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tv   Campaign 2020 Primary Results and Candidate Speeches  CSPAN  March 10, 2020 9:31pm-11:05pm EDT

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call your doctor's office if you believe you may have the novel coronavirus. call the clinic, called the hospital, call the doctor's office so that you don't just walk right in. follow their infection control procedures for doing that. and then they will decide, working with you, whether a test is appropriate to be done. there are millions of tests out there now. as the vice president said, with theirand labcorp, distribution and transport system, it will be a better closer to the patient experience as i talked to you on saturday. >> you can see all of today's white house briefing on the coronavirus and learn the latest on the federal government's response by going to our website, good evening.
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another round of primaries on this tuesday we are voters in five states were going to the polls and in a sixth state, north dakota, there is a caucus. a total of 352 delegates at state, much of the focus on michigan. a view of downtown detroit . joe biden, the winner in the wolverine state. the fear tighten over the coronavirus. the sanders and biden campaign canceling appearances tonight in cleveland. our phone lines are open. we want to hear from you on this night of key primaries in the midwest and out west for joe biden. (202)mber to call is
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748-8920 and (202) 748-8921 and (202) 748-8922. an eye on the primary next tuesday in ohio and the same for bernie sanders but at the request of ohio's governor, the events have been canceled. we will hear more from the vice president paid we will not hear from bernie sanders. in terms of the schedule, the former vice president will be in wilmington and then on thursday, he is expected to deliver a policy speech on the coronavirus. his schedule for the weekend right now is tbd in large part of the coronavirus issue and also with the results tonight, let's look at three of the states where the polls are now closed and so far, it is a sweep for the former vice president in michigan. you can see, with 37% of the vote now in, joe biden, 53%. bernie sanders, just over 40%. that is significant.
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keep in mind, for ago, senator sanders with a narrow window over hillary clinton that essentially kept him in the race through june of 2016. a very different story. we should keep in mind, the republican primary in the states i'm a no contest, donald trump is winning easily. in missouri, another win for the former vice president. a double-digit lead. 57% for joe biden. 32 point 3% for senator bernie sanders. in mississippi, a state that the former vice president is winning significantly, keep in mind that if bernie sanders does not reach that 15% threshold -- right now, he is at 14.7% -- he will not get the delegates. formerally, with the vice president winning easily with 81.3% of the vote, it could be all delegates, all 36 delegates, for joe biden. here are the states where there are caucuses and votes in washington. idaho, north dakota, michigan, missouri, and mississippi.
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we will take you to philadelphia when the former vice president speaks to reporters. joe in johnstown, pennsylvania. good evening. your thoughts about the results so far? guest: i kind of thought this whenever he happen was talking about our education system and comparing it to the way cuba was handling their education system and whenever he let people label him socialist, i think that scared a lot of people away. i kind of thought this was going to happen, actually. host: thank you. this tweet. joe biden has now won in dominant and decisive fashion 14 of the last 18 states where winners have been declared after starting off the presidential race in a spectacular nosedive, going 0-3. let's get to christina from albany, oregon. good evening.
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guest: hello. host: go ahead, christina. caller: i wanted to say i am hoping biden winds. -- wins. host: let's go to jail, joining us from windsor, massachusetts, he sanders supported. good evening. caller: -- a sanders supporter. good evening. we will try one more time. let's go to mark in south carolina. good evening, mark. caller: i just wonder when bernie sanders and the rest of the democrat party supporting him are going to look inward to the corruption that is so as it was in 2016, with debbie wasserman schultz and the rest of the democrat primaries and how that was pretty much stolen from him for hillary clinton, just frustrating because, you know, as crazy as bernie sanders is, he definitely got the public support in the same way trump
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did. corruption in-- the party when it happened twice now in 2016 and 2020. host: to that note, a statement from the bernie sanders campaign. the long lines and delays in the state of michigan. the campaign issuing the following, saying, at a time when democrats correctly attack republicans for voter suppression, it is disappointing to see people standing in long lines for hours today, waiting to vote in michigan and around the country. people should not have to miss a day of work to exercise their right to vote. this is an outrage. election officials must address these problems immediately, and if necessary, keep pulling places open longer. mike, supporter of the former vice president. good evening, mike. caller: good evening. host: i will ask you to turn the volume down on your set, otherwise we will hear an echo and you are not going to come through.
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ok. we are going to have to move on. if you get through, please turn the volume down. in wisconsin, good evening. caller: good evening, how are you? basically, i just wanted to say presents a sanders vision of health care and that sort of thing, and i think of mr. biden -- that mr. biden would also address these things regarding health care and education. he would get the burner sanders support. host: thank you for the call -- bernie sanders support. host: thank you for the call. he is in philadelphia by his campaign headquarters, not far from his hometown, adopted hometown of wilmington,
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delaware, the national constitution center. oregon, albany, supporter of bernie sanders. good evening. caller: good evening. becauseittle confused what has taken place over the last couple of weeks, where sanders was quite dominant in the lead. thens doing very well, and all of a sudden, everybody came behind joe biden, dropped out of the race, backed him here i am not sure i understand what is going on. if you watch joe biden speak, if you watch him at his campaign rally, there is something wrong with him. he is not mentally fit to be president, and i do not understand why the d&c would commit political suicide by collectively backing this guy the stage,when on standing next to donald trump, if you have joe biden or bernie debating him, it is quite obvious bernie sanders is the only one with the mental capacity to actually debate with
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donald trump. joe biden cannot -- there is no way that joe biden can debate donald trump. none. much less the president for four years and make decisions that have to do with not only health care and domestic policy, but foreign policy. there is something wrong with this guy and until the d&c allows the media to find out what has been going on with this guy, they are going to find themselves in a lot of trouble coming up against donald trump. host: we will go to charlie, joining us from maine, a supporter of the former vice president. you heard what the other caller was saying. how do you respond? caller: i totally disagree with him. i think joe biden is the only one out there now that can stand up against the current president. favorite alln my along. he is the only one that has the experience and the wherewithal to stand up to the current
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president. changelooking for a big in the election coming up. we are looking for a star, a strong democratic takeover in the senate, and let's get back to business. host: this is from david wasserman, how senator for the political report and he joined us this week for our podcast, the weekly, looking at campaign 2020. he says the big story in michigan, the shifting allegiance of the working class white democrats since 2016, the upper peninsula voting for sanders and 2016. so far, huge margins for biden. let's look at the results again with 41% of the vote in michigan. easy win for the former vice president right now at 53% to 40% for senator bernie sanders. six states with primaries or caucuses today including north dakota. the results from missouri. joe biden at 58.2%. senator sanders at 33.3%, so a
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significant win in that state, double-digit lead for the former vice president, and look at this from mississippi. bernie sanders now has crossed the 15% threshold, meaning he will get at least some of the 36 delegates in mississippi but the former vice president with a commanding lead at over 81% of the vote in mississippi. keep in mind the sanders campaign scrubbed plans to campaign in jackson, mississippi , instead putting all of its efforts with the hope to repeat what happened in 2016 when he doubt a narrow win but changing the race in 2016 against hillary clinton. 352 delegates at eight tonight with primaries and caucuses out west in idaho and washington, north dakota, as we mentioned, michigan, missouri, and mississippi. he supporter of joe biden. good evening. i am a united states navy veteran. and you know why?
