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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  December 3, 2016 2:31pm-2:46pm EST

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voice, make a difference. that's why you came here this evening. your voices are heard. i wanted us to have this conversation and i'm sorry we have run a little over what it but it has been worth every second. part of this is because it is a media issue. we hear the same voices saying the same things. they don't get the chance to hear individuals. you are not marching in lockstep behind donald trump. you did not march in lockstep behind obama, though close. [laughter] >> it's important for people to realize that the men and women who work in these jobs are three-dimensional human beings. they bring more than the soundbites to these jobs. that is one of the dangers we saw in this campaign. was dumbedampaign simplisticrned into
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soundbites and america rose up and said burn the house down. so come a we burned the house down and we will start again. there's a lot of work to do. it isn't easy and it isn't a straight line and i think that is the lesson that we take from this. this doesn't end. it just takes a different shape. join me in thanking these wonderful panelists. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] just saw a discussion on congress and the trump administration. we will take a few moments to get your thoughts on your expectations for the incoming 115th congress. phone numbers are on your screen.
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what do you think congress might accomplish starting in january? what would you like congress to do during a trump administration? 921.2-748-800 920.crats, 202-748-800 congress set to come in following what is left of the 114th, the lame-duck congress. they should be wrapping things up in the next few weeks. what do you think about congress in the new year during a trump administration? what are your expectations? line for democrats in massachusetts. wondering if this congress is going to be a rubber stamp for donald trump. host: what do you think? caller: i think it is going to
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be. no matter what he wants, they will pass it. host: you don't think the democrats in the senate will have the power to stop some of those initiatives? caller: some of them, but not all of them. host: los angeles next on the line for independents. caller: hello. here, i'm hoping congress will put in some type of law that anyone running for president has to supply his taxes. everyone else did it. what is trump hiding? host: what are the chances we will see something like that? caller: he said he wasn't going to do it. i think we should have a recall. host: what are the chances that congress would enact something like that? caller: they should do it. i will run for congress myself. host: jeremiah on the democrats
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line. san diego, california. -- yououghts on expectations for the 115th congress. you for hosting that wonderful forum. hopehe 115th congress, i our collective representatives hold the constitution accountable and keep in mind won thelary clinton popular vote and now can that we've got the general electors that will go in cast their vote this month. voted andl population now, the electors still haven't voted. host: thanks for calling. pam in florida is on the line next. what would you like to see congress due in january and beyond once donald trump takes office? caller: one thing i would like
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the american people to appreciate, which i don't think they do -- a lot of the inaction and a lot of the things that should have happened in the last eight years that did not happen wasn't because of the democratic process, it was because of a do-nothing congress. democratsublicans and -- i hold republicans and democrats responsible for that. that is pathetic. and some of them those same representatives and senators are brought back and elected again -- the american people don't get it. the president has an agenda. he has an idea. it is you are congress and your senate that enact what is going to happen to your country. we got so focused on the and blamingongress
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obama for it that we went and elected -- i believe that to everyone -- i will leave that to everyone to decide. anything they do is more than what they've done. at theaking a look leadership ranks in the 115th congress. unchanged on the republican side. the speaker will be paul ryan. the entire congress has to vote for speaker. he is the choice of the republicans. the gop leader is kevin mccarthy. scalise and steve cathy mcmorris rodgers of washington is the conference chair. on the democratic side, just one change. nancy pelosi fending off a challenge to her leadership
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position. she will remain the minority leader. , steny hoyer. the one change, caucus chair joe crowley. let's go back to your calls. indiana, line for democrats. your thoughts about the upcoming congress and what you hope they will achieve. or what you would like to see them achieve. caller: i have two concerns. -- the changing of social security to private. he does not believe there is global warming. i'm worried about how congress feels about this. host: how do you feel about it? caller: would anything like that
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passed through congress? host: what are your thoughts? you have social security? caller: i believe in global warming. i am a senior citizen and i'm very worried about privatizing social security. if the market goes down, so does social security. fairbanks, alaska on the independent line. caller: my expectations are very low. keeping pelosi, the democrats have shown that they will not be capable of meeting stress ofrdinary being opposition to il duce.
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guy was justis handed the most powerful police infrastructure -- it will be up to be therians opposition to this man. they are getting pretty tough. i hope rand paul is listening. they will have to play the part -- let's hope the result will be better. d.c.,onster we sent to somebody has to stop him. the democratic party is not the vehicle to do that. host: paul joining us from florida. go ahead, paul. democratsbelieve the are going to continue to be in lockstep with their party.
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if you look at the last 7.5 years that obama's been in office, especially when he had control of everything, they ignored everything the republicans try to say. they did not even put them on the obamacare committee. there was not one vote from a republican and there was no say. likeemocrats don't vote their constituents want them to. they vote party. i'm glad they reelected all their leadership because it shows the democrats have no intention of doing with their constituents want. they will do what the party wants. it's almost like the democrats are now the party of the dictatorship because the representatives cannot all agree on everything because constituents out there want one thing but the representatives don't vote constituents. that is mostly what's happened with the democratic party. which i was a member of many years ago.
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they started representing themselves as a party and walking lockstep with their leadership rather than what their constituents back home wanted. proof of election was that because they tried to block everything the republicans do. the media got behind the democrats. everything donald puts up there, they will oppose. they don't listen to their constituents. there's no representative government among the democrats when they are elected up there. the leadership calls and says but like this or you won't get any money to run for office -- at least you have people like mccain. democrats do not follow their constituents. to a democrat from new york.
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chuck joins us now. caller: good afternoon. i live in new york, i am a democrat. chuck schumer is now the minority leader. i really wanted him to be the majority leader. i do have expectations. because both houses of congress are governed by the republicans whether theree will be compromise. i hope there is. as a democrat and my support obama care. i don't want it repealed 100%. host: what do you think the odds are on obamacare, the health care law? do you think congress will repeal it, will they replace it? it --: i hope they repeal i hope they don't repeal it 100%.
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i hope they keep the mandate. donald trump says he does not want to repeal all of it. i hope he keeps his word and doesn't rivulet 100%. it is very important. -- and doesn't repeal it 100%. host: thanks for the call. nick is next in portland, oregon on the independents line. caller: we are not going to get what we need from the republicans and democrats. i was a lifelong republican up until 2012. i just saw that there wasn't any difference, we're going to have to go with someone else. stein and bernie sanders ever since. i have not talked to anyone yet that would not have preferred
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bernie sanders to hillary or don. we all need to take a serious look -- we are not getting what we need. , i'm glad that a lot more people are giving dust getting health insurance, but we don't need health insurance, we need health care. single-payer health care. 30% just an overhead isn't doing anything for anybody self. host: ron, you will get the last word. calling from texas on the republican line. go ahead. caller: thank you. my name is ron, i live in texas. can you hear me? host: i can. go ahead.


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