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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden Speaks to Voters in St. Louis  CSPAN  March 9, 2020 3:08pm-3:40pm EDT

3:08 pm senator sanders: it's a we have one hich candidate who's standing up for the working class and the middle class, we're going to win that election. vice president biden: counted ut, left behind, this is your campaign! [applause] >> the presidential primaries and caulkses continue tuesday states including -- idaho, michigan, mississippi, dakota, and th washington. watch our campaign 2020 coverage f the candidates' speeches and results tuesday evening, live on listen, or from wherever you are on the free c-span radio app. and rmer vice president democratic presidential candidate joe biden is holding
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n event in detroit this evening. you can watch live coverage at c-span2, eastern on online at or listen with the free c-span radio app. former vice president also held a campaign rally in st. louis saturday. six states one of holding primaries tomorrow. >> please welcome president of aldermen,uis board of louis reed.
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>> i don't know about you but i'm excited today. re you excited today, st. louis? c'mon, st. louis, are you excited today? [cheers and applause] you know what, i don't know if ou know it, but fighting joe biden is in town today. you know, i was thinking when i was thinking, what, trump wants to make america great again and i really truly believe he wants to make america great again. so here's what we're going to do. him make ng to help america great again by sending joe biden to the white house. we're going to help him make america great again because we more time o give him to hang out on the golf course. we're going to help him make again by electing unifies people
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rather than someone that divides people. what this party stands for. allnderstand it better than what it means and what the power we unite.when i think he's on his way. noise.oing to make some let's make some noise, st. louis! applause]d lewis: here he comes. 2
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lewis: let's make some noise for the next president of the united joe biden! [cheers and applause] we were having a conversation before you came and here's what we're going to do. going to turn the magga red to blue and it starts right here in st. louis, missouri, because we're going to the next -- we are going to elect joe biden, the next president of the united states. to that's how we're going make america great again by sending you, joe, to the white house. [cheers and applause] lease join me in welcoming obama's ambassador to ireland,
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himself.ley come out, mr. ambassador. a big round of applause. mr. o'malley: what a beautiful st. louis day. day to begin at day t. patrick's celebrations, huh? we always start early, mr. vice president. begin by welcoming each and every one of you to event to important kick off the vote to get out the vote for vice president joe biden. each and every one of you to this very important event to kick off the boat to get out the vote for vice resident joe there are many of you here who have been joe biden from the very beginning. [cheers and applause] and there are many of you, many who have come here from from -- yes! all right. and people who have come here
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from -- tor warren and [cheers and applause] from senator klobuchar and senator harris. bloomberg. you are all welcome here. you in thislace for campaign. we need your energy. your dedication. skill. your and yes, we need your money. everyone inlace for this campaign. we are reaching out to all corners of the democratic party. all corners of the democratic party. e are looking out for all independents, and we're looking out for those people who used to respected, reputable party called the republican party who got hijacked by donald trump. we need these people and you're all welcome here. had the pleasure of working
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with vice president biden when i was the ambassador to ireland. we worked on matters of national and immigration and because of that i had a chance to get to know vice president on a personal and professional level and i'm here to tell you, to you this estify morning in st. louis on this beautiful day about the the man named joe biden. we had an opportunity to host his family sident, in dublin where we spent an doing work and irish tourism and i can tell you the person i knew before and the you know from television and from rallies like this is
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same person upfront and close. public absolutely no joe biden or private joe biden. there is just the joe biden you know and it's a privilege to that uce somebody to you you already know. what you see is what you get. vice president biden wears his large and warm heart on his sleeve. [cheers and applause] what you see is what you get and is exactly what our great country needs after 3 1/2 coercion, e corruption, and chaos of the con man donald trump. let me ask you a couple of questions. to see a biden administration where science is accepted? [cheers and applause]
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re you real happy with that stable genius taking care of the coronavirus? [crowd booing]] would you like to see a biden is nistration where truth the rule? would you like to see a overnment that you can believe and believe in? [cheers and applause] anally, would you like to see government that you can actually respect? [cheers and applause] will see is what you with president joe biden and that is exactly what you will get with president joe biden. applause]d our candidate has both a history and th free throw agrees getting -- progress and getting done. the violence against women act and god bless him, the affordable care act, obamacare. joe has a history of being oncerned about what concerns us. education, even married a
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teacher. i believe -- and i believe he would retire betsy devos. housing, and you can also retire ben carson. revetire the top echelon environmental protection agency. fairness and immigration. he can disassemble those cages. efficient and affordable transportation. he can retire elaine chao. that is mitch mcconnell's wife. closing the wealth gap, workers rights, equality in our justice system, sending bill barr back to the private sector. [applause]
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sending bill barr back to the private sending bill barr back to the private sector and rescuing the united states department of justice from a system where if you happen to know the president or contribute enough money to the president for if you can get yourself on fox news enough, he will interfere with your criminal and you don't have to go to jail for the eyes you crimes you committed. [booing] most st importantly, importantly, st. louisans, health care. biden wouldnt expand on obamacare that we have all come to know and love. that is what you would see and what you would get. a country governed under the principles of our better angels, governed under the rules of even on, suspicion, and
