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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  November 6, 2016 11:39am-1:40pm EST

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nevada, a state where republicans hoping for a pickup with the retirement of the democratic leader, senator harry reid. what is your assessment of that race? jennifer: that has been an interesting race. the republican joe heck has been doing well. when the access hollywood take came out he walked away from trump. he unendorsed him. that angered a lot of republicans in the state which did not help him. yesterday he seemed to change course again, which i'm not sure is a winning proposal. the hispanic voters will make the difference. they are going to turn out to vote. democrats have a very strong ground game. republicans who are accountable -- uncomfortable for voting for heck have a place to go. they have the option to vote for none of the above. i think democrats hold the seat. steve: jennifer duffy from the cook political report, an
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assessment on the senate races to watch on tuesday. thank you as always for your time. jennifer: thanks a lot. >> a full day of campaign events on c-span. in a few minutes vice president joe biden will campaign for hillary clinton in scranton, pennsylvania. thisd trump in iowa afternoon. later today president obama in orlando, florida. all live today here on c-span. trump and clinton campaigns still trying to sway undecided voters with some new ads and web videos. let's take a look. >> trump's to ban muslims from entering the u.s. starts out with firestorm. the shockwaves global, political and financial. the largest series of raids to
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hit the u.s. this year. trump saying he would allow russia to run roughshod over the east europeans. .onald trump will win he is the apparent victor by less than 1%. i'm also honored to have the greatest temperament that anybody has. cramp out of them. this guy so hit hard his head will spin. issue in this campaign is the temperament of donald trump.
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more reason for more people to doubt whether he has the basic temperament. i want to be unpredictable. he fundamentally lacks the knowledge character and temperament. he is like a bowl who charges without thinking of the consequences. >> our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you .or the american people through the global special
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interests they partner with these people that don't have your good in mind. the political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same -- the last -- massive illegal immigration. establishment has brought to the destruction of our factories and jobs. it's a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have and puter working-class that money into pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities. stopnly thing that can
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this corrupt machine is you. the only force strong enough to save our country is us. the only people brave enough to vote out this corrupt establishment is you the american people. peopleng this for the and the movement and we will take back this country for you and we will make america great again. i'm donald trump and i approve this message. >> in scranton, pennsylvania. we are just a couple minutes away. joe biden is going to come out to speak to the crowd campaigning in his hometown weekend on behalf of hillary clinton. several surrogates out on the campaign trail in
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these final days before the election. we saw some of the security agents make their way out there. we think this event is about start soon. love coverage here on c-span. -- live coverage here on c-span.
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>> we are waiting for vice
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president joe biden to address this hometown rally in scranton, pennsylvania. today comingerage up at 1:00. it's donald trump in iowa and president obama in orlando florida life this afternoon here on c-span at about 3:30. yesterday we saw jeff sessions visit with volunteers and importers of mr. trump in new hampshire. let's show you some of that while we wait for the vice president.
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>> my ninth grade social studies teacher had us do an assignment where we picked a candidate for the election. i had no idea who to pick. we had to be prepared for a debate. a 14-year-oldwas and for 14 years the child of a single mother who even though
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she worked relentlessly in the service industry needed social programs to survive literally. even though i was someone who lived in federally subsidized housing and went to public schools and always qualified for free lunch and even though i apparently had a deep concern for the environment that i didn't even know i had at the time i somehow still didn't know how to pick. current me looks back and think scott should have been an easy decision. i realized i had a lot to learn. i started researching policies and platforms. i realized i didn't know anything about these candidates that i chose. i went from someone who had no clue who to choose to someone who is emotionally invested in the result. i don't think i have ever gotten .ver
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[applause] the point is i was 14 years old when i realized that i was a democrat. when i realized that my moral fiber was not built on every man for himself but it was built on moving towards the common good and trying to benefit as many as possible. [applause] i went on to finish what i like to think was a pretty great education from the scranton school district. [applause] then i needed help again when i wanted to go to penn state university. ien though my twin sister and worked really hard we graduated
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in the top of our class. we know it would not have been try to go together if it was not for federal loans and grants that we qualified for. [applause] we will be forever grateful to those programs existed. and now 16 years after that social studies assignment i teach in that district. i live in that city. my husband coaches football at that high school. [applause] we even got our wedding pictures taken there. not a joke. that's how much we love it. we really love this community. i appreciate the diversity in our schools every day. [applause]
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i get emotional when i look at my students all different races and backgrounds and my young girls sometimes insecure and obsessed with their looks and their bodies. president whot a makes white supremacists feel like they can come out of the shadows. [applause] we cannot elect someone that tells these little girls that it is ok to demean women by their looks and joke about sexual assault. [applause] we can't.
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i know in my heart when our social studies books are obama, viceresident president obama, hillary clinton and so many of our democratic leaders will be on the right side of history. [applause] and that's why on tuesday i will vote up and down the ballot. to the party that fights for women's rights and children. [applause] for the lgbt community and criminal justice reform. i will vote for the party that wants to actually try to slow down climate change and doesn't joke about it being a hoax made up why china.
