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tv   RNC Officials Hold News Conference on the Democratic National Convention  CSPAN  July 25, 2016 1:40am-2:04am EDT

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thursday, chelsea clinton introduces her mother before she excepts the party's nomination as president of the united states. live coverage of every minute of this historic convention begins monday at 4:00 p.m. eastern on app,n, the c-span radio and republican national committee chair reince previous held a news conference in philadelphia to preview the upcoming democratic convention. this is about 20 minutes. >> good evening, and welcome to the rnc at the dnc. before we start with the remarks, i want to show you a quick video to get you in the mood.
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>> welcome to the philadelphia national airport. p.m. time is 7:31 >> [indiscernible] we are taking our mission this week of exposing clinton's lies and coverups seriously. .t has been a fast turnaround we are entering town with the wind at our back. 75% of respondents had a favorable reaction to donald trump's nomination acceptance speech, and 56% were more likely to vote for them. we are entering this week with a lot of momentum, and we expect it to continue. i want to go over a few things about the space we are in.
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2300 arena is famous in the space -- in the city of philadelphia for boxing and mixed martial arts. you can see the banners surrounding you. there's a gigantic extreme wrestling championship mural in the men's restroom. we can escort others in there if they want to see it. scenes from the movie the wrestler were shot here. considering the infighting we have seen, it's a fitting location for our operation. we will be using the space to get our message out on why the market people have had enough of the cronyism of the american -- of hillary clinton. some of the individuals include senator rick santorum, congresswoman marsha blackburn, governor jim gilmore, and our other staff from the rnc. we will also be doing a rapid
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response efforts, counteracting the noise coming down the street . our efforts are going to correspond to each of the democratic things rolling out each day. we've got games set up that i hope you had a chance to see on your way in. corner ballgame, a prize wheel. each one of them is rigged. hillary wins every time. on the way out the door, i hope you grab one of the bags we have for all of you. it is hillary's luggage. on the back of it, we carefully list all the scandals over the past 30 years she has been involved in. here,ur trouble in being we want to mature your t-shirt that exhibits all of it. there is a server claim. way. got a squeeze it notes that hillary is fighting for herself. sunglasses, parrot because she is very shady.
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there is at least, redaction panda that will help you in case and e-mails get out that our top-secret that you don't want. there's also some loaded dice. you're going to hear from german reince previous in a second. campaign chair paul metaphor is going to make a few remarks. we will have a q&a. immediately following the last question, we will go off the record, and i invite you to a brief reception. we welcome you to philadelphia. i want to welcome my boss, the chairman of the party, reince previous -- priebus. [applause] >> thank you, sean. hello, everyone, and welcome to pressc at the dnc kickoff
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conference, and hopefully party with you guys afterwards. i want to make a quick comment about today's development at the dnc. isnow firsthand how hard it being the chair of a national arty, but when you rig system and spread e-mails with each other and senior staff in that manner, i think this outcome is inevitable. there's no way out. obviously, the end has come. i don't think there was any other outcome that was for seeable. today's events show the uphill climb the democrats are facing in unifying their party, and starting out the week by losing your party chairman over long-standing bitterness between factions is no way to keep something together. 100%er party has total unanimity, but it's how you lead and bring things together
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through times that are not the easiest, and i am not just talking about debbie wasserman schultz's resignation. i'm talking about the delegates upset about the selection of tim kaine and will never support hillary clinton. the outcome of the secret service scandal proves the system was in fact rigged. problems the democrats have our ideological, and the left will not be satisfied by one person's resignation. we at the rnc are here for one reason. we are here to give a voice to americans who have had enough of the clintons' cronyism. our mission is to expose the scandalous history of hillary clinton here in the democrats own backyard. the fact is, hillary clinton has put personal ambition ahead of the good of the country time and time again. it's not what americans want or what they can afford in their
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next president. there was a secret server e-mail, which jeopardize national security. also, she could cover up her shady business dealings, and despite sending and receiving classified e-mail messages, the obama administration gave her a get out of jail for free card. .mericans are hurting they are concerned about good jobs, good health care, good schools, and the right to feel safe from terrorism in their own country. they have had enough of the uses and coverups. they have had enough of the corrupt bargains, and they have simply had enough. hillary's choice of tim kaine showed her true colors.