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hatred. there is an irish proverb, compassion is the basis of all morality and joe biden is a compassionate and a moral man. you and this at country are craving for now as we suffer through the trump chaos. if not before, you could feel his craving in the last few days as voters in state after out and e spoken coalesced behind our guy, joe biden. [applause] even donald trump figured it out earlier. he knew that running against joe biden was the worst thing that could happen to them and he got impeached for trying to prevent it. [cheers and applause] i know and i testified that what you see is what you will get and what you will get is a better, safer america. while serving as an ambassador, i learned firsthand that everyone on this planet understands that the united
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states of america is the greatest country on earth. that is not just because of our wealth or because of our military might. creativity, of our our ingenuity, our energy, and compassion. we are the world's leaders. all of civilization looks to us to lead them to a better life but donald trump is tearing us down one accepted american ustom after another, one relished american tradition after another, and one american law after another. [booing] [chanting] joe!t's go,
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mr. o'malley: amen. go, joe! mr. o'malley: amen! is tearing down our democracy. erdogan, kim jong un, putin, autocrats are attracted to him and he is the kind of person is attracted to them. trump has given international oxygen to almost all antidemocratic forces at work in the world. it has been written that the united states cannot survive as an island of democracy in a sea of autocracy. nd the trump presidency is leading us to that perilous position right now. however, the moment that the associated press wire allowed oceans, the r the world will know when they announce that joseph r. biden
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been elected our 46th resident of the united states -- [applause] they will know that world order can again be established. our friends will know that we are now back in business. our foes will know they are not back in business. the confusion about the two, who are our friends and foes over the last four years will end. vice president biden as vice - as president will rebuild alliance s and recapture what has been ceded to our enemies and as a result, the united states and the world will be a safer place. joe biden will recapture, rekindle, and refurbish the very soul of our country and that is our greatness, not bluster, not stupid tweets, not third-grade nicknames, not lies. constant harmful, hateful lies. joe biden has not forgotten
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where he came from and knows where he is going. guided by american principles that will make us proud again of our president. so the ask today is not that you just go to the polls and vote for vice president biden on tuesday, march 10 -- the ask is that you bring bring two family members, three neighbors, four friends. we need missouri to continue the cascade around vice president biden that we have all seen in recent days. what you see is what you get. before accepting vice presidency, joe biden received a promise from president obama that he would be the last person in the room whenever a big decision was to be made. president obama would listen to all of the advisors and read all of the briefing books and when everyone left the room and it
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was decision time, they were together. they formed a true partnership in governing our country. on his final day in office, president obama stated that the wisest political decision he had ever made in his life was in selecting joe biden to be his vice president. [applause] and his partner. so tested, trusted, practical, proven, please give a thunderous st. louis welcoming -- [applause] ok. and a thunderous st. patrick's day welcome to my friend, more importantly to your friend and, most importantly, to the next president of the united states, joe biden.
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mr. biden: hello, st. louis! backdrop. a dramatic whoa! mr. ambassador, thank you. thank you for everything you've support this campaign and for the welcome you've always been willing to give me, whether it's in ireland or in st. louis. [laughter] of the st. president louis board of aldermen, darlene reen, comptroller, congressman uss carnahan -- [laughter] >> let's go, joe! biden: that's ok.
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the r senator carnahan, whole carnahan family, and dozens of local officials from t. louis and all around the state. national , firefighters -- [applause] to admit, the main reason meet lou i got to brock, a hall of famer -- oh, i ell you, he's something else, man. incredible integrity. condolences re my with all of you of a passing alderman sam moore. he was a st. louis institution. his long career of service and mark in this community and i know he will be very much missed. what a difference a week makes. [cheers and applause] this time last week i was in south carolina. [cheers and applause] the the press and the pundits declared biden's campaign is dead.
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south carolina had something to say about that. and then came super tuesday. there's 11 victories behind us and we need the delegates and the national vote. the incredible enthusiasm and excitement this campaign has generated. know, senator sanders likes to say he'll need a record to defeat donald trump. he's right. and we're the campaign that's going to do that record turnout. [cheers and applause] last week, voter turnout in the state of virginia was up 70%. [applause] in texas, up 40%. we won. north carolina, 16%. 155,000 more people cast votes in the south carolina primary than four years ago. they are all part of a movement, a movement that has a backbone,
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the backbone of the democratic party, a movement that's going defeat donald trump and restore this nation. who have been knocked down, counted out, left left , behind, let me say to you, this is your campaign! [applause] join us. sign up. we need to, we want you, and there is a place in our campaign for you. if you want an nominee to beat donald trump, keep the house of representatives, win back the united states senate, join us. by the way, to all of amy's pete's folks, kamala's folks, i tell you what, what a gigantic difference it has made. we are going to unite this country.
