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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 7, 2016 4:00pm-6:01pm EST

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end. that we'refident going to win. but i also think that anybody who predicts what is going to this election is using a substance that they're trying to legalize on the ballot there of days.le so... look, i'm proud to have been able to -- to have the honor of serving in the united states senate and the house of representatives before that. the people of arizona are the most wonderful on earth. a diverse economy. we have a diverse history. and we have a state that all of proud of. we're proud of our universities. we're proud of our people who the best helicopter on earth out at boeing and the best missiles down at raytheon. and we have our military bases such -- men and women serving in uniform, who are doing a good job serving uniformion in throughout the world. and i'm very honored to have a role as the chairman of the senate armed services
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committee. friends, we live in a world that's on fire. and which, because we've had a insident who believes leading from behind, and when you lead from behind, somebody else leads from in front. and this has been the most disastrous presidency in the history of this country. need to have a majority senate.nited states [cheering] had itatt just said, we once, thanks to the sacrifice in iraq, thanks to the sacrifice of of brave young men and women who were sout south servie property pulled them -- the president pulled them all out. million refugees out of syria, 400,000 slaughtered, and the president stands by and calls them the j.v. my friends, i believe we must majority in the united states senate. and one of the reasons is because there could be as many as three supreme court justices
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who will be in the next four years. we have to have a senate who 4-4 split fromat tilting to the left and making decisions that will harm this decades to come. i believe it's vital that we maintain ourt we majority in the united states senate and frankly those, many are literally too close to call right now. very proud that we've been able to do so much for arizona, whether it be a copper in superior, that are some day going to provide 25% of nation's copper, keeping tucson, when the air force wanted to retire it. f35's are down at the marine corps air station in yuma. also, of course, we have our f35, not only for our air force foreign training of those nations that will have the f35 will be training out there.
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dangerous world. the director of the national intelligence has said there will be further attacks on the united states of america. my friends, i want to remain chairman of the armed services committee because i want to defend the men and women who are serving in this nation in uniform. can doelieve that i that. [applause] if anybody can predict what's going to happen in this election, then i'd like to talk to you, because i've been wrong every single time. but i know this. next tuesday.n and we're gonna win because of the support of the men and women this state, who i have been so proud to serve. but i need you to get out the vote! i need you to get the vote. and i need you to make sure that everybody does vote. [applause] so i began my political career
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are in the east valley as member of congress. and it's been the most rewarding period of my time of public service. and it will probably end up here in the east valley, because this hearts are and when cindy and i first had our here.en and lived so i want to thank all of you. tonight i'm very honored to have of the people that i've grown to admire and respect and have great affection for the past many years. this man ran for governor of the is so liberal, that if you're a conservative, you to admit mitt romney is one of the people honor of had the knowing as governor of competitorts, as a for the nomination of the republican party for president of the united states. and i disagreed in 2008 when i was running against nomination. but we respected each other.
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other.admired each and at the end of the day, in 20u89, we join -- in 2008, we joined together, just as in 2012. he represented the republican with honor and integrity and decency. and think of what the world if mitt romney had been president of the united states in 2012! [applause] and i want to say it's a mark of his friendship and also the kind of person he is, that he's been willing to take the time from his busy schedule and come here to arizona in these last few days to help me out in my campaign. so it is a great honor and privilege for me to to introduco you one of the finest men i have ever known in american politics life, governor mitt romney. [cheering] >> wow! look at this group!
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thank you! wow. know, it's nice to have drums in an audience. makes sure that when you tell a joke, you're sure -- there you go. the cymbals at the end, wonderful. this is a renowned and admirable and extraordinary group. i hope you recognize that. to have people like this representing you in washington home, it's really -- [applause] >> it's an honor to be here. looking out here, feeling the cold win, it's good in fenway [laughter] this is beautiful over here! it's a little cold. beautiful facility you have here, mayor. go?e did he mayor giles, it's really something else. i look back and think, wouldn't nice if john mccain had been elected in 2008 as president of the united states? we'd be in a very different position if that had been the case! heard congressman
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salmon talk about the challenge last seven, eight years. the high cost of health care, that has hit families across this country. the fact that more people in the middle class are being left behind, the fact that there are in america poor today than there were back in when l.b.j. declared the war on poverty, the fact that tryinges in america are to incorporate elsewhere, because we've made it so unattractive to be in this country, the fact that our military is being hollowed out, that russia and china are investing massively in militaries. texas a&m, you look at -- at the same time, you look at what is happening internationally. north africa to russia and the middle east, it's been an awful time for our around the world. i'm reminded of that old joke. a joke about -- when the president went in to cash a
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check at the bank and he didn't have his license. you haven't heard it? look, wer said to him, can't cash a check unless we know exactly who you are. well, what do you want me to do? she said, well, the other day, agassi in here. same problem. putut a target on the wall, his tennis racket -- he banged it. we knew that must be andre agassi. we cashed his check. she said same thing happened mickelson. he put a little cup on the thend, putted that into putt. so we knew that had to be phil mickelson. we cashed his check. can you do?at he said i don't have a clue. said, would you like your cash in 50's or hundreds? [laughter] over these last seven or eight president,ave had a she just hasn't had a clue, when it came time to advancing the
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americas of freedom in and around the world. hasn't had a clue. a positionre in where, once again, we rely on people of experience and like senator john mccain. i don't know who is going to win the presidency. but i know this. whoever wins is going to need somebody who has been to the again east time and time and understands what's going on there, a person who understands what vladimir putin really is, a understands what's happening in asia, the south china sea, a person who understands our military and the of our veterans, a person who understands how america is andhope of millions billions throughout the world. and that man is john mccain! [applause] whoever becomes president is going to need good judgment to people arethe right for the supreme court. whoever becomes president is going to want to have someone work across the aisle, because of all the challenges i just mentioned under president
4:10 pm haven't been of all those challenges, they're unlessng to get overcome republicans and democrats can work together. see, we have this thing called the constitution. and under the constitution, there are checks and balances. i know sometimes it's we don't gethen our own way. but the founders were brilliant sayingelieve inspired in we're gonna have to get americans to work together from two sides of the aisle to make happen. and john mccain has shown that you can have principle and and strength and work with good-minded people on the other side of the aisle to get things done. and the "getmccain it done" attitude in washington before!er [cheering] >> and one more thing. this. mention they are sweeping this country in certain parts, also in europe of the world, a sense of populism, a distrust of institutions. towards government. and that's very understandable, because government has failed so
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again,ople, time and here and other places. but part of that frustration and because people don't have trust in the people who are in government. people ofy needs character and integrity. and i don't know anyone who taller than john mccain when it comes to heroism and and proven integrity. [applause] so i'm going to ask you, if you guys are gonna vote. are you gonna get out and vote? [cheering] i'm gonna ask you if john mccain is a real hero for all of america. [cheering] i'm gonna ask you if he's gonna be elected one more time as the united states senator from arizona. [cheering] and i'm gonna ask you if you're campaign andut and knock on doors and get people out to vote for john mccain! guys!do it, thank you! [cheering] much, governor romney.
