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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  June 26, 2016 1:33pm-2:31pm EDT

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today. senator bernie sanders talked about changes he wants to see in the platform on cnn's state of the union. we will hear from him in just a minute. this week with george stephanopoulos," mitch mcconnell possessed at the republican platform reflected the views of presumptive party nominee donald trump. platform look at the that will be written at our convention, we are not changing the basic principles that republicans believe in. our nominee may not agree with every single one of those, for the republican party will remain america's conservative party. >> you're not going to write -- the ban on muslim immigration into the platform. you will not talk about mass deportations that mr. trump is talked about? he says he doesn't want to touch social security and medicaid. mcconnell: is my
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understanding it will be a traditional republican platform not all that different from the woman had four years ago. george: it will not be mr. charles platform? i don'tconnell: expected to differ that much from the platform we had four years ago. >> are you ready to declare victory, embrace the platform and endorse hillary clinton is the nominee? senator sanders: i think you captured it. what happened in st. louis the other day. we won some important victories in our effort did make it clear to the megan people that the democratic party stands with the middle class, stands with working families, and is prepared to take on wall street and the big money interests. but we lost some important fights. we will take the fight orlando with the entire committee meeting in two weeks. we willn't succeed, take it to the floor of the democratic convention. and that is what this discussion in st. louis did not include, as
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you indicated. the need to deal and a strong way with the crisis of climate change. we need a tax on carbon. we need to end fracking. when he to be clear that the minimum wage must be raised to $15 an hour. in my view we need a medicare for all single-payer program. we have made some good gains. i want to thank all the people who participated in that process. we have more to do. >> we are live today at 4:00 eastern with hillary clinton speaking of the mayor's conference in indianapolis. later, c-span's conversation with senator bernie sanders of vermont. see that tonight at 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. eastern right here on c-span. no look at efforts to 11 republican delegates to vote for any presidential candidate they would like at the convention in cleveland next month. from washington journal, this is 35 minutes.
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host: joining us from denver, colorado is regina thomson. she is the cofounder of free the delegates 2016. talking about delegates heading to the convention, especially those pledged to donald trump. good morning. guest: good morning, thank you for having me. host: can we start by talking about the history of this effort? what led you to take this effort? what specifically are you looking to do? guest: well, specifically what we are looking to do is to educate the delegates that they already have the ability within the rules of the convention as they stand since the beginning of the republican party that these delegates already have the ability and right and responsibility to cast their votes according to their conscience and best judgment. at the convention regardless of , whether there are mandates
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from their state party or state government telling them that they have to be bound to cast their ballot for a particular candidate. host: what in the rules gives them that right? guest: well, the language is already there. it says that delegates will cast their ballots. conventionry of the will faithfully record them as cast and then if the delegation chair does not give them their vote then the delegates have the right and responsibility to take microphone to say that they contest the way that ballots could be cast. this is the history of the republican party. over 240 times since the first convention, delegates at the convention have taken the step to assert their right to have their vote cast and recorded according to their wishes. it hasn't always been for a presidential nominee.