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i believe in biden. i know donald trump ain't nothing but a big liar. host: diana is next. did you vote today or did you mail in your vote? caller: we are male in. i have mailed in -- mail-in. i have melvin my vote. vote.led in my i would say that, at long last, both republicans and the democrats have shown that they are concerned about interference in the election. because the d&c and trump, obviously, are not about to let the american voters interfere with the election results. host: thank you. president trump had this tweet with an eye on michigan, saying if you like automobiles, how can you vote for a democrat who all want to get rid of cars as quickly as possible, especially if they are powered by gasoline?
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no more than one car per family. i have new plants being built all over michigan, plus! that is from the president. his name on the ballot in missouri and mississippi,. president former vice and the sanders campaign scrubbing plans for campaign rallies, both scheduled to be in cleveland, ohio tonight. at the request of the governor and other state officials, as the coronavirus continues, they decided to cancel those campaign rallies this evening so we will hear from the former vice president. he will speak to reporters with scheduled remarks that had been planned for 9:30 eastern time. he is now 15 minutes behind schedule. next from michigan, supporter of joe biden. i actually voted for sanders. was reallyt it outrageous that the american
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people are still stuck in the past and continuing to vote for biden even though we can see he is just unfit to fight against trump in this next election. i have seen him speak many a time and i saw bernie sanders speak as well. bernie sanders has passion and has fought for the same causes and kept straight and what he believes in for the past -- as long as he has been in politics. sanders and -- the d&c and joe biden are really making a mess of things right now. we cannot stay in the past if we want to move towards the future. i know trump is saying things about making -- keeping michigan an automobile state, but we are no longer in the 1960's. as a student, i can see that we need to keep moving on. we need to create more jobs. and joe biden cannot and will not be able to beat trump in these next elections. we need a president who thinks bigger, who thinks about the -- who has ahinks
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better mindset than joe biden does, and i think bernie sanders is the only one who will be able to defeat trump in the next election. host: there was a moment that went viral earlier today in detroit, meeting with workers at an auto factory, and the issue of the nra and gun rights came up. let's watch. [chatter] >> i support the second amendment. i support free speech. from the very beginning. not allowed to own any weapons i am not taking guns away at all. -- i did notrounds say that. i did not say that. >> there was a viral video.
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>> wait, wait, wait, wait. ar 14 -- there is a lot of guys -- a lot of guys -- >> hey, hey, hey. here's the deal. -- machine guns? that's right. ar-15 is illegal. >> how is that a machine gun? >> -- in america with handguns -- >> why are you advocating for assault rifles? host: matt was the former vice president in detroit earlier today. it has gone viral on this day of six primaries and caucuses.
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a couple of tweets we want to share with you. fox news pointing out that on cnn, andrew yang has and waste -- has endorsed joe biden p he made his endorsement on primary night coverage. kleinsist from rick across the 12 counties in michigan, obama/trump cos., nine are backing biden, the same number sanders won in 2016. this is from tim alberta, who is in michigan. the writer of the book the american carnage he writes for politico. forget about macomb county. it is not the bellwether anymore. look at livingston. wealthy, well-educated, suburban, the heart of their realignment. 17,500 votes cast tonight, 27 in 2016. cast a 50% turnout spike. looking at some of the key counties in michigan to keep an eye on. john harwood of cnn saying, turns out the biggest challenge
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to the democratic party from 2016 to 2020 is that donald trump has been president for four years. from virginia. good evening. caller: yes. i am a bernie supporter and i am a retiree and i have to agree with your earlier caller that biden is probably the worst candidate that could possibly go up against donald trump. in all the polls, bernie sanders beats trump. biden loses. biden is the wall street, corporate democrat, and the corporate democrats are all consolidating behind him. he has been behind cuts to medicare and social security. he is friendless for. -- for endless war. he is for all the things people should be voting against and instead, somehow, the corporate democrats have controlled the media and put everybody towards him, and bernie is the only one standing up for the working people, so it breaks my heart because they are handing the election to donald trump again
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and four more years of donald trump is going to destroy this country. they are handing it to him because biden is the worst candidate they could have picked. host: if it is joe biden versus donald trump, how do you vote in the general election? caller: i will probably write in bernie sanders because i cannot vote for -- they are two sides of the same dirty coin. they are both wall street shells and they are both going to hand out more handouts to the wealthy. look that the cuts they are trying to -- the donations they are trying to give to the businesses that are now with the virus. they are two sides of the same dirty coin. they are both in the military-industrial complex and the wall street control. through the people. i cannot bring myself to vote for either one of them because they are destroying this country. host: from virginia, a state that joe biden won on super tuesday. look at the results from the
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primaries this evening, beginning with michigan. it was called shortly after the polls closed at nine a clock this evening, east coast time, with joe biden at 53%. 40% for bernie sanders, and nearly half of the vote now in. moving onto missouri, another state joe biden has won tonight by 58 .5% compared to 34% for 58.5%r bernie sanders -- compared to 34% for senator bernie sanders. inis well over 80% mississippi. senator sanders holding onto the 15% mark. that is important if you want to get any of the 36 delegates that will be allocated from mississippi. you need 1191 delegates. the democrats meet in milwaukee for the democratic convention. nori is up next from omaha, nebraska. good evening. caller: hello, steve. i think you guys should always
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think the veterans for their service. you never seem to do that. host: i think we do. go ahead. caller: i never hear you do that and i watch every morning, so maybe i will be paying special attention to you from now on. host: we love our veterans and we have a few in our family so we appreciate it. caller: i have them in mind, too. we love them. first off, with bernie, he is not a good candidate. i cannot believe how these people all just love him so much. he surrounds himself with people like linda starts were and omar and to leave. -- tlaib. he never says how he will pay for anything and i believe he took a dive in the last election to hillary and he will probably take it this time. he gets a check written to him for getting out. he does not seem like he is fighting joe too hard. as for joe, i just wonder about joe. i would like to know what kind of medications he is on. you know there is anti-dementia
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-- it would be interesting to know what kind of medications joe is on because he does not seem like, you know, it is not really normal, the things he says. he kind of get kind of rude to people. i cannot see why people want to even support him. as for me, i am a third democrat,, 42 year and i voted for trump, and i will vote for him again. i think he is doing a good job, and the coronavirus -- it seems like everything, the coronavirus, stormy daniels, everything, i have never seen nothing like this in my 42 years. i love c-span. i like watching you guys. sometimes, i think you are biased on the because you take. every morning, you know what i do? i write down how many of each call you take just to see if it is fair and it never works out that way. it seems like you guys are kind of the judge, jury, and executioner. take the calls you want to take, and then you can off the ones