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mccain,u, senator senator flake. we are so glad that this is our congressional delegation. ladies and gentlemen, i promise you, as the mayor of arizona, it is critically important that we thern john mccain to senate. it's important for our state. it's important for our community. in working very, very hard the next few days to thingure that the right happens in our community. it's important. volunteer, the sprint to the finish. thing for our community and our great country. thank you for being here! for this great audience! great speakers. let's go win this election! thank you! [drumming] >> nor mccain and his opponent, congresswoman ann kirkpatrick are running several political ahead of election day. here's a look at what voters are seeing in arizona.
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♪[music] >> this election is a choice between two very different candidates. before proudly voting for obamacare, which devastated arizona, liberal ann kirkpatrick refused to face her constituents. away.lked john mccain was given a chance to walk away once, when he was a p.o.w. but mccain chose to stay in a fellowcamp until his soldiers had their chance to go home. john mccain will never turn his us. on >> i'm john mccain and i approve this message. >> what's happened to john mccain? >> he was begging for my endorsement! >> john mccain begged trump for support. then unendorsed trump to save himself. voted john mccain i once for wouldn't have chosen sarah palin or endorsed trump. changed. he cares only about his re-election. i'll never sacrifice my to get ahead. i'm ann kirkpatrick. i approve this message because,
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your senator, i'll tell it to you straight. >> this election matters to you. when you open your health insurance bill and find your doubling, remember that mccain strongly opposes obamacare but kirkpatrick supports it, still calling it her proudest vote. when iran captures our sailors, fighting thein is iran deal while kirkpatrick supports sending money to the world's largest sponsors. that's why this election matters. i approven mccain and this message. >> it's a story of two candidates. >> john mccain has been in washington for 33 years. >> ann kirkpatrick has taken a term limit pledge. >> mccain bailed out wall street. now the big banks give him millions. opposes the bailouts. >> mccain's bill could jeopardize women's health insurance. >> ann always supports women's
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health. >> mccain's story, too long in washington. >> ann's story, uniquely arizona. >> congresswoman kirkpatrick joined a get out the vote event phoenix. countys at the maricopa democratic party headquarters. it's just under 15 minutes. [applause] >> i want to thank you all for being here. the maricopa county democratic party. we have four days to turn arizona blue. ready? crowd member: yes! >> that is so awesome to hear. have the best candidate we've ever had this year. we are ready to turn arizona blue. resources, weght have the right message. we have the best candidates, as i said. to thank you all for joining us. we've got four days to turn manyna blue, to talk to as voters as possible. to collect ballots. can's the new word, that we now collect ballots. so thank you! we've got to talk to tens of
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nextands of voters in the four days. i'm ready for that. are you guys all ready? [cheering] >> all right. joined by board of supervisors from district five, gallardo. [cheering] exciting!ally we have four more days until we stateistory here in the of arizona. we got -- let's clap! we're gonna do this! [applause] >> four more days until we turn and change the direction of the state of arizona. today we got wonderful news. what we, as democrats have been bill, all along, that the the legislation to prohibit islot collecting unconstitutional, and it does act.te the voting rights well, starting tomorrow, we hit the streets, going door to door, voters, out to collecting their ballots,
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getting to the polls and changing arizona blue! we start that tomorrow! this!do [cheering] but right here, right here in we're gonnanty, make history like you have never seen before. to elect countywide candidates in various offices. time for the sheriff to go! sheriff ofave a new maricopa county. and paul is doing that right now. he is on the streets right now, talking to voters, getting them out to vote. we also have candidates that are going to make sure our education for all students! we're gonna make sure that nextlle robinson is the maricopa county school superintendent!
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[applause] we are going to elect a teacher to do a teacher's job, take care of families, take care of kids, of our teachers. we're also going to elect a treasurer that is going to look of maricopanances of -- and as first role his first role as maricopa county treasurer would be what? >> to fire russell pearce. >> you got it! [applause] >> russell pearce can follow the foot steps of sheriff joe arpaio the door,l show them come tuesday when the voters gonna elect a new county treasurer. we're also going to elect a new prosecutor in maricopa county. we're gonna elect someone who is real justice to this very important office. we're going to make sure that where is he? diego rodriguez is our next
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county attorney! someone who is going to respect the rights of all maricopa county citizens and bring justice back to the county attorney's office. we're also going to elect really who is going to change the direction -- the way maricopa county is going when it comes to conducting our election. we're going to elect a gentleman going to undo many of the wrongs that maricopa county department has done. we're going to elect my man, as the new county recorder, mr. fuentes. change theto direction of maricopa county. more five-hour lines. no more long lines. the -- atng lines in the vote centers. we're gonna make sure that we have an election system that for all of maricopa county. we're going to make sure we have an election system that is fair
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and just. and the way to do it is to say, to helen purcell. but it's time for you to go. we're going to elect democrats down the ballot to make sure we have a county government that works for everyone. isn't just maricopa county we're gonna deal with, folks. it's not. elect the first female u.s. senator -- [cheering] >> ann kirkpatrick! i know ann. i know ann kirkpatrick personally. personally,with her one on one, there at the arizona state house. andve seen how she works how hard she works and how much she will do as our next u.s. make sure that all arizonans are represented. folks, allow me now to introduce our next u.s. senator,
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arizona,ate of congresswoman ann kirkpatrick! [cheering] >> thank you. crowd member: all right! have alreadyeople voted in here? all right! all right! let's make it happen. started today in flagstaff where i live. city.e up to tuba talked to voters out there, people by the hundreds coming to vote early. to sedona. same thing, people are phone banking, canvassing, and this is just fabulous what you're doing here! it's fantastic. we're gonna make history on tuesday. but it's already happening. crowd member: it is. >> there's an energy and excitement out there that i've never seen before in arizona. of myere's a part background now that i treasure more than ever. seen my mother's family. they were republican ranchers in the white mountains. my dad's family were democratic businessmen.