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[applause] believe in 2016i have to clear that up. perhaps i will vote for the party who supports public education and teachers and wants to make college more affordable. [applause] important.s and probably most importantly i will vote for the party that will support the nomination of supreme court justices that want to preserve and extend the progress we've made and not turn back the clock and start taking people's rights away. [applause] i know that i'm probably a little more passionate than most people especially my age even
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though i try to get them going. when i listen to our democratic leaders i feel something. i really feel something. though the other side tries to convince us the world is collapsing around us and everyone is equal, i don't feel that. when i tell my students every day when they are panicking. i whispered everything is going to be ok. i promise. i know that sounds cheesy but i really do think that. make sure we elect people that also feel that way. we need to stay positive. stronger together. [applause]
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we need to elect these incredible people you have heard today. we in pennsylvania need to send katie mcginty to the u.s. senate. [applause] we need to continue the progress that president obama and vice wesident biden have made and need to be the party that makes history. again. and elect hillary rodham clinton next president of the united states. [applause] so please keep it going. introducing who will hopefully be our next u.s. senator, katie mcginty. [applause]
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>> give it up for crystal. how wonderful a job. [applause] we know our public school teachers are great and crystal just showed us it's true. [applause] i don't know anybody from johnson college in the crowd? anybody? somebody told me johnson college. we work. i think that's a good thing. just i country doesn't and consume stuff. a great country builds and makes stuff. in thishat happens great institution. go johnson college. [applause]
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i do want to know. this is just the warm-up act. anybody ready to get out there to work, fight and win? [applause] because we have a job to do. i think we are about making history in this commonwealth and i don't know about you but i'm excited to welcome madam president on tuesday. [applause] and you know i have a special request because when we are shattering that glass ceiling in the white house will you join me in shattering that ceiling in the united states senate as well? [applause] because i'm kind of fired up i think it's time to send editor pat toomey packing. [applause]
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we know that our mission is urgent. we can't lose this election. we can't lose. you think about what's on your heart. what's on your mind. urgent things like we know every child deserves a decent education. here's the code is not your destiny. [applause] it's urgent because it's on the ballot. we have to vote. we know it's urgent that are senior citizens have paid for and earned social security. [applause] street to me wants to hand it over to wall street and privatize social security. are we going to let him?
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we are not. but it's urgent. it's on the ballot. anybody here part of a great union? a union that the middle class in this country and built this country. the right to organize and collectively bargain is on the ballot. here's what we know. in this country it's not about a handout and it's not about your pedigree. it's about your grid, your perseverance. this country is about a basic bargain. if you work hard to get ahead. that's why it is urgent that we move now to increase the minimum wage, make sure people are paid a living wage. and how about if we know that equal pay for equal work is not a women's issue. a family issue. it's urgent. we will fight for it and we will win.
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and the supreme court is a grabs and we know that every right and privilege we hold dear is on the ballot and in the balance. that's why it is urgent. we have to move, we have to work, we have to win. we know for sure that freedom isn't free. i'm looking at people who deeply respect those who put it on the line for this country. i'm looking at people who genuinely stand for our veterans and honor our veterans. and shame on pat toomey. he hase but seven times voted against our veterans. it is urgent. it's on the ballot. here's what i think we know in our hearts and souls. issues are uphose for grabs.
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what's really at stake in this election is something bigger. soul of thist and country is on the ballot on tuesday. basic human decency is on the ballot on tuesday. anybody here happened to catch michelle obama's speech in new hampshire? [applause] she was speaking for me and saying this is not the new normal in our politics. we do not accept what we have and seeing unfolding in the presidential race. that's not what this country is about. she said she was shaken to her core. here's the deal. the other side knows that, too. all to be shaken
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into submission. but we have to be shaken into action. we have to move. we have to act. we have to be shaken into action. absolutely. that reminds me of the passage in the bible where jesus comes into the temple and he sees the merchant in the temple and he shows righteous rage because the temple had been to filed by those merchants. we see our body politic defiled by donald trump. donald trump is a fraud. he is a fraud. [applause] and we won't have it. when we see a donald trump insult a gold star family that made the ultimate sacrifice for this country, we are shaken to our core and we are shaken to take action. as a mom of three teenage
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daughters i will tell you, when i hear him back -- brag about abusing women, we are certainly shaken and we are shaking into action. that is not the new normal. that will not stand. [applause] and now folks if donald wants to say he will accept the results -- results of this election only if you with, if you says he's going to take down our democracy, it's our democracy and we will not let him drag it down or destroyed. -- destroy it. [applause] what of our senator pat toomey? has he been standing up and manning up to donald trump? no.
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hasave seen somebody who manned up to donald trump and her name is hillary clinton. [applause] pat toomey says he is still waiting to be persuaded. [laughter] that he hasn't heard enough. [laughter] he says he's got disagreements with donald trump. well now isn't that dainty and delicate? [laughter] here's what we know. we are not fooled. he's not waiting to be persuaded. he's waiting for the next poll. it's spineless. it is lack of courage, lack of character. it's time that we send pat toomey packing. [applause]
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but we do know this. in politics the definition of courage and character is doing what's right even if it might cost you some votes. and that is the test that pat toomey has failed. pat wallink about his votingey with against taking action against the chinese when they don't play by the rules and they take out companies and market and jobs, a lot of good people have lost their jobs because of pat toomey. it's time for pat toomey to lose his job. [applause] here's what we do know. we are blessed in this country.