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that if you don't agree with them -- i do believe that you are probably liberal. you don't say that but i think that. tell the bernie people they should -- maybe they should come on the trump train. bernie is going to take a dive just like he did before. that man, all he is after is the dollars. it is really kind of sad how he leads the young people and the people like that to believe him, and joe, god, joe biden, his time came and gone a long time ago. compare the ages. i mean, really, 73 years old. i have never seen a man, 73, have so much energy, and to go like he does nonstop like that, i just cannot understand when they call him a racist. what has he ever said? i never hear nothing. host: thank you for the call. we are going to move on but we appreciate the call from omaha, nebraska. again, the close at 8:00 eastern time in michigan, missouri, and mississippi. some polling places stayed open
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until 9:00 and parts of michigan, and the polls will be closing out west as well. the voting is taking place in idaho. aycock is taking place in north dakota and the mail-in ballots in the state of washington. next is dave from oakland, new jersey. go ahead, please. caller: hey, steve, you are not liberal, are you? you are as objective as they come, like everybody else at c-span. host: thank you for that. we try. joe biden and sanders, do these guys have driver's licenses? do they drive? i am just curious. i think it is time for them to take their money, and joe to go back to scranton and we can set up the vice presidential library right next to houdini's museum. i think sanders ought to go up there and stay in vermont and get on his rocking chair and is
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look at everything else because i don't think any one of these guys is going to have a majority of the delegates when they go to the convention. host: thank you for the call. let's go togreg. good evening. say i: i just want to think the party is going to go over a cliff with biden. i am coming up on 60. everybody who wants to vote for sanders is young. if biden don't take -- maybe not but bernie's issues, aggressive issues -- i got hurt on a job. back surgeries. all that stuff. cancer, diabetes. i am coming up on 60. my daddy was a world war ii that. -- vet. we are all takers.
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we are takers. , don't know what the deal is and i have been a lifelong democrat. i registered at 17, voted at 18. i never missed a vote. i don't know what the deal is about how come they don't want to move forward and all the stuff about -- host: thanks for the call. this tweet saying tonight may be worse for the electoral left then super tuesday was. michigan playing an enormous role in sanders electoral eerie that there was a big electorate ready for his ideas. opponents argue that the 2016 win was a low turnout fluke. next is john joining us from new york. good evening. caller:? hello how are -- hello?
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how are we doing today? i want to talk about with donald trump. everybody says they cannot stand him and then you have this bernie sanders guy saying this is the worst four years. our economy has been great, the best it's ever been. the unemployment rate is the lowest it's ever been so i don't know what the big deal is with all these crybabies out here. what do you think? host: thank you for the call from lake george, new york. he is covering politics for politico and he is joining us from their headquarters in rosslyn, virginia. thank you for spending this evening with us. guest: thanks for having me. host: at first blush, what is the story coming out of tonight? guest: joe biden is on pace for another great night. he won michigan that sanders carried in 2015. he will crush in mississippi. he won missouri, one of the closest states in the country in 2016, so it's another great night for joe biden, basically. host: host: where does this put
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the sanders campaign? schedules in flux because of the coronavirus, including what we saw tonight in cleveland. guest: i think this put first and foremost the debate on sunday as a major turning point for this election. it could be a turning point towards sanders, shouldn't sanders have to turn us around, but he has to change something. biden is not just winning in the south. biden won up north on super tuesday peer he won michigan, rust belt state. crushing in the south. this debate coming on sunday will be a big moment for sanders to try to turn his campaign around in the next week, a lot of those states are friendly to biden, florida especially. what comes next for sanders is the big question. host limit we should point out on the cnn debate scheduled for friday evening, no audience because of the coronavirus issues.
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they will do it without an audience. only two candidates, tulsi gabbard, polling in the very low single digits will not be participating in the debate. argument moving forward for the sanders campaign after what appears to be a sweep by the former vice president, at least in the states that have finished their polling tonight? >> it ain't over until it's over, basically. it is notampaign said over, we are still in the fight. california is not entirely counted yet. the delegate lead biden has will sizable, lead with california outcome of sanders is still hoping for a good performance in washington. even though it is not as big a lead as it seems, he says he is still in the race. a majority of voters said they approve of medicare-for-all. or disapprove. it is a binary choice.
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it is not perfect, but sanders areargue that my ideas popular, i am popular and this is not over yet. race,if you look at this so much has changed in the last 10 days. seems a long time ago, but south carolina was only a week and a half ago and then super tuesday, and here we are tonight. guest: yes, it is really crazy. the race has gone on a less than a month. biden was left for dead after iowa and new hampshire. off.body was writing him his campaign was saying, it is not over, it is not over. turns out they were right. a lotg difference was more states have voted. between the first two early states, iowa and new hampshire come up no delegates were awarded. nothing that is really out there that would decide the nomination when we or the other. that is not the case anymore,
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super tuesday is the biggest voting day on the calendar. today.egates awarded a significant amount of delegates have been awarded and out.d so it was not just a fluke first or second state, biden has performed strongly across the board. host: if you look at the calendar ahead, we mentioned some campaign events have been scrubbed because of the coronavirus issue. where does not put the campaign? guest: it is still in the early days and we don't know how they will handle it. they both canceled events tonight that were supposed to take place in ohio. i believe biden canceled an tomorrow. they are saying they will take my day -- take it day by day in consultation with local public health officials. public institutions are still open, the government has not closed, has not sent out employees. we could reach a point where the campaign is fundamentally changed where in stand of knock on your door contact, it is
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texting or digital messaging. not sure if the campaigns are prepared for that yet. we have never had to deal with it before where campaigns have to scrap with airfield operations command their live events and hand of it from their comfort of -- their field operations and cancel their live events, and handle it from the comfort of their field of operations. host: we are going to get a speech on thursday from wilmington, delaware with the former vice president being major policy speech, and we will be covering it as part of our campaign 2020 coverage. the formeris put vice president and senator issue?sanders on this guest: i have not seen too much pulling of with a trust more, but it will be a focal point going forward for both of them. if you ask the democrats, they say he is not prepared to handle the coronavirus.
