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tv   Republican National Convention  CSPAN  July 19, 2016 7:30pm-9:31pm EDT

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please accept this message and give to the next president of the united states, donald j. trump, that in november, donald j. trump will get the highest percentage vote in the state of utah. we are always republican, now, today, and forever. [cheers and applause] >> according to the votes of the great state of utah we cast all won our senator who state, senator ted cruz.
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>> purr supet to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, utah, 40 votes, trump. ms. hudson: vermont, 16 delegates with the following delegates. eight, trump. >> thank you, madam secretary. we are proud in vermont to claim you as one of our own. from the great state of vermont home of the 30th president of the united states was nominated in cleveland in 1924 with his running mate from ohio, charles dodge from marietta, ohio, one of calvin coolidge's many votes don't expect to going down the week by pulling down the strong.
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one vote for john kasich. two votes for rand paul and 13 votes for donald j. trump. [applause] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules convention, one vote kasich, two votes paul. ms. hudson, virginia, 49 delegates. 17 trump, eight cruz, 16 rubio.
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five kasich. three carson. >> na mass te, mr. chairman. - namaste, mr. chairman. digital, grown into the dominion. virginia is truly about opportunities. i'm the delegate from virginia. and i'm proud to report that the republican primary in virginia, our delegation cast the following votes. three votes for dr. ben carson.
7:34 pm for eight votes for senator tezz cruz. 16 votes for senator marco rubio. 17 votes for our next president of the united states of america, .r. donald j. trump cheers and applause] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, virginia, 17
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votes. trump, eight votes, cruz. 16 votes, rubio. five votes, kasich. and three votes carson. ms. hudson: washington, 44 delegates to the following bound delegates. 44, trump. >> madam secretary, from the great state of washington, the ever green state, we are standing tall. our beautiful state of volcanos, the mighty columbia river, vast wheat fields, and yes, often the national christmas tree, also the proud home of the boeing airplane company celebrating its 100th anniversary this month, builders of the greatest jet in the world, we are named after the first president of the united states.
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and we are proud now to nominate for the 45th president of the united states, 44 votes for donald j. trump. cheers and applause] >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, washington, 44 votes, trump. delegates. inia, 34 >> madam secretary, i proudly hold up a coal miner's hat from an industry that's been pillaged from this administration. it's been devastating what has happened all across the country. as the son and grandson of coal miners as a proud son of west
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virginia, my state has paid a heavy price under this administration. tens of thousands of coal miners across this country have lost their jobs over the past seven and a half years. it's time we change course with a man named donald j. trump. [applause] this campaign is personal to us. donald j. trump is truly an instrument of hope for so many people across this great country who have lost hope. it's my honor to introduce another grandson of coal miners, another favorite son of this great state. john racy for the tally. >> thank you very much. let's get ready to rumble. we're going to take on some people. i want to tell you that we are the first state in the united states in this auditorium to recognize melania trump as the
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next first lady of the united states. [applause] a lot better than bill clinton, that other spouse, i can tell ou that. we are the greatest golfer in the history of golf mr. sam sneed. the greatest pro football player, mr. sam huff and we are he home of the mighty mountain er, er. we are a state that's going put 34 delegates behind mr. donald trump. clean slate. let's go get 'em. [applause] >> pursuant to the delegation and the rules of this convention, west virginia, 34 votes, trump.
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>> wisconsin, 42 delegates to the following delegates. 36 cruz. >> madam secretary, my name is brad courtney chairman of the republican party of wisconsin. the great state of wisconsin home to r.n.c. chair rines pre preibus and paul ryan. i would like to introduce you the only governor to win a recall election, america's governor, scott walker! cheers and applause] the birthplace of the republican party, the home of the 13-time world champion green bay packers and the home of the greatest motorcycles in the world, harley-davidson, pursuant to our rules cast 36 votes for ted cruz
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and six votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. [applause] pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, six votes trump, 36 votes, cruz. >> wyoming, 29 delegates for the following bound delegates. one, trump, 23, cruz, one, rubio. >> madam secretary, mr. chairman, from the great state of wyoming home of reagan conservatives, rugged individualism, the majestic teatons and a leading producer of low sulfur coal, we are an energy titan.
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[cheers and applause] super red state, a republican governor, all five statewide elected republicans -- a republican majority in our state legislator and a republican governor and a republican delegation. we have a balanced budget. we have a $1.6 billion surplus. and we have no corporate and no individual income tax. we support state's rights, religious liberty, the second endment, and law enforcement officers across this great nation. wyoming proudly casts its vote as follows.
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one vote for senator marco rubio . two votes for governor john kasich. and for an individual who we came to know and love as one of our own, 23 votes from the great senator from the state of texas, ed cruz. and -- and now, for someone we've come to know and have come to support and will throw our support behind against hillary clinton, the next president of the united states, three votes for mr. donald trump. [applause] >> pursuant to the announcement
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of the delegation and the rules of this convention, wyoming three votes, trump. 23 votes, cruz. one vote, rubio. nd two votes kasich. ms. hudson: michigan, 59 delegates to the following bound delegates. >> madam secretary, my name is rana romney mcdaniels, chairman of the michigan republican party. michigan is america's tomkat state, the great state and birthplace of the republican party. we are so committed to turning our state red and winning the presidency that we are willing to wear ohio state colors. [applause] just for today. we are the home of president gerald r. ford, the home of the late and extremely great mr. hockey gordy howell from motown
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from the u.p. to the big three, we proudly cast two votes for john kasich, six votes if ted cruz and 51 votes for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump! >> go trump! go trump! [crowd chanting "trump"] >> pursuant to the announcement of to tell gation and the rules of this convention, michigan, 51 votes, trump. two votes, kasich. six votes, cruz. ms. hudson: pennsylvania, 71 delegates for the following
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bound delegates, 17, trump. >> pennsylvania, the home of republican senator pat tomby, he home of 13 republican congressmen the state that will decide the 20 electoral votes on november 8. cast one vote for ted cruz and 70 for the next president of the united states, donald! trump. [crowd chanting "trump"] >> pursuant to the announcement
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of the delegation and the rules of this convention, pennsylvania, 70 votes trump, ne vote, cruz. >> ladies and gentlemen, speaker paul ryan. > hey, guys.
