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tv   Political Strategists Speak at the Washington Ideas Forum  CSPAN  October 8, 2016 4:42am-5:00am EDT

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wisconsinites to talk about how allegedly are hurting american workers. it appears to be quite an adfonly because you are seeing a lot of it. host: couple quick questions. the presence of donald trump at the top of the gop ticket this particular senate race and what are you looking for in coming weeks? guest: you know, it's difficult to say if the presence of trump played a role. running ahead of trump, but this was always, here, this is t wisconsin, it's a presidential republicans haven't won a presidential race here since senate, a republican senate candidate hasn't won in a year since 1980. it was always going to be an johnson, they for expected that and that is what we're seeing. in the coming weeks, i expect ads, probably more
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aggressive johnson heading down stretch. he, you know, he is behind the two debates could be interesting. one next friday night, that is wisconsin broadcasters, more appearance, a following debate the following tuesday in which local broadcaster, mike lachey, brings into marquette university law school, they go to the mute court and there the come off.uld there will be more fireworks in the race. race is bill the glauber, thanks for your time >> next, democratic and republican strategist discuss the presidential race and the performances of hillary clinton at donald trump in the first debate. this discussion was part of the annual washington ideas for him -- forum.
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steve: hey guys. this will be a lightning round. we will be doing 13 i think. who saw the last debate? ok. it is going to watch the next debate? that is what we're here to talk about. hillary, alex, great to have both of you. what is going to happen? hilary: it kind of sucks. we are the last one between then and lunch. steve: they are here because they want to know what we all know. in debate one we saw donald trump talking about hannity and the 400 pound hacker and he was all over the place. does hillary see this -- benghazi didn't come up, e-mails didn't come up. i'm interested. you know important people. what do you think each side has to do? is he going to beat hillary? alex: they can be just as dull and uninteresting as the first
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debate. what does donald trump have to do next time? i thought hillary's debate strategy was very sharp, very smart. these are two candidates with 75% unfavorable ratings. they are working to get them up to about 150% unfavorable ratings. whoever the debate is about is losing. hillary let the debate be about donald trump. i think donald trump let the debate be about donald trump. it is much better if the debate is about the american people in the future. when the debate is about the future, guess what happens. it drives change. the desire for change. 70% think the country is on the wrong track. what does donald trump have to do? make the debate about where hillary clinton would take this country and why that is more of the same and why we can't afford that and why eight more years i
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take the country in the wrong direction. that i think is a debate strategy. steve: what would you say to him to get his act together? alex: i don't think you can apply for that job. hilary: yeah. when you look at donald trump platform, he positions himself as a populist. he has a very traditional republican doctrinaire platform. it is tax cuts for the wealthy, to eliminate the estate tax, ban immigration, anti-choice, anti-lgbt writes, climate change is a hoax. he has had trouble consolidating the republican base because he has been focused on those sorts of things.
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conversely i think from , hillary's perspective, people are talking possibly too much about her personality, her issues and the like. when you pull the american people on the issues, like the ones i just named, you get 60% agreement with hillary's positions than trump's positions. whether or not it ends up being about issues is beyond, but when you think it might be -- for the last two days we've been talking about donald trump's treatment of women and if he is fat shaming girls. i have a 17-year-old daughter and i'm horrified by this conversation. donald trump must have a man mirror. i look fantastic today. [laughter] that is a man mirror. i would rather talk about it in
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-- and i know hillary would rather talk about actually, the affordable care act equalized health care for women. childcare is an issue. instead we talk about whether girls are too fat. it is appalling. steve: are you surprised the moderator, lester holt, did you expect e-mails, goldman sachs in benghazi to come up in future rounds? how do you think that will -- hilary: i am sure they will. he objectively lost every opportunity to push on her. i don't think goldman sachs -- what is he going to attack her for her wealth, i don't think so. [laughter] e-mails, i thought her answer was great. it was short and sweet. he did not hit much beyond that. i think whatever problems, and i
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would be curious on alex's view, and i can't believe this guys helping trump. i love him so much. close friends for a long time. steve: do you remain friends? alex: we will see about another few weeks. hilary: with donald trump there are 1000 things to go at. with hillary there is sort of one. alex: i have a longer list. hilary: we had one issue with e-mails playing over a thousand times. we have a thousand issues playing once. i am in marketing, imagine the impression. steve: let me get alex a chance to talk about the targets of hillary. you wrote a great line. i want to ask a you square all this. we're all friends. you wrote, if you're angry and alone you are more likely to be a trump voter. if you have to declare your support at your child's third-grade class picnic if becoming embarrassing. you are now embracing donald trump and overcoming that difficulty and embarrassment. tell us about the journey and about the target you think hillary represents.