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who have never failed a test of courage and character. we might just have one of those leaders with us here today. we have leaders who stand up and do what's right regardless of personal cost. but theynow about you don't come better than our vice president joe biden. [applause] up early ond stood and stood for women and led the againstor the violence women act. that was joe biden who got that done. [applause] and joe biden who partnered up with this guy named barack obama and boy did they save this economy from the brink of ruin and bring this economy back. [applause]
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a joe biden is leading the charge against a demon disease. the moonshot to take on, to cure cancer. to lift this country up for good purpose and get it done. [applause] if anybody can get it done in sarah vice president joe biden. i think right now i'm done. let's welcome joe biden. [applause] ♪ mr. biden: folks, it's good to be almost in my old home. it's good to be home with so many friends. crystal, i don't know where
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crystal is. i have been crisscrossing the country this campaign. i think i have done more events for hillary than anybody has. i met a lot of really qualified people. you know when i was sitting back there listening to crystal she captured the essence of what this is about. my instinct is to say ditto i agree with that. [applause] really. mayor cartwright, congressman -- congressman joe kennedy, a great friend. keep an eye on joe kennedy. he's going to be your president someday. [applause] friend bobby casey. there's two days left. not hyperbole. it all may come down to pennsylvania. not a joke.
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the two places in pennsylvania that will determine the outcome are going to be scranton, wilkes-barre and pittsburgh. they are the places we have to do well. as you can tell from katie, home is where your character is etched. where your values are set. where your view of the world and your place in it begins to form. did wasg that crystal she touched the first introducer i have heard who has touched the core of what this election is about. it's about the character of the nation. that's not hyperbole. it's about the character of the nation. i travel all over the world. i have met every major world leader in the last 35 years. their all of them now by
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first names. not because i'm important. because that's the job i do. over a million miles just as vice president to speak for the president. i'm the guy who gets sent to finalize every deal with foreign leaders. there is nothing missed between the cup and the lid. at is whatre looking is our character? , we spend more on our military then the next eight nations in the world combined. katie is right about this generation of warriors. my son was one of them. my son volunteered to be in kosovo as a civilian. [applause] mr. biden: my son came home a
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decorated war hero before he passed away. that's also what i learned at 2446 north washington avenue. and from my grandfather finnegan. my moms four brothers. they also went. one died. two came back wounded. they served. it was all about the character. it wasn't just the rest of the world doesn't look to the united of the example of our power. they look to us for the power of our example. think about it. the reason why my irish ancestors came, your polish, vak, the reason they came to the valley is a thought who we were as americans -- this is not a joke.
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i haven't said this before in this campaign. crystal made me think about it. they came because of who we are. grandpop'st my kitchen table that money doesn't determine your worth. everybody is your equal. these are real lessons i learned here in scranton. i learned from my mom. she used to say, look at me joey. en.e me your word as a bid remember, you are defined by your courage and you were redeemed by your loyalty. to me that's scranton. that's how i grew up.
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dad that theremy wasn't a single thing -- we didn't have any money. my dad really honest to god believed there wasn't anything i couldn't be. anything my brothers and my sisters couldn't be. he meant it or it nothing. a single thing i wasn't capable of. anything could be accomplished. the measure of your character was not whether you got not down but how quickly you got up. look at the valley, man. how often we have been knocked down. how many times. determination. get back up. it is sort of the hallmark. i go all over america and around the world even though i haven't lived in scranton since i was a kid.
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i am literally referred to as the guy from scranton. [applause] because in this valley there is a value set. they did a study. ivy league schools did a study just a year ago. what is the most upwardly mobile city in america? scranton, pennsylvania. [applause] you know why? it's not because we are wealthy. the power and wealth we had at the turn of the 20th century doesn't exist. scranton andin wilkes-barre, the valley, you really do treat people by their worth. one of the reasons why with
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crystal and katie mcginty, they the single thing my dad spoke about most. i have said this for the last 35 years. you have heard me say it in the setting -- senate. he used to say the greatest sin that anybody could commit was the abuse of power. haseconomic abuse of power existed in this valley in the late 1800s and the turn-of-the-century. my great-grandfather was the first irish catholic elected to the state senate from scranton. [applause] they ran against him in 1904 and accused him of being a mollie maguire.