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made for some interesting family get-togethers, because there could be heated discussions. but at the end of the day, we were all family. we were all arizonans. americans. and everywhere i go in the state, people tell me they want who can work together. they are sick of the gridlock in washington. and the obstructionism. so we all know that john mccain has already vowed to vote against and stop confirmation of supreme court justice that hillary clinton nominates. supreme court justice that she nominates. do we want more obstruction for the next four years? crowd member: no! >> no! arizonans are angry that he's not going to do his job. he hasn't been doing his job. say that arizona taxpayers are paying you to do your job, whichonstitutional duty, is to confirm a supreme court justice. everis the longest we've
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gone without filling a vacancy on the court. is at stake, what folks. all these great people are going to make such a difference here in maricopa county. but we will make history by first female senator in arizona and john has gotta go! [applause] >> so repeat after me. repeat after me. we... crowd member: we... >> we believe that we will win! wewd member: we believe that will win! >> let's do it! it can happen! thank you! thank you! [applause] >> all right. >> folks, folks... is probably one of the most exciting elections i have been involved in, in a very long time. the energy out there. you see the excitement. folks that want to change. a change here in the state of
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in maricopaa change county. and we're gonna do it, when we elect diego rodriguez, fuentes, michelle robinson. are candidates that are going to change the direction of maricopa county and serve all of and we have four more days until we have one hell on tuesday. let's do it! let's do it! [cheering] guys wanna say a few words? diego? introduce yourself. rodriguez, running for maricopa county attorney. what i want to talk to you all is, when you hear the stories about the long lines, what i want each and every one of you to do is go and make sure you reach out to your family and friends. anybody who you know that has to exercise their franchise, that is trying to vote but that is dealing with the votets to suppress that we are dealing with here in maricopa county.
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that is wrong. support.need our they need us to go and talk to them. they need us to knock on that door. tell them, don't quit! you don't quit. i won't quit. and we're gonna win on tuesday. let's push this over the top! let's do it! [cheering] >> i'm running for maricopa county recorder. that's the administrator of the elections. now, a lot of folks are wondering, adrian, how critical are you going to be of the elections department? well, i'm not. not today. today i'm going to say that i believe the american public and particularly those voters here in maricopa county care enough democracy to stand four-, five-hour-long lines. these are eligible voters. we shouldn't be out here wringing our hands about how bad these are. excited about how much time they're willing to spend to exercise that franchise of voting. thing! a positive yes, some people have to turn away, because of work or other
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things. we really look at the character of the people here in maricopa county, i am very positive that republicans, democrats, independents, libertarians an everyone out there who is voting, is voting change. they're voting for a better tomorrow. and given the opportunity, when i become maricopa county recorder, they're not gonna have to give up that much time anymore. so let's get out there and let's vote! [cheering] >> imai'm running for maricopa county treasurer. all know, one party cronies, the-- the incompetents. but now is our time. now is our time to flip the tables over and start again. with your help, we've got a try of hate to get rid of. we need to dump trump. we need to dump arpaio. with your help, we're going to get rid of russell pearce once and more all. thank you so much for your help. let's do it! [applause]
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>> i'm michelle robinson. to be your next county superintendent. i know that we're turning blue.a people are tired of what's been going on. one partyred of running this state. we need to represent all, not a special interest group. ofneed to make sure that all our kids have equitable resources and quality public education. they do not have these and ours behind their name. it's time we take back our system.n that we give our kids the education they deserve, we make can make amilies livable wage and we make sure that we represent the best s of all. thank you all for coming out! [applause] >> all right, everyone. thank you. turnve four days to maricopa county and arizona blue. excited? crowd member: yes! >> what do you think about our great candidates? [cheering] >> we've got four days to make history!
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let's get it done, everybody! coming.u for [applause] >> all right. let's make it happen! ♪[music] >> the day before election day, liveon c-span, we are are in durham durham, at the university of new hampshire, spending part of his afternoon speaking to students and others here at the university ahead of election day. have live coverage when the president gets under way here on c-span. tonight's coverage of the final road to the white rally as president obama, mrs. obama, bill clinton and hillary at a rally in philadelphia. that will include rockers bruce bon jovi.n and donald trump, we'll catch him in grand rapids for a rally at 11:00. and a hillary clinton rally, the last one we've cover this
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in raleigh, north carolina, at 11:45 eastern. we'll also be keeping track of and senate election. 24 republican seats, 10 democratic seats and, of course, 51 needed for a majority. over in the house, everybody up for re-election in the house, of course. all 435 seats with the 246-186ans holding a advantage currently. three vacant seats. requires 218 of those 435 seats. we'll be watching it all, at 8:00 night beginning eastern. >> election night on c-span. watch the results and be part of a national conversation about outcome. be on location at the hillary clinton and donald trump election night headquarters and watch victory and concession speeches in key senate, house and governor's races, starting live at 8:00 p.m. eastern and throughout the following 24
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hours. demandive on c-span, on at or listen to our live coverage using the free c-span radio app. >> at the cable isisrosen presi the constitution center, long-time c-span guest over the years. good morning. guest: good morning. host: we asked you to come op and talk about this thing called the electoral college. so much is made of the 270 electoral votes. we want to learn how folks get there. why don't you start us off by explaining what the electoral college is, who put it together, and when, and why. guest: wonderful. we have to start with the constitution. i want viewers to read the constitution. you can have a pocket constitution like the national constitution center's great pocket constitution or we have this incredible new app that i think i've told you about. go to the app store and down load interactive constitution and you find this amazing tool that's cosponsored by the federalist society and the
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american constitution society, the leading liberal and conservative lawyers organizations in america where the top liberal and conservative scholars write about every clause of the constitution describing what they agree and disagree about so you can click on the electoral college and read it and see what agreement and disagreement there is about what it means. in the electoral college which is article 2 section 1 there are clauses 2 and 3, says, each state shall appoint in such manner as the legislatures thereof may direct a number of electors equal to the whole number of senators and representatives to which the state may be entitled in the congress but no senator or representative or person holding an office of trust or profit under the united states shall be appointed an elector. that first part just says how many electors each state gets. in d.c., for example, thanks to one -- amendment, gets gets three electors basically. two senators plus the one
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congressperson it would have gotten were it otherwise entitled to an elector. sorry. that's the 23rd amendment is the d.c. electorate. not the 22nd. it goes on to say congress may determine the time of choosing the elections in which they shall give their votes and they shall be the same throughout the united states. where did this come from? basically some framers, alexander hamilton, the rap star of the moment, thought the electoral college was the most perfect part of the constitution. he thought it was the part that everyone would agree was the best part. the framers rejected the possibility of direct election. ames wilson, who was the popular sovereignty said why not just have the people elect the president? the framers didn't want that because they were afraid of a dem gog being chosen. they mistrusted direct democracy. they thought by creating this wise group of elite, former office holders, you know, people who could filter popular passions, these electors would choose a president. what is so interesting is they
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expected that in many cases the electoral college would be unable to reach a majority decision and the election would be decided by the house of representatives. because the electoral college has no majority then the house gets to decide. that led to an incredible mess which people know, in the election of 1800 under the original system, first choice in the electoral college becomes president and the second choice becomes vice president. in 1800 thomas jefferson and his running mate tied. they each get 73 electoral votes together. they have to go to the house with this incredible drama and thanks to the intervention by hamilton the house vote defeated burr and led to the duel which killed hamilton. that was such a mess and a final part of the great constitutional story that framers once again amend the electoral college through the 12th amendment. here i want you to go to the interactive constitution viewers. it is so interesting.
