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tv   Vice President Biden Campaigns with Hillary Clinton  CSPAN  August 15, 2016 11:58pm-1:00am EDT

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people from one end of our country to the other >> watch our issues spotlight on voting rights saturday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span and hillary clinton and vice president biden campaigned in scranton, pennsylvania monday. scranton is mr. biden's hometown and the home of misses clinton's father. they talked about job growth and donald trump, calling him unfit for service in the white house, particularly to be in charge of the u.s. military. this is an hour.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the vice president of the united states, joe biden and hillary clinton. ♪
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♪ cheers and applause] >> wow. hello, everyone. thank you. thank you all so much.
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it is so great to be back in scranton, -- in pennsylvania. i can't tell you how important this is to me and to vice president biden. we both have a lot of memories and lake winola, that's right. and it is such a nostalgic trip for me because my brothers are here. every to this lake summer of my life and loved every minute of it. life, and we loved every minute of it. there are a lot of people in havecrowd who are family
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known, or joe's family have known over the years. we are grateful to each and every one of you. it is wonderful to be here in scranton with senator bob casey. [applause] and youron: congressman, matt cartwright. your amazing recorder of we sure miss that has been of yours. about you, and we are sending you our best wishes. of course, as i said, i am here with the one and only vice president joe biden.
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[cheering] [applause] [cheering] joe grewon: you know, up on north washington avenue. traveled,how far he he never forgets where he is from. i had seen him in a lot of settings, in the spotlight as vice president and senator, in a quiet movements -- moments with constituents in -- constituents, and in the situation room helping to make decisions that affect our lives and security. wherever he goes, he is always the same guy. he is a fighter for anyone that needs a champion. he is a fighter for the town of scranton.
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and he is a fighter for families. [applause] [cheering] you know, i think he would be the first to say that he cares about your family because of his family. joe senior anne catherine todd -- and catherine taught joe that all people deserve to be treated with dignity. you see someone fall, you help them up. we are all in this together. that is the biden way. we have seen how he fights for working families, because he passionately believes in the a sick bargains that make our america great. that our economy should work for everyone and not just those at the top. against injustice. he has led the fight to end
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violence against women and girls. stares -- stands up for people's health including the project he is now leading on behalf of president obama. help save moonshot to lives. as many of you know, his , a great father and great public servant, a great human being, passed away last year. this is personal to joe biden. he knows it is personal to a lot of families. that is why he is fighting so hard to make a difference. if i am elected this fall i will ask him to continue the important work he has done to
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help us fight and defeat cancer. [applause] [cheering] ms. clinton: as someone who has worked with joe for years, first in the senate and then as a a-biden, i canobam say that that drive to make life better is what pushes him to make life better every second of every day for all of us. wife,d his wonderful jill, have raised their children and grandchildren with those same values. joe, i hope you know how much not just scranton also america loves you and your family. [applause] [cheering] ms. clinton: it means a great
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deal to have him by my side. when joe and i were deciding where to have our first campaign rally, there was really only one answer. scranton is not just joe's hometown, it is also my dads hometown. while the biden's were on north washington avenue, my family was a few blocks away on died in -- diamond avenue. my grandfather went to work at the scranton lake mill starting as a teenager. it was not easy work. i learned that that business treated its workers right. believe it or not, the scranton lace company, all those years ago, actually offered a profit sharing plan and health benefits at the beginning of the 20th century. they understood something that a lot of people have forgotten.