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crowd chanting "u.s.a."] >> i'm just waiting. ey, man.
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>> does any state wish to cast ts vote or to change its vote? gentleman shall take place at is microphone. >> mr. chairman -- >> for what purpose does the gentleman seek recognition. >> to contest the vote that alaska cast as it was recorded by the secretary. it was misrecorded by the secretary. we cast 12 votes for senator ted cruz, 11 votes for donald trump
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and five votes for marco rubio. that was pursuant to the state of alaska rules for our party. 100% of our delegation agrees that that is the proper vote. we were never notified of anything different by the r.n.c. we were never consultant. our national committee or our attorney was consultant. we were never told that you were going to miscount our votes tonight. >> the gentleman will suspend -- is the gentleman requesting a poll of the delegation of alaska? >> yes, i'm requesting a poll of the delegation of alaska and that those votes be accurately recorded in this convention. >> a delegate has taken exception to the correctness of the vote for the delegation from alaska. accordingly the convention staff will report to the delegation to
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upervise the poll. [crowd chanting "we want trump"]
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> that didn't work well. ladies and gentlemen -- ladies and gentlemen, the chair will yield to the chairman of the republican committee for the purpose of explaining the rules. >> all right. well, this is a rule that affects only about four states. first of all, all the states are bound by 1682 and the secretary is required to read the bound vote. and so that's why in a few states there was a difference.
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in this particular case, the state rules under the 16 s filing says that the candidates that are submitted under the -- that run in the election, if they drop out, the bound vote gets reallocated to the only candidate left that's running. so you understand? so under the rule, he is correct that that is how alaska originally voted. however, since there was only one candidate left running, the bound vote gets shifted under the safe party rule and that's why the secretary read it that way. so that's how the rules are interpreted. i hope you saw it tonight that we allowed for other votes of other candidates that were running to be read. i know that was different than tampa. and i hope that y'all appreciated that. event, ven, -- in any
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have a great night. >> pursuant to rule 37 b and the chair's earlier announcement the vote for alaska should be recorded as 28 votes trump. this is delivered to the secretary but is necessary to reflect the presidential preference vote or the recollection of delegates as required under the rules. the chair is -- the chair is prepared to announce the results . the following candidates receive the following votes. 1,725, trump. [cheers and applause] 475, cruz. [cheers and applause] 120, kasich. [cheers] 114, rubio. seven, carson.
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three, bush. two, paul. accordingly, the chair announces that donald j. trump having received a majority of these votes entitled to be cast at the convention has been selected as a republican party nominee for president of the united states. cheers and applause] >> the chairs please to appoint the following to serve as escort committee for donald j. trump.
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ivanka trump, donald trump jr., eric trump, tiffany trump, baron trump. >> ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the majority leader of the united states senate, the honorable, ms. mcconnell of kentucky. >> ladies and gentlemen, it is now time to determine our nominee for vice president of the united states. the chair states that in compliance with rule 40-b, the chair has been -- has been furnished with evidence that a majority of the delegates from each of eight or more states who
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support the candidate will be presented for the nomination of vice president of the united states. the chair would like to remind delegates of the provisions of provide in40-a which part if there's only one candidate for nomination for vice president of the united states who has demonstrated the support required by paragraph b of this rule, a motion to nominate for such office by aically mationsbhal in order and no calling of the role with respect to such office shall be required. at this time, the chair states that he has been furnished with evidence that there's only one candidate for nomination for the office of vice president who has demonstrated the support required under rule 40-b of the rules of the convention. delegates and alternates, the chair recognizes and is pleased o introduce the honorable eric
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holcolm the lot governor from the state of indiana. et's give hame warm welcome. >> mr. chairman, delegates and guest of the 2016 republican national convention, tonight, i have the high honor of playing into nomination the name of a man i have known for decades, and a man america is just getting to know. i already know his head. i already know where his heart is. in indiana, some know mike pence as congressman. others know him as governor. but back home most call him
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ike. as you just heard, i serve as mike's lieutenant governor. he and karen are two of my dearest friends. together we stood side by side as our state has shown the world how common sense, conservative leadership can balance budgets while at the same time cutting taxes every single year he's een in office. and while at the same time making record investmenting in education and increasing our children's test scores. in indiana, under mike pence, more hoosiers are working now than in any time in our 200-year history. and our text sector is experiencing explosive record
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growth. in indiana, mike pence doesn't just cut red tape, he eliminates it. and that is one reason -- one reason why indiana is recognized as having the best business climate in the midwest and the fifth best business climate in america. it is exactly that type of leadership our country is lacking and exactly the type of leadership americans will send to the white house this fall with donald trump and mike pence. these two leaders are not just prepared to win. they are prepared to govern. mike likes to say that indiana is a state that works. and tonight america is calling on him to expand that success to
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make america work again. mr. chairman -- mr. chairman, on behalf of the great state of indiana, i proudly nominate a great man of integrity, a proven conservative, an incredible husband and father, and one of my best friends, i nominate the great governor of indiana, mike pence as the republican party's 2016 candidate for vice president of the united states of america! thank you. thank you. [applause]
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>> delegates an alternates, pursuant to rule 40, a motion to gnome no, ma'am nate by aically mation is in order. the chair recognizes our good friend from indiana, senator dan cotes. >> mr. chairman, it is a great honor to move that michael r. pence from the state of indiana be nom -- nominated by aically mation by this republican national convention as its candidate for the office of vice president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> without objection the previous question is ordered. the question is on the motion that the automobile -- michael r pence be nominated by aically mation. all those in favor signify by saying aye.
