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tv   Nixon 1972 Presidential Acceptance Speech  CSPAN  July 9, 2016 9:16pm-9:59pm EDT

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[chanting] >> thank you. thank you. by agreement we have five , and theresented substitute by trevor houser. >> do we have that? on the screen? you have that. you're going to have to read it. do you want to read it? here. you have it on the screen now? it's on the screen. amendment orondary substitute.
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are we ready? amendment to an amendment number 41, democrats are committed to closing the halliburton loophole that trip to the environmental protection agency of its ability to regulate hydraulic fracturing and ensuring tough safeguards are in place including save drinking water provisions to protect local water supplies. fracturinghydraulic should not take place where states and local communities oppose it. we will reduce methane emissions and transportation by at least 40 by 45% below 2005 levels by 2025 through comments and standards for new and existing sources and repairing and replacing thousands of miles of leaking pipes. this will protect our climate and create thousands of good
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paying jobs. comes to order please -- >> come to order please. >> thank you very much. i'm not going to be as popular. >> it may surprise you to learn of the same most objectives. protecting our climate, protecting children's health. we have a difference of opinion on how to do it. i'm not going to convince everybody in here. i hope you may the courtesy of listening to my case. we are a party of diverse ideas. and we welcome that. it is one of our strengths. the debate today is a strength of our party, not a weakness. i know you are passionate in this. i hope you extent me the
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courtesy of listening to me make my case. i carried you to vote against my substitute amendment. to votedon't i urge you against my substitute amendment. how much time do i have on the clock? five minutes and 50 seconds. 15 seconds. they have five minutes. same view is this per the pollution concerns that you care about, i think we can solve twoe without cutting off thirds of natural gas supply and threatening the likelihood of millions of union households who live in battleground states. ofhave a proud tradition
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using our bedrock environmental laws, the clean air act, the clean water act, safe drinking water act to protect our families and our economy while creating jobs. that is a tradition democrats should cherish. it is under constant attack by the republican party trying to strip the epa of its authorities and prevent us from continuing to do we have done since our bedrock and vermin to laws were put into place. we have the ability to reduce pollution without reducing economic activity. past 30n air act of the years has presented 300,000 premature deaths. it has saved a reduction in iq points in children of 10 million. all with economic benefits that exceed the costs by 40-1.
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, carolve administrators browner, gina mccarthy who has to battle with republican climate deniers, they are putting their next on the line to defend these protections. cheney, the dick former ceo of halliburton, in 2005 convince congress to strip the epa of its authority to regulate hydraulic fracturing through energy policy act. this is preventing us from putting in place the safeguards that we need. it should be a priority to close that loophole. i hope everybody will join with me in that effort. we can actually affectively regulate it. josh mentioned methane. it is critical we go after this. when we had air pollution from steel production our response was not let's ban steel
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production. productionuced the -- pollution from steel production. we have the ability to do the same thing here. at least we should try before throwing millions of union households under the bus. we owed them that. for is why we are calling an amendment to reduce methane emissions from all oil and gas production. methane comes from lots of oil and gas sources. the obama administration made an important start on this with safeguards for natural gas and oil productions. and we tough regulations need a program to replace and repair the thousands of miles of leaking natural gas pipes that are creating safety challenges for our communities and contribute into climate change.
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i believe we have the ability to get this done and hope you will join me in supporting the substitute amendment. thank you. [cheers] [boos] >> we have exhausted the time for debate. no. -- what is that? we are proceeding with a vote on the secondary amendment to amend number 41. we are doing it by machine and clicker. it is on the screen. everyone is ready. agreement, the secondary
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amendment. it is open. [crowd noise] >> 30 seconds. five seconds.