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[applause] they understood that their workers were responsible for much of the success, and that their families benefited to. because of that job, my grandfather could give my father a better life. my father was able to go to college. he went to penn state, where he played football. [applause] then, after he got out of penn state, it was 1935. right in the depths of the depression. he was looking for a job, and he heard that a friend of his new -- knew someone that
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heard someone say that heard someone say there was a job. he became a salesman. he went into the navy for world war ii. started at out, he small business in chicago, where i grew up. dad before him, my dad was determined to give us better opportunities that even he had. that is the american dream. wherever life takes me, i remember i am the granddaughter of a factory worker and a daughter of a small business owner. i am so proud of it. [applause] ms. clinton: the story of the s and the- rodham bidens is not completely unique. no matter what donald trump
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says, america is great. the american dream is taken off for everyone to share in its promise. that does not mean we can take it for granted and just wait for it to happen to us. we have a lot of work to do. here in scranton, you know that. president obama and vice have worked to put our economy back on a stronger footing after the recession. i personally do not think they get enough credit for that. under their leadership, we have -- 15 million new private sector jobs. 20 million people now have health care. the auto industry just had its best year ever. [applause] so, i believe the job of the next president is to build on that, and to take on
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the deeper challenges that emerged long before the crisis and have persisted during our recovery. wages are too low. it is still too hard for too many to get ahead. is creating an economy that works for everyone. not just for those at the top. i have set five and dishes goals to get us there. first, we are going to make the biggest investment in jobs since world war ii. second, we are going to make college debt-free for all. we are going to help millions of people struggling with their debt payments. third, we are going to crack down on companies that shift jobs and profits overseas. companiesng to reward that share profits with their employees, like the scranton
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lace company did most a century ago. --rth [cheering] >> hillary! hillary! hillary! ms. clinton: thank you. fourth, we are going to make sure that wall street in the superrich pay their fair share of taxes. fifth, we are going to respond to the way that american families lived and worked to date by making childcare affordable. in today's economy, there is often no parent or grandparent that can stay home with the child. we are going to fight for paid family leave. sometimes, you need to take care of your child or spouse or sick parent. you should not lose your job for taking care of them.
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[applause] whenever i mention these issues, donald trump always says that i am playing the woman card. you know what i say, if i am playing the woman card then delian -- deal me in. togetherbelieve that this plan will go a far way in building a stronger, more fair economy. everyone can share and its rewards. by contrast, what is donald trump's plan? he laid it out last week. even before he did, i did not think it would be good for working americans. it turned out to be worse than i ever imagined. i know some of you may have friends in northeastern pennsylvania that are working -- inking about voting for donald about votingking
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for donald trump. i know, friends should not let friends vote for donald trump. [applause] [cheering] case, ifon: just in you have a conversation, you should explain that donald trump would give trillions of tax cuts to major companies and wall street money managers. cutswould lead to massive in things like education and health care. he is also called for a new tax loophole. let's call it the "trump loophole." it would allow him to play -- pay less than half of the current income tax rate on his companies. it is assuming he pays any taxes at all, because we do not know. we have not seen his tax returns.
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[applause] ms. clinton: we do know by looking at the data that the 400 richest taxpayers in america would get an average tax cut of more than $15 million a year from the donald trump loophole. tax, there is the estate that donald trump wants to eliminate altogether. if you believe he is as wealthy as he claims, that would save the trump family $4 billion. ofwould do nothing for 99.8% all the other americans in our country. so yes, $4 billion in tax cuts for donald trump and 99.8% of americans get nothing. think of what we could do with those $4 billion. we could pay for more than 47,000 that are in's to get a ans to get a veter four-year college degree.