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>> those opposed no. and in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it and the motion is without objection. delegates and alternates, ladies and gentlemen, i'm proud to announce that governor michael pence has been -- has the overwhelming the support of this convention to be the next vice resident of the united states. "mike"] anting >> the chair apoints michael pence, charlotte pence, and udrey pence.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, delegates and alternates, please give a warm welcome for speaker yan. speaker ryan: pursuant to rule 40-d of the rules of the republican party, i formerly declare donald j. trump and michael r. pence the republican nominees for president and vice president of these united states . cheers and applause]
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>> please welcome the national ommittee man of vermont. >> i am a catholic. i am pro-life. i fight for religious freedom. i am a republican. and by the grace of god, i'm an american. so let us pray. thank you, oh, lord for the gifts that you provide us. not just because we deserve them but solely by your grace and mercy. we pray in thanksgiving for members of our armed service and to their family who is sacrifice greatly who ensure our freedom that we so often take for granted so that we continue -- can continue to live in the land of the free. we'll be forever grateful that you have blessed this nation of
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men and women that stand on the front lines of law enforcement every day. we are thankful for those who continue to fight for religious freedom. you have chosen us, oh, lord, as we gather here today to make a difference in the world. to di hat you guide us certain what difference we can make to recognize what is right and what is wrong. we ask for the courage and conviction to do what's right in the face of any adversity. most of all, help us recognize that we are here through the mercy and grace of you our creator and as americans we are blessed and should be thankful for the gifts you have given to us. in the name of the father, the son, and holy spirit, amen. >> delegates and alternates, please welcome co-chairman of the republican national committee, darren day.
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>> good evening. good evening and what an honor it is to be with all of you this evening and especially to be ere in cleveland especially as we nominate the individual that will make america great again, donald j. trump. as i look around this room at the different del combations, i understand the responsibilities each of us have. we need ohio, we need pennsylvania. we need my home state of florida. and we need wisconsin. we need each and every state to deliver and make sure that on election day that we are going to save america. because just consider for a minute what would america look like with a hillary clinton as president.
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our military would have a commander in chief who has already lied to the families of american soldiers on how and why they died in benghazi. people who create jobs will continue to be punished. our small businesses would suffer and industries will be destroyed as fellow americans all across this country continue to lose their jobs. honesty, integrity and ethics, they would now be taught in history class because if crooked hillary is elected, that's what would happen to the values of this country. they would become history. hillary clinton wants you to vote for her simply because she says that she will make history. well, mrs. clinton, we don't call that history. we call that hypocrisy. she repeatedly plays the gender
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card. in fact, she boasts deal me in. well, mrs. clinton, consider yourself dealt in. because as a senator, you paid women less than the men in your office. as secretary of state you lied to the mothers, the daughters and the sisters of men who gave their life for our country in combat. as head of the foundation you accepted tens of millions of dollars from foreign country who is enslave women and who treat them as second class citizens. >> as a mother and as a grandmother, you have no problem supporting policies that terminate the life of the unborn. and as first lady, you viciously attack the character of women who are sexually abused at the hands of your husband. now, don't get me wrong, i want
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to see a woman be president one day. i want my granddaughters to see a woman as president one day. but i stand before you, not that woman, not hillary clinton. ot today, not now, not ever! because america -- america deserves to have a president they can trust. they deserve a president that is worthy of being a commander in chief. we deserve a president who tells the truth, a president who doesn't look at the clamors and directly lies about our fallen soldiers. there's no question that donald j. trump would be better and is better for my children, for my grandchildren. and for this great country than hillary clinton could ever be. as a sig citizen, our founding fathers expected to be, let's join together in the fight to save our country for the next
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generation. let's stand together as the daughters and the sons of dibly and leapt's fight the oppressive government of hillary clinton by electing donald j. trump. god bless. god bless our proud military men, women and their families. may god bless each of you. and may god always bless this our special place we call our home. god speed on our journey together. let's make history! thank you. . god bless! thank you. >> please join me in welcoming american businessman and president of the ultimate ghting championship nick marselar's organization, dana white. dana white: what's up, g.o.p.? my name is dana white. i'm the president of the
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ultimate fighting championship. thank you. i'm sure most of you are wondering, what are you i am not a politician, i am a fight promoter. but i am honored to be here tonight. i wanted to show up and tell you about my friend, donald trump. the donald trump that i know. in 2001, my partners and i bought ufc. it was considered a bloodsport. the state athletic commission did not support us. arenas refused to host our events. nobody took us seriously, nobody. except donald trump. [applause] thatd was the first guy recognized the potential that we saw in the ufc and encouraged us to build our business. the hosted our first 2 events at his venue, don't with us personally, got in the trenches,
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and made a deal that worked for everyone. on top of that, he showed up for the fight on saturday night and sat in the front row. yeah. he is that guy that shows up. donald championed the ufc before it was popular, before it grew into a successful business. and i will always be grateful, so grateful to him for standing with us in those early days. tonight i stand with donald trump. [applause] let me tell you three things that i respect about this man. first, donald had great business instincts. he supports businesses of all sizes. he will make it possible for them to grow and succeed, which is the backbone of a strong economy. second, donald is a hard worker. he will work with people.