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sometimes it was overruled over the rules or the platform. so there is a history within the party and also within the rules. the language gives the delegates the ability to cast their votes and have them recorded to their wishes. host: one of your cofounder sent a letter to the platform committee, the rules committee saying they are expected to bring this up during the platform hearing. what has been the response from the platform or rules committee to this effort? do you think a change will let -- is going it happen? guest: so it is the rules committee. what she has done is submit a conscience clause, that would to be presented first to the rules committee for consideration. basically takes the salient points about different parts of convention rules and it says that delegates have the right and responsibility to cast their vote regarding their conscience. the secretary of the convention will record their votes as cast
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and they will suffer no retribution from their state party or other political entities for voting as they see fit. so this goes first to the rules committee for consideration. if it passes out of the rules committee by 50%, 112 people on that committee -- if 56 people to vote to pass them to the full convention that will go to be full convention for a full vote. if it does not pass by the 50% margin but 25% of the committee does vote to send it on to the floor, she can file a minority report. and that takes it to the full convention but it has a higher threshold to pass. it would take a two thirds vote of the full delegation at the convention to pass the resolution. host: regina thomson, do you have the support within the committee to pass this? guest: we are working on the committee. it is a process and we are a few weeks out. it has been submitted to fellow
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members and she is working to contact them one-on-one. we are not at a 50% threshold but this is a process. she is working on this process. i am focusing on the wider issue of general delegate context. and letting them know that there is a serious movement to educate them to your right and responsibility. so for me, i am focusing on the other aspect. the clause she is introducing will be good to really solidify in one statement the different parts of the current rules and bring them into one short paragraph that is really sustained, clear and without any doubt what the responsibilities are. with the delegates are facing in many states -- in some states there are a state law that says -- seeks to tell delegates in
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private organizations how they have to cast their vote. that is contrary to the supreme court decision. in 1983, andnd one a federal court decision in 2007 that make it clear that in this type of matter, the state government has no authority to interfere with the private member organization. the republican or democrat party and other entities. so what we've got is delegates that are fearful. they have heavy-handed party leaders in their states who are threatening that if they don't cast their ballot according to the primary or the caucus results in their state and they have been assigned a candidate for, thateir vote
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the candidates realize that is a serious effort to secede -- to succeed, that already there is one and more of the candidates who are running through the last year who are already talking internally with their own campaigns. they are trying to make a decision as to how they may present themselves at the convention. a process for the delegates to make this decision. we are not in a position to say hey convention, now we think you should nominate candidate a or candidate b. we are just laying the ground for the candidates to do the delegates work when they get there. that teddidate a, is cruz? guest: i don't know what canada. none of us discuss among ourselves who we think the replacement should be. because that is not what our goal is.
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not haveis to simply donald trump nominated on the first ballot. and leave it open for the ,elegates to cast their ballot whatever number of ballots it takes in order to come up with a nominee. host: we have calls lined up for you. there is a delay with our guest because she is in colorado so as soon as you get on the line, go ahead with your question or comment. we are starting with lenny on the independent line. go ahead. caller: good morning. with all due respect, i do not recall this happening the last two presidential conventions. reason, you are circumventing the will of the people. of four and by the people is what the convention is. because the establishment republican party is unhappy with
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the way the primary went, there is no need to do so. mind you, ma'am, if this occurs comesther individual forward to be president in the republican convention, you would lose. you would lose a lot of donald trump fans. well, lenny, thank you for your comment. let me remind you that fully 60% of the republicans who cast their ballots during the primaries and caucuses did not cast them for donald trump. so he does not have a majority of the support of those who cast their vote in primaries and caucuses. this is within the process of the republican party. are not doing anything shady behind closed doors. this is in the open. the reason you do not see this happen after the romney candidacy nomination and after -- we are nomination
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not just people who said we are disappointed. i will candidate wasn't nominated and we are try to disrupt things just because we are disappointed. people -- it is fundamental and goes to the core nature of the canada. we do not believe that mr. trump first of all embodies the republican party principles. democrat part of his life and donating heavy to democrat candidates over the years. with lot of other things policy and temperament -- we do not see him as being the republican -- the right person for the republican candidacy and we do feel that even if he was nominated that he would be able to win. so for us, we are operating within the process of the republican party in the open. we are not hiding what we are inviting delegates that we know are concerned.