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the secondary amendment passes. next amendment. amendment number 39. line 23. the proposed amendment. come to order. >> hold on. hold on. number 39. introduction. >> now for the good news. this is really good news. i have been fighting side-by-side with communities. we have achieved an incredible moment of unity tonight. on a complements of amendment -- comprehensive amendment to address power plants, keep it in the ground, keystone xl
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standards for the federal government as a climate test. we're going to read it. it is extraordinary. out, thanksed this leadersptraordinary of bernie sanders. when this happened i broke down in tears. it's hard for me not to do that at this moment. this is an unbelievable thing. amendment.ead the ok. , afterposed amendment the word production, we will fight to revise the clean power plan to incentivize renewable power andnd and solar not to encourage the development
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-- >> that is not the unity amendment. the unity amendment is the one we need. >> insert the following. immigrants believe carbon dioxide and other greenhouse toes should be priced reflect the negative externalities and accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy and help meet our climate goals. democrats believe i'm a change is too important to wait for climate deniers and defeatists to start listening to science and support using every tool available to reduce omissions. on page 19, insert the following. permitting toline new transition to get low-cost
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energy to market. we support the decision to reject the keystone xl pipeline. , we musttinue working ensure federal actions don't significantly exacerbate global warming. we support an approach that ensures all federal decisions contribute to solving, not exacerbating climate change. we must be reflected in the infrastructure investments we make. we need to make our existing infrastructure safer and cleaner and build a new infrastructure necessary to power our clean energy future and create good paying jobs that cannot be outsourced. democrats support clean energy
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infrastructure and join a union weather in renewable power or advanced vehicle manufacturing area during the clean energy transition we will ensure landowners, communities of color are at the table. >> one minute. just a second. mr. fox. let's agree where we are going from here. 39 in favorrawing of this. >> each side will speak for five minutes. >> this is what happens when you organize. when you never say die. unlike anything that has happened in our history. we are coming together on some aspects of this movement. the anti-fracking movement. let the people behind me speak to the rest of that.
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our communities will be at the table when these decisions are made. any >> we will favor renewable energy. that is a huge victory for people, organizing, for our movement. i want to say thank you one more time to this extraordinary leadership of bernie sanders. --came together and one this won this. thank you. >> can we get seconds on this replacement? now we will start our presentation. fox am happy to join josh in supporting this amendment.
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is a testament to secretary clinton's commitment to this issue that started from her first day as secretary of state. she show the rest of the world that climate change would be one of her top priorities. to her commitment to make america clean energy superpower and create good playing -- paying, union jobs. that is the commitment she holds dear and i am happy to see the democratic party you 19 around that and start contrast to the republican party, which has feared into a ditch on this topic, whose current standardbearer things climate change is a chinese hoax. i am happy to stand with the sanders campaign manager supporting this amendment. [applause] we are showing courage to
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acknowledges platform not once, but tries. on america to lead a world war ii type emergency response. andegin to include policies our platform that reflects the crisis is something we should be proud of. to the younger generation, thank you for leading the way. [applause] , tirelessremarkable activist who never rest, thank you. here, the of you political revolution continues. [applause] >> excuse me. can you identify yourself just for the record? >> russell green, california, standing for the future. >> thank you. as you speak, which you identify yourself for the record? i find this moment
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remarkable. i have been working with carol browner for this moment. , to is a remarkable moment come to a point where being a floridian, i have a governor who won't even allow us to mention the words climate change without getting fired in state government, to a party, to watching presidential debates were climate change was not mentioned, to watching our party take this on full throttle together. congratulations to you all. [applause] >> the genius of the campaign led by my dear brother bernie highlight of a
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moral and spiritual awakening in a democracy owing its decline to big money. we must both applaud the coming together, but at the same time we have got to keep the focus on the gap between declaration and execution. [applause] thing to beeautiful able to come together and put it , but i want to see the practice. matter exactly why no how much noise you make, it is not about the noise. it is about your integrity, honesty, longevity, and what that means then is that we still have to have an inside-outside strategy, a movement in the streets willing to go to jail, then we bring the pressure down
