments of silence. silence is not a solution. this demands more. when we ask that they do something that is fundamental to democracy, you know, as human beings, whatever our job is, there are times when our jobs become uncomfortable. if you're a small business owner and you have to let go of an employee, that's an uncomfortable conversation. if you're an employee who is going to quit your job for another opportunity, that's an uncomfortable conversation. if you're a parent with an adolescent child and you have to talk to them about the birds and the bees, that's a really uncomfortable conversation. but that's what you signed up for. if you are here representing americans in congress, you signed up to take tough votes. and if you believe that terrorists should be able to own
3:52 pm
guns, put your name to that vote. if you believe we shouldn't have background checks, put your name to that vote. vote. take a vote. cheers and applause] mr. larson: i want the members of this chamber to rise and give special thanks to all the member os they have united states senate who have been here today and their leader who now joins us. hip once again our video froze up. we are bringing you facebook video provide by congressman bay toe o'rourke from texas, democrat from texas, live coverage here on c-span as we are able. of the democrats' sit-in on the house floor. now at about 4 1/2 hours. got under way at 11:30 this morning. over the issue of gun legislation.
3:53 pm
looks like the video may be up momentarily. let's take a call or two and hear from you. thanks for waiting, michael , in las vegas. republican line. go ahead. caller: yes, thank you very much. i just want to say that i served 8 1/2 years in the united states marine corps. served in afghanistan. and i know a lot of people are comparing weapons we used such as the m-16 a-4 which can go on 15 or automatic to the platform which is semiautomatic. they look similar in nature but they are not similar in functionality. so when democrats come up and say that they need to ban assault weapons, i have a hard time understanding what exactly assault weapons that they are talking about. i know that one of the congressmen, seth moulton, said he used that weapon. no one can buy that weapon. in addition to that, i want to talk about the no fly new york buy law that they're trying to
3:54 pm
get passed. what they're talking about is a little more delicate than what it actually is. they want to ban all terrorists who are on the f.b.i. watch list , i understand that, but they actually had a bill proposed not too long ago in which it would have delayed the sale for up to 72 hours for somebody on a no-fly list and that would have take an prosecutor to go down to the court and actually say that this individual is not allowed to do that. host: that's legislation introduced by john cornyn in the senate, it fell short of the 60 votes that they needed to advance that legislation. also throughout the afternoon we'll bring you as we can coverage via periscope, via facebook video, as we are able, of the sit-in on the house floor and as much as we can, reporting from capitol hill, via twitter and facebook as well from
3:55 pm
reporters who regularly cover the house and senate in the gallery. standing by with us is, from "the hill," scott long who covers capitol hill are you there? guest: thanks for having me. host: this got under way at 11:30 eastern this morning. what prompted democrats to stage this sit-in? guest: i think just a growing frustration that house republicans who control the floor and control the majority were not bringing any gun control legislation to the floor in the wake of the orlando massacre that killed 49 individuals. and so, you know, i think democrats have tried to frame this new fight over gun violence and gun vol -- and gun control as the next big battle in the civil rights movement and we've seen that today with john lewis the civil rights icon, who
3:56 pm
marched along with martin luther king in the 1960's, leading this new gun control effort, taking over the house floor, and demanding a vote from house g.o.p. leadership. this week. on some sort of gun control legislation. host: i want to ask you specifically about some of that legislation, a tweet from derek willis says, there's no discharge petition for a bill that would put terrorists on the no-gun purchase list. 181 have signed, they need 218. and that bill is by mike thompson of california. can you tell us at all what that bill would do? guest: i don't have the specifics, i think the general no fly, no buy legislation that we've been hearing about through the course of the day would essentially say that if you are on a terrorist watch list, you're put on the terrorist
3:57 pm
watch list by the authorities, then just like you are not allowed to fly in an airplane, you also would not be allowed to purchase guns. democrats say this is a commonsense solution. -- the reason why they refuse to bring this to the floor is they say it's a violation of constitutional rights, that individuals who have not been found guilty of a crime should not have their second amendment rights taken away. host: let's go to the tactics that the democrats are using today this sit-in today. a tweet from one of our viewers asks, has there ever been a house filibuster, don't know what else you'd call it, before? in effect this is a filibuster, it's preventing the house from doing legislative business today. guest: it's entirely gummed up
3:58 pm
the legislative process. we were supposed to turn to a financial services appropriations spending bill late they are week. that's been delayed. as has a number of other bills. as far as we know, folks who have been watching the house for decades have not seen something like this done before. in fact, you heard many house lawmakers occupying the house floor saying this was essentially the equivalent of a senate filibuster like the one we saw last week from senator chris murphy of connecticut on this very issue. so i think that's why there has been so much interest. another interesting aspect of this, of course, is the fact that the house cameras, which are controlled by the majority, have been turned off because the house is not in session. as is customary. and so, you know, democratic lawmakers have turned to social
3:59 pm
media. periscope in particular. to stream live and make sure that people, your audience on c-span and people watching through other venues, are table hear the speeches that are being given on the house floor and see some of the activity. host: we'll let you go back to the gallery and remind viewers and listeners they can follow ur reporting on twitter, @scottwongdc. guest: thank you very much. host: we are getting some video feeds via periscope and facebook. we'll take you back live, we've ot video re-established now. >> thank you all for being ere. [chanting]
4:00 pm
>> coming down to make sure that she was here to listen to nita lowey speak is the senator from new york, the great state of new york, ms. jill brand. - mrs. gillibrand. [applause] mrs. gillibrand: speaker ryan, you have an opportunity to make history today. mrs. lowey: speaker ryan, i know you're learning your job, i know you have to work with your fellow republicans, but, speaker ryan, listen to your heart, listen to your wife, listen to your children, speaker ryan. just this morning, the appropriations committee met on a homeland security bill. for hours we talked about protecting h


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