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we could provide a years worth of health care to nearly 3 million kids. ofcould find a years worth federal assistance to state and local law enforcement's -- enforcement. there is a lot of way to spend that money. there is one other part of his plan. he now says he wants people to help a for childcare by excluding those payments from taxation. again, guess who will that will help the most? it will help rich people. thatworking families cannot afford childcare in the first place will get little to no real help. that is why his childcare plan has been had by experts across the political spectrum. right now, childcare costs as much as in-state college tuition
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in most of the country. we need real solutions that are going to work for working people. not just for the well off. about thehat he cares issue, he made a point of talking about how his businesses offer on-site childcare for workers. that kind of perk me up. that, it wouldd be a big deal. i wish more companies provided on-site childcare. it would be a huge benefit for employees. like so much of what he says, it is not true. resorts out, some of his hotels and clubs offer childcare guests not not -- not for employees. just saying. if you stay at a donald trump hotel, you can enroll your child
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in something called "trump kids." get special children's room service and spa services. the even get a nanny for a fee. if you work for his business, if you clean the rooms, water the lines, you get nothing. [booing] ms. clinton: i am not even sure that donald trump knows that providing a trump kids program is not the same thing as providing real childcare for your workers. just like how his tax breaks for millionaires are not the same thing as a plan to help the american working families. vice president biden has a saying i love. values, telle your me your budget. then, i will tell you what you value. [cheering] ms. clinton: it is pretty clear
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that donald trump wants to give aliens of tax breaks to his best friends. not to anyone that really provide services. we face some serious challenges in america. we need serious leadership. this is not a reality tv show. this is as real as it gets. look at what is happening in milwaukee right now. to do torgent work rebuild trust between police and the communities. everyone should have respect for the law, and everyone should be respected by the law. [applause] so when all these important challenges, you have to ask if donald trump is up for the job? he is giving a speech about isis today. i have laid out my strategy for defeating isis over many months. sanctuarieske their
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from the air, and we will support local forces taking them out on the ground. under president obama and vice president biden, we are making progress. we will disrupt their efforts online to reach and radicalized young people in our country. it will not eat easy or quick. make no mistake. we will prevail. there is no doubt in my mind. [applause] [cheering] usa! usa! ms. clinton: once again, donald trump has been all over the place on isis. he spoke about syria becoming a free zone for isis. a major company in the middle east that could launch attacks against us and others. he is talking about sending american ground troops, well
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that is off the table as far as i am concerned. [applause] we will wait and see what he says today. sometimes he says he will not tell anyone what he will do, because he was to keep his plan "secret." it turns out, the secret is that he has no plan. that was very clear when he said, "i know more about isis than the generals." no, donald, you don't. he also said more people should have weapons, including the middle east. he spoke about walking away from our european allies. he even said that united states military was a disaster. had spent as much time
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meeting the have brave men and women of the military, meeting their families, meeting with gold star family's. those are not the words of someone that respects our military and the sacrifice that are young men and women make every single day. [applause] ms. clinton: i said in that a man you can bake with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons. it is also not a man you can trust to run our economy, health heal our cities, or be a role model for our children. there is no doubt that donald unfitis temperamentally to be president of united states and commander in chief --
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commander-in-chief. america deserves someone that bring ushe job done, together and not terrorists apart, and give jobs to hard-working americans. i'm asking you to join -- and not tear us apart. give jobs to working class americans. i'm asking you to join right now. go to hillary we are hiring organizers right here in pennsylvania and across the country. we are going to run a bidders campaign across pennsylvania -- a rigorous campaign across pennsylvania. we are going to build a future that you and your family deserves. , am sure we can do this especially with this man of fighting alongside us like he always has. scranton, please, let us give it up for the vice resident of the united states, joe biden.
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[applause] [cheering] vice president biden: hello folks. it is good to be home. folks, let me tell you what scranton deserves. >> we love you, joe. vice president biden: well, thank you. scranton deserves what it has always deserved, because it is made up of so many people with ceat and courage -- grit and ourage. i mean it with all of my heart good they are filled with grit, courage, and determination. they need someone that can understand them and is with
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them. they deserve someone who is made of the same stuff. that is hillary clinton. [applause] [cheering] vice president biden: it is good to be home with so many friends. as i look around, i see several people -- and the reception line, one person told me that there ought owns my house -- their aunt owns my house. tell her, i am coming home. wall still written there here andiden slept lived here. " i am glad that added the lived here part. i'm often asked why we moved a suburb ofidge to
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wilmington, delaware. it is because of bob casey. casthe casey's lived five blocs around the corner from the st. clair's. i am midway between bobby's dad bobby. are goingy one of us to make it out of greenwich, and it was not going to be me. there was too much casey talent in the neighborhood. , you are a great friend and great united state senator. thank you. [applause] as they say in southern delaware, they talk at you like this, that boy married up. up.arried right always seeking influence. you got it, man.