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she is turning out the progressive wing of the party and doubling down on a career as a democrat insider. after she spent last week pandering to the grassroots by appearing with bernie sanders, her choice of tim kaine as a running mate was the furthest thing from an olive branch to democrats fed up with a system that doesn't work for them. kaine has let donors pay for vacations and spent years at the center as a democrat insider, and taking advantage of their own handouts, as well. he has spent years abandoning his core and abandoning the left in order to get himself the vice presidential spot. it only makes sense that two opportunists like hillary clinton and tim kaine would pair up to extend the obama agenda, that has made our country less prosperous, less safe, and more free. the choice is pretty clear.
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the republican party is the only party giving an actual voice to the grassroots. donald trump has brought millions of new voters into the republican party. he wants to give a voice to people across this country who .re sick of special interests with donald trump and mike pence, we have a make america first ticket which is going to bring a no-nonsense leadership style to our nation's capital. we are going to win this election and put america first once and for all. with that, i would like to call upon paul metaphor and, the campaign chairman and manager for donald trump who will be the next president of the united states. thank you. [applause] i would like to spend a minute to talk about the state of election now that the democrats have selected their ticket. we want to talk about how we plan on prosecuting the election. we are pleased with the
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selection of tim kaine. the choice becomes even more clear as a result. ticket is akaine ticket composed of people who had been a part of government for most of their lives. neither of them has ever worked in the private sector. neither knows how to create jobs. they are both big-time spenders, big-time taxers. people are willing to promise anything to get elected and have a bad track record. i thought it was interesting when you compare the two governors on the ticket. --'ve got governor tim kaine when he was in office, he tried to raise taxes by $4 billion. the only reason he didn't was because there was the republican legislature keeping him from doing so. additionally, he was elected with a commitment to make the transportation system in the state of virginia -- those of
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you who know northern virginia, it's been a mess for years -- he promised to change it. he did. he made it worse. unemployment went up in the state from 3.5% to over 7%. all of his promises ended up being unfulfilled. the number two spot on the ticket, the contrast couldn't be more clear. at the top, we've been talking about that for a while. hillary clinton is the epiphany of the establishment. donald trump is the outsider committed to change.
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i was asked this morning that mr. trump's speech at the convention and why it was so dark. it wasn't dark at all. it actually was an optimistic speech. the difference between that speech he gave in cleveland and what you are going to here in philadelphia over the next several days is donald trump told the truth. he explained clearly to the american people he wasn't going to sugarcoat it. he hears what they've been saying to him on the campaign trail, and he understands their angst. he understands the fact that people are working two jobs, three jobs, still unable to pay their bills. he understands the fear they have walking the streets of their neighborhoods, and he understands the fear that exists as far as the threat of terrorism in our communities. as president obama said, it's a different america -- donald trump is describing a different america from the one he knows, and that is the problem.
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president obama has been living in a bubble and doesn't understand what has been going on in the united states. and the of leadership failed leadership of obama and clinton when she was secretary of state our primary contributors to the problems we are facing. we like the prospects of what we have in front of us with the democrats having completed their ticket, assuming they elect it this week. are confident that as we go forward in the election we will weable to make the case that are the change, and the establishment and the people who have created the problems we are suffering under today are represented by clinton and tim kaine. with that, we will open it up for some questions. conclude, there are a couple of other trump surrogates here. they will be staying around afterwards. some of the other surrogates have already come in tonight, in case you are looking to talk to
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folks. >> how aggressively do you intend to attack bill clinton during the campaign, and can you give us a sense about what you plan to do? >> bill clinton has been a primary influence on hillary clinton. he signed nafta. nafta is one of the primary contributors to the loss of jobs, and it is something that has been the hallmark of mr. trump's campaign. we will be talking about that, as well, a lot in this campaign, and hillary clinton's embrace of that trade position. as far as some of the other issues, they relate more to miss his clinton being an enabler. >> do you believe russia is behind some of these leaks of the dnc e-mails? does it concern you? obviously, we don't know who is behind the leaks.