4:34 pm
ou could read an essay and the electoral, the 12th amendment is considered so uncontroversial that both the federalist society and american constitution society said just a single scholar could write about it. you click on the 12th amendment and sanford levinson says there are a bunch of really interesting parts about the 12th amendment. one is if it does go to the house, the house picks from the top three votes as president and the senate pigs from the top three -- two vote getters as vice president. that was important in the election of 1824 when henry clay might have been part of the mix but he was excluded because he wasn't in the top three. basically the 12th amendment takes out that weird system where you could have a president and vice president tying, acknowledging the difference of the party system and says you have to vote for president and vice president separately. host: let me put the phone numbers on the bottom of the screen for jeffrey rosen who runs the national constitution center. we have lines and calls we hope
4:35 pm
to come in in the next couple minutes. we'll get right to them about the electoral college. so take us further through history, then. because this electoral college process while still in place has not necessarily worked perfectly. correct? guest: despite the hope of alexander hamilton it has not worked perfectly. there were two occasions when the election has been decided by the house rather than the electoral college. then there were four occasions when the loser of the popular votes or rather the winner of the popular vote lost the electoral college. let's talk about those. the two times when the house decided election were the famous elections of 1800 which we just talked about and also 1824, which was an incredible battle where andrew jackson who won 99 electoral votes, john quincy adams 84, william crawford 41, henry clay 37. clay is excluded because he is not in the top three and the house chose john quincy adams
4:36 pm
who got fewer electoral and popular votes than jackson, infuriating the jackson supporters although jackson went on to win the next time around. then we have these four really dramatic times when the winner of the popular vote loses the electoral college. many people remember the election of 2000 bush v. gore where al gore won the popular vote but the supreme court stopped a recount and as a result george bush was awarded florida's electoral votes and won the election. that happened three other times. n 1876, which was an amazing prefigureation of 2000. once again there was a dispute between electoral votes out of florida. samuel tilden the democrat wins the popular vote. hays the republican claims he's won florida. so congress creates an electoral commission and the tie-breaking vote is cast by republican supreme court
4:37 pm
justice handing the election to the republican candidate. it was a dramatic story and that led to a congressional law being passed which determines how to resolve disputes today. two other occasions, one is 1824 which we talked about where adams wins even though he has lost both the electoral and the popular vote. the final one i forgot this but the national constitution center which you have to visit in philadelphia, this beautiful museum of we the people on independence hall with gorgeous copies of the constitution and bill of rights and declaration of independence as well as this beautiful educational center which you can learn about online with the interactive constitution, we have this great exhibit. the fourth example which i forgot until i went to the exhibit was grover cleveland running against benjamin harrison. cleveland narrowly wins popular vote by 1% or 2% but harrison gets 233 electoral votes to
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cleveland's 168. he wins the election. i guess the electorate must have been angry because they retaliated by re-electing cleveland the next time around making him the only president to serve two nonconsecutive terms. host: before we get to calls, one question. who are these electors? where do they come from? how are they chosen? what are their duties? guest: great question. we know they may not be any senator or representative or person holding an office of trust or profit under the united states. but otherwise it is entirely up to the states to determine who the electors are, rules under which they can be chosen, and how they are allocated. so they can be state office holders, former officials, they can be local citizens. and most states, 48 of the states basically have a winner take all system where if you win the state and popular vote
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you get all the electors. but two states have an allocated system where you can get a portion of the entire thing. that is maine and nebraska. there's a huge bonus to winning a particular state. now, there have been a bunch of proposals to either require allocation of proportional votes across the board, proposals to can the electoral college and have a national popular vote and even a really interesting proposal that all of the states would agree to vote for in the electoral college a winner of the national popular vote which would basically have the same effect but those reform proposals are probably contested and people disagree. host: a lot more process to talk about in hisary to talk about, jeffrey rosen, calls first. up first from sebastian, florida, question or comment about the electoral college? caller: aside from the
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electoral college the board of governors is not known by anybody in the country and yet they own the republicans and the democrats. the second thing is, hillary id not too long ago to control the legal population we would have abortions. we didn't like it when hittler killed 10 million jews. we slaughtered 60 million babies in this country. we should be very proud of ourselves. host: let's here from mickey from
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
as for the fears of a demagogue, the question is what the founders would have made. they did not trust democracy in any form. from the original election of state senators to the electoral , they did not anticipate a rise of the party system. mess is caused by the rise of the republican and democratic choosingwith elites people on partisanship instead of the public interest.
4:43 pm
there will be a national conversation about what the founders would have made of the that mayd the forces have diversion from that vision. i will get you an answer to that mathematical question. i have been following the thetitution and i have read minutes from james madison at the convention and he was for the popular vote. there were four states that never would have voted and that is why they had the electoral college, to satisfy the slave
4:44 pm
states and get them to vote. is,uestion to the gentleman why hasn't the electoral college been done away with? this has no place in today's world. >> it is in next one question and you are absolutely right. of thegest supporter electoral college were slave states. a pleasure to be here with all of you to welcome obama back to new hampshire. you know, eight years ago, new hampshire and america made obamay when we elected president of the united states.
4:45 pm
well, in those years, he has made us proud. grace in the face of unprecedented gridlock and obstruction. to tacklewn courage some of the toughest challenges. he got the economy going again after the financial meltdown. care to 20health million people in america. us agreements on climate change.
4:46 pm
and, the reduction of nuclear weapons. having theg to miss obamas in the white house? the best thank you we can give to them, after all the sacrifices, is to make sure the sacrifices were not in vain. we need to build on the progress of the last eight years. why we need to elect hillary clinton the next president. she will make us proud, as
4:47 pm
president, just as she has throughout this campaign. she has shown toughness, resilience, compassion, and heart. she has stood tall while enduring a barrage of lies and sexism. those attacks are coming from the least qualified, most ill-prepared person we have ever nominated to run for president of the united states. but, you know, every time donald trump has attacked his better-qualified, more experienced, better-prepared female opponent, it has struck a
4:48 pm
chord with women across the country. donald made those attacks, he struck a chord with us. women vote. nasty yes. we vote. on tuesday, we can reject the bigotry, the hatred, the nastiness, the name-calling of anald trump and we can elect woman who understands that america is stronger together.
4:49 pm
we are going to make history again, come tomorrow. we are going to elect hillary clinton the next president to follow barack obama. we are going to return carol saint porter to congress. ostern going to send van to the corner office in new hampshire. thismy official job afternoon is to introduce our hampshire,r from new maggie hassan.
4:50 pm
we need all of you to go and vote. we have seen her work across the aisle. inneed this pragmatic doing washington to take action. i cannot wait to have her come. i know that she is going to do her job in washington. i know i am no longer going to have my vote canceled out half of the time. new hampshire needs to of them -- two of them. join me in welcoming our next senator, maggie hassan.