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you are doing a wonderful job as well. thank you. [applause] since this home time, but i stood here eight years ago kicking off our campaign. hillary and bill clinton at my side. i want to make it sheer -- clear that as scranton has always had , we and fact, all of us, will have your back, hillary. [applause] scranton has been met -- some of folks in our administration were there on election night when the results were coming in. igive you my word as a biden ,sked one and only one question
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what did we do in the northeast? margin thanlarger we had before. the rest did not matter. full credit for it. nothing to do with it. you know, if you listen to , you would think i was a kid that just climbed out of a with a lunchbox. i am from scranton and i was a kid at one time. so often my people in delaware have represented them for 46 years as a u.s. senator. 44 years and high public office. i swear to god there is a parade started on the fourth of july just as i was getting started in 1972. it is right on the pennsylvania border.
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from the time my boys were then old, fourfour years and five years old -- three and four years old, they were in the parade with me. -- beau -- iw would tag along with him, for real, and the parade. one thing i am trying to do, have been sople generous to me after all these ,ears and the attorney general i am trying to go back and do as to show my affection and appreciation. i was in the fourth of july parade recently surprising the press and everyone because i was there. there were thousands of people there. many same people waited five
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hours and line to pay respects at my son's viewing. think them for the overwhelming support they gave me for all those years. as i continued along the parade route, two guys came running up to me. secret service was about to have a heart attack. they said, what in the hell is all this stuff about scranton, you are from clay mount. so you all have to write a note ,nd tell them i love scranton it is my home, but home is where is where it is stamped into your soul. where your values are set. where your view of the world and your place in the world began. me, 2446 north washington avenue around my grandfather's
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table is where i learned that money does not determine your net worth. that no one, i mean it sincerely , this is deadly earnest, i've learned no one is more worthy than you and everyone is your equal. mother, andom my she said this so many times. me.would say look at remember, you are defined by yourtable is where i learned tht money does not determine your courage, and you are retained by your loyalty. [applause] she would go on to say, because everyone has had tough times. what i learned here from my father is i could be anything i wanted to be.
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anything could be accomplished. this is not a joke. this is real. that's a measure of your character is not whether you get fall, becausend you will, but the measure is how quickly you get up. learned about resilience from my father, who like many of you and many of your parents made call the longest walk. the longest walk is up a short to their stairs child's bedroom to say honey, i am sorry. we cannot live here anymore. we lost the house. or daddy and mommy do not have a job. dad making that walk moving us to our grandfathers home. what i remember most is i you everything.
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i promise you everything is going to be ok. i meant it, he knew it. he used to be of basic bargain. they did well. you got to participate. bargain. what hillary is all about is you canure every one of look your child and grandchild in the eye and say i mean it sincerely. everything is going to be ok. think of how many people you who do not feel like they can say that right now. my father when the senate on the balls of his heels, he meant it.
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everything i learned is ran for neighbors and friends all around this town. pride, independents, resilience. when i moved away from scranton, was in the fourth grade, but i never left. spent summers, holidays, college weakened, weddings, mitzvahs, and for it was not the lake. , everyone ismber entitled to be treated with dignity and respect, no matter who they are. that america, and hillary gets this better than anyone i know,
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america can be defined in one single word, possibilities. that is the thing about america. that is the thing about scranton . thing about who we are. anything is possible. that is the america i know. america hillary clinton knows. [applause] the people that i trust most, and i am in doing this a long trust the people where gut,eeling starts in their moves to their heart and then .rticulated by a great mind hillary understands the hopes and aspirations of the people in claymont, scranton, and every scranton and claymont in the united dates of america. yearsnown her for over 30 . i knew her before she was first
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became firste lady. when we served together in the senate. we would have breakfast in my home. i became the obama whisperer. [laughter] she would look at me and say that?id he mean by knows this has never .een an issue -- by the way,de my family is right there. i did not even see you. secret service, you see that beautiful young girl right there? she gets back when i leave the stage. we are not leaving till i get a hug. guys. kind of a family thing. everybody is known as they won
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-- from day one how smart and great hillary is. everybody knows how tough she is. [applause] but what i don't think everybody about, and may be the irish catholic and methodist here, we where everything on our sleeves. i do not think they fully understand how passionate she is about what she does. i want you to listen for a minute. i don't want you to clap. yount to make sure understand what i know about her. that the college loan to get a bright young girl or boy to school is about a lot more than whether or not they will get a chance. it is about the pride and dignity of the parent who looks child.