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he will put in the time to get things done. third, for over 15 years, donald trump has been a loyal and supportive friend. i know that if i needed donald, he would be there for me just like you was when i first met him. these one of those guys that sometimes he will call me and say, good luck with the fight tonight, i will be watching. and he always reaches out to me when something has happened in my career. back in 2011 we signed a huge network tv deal with fox. they did a big right up in the new york times. donald wrote on the front of the paper "congratulations dana, i always knew you were going to do it." donald has nothing to do with my business. his interest in my business is personal. in my opinion, you can tell a person's true character when they are happy for someone
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else's success. [applause] i think that sense of loyalty and commitment will translate into how he will run this country. we need someone who believes, is proud of, and will fight for this country. [applause] i have been in the fight business my whole life. i know fighters. ladies and roman, donald trump is a fighter, and i know he will fight for this country. [applause] thank you very much. have a great. -- a great evening. >> give a warm welcome to arkansas governor asa hutchinson. ♪ gov. hutchinson: by hail from
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the great state of arkansas. from personal experience that we don't need hillary clinton in the white house. [applause] arena been in the public during the administration of six presidents, from federal prosecutor under president dea,n, to congress, the then homeland security after 9/11. i have seen america at its best. i have seen america put to the test. there has never been a more urgent time for leadership. america's strength and boldness are desperately needed on the world stage. a new energy is demanded at home to build our economy and defeat terrorism. strength, boldness, and a new energy are not words that describe hillary clinton.
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[applause] this is the same hillary we knew in arkansas and later in washington for so many years. hillary always wanted more government. her dreams have only gotten bigger. regretfully she offers more of the same. the same uncertain leadership in fighting terrorism. the same unfilled top-down approach to health care. where washington tells the states what to do. the same many state regulations that strangled the economic strength of america. years,liked the last 8 then hillary will give you double for your trouble. good things are happening in the state. in arkansas we are creating jobs and leaving in computer science education.
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lowest innt is the the recorded history of arkansas. surplus.177 million we can do better for our country at the national level. need a president that values the role of the states, will destroy isis, and jumpstart our economy. on the pain trail, hillary clinton emphasized her experience. s, experience matters, but judgment matters more. despite her experience, hillary clinton's poor decisions have results.that -- bad results. it. think about hillary clinton's radical attempts at so-called reform of
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the nation's health care system would have been more destructive than even obamacare has been. judgment,inton's bad usyou heard last night, left four dead americans in benghazi. instability in egypt, syria and egypt, the rise of. isis ,nd in bold and north korea inappropriate ties between foreign governments and the clinton foundation, and a more dangerous world. when it comes to begin commander-in-chief, we don't want a president who, in the words of the fbi, is extremely careless in the handling of classified material. [applause] represents a different kind of leadership.
8:38 pm
he is exactly the kind of transparent, straight talking leader america needs right now. a hillary clinton residency will endanger our national security. it will be the wrong direction economy and will undermine innovation from the straits. a trump presidency will be about the art of the possible. donald trump is the right leader for our time. mike pence is the right leader for our time. america., god bless [applause] attorney welcome the general of arkansas, leslie rutledge. [applause]
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rutledge: good evening. sometimes hillary clinton speaks with a new york accent. sometimes an arkansas accent. a realll, this is what arkansas woman sounds like. hillary may not know where she is from, but arkansans know exactly who she is. akrkansans know who i am, married to a road crop farmer. christian pro-life gun carrying conservative woman. [applause] and i am the first female and first republican elected attorney general of arkansas. [applause] the very same office bill clinton held when those two
8:40 pm
launched their careers of corruption. hillary says when they left the white house, they were poor. isle they made millions, she still poor in all the ways that really count. policy, andt, poor poor decisions. hillary is a lawyer, but she actually the law doesn't apply to her. absolutely no good could have come in from merging her public service with her private interests. much less her private server. what we know about her scnadals is bad. what we don't know maybe worse. why did bills speaking fees skyrocket as soon as she became secretary of state?
8:41 pm
why did a donor to the clinton foundation received favorable treatment from the state department? deception and dishonesty are all second interview hillary/ . as my daddy likes to say, hillary will light even when the truth would serve her better. [applause] i broke a glass ceiling. i know the importance of doing so. but a historical milestone need not come at the expense of america. [applause] unlike hillary, donald trump knows that women and men are not single issue voters. we care about jobs, the economy, and national security. i know this race will shake the supreme court for generations.
8:42 pm
do we want to delete antonin scalia to be replaced by a liberal activist judge? nominateump will conservative justices who will uphold the constitution, support the rule of law, and rain and out of control federal bureaucrats. [applause] frankly, hillary needs to go to her own house and not the white house. and she can take ruth bader ginsburg with her. [applause] my fellow americans, it's time to update your resumes. donald trump is growing jobs. with a trump presidency, america will be closed to overregulation and open for business.