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alex: isn't that inconvenient when you write something, it lasts forever. >> you have evolved. alex: my candidates lost in the primary. donald trump won. as republicans we need to learn something from that. at the end of the day i have a binary choice. if someone can tell me this election is not urgent, that it does not matter, that we can let the country continued to drift along in the same direction for four or eight more years, i might consider other options. there are a lot of republicans willing to let this election pass. i don't think we can do that because i do think it matters. i do think that $20 trillion debt, a world that seems to be dissolving, the center does not hold, the metastasizing threat
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coming to our shores increasingly. and we seem to be unable to do that. a weaker country, the less optimistic country. we are losing faith in the future and i don't become -- i don't want to become europe. it is too far down the road to turn back. my great hope and belief is that donald trump will be the -- not necessarily the future of the republican party as and this is the beginning of a new direction, but i do hope is the turnaround ceo who comes in here, cleans up the books, fires the people who need to be fired, and he is good at that. then stopped our competitors from kicking sand in our face. steve: i have to go a little deeper on that one. alex: i think the idea of bringing a lot of business people in the government and cleaning out the establishment
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in both parties -- i think it's a good idea. [laughter] >> where will he get the revenue? alex: i work for the super pac. hilary: do you think once donald trump is controlling the government people pay taxes to it? alex: i think anyone to bring up -- [applause] alex: i am sure you pay more taxes than you have to. hilary: i'm sure i pay more taxes than donald trump. alex: i don't think you do. who in the audience -- that's a great idea to pay more taxes than you are required to by law. since we are going to talk about corruption, why do we talk about the corrupt empire of the clinton foundation, the clinton global initiative, speeches? steve: short form, what with the targets the of hillary clinton's? hillary said there was one. i think --
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alex: loading on more negatives onto hillary clinton about our -- about her dishonesty, which the american people have made judgment about and rightly so, about her lack of character in that sense. the self-serving aspect of her quest for political power. i don't think you can burn down the same house twice. if you keep making those arguments, you may hold her where she is but i don't think that necessarily locks the election. -- unlocks the election. she is more of the same. nothing will change. don't we deserve something a little better than this? shouldn't we take a shot at opening up this economy, not closing it? growing the america economy instead of washington's?
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steve: i would ask you one the question each. one of the things i have been hearing more and more is that because of bernie sanders the challenge, the things that come up, the terrain in the country seems to have changed. a lot of people think they know hillary clinton. can hillary be hillary if she wins? will she be able to maintain the level of international engagement? what has happened with bernie sanders challenge and whatnot changed that? i'm interested if hillary can be hillary. hilary: for 15 or 20 years she was one of the top two or three most admired women in the world. it was only when she actually sought political power for herself that all of a sudden no, no, go away. we don't like you anymore. [applause] we don't like you anymore. she hasn't changed. i do think the perception of whether or not it is ok for her to be unapologetically and a pantsuit seeking power -- let me finish. then you can trash me.
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i do think she has a kind of broad-based optimistic view of our engagement in the world. alex said the country is feeling dismal. the most optimistic population in the country are 15 to 30-year-olds. if they want to measure ourselves by the way the children feel, we should feel we are on the right track. that doesn't mean there isn't a lot to fix whether or there aren't a lot of people left behind, but there is a significant number of people -- opportunities that hillary has thought about engaging in and doing that will be useful. the other interesting thing is -- alex: you two should have a show together. hilary: most of mainstream republicans don't like donald trump, and hillary clinton was
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pretty well-liked by republicans when she served in the senate. i think you will find in president clinton somebody that republicans want to work with, want to get things done -- alex: is bill coming back? steve: last question for you. we have paul ryan open this morning and speaker ryan was here. a lot of policy details when on -- a lot of policy details went on and you cannot help but think, wow, their strategy is just a hold out. is the republican party, say it loses under donald trump, or let's say it wins, can you imagine republican party being something paul ryan might be able to ride in four years or will it break up? what is going to happen in your party? alex: in many ways we are healthier than the democratic party. we just -- the party establishment to stick a wonderful shellacking. we got our brains beat out.
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we put up 16 of our best and brightest, and an outsider like donald trump mows us down like a weed wacker. that is how hollow empty our party was. when you to learn something from -- we need to learn something from that and we are seeing a new generation my paul ryan come in and talk about freedom and republican principles in a different way. and offering different arguments. should we keep doing things the old way? or should we open up this economy for everybody? should we grow the economy naturally, bottom-up, organically? should we grow it top-down, politically and artificially from washington? should we open up education or keep it closed the way it is? do we want two great parents down the street being barack and michelle obama. why don't we give every american that choice? democrats can go there. they are the top down, closed party. there is a better republican
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party coming. that is the party that i think if donald trump is working with them, they will surround and support him. either way this election we are going to need a republican party that actually can express its police have been the country in a better place. democrats have nothing but the old-time argument, the old closed system, factory-like government. hilary: newt gingrich will be in charge. rudy giuliani and newt gingrich. that is the trump government. you have no doubt about their advocacy but you see real candor. and i want to thank you for your candor. >> house speaker paul ryan says
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he is sick and by donald trump's crude comments about women revealed in a video from 2005. in a statement, speaker ryan says he will no longer be attending a festival in new hampshire -- in wisconsin. in his statement, the speaker said -- i am sickened by what i heard today. be championed and revered and not object if i. i hope mr. trump treats the situation with the seriousness that it deserves. the meantime, he is no longer attending tomorrow's event in wisconsin. in a later statement, donald trump's vice presidential candidate said he will take his place in wisconsin. new jersey govern


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