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[cheers and applause] so folks, you want to nominate a life-long democrat, an obama-bident, democrat, join us. if you want a nominee who will bring the party together, who run a positive progressive vision for the future, not turn his primary into a campaign of negative attacks, because that will only re-donald trump if we route. if you want that, join us. coalition ofg on a the most successful president of our lifetime, barack obama! [cheers and applause] i promise you we are going to bring together of every race, ethnicity, gender, economic republicans,crats, independents, of every stripe. olks, i believe -- i believe we've been delivered to a moment where we can not only defeat we'll also , but
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have an opportunity if you think big enough and bold enough to build this nation that deserves. making health care affordable and accessible to every lowering prescription rug pryces, protecting rural hospitals, we can build this by building on obamacare, not tearing it down. cancer, ind cures for alzheimer's, diabetes. passion.y standing up and beating the nra and gun manufacturers. [applause] i have done it before and with your help i will do it again. and leading the world to take on the existential crisis of our time -- climate change. i helped put together the paris accord. we'll rejoin that. the idea this guy walks in and i'm out, we're 15% of the 85% is the rest
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of the world, and when he walked away, what did he say to the world? the don't worry, don't worry. i will rejoin that agreement. one.y [applause] we're going to have quality of public education that should not depend on your zip code. i will triple money for low income districts, providing raises for teachers so they schools.hose school, not daycare, for 3, 4, increasing old, exponentially the prospects of those success. community college providing credentials needed for jobs in century. [applause] and something i know something about, preparing and reducing student debt and wiping out to $50,000 if you are in fact service.n public folks -- and restoring america's stage.hip on the world
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folks, this president has embraced autocrats and dictators like putin and kim jong-un, but i whole u what, i spent my life -- i met every major foreign leader in the last 40 years. will repair our alliances and i will make it can to our allies that we be trusted again. [applause] i will not treat nato like it is a protection racket. and building on the economy that wealth, not just because, folks, wall street idn't build this country, you did, my dad did. e used to say, joe, he said, jobs are a lot about more than a paycheck. it's about your dignity, it's it's about y, respect. it's about your place in the community. that is why i am a democrat in the first place. this is not an election just for the soul of the democratic party but for america's soul. perilous s most
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moment, ryne winning means uniti sewing moreica, not division and anger. it means not only fighting but healing the country. i have been saying that for the last five months. finally people are coming around. no, i really mean this. think about it. we must beat donald trump and but we blican party, cannot become like trump. [applause] presidents have to fight, but they also have to forgive and hey have to join people together. folks, we have to heal the divisions in our democracy. our children are literally watching. the world is watching. future generations will look back on this moment to know if we have the metal to save our democracy. [chanting] joe!t's go
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let's go, joe! mr. biden: folks, my wife got to some of the people at the last rally. t's time for america to get back up and fight for the proposition that we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal. endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. we have never fully lived up to that assertion. away likenever walked this like this president has. look, these guys are doing what trump does so don't pay attention to them. ok. look, the days of donald trump's divisiveness are soon to be over. all descendents of brave, resilient people, the vast majority of them are immigrants, and we can believe again. we are better than this moment. we're better than this
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president. so get up. let's take back the country. united states of america, and there's nothing beyond our capability if we do it together. god bless you all, and may god protect our troops. thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you. thank you.
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♪ bring me a higher love bring me a higher love oh, bring me a higher love where's that higher love i keep thinking of? that love, that love bring me higher love, love that love, that love bring me higher love oh that love, that love bring me higher love, love that love, that love bring me a higher love
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that love, that love bring me higher love, love that ♪ ♪ are you ready and it's real to me ♪ >> former vice president and presidential candidate joe biden back on the campaign trail today. he'll be holding an event in 7:30 p.m. ve at eastern on c-span2. online at or you can with the free c-span radio app. and on capitol hill, the u.s. back in in eling
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about 20 minutes, 4:00 p.m. eastern time. on y, members are working two measures to help reunify korean americans with relatives in north korea. the agenda, a bill to allow citizens of ireland to apply for temporary professional worker visas. and later this week, they'll war powers ran resolution. you can watch live house coverage here on c-span. georgia et from congressman doug collins who writes this afternoon he was notified by the conservative conference that they discovered a photo of myself and a patient who has 19.ed positive for covid he said, while i am not experiencing any symptoms, i've to self-quarantine out of an abundance of caution. adds his n collins full statement, which you can read on his website. senator sanders: if it comes out to be a campaign in which we have one candidate who is standing up


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