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on the inside to create space for those of us who are elected with integrity to respond. that is how you keep democracy alive. [applause] >> thank you very much. i am really honored to speak before you. member of the tribe. i am standing in support of this amendment. i am working closely with my sister deborah parker, but i am here with the hillary campaign and i just want to say that we will being unity, standing up against some people that really, really don't care about our water at all, and we need to stand together because at the end of theay, if were not taking care of the land like my ancestors taught me to, then we are not going to be able to
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do anything for our grandchildren. this is now. this is an tomorrow or the next day. it is now. we have an obligation to our people on the reservations because we have been leaving them out of this vision on pipelines and we have to be more serious and deliberate about those conversations, but not just us, all communities of color. i stand with this to amendment because it is representative of what my people are fighting for .ight now isant to say that this exactly what this will conversation is about, this whole coming together, because were not going to have it tomorrow and less we come together, and i am tired of trying to explain that we can live without money and we can live without oil, but we can't live without water. [applause]
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>> good afternoon. my name is deborah parker and i am a member of the tribe. we are located in the state of washington, and i would also like to support this amendment and thank those who came together, because it was going to get very intense tonight , soout the coming together i am appreciative of all of us working together, and that is what america is about. i would like to take my time to the most progressive language the democratic party has seen to date, so thank you. we are committed to principles of environmental justice in indian country and recognize that nature and all its lifeforms have the right to
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exist, persistent, maintain, and regenerate its vital cycles. we call for climate change policy that protects tribal resources, protects tribal health, and provides accountability through accessible, culturally appropriate participation and strong enforcement. our climate change policy will cut carbon emissions, address poverty, invest and does it vantage communities, and improve both air quality and public health. when, solar, and other clean energy jobs. therefore we support this motion and we support the very teachings of our indigenous people, that water is sacred. this land is sacred. thank you. thank you. [applause] >> thank you.
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fill rock from california, part of the hillary delegation. theng from california, state that has shown extraordinary leadership on the climate change issue, i know how important it is to acknowledge the threat of climate change, to set aggressive goals and to come together around solutions that will help us achieve our goals and preserve our planet for our children, and it is one of the reasons i am supporting hillary clinton, because she shares these views. [applause] this amendment to a platform that party sets the most aggressive and important climate change goals of any democratic , now not onlyt sets these common goals but also brings us together in a unified way in achieving them. the that reason, i urge in support of this measure. thank you very much. [applause] hope that our brothers
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and sisters in the media are taking note of this moment. we are standing together as democrats. we are standing together as union members and environment of justice organizers. we are standing together as parents who are concerned about their children's future, grandparents concerned about their grandchild's future. we are putting forward the most forward thinking platform statement on the environment that either party has ever produced. [applause] sister grateful to my carol browner for all she did today to help us get this done. [applause] >> and to all the union leaders
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who dug down deep to help us get this done. am grateful to josh fox, my, he is inspiring. [applause] >> and i am grateful to phil mckibben and [applause] >> and i am grateful to jane too. put as a man who helped president in the white house and help to hold the president to the highest ideals on keystone. it is part of why this is able to get done, because we as democrats cannot stand here like some in countries around the world and say not only will we aspire to do the right thing on the environment, but he will hold ourselves accountable to
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getting it done. that is how we save the future for our children as elijah cummings told us, we have already borrowed the world for them for a moment. now let us go forward. let us put an office a president who can actually deliver on this , and let's make sure she does. god bless. [applause] >> so, for this moment i speak as a grandmother, as a teacher, patriot,er, as a proud
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and as a proud delegate in support of hillary clinton. [applause] and i have the honor of being the final speaker here, and i am not going to repeat what my brothers and sisters have just said, that this is a moment that ikfds, tt bo dreams and does. believes, not only but has the moxie, asy grandmother would have said, the common sense know how about how to get things done, about how to make sure that we can reach common ground so that we protect
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the environment for our children and grandchildren and ensure we have the best engine of economic growth for a middle-class that any nation in this world has, and that is what this substitute does. but i'm going to ask all of us this, just like my brother ben did, which is with this passion that we have for both a for rebuilding our infrastructure, for protecting our environment, as the night grows to the end, we need to take this passion, not just to to vote foron, but hillary clinton this november to make this amendment and substitute a reality. thank you. [applause] >> are we ready for the vote?