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they will hammer their print away in any speeches or remarks. that is what we will see going forward. it is just such an unprecedented situation, certainly in my lifetime and in many voters' lifetime. it will not just be campaigns on the trail, it will be people missing work for long periods of time, schools being canceled, local universities in washington, d.c. have canceled classes. we don't know what america is going to look like in two or three weeks. i am not a public health expert, i am not predicting a mass chaos or panic, but parts of america society will change. we don't know how the campaigns will respond to that. the mechanics of campaign is a person-to-person kind of deal or at least an in-o'reilly kind of deal, and that will be different. host: thank you very much, joining us from the political headquarters in roslyn,
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virginia. telephone lines are open. we will get to your calls in a moment. let's go through the numbers caucuses,rimaries and in what some are calling super tuesday. 2.0 in michigan former vice president joe biden shortly after the polls were officially closed was declared a winner in. half the vote 53.2% for the former vice president, 39.6% for senator sanders. that is in michigan. missouri,ries in another win for the former vice president, approaching nearly 60% of the vote compared to 33.9% for senator sanders. mississippi, a significant win with joe biden getting the lion's share of the delegate in that southern state. 80% of the vote for joe biden, and sen. sanders: 15.4%. if he holds that margin, he will get a handful of delegates in mississippi. so as you look at those numbers
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and see those numbers, what is your reaction? is early, butit the big take away for me is missouri. it was one of the closest states in 2016, i think kerry clinton beat out bernie sanders by less than 2000 votes -- hillary clinton. when the votes were called early and biden had a commanding lead in that state, it says a lot. it says something about joe biden's strength among black voters. he is winning with a lot of different kinds of voters, but have.voters really elevated his campaign they have stuck with him and they are powering his commanding lead in the south in states like michigan, missouri and across the country. pushing him forward. host: it is fascinating when you at 2016, hillary michigan in 2016 and narrowly to senator bernie sanders, but then
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not campaigning in the general election. you just have to wonder why. guest: right. michigan will remain a real pinpoint for democrats because of 2016. i don't think they will make that mistake now. i think you can expect to see a lot of democrats in michigan for the entirety of 2020. they will not let up there. interesting thing in michigan is received two major outside groups, very prominent super pac's of the democratic coalition saying we think the race is over. we pledged to stay neutral in the primary but joe biden will nominee. that is meaningful. democrats will have advertising in michigan, they will have some michigan will be one of the key states and pennsylvania will be another one. democrats will start pouring in a lot of resources, and they will start now because they don't want to get caught flat-footed luckin 2016. host: we welcome our audience on
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c-span radio. yourcolorado, what is on mind tonight? caller: i am from during go, colorado. i am a joe biden supporter. i have been a lifelong democrat and i believe joe has the leadership experience to be president. he is a moderate democrat but he has got fire in his belly. i know that my moderate republican friends will vote for joe over sanders. to me, joe has always been a friend to the working people all during his career. i am a supporter of joe biden. i don't understand democrats about vote for donald trump. it has been a disaster in the ont with trump's policies clean-air air, the environment, public lands being assaulted. so i know that joe biden will stand up for the values of all of us. host: in the united states. host:. host: thank you for the call. let's hear from pandora, sanders
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supporter calling from georgia. good evening. caller: hello. i have been on hold about 30 minutes in the have to get up at 5:30 in the morning. bernie sanders is the only one without all the billionaires in his pocket who are pushing for biden. it is so fascinating. same thing happened for years ago when he should have won the primary that time. they threw all their weight behind hillary, but it is the billionaires on the media that are doing this. it is really sad. on npr this afternoon, they were interviewing a french man and a nobodyan from europe and is worried about the cost of the coronavirus, because they have socialized medicine, which works brilliantly. swedish, and the
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socialist education and medicine worked brilliantly. unfortunately, the billionaires have to pay more tax. and that is really the problem no whole process. i can tell you, if this happens again, whether it is trump, buying his way in, or biden, i will leave the country. i am done. host: thank you for the call and thank you for waiting on the line. you are hearing two different calls from two different democrats. your reaction. guest: that is the interesting thing, to the supporters of the candidate who don't win the nomination come out and vote? by and large, sanders supporters , most of them will vote for versa.nd vice we saw that in 2016 where despite the contentious primary, the vast majority of his , sanders' supporters supported hillary in the election. the early exit polls in michigan
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said 88% of democrats ultimately will support the nominee. areoesn't ask who you supporting, it does not ask if it is sanders or biden. 88% is good. how do you reach a 12% of voters and make sure the supporters of the other person turnout? in 2016, we saw that a lot i. don't think sanders gets a lot of credit for what he did in 2016. he campaigned quite hard for hillary clinton in the general election. we are seeing that now with the coalescing of democrats. most of the democrats will back joe biden so far, they are on the moderate side. andrew yang of all people just cnn.sed him tonight on kamala harris and cory booker, all of them are sending a message that whoever the nominee is, we need to go out and we need to support them. there will be people who don't turn out, but regardless of who they support in the primary, the majority of voters will come out and support the candidate.
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senator?t about guest: elizabeth warren she is the interesting person right now. not clear if she will win. her supporters who will vote warned supporters are pretty solid democratic voters. a lot of the remaining ones , they shifted pretty hardly toward democrats in, the past in the trump era, basically. at this point it could make a difference in the end, warren did not have a massive base that was really supportive. , but thereinct core was no massive swing. aere is no suggestion that warrant and respect of sanders would swing the election or to biden would swing the election. it is making sure she gets on whatever ticket or gets behind whatever ticket but democrats put forward.
