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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  January 6, 2021 9:03pm-11:36pm EST

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caller: the effect was something that did not strike me as too unusual. portlanders are very passionate about what they believe in. although i think to counsel he mompare bl to -- compare bl to what we saw -- host: i apologize. we have to interrupt you. the house is back live. ful assault was made on our democracy. it cannot, however, deter us from our responsibility to validate the election of joe biden and kamala harris. congress has returned to the capitol. we always knew t responsibility would take us into the night and will stay as long as it takes. our purpose will be accomplished. we must show to the country and to the world that we will not be diverted from our duty and
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respect our responsibility to the constitution and to the american people. on sunday, it was a a great honor to be sworn in as speaker and preside over a sacred ritual of renewal as we gathered under his dome under the temple of democracy on open the 117th congress. i said as we were sworn in then, we accept the responsibility as daunting and as demanding as any previous generation of leadership has ever faced. we know we are in difficult times. but little could we have imagined the assault that was made on our democracy today. to those who said to the terrorists from our responsibility, you have failed. to those who engage in the
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demreeful desecration of this, our temple of democracy, american democracy, justice will be done. today, january 6, is the feast of the apiff annie. let us pray that this instigation of violence will provide our country toll heal. n i invoke the song of st. francis. san atron saint of francisco and the song is our anthem, lord, make me a channel of our peace where there is darkness, let me bring light, where there is hatred, let us bring hope. we know that we be part of history in a positive way today
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every four years when we dwemon straight the peaceful transfer of power. from one president to the next. and despite the shameful actions of today, we still will do so, we will be part of a history that are shows the world that america is made of. that these -- this assault, this assault is just that that shows the weakness of those who had to show through violence what their message was. my colleagues, it's time to move on. i gave it to john lewis, the weekend before he left us. and it's a flag of our country, a flag of the united states of america.
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one t says, one country, destiny, one country, one destiny. that was also what was lincoln'sd in abraham coat that he had on that fateful night. lincoln's party, one message, one country, one destiny. let us pray. i'm a big believer in prayer. let us pray there will be peace on earth and that it will begin with us. let us pray that god will continue to bless america. with that, let us proceed with our responsibilities to the constitution to which we have st within 72 hours taken the
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oath to uphold. for what purpose does the gentleman from maryland seek recognition? mr. hoyer: i rise in opsigs to the objection. the speaker: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. hoyer: it is a sad day in america. it is a wrenching day in america. in a day -- it is a day in which r words and our actions have had consequences of a very, very negative nature. we ought to watch our words. and think what it may mean to ome.
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remarks were written before the tragic, dangerous and unacceptable actions and unacceptable is a tame word. my remarks started with, madam speaker, the american people are witnessing the greatest challenges to our democracy in its 244-year history. that this i know capitol would be attacked by the enemy within. i was here on 9/11 when we were attacked by the enemy without.
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to eed to all work together tame and reduce the anger. some s, the hate that .toke but some, not all, madam speaker, but some in this house and senate what they are doing today will not change the outcome of the election, which is the clear and insurmountable biden and elect vice president harris. instead all they will accomplish is to further the dangerous division. this was written before this capitol was assaulted. efore this democracy was put
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side by thousands. encouraged by the commander in chief. instead, all they will accomplish is to encourage the dangerous divisions among our foreign d energize conspiracies which seek to erode our democracy and system of free and fair elections. . was here in 2000 i was strongly in favor of al gore for president. and my candidate got more votes than the other candidate. his name was george bush, of course. and one of the saddest days was january 20 of 2001 when our
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candidate, who won the election in my view, was not elected. but it was also one of the proudest moments of my career, because the greatest power on from assed peacefully bill clinton to george w. bush. notal shot was fired. not anyone assaulted this congress or this chamber. because we were not disappointed? no. because we were not angry? no. democracy.believe in we believe in we, the people. and the way the people, one of the speakers, i think it was the senator from texas said we are here for the people.
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if those were the people, we are in a lot of trouble. our electoral system, our democratic system, however, did of reak under the strains the misinformation, the claims of fraud, which court after court after court have dismissed out of hand. not because there was little evidence, but because there was no evidence. that's why we have the longest lasting con city stutional democracy in the world. i hope we are proud of that and understand why that's the case, onause as dick gephardt said this floor many years ago, democracy is a substitute for war to resolve differences.