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indicate by acclamation and your cards. all in favor. all in favor. bernie, bernie, bernie. >> all in favor. all opposed. it is unanimous. unity motion passes unanimously. thank you. we are ready to vote. you ready to vote? are we ready to vote? all in favor indicate with your cards. all opposed? have it unanimously. congratulations. [applause]
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motion.ext >> amendment number 53 has been withdrawn. amendment number 55 has been withdrawn. an amendment number 74 has been withdrawn. amendment number 103 has been withdrawn. amendment number 105 has been withdrawn. amendment number 111 has been withdrawn. >> one moment please. >> amendment 115 sponsored by mark, page 19, line 42, the proposed amendment is for this section to read as follows, resilient economic future, at the same time we will oppose threats to the public health of communities from harmful and dangerous extraction practices -- can we quiet down a little bit. thank you.
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will the sponsor please come forward? you have one minute. >> thank you. imr from washington, d.c. thank you for your time. often when we think about environmental justice, we think about urban communities, minorities, low income, we often don't about what is happening and other parts of our country, and that includes parts where poor people live in appalachia, where people are suffering from mountaintop removal mining. you heard me right. even the purveyors don't try to fake it with a different name. they don't call it mountaintop scooping. coal it is a practice where they kill the top of a mountain, kill all the trees, take all the dirt off of it, and then a packet with dynamite and they blow up the top of the mountain, two football fields deep into the mountain, and they take that
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rubble, put it into the valley, poison the rivers, and they poison and they cause birth defects. i have behind me to communities that are representative and affected. for second -- 15 for second could do have people standing in opposition to this? it is a unity of amendment, but i gather you want a few minutes to discuss it. let me make it one minute each. >> hello. my name is laura -- >> they have the right to do it. go right ahead. >> ok. my name is laura from the commonwealth of virginia.
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amendmentauthor of 53, which i withdrew so that i might join with my brother mark to support his amendment. me, one minute please. over in the corner, can we take it down a little bit? thank you. >> i wanted to add my comments to brother marks. mountaintop removal is intended to sustain short-term access to call. the impact of this extraction method has had devastating impacts on the environment, many reversible. and on the health of workers and citizens of neighboring communities. we will fight mountaintop removal coal mining and create millions of good paying jobs by fundamentally transporting our energy system away from fossil feels and towards a sustainable energy like wind, solar, and geothermal. [applause] >> thank you. identify yourself. >> i will try to speak fast.
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from the day i was forced foreign was the day president .bama took office kentucky republicans like mitch mcconnell and rand paul likely in says that is all president obama's fault, that he went back in space and time to the decline of the industry, but the real blame relies on mountaintop removal. it allowed them to replace the majority of their workforce with heavy equipment. removal has mountaintop cost thousands of kentuckians their jobs, but has made contributions to our status as one of the unhealthiest states in the union. health disparities exist in the coal mining regions of appellation compared with other parts of the region and nation, including elevated death rates. the people who live close to mountaintop removal sites are dying sooner than they should. birth defects or higher. this is due not just to toxic chemicals that permeate groundwater, including mercury, lead, arsenic, and plenty of
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things most of us could not pronounce, but the air around the site is of the dirty's in the nation and beautiful natural kentucky has the highest rates of lung cancer in the nation with epidemic rates of respiratoryisease and heart failure. company can't turn a profit without killing your own workers, that is bad enough assuming those workers know what they're getting into, but if your business cannot survive without poisoning children's drinking water, without making your neighbor sick, without lowering your entire's communities life expectancy, then you have no business being in business. it is past time for us to insist that the health and safety of our citizens are a higher priority than any single industries profit margin. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. two minutes and 30 seconds. >> sabrina from west virginia. i am grateful to be on the team. in a county where people on average are dying younger than most of the rest of the country. we have lost family members and
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friends before their time on this earth was up for many reasons. my best friends mom fell over dead right before my 32nd birthday and april. it was due to poisonous toxins. our birth plans have been flooded repeatedly. and god-given resources have been exploited. in 2001, my grandmother 65 years old lived in her car for a year due to her home getting flooded. she struggles daily with various health issues and limited income, even though my grandfather was a coal miner. she has done her very best to be a successful businesswoman. i love you. last month, west virginia was flooded in several counties 30 fight -- 35 feet high in some places. down thee carried river, some caught on fire because of natural gas, hundreds of homes destroyed, many businesses gone, many roads no longer exist, and 23 people died. we have displaced communities.