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god bless each and everyone of you and god bless america. thank you. [applause] >> please welcome former u.s. attorney general michael b cakey-- [applause] >> you know, over the years hillary clinton has done a lot of things and said a lot of things to show why she should not be president of the united states. but how she treated and what she did with government secrets when she was secretary of state and
8:44 pm
what she said about what you did both before and after she got exquisitely sums up the case against her presidency. she sent and received secret and top-secret and beyond top-secret information on an unsecured private e-mail system instead of on the secure government system. and she did it without authorization. falsely that there was no classified information. she said falsely that what she did was authorized. what else did she say? she said, and these are her words, when we travel to sensitive places like russia, we often receive warnings from department security officials to
8:45 pm
leave our blackberries, laptops, anything that communicated with the outside world on the plane with their batteries removed to prevent foreign intelligence services from compromising them. and then she added falsely, even in friendly settings you conducted business under secret security precautions, taking care of when and how we read secret materials and use our technology. that is from her book that is from her book, titled ironically "hard choices." hard choices indeed. in reality, we now know that she chose to use her private e-mail overseas in countries that were hostile to the united states, and that have sophisticated hacking capability.
8:46 pm
although her sister was so the fbily primitive could not figure out whether or not it had been hacked, we know that the e-mails of those she communicated with were hacked. e-mails, webout her will soon hear the same infamous question that we heard about the death of four americans and benghazi. what difference at this point doesn't make -- does it make? secretary clinton, it makes a big difference. the united states is the only country in the world that was founded not on blood or land, but based on a law. the constitution. hillary clinton is running for the presidency, whose powers and duties are defined by that law. thatost important power that law gives the president is
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to be commander in chief of the armed forces. only oneimposes substantive duty on the president. and that is, as written in the constitution, to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. that law, the constitution, specifically requires that you for taking up those hours of duty, the president swears to an out/ and it's the only old set forth from the constitution -- only both -- set forth only oath in the constitution. hillary clinton took a similar oath before she became secretary of state. do you know what that adds up to? hillary clinton is asking the people of this country and the united states to make her the tost president in history
8:48 pm
take the constitutional oath of office after already having violated it. [applause] the message from this convention for everyone watching these proceedings, and the message to her should be loud, clear, and short. no way, hillary. no way on earth. thank you very much. [applause] >> please welcome from new york, businessmen-- >> thank you. it's great to be here. it has been fun watching the media speculate about me. who is andy wist?
8:49 pm
someone says i was that men. i said that was adam west. some of these reporters need to get a life. do you want to know who ended wist -- andy wist is? i am proof that the american dream is real. i started a business in my mother's backyard when i was 21 years old. standard waterproofing. exteriors.building today we have a hundred 40 employees. not as good as mr. trump's company, but still pretty good right? [applause] i am also the trustee of the local 522. like donald trump and mike pence, i believe that working men and women still matter in this country. we have to look out for them. [applause] after eight years of president obama, i don't see the american dream like i did when i was starting out.
8:50 pm
all i see is too many people out of work, too many jobs shift overseas, and too many coefficients that do not care -- politicians that do not care. google fix it? hillary clinton? -- who will fix it? hillary clinton? her only a compliment is beating the rap every time she beats -- breaks the law. [applause] donald trump is a builder. he is a leader that will bring us together. he will make america work again so that we can believe again. i am not a big important person. i am just a regular guy. i love my country and have lived a great life. i'm not going to be around forever and neither will you. this november we get to decide what kind of world we live behind. when i am gone i want my children and your children and our grandchildren to be able to
8:51 pm
live the american dream like i have. and the only way we keep the american dream alive is by electing donald trump president. thank you. god bless donald trump and god bless america. [applause] >> please welcome the senator from wisconsin ron johnson. [applause] sen. johnson: what difference at this point doesn't make? i am the guy that got under her skin and provoke that infamous response from hillary clinton by asking a simple question, why did you not just pick up the phone and call the survivors? but instead of doing that, she has to cover up story and repeatedly lied to the american
8:52 pm
people. to even light to the -- lied the family members of americans fallen heroes. think about that for a moment. she looked those family members right in the eye, then she lied. of course hillary's cold calculated line continues. if we can't trust her to tell us the truth, how can we possibly trust her to lead america? [applause] so let me tell you what difference it does make when america's leaders cannot be trusted, and when our commander in chief fails miserably by employing a strategy of peace through withdrawal instead of achieving peace through strength. it made a difference to the young using the woman -- young yazidi woman that was brutalized
8:53 pm
by isis barbarians. the joy of life hauntingly absent in her eyes. it made a difference to the travelers passing through airports in brussels, istanbul, who just wanted to get home to the family in france. it made a difference to the ordinary americans sharing how they cheer at a christmas party. it made a difference to the young men and women dancing on a summer night at a club in orlando. and it made a difference to the families watching fireworks at the celebration of freedom in nice. few of theust a examples of islamic terrorists. let me repeat that, radical islamic terrorists.