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it proved once more than ever beating strong heart that gives our republic our freedoms. that strength is derived from our institution and our laws. but most importantly, it is powered by citizens and leaders committed to our constitution, not just us, we swear an oath. that is all of america. barack obama spoke from that chamber and he said, i'm going o be taking another title next year, citizen. and he was proud to take that and every citizen needs to protect, preserve and uplift our democracy. some today did not do that. many today. 68 years ago in springfield, illinois, governor stevenson gracefully conceded his loss to
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dwight eisenhower and said it is traditional american and told his disappointers to fight hard but then he added that it is equally to close ranks as soon as the people have spoken. not the congress, not the electors the people have spoken. that which unite us as american citizens is far greater than that which divides us. -- us as political partiers. it was another man from spring springfield, four scores and eight years earlier, who won re-election to the presidency and the national crisis that tested our country and its democratic institutions. who pleaded even in his hour of ctory for the same spirit of reconciliation. that was the party of lincoln.
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that hasn't happened to this hour. lincoln said, now that the election is over, he asked, may not all having a common interest reunite in a common effort to save our common country. such is the duty of an american who stands for elections, or participates in our politics, to be either humble in triumph or gracious in defeat. i've lost some elections. not too many. and i've won a lot of elections. and i hope that i've been gracious in defeat and humble in victory. i hope that i put my state and my country first. not myself. it is clear to all that the outgoing president has not followed the path that stevenson and lincoln urged.
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so we the people, each one of us represents about 750,000 to 800,000 people. some a few less. the people. and they've spoken. in the way that our constitution set for them to be heard by us and by the country. they voted. and they voted pretty decisively. we the people together must turn away from division and its dangers. the senior member of our body, done young from alaska, spoke -- don young from alaska, spoke the other day when we were sworn in and said, ladies and gentlemen of this house, we are so divisive that it's going to destroy our country and we need to reach out and hold one another's hands. we all have a title that we honor more than any other. perhaps parent, perhaps
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husband. . t we are all americans not americans are, not americans -- americans r, not americans d. we are americans. let us hope today that, tonight, that we act like americans. not as d's and r's, but as americans. just as al gore, just as hillary clinton, just ased aly stevenson, just as abraham lincoln, who had won that election, of course, but he had defeated people, he said, that's not the issue. the issue is to reunite. we the people must again be the strong heart of our american democracy. we the people on this day in congress must be agents of unity and constructive action to face the grave threats that confront us. and tell those who would assault our capitol, that is ot the american way.
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and we the members of congress, who swore an oath before god to preserve and protect the constitution of the united states and our democracy must do so now. i don't usually read senator mcconnell's speeches. but i'm not speaking as a democrat, nor was he speaking as a republican. , we're ew hours ago debating a step that has never been taken in american history. whether congress should overrule the voters and overturn a presidential election. he went on to say that he supports a strong state-led voting reform. the constitution, he said, gives us here in congress a limited role. we cannot simply declare ourselves a national board of elections on steroids. the voters, the courts and the
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states, the voters, the courts nd the states have all spoken. five people said the election of 2000 was over. we didn't agree with them. but al gore said, we are a nation of laws. five people, yes, they were members of the supreme court, but they were five people said the election is over. and i sat on that podium and saw that power transfer to george w. bush. mcconnell went on to say, if we overrule them, it would damage our republic forever. he said that, mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate, about two hours ago. three hours ago. ow four hours.
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he went on to say, if this election were overturned by mere allegations from the losing side, our democracy ould enter a death spiral. he concluded, it would be unfair and wrong to disenfranchise american voters and overrule the courts and states on this extraordinarily thin basis. and i will not pretend such a vote would be a harmless protest gesture. -- resently he spoke presciently he spoke. people who think the election was stolen, there was some fraud. why do they think it, because the commander in chief said so and they respect him and follow him and words matter.
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i will not pretend such a vote would be harmless gesture, while relying on others to do the right thing. i will vote to respect the people's decision and defend our system of government as we know it. urge my colleagues to vote no on this objection, as mcconnell said, a danger to our democracy. and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker: for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition? mr. mccarthy: i rise for the point of personal privilege, to address the house for five minutes. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. mr. mccarthy: thank you, madam speaker. i rise to address what happened in this chamber today. and where do we go from here?