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he wasn't but as we got older we kind of hoped he had in. all kidding aside, think about the struggles of the valley. what have they always been all about? about dealing all with the abuse of power. whether it was the formation of unions or just demanding to be treated with dignity and equality. at myhing i learned father and grandfather's table was reinforced by my neighbors and friends i grew up with in scranton. i came back here all the time until i was 31-year-old. most holidays, my friends. up to kick off hillary's campaign she asked me whether i would introducer to a town she already knew. off the record stop
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after 3000 people at a rally. riverfront. i said, why don't you come to my old house on north washington avenue. the woman who owns that house has owned it for 51 years. i called and said is it ok for me to bring hillary by? [laughter] so i did. you may have seen that on television. i wanted to get her a taste and feel for who we are. a reminder so that she knows in her gut who she is. grandpop worked at the lace mill. that wasn't easy work, man. her dad went to penn state and played football. i was able to take her literally back to the kitchen table were
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after 10:30 mass at st. paul's, all the men including tommy phillips who was the lead article reporter in this city for i don't know how many years -- my grandpop worked at the newspaper. all the men would sit around the kitchen table and the women would go in and around the lace tablecloth in the dining room having tea and the men would argue politics and sports. you weren't allowed to sit if you are a young guy. when you got around 15 years old you could hang around. it's where i learned so much. i learned about pride. independence. resilience. scranton but scranton
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never ever left me. [applause] that.den: and i mean i mean this. was as seared into my consequence as it has been yours. everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. by 11. can be defined i get criticized for saying this but when the president of china asked me to define america i said i can do find it in one word. possibilities. [applause] that's the scranton i was raised in. that's the america i know. that's the america that hillary all ofie and bobby and us are fighting to try and preserve. [applause]
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i'm being deadly earnest now. it's an america that i don't think donald trump knows or understand. forget whether he's a good guy or bad guy. i don't think he knows. i don't think he understands it. i don't think he understands our aspirations. what really bothered me in the campaign for vice president the second time around -- he's a good guy. the present speaker of the house i ran against for vice president. he's a decent man. i remember him saying in the debate, i worked in a mcdonald's. and i had dreams. black kid or hispanic kid or that irish catholic kid didn't have the same dreams. somehow these guys don't think we dream and aspire like they do.
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i know it has been remarked upon how strongly i feel about donald trump's references and stated treatment of women. maybe that's because i spent my whole career fighting against that abuse of power. my dad used to say the cardinal sin of all sins was for a man to raise his hand to a woman. sin of allcardinal things. that makes you a coward. [applause] mr. biden: i spent the bulk of my life running percent it -- i got elected as a 29-year-old kid running on the issue of equal rights amendment. [applause] that's because all the women i knew in my family, my grandmother, my mother, my
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sister. they are all strong powerful independent women. fighting for the dignity of women was no more than fighting for the dignity of the country. this is not for applause. i'm absolutely determined and have been my whole life that my sister who has managed everyone of my campaigns but is literally not figuratively smarter than me. we went to the same university. be three years apart. now it's 30. my sister graduated honors. i graduated. [laughter] mr. biden: even back then when i graduated everybody still thought that i could be president, i could be ceo. i could be anything. my sister who did better than i -- taking the same courses there's two things. why don't you go into nursing which is a noble profession or
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education? not why don't you go out and become president. not why don't you become the ceo of pepsi-cola or a major corporation. there was this thing. and i was determined and still am and katie is and clearly hillary is that my sister, my daughters, my granddaughters. i have four. they can aspire to be anything that my sons or grandsons could possibly do. [applause] mr. biden: anything. any single thing in the world. there's not a single thing they cannot do. not one. not one. that's the america i see. and donald trump is blind to that america. toomey, says he's
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uncomfortable with trumps denigration and abuse of women. he'snot so much that prepared to walk away from him, though. can you imagine katie mcginty the ninth of 10 kids if god for bid we ever had a democratic candidate who said and acted that way about women, can you imagine her standing with them for one new york second? no matter what it cost? this is not a joke. can you imagine it? even if it meant she would lose the election. that's character. katie is the real deal. she really is. this town -- you are stealing my line about a basic bargain. i have been talking about a basic bargain for the last eight years. there used to be one.
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if you contributed to the welfare of the enterprise you worked with you got to benefit in the outcome. that doesn't exist anymore. in this town you all believe in that basic bargain and fought like hell to make sure it sticks. but not for trump. s, forl scrantonian everyone in the valley think about voting for trump, i ask you think about your mother and your father. think about your brandmom and your grandpop. think about miners and mechanics to people who are washing dishes and diners. inc. about it. think about how much they cared about them getting a decent wage. says andump says -- he he believes, he says american workers wages are too high. anybody in the valley thinking of voting for this guy.
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no matter what you think of hillary. american workers, their wages are too high. pat toomey says it's ok for women to live in poverty making the minimum wage and men. they don't deserve a raise. federal minimum wage. finnegan iser rolling in his grave when donald trump says i don't pay any federal income tax, that makes me smarter than you. finnegan came out here -- oh god. god forgive me. bless me father for i have sinned. [laughter] [applause] mr. biden: i'm a lawyer.
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i said if we were in high school. pat toomey i think is a more decent guy. but he -- he has already voted. this is not pretending. we're not making this up. he has already voted for a republican budget to pass the house the cuts billions of dollars in additional taxes. the vast majority going to the wealthy. and outside groups would raise taxes for the middle class to sustain it. why? because they really believe this stuff. they really believe that the more you give to the wealthy the more the economy will grow. notwithstanding that that's the very philosophy that drove us into the greatest recession we've had in the history of america short of the depression. that's not all the people i grew up with. that's not all the people who
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know what a struggle is to buy a house. -- he saidthe debate he rooted for the housing crisis. because it was good business. here's the part he doesn't get. he doesn't get that it's not about house. it's about a home. ins about being able to live a neighborhood where you can send your kid to a local park and know they are going to come home safe. it's about doing able to send your kid to a local high school and if they do well they can get to college. if they get there somehow you will find a way to get them there. it's about being able to own your own home and the security that rings to a family. it's like a cocoon. it is so much more than a house.