8:54 pm
[applause] brutalizing and their innocent victims. so the question is, when will america actually confront this terrible reality? we certainly want if democrats win in november. in wisconsin, i am running against russ feingold, a man who even after 9/11, was the only senator to vote against giving law enforcement the tools they need to help stop international terror. during his 18 year senate career, he also voted against authorizing the military 11 separate times. he is asking wisconsinites to give him a fourth term. just as hillary clinton is asking america to give her obamas first term. -- third term. the world is simply too
8:55 pm
dangerous to elect either of them. instead, america needs strong leadership. who will jumpstart our economy, secure our borders, strengthen our military and accomplish the goal that president obama set out over 22 months ago -- we must defeat isis. and we must remain fully committed to destroying islamic terrorist wherever they hide. [applause] it doesn't have to be like this. we should not have to live in fear. but if we want to change that reality, we must understand exactly what is at take. .his is a fight for freedom this is not somebody else's fight. this is our fight and it is our fight that we absolutely must win. [applause] donald trump and mike pence
8:56 pm
understand that these must be america's top priorities. they will be strong leaders working with republicans in the house and the senate to achieve all.l that can unite us a safe, a prosperous and secure america. our future hangs in the balance. we must unify, work tirelessly, and together, save this great nation. so god bless your
8:57 pm
released from prison early because of some politician wanted to show their compassion. what is she going to do? she will dial 911 and pray. the police will do their best to get there quickly, but their average response time is 11 minutes. should shetion is, be able to defend yourself with a firearm in her own home? of course. friends, that question is on the ballot in november.
8:58 pm
and here is why. the supremeago court ruled that we have a fundamental individual right to protect ourselves and our families with a firearm in our own homes. they should have rolled it 9-0, but the second amendment survived by just one vote. death,ustice scalia's that vote is gone. in case you're are wondering where hillary clinton stands, she said "the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment." think about that. on the supreme court said was that you have the right to protect your life and your own home, but hillary says they are wrong. it is that simple. a hillary clinton supreme court means your right to own a firearm is gone. make no mistake, this election is not about the next four years . it's about the next 40 years.
8:59 pm
voting for hillary clinton or not voting is simply not an option. outrageous is that for the rest of her life, hillary clinton will never even think about dialing 911. years, she has not taken a walk, a nap, for a bathroom break without a good guy with a gun to protect her. [applause] it is easy for her to dismiss a right that you will never have to use. for the rest of us, the choice to own a firearm is ours to make . there cannot be one set of rules for the clintons and another set for us. here is hillary's problem,
9:00 pm
american women are the fastest growing group of gun owners. [applause] millions own firearms and millions more are thinking about it. it's not hillary clinton says women should have that choice, it is donald trump. donald trump is a member of the national rifle association's, so are his sons. we are the largest and oldest civil rights organization in america. [applause] [laughter] we fight for the rights of all americans, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation. because the right to protect your life is the most precious right you have. friends, the 5 million when and women of the nra will fight without apology for your right to protect her life. cusp of losing this great american freedom and with it, this great nation.
9:01 pm
theonly way we save it, only way is by electing donald trump, the next president of the united states. thank you and god bless you. ♪ >> please were welcome national golfer natalie goldbach. natalie: thank you. i appreciate the opportunity to talk about a man that i greatly admire, someone gracious, generous and inspiring. i must begin by saying visit great deal of irony that i'm speaking to you because when i earned my report card 16 years ago, i was told there were only two things you don't talk about in public, faith and politics. tonight i am prepared to violate
9:02 pm
both of those admonitions. [applause] as i stand before you at the republican national convention as a christian woman. [applause] god's timing is perfect and he puts people in our lives to help make us a positive impact on those around us. and to help us achieve our goals. one of those people for me is donald trump. the first time i played golf with him in 2005, i shared 2 things i told countless ceos before him. one, i had a dream to open up my own boys and girls club. and two, i was deeply frustrated about being treated differently as a woman. overlooked and under patent business. these words previously fell on deaf, well-intentioned ears. that's a was different.
9:03 pm
they finally fell on years that cared enough to take action. i am proud to tell you that with donald's help, i opened up the natalie goleman boys and girls club. [applause] and in response to my frustrations about being treated unfairly as a woman, he adamantly rejected the notion and offered me a simple idea that changed my life forever. never fear challenging the status quo. he encouraged me to think about myself is a female athlete, but as a business person. in everything that you do, be fearless, he reminded me. as an athlete, fearlessness came naturally to me. but as a businesswoman, i faced challenges that were not always on a level playing field. even today i faced challenges" means a consistent voice,
9:04 pm
encouraging me to stand up to gender injustices and celine and to any professional challenge that comes my way. and to lean in to any professional challenge that comes my way. i hope you take these principles of fearlessness and that they can have a similar impact in you r life. ronald reagan said status quo is latin for the mess we are in. while i believe this is the greatest time to be a woman in the greatest country in the history of the world, i have no delusions that there isn't a mess to clean up. we desperately need someone to clean up that mess. that person is donald trump. [applause] and it's history of fearlessness that is an indicator of change, then donald trump is the person
9:05 pm
to bring that to america. thank you. [applause] ♪ >> good evening, are you having fun? melania and i had a great time last night. an unbelievable evening. today has been a very special day watching my children put me over the top earlier. the party'sgetting nomination, i will never forget it. it is something i will never ever forget. a little over one year ago i announced my candidacy for president. with your vote today, this stage of the presidential process has come to a close.