4:51 pm
[applause] hassan: thank you all. thank you for the introduction and your service. we are so lucky to have jeanne shaheen as a senator. here withreat to be tomany fired up people welcome back the president of the united states of america. i know that all of you are ready to elect hillary clinton and democrats up and down the ticket on tuesday. know, here in new hampshire, we brought both parties together to build a stronger, more
4:52 pm
innovative future, where education and small businesses drive job creation. don't you think it is time for washington to take the same approach? for the united states senate because i want to if there is an opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead. parents feel confident that their children are going to have a better future. there is a clear choice. thank you. there is a clear choice in this election. do we keep going with a senator who votes for the corporate special interests? or, a new senator who sides with the people of new hampshire?
4:53 pm
senator, i will continue our fight to make college more affordable, to protect the environment, to ensure that women have access to the health services that they need. and, to keep america safe. vision that we share as democrats. this is what obama has fought for and delivered over these years. it is the vision that hillary clinton will fight for, as our next president.
4:54 pm
i have seen the energy and passion of so many of you at offices across the state and we have to keep this momentum going through tomorrow night. -- that is why i especially want to thank the volunteers who are not here right now. they are doing just that, keeping the momentum going. work to putting in the ensure success tomorrow. i have to ask those who are here if they are ready to make more calls. ck on moready to kno
4:55 pm
doors? are you ready to keep working during the last critical hours to ensure a brighter future for all americans? are i know you will not let up. the future of our great state cause biggerry, a than each and every one of us, is on the line. thank you. let's get back to work and let's win tomorrow. thank you. [applause] thank you. honor to welcome back the president of the united states. [applause]
4:56 pm
over the last eight years, obama -- he's right there. fought to grow the economy and expand middle-class opportunity. has worked to make college more affordable and protect social security and medicare. he has stood up for a woman's right to make health care decisions. he has been a champion for e quality for all citizens. the promises we have made are on the line tomorrow and we will not be pulled back now. please give a warm welcome to the president. ♪
4:57 pm
[applause] president obama: hello, new hampshire. oh! it is good to be back. it is a good day to be a wildcat. day is a good day, if you are a wildcat. can everybody please give it up
4:58 pm
for the outstanding public service of jeanne shaheen? representative custer. and, the two women you consent to join them, your governor and your united states senator, maggie hassan and carol shea-porter. orstern. for gabbyit up husband, andher former astronaut, mark kelly! say, because this is going to be my last big event.
4:59 pm
yes. i mean, we have one in philly, but michelle is talking there and i will not get any attention. i want to take some time to thank some very special people gotput everything they've into this campaign across america, all of the grassroots organizers who work every single day. they do not get a lot of attention. started on my first campaign. they pick up the phone's. they hit the streets. they live and breathe the hard work of change. i could not be prouder of them. they are the best organizers on the planet and i could not be more proud of you. thank you, organizers. i love you back. i do.
5:00 pm
one more thing. and -- ok!y i cannot hear you. but, i appreciate you! [applause] [booing] chants] president obama: i love you, too. i do. so, we have one more day. we can choose the politics of blame and divisiveness and resentment. the politicshoose of "stronger together."
5:01 pm
can choose to continue the journey of progress or whether it goes out the window. think about where we were eight years ago. i realize that some of you were 10. you were watching the collodion. odeon.ching nickel you had josh and drake. you had icarly. spongebobsehold, ruled. not all of you were paying attention. allow me to reprise what was going on. longre living through wars, the worst economic crisis in years, but because of the american people and good decisions about what might help
5:02 pm
working families, we turned the page. into 15turned job loss million new jobs. andmes and wages are up poverty is down by more than any time in the last 30 years. 20 million americans have health insurance that did not before. we doubled our production of clean energy. we became the world leader in fighting climate change. more of our men and women in uniform. we took out osama bin laden. reality.equality is a high school graduation is at an all-time high.
5:03 pm
over these eight years, across all 50 states, i have seen what has always made america great. i have been asking you, the american people, people of every state, who know that we are stronger together, young people, old people, black, white, latino, asian, native american, people with disabilities, gay, they all pledge of allegiance to the red, white, and blue. there is one candidate who has dedicated her life to that america and that is hillary clinton.
5:04 pm
hil-ar-y! -- but -- make no mistake, all of that progress goes down the drain, if we do not win tomorrow. new hampshire, though small, is important. there are scenarios where hillary does not win, if she does not win new hampshire. it depends on you. i know this has been a long campaign. i know it has been full of negative ads, distractions, noise. i want you to tune all of that out and focus. the choice you face in the voting booth could not be more clear. is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief.
5:05 pm
-- this is not just my opinion. this is the opinion of many republicans. over the weekend, the campaign took his twitter account away from him. closest advisers -- if your closest advisors do not ts, how canith twee they trust you with the nuclear codes? you can't do it. he is uniquely unqualified to be the american chief executive. he says he is a business guy. we have a lot of men and women who do not try to succeed by stiffing small businesses that do work for them or stiffing
5:06 pm
workers what they owe. this is the first candidate in decades to hide his tax returns, probably because he has not paid federal income tax. he thinks that is smart. that means he is not making contributions to supporting our troops, building roads. don't boo. vote. new hampshire, donald trump cannot hear your boos. he can hear your votes. he has nothing serious on jobs. there has not been enough talk about the economy in the election. you know why? we created jobs for 73 months in
5:07 pm
a row now. wages were rising. the unemployment rate is at the lowest levels in nearly nine years. donald trump, generally, he avoids facts or denies them. he says this is a disaster. a disaster! listen, i just came from michigan. if you want to know what a real disaster looks like, think back to that state with the auto industry on its back. state plants across the that were shut down are now doing double shifts. you know what donald trump's idea for the auto industry that he suggested was?
5:08 pm
he suggested that michigan should send the auto jobs to states that pay less and making michigan workers suffer less pay to get their jobs back. don't boo. what are you supposed to do? does this sound like somebody who cares about working people? would this be a good way to bring back the jobs, sending them to places where they pay less? manufacturing growing again for the first time since 1990 and hillary is going to achieve that goal. she has plans to grow manufacturing, boost wages, help with college debt. this is why she should be the next president of the united states.
5:09 pm
magnifiesire -- this who you are. it shines a spotlight. if you denigrate minorities when running for office, if you call immigrants criminals or rapists, if you mock people with disabilities, if you call people dogs, and score them est, imagine how you will conduct yourself in office. if you say you know more than the generals when you cannot tell the difference between a sunni, this is how you will conduct yourself as commander in chief. it is bad enough to be arrogant.