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it's home. and about being able to take care of your elderly parents he rooted for the housing crisis because it is good business. that he saided out global warning, the concept of global warming, created by the chinese in order to make u.s. manufacturers not competitive. role ofwent on to say human activity is by much disputed and unsettled. he is not quite sure that galileo got it right with gravity. [laughter] vice president biden: obviously,
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not educated in scranton. [applause] vice president biden: one of the most startling studies done by the united states military is that climate change is a growing threat to our national security. that is what the joint chiefs of climate change is a threat to our national security. have tens of thousands of , particularlyng in the south pacific and asia. millions of people having to thereand the reason why is all that chaos in africa is because of the drought, the able land, causing
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chaos you see in central africa. saidd trump, donald trump if he is elected, cap economy he would cut taxes another $9.5 trillion over 10 years. that looksde group at this proposal says it is not -- that is not partisan, says that means either a $9.7 trillion growth in the national debt or you would have to cut federalverything in the government, including social security, medicare, education ticket the debt from rising over $9 trillion. where are these guys from? look, there are only two days left. there is so much at stake. for scranton, the valley, pennsylvania, the country.
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because of the grit and determination of you, and the people in my hometown, and will towilmington, we have gone recovery, significant resurgence. other economy any in the world combined. wages beginning to rise 3%, actual wages. the last quarter the economy grew 3%. we took office and the unemployment rate was 10%. it is now below 5%. hillary gets this. she grew up in the same neighborhoods you did. tethys. she grew up in the same neighborhoods you did, except in philly. as my uncle would , but to sainte u
12:34 pm
joe's. [applause] vice president biden: and then she went to a law school. -- [applause] vice president biden: there are two things you need to know about katie. one, she has a backbone and, to, she is smart. those are the things you need to know. [laughter] vice president biden: document giving people a fighting chance to reestablish the middle class. thating a tax-cut concentrates wealth at 1%. know hownd katie both to grow our economy. by increasing tax credits for childcare. capping childcare costs. in pennsylvania, the average cost is $14,700.
12:35 pm
by making 12 makes of medical --ve paid medical leave area medical leave. you know anybody who can make it ? i don't. by making sure women earn equal pay. these are policies that economists say would increase the number of women in the workforce by 500000 and grow the economy by 9%. it would grow the economy by 9%. [applause] vice president biden: but they also know in order to continue to take advantage of this resurgence we need the most modern infrastructure in the world. and the best educated public in the world. right now, our transportation sector -- when he said that laguardia is a third world airport?
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every airport in america, they listed the worst, laguardia. not me. but because you have a good governor there, he is spending billions of dollars to change the whole deal. but what are we doing in washington? used to be, republican senators and representatives were focused on infrastructure. knows what my wife, jill, knows. one of which is that any country that out educates us will outcompete us. know --oes anybody you these beautiful children here, do you think it is possible for aem to make it would just inadequate education? right now, six out of 10 jobs, right now, require more than a
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high school degree. ladies and gentlemen, they have got a plan. colleges and state university free. and help me on that. beyond that. [applause] vice president biden: and now the president and i want to make sure all trinity college for anybody is free. increase the numbers from 6 million to 9 million. it would increase the gdp. money, ands cost they say we are expanding democrats. single,or every solitary, the of this. let me give you an example. my financial disclosure as vice president, as my wife says, you can google it,
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on the front page of washington post, it said it is probable no man has ever assumed the vice presidency with your assets than joe biden. [laughter] vice president biden: i assume they were not talking intellectual. and i made a promise. i did not want any conflict. i said i will not own any stock or bond. i will never have any business relationship with any entity as long as i served area and i will not accept any honorarium. remainme in for, and i -- well, you gave it a great salary. i am way better off. [applause] vice president biden: right after we won, the president said a lot of you made sacrifices. a great deal of money to come into the administration. and he looked down at me and said, except joe. the only one getting a raise. [laughter] vice president biden: here is
12:39 pm
the point. i will give you one example. stepped-up basis means you go out and buy a million dollars of stock and it accrues over the next four years. pentax on, yet the the billion dollar gain you made , but at a lower rate than your income tax. hit by aernment you're truck, and he goes to your son or daughter, the ghost inheritance tax. , now they are good people. these so-called trust fund babies. they are already very wealthy. the last thing they need is another tax-cut from congress. and you know how much that costs? because the government $17 billion a year. with one tax-cut i can help every single person in community college, and cut the deficit by
12:40 pm
another $11 million. [applause] vice president biden: the last one i want to make is about the candidates. and, the senator katie is running against, there cut from the same cloth politically in terms of philosophy. never ask yourself why? -- have you everest yourself why? they call this the most offensive senate race in american history. expensive senate race in american history. million.s $158 why so much money from the koch nrothers and others to malig katie? if you landed from mars and wanted to know why they spend so much money trying to defeat this woman, it is because they are
12:41 pm
scared to death. if she wins, all of what they be -- theyl in fact know she will not bend. she will not yield. she will not give in to pressure. katie understands there are certain things worth losing over. [applause] folks,esident biden: so, here is the deal. we have so much potential. the thing that i think bothers trump, way he comes down america. dumbs down america, not just his attitude towards folks were i come from. he talks about us, america being in decline. i challenge you, i challenge the press, find one national or
12:42 pm
international poll that says the united states of america is not the most respected nation in the world. finally one. -- find me one. [applause] vice president biden: number union,ina, the european they are the patch on our genes. we want them to do well. does anybody feel threatened by japan? remember in the late 80's, they were supposed to own us? eu, 384 formed the million people. raise your hand if you're worried about the eu. and china, i want them to do well, but guess what, folks, china not only does not have enough energy and we have enough for the remainder of the century , they don't have enough energy,
12:43 pm
they're putting together plans for $2 trillion project to turn the rivers around and flow in a different direction because they do not have enough water for the people. a significant portion of their agricultural land has been polluted. folks, china? a single major technological breakthrough that was not made in america last 25 years. telling her that is. ladies and gentlemen, we are so well positioned, we are the epicenter of energy for the 21st century, the greatest research universities in the world, more than the rest of the world combined, venture capitalists that are agile and no investments, and the most intellectual property and the best workers in the world. so, folks, this is our time. this is america's time.