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we have hundreds of delegates contacting us over the last couple of weeks saying thank you for doing this. i'm glad that somebody has brought this up. how do i get involved. let me commit to you that i will vote by conscience at the convention. host: from west virginia on the republican line. brian is up next. caller: the lady brought up the they didn't have primaries back then. they just sent delegates to a national convention and ironed everything out. today we have primaries to get the will of the base. what this lady is doing is going against the will of the base and being anti-democratic. we have spoken. donald trump. more votes than in the in modern times primaries and that is what the people want. and yougoing against it
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are putting hillary clinton into the white house. you are going against the base. we don't want global's trade policies. we don't want people coming in from terrorist countries. we voted for donald trump and you should follow the will of the people in your party. brian.hanks, i too am concerned about globalist policies. i'm concerned about terrorists coming into our countries. we want a safe country for our kids and grandchildren and for ourselves to live in. we are simply saying that this is the process. we know that we have concerns delegates. if we didn't have enough concern across the country from the republican base. and i'm telling you, this is the republican base behind us -- we are not range radicals. we are very concerned americans and we don't believe that donald trump, even if he is nominated, will be able to beat hillary
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clinton. consider what is going on right now in the campaign with his inability to raise funds? finance, hepaign on reported $1.3 million in his account as opposed to hillary clinton with $42 million on hand. we know that across the states he has done nothing in the last year to build a campaign and you can't, win a general election on rallies alone. you have to have people on the ground. you have to have a plan on the ground to turn out voters. when you combine the lack of fundraising and the lack of planning to actually run a and combineaign that with the problems with his policies and temperament and so forth -- for us, all of those things have come together. it isn't just disappointment
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that our candidates -- and we all have different opinions on the candidates -- it isn't just that our candidate didn't prevail, we fundamentally believe that this one is so wrong for the party and country that we have taken this historic , unusual step to go down this path. , joseph, goew york ahead. caller: then i don't understand the purpose of having a primary. are you doing the same with the superdelegates with the democratic party? are you really for hillary clinton? thedon't want to listen to people speak. maybe that is why donald trump is suing you. guest: well, i can only aspire to be a member of a country club. fully 60% of the people who voted in the primary and caucus did not support donald trump.
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he has a plurality but he does not have a majority. this is simply the process of the republican party. byaries were instituted progressive thought that we needed to open it up. open.rimaries are very it isn't just republicans. there was a story out yesterday that analysis shows that most likely, 12 million democrats republican caucuses last spring. that is not the republican base nominating and speaking for the candidate they choose. that is interference from people outside the party. it is condoned by state governments. that is why we are standing up. the process has been corrupted by state government meddling and state parties allowing people who are not registered with the party to come in and helped choose a canada.
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and we are doing what is right within our own process. host: there is a story that says if you have a chance for delegates to vote their conscience, you would need 300 plus delegates to revolt, so to speak. do you think you have that amount within the total number of delegates? we are very confident that by the time we reached the convention that we will have that number and far greater to revolt. regina thomson is our guest, talking about what might play out at the republican convention in july. let's hear from shelley in florida. on the democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning. -- obviously, but that peopleo is before they decide they want to run for president. that donaldmention trump has been a democrat most of his life.
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the gop republican party did not know this before donald trump sees the nominee? for the gop? that -- you are saying that democrats crossed party lines to vote for this man in? this is not a new thing. saying alls on stage , you guys letnse him get as far as he got and now he is the nominee and you decide to choose that he has been a democrat most of his life. well, thank you for the call. the reality is that the party structure is there to hold open
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before him for candidates who choose to run. at the topnt someone of the party, whether it is the national party or state party or a county party -- we don't want one or two people making the choices as to who can put their name into the mix for the nomination. it is up to the voters and members of the party to then that the candidate. in this instance, the vetting is very public. we know his flaws. we know his history of moving back and forth between the democrat and republican party. we know that he has donated heavily to democrats. he is proud of the fact that he donates to everyone because it gets him what he wants in this business life. so he has been very open with us about the fact that he what we are seeing his anger
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among voters. they do not care about his flaws. i personally care. i think we have to have some assignment in the president of the united states is. i share the anger of many of these voters. i think we have a party in many respects who have lost their way. we feel like we have elected senators, congressmen over the last few years that have told us, we are going to go to washington, we want to bring the country back to the constitutional footing, we want to lower taxes, regulation on business and we trust the people that we collect and that they would do what they said they would, so what we are seeing is a large part that voters are -- and mr. trump is telling them that he will do things differently. i think that most of what he is rhetoric. is much of what he says he will do
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he cannot do and a lot of it he will not do. i do not think he has been honest with the public. we are here, we are the conscience of the party that in many ways we feel has lost their way. we are doing what is allowed within a party structure and we will either succeed or fail. we will find out we get to the convention what it will be. host: sandra from alabama on the independent line is up next. caller: yes, i think this lady represents rhinos in the party. everybodyally making so angry. we voted for donald trump, that is who we want. if she continues -- and they did this at the convention, and they writinga lot of people trump on election day, and we will lose again to hillary clinton, who was really got a temper. if you think there is a temper, that woman through a bible at one of her aides.