5:10 pm
to be arrogant and not know anything. accept the support of if you shutsors, down reporters who say things threaten toke, throw reporters in jail in the middle of a presidential debate, if you discriminate against people of different faiths, that happens in other countries. not this one. this is the united states of america. you know, vladimir putin may think it is ok that i do not
5:11 pm
think it is ok. on. donald trump is uniquely unqualified to hold this job. the good news is, new hampshire, you are uniquely qualified to .ake sure he does not you have a candidate who is worthy of your vote. probably the most qualified person to ever run for this office -- hillary clinton. there haveay that been times where i have been time, but i'm my going to level with you right now.
5:12 pm
we have come to accept the crazy as normal. this strategy of repeating attacks and outright lies over and over. are, itr how false they creates a cloud of dust. lips andd to bite my listen to the nonsense that has been said about hillary. i know about hillary. i have ran against hillary. she worked for me. this is somebody who has dedicated her life to making the country better. this is somebody who cares about working families. she comes from a working family. about how she got her start. she was not much older than most
5:13 pm
of the folks here. was going undercover from school to school to make sure that minority kids were getting an equal shot. she has not stopped fighting for justice and equality. she has not stopped fighting for kids ever since and she will be a smart and steady president. she will work her heart out. forwill fight for equal pay equal work. she will make sure that we have a higher minimum wage and a family leave that people can afford to use and she will make sure that this economy is for everybody. unlike her opponent, she actually knows what is going on
5:14 pm
in the world and she is respected. she will work hard to keep america respected, strong, and safe. she will not turn people against each other to win election. she will be a leader for all, even those who do not vote for her. she knows that we are stronger together. if you wante, hillary to continue the progress, she will need allies in the senate, like maggie hassan. her witht just stick republicans in congress who promise more dysfunction in washington, more shutdowns, more hearings,es, more more investigations, blocking supreme court an nominations.
5:15 pm
they apparently think that only republican presidents should nominate justices. if you like gridlock, vote for the republicans. e's opponent is kind of running like she is a democrat. in washington, she supports mitch mcconnell. a majority that has consistently been about saying no to everything. healthports eliminating care for 20 million americans who already have it. doke.t buy that okey- there is a clear choice involved here. maggie hassan will make sure we have a democratic majority to work for the things you care about and her opponent will not. it is a clear choice. america can do better than gridlock. if you care about creating jobs,
5:16 pm
childcare, equal pay for women, higher wages for workers, you have to vote for democrats up and down the ticket. people like maggie, people who put you ahead of politics, who involve all of us in the work of moving the country forward. that is absolutely what the country comes down to. in aost important office democracy is not the presidency, citizen!mayor, it is that is the most important office. abouts why we do not talk i. we talk about "we.:" we the people. yes, we can. "yes, i can."
5:17 pm
it is not what a person says he can do for us. it is about what we do together through the work of self-government. this is where you come in. you hold the most important office in democracy. it depends on you. steep andthe odds are the road is long, it is ordinary people who make the difference. that is why patriots chose revolution over tyranny. women found the courage to reach for the ballot, marching across a bridge in selma. collectiveanized bargaining and better wages. you make these things happen. we hold these truths that all
5:18 pm
men are created equal and that endowed by our creators. we have to look at the arc of history that has made america great. whatever credibility i have, as your president, i am asking you to trust me. i have already voted for hillary and i am absolutely confident that, when she is president, the country will be in good hands.
5:19 pm
especially for the young people who are here today, you know, it often that you discover that you can make a difference, where you have a chance to shape history and the world is watching us right now. this is one of these moments. do not let it slip away. do not give away that power. we are not divisive. we are not mean-spirited. we are not going to go backwards. we can elect a leader who has spent her life trying to move this country forward. anybody who worked hard and cares enough can achieve. adds,all the rallies and
5:20 pm
this is outside of my hands. the fate of our democracy depends on what you do in the voting booth. it depends on what you tell your friends and neighbors and relatives. this power, this legacy, do not fall for the easy cynicism. hillary's opponent wants you to think about that. mitch mcconnell want you to not vote. in some states, they have made it harder. your vote does matter. difference makes a -- your voice makes a difference. i want to leave you with a last story.
5:21 pm
i want to leave you with a last story. this is for the young people he re. i want you to pay attention. you will not remember this, but when iran for the not aency, the truth is, lot of people gave me a chance. i was a skinny guy with a funny name. pictures ofat the me speaking back then and i look really young. so, initially, one we started the campaign, the odds were not for us and we had a lot of states to cover and i had never won a national campaign. we had to try to get any support or endorsements we could. i would fly down to south
5:22 pm
carolina, go down to south carolina for a state banquet and i asked for an endorsement for support. obama, you like you, are a little green behind the ears, but i like you. i will endorse you, if you come to my hometown of greenwood, south carolina. i must have had too much wine. i said, "ok." i was feeling a little desperate. months and i1.5 had been coming to new hampshire and calling people to raise money. i am exhausted. i am a little grouchy. greenwood and i get
5:23 pm
in at around midnight. i am exhausted, dragging my bags through the airport terminal. i get to the hotel and all i want to do is sleep. i get a tap from a staffer on my shoulder. he said, "senator, you do know that you have to wake up at 6:30 tomorrow morning, right?" that state legislaturor you promised to go to greenwood for, that is tomorrow. i go in and the alarm goes off. i feel terrible. i'm exhausted. i think i am coming down with a cold. i open up the curtains and it is pouring rain.
5:24 pm
i make coffee and i get the newspaper. i open it up and there is a bad story about me in the new york times. i get dressed, shaved, walked out groggy. my umbrella blows open. does that ever happened to you? i am just soaked. i get into the car and it is 1.5 hours to greenwood. we are driving and driving. it doesn't seem like we are going anywhere. sheets of rain pouring. we finally get to greenwood, although you cannot tell. and, there are a couple of little stores and a stoplight. and il up to a fieldhouse
5:25 pm
get out in the rain and i walk in, having driven 1.5 hours and people there and they did not look any happier to see me than i was to see them. p, not really, dam excited, didn't know why they were there. i went around the room and i talked to everybody. they are not really feeling it. and, so, i am about to make my pitch. mustering myself to do this quick and get out. suddenly, i hear a voice from up!"ack shout, "fired everybody in the room says, "fired up."
5:26 pm
i hear another voice say, "ready to go." i did not know what was going on. i thought these people were crazy. i looked in the back of the room and there is a middle-aged woman. dressed like she just came from church and she has a big church hat and a gold tooth. it turns out that she is a holder of a position at the naacp office and is a private detective. she is like a private eye. it is a hard to think that you would not see her coming. she is very colorful. knownntly, she is wherever she goes by saying
5:27 pm
this chant. everybody knows her. they know that when she says "fired up." they say "fired up." they do this thing, which is kind of strange. the thing is, she keeps on doing it. does.ody the interesting thing is, after starting to get kind of fired up. i am starting to feel like i am rated to go. go.of -- i am ready to all of those negative thoughts drifted away and we had a great meeting. they all said they would support me and that they would go out and work. i saw myreenwood and
5:28 pm
staff and i said, "are you fired up?" they would say, "i am fired up, boss." you how aes to show voice can change a room. , if he did change -- if it can change a room, it can change a city. if it can change a city, it can change a state. if it can change a state, it can change the nation. if they can change the nation, it can change the world. i have just one question for you, new hampshire? are you fired up? are you ready to go? fired up? ray to go? -- ready to go?