12:44 pm
we are in better shape than ever and we only generation, my generation, the baby boomers, now outnumbered by the millennials, the most talented, most educated generation in american history. this is not a joke. [applause] folks, wedent biden: are already great. oh my god, we have so much potential. imagine. imagine. americangle moment being powered by renewable energy for the next 10 years. imagine every kid in america with the potential to go to college regardless of their zip code. imagine being able to fly from new york to london at hypersonic speed in less than three hours. imagine, what is happening right now in our hospitals, medical science, 3-d printers that are actually
12:45 pm
printing the skin that can go on traumatic burns. printers on the leverage of printing body parts for organ transplant. computers making billions of calculations per second. you, more promise than anything else i've ever said, within the next 10 years, the next five years, we will change cancer as we know it. will be curing millions of people. [applause] vice president biden: and these guys are telling us -- just imagine the possibilities. for america, anything is possible we put our mind to it. we are america, we do not scare easy. wenever break, we endure, move forward, we are america and we will reach the finish line in
12:46 pm
the 21st century. that is what this election is about. so vote. get out the vote. god bless you all and may god protect our turf. america, this is our century. [applause] ♪ own.we take care of our we take care of our own. ♪ we take care of our own. ♪ we take care of our own. ♪ ♪
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♪ [applause] the vice president ramping up in spring, pennsylvania. taking selfies with the crowd. on the phone with
1:12 pm
somebody, maybe talking to a family member. now,coverage continuing taking you out to sioux city i was. sending by for donald trump to get underway. one of several events yesterday. live coverage will continue as soon as mr. trump get started. hour and 15 minutes from now we expect president obama to campaign for hillary clinton in orlando, florida. we'll have that for you right here on c-span. yesterday, republican senator jeff sessions met with some volunteers and supporters of donald trump in new hampshire. let's show you some of what the senator did and said while we are waiting for the trump campaign rally.
1:13 pm
[car honking] >> face this way. [laughter] >> this way. >> are you ok?
1:14 pm
>> i've got it. [people talking] sen. sessions: hey there, good to see you. [applause] >> high. nice to see you. >> how about my man? senator, everybody was everybody has been here. the list goes on. sen. sessions: i would be
1:15 pm
honored. you are now famous for the first time in your life. thank you so very much. >> welcome to new hampshire. sen. sessions: great to be with you. >> we're going to do pictures. hi there.ons: >> this is a local senator. we are from mississippi. and we came all the way here. mine whood friend of went to high school with her. you have stuck with the guy from the very beginning, and i cannot say how very proud i am of you.
1:16 pm
you are not quite dressed for this weather, are you? sen. sessions: no. >> how are you doing? [laughter] >> look at that. >> wow. [laughter] high, rebecca. >> i am sorry. >> we would like to thank everybody for coming out. >> thank you. >> you guys are doing great, you are good. >> thank you so much.
1:17 pm
>> what are we going to do with this crowd? are you in charge? we're going to do pictures, a couple of speeches. >> folks, if we can all bring it in. he will say a few words. >> ok. [laughter] sen. sessions: liston, it is a real privilege to be here. i have an old friend, a great conservative right with him from the beginning. have himlly excited to
1:18 pm
here today from alabama. not quite dressed appropriately, but we will keep him warm. a great night on tuesday, thank you. i will let senator sessions a a couple of words. sen. sessions: thank you all for coming here and working. probably the best organized state in the nation. you work hard, knocking on doors, making phone calls, a lot of work. a close civic -- turning a close election to victory. that is where i think we are heading, don't you? >> yes. sen. sessions: this is a people's movement. there are people who have never been engaged in politics before. , and you guysr cannot timmy, -- came up to me, to make a difference. , when i endorsed trump back
1:19 pm
in the early part of the year, i said this was a movement. it was more than a normal lyrical campaign. -- political campaign. i believe that is true. be happy innot washington. it is not for them. the economy as not done well. we have not had the standard of ethics and management we have needed. immigration,tem of a lawful system, not to end immigration. people have been there for 30 years. strong national defense but do not need to be in squabbles around the world where we cannot make a positive difference in. there are a lot of areas of this globe.