9:06 pm
together we have achieved historic results with the largest vote total in the history of the republican party. this is a movement. but we have to go all the way. proud to be you or nominee for president of the united states. i look forward to sharing my thoughts with you on thursday night on how we build a brighter and more hopeful future for all americans. it is an honor to run on a ticket with governor mike pence, who is an incredible man, and you will make a great -- and who will make a great ex-president. -- vice president. [applause] i will be with him in cleveland and again thursday night. and we are going to win the state of ohio. and also of course, we are going to win the presidency and bring real change and leadership back to washington. [applause]
9:07 pm
going to be in leadership, by the way, that puts the american people first. we're going to bring back our job. we are going to bring back our depleted military and take care of our great veterans. you're going to have strong borders. you're going to get rid of isis. we are going to restore law and order, and quickly. i will be discussing that thursday night. importantly we are going to make america great again. have a fantastic evening. i will see you tomorrow night and thursday night. we will win in november. thank you. [applause]
9:08 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen please welcome senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. [applause] sen. mcconnell: ladies and gentlemen, i have been around a while. more than anybody should have to be. a couple years ago bill and hillary clinton out of my state, telling anybody who would listen. tonight i am here to return the favor. i am a patient man, and the young child of the south. i was struck with polio in forced to stay off my feet for two years. that experienced tautly and abiding gratitude for my parents. and it also taught me how to wait, which comes in handy when
9:09 pm
you are the leader of the u.s. senate. more than anything, my job has taught me the value of trust. how to distinguish between people who are interested to serve others, and those who are in it for themselves. i am here to tell you that hillary clinton will say anything, do anything, and be anything to get elected president. and we cannot allow it. american people are tired of hearing about the bounty of government while the cost of caring for a family or meeting daily expenses rose out of reach. theythe past few years, have seen government abuse their office and get rewarded for it. they have seen the middle class actually shrink. and in the midst of this, they have raised a very simple complaint. who is looking out for us? it's not hillary. i have had my differences with barack obama, but i will give him credit for this. at least he was up front about
9:10 pm
his plans to move america to the far left. not hillary. july the about her e-mails. -- she lied about her e-mails, about her server, about benghazi. she even lied about sniper fire. why, even she lied about why her parents named her hillary. so i ask you a simple question. moment when so many feel betrayed by the government, why in the world would democrats put forward such a candidate? has changed positions of so many times it's impossible to tell where the conviction ends and the ambition begins. around rich sat uranium. in 2014, she said she has already argued against it. once a backer of the keystone pipeline, last year she opposed it.
9:11 pm
she used to be against sanctuary cities and claims she was for them. now we are not sure where she is. baghdad bob has there been a figure with base such a tortured figure -- with such a tortured relationship with the truth. [applause] fortunately there is a clear choice before us, and it's not hillary. you know what the next four years will look like with hillary. and you know that if hillary is president, we will continue to slide, distracted by the scandal that follows the clintons like flies. two years ago, voters delivered a clear verdict on the obama years by setting a freshman class of rockstar republicans to the senate. and delivering us a majority that i promised to make you proud of. we have never hesitated to confront the president. we also did the hard work of tackling urgent problems head on. we delivered on that promise. we put obamacare revealed on the president's desk. he vetoed it.
9:12 pm
donald trump would sign it. [applause] we passed a bill to build the keystone pipeline. obama vetoed it. donald trump would sign it. we passed a bill to define the planned parenthood. obama veto it. donald trump would sign it. and on that sad day when we lost justice scalia, i made another pledge that obama would not fill that seat. that honor will go to donald trump this year. [applause] so with donald trump in the white house, senate republicans will build on the work we have done and passmore bills than any senate in years. we have already passed the first major education reform in more than a decade and ended common core. we have made the first significant reforms in social
9:13 pm
security in three decades. we passed a crucial cyber security bill and opposed sanctions on north korea. we has to first major highway bill in more than a decade. pastor bill to combat the scourge of human trafficking. just last week we passed the first major law aimed at confronting the heartbreaking explosion of her when an opioid abuse. -- of heroin and will be would abuse. keep the senate in republican hands and we will continue this work and the service i am proud to lead in the senate will not let you down. put hillary clinton and i promise you this, she will double down on the cynical approach that senate democrats seem to revel in these days. here is what i mean. as we sit here tonight, a terrifying mosquito borne illness threatens expectant mothers and their babies along our southern coast. intonlast week, cl
9:14 pm
democrats in the senate blocked a bill aimed at eradicating that virus before it can spread. and they weren't finished. they stopped a funding bill that would support the brave men and women right now defending us overseas. wha in the worldt to these people think public service is about? i don't know. if hillary clinton is president, nothing will change. i ask you to let us continue our work. let us put justices on the supreme court that cherish our constitution. [applause] let us keep the senate. and let us select a president and vice president that really believe america is exceptional. [applause] friends, and god bless america. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please
9:15 pm
of alaska,ator joined by mitch mcconnell, and tom cotton from arkansas, steve james from montana, joni ernst from iowa, james lankford from oklahoma, michael brown from south dakota, and thom tillis from north carolina. [applause] >> hello republicans! [applause] i am dan sullivan from the greats date of alaska. [applause] and i am proud to be standing here tonight with my fellow freshman senators.
9:16 pm
this is who we are. doctors, and educators, administers, ceos, and hog farmers, moms and dads. we have served in the u.s. marines. and now we serve in the u.s. senate. [applause] in 2014, you made this happen. [applause] republicans all across the country coming together, who wanted to energy in the senate and who wanted to fire harry reid. [applause]
9:17 pm
and that is exactly what we did. we need to keep that momentum going. we need to keep the senate and republican hands and win back the white house. we will put coal miners and oil drillers back to work. [applause] extinction,hem for as hillary has promised. we must reignite economic opportunity in the american dream for everybody. [applause] this, together we will make america great again. [applause]
9:18 pm
thank you. [applause] [chanting] >> please welcome back the speaker of the house, paul ryan of wisconsin. speaker ryan: hey everybody. thank you all very much. hi wisconsin. delegates, friends, fellow can't tell you how much i appreciate the privilege of addressing this 41st convention of the party of lincoln. and as part of my german duties, letme -- chairman duties,
9:19 pm
me thank everybody of this beautiful city for looking after us this week. [applause] all, i want to thank the men and women that are here from law enforcement for your service. [applause] standing up here again, it has a familiar feel. students of trivia will recall that last time around i was your nominee for vice president. it was a great honor. it was a great honor even if things didn't work out quite according to the plan. hey, i am a positive guy. i found some other things to keep me busy. i like to look at it this way.
