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tv   Capitol Hill Interview - Sarah Ferris  CSPAN  January 28, 2018 7:53pm-8:01pm EST

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>> the house and senate was with two-day sessions this week. among the items on the agenda, funding for the government after february 8. we spoke with the capitol hill reporter about the status of negotiations. is ansarah ferriss appropriations and budget reporter for politico. now that congress has bought
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itself more time, what is the status of the budget and daca talks? sarah: next week is supposed to be the opening salvo of the white house's immigration bid. some of those details have come out. the white house is supposed to have meetings with congressional negotiators to try and move these talks ahead after weeks of a stalemate. and at the same time, congressional negotiators are trying to push forward on a spending caps deal. their clothes. -- they are close. we are hoping to see movement next week. we are hoping we don't have too much craziness after the next february 8 deadline. but things are jumbled up for now. we aren't sure how they are going to be getting to the next funding bill. host: ahead of monday's official release, the white house has released some topline information on what is going to be in their immigration proposal. it includes a 10-12 your path for citizenship for about 1.8 million people, $25 billion for
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the border wall and other security measures. it would limit chain migration and eliminate the visa lottery system. what has been the reaction on capitol hill? sarah: the republicans have been pretty on board with the proposal, even hard-liners like tom cotton in the senate. some people to believe this could actually be the sign of a breakthrough. shortly after that, earlier on friday afternoon, democratic leaders, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, dick durbin, started to put out statements on twitter and in press releases that they houseose the white proposal. there was a couple hours were there seem to to be an opening in talks, then democrats shut things down. they will be starting of the conversations on monday, not on a great footing. they might be forced to go back to the drawing board since a lot of the proposals are not amenable to democrats.
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what democrats are happy about is the idea that they are willing to provide a pathway to citizenship so that could be the , launching point for the next round of conversations. host: a headline says the white house jumps back into the dreamer battle with the citizenship offer coming out on all fronts fairly tough on immigration, including comments from the attorney general jeff sessions as we head into the weekend. what is likely to be the push on monday your talking about, with white house officials coming to capitol hill to meet with members as they negotiate on immigration? sarah: at least one of those meetings appears to be canceled. aide wrote durbin's friday afternoon that a meeting had been canceled. the white house was supposed to be leading on some of these immigration ideas. there are open questions about how those conversations are going to move ahead. we know the bipartisan group of senators are going to keep working on their separate conversations. there is also republican and democratic talks happening separately.
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those are the partisan conversations where they are trying to advance their own agenda. there are a lot of series of separate talks running in circles on capitol hill, and the white house has been injecting itself into those conversations a little bit more on friday. we will probably see it over the weekend with some of the sunday show appearances, and next week, i think we will see a lot more from the white house having more public comments when president trump returns from europe. host: dick durbin featured in your piece with heather cagle. the headline, budget talks aggress as senate democrats drop the dreamer demand. let's talk about that for a moment. where do things stand on the budget deadline, the next being one february 8? sarah: when the senate was here this week, dick durbin and another senator, patty murray, both democratic leadership, told us they were willing to decouple daca from the spending talks. if that does happen, it is not clear if senate democrats are on
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board with that. but if democrats go on separate paths, it could mean a breakthrough on budget talks. -- we of her for weeks that congressional negotiators are pretty close to a budget deal. they have pretty close to win agreement on defense and domestic spending the next two years, but the reason those numbers haven't been released because there is still no deal on daca. if they decide to do that separately push the immigration , debate later, we could see a budget deal sooner rather than later. maybe as early as next week. host: sarah ferris is a reporter for "politico." you can follow her on twitter. thank you for joining us. sarah: thank you for having me. >> congress has a short work week coming up, in session monday and tuesday and out for the rest of the week, as republicans from both chambers hold a legislative retreat.
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monday in the house, legislative business resumes at 2:00 p.m. eastern with consideration of several bills, including one to increase protections for young people and amateur athletes against sexual abuse. folks in the house are expected at 6:30 p.m. eastern. the senate will take up a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks with some exceptions. 5:30 p.m.duled for eastern, along with a bill for a judicial nominee. watch monday on c-span. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> next, "q&a" with katrina
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perry. then british prime minister to resume takes questions from members of the british house of commons. the future of the middle east. ♪ >> this week on q&a, a former washington correspondent for iran's public service broadcaster -- for ireland's public service broadcaster, talks about her book. brian: what was the origin of your work -- your book? caitriona: i've been a correspondent here for the national public broadcasting in ireland, and i've seen amazing things in my time.


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