1:20 pm
i think donald trump is where we need to be. is a great american patriot, i have got to say. i love this guy and he has set every day what he thought was right and we have discussed it before. ♪ forget the ment who died who do that right to me. and i gladly stand up >> next to you and defend her still today. there ain't no doubt i love this land, ♪ god bless the usa mr. trump: thank you, special place, special people. [applause] so, we really were not supposed to be here. we were not going to come back trump,, they said, mr.
1:21 pm
you have such a lead you don't have to. i said, why don't i have to? i want to go to iowa. why don't i go to iowa? and the incredible leadership that you have in this state, unbelievable. so i want to begin by thanking iowa leaders. the lieutenant governor, kim reynolds. where is kim? and a man i've gotten to know over the years, somebody respected outside of iowa like you would not believe, inside of iowa, so much that he is the longest serving governor in the history of the united states, terry branstad. [applause] mr. trump: by the way, kerry came to my office and was talking to me about trade. and there is nobody who knows more about trade than him. he is on the one thing done with china, he would be a prime
1:22 pm
candidate, he has done so well, so well, for the people of iowa, nobody does it better. congressman steve king, great guy. [applause] mr. trump: great guy. i even liked him when he was endorsing ted area and i still like him. he came around. it took a little while, but he came around. [applause] mr. trump: and a woman who i got to know, she was on a very short list, and she loves the people of iowa. and she felt she needed, it wasn't me, it wasn't me, she felt she needed a little more seasoning. and i said, isn't that refreshing when you hear that from somebody? and she is season because there's nobody doing a better job representing the people than joni ernst.
1:23 pm
[applause] [laughter] >> trump, trump, trump, trump, trump, trump. mr. trump: thank you, very much, incredible people. whatever they run, you have to keep voting. two years, four years, 20 years, you will never do better than them. in today's, can you believe this, we are going to win the great state of iowa. [applause] mr. trump: and we are going to win back the white house. and i want to thank the people of iowa, you opened up your hearts to me, so much,
1:24 pm
incredible, it has been just incredible, i was you the other night with fireworks, everything is always beautiful in iowa. the change begins with immediate repealing and replacing all the obamacare. [applause] mr. trump: they are all saying, please, it is just been announced, the residents of iowa are going to have an massive, double-digit premium hike. i know the number, i will not tell you, i don't say the number, because it is so depressing. happy,ow everyone is having a good time, even of the subject matter is difficult. but we will make it great. but i will say this, obamacare is out of control. in the great state of arizona, premiums going up more than
1:25 pm
115%. i just left arizona. there are very unhappy with what is going on. inr half of the counties iowa are losing obamacare insurers next year. it is honestly not going to matter because we will have a terminated by then. [applause] we win, we will have a terminated. it, andterminate at -- it will be a bad memory. up, companies leaving, doctors are quitting, and deductibles are going through the roof. your deductibles at 15, $16,000. can you believe it? and yet hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare. make it more expensive. far more expensive. i and asking for your vote. so that we can repeal and replace obamacare and save health care for every family in
1:26 pm
iowa and every family in our great country. -- [applause] just member, obamacare, got to get rid of it. that fbilittle doubt director call me and the -- comey and a great evidence collectors in the fbi will collect more than enough evidence. effort, to disparage and discredit the fbi. [applause] trump, trump, trump, trump. if she were to win, it would create an unprecedented
1:27 pm
presidential crisis. we could very well have a sitting president under felony indictment and ultimately a criminal trial. yesterday we learned hillary clinton was sending highly classified information through her made. did you see, just cannot little while ago. came out a little while ago. who had total access to this information, completely jeopardizing the national security of the united states. this is through wikileaks. government that can go to work on day one for the american people. that will be impossible with hillary clinton, the prime suspect in a far reaching investigation. her current scandals and would consider -- continued for a presidency and make it virtually impossible for
1:28 pm
her to govern. let's hope we do not have to think about it. hillary and her special interests would rob our country drive. that is what she is doing great at the heart of our collection is a simple question. should our company -- country be governed by the people or the corrupt political class? we will find a very soon. if we win, politicians and their special interests lose. if we win, the american people, and you understand that, we win. but it's going to happen to the american people? if we win, you will be so happy. our countrye win, is going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. our country is going to start winning again. [applause] mr. trump: it is just that simple.