5:29 pm
let's go finish what we started and elect hillary clinton. i love you. god bless you. god bless the united states of america. ♪ ♪
5:30 pm
[indistinct lyrics] well, i will provide for you and i'll stand by your side
5:31 pm
now need a good companion for this part of the ride leave behind your sorrows lasthis day be the tomorrow there'll be sunshine and all this darkness past big wheels rolled through fields where semi-streams oh, meet me in a land of hope and dreams ♪ well, this train
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kerry's saints and sinners this train carries losers and winners this train carries whores and gamblers this train carries lost souls i said this train dreams will not be thwarted this train faith will be rewarded ♪
5:33 pm
♪ well, this train carries saints and sinners this train carries losers and winners this train and gamblerss carries lost souls this train thwartedll not be on this train faith will be rewarded this train
5:34 pm
there is still freedom ♪ aloneyou're not place i'm gonna make this home to theay attention demons that cause you fear no, you're not alone i'm going to make this place your home
5:35 pm
ooh ooh ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh
5:36 pm
settle down, it'll all be clear pay no mind to the demons they fill you with fear ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] -- [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] obama in new hampshire. he has one more stop. first a look at new measure as a battleground state. >> we want to focus on new hampshire, enjoining on the phone, the political reporter from "the boston globe." james bingle. good morning again, thanks for joining us again. the front page of "the boston the latest clinton e-mails don't warrant charges, fbi declares. let's talk about the immediate impact on the ground in new hampshire. what can you tell us? is discussion of
5:37 pm
the impact on the first nine days, the first comey letter, and it does matter, obviously for the 30 states that have early voting. but new hampshire does not have early voting. there is strict access new hamp this will be a matter when it hits the poll. new hillary clinton in hampshire yesterday, donald trump expected to be there today. commodity at rtant this point in the cycle is their time. in close is this going to be new hampshire? guest: well, look, hillary clinton had led every single in the general election from throughout december all the way to thursday. thursday there was three the race polls showing tied. we had a poll come out over the night, which is a poll taken showing hillary clinton may have opened up a more but all expectations are this will be a tight race. of timeioned the amount
5:38 pm
these people spend their final days doesn't matter. in the state on friday, return tonight. hillary here yesterday, and mike pence. today obama will be in the state hours before donald trump. are ll indications, there new hampshire, it is very much battleground and what is it, new ng about hampshire has really small lectoral votes, we're considering the fact heading into the weekend, making travel lans, hillary clinton had around 272 electoral votes used 270.n, of course four votes, in a situation like had competed harder n new hampshire, wont worry about florida. host: making final stop hampshire, ew standard stump speech or message specifically tailored to new hampshire you are hearing? guest: well, no. there isn't a specific message tailored.
5:39 pm
hillary t it was for clinton, rah-rah the troops moment. for is what they will do barack obama later today and donald trump the same way. would argue that for president obama, he's explicitly town, largestllege college town in the state, rying to rally millennials around hillary clinton, there is a message there later today. about most part, it is driving enthusiasm and get out to vote. we are expected to have record turnout tomorrow, about 72% of eligible voters will voe in new hampshire. the really fun scientist. 72,000 will beem, first-time voters who show up, register to vote and cast a ballot. casting ballot for republicans?
5:40 pm
that is one thing the last-minute rallies try to do, grab enthusiasm. host: closely watched senate race in new hampshire. the senate is up for grabs. trying to keep her seat. has this contest shifted in the final week? in thedefinitely shifted sense people may have thought hassan, the democrat would have a better shot because hillary was having a better shot scandal e first f.b.i. letter. now the race is definitely argue ed, both sides internal polls and public poll its is within the margin of error. this thing will go down to the wire and be exciting. f you step back for a second, most high profile contest between two women in u.s. a tory, we've never seen sitting u.s. senator against a sitting governor, both females, rising stars, both popular in the state, really fun race to cover. watching on ll be c-span. james pindell will be covering it for the "boston globe." for today, just
5:41 pm
>> the night before election day in a row to the white house coverage continues in just a bit. donald trump in scranton, pennsylvania. we will take you there live want to get underway. also we will be live for a rally .or hillary clinton bill clinton will be there. that is set up at 8 p.m. eastern. then donald trump in saint's in grand rapids, michigan. our day of coverage with hillary clinton raleigh, north carolina. >> c-span's "washington journal" live every day with news and policy issues that affect you. , pedroday, election day cortes joins us to talk about the preparedness of political occasions and potential voter turnout. then we talk about key senate races that could determine if
5:42 pm
democrats take over the majority. we will also discuss early voter turnout, preparations for election night, and concerns over cyber attacks. be sure to watch "washington eastern 7:00 a.m. tuesday morning. join the discussion. election night on c-span. watch the results and be part of a national conversation about the outcome. the victory and concession speeches in key house and senate senate, and house, governors races. watch live on c-span, on demand listen to our or coverage on the c-span radio app. campaigning for both candidates. the podium is set for the candidate at l'ecole on the
5:43 pm
college in spending, pennsylvania. an earliertime, rally in sarasota, florida. ain't no doubt i love this land od bless the usa i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free the men whoforget died who gave the right to me ♪ mr. trump: thank you, everybody. heers] in one day, we are going to win the great state of florida, and we are going to take back the white house. we will take it back.
5:44 pm
florida is my second home. -- and bylove so much is way, hillary, once this over, she will never come back to florida. she has got nothing to do with florida. he houses in the buildings and thousands and thousands of employees who we love, and got nothing to do this place. she doesn't know florida. that i can tell you. be i am really thrilled to here. this is the last day of our campaign. who would have believed it? . they say it is the single greatest movement politically speaking in the history of this country. and you believe that?
5:45 pm
can you believe that? it's quite an honor. and they say we will get a tremendous amount of credit win or lose. i say, no, no, no, i don't want credit if we lose. i'm not looking for credit. i'm not looking for credit. i'm looking to make america great again. decideection will whether we are ruled by a corrupt political class -- you have been watching what is going on. folks, the system is rate did. its, ok? the system is rigged. at least we know it. country, iin this think, because of us, have never known it so obviously as they do now. the system is totally rigged. evenry clinton should not be allowed to run for the
5:46 pm
presidency of the united states. she should not be allowed to run. disgraceful. what is happening, what's .appening is a disgrace our country is a laughingstock all over the world with what is happening with our justice, our country is a laughingstock all over the world. they are laughing. -- well, you know what you can do? go out and vote tomorrow. that is what you can do, ok? that's the only way. that is the way you beat the rigging, folks. win, the corrupt politicians and their donors lose. if we win, the american people lose big league. this is it, folks. we will never have another opportunity, not in four years, not in a ear spirit it will be over. with supreme court justices, with people pouring into our country.