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america.tand up for a woman who is the total liar and distrustful, she will take america down. you rhinos are voting for our hillary clinton. [indiscernible] host: miss thompson? my fellow republicans in colorado would laugh at the rhino.that i am of a i am an activist, but i am no means with the establishment and no one would consider me to be so. i can tell you that my estimation is that the amount of conservatives within the republican party, and those theerned about the nominee, amount of those people who will under vote, right in another candidate, will make the under vote -- we have talked about the
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fact that 3 million or so republicans did not vote in 2012 because they would not vote for mr. romney. we saved his evangelical christians who stay at home. the under vote on this nominee will be so much larger than those 3 million people that we estimated did not vote previously. the further effect is going to be that it will affect down ticket candidates. a down ticket candidate is someone on the ballot underneath the lead candidates. the president is at top and everyone else is down ticket. u.s.e concerned that a senators, congressmen and state-level politicians are also going to suffer at the ballot box because of mr. trump at the head of the ticket. we are not doing this lightly. this is not something where we got together and said, we really do not like this guy, let's find someone different.
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this goes to the core of what we believe the republican party is in the quality and character of some of that we need to nominate. host: miss thompson, the conservative columnist george him saying heout is planning on leaving the republican party and it was picked up on the website and it says "he knowledge a little too late for the republican party to find a replace and for trump, but had a message from republican voters. they sure he loses. grit their teeth for four years and with the white house." are those sentiments you share? guest: i certainly did not. if i thought all was lost, i would not be talking to you and did what i am doing. i would be going to other pursuits and say, will is me, but there is time to find another candidate. both the democrat and republican conventions have been moved back from mid-august to september into mid-july.
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we have added at least one month to the general election process. i can tell you that i would isicipate if another nominee elected, then he will probably come from that rank of the other 15 or 16, who were previously running for the nomination. campaign infrastructure in place this last year, able to fund raise, and i don't see the delegates simply picking someone who was not part of the process previously, just picking someone out of the blue that started from zero to raise funds and put the campaign infrastructure in place. on that respect, i believe that mr. will is wrong. we do in fact have the time to choose a candidate at the convention and immediately come out that there with the enthusiasm and the ground force across the country up everyone
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supporting us to get behind that candidate and work on their campaign. time is of the essence, but it is not lost. host: who that candidate be? would you like to see emerge from that group? i am not going to express my personal opinion. i had a candidate i previously supported and i don't know if you would even support the nomination or put his name into the hat, so i am not speculating, but i trust to see the delegates at that second convention come from abroad sector of the republican party. you have those that do more center-right, those more christian conservative, those little bit libertarian in the party, so there is a broad spectrum of delegates. i have confidence that a candidate is going to rise up that is going to be acceptable to the broad spectrum of republicans within this party and that the delegates will do
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the right thing. host: from alabama, independent line, lee. elitistthis arrogant that drives me crazy, ignoring the american people. , these arrogant elitists in the republican party think back to her talking about their infrastructure. how did that work for romney and mccain? it did not work. is isnt elitist, what she a clinton columnist. clinton fifth columnist. they are in bed to see that clinton is elected. she is an arrogant elitist.