10:13 pm
-- tim birder who wrote the book "american carnage ," is back home in michigan. he points out on twitter -- it is a most like all those kids at bernie's michigan ravi did not vote. the youth vote was a key component of bernie sanders' constituency. what happened. host:? guest: it was tough, we have seen some dips in the polling, voters are not turning out as much as they were in 2016. could be some methodological shift in the exit polling. but it is concerning. senator sanders said his candidacy would turn out the younger voters. to win the nomination, that is what he needs to do. he is overwhelmingly supported by sanders voters -- young voters. but they do not vote at the same rate as middle-aged voters and certainly the older voters. it is tried and true as in
10:14 pm
politics. so even boosting that number a little bit would be beneficial for sanders and beneficial for democrats in the general election. we just don't see signs yet that it is happening. younge 2018 midterms, 25-31, a lot18-25, of them voted in the midterms. but they were still not even approaching the groups of older voters, the baby boomers. democrats want to juice about turnout as much as they can in the general election and as much as they can in the primary, but right now, we are not seeing evidence that they are showing up. host: i know that you said it is early. we are awaiting results from north dakota, idaho, and washington state. the ballots have to be in by 8:00 local time. from the "lurnalist a times" -- another big night
10:15 pm
for joe biden including a win in michigan and now, calls for bernie sanders to stand aside to unify the party against president trump. this will be one of the stories tonight and tomorrow. guest: the question is how long will sanders remain in the race and how ugly will return? not over for senator sanders. sanders can still mathematically do it. something needs to change, but he is not out of the race. but there will be pressure on senator sanders from the democratic party, there will be some level of pressure applied to him to see if you can exit the race. tv and said, i am not a masochist and i will and.tay in this the better he has long said he will support the nominee -- stay in this until the bitter end. he has said that he will support the nominee. but i cannot see senator sanders exiting this race at the earliest before sunday to read i am not predicting that he will
10:16 pm
exit before sunday, but the cnn debate on sunday will really loom large. sanders needs to change something in his campaign. he needs to turn something around, energize his supporters and start to attract people outside his usual coalition. and the only way that can change is at the debate stage. host: that his comments regarding fidel castro damage him in florida? guest: i don't know, which is not a very fun answer. florida was a state of that was never predisposed to back senator sanders anyway. joe biden has a strong foothold buyer. mike bloomberg went very hard in florida before he exited the race because he thought he could be strong there. to put it down to one individual comment knocking down a candidate. days agoolina was 10 and it feels like a lifetime ago. it is hard to think that one individual comment makes long-term damage on the
10:17 pm
campaign, but it certainly would not help you in florida, to put it that way. biden's team is pretty confident in florida. we have seen one or two debra rare pulls that have him -- we have seen one or two rare polls but have biden really strong in florida. host: we are joined by our guest from the headquarters of political in virginia. a reminder, the results are available on you can also keep track of the delegate total. by our count, senator biden -- haser vice president biden the delegates on your screen. those numbers may change as the results come in. the results in california are still not finalized. our guest will stay with us a couple more minutes. we are still awaiting the joe biden campaign with remarks by the former vice president in philadelphia at the national constitution center. let's watch.
10:18 pm
tuesday, state after state after state called for joe biden. bernie sanders goes on the attack. solidified has called sanders campaign attacks falls. always been a strong supporter of social security. biden will increase social security benefits and protect it for generations to come. negative ads will only help donald trump. it is time we bring our party together. i am joe biden and i approve this message. extraordinary manner without extraordinary career in public service. as the head of our middle-class task force, he led our efforts to combat gun violence, championed landmark legislation to protect our women from violence. he made me a better president than a better commander-in-chief. all of this makes him the finest vice president we have ever seen. best part is he is nowhere close to finished. ♪
10:19 pm
hasernie is somebody who the virtue of saying exactly what he believes, great authenticity, great passion and fearless. bernie served on the veterans committee and got bills done. areink the people ready for a call to action. they want honest leadership cares about them. they want somebody who is going to fight for them and they will find it in bernie! bern. right, i feel the i am bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> when i argue that we should freeze spending, i meant social security, medicare and medicaid, i meant every single solitary thing in the government. and i not only tried it once, i tried it twice, i tried it a third time and i tried it a fourth time. news fore got some bad them, we are not going to cut social security. we are going to expand benefits.
10:20 pm
>> i am bernie sanders, and i approve this message. host: those are ads now in the air in the upcoming primaries and caucuses and certainly across michigan. let's talk about the issue of social security. what we are hearing from the sanders campaign taking aim at joe biden, what is this about? guest: it has been a recent line of attack with the sanders campaign to chip away at biden, absolutely dominating the lead among older voters, arguing that biden has advocated for social security cuts. i am not the expert on entitlements, but the argument is somewhere along the lines as biden floated this is vice president during negotiations with republicans. the exact wording behind it is confusing and different. , editorially, to at least, -- editorially at least, part of biden's strong coalition is not just black iners but white older voters
10:21 pm
general, they overwhelmingly support joe biden. if biden wants to -- if sanders needs to chip away at that, sanders these to do so. luckge-educated voters, voters, older voters, he will try to cut towards that. what we have seen so far has not successful. biden is still winning these voters by ready strong margins in all these states. host: normally on a night like this, we would be hearing from a lot of the candidates, a lot of the speeches. but we are waiting for just one this evening, former vice president biden at the constitutional center in philadelphia. remarks scheduled for 9:30 eastern time. he is considerably behind schedule. the "new york times" pointing this out -- sanders will not speak or appear in public to address tonight's results. we can presume he will have
10:22 pm
something to say tomorrow. what do you think it will be? guest: i will tell you what it probably will not be it will not be him ending the campaign. sunday looms large. i will not pretend to have a view into his head, but this race is not over yet. biden has a strong lead, but it is not over yet, especially with the debate on the horizon. it is difficult to judge what he will say because his surrogates split.en kind of alexandria ocasio cortez, perhaps the most important surrogate sanders has in this election because she is incredibly popular, and she really revitalized his campaign after he had a heart attack, told viewers that tonight was a tough night and a tour of the -- electorally. the message you can give on a night like this is probably, this is a tough night but we are still win and we will keep winning. sanders has a tough night ahead of him, that don't expect him to
10:23 pm
drop out. we haven't seen any indication that he is considering it. all public indications show he is not going anywhere. host: the other story we have been focusing so much on the last week and a half or so is the coronavirus. news from the "washington post" in a tweet that can want a moment ago, a leader from britain has tested positive for the coronavirus. talk a little bit about that story. guest: with the election, the coronavirus will loom large. i am not a public health reporter, certainly not an infectious disease expert, but what the experts have been saying is that this could get serious. it could have a wide effect of the american society writ large. we have seen that with the stock market certainty. major conferences and festivals
10:24 pm