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i mean that sincerely. i remember i went down to my dad's place of work to pick up a and was wondering back and forth through the parking lot. the secretary said he is out there. , walked out, and he said joey i am sorry, i am so jim sorry. he set i went to the bank today, honey, they will not lend me the to get you to school. i am so ashamed. understands that the most damaging thing too apparent is to look at a talented child or child in need and not be able to do anything. she has understood that for years. millions of people here in scranton and claymont and all across america went to bed ceiling thinking
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sheod, what happens if develops breast cancer or he develops lung cancer? we lose everything. come a we do then you .ot of you remember those days my family remember those days. she gets it. she understands what it will mean. it is more about her. these three beautiful little now, what looking at them when it is president hillary rodham clinton. it will change their lives. it will change their lives. my daughter and
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granddaughter can do anything my son and grandson's can do. that is what it will mean. it is consequential. as clearly as i can, if you live in a neighborhood like i grew up in, my wife jill grew up in, , youu worry about your job worry that your children's , taking care of an elderly parent after losing another one, there is only one person in this election who will possibly help you, and that is hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] >> folks, she has always been
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there. it is not a joke. she has always been there. life story. let's state the obvious, that is not donald trump's life story. senator ted kaufman, whom you .now very well he used to be my administrative assistant for years and years. this step the reason between --cess and genuine success excuse me, a minimum success under real success is someone who has nothing and makes $1 million is a real success. someone who inherits a million and makes 20 million, they are bomb, but a mere success. some are bombs.
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not all. let me tell you the part that bothers me. hillary wellpoint out and no one ever doubts i mean what i say. let me tell you what really most.s me maybe this only works where i grew up. what bothers me most about is the cynicism is unbound thing. think about this for a minute. you are raised in the area, different ethnicities, different backgrounds. i haves one thing noticed all the years i have sent. come home.ys you werehat the way
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raised, if you have ever shown a lack of empathy for someone in trouble, if you have ever summed up or thought the phrase he is .of, you're fired think about the phrase, you're fired. all kidding aside. maybe it is just me. about what your mother or grandmother or father would have said to you. everything you learned as a child. i really mean it. the matter where you were raised. how can there be pleasure in division and you are fired? he is trying to tell us he cares class.he middle give me a break. is suchepeat myself, it a bunch of malarkey.
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none, none. this guy does not care about the middle class. i don't even blame him and a sense because he does not understand it. clue.s not have a way, there is something thathe has no clue about has nothing to do with being a democrat or republican. i have worked with a president of the united states. served with hundreds of .enators only 13 of surface long as i have. doesn't secretary -- dozens of state and i can , no majort hesitation history inee in the america,d states of
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don't year, just listen, has less or been less prepared to deal with national security. what absolutely amazes me is he does not seem to want to learn it. not want to seem that she does not seem to want to it.n to think itseem matters. this man is totally and thoroughly unqualified to be president of the united states of america. [applause] -- lacks theikes temperament -- i would feel better if that is all he lacked. every issue that matters most to trump hasty, donald no clue what it takes to leave
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this great country. now look, if i had said this ago, you10 months would say i am being partisan. i am partisan. i am not mean about it. i do not know any more democrat that has a more positive republicans with and i do in the united states senate. but having said that, look at the people that come out. scores and scores of the most inminent republican thinkers .he national security feels they come out to both political parties. he has no idea what he is talking about. factsonfronted with the he does not want to find them. he deals with the profound misunderstanding of what is at stake. he belittles our closest allies .n this hemisphere and europe nations who stand with us are networkour security
12:47 am
that are with us when we address challenge.national those who fought and bled alongside us for decades. to toss those relationships aside like his failed business venture or something. talks meantime, he covering about developing nuclearweapons as if war is a trivial affair. does he not understand we wrote japan's constitution to say could not be a nuclear power. schoolas he in [laughter] ? [laughter] someone who lacks this judgment cannot be trusted. me.e is a guy that follows .as the nuclear codes so up for bid anything happened he has theident, codes. he is not qualified to know the code. he cannot be trusted. [applause]
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proud -- my son served for a year. came back a highly decorated soldier. i must tell you, had donald , i would president have thrown my body in front of him. , to keep him it from going if the judgment was decision.rump's every president since harry truman has looked toward free in that piece. one of the most consequential people right now who is trying to undo that is a man donald trump says see admires. i am not big on character assassination. i really mean that. i am just trying to run on the facts, nothing but the facts. that was joe friday actually.