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ok, you said that three times so we will let her get her response. guest: [laughter] once again, my fellow republicans would laugh at that notion. i am not an elitist by any stretch of the imagination, and there is again, roughly over 60% of republicans who do not support this candidate and camping of the structure is important. the candidate is not drive the infrastructure. this is how you win elections, it doesn't matter if you are democrat, republican or green party. if you do not have people willing to go out to knock on doors, drive voters to the polls, you cannot win elections. you cannot campaign simply by holding rallies. it is not effective. you might be able to get people up when you go to a primary to cast pallets, but the general
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election is a different picture. host: our guest is the cofounder of free the delegates 2016. -- is the website. you can also tweak them. -- tweet them. our next call from california, democrat line, don, hello. caller: hello, pedro and regina. those callers from alabama are putting her on the spot. they deceive the president campaigned to show that he is still super cool, and trump went is whatand, and this the 1% of globalist elitists will do everything to hold on to
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power. will is such a bonehead and this lady coming around to it this pompous sector ideas, which are ridiculous, this is strictly a vote to get hillary in. anyone that would go to anyone who would violate any servicemen or top secret document and the see the magnitude [indiscernible] company, we have no justice system. i am ashamed to be talking to you, regina. why don't you admit you are getting paid to do it you are doing so you can keep your investments in your overseas backward companies? thank you so much. guest: you know, pedro, if only someone was paying me to do this. to say. know what one of the tragedies of this
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last election cycle has been that because of mr. trump bullying tactics when he talks to other candidates, so forth, it has really brought out the ugliness in many, many voters. we are seeing this across social media, the states. here in colorado when we elected 34 delegates to the rnc convention that were all on the and slaves, we got angry turning rhetoric coming out of trump supporters. slate, we got angry and they turned to rhetoric coming out of trump supporters. i share that anger. i can go down issue by issue by issue and tell you all the things that the government has the wrong, and sometimes complicit involvement of republicans. i get it and i share his anger, but the reality is that i do not
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believe any of the did the folks who are making this happen at the convention. we do not believe that mr. trump is honest in his telling us that thinks he will do. we have seen him flip-flop on issues consistently. integrity of the the candidates, not just choosing someone else. host: what response have you had from the rnc or the committee for the convention or the trunk campaign to this effort? guest: we have not had any anyone attact from the rnc. they have not contacted anyone with the leadership within our movement. what we have seen to some extent is an individual states, where there are party leaders or delegation chairs that are sereatening some of the delegates, saying that if they participate, they will have the credentials pulled up the
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convention. in arizona, we have one woman being told by her state party she even speaks about this publicly -- here we are, republicans at the party that talks about the constitution and adherence to it . we have a party leader telling this woman she cannot exercise of first amendment rights to speak publicly or to the press before she even gets to the convention to cast a vote. that is the kind of pressure we are seen. in some states, you may be a aware yesterday, excuse me, friday, the suit was filed in theinia seeking to nullify state law that mandates that delegates within the republican party and the democrat party cast their ballots according to state law and primary results. are already supreme court decisions that tell the state you cannot do that, so they were
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filed on friday seeking to set that aside and allow the delegates the right to vote. new evidence comes in, new information comes in about candidates. people who cast a vote in february for mr. trump, at the first primaries or caucuses, with the result that he won x number of delegates in the states, new information comes in. he continues as the candidate could do and say things that voters and not happy with within as a candidate, so when delegates get to the convention five months later, they have got to be able to cast their ballot based on new information that has come over the previous that may change their mind as to who is the suitable candidate. this is the process. >> the house is back in session.
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regarding decorum in the house chamber. the chair appreciates that member wills differen matters of policy and will seek to express those differences. but the chair would hope that the business of the house to be conducted in a fashion that respects positively on the dignity and the decorum of this institution to which we all elong. for what purpose does the
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gentleman from kentucky, mr. ogers, seek recognition? pursuant to the order of the house of june 8, 2016, the unfinished business is further consideration of the veto message of the president on house joint resolution 88. the clerk will report the title of the joint resolution. the clerk: house joint resolution 88, expressing sapproval -- [inaudible] the speaker: the question is, will the house pass the joint resolution, the objection of the president to the contrary not withstanding? the gentleman from minnesota, mr. kline, is recognized for one our.