canceled. sxsw, that really hurt austin, texas' economy. i cannot recall a time that a campaign had to respond in a moment to a crisis quite as large as this. the exception is the 2008 financial crisis. it is not on that level yet, but campaigns will have to adapt their strategy, the mechanics of how they run their campaign. can't kiss as many hands, can't kiss as many babies as possible, but this is a major crisis america has to face and that is what candidates have to show, with president donald trump, sanders and biden. they need to show how they will leave the country. host: that go to asheville, north carolina, sanders supporter. caller: i just wanted to say, this was my first time voting in an election ever. in every national poll that has been done, inverting wins against trump. as a young gay person, seeing
10:25 pm
joe biden for so long not support gay people and really only start when it became popular, but bernie sanders has been supporting the gay community since 1986. bernie got arrested at a civil rights protest. when joe biden started talking about how he didn't want his grandchildren to grow up in a racial jungle. bernie sanders has flown over the border to mature people can medications. people on the started supporting joe biden after all the other candidates dropped out and everybody just have to get behind joe biden because nobody wants bernie to win. i see so many older people biden, please don't make me and my peers choose between two such stark evils. that is my message. i don't know. thank you. host: thank you for the call. let's go to dan in california. go ahead. caller: hello, how are you doing today? host: good, thank you. caller: i am a trump supporter,
10:26 pm
have been for a few years. either way, still hope the billionaire wins. thank you. as you hear from our callers across the country, your reaction. guest: it is interesting. candidatesdemocratic have coalesced around joe biden, but it is meaningful that voters have as well. this is not some conspiracy that the dnc is moving voters. voters have also coalesced around joe biden. some voters never left him to begin with. black voters in the south, especially. that was the core of biden's support,. his unwavering support among black voters in the south i don't want to trivialize their support. some voters never left joe
10:27 pm
biden. majority of the voters so far have cast their vote for joe biden. that is a story in and of itself. voters are getting behind biden. normally, i would imagine viewers on c-span, voters follow cues, but a lot of them also vote with their heart, and a lot of them so far has gone for biden. sanders still has a strong coalition, but most voters have overwhelmingly said, "i am with joe." host: why do you think the race quickly? guest: i think after south carolina it was clear that none of the remaining candidates had a path. the big moments right now i think were biden, winning in south carolina. it changed the way him a club shirt out of the race trying -- it chased amy klobuchar and speech buttigieg at of the
10:28 pm
race. the poor performance of mike bloomberg on super tuesday as well. at the end of the day, we are talking about voters and a majority of them support biden. the nomination process is decided with delegates. candidates need to get 1991 delegates. won in south carolina, that door closed. bloomberg and warren a sickly were not factors on super tuesday and that is why their door closed as well. those were the big pivot points that narrowed down the race. candidates can decide which of the two candidates they like the best. we had a talk a while ago about a contested convention. could there be a contested convention? at the moment, it looks like we could have one. it is not going to happen, someone is almost assuredly going to win a majority of the delegates. that is because of the lead is strong. host: jake tapper again
10:29 pm
confirming what we reported along time ago, that senator sanders will not be speaking tonight. he told officials that there will not be in a reaction to the results. we do have some early numbers in north dakota. a bright spot for the senator's campaign if these numbers hold truth, senator sanders is hovering at around 40% of the vote compared to a former vice president joe biden at 26.2%. this is with 10% of the vote in north dakota. back to your phone calls. corey in west virginia, good evening. caller: hello. ofm from the first district west virginia in the northern panhandle, about 40 minutes outside of pittsburgh. i am calling on the biden line because it cannot giv get through on the other line. i was an independent voter for about 18 years, of which of eight years i have seen the
10:30 pm
corrupt obama-biden administration, with all of their scandals throughout the eight years with their $150 billion iran nuclear deal, the russian nuclear deal, ukraine corruption during the trump 2016 elections. joe biden's son with the ukraine company, thatsia he made millions of dollars with, as well as nancy pelosi's son, the fasty's and furious deal. host: i will leave it there. let me pick up on the one point he brought up, which is hunter biden. where do things stand in terms of a congressional investigation into hunter biden being pushed republicans?e guest: you have to watch the senate. last i saw was senator made romney saying he would support a limited investigation because it will not be made public. it remains to be seen how much would play into it.
10:31 pm
i don't really know what the investigation will be about. it will certainly be a point the trump campaign -- they have shown already that they are basically willing to hammer away president's how much of this breakthrough in a news cycle that is nonstop, is an open question. when i reported myself last week, i couldn't even remember, so we will have to see what breaks through. host: i know that you have to get back to your evening job reporting for political. two click questions. -- reporting for politico. two quick questions. obama, wendy's you will see the endorsements for either nominee -- when do you think we will see an endorsement for either nominee? [inaudible]
10:32 pm
host: we cannot hear zach anymore. let me jump in, but thank you so much for being with us. we will have to get that answer at another time. you can follow his work online at evelyn next from cleveland, ohio, good evening. caller: hello. how are you. host: we are good, sorry that we lost the audio at the last part of the interview. comment.with your caller: i have a couple, if you don't mind. most important one is i am so happy to hear there will be at least one more debate. i wanted to personally ask joseph biden if you would confront bernie sanders once and , if he could differentiate between the bernie sanders brand of socialism and communism. what is the difference? and i would like a real answer,
10:33 pm
not one of these -- you know, who usually has three or four subjects that he answers every question with, it is always the same, free medicare, free college, all of that. i think it is great. you know, the constitution promises so, so much, but it does not promise that we are in heaven. i am a christian and proud of it. i pray for joseph biden to win because i just think he is a kind person. that is what i am voting for. i will never vote for someone who has no character and integrity and who lies, and that is trump to a t. host: evelyn, thank you for the call, from cleveland, ohio. the sanders and biden campaign scrubbing appearances tonight at the request of governor dewine and others in ohio.
10:34 pm
the biden campaign is heading back to his headquarters not far from wilmington, delaware. we will not be hearing from senator bernie sanders, who is ahead right now in one of the six states with primaries or caucuses. senator sanders is ahead in north dakota. let's look at the results. in michigan the results were called shortly after 9:00 eastern time, joe biden now with well over half the vote. joe biden with 53%, senator sanders: bring at just below 40%. a state the joe biden won easily, 59.3% of the 39.3 percent of the vote with two thirds of the vote reported in missouri. a big win in mississippi for joe biden, 81%. senator sanders hovering at just over 15%. 36 delegates at stake in mississippi.
10:35 pm
in north dakota, the democratic caucus senator sanders at 40% and joe biden at 36.2%. we are eyeing the results in idaho and washington state, as they come in into the evening and through tomorrow morning, available on our website at campaign2020. from south carolina, good evening. go ahead. caller: yes. i am a bernie supporter. and iorted him in 2016, was one of those ones, i don't know how many joined me, but i did not participate when he did not win. so i just wanted to say that. grilledourse, my peers me on it. they are holding my feet to the fire with this election. i just noticed that everything bernie talks about is exactly
10:36 pm
what most people talk about at work, their needs. they talk about it in the beauty shop, in the barbershop. they talk about it in the streets come they talk about it everywhere. but i noticed that people become afraid. the people that need the most believe the least. i think that is what we are seeing in the democratic party in particular, is that there is not an alignment of what people want and what we believe. people are actually voting against their want because they believe more that they can get a little bit, or they will just keep it like it is rather than to take the chance to rock the boat, to create some awareness, raise some consciousness. they are afraid to do that. i think that is what we're seeing. hesee the bernie supporters, creates a shift. people don't like that.