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the leaks of this week put the dnc at risk, but the potential on missesacking clinton's server in her home created a greater risk than what the dnc leaked it. it reinforces again the case that has been made about how justice wasn't done with the investigation. you can be sure that if they were able to hack the dnc, the clinton's server was hacked, and those state secrets are sitting somewhere around the world. >> [indiscernible] >> via taken precautions to protect our servers. >> i will also say to the other
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what you saw today yesterday or today with the e-mail leaks verified something we all kind of new. we are not really sitting here believing that the dnc was impartial. we knew they weren't, and it.ils just illustrated the dnc was tipping the scales the entire time for hillary clinton. it was evidenced by the fact that the debates -- there were four of them, and they were on the day before the super bowl or the day after christmas. you know the point. we have talked about this ad nauseam. it's a dramatic illustration of what we knew the truth was. as far as your question, we take
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every precaution you can imagine in order to secure our e-mail servers and our data at the rnc. you didn't see any articles about rnc data. you didn't see any articles about leaked e-mails. sure, we would be concerned about any foreign government that would be able to break into e-mail servers, but the other thing is, you don't say stupid things on e-mail and send it around among staffers. you use your head little bit. not only were they tipping the scales, but they were dumb enough to actually do things like that, which is not smart. >> [indiscernible] >> there is some rhetoric.
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there are some rhetorical things people have debated about donald trump, and that can be debated, but i would say, look, he's got a right to talk about whatever he wants to talk about. however, i don't think he was saying this was some sort of factual piece of information. this was something he referred to. he's gotten off of it. as far as i'm concerned, we can move on from it. >> why did he discuss it in the first place? >> i think he mentioned it in the passing, and everyone glommed onto it. as far as the overall picture of donald trump, there is one rhetorical issue you all can debate until the cows come home, but it doesn't identify or defined the donald trump campaign. >> i will add one more point on that. it was raised by senator cruz friday morning after the convention. it wasn't raised by mr. trump, and he was responding to that. thetor cruz's behavior at convention on wednesday was
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disappointing, and he was commenting on senator cruz's comments. respondder if you can to -- [indiscernible] >> they are pretty desperate pretty quickly. that's all i have to say on that. it's a far reach. to leave their convention with that tells me they are trying to move away from what the issues are going to be in this campaign. it's pretty absurd. >> [indiscernible]
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trump's immigration policy is well known. he believes we need to secure our borders. he's talked about the importance of knowing who is coming into this country, in particular regarding terrorist countries. he thinks we have to suspend immigration until we can create a system where we can vet properly people that are coming here so we know who they are and what they believe in. [inaudible]
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>> well i know absolutely nothing about the facts of the case. i do know roger ailes. i've known him for more years than i want to remember. the person i knew was not the person he's been charged with, or had accusations made about. >> thank you all very much. we are off the record. we are here every day, 1:00. enjoy. ♪ >> c-span's "washington journal," live from the democratic national convention
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in philadelphia monday morning. the national political reporter for "the pittsburgh tribune review" gives us a preview of the convention. 2016 bernie sanders delegate from washington state shares her efforts to cover her expenses to be at this year's convention. 2016 hillary clinton delegate and ohio state representative on the clinton candidacy, the party's message, urban and minority issues, and what democrats hope to accomplish. be sure to watch "washington journal," live from the democratic national convention beginning at 7:00 eastern monday morning. join the discussion. >> the democratic national convention from philadelphia starts monday. watch live on c-span. listen live on the free c-span radio app. it's easy to download from the
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apple store or google play. watch live on the mind anytime at on your desktop, phone, or tablet, where you will find the full convention schedule. follow us at c-span on twitter and like us on facebook to see video of newsworthy moments. watch every minute of the 2016 democratic national convention starting monday on c-span, c-span radio app, and >> democratic national committee chair debbie wasserman schultz has announced she will step down at the end of this week's convention. she served as dnc head for over five years, but has come under pressure after hacked e-mails favored hillary clinton over bernie sanders. a group representing bernie sanders delegates held a news conference in philadelphia,


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