5:47 pm
this is it. this is it. good luck. get out there. i did my thing. i mean, i worked yesterday. [cheering] mr. trump: yesterday they said i set a record. i had crowds -- massive crowds. yes, they said i set the record. we went to seven different states. you ought to see these crowds. in michigan -- which i think we are going to win michigan, by the way. we are going to win michigan. you know what we are going to win? we are going to win minnesota. we are going to win minnesota. big in ohio -- we are leaving big in ohio. we are leading in new hampshire where i'm going in a little while. we are leading in north carolina.
5:48 pm
we are doing very, very well in pennsylvania. very well. you watch what is going to happen in pennsylvania. the miners are going to come out, he steelworkers are going to come out, the steelworkers who lost their jobs are going to come out. by the way, lots of people surrounding philadelphia are going to come out and be voting because they want to vote your it and you know who is going to come out? the women are going to come out. you watch. the women, the women are going to come out big. it's all of the medial. they are telling you a lot of free stuff. they are so worried. you ought to see them on television this morning. oh, you don't think there's no chance at all we are leading in new hampshire. they are very happy. oh, oh. oh. and youp is leading
5:49 pm
have sure. you can see they are thrilled. they are totally thrilled. they are thrilled. by the way, i just went to introduce -- i am a big fan of billy graham. we all are. who isn't? who isn't? i'm also a big fan he has been so incredible to me -- franklin graham. he is a great guy. keeping it going. and billy graham's granddaughter was here and spoke incredibly i hear -- i hear. sisi graham lynch is here somewhere. where is she? you were so great. everybody is saying if you can do as well as this -- you have done a good job. thank you. that is an amazing -- i will tell you -- my father used to take me, they called it the crusades. that was the crusades. it was a beautiful thing. but billy graham was amazing. he 98 today? 98 years old, billy graham.
5:50 pm
oh, thank you. really great. say hello to your family. early graham is 98 years old. this is amazing -- truly one of the great, great men. our failed political establishment has delivered nothing but poverty at home and disaster overseas. they get rich making america poorer. it is time to reject a media and political elite that has bled our country dry. us toinally time for fight for america and to fight for america. chanting "usa! usa!"] i'm not a politician. my only special interest is you.
5:51 pm
you know -- [cheering] mr. trump: i built a great company. one of the great companies. one of the great real estate companies. some of the best real estate assets in the world, including durell right down the road. a tremendous career. but -- and i was on the other side. my whole life, i was always watching, watching. i was on the other side. it's a very nice and very comfortable to be on the other side. but i love this country. and this country was going bad. it was going bad. like from sort of an ultimate insider, with people said, well, don, how are you? they would come over, i would give them a check for some freaky thing. they would say, don, how are you?
5:52 pm
go, donald who? we don't know donald trump. you have to see these guys. i know them better than anybody. it was time. it was time. i had to join the other side, which is you. we are going to do things so special. our country was in trouble. , makinglion in debt deals like the deal with a ran n where we give them $150 billion, where we give them $1.7 billion in cash. do you know what that is? that would fill up an arena. nobody had even heard of things like this. when you look at -- our military is allowed to deplete. our military is very depleted. we can do that. this is among the times when we most need a tremendous of powerful and smart military. we need smart people.
5:53 pm
and obamacare is a disaster. everything is wrong. country doesn't win anymore. we are going to start winning again, ok? real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obamacare. announced thatn the residents of florida -- sorry to tell you this, folks -- i don't want to make you depressed. half of you will walk out of the room. massive, to experience double-digit premium hikes, ok? and they are far greater than you have been told. you have been told numbers as they did not want to do it before the election. i worked very hard to force those numbers out. they're going to have a great impact -- you know my poll numbers are going through the
5:54 pm
roof. it i think a big part of it is a obamacare. we are going to repeal it and replace it. arizona,eat state of premiums are going up 116%. over 90% of the counties in florida are losing obamacare, and they are losing the insurers that put obamacare there. but you know what? we are going to make it 100% of the counties because we are going to terminate obamacare, and it's not going to make a difference. we will be terminating obamacare , and we will be replacing it with so many different options that you will have great health ,are at a fraction, a fraction of the cost. and it will be great. with obamacare, premiums are surging, companies are leaving, insurers are fleeing, doctors are quitting, and adaptable's are going through the roof. are going through
5:55 pm
the roof. yet crooked hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare, make it even more expensive. you've got -- going to go way up . going to go way up. obamacare is going to go much higher. "lock herchanting up!"] mr. trump: nobody in this room can believe what is going on in washington. nobody in this room can believe what is going on with the fbi and the department of justice. nobody. nobody. can believe it. i'm asking for your vote so we can repeal and replace obamacare and state health care for every family in florida and our great country. real change also means restoring
5:56 pm
honesty to our government. hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the .nited states she threatened national security. she sold her office to the highest bidder, and to cover her tracks, she deleted at least 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena. hillary clinton is being protected by a totally rigged system. now it is up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box tomorrow. that is what is going to happen. that is what is going to happen.
5:57 pm
plan begins with a plan to andgovernment corruption take back our country and take it back swiftly from the special interests, who i know so well. i want the people in washington to hear the words we are all about to say. when we went tomorrow, we are going to -- audience] train the swamp -- drain the swamp. theience chanting "drain swamp"] mr. trump: you know, the other you read where hillary
5:58 pm
clinton called entertainers because she can't get anybody -- nobody wants to go. i see she is doing fine, i'm doing fine in the polls and all that. i don't know how. nobody goes to her rallies. so, she got jay-z and beyoncé and the language they used was so bad. the language. the language was so bad. and as they were singing? singing, right question mark singing? talking? wasn't talking or singing? i don't know. -- the language was so bad by the time hillary got up, there was nobody there. but -- the crooked media, those people back that, the most dishonest people -- [audience booing] the crooked media
5:59 pm
does nothing. they don't explain it. they don't explain it. and isn't it amazing that when use filthyeyoncé language in their songs, using words that if i ever said those words, it would be the reinstitution of the electric chair, right question mark right? and yet with me, he is very lewd. that is the new word. lewd. i have never seen anything like it in my life. she is such a phony. she is such a phony. i will say this -- i will that billy graham ever spoke like this. do we agree? this is different than a billy graham crusade.
6:00 pm
but you know what? we are all looking for the same thing. we are looking for greatness for our country. we are looking for religious liberty. we are looking for religious liberty. but we are somewhat different personalities. look at this mess. look at this mess. oh, wow. wow. that's beautiful. look at that. looks just like me.


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