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we need systems put into place to protect our people, their homes, environment. we are grateful for -- >> one minute. >> my life has been so hard dealing with these problems. i don't even have kids yet. it is time we get rewarded for working so hard to keep the lights on in america. safe jobs in a living wage and to get adequate funding for education and retraining so that appalachians and other coal mining communities can live longer lives and economically make progress together. thank you bernie sanders for appalachia was included in this. >> thank you. thank you. [applause]
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[applause] [cheers] [applause] >> are we ready to vote? indicate by your card. favor show your hand with your card. all opposed. have it, unanimously passed. thank you very much. our next amendment. >> amendment 116 has been withdrawn. amendment 118 has been withdrawn. amendment 150 has been withdrawn. a minute 171 has been withdrawn. and minute 176 sponsored by mark on page 19, line 37, the
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proposed amendment is to have the section read as follows, democrats believe that we must make it a national priority to eradicate lead poisoning, which this proportionally impacts low income children and children of color and can lead to lifelong health and educational challenges as a public health threat. we will prioritize hiring and training workers from affected communities to clean up toxic fields and expand clean energy, energy efficiency, and resilient infrastructure. >> thank you. with the sponsor like to speak? >> thank you. we all know what was done to the , michigan.lint know that their drinking water was poison for nearly two years while the state ignore their complaints. but lead poisoning is a national
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issue. an estimated 500,000 children have lead poisoning, countless more exposed to lead paint, dust, soil, and piping fixtures usually in older homes. they are disproportionate low income children and children of color. there is no safe lead blood level in children, and the lifelong negative health and educational consequences of blood poisoning are well known and well documented. but we have the tools and solutions to mitigate lead in paint, soil, and pipes. communities like baltimore who have prioritize reducing lead exposure have seen incredible results. cases of childhood lead poisoning in maryland have dropped 90% in the last 20 years. >> your time is up. your one minute is up. >> thank you. >> seconds. you have seconds? would you like to speak in favor? take the time? >> iowa. thank you.
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lead of childhood poisoning trap 90% in maryland. we now need a national effort to eradicate lead as a health threat. we go into our kids to get this done. if you want the plat form testimony, barbara carr from -- testifiedford on behalf of her family and community and how her fight for higher wages for seniors, for people with disabilities, to have the support they need to live with dignity, racial justice, and water that is not poisoned, are all connected. proud this platform includes the strongest language this party has ever had condemning environmental racism and i am plowed to support this amendment, which will make it even stronger. >> thank you. anyone else to speak in favor? opposition? are we ready for the vote? all indicate with the sign of your card if you are in favor. oppose?
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the ayes have it unanimously. next amendment. been withnt 179 has john. a minute 181 has been withdrawn. a minute when 82 has been withdrawn. amendment 183 sponsored by jeff , theon page 20, line 15 proposed amendment is at this section read as follows, democrats will work to expand the amount of renewable energy production on federal lands and waters tenfold within the next 10 years, from wind and wyoming to solar in nevada. >> thank you. it's somebody prepared is be to this amendment? >> thank you, madam chairman. my name is jeff hess. again, from idaho. i have been working


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