1:29 pm
speaking at a secret wall street meeting, hillary clinton admitted that she wants to turn medicare and social security -- yours going to destroy social security and medicare. ufc not all over. -- you have seen that all over. [booing] andtrump: social security medicare, you made a deal a long time ago. a long time ago. and i suggest you american workers, the political media elite have no idea what it is like to be living paycheck to paycheck. not knowing whether or not the owners and leaders of the company are negotiating to move their plant and factory to mexico or some other country. and fire them. sometimes it virtually no
1:30 pm
notice, happening all over the place. not going to happen with us, folks. not going to, not going to happen with us. [applause] politicians do not understand what that is like. the media and the political elite do not know the pain and suffering these people are living under. but i figured it out a long time ago. you,is why i am with rather than where i was. i was on the other side. i was on the other side, i understand it well. i understand the other side well. life for many my years on the other side. our country was going bad. our country was going bad, not only in the wrong direction, our country was going bad. and on june 16 of last year, i went from being a true insider to perhaps the ultimate outsider ever.
1:31 pm
ever. i don't know. i think so, right? these people i've known on my life are saying, donald, what happened? we are going to make america great again, that's what happened. you're the people to build our country and we are going to give you the respect that you deserve. hillary is an insider fighting only for herself and her special interest here in i'm an outsider -- and her special interest. fightingutsider for you. i'm not a politician. you, the american people, are my only special interest. that's what i'm doing it for. it's a lot more work than i ever thought. but it is a movement in this country, the likes of which our country has never seen.
1:32 pm
dishonestxtremely they will say there has never been anything like this. this is bigger than bernie sanders. way, may of his people come a believer or not, are coming to our side because they agree with me on trade. they realize how we are being ripped apart on trade. and he should have never made a deal. he sold his soul to the devil when he made that deal. he ruined his legacy. but many of the bernie people are coming over to us because of trade. our stance on trade is tougher and smarter and better than his. but they understand that in the are coming over. the media and the politicians are tried to stop us because they know we will fix the rigged system that has enriched them for so many years, but very much at your expense. spent a life and business
1:33 pm
creating tens of thousands of jobs. i built a great, great company. but i spent a whole life -- i've employed tens of thousands of americans. but when i saw what was happening to our country, i just felt i had to act. i had to act. and i acted. i acted. so that is when i made my move. that's where i made ash that's where we made our move. thank you very much. june 16, famous day, right? do you remember coming down the escalators? oh, boy. but i don't mind being an outsider. i don't mind. this is our last chance, folks. i think the governor would agree with me so much. we have one chance. it's our last chance. it's on tuesday. it's the eighth. it's our last chance.
1:34 pm
some of you have voted -- how many of you have voted? not so -- actually, i like it here because our numbers are looking very good. but i know we still need a lot more people. tuesday is going to be a very good day. becauseour last chance -- and i'm talking is a country -- because it's never going to happen again. never going to happen again. and i was saying it last time, but this time i say it -- we have so many things to do and we can do them, some of them easily . some of it is common sense. there's no common sense. the iran deal, $150 billion going back to iran. and then we are going to give them $400 million in cash, right? turned out0 million to be $1.7 billion.
1:35 pm
terry is looking at me saying that is not possible. $1.7 billion? we could do that -- we could use that in iowa. we could do -- we can do a hell of a job in iowa. 1.7 alien dollars in cash -- $1.7 billion in cash. and obama lied and said it wasn't for the hostages aired but they wouldn't let the hostages go until the money came in. so many lies. lied on obamacare. you can have your doctor. you can have your plan. many democrats who didn't want to approve it approved at based on that lie because it just made it, unfortunately. just madee it. drawing out and voting, nature last chance. last chance to make a country truly truly great again. my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to end
1:36 pm
government corruption and to take back our country from the special interest. want the entire corrupt , otherton establishment than our great congressman over here -- i'm not talking about you, congressman. and am not talking about everybody, but, boy, there are a lot of them. 8, wee win on november are going to drain the swamp. that was an expression -- i tell people i thought that was so hokey. no way i am ever saying that. and then i went before a big group like this and -- by the way, this room is packed and there are thousands of people outside that can't get in, which is amazing. expression, it
1:37 pm
very timidly -- drain the swamp. they like it. then i said it with more energy the next time. and a really liked it. and then a third time, they really, really -- and now people are screaming at me when i'm talking -- drain the swamp. between that and build the wall, these are two expressions. and we will build a wall. so you never know about things, right? i tell the story of frank sinatra. frank sinatra did not like "my way," great song. then he sang it, the audience loved it, saying it again, the audience really loved it. then it went out and became the number one song. all of a sudden, he loved it. it became his favorite songs, just about. the core of my contract is my plan to bring jobs back to our country and to iowa. we are going to bring jobs back.
1:38 pm
our economy's growth is anemic, the worst since the great depression. you don't hear about that. with a plan begins proposal to lower taxes on american business from 35% to 15%. a massive tax cut for the family farm. we are going to further protect her family farmers. going to protect them, like they have never been protected before. honestly. or i would have one big enemy and kerry. and we are going to detect corn-based ethanol. plan whichnton's shut down family farms illumination.
1:39 pm
the miners are going back to work and the steelers are going back to work. will have clean coal. at the miners are going back to work. epawill do this by regulation and by raising taxes, to raise it almost by 50%. hillary also wants to substantially increase the death tax on family farms. it would be nice to leave it to your children. on top of that, her anti-energy agenda will radically drive up the cost of energy. another attack on agriculture, a big, big attack on agriculture. we will include the obama epa inclusion and the job killing regulations that hurt the people of i


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