9:20 pm
there is a state of the union address, i don't know where joe biden or barack obama are going to be, but you will find me there right on the roster when vice president mike pence and president donald trump-- [applause] [chanting "trump"] democracy is a series of choices. we republicans have made our choice. have we had our arguments this year? sure we have. you and i call those signs of life. signs of a party that is not just going through the motions, not just mouthing the words from
9:21 pm
the same old stuff. meanwhile, what choice has the other party made in this incredible year filled with so many surprises? here we are at a time when men and women in both parties so clearly, so undeniably want a big change in direction for america? a clean break from a failed system. what does the democratic establishment offer? what is their idea of a clean break? they are offering a third obama term brought to you by another clinton. [boos] and you are supposed to be excited about that. ready fortry so change, it feels like we have been cleared for takeoff and somebody announced we are all going back to the gates. it's like we have been on hold forever, waiting to finally talk to a real person and somehow we
9:22 pm
have been sent back to the main menu. watch the democratic party convention next week. day infomercial of politically correct moralizing. it'd it be a reminder of all that is at stake in this election. you can get through four days with a little help from the mute button. but for more years of it? not a chance. not a chance. [applause] look, the obama years are almost over, the clinton years are way over. 2016 is the year america moves on. [applause] from now until november, we will hear how many different ways progressive elitists can find to talk down to the rest of america, to tell us that the obama years have been good for you. and now that it is hillary's
9:23 pm
term. [boos] the problem is simple. there is a reason people in our country are disappointed and restless. if opportunity seems like it has been slipping away, that is because it has. liberal progressive ideas have done exactly nothing to help. wages never seem to go up. the whole economy feels stuck, -- millions of americans middle-class security is not just a memory. our president likes to talk forever about property and if high sounding talk did any good, we would have overcome those deep problems long ago. this explains why under the most liberal president we have had so
9:24 pm
far, poverty in america is worse, especially for our fellow citizens who were promised better and you needed most. the result is a record of discarded promises, empty gestures, phony strawman argument that are put off forever. shady power plays like the one that gave us obamacare. constitutional limit rushed off as nothing. all the while, dangers in the world downplayed. even express grow bolder and come closer. it is the last chapter of an old story. progressives deliver everything except progress. [applause] we know better than to think that republicans when only been on the failures of democrats.
9:25 pm
it still comes down to a contest of ideas, which is good news. when it is about ideas, the avengers goes to us. against the jury backdrop of pointless mandates, reckless borrowing, willful retreat from the world, and all that progressives have in store for us, the republican party stands as the great enduring alternative party. ewe believe in making government as ronald reagan said. not the distributor of gifts and privilege, but the protector of our liberties. [applause] let the other party go on making its case for more government control over every aspect of our lives. mo texasre to pay, more debt to carry, more rules, more judges that make it up as the go along. we in this party are committed to a federal government that ask
9:26 pm
again as a service. accountable to the people, following the constitution. venturing not one inch beyond the consent of the governed. [applause] party offer fundamentals that go back to the founding generation. we believe in a free society, where aspiration and effort can make the difference in every life. where your starting point is not your destiny. and where your first chance is not your only chance. way for a better america with ideas that actually work. a reformed tax code that rewards free enterprise instead of just enterprising lobbyists. a reformed system that operates by free choice instead of by force and doesn't leave you answering the cold clueless bureaucrats. renewed 21stto a
9:27 pm
century military, giving our veterans the care that they promised and were earned. -- they were promised and earned. [applause] and we offer a better way for dealing with persistent poverty in this country. americans shows poor the world beyond liberal warehousing and checkwriting into the life everyone can find with opportunity and independence. the happiness of using your gifts and the dignity of having a job. none of this will happen under hillary clinton. only with donald trump and mike pence do we have a chance of a better way. [applause]
9:28 pm
and last point, let the other party go on and on with its constant dividing up of people. always playing one group against the other as if group identity were everything. in america, aren't we all supposed to be beyond class? beyond ethnicity? are all these other lines drawn us to lock us into groups? aal social progress is always widening of the circle of concern and protection. empathyspect and overtaking blindness and indifference. it is understanding that by the true measure we are all neighbors and countrymen, called to each one of us to know what is right and kind and just.
9:29 pm
everyone is equal. everyone has a place. no one is written off. there is worth and goodness in every life. straight from the declaration of independence, that is the republican ideal. if we want to defend it, who will? it, who will?d so much that you and i care about, so many things that we stand for in the balance of this coming election. we should not lack for motivation. in the plainest terms i know, it is all on the line. way.s act that let's use the edge that we have because it is still what turns the trust". this year of surprises and dramatic turn skin and in the finest possible way when america
9:30 pm
elects a conservative governing majority. we can do this. you can earn that mandate if we don't hold anything back, if we never lose sight of the space and what is on the table. our candidates will be giving their all and every one of us has got to go in to -- and do the same. so, what do you say? what do you say that we unify this party at its crucial moment when unity is everything? let's take our fight to our opponents with better ideas, let's stay in the offensive, let's compete in every part of america and turn out at the polls like every last vote matters because it will. this thing through. let's win this thing and show america our best and nothing less. thank you


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