10:37 pm
but he has been very consistent. his voters are very educated, and we are not party-specific. so we don't really -- we care if trump wins, but we care more about actually having a functional department that to meet the needs of the people who need what they need to have to live the most. host: thank you for the call. thisve a reporter with point -- the next six primaries, all of which take place in march, will be held in states carried by hillary clinton in 2016, and polling indicates ' phil looks steeper than ever before. here is the voting on march 17 -- illinois and arizona also casting ballots on tuesday, st. patrick's day, one week from
10:38 pm
today. connie in tacoma, washington, joe biden supporter. as we wait for the vice president, he is well over one hour late. good evening, connie. i have been a biden supporter, i was a hillary supporter before that. socializedr medicine. i have no problem with that. i am kind of a hardliner on foreign policy and national defense and that kind of thing. to give you a little bit of my background, i was raised republican, always voted republican. until bush jr. was running for election. what happened with me was that i
10:39 pm
found out that my only son, my only child is gay. and i was faced with having to reconcile that with the republicans coming out very strongly against my son's rights . so my party really moved away from me. i find joe biden to be a good middle-of-the-road, very temperate person that will lead this country not in a real crazy way. i am worried about pendulum swings. i see that trump is a pendulum swing, after obama. i hate to see this country go back-and-forth like that. host: so what is this campaign all about from your standpoint? if it is not joe biden and president trump? caller: it is to restore civility and honor to that office, to make better
10:40 pm
decisions, to listen to science, to move forward with combating them a change, to improve people's lives as far as health .are, access to education i think that is very important. we need to bring this country up. we need people who are educated. in this country, we don't do very well that way, especially we don't have a lot of -- we need more college degrees people. host: kearny, thank you for the call. we saw a moment ago, and need a walk by come up may be an indication that the vice president is about to speak , she was brought into takes control of the former vice president's campaign after coming in fifth in new hampshire and forth in iowa, then a distant second in nevada before
10:41 pm
his blowout win in south carolina and 10 out of 14 states last week on super tuesday, and a big win tonight especially in michigan, with 125 delegates at stake, a state that bernie sanders won narrowly in 2016. below 40% with, well over half the vote in michigan. miller of theeke associated press 2020 primary takeaways, biden's nomination to lose but from the ap politics desk. we go to columbus, ohio, supporter of senator sanders. good evening. caller: i just wanted to say that i believe in bernie sanders . i just don't believe in biden because he assumes -- it is hard for me to speak, i am very shy. like he is more
10:42 pm
consistent in his actions, and i believe in him and his honesty. my family to vote for him, my husband as well. most of the time, we vote for republicans who are considered moderate republicans. but we still went out to vote for sanders. host: thank you for the call and good luck to you. dana in california, good evening. caller: i would like to thank connie and the caller before her for their really thoughtful calls. and to my fellow americans, thank you very much for making your voices heard. i may not agree with all of you but i are she ate your investments in our country. democrats. behind whichever candidate gets the nomination, otherwise, we will have four more years of trump nominating every office in government, continuing these policies that separate young children from their parents come
10:43 pm
at make it easier for politicians to have no accountability. ifre is so much at stake and you don't vote because you don't like the democratic nominee, you are shooting yourself in the foot and being an obstacle to your own cause. the united states will suffer a fate far worse than not having medicare-for-all, then not having free education at least during this crucial time in a history. there is a time for everything, and i believe that now is not the time for innovation, now is the time to get back on solid footing in this country. it is not the time for extended lamenting, it is time to take action and at least put a man who has shown decency during his career in public service into the highest office in this country, which is more than donald trump can say. biden is far from perfect, but he is decent and more inclined to listen to the voices of average americans than the
10:44 pm
current president who has never known anything but excessive wealth and nepotism. host: we appreciate the phone call. we go to oceanside, new york, good evening. caller: i am an independent voter from long island, new york. from c-spanrstand or cnn or fox, you never talk about the problem that joe biden and all these gaffes that he has. i think he has, i don't know for sure, dementia or alzheimer's. one day he says one thing and the next day he denies it. like today in ohio, i think it had what do you --l about the ar-15 [indiscernible] guy an assholee
10:45 pm
or something like that. i don't know how these democrats, i think they've got -- thisounger to guy who doesn't know what he is saying from one minute to the next. aboutesn't anybody talk it? host: thank you. a reporter from the "new york times" pointing out that in missouri, bernie sanders is on track at the moment to carry only one county, boone county, missouri. the population centers that have these colleges and universities are not giving the senator the results that he wanted especially in michigan and missouri to carry the state. all the results available on our website at campaign2020. and in new york, good evening. caller: hi. the phone away
10:46 pm
from my ear for a second. i just thought it was interesting, all the candidates pulling together behind joe at the last minute. andoes seem to be definitely effort to get this over and done with, and unity is important. everybody wants to feel good about unity. but what kind of unity are we talking about? we are talking about democratic party unity which will not necessarily bring the populist together for the general election. -- the populist together for the general election. i appreciate why elizabeth warren will not endorse at this time, especially if she will not join the party-party, because the progressive policies still need to be addressed. efforts best the current party unity efforts will not draw in the progressives but may alienate them farther unless they are drawn in.
10:47 pm
host: thanks for the call. the "washington post" on twitter -- old enough to remember when people thought it was inevitable that people thought bernie sanders would make it to the convention with a plurality of delegates. he is losing by about 150 delegates. biden is at the national constitution center in philadelphia preparing to give remarks in cleveland. bernie sanders canceled his remarks earlier tonight. we expect to hear from the former vice president but he is late. he was scheduled to speak at 9:30 p.m. eastern time. dale, go ahead. caller: this is the first time i ever got on with you. anyway, people are so misinformed in this country, it is prophetic -- pathetic.
10:48 pm
believe everything on their phone. , study. study. the democratic national committee -- i am 72 years old. first time i voted was in 1964. study. don't believe what you see in the news media. don't believe what you see on your phones. study and you will find out that the way this country is going right now is the way it has gone for 200-plus years. host: thanks for the call. the former vice president does not have anything on his schedule tomorrow. according to his campaign, he will be meeting with advisers. here is the former vice president in philadelphia, live coverage on c-span. [applause]
10:49 pm
mr. biden: by the way, we were not planning a rally, but our headquarters is just around the corner, and these are all people who have worked like the devil to get a selected. >> thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] mr. biden: thank you to my sister valerie, my son-in-law, folks, look. we were not planning -- the governor of ohio asked the presidential campaigns to cancel their indoor public events in , where there are large crowds of people, and that is what we did, due to the coronavirus. he was concerned about that. as i said all along that we would follow the guidance of the c.d.c., state and local officials and public health officials with respect to our campaign event, we will continue to do that. this whole coronavirus is a matter of residential
10:50 pm
leadership. later this week, i will be speaking to you on what i believe the nation should be doing to address this virus. tonight i went to speak to you from philadelphia, where we announced our campaign at the front-end when we did our announcement. all those who have been knocked down, counted out, left behind, this is your campaign. just over one week ago, many of the pundits declared that this candidacy was dead. now we are very much alive. [applause] mr. biden: looks like we're going to have another good night. [applause] with mysteries in mississippi, missouri, michigan -- with
10:51 pm
victories in mississippi, missouri, michigan and we are waiting to hear from idaho, north dakota and washington state. as i said in the beginning, this election is one that has character on the ballot. that character of the candidates and of the nation is on the ballot. it is more than a comeback in my view, our campaign, it is a comeback for the soul of this nation. off, andaign is taking i believe we are going to do well from this point on. take nothing for granted. i want to earn every single vote in every single state, but if you wanthe willing, if to join us, go to volunteer and contribute if you can. we need you. we want you. there is a place in our campaign for each of you. i want to thank bernie sanders and his supporters for their
10:52 pm
tireless energy and their passion. we share a common goal and together, we will defeat donald trump. we will defeat him together. [applause] we are going to bring this nation together. we are regenerating a democratic the, the democratic party, african-american community, high school educated folks like the folks i grew up with in claremont not too far from here, in my old neighborhood, suburban women, veterans, firefighters, so many more. people of every economic station. the poor who are struggling -- and they are struggling in this environment, -- the middle class, who wonder whether there will be able to hang on and maintain their economic security , they are the reason jill and i got involved in this campaign in the first place. they are the reason why i became a democrat so long ago.