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mr. kline: by voting to override the president's veto. i yield back the balance of my time and move the previous question. the speaker: the gentleman yields back. the question is on ordering the previous question. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. the gentleman from minnesota. a recorded vote is requested. those favoring a recorded vote will rise. a sufficient number having risen, a recorded vote is ordered. members will record their votes y electronic device. pursuant to clause 9 of rule 20, this 15-minute vote on ordering the previous question will be followed by a five-minute vote
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on passing the joint resolution. the objections of the president to the
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-- [applause]
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every and any american who wants to purchase a gun, no matter where or she -- he or she gets it all has to go through a background check. -- orll be able -- a lot remain. coming up to the final question. able to keep the people who we think are too dangerous to board a plane and to fly back home to the district, to come here to washington, d.c., from being
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able to buy a gun. [applause] one of the toughest moments i had after taking the job 3.5 years ago was putting my son to sleep. that question has stayed with me every single day. i want to be worthy of my son, who just heard -- 35 minutes ago. to be worthy of the people that i represent, who put me in the position
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i have to tell you. there has been no moment in 3.5 years that i have been here that i have felt that what i am doing and that what we are doing together is more worthy of that sacrifice that our family members make and is more worthy of the people that we trust. thank you john lewis. thank you colleagues for allowing me to join you here today. to my kids who are at home tonight, hopefully in bed -- i don't know when we will be home. but i know that it is ok. i know that we won't be back anytime soon because if it is no bill -- no break. >> in the predawn hours, the house formally adjourned for the fourth of july recess but the democrats continue to make
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speeches on the floor, streaming most of it using social media. after the sit in and did, some of those involved spoke to the press outside the capital. this is 15 minutes. >> what do you say to the folks on the other side who called it a stunt? is ar someone to say this publicity stunt, it is unfortunate. it reminds me of another time. there were southern governors from georgia, george wallace from alabama. that it was a publicity stunt. and you see something that is not right and not fair and not just, you have to do something about it.
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what kind of message do feel that you have sent? >> i think we have sent a strong message to our colleagues and to the american people around the world. to -- seeing our babies and little children and mothers and people they are going to a club to dance and have fun -- we have to do something about this. what happens when you come back after july 4? continue to sit, to demand action. whether it is on the floor or around america. notre not giving up, we are giving in. we will continue to work. thank you. [indiscernible]
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they seem unanimously opposed to this. why don't they demonstrate that on the floor? the extension of the background checks, it would give a lot more -- that they need more time to adjust to the world? >> and hope that is the case. said, the lincoln public sentiment matters. is there. sentiment it is rapidly changing. and don't stand in the hallways. don't block the door. it is a battle outside. soon shake the times that we are seeing.
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[applause] >> i dropped the mic. the larger strategy that democrats are employing -- not just on this issue. u.s. have been more vocal in general. i think this is a shift in -- our perception of the american people. they are frustrated with politics. we are trying to make washington work again. it is not about politics. i will be here next year. i will hopefully be her after that. for me, this issue is plain. doing the right thing for the american people. many people have died.
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how long do we have to wait until we try to do something to change the picture? we are not asking for the end-all. we know there are many problems out there. but the american people are looking for the congress to demonstrate to them that they understand that something needs to change. that they have to change the law. to address this issue of slaughter in the united states. theooking forward to election and beyond, if hillary clinton was elected president -- does this frustration still exist? how will democrats continue to stand up -- clintonnk one secretary and restart to work on the issues that the american people
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care about, we will see change in washington. hillary clinton nose had work on either side of the aisle to get things accomplished. it will be a whole new day. i expect we will be in the majority, working with the new president, hillary clinton. i look forward to this election. i think we're going to win back the house. >> how tired are you? >> i'm not that tired, considering i haven't slept. havee last 24 hours i eaten to pop charts and had dunkin' donuts. invigorated byly all of this and all the people who were involved. when we got here it was ugly outside with the rain and these people had seen the facebook feed and jumped on a bus. to see if there was a way we could support it.


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