12:49 am
but he says he admires vladimir putin. no, no, no. here is the deal, what is -- hillary knows as well as anyone dealing with putin as i have an it putin is determined to crack nato and alliance.european that is his overarching, overwhelming interest. i am heading from here, getting two kosovoand why in and then serbia and then the baltic states. you know one of the reasons i'm going is to make sure to reassure those members that we mean what we say. we mean what we say, the sacred alliances asked he years.
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because they are worried. he assures us russia will not move on ukraine. have artie moved on ukraine and occupied crimea. gotten so far as to ask putin and russia to conduct cyber attacks against the united states of america. joking, which he even if he is joking, what an outrageous thing to say. look folks, these are not isolated examples. he is even showered praise on saddam hussein, a man who repeatedly backed terror attacks against israel because he was so -- supposedly a killer of terrorists. liked saddam.
12:51 am
stalin. have loved this says a lot about his approach. it explains why so often tactics of enemies themselves, religious intolerance, casting entire .ommunities as culpable torture when he knows it is illegal and says he would still on the military commanders if they would not obey his orders. when can you think of an ever in history where military commanders have said before a man or woman is elected that follow hisnot orders? threatening to kill innocent suspects.bers of indiscriminate bombing was what he calls for. that is how hoping anyone -- how anyone hoping to leave the greatest democracy in the world behave? calling for a ban
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on muslims in the united states. parentsng proud muslim of a gold star family. threatening to send american citizens to guantanamo? i will tell you, this guy is ok. trump's ideas are not only wrong, they are very dangerous and un-american. they reveal the profound ignorance of the constitution. for playing into the hands of the human standing for so long. it is a recipe for playing into terrorists and their propaganda. last year isis'top leader who we have been tracking since we got bin laden, hillary, john, the president, his name is albert .addy he said the goal is to compel
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crusaders to actively the gray zones themselves, meaning anywhere where christians and muslims zone.e called the gray muslims in the west, he says, will have to quickly find choices,s between two either apostates size or islamic eight,e escape prosecution. how does he make the case? by pointing out no muslim is welcome in the west. isis once to manufacture a class of civilizations between us and them. them is trying to give exactly what they want. stood in front of a crowd in florida and said president obama founded a terrorist organization for isis. now look, that is an outrageous
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, but let me tell you why it is a dangerous statement. why as he might say the bad guys are listening. yesterday the head of hezbollah, iran'srist organization, top terrorist circuit and direct allies repeated trump's claim in the entire world and around the world that president obama founded isis. exactly what the leader of hezbollah said referring to accusation. spokesman for hezbollah. this is not a simple speech referring to trump.
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this is an american presidential candidate. he, meaning trump, has the data and documents to back it up. if my son were still in iraq, and i say to all those that are there, the threat to their life has gone up a couple of clicks. some in turkey are accusing us of being a part of the coup attempt. ladies and gentlemen, does he have any ideas at first these outlandish comments have on the physical troops? i am
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testing your stamina. so let me go to the end here. [applause] hillary has forgotten more about american foreign policies and entire team will ever understand. gentlemen hillary has, she has been herve been in the room with as we join with the president's leadership. sent some of these killers to hell at our weekly breakfast on the international stage. admirestrong, respected,
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-- admired. there is nothing that she does understand about america's place in the world. ladies and gentlemen, because she knows one thing, that donald know, it hast never been a good bet to bet united states of america. give it a fair shot. give it a fair chance. americans have never let their country down. never. ladies and gentlemen -- ladies allow,tlemen, we never we never bend, we never kneel, own the yield, we finish line. she gets it. [applause] we are second to none.
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hillary clinton is going to write the next chapter in american history. ♪
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>> donald trump gave a foreign-policy speech at youngstown university in ohio. revered --ato -- he he reversed comments about nato saying he wanted to work with nato. this is just over an hour.


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