10:53 pm
i can't tell you, i mean this from the bottom of my heart -- i can't tell you how much i appreciate the confidence they have shown in me thus far. the way they turned out to vote for me. my first campaign when i was a kid, long time ago, i had a billboard that said one thing on it. andd a picture of my wife children, and it said, "for all of our families." that is all it was. families." it included democratic families, families of independent voters, republican families, everyone of every stripe. and look, that is what we were able to accomplish in south carolina, that is what we did on super tuesday, and it appears, although a little premature, it appears that that is what we were able to do tonight. [cheers and applause]
10:54 pm
so many of my credible competitors have endorsed me. mayor pete put a judge, amy klobuchar -- pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar, cory booker and kamala harris, michael bloomberg. together we are bringing this party together. that is what we have to do. tonight we are one step closer decency,ing dignity and honor to the white house. that is our goal. [applause] at this moment, with so much fear in the country and across the world, we need american leadership. you need presidential leadership. that is honest, trusted, truthful and study. .- truthful and steady if i am given the honor of
10:55 pm
becoming a president, i promise you i will strive to give the nation that very leadership every day. every day. the reason why are you running for president. i believe we are in an incredible moment in american history, a phenomenal opportunity to deliver a bold progressive vision to the , guaranteeinge that every american has health care, affordable health care, total health care. not a privilege, not a right -- but a right. obamacare, providing every child access to good education regardless of their zip code. to deal with the moral depravity of our children who have to duckl, little children, to and cover, zigzag down the hallway because they fear someone with an automatic weapon may be coming in.
10:56 pm
we have to stand up to the gun manufacturers and the n.r.a. [applause] we have to rebuild the middle class. we have to rebuild the middle class and this time, bring everybody along. everybody. [applause] my fellow americans, we have to once again lead the world. donald trump's america first policies made america alone. in the fight against climate change, we have to rally the rest of the world to act and act now. we join the paris climate accord on day one, make it clear to our allies that we will honor our commitments. that we can be trusted. [applause] make it known to our adversaries that we will stand fast at restoring world order.
10:57 pm
that is the american responsibility. [applause] tonight, i am speaking in front of the national constitution twoer, not far from where of the most important documents in all of history were written, the declaration of independence. "we hold these truths to be self-evident." those words became the american creed known around the world. we the people. these words changed the world. we never fully lived up to the promise of either of those documents, but we have never before walked away from them. what is a reminder of at stake of this election. our very democracy is a stake in this election. i said from the moment i announced not far from here that i believe we are in the battle for the soul of this nation. donald's president, our core values, our standing in the
10:58 pm
world, our very democracy, everything that has made america america is truly at stake. i believe this nation can overcome 4 years of donald trump. four more years to forever and fundamentally change the character of this nation. we cannot let that happen. but winning means uniting america. not so we more division and more -- not sowing division and anger. we need a president that not only knows how to fight, but knows how to heal. [applause] a presidentlacing who demeans and demonizes his people with a president who believes in empathy and compassion and respect for everyone. it is my hope that today's division will soon be over.
10:59 pm
we are a decent, brave, resilient people. we are better than this moment we are in. we have to do, we just need to remember who we are. this is the united states of america. there is not a single thing we cannot do if we do it together. of st.o that you patrick's day, i have thought of a quote -- some of you have heard me quote many times, a fellow i admire very much who passed away not long ago, a poet haney.eamus he said, "history teaches us not to hope on this side of the once in a then lifetime, that long tidal wave of justice rises up and hope and history rhymes."
11:00 pm
i truly believe it is in our power for the first time in a long time because of what has happened in the past three years , the power to make hope in history rhymethat's what were g. and may godu all, bless america. applause]d [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> from the national constitution center and philadelphia, and remarks tonight i the former vice president joe biden, remarked initially scheduled to take
11:01 pm
place in cleveland, ohio. they were scrubbed at the river -- at the request of ohio officials. the bernie sanders campaign also scrubbing plans to give remarks in cleveland. let's go through the numbers. six states with primaries or caucuses and so far the former vice president is ahead in most of them. we begin with michigan, where 64% of the vote is in. thebiden at 53 point 7% of vote, compared to sanders at 38.1% viewed 138 delegates at stake in michigan. an easy one in missouri for joe biden, over 60% of the vote with over 93% in. sanders had helped to do well in that state, but only 38.4% -- 34.4% of the vote. gettingssippi, biting
11:02 pm
sandersthe -- biting will get a handful of delegates. in in north dakota, senator sanders at nearly 40% and joe biden at 26.2%. it is just past 11:00 in the east and the polls are close in idaho and mail in ballots in washington state. biden campaign is based in philadelphia. all of the results are available 0. you can also keep track of delegate totals and all of the campaign events dating back to the earliest announcements and other programs related to campaign 20 at
11:03 pm tomorrow morning, washington journal will have the results from the primaries and caucuses, and we will take your phone calls. it can be heard on c-span radio coast-to-coast. ♪ >> during this election season, the candidates beyond the talking codes -- talking points are only revealed over time. since you can't be everywhere, there is c-span. programming 2020 differs from other coverage for one simple reason -- it is c-span. we have brought you an unfiltered view of government every day since 1979, and this
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year we are bringing you an unfiltered view of the people looking to steer that government this november. in other words, your future. the selection season, go deep, direct and unfiltered. see the bigger picture for yourself and make up your own mind. with c-span campaign 2020, brought you as a public service by your television provider. vice president pence gave an update on the coronavirus with members of the white house task force. they talked about increased testing, the level of risk for most americans, and actions the government might take to ease the financial burdens caused by the outbreak. the vice president: we just


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