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the violence, destruction and chaos we saw earlier was unacceptable, undemocratic and un-american. it was the saddest day i've ever had as serving as a member of this institution. the capitol was in chaos. police officers were attacked. guns were drawn on this very floor. a woman tragically lost her life. no one wins when this building and what it stands for are destroyed. america and this institution is better than this. we saw the worst of america this afternoon. yet in the midst of violence and fear, we also saw the best of america. it starts with our law enforcement, the capitol olice, the national guard.
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the f.b.i., the secret service, who face the most difficult challenges but did their duty with confidence and strength. many of them are injured right now. and it also extends to this chamber, where both democrats and republicans showed courage, calm and resolve. i'd like to recognize the members now who helped to hold the line. mark wayne mullin, tony pat lez, jason crow, fallon and troy nehls. working with the capitol police, they ensured the floor
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of this chamber was never breached. these are the heroes among us. thank you for this sign of courage. looking back on the past few hours, it is clear this congress will not be the same after today. and i hope it will be the better. i hope not just this institution, but i hope every american, pauses for that thinks among themselves, that we can disagree with one another but not dislike each other. we can respect the voices of others.
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there's many times we debate on this body and we should. there's many times we can get heated. i still consider steny hoyer a very good friend. there's times i get upset, i'll call him at home to express the things i may not see fair or just. but that's the way we should handle things. the majority leader is right. we are all americans first. but should we also think for a moment what we put on social media, what we convey to one another. just because you have a personal opinion different than mine, you have a right to say it, but nobody has a right to become a mob. and we all should stand united n condemning the mob together.
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we saw problems before our nation, not through destruction -- solve problems before our nation, not through destruction, but through debate. that is the heart of this democracy. i know what we debate today is tough. but it's just. it's right. this isn't the first side of the aisle that's ever debated his issue. i thought what madam speaker said back in 2005, this is democracy at its best. when they talked about a presidential election in ohio. these are the moments that we should raise the issue about integrity and accountability and accuracy in our elections. but you know what we should do, the next difference? not just raise the issue, but work together to solve the roblems.
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now is the moment, now is the oment to show america we can work best together. i will tell you, the size of the majority is slim, so it gives us the opportunity to make that happen. the only thing that can hold us back is the will of one another to do it. this side of the aisle always believes in working with anybody who wants to move it forward. that does not mean that we're going to agree 100% of the time, that does not mean our voice cannot be heard. that does not mean we cannot be treated fairly. we should be. that may mean on the size of committees, that means on our ability to offer an amendment, it means on our ability to have our voice. but the end of the day, it helps us come to a better conclusion. by returning here to complete the work, -- we were sent to
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do, we're proving that our democracy cannot be disrupted by criminal behavior. we will not falter, we will not bend, and we will not shrink from our duty. let me be very clear. mobs don't rule america. laws rule america. it was true when our cities were burning this summer and it's true now. when america -- when americans go to bed tonight, their lasting memory should not be a congress overrun by rioters. it must be a resolute congress conducting healthy debate. we may not disagree on a lot in america, but tonight we must show the world that we will respectfully but thoroughly carry out the most basic duties of democracy. we will continue with the
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t.s.a. that we have been sent here to you -- task that we have been sent here to do. we will follow the constitution and the law and the process for hearing valid concerns about election integrity. e'll do it with respect. we will respect your opinion and respect what you say and willing to listen to you. i think the nation will be better for it on both sides of the aisle. let's show the country, the mob did not win. we have a job to do and let's do it with pride and be better when the sun rises tomorrow. with that, i yield back, madam speaker. the speaker: for what purpose does the gentleman from arizona seek recognition? >> i rise in opposition to the objection. over the last few hours we have seen the consequences of dangerous un-american rhetoric
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and armed insurrecollection against the seat of government against the most powerful country on earth a breach to attack congress, something that has not taken place since the british occupied this building during the war of 1812. an attempted coup by those looking out for themselves and not country. it is stunning that some of those in this house voice support. it was treason. it was see addition and should such.secuted as at its root is a disease that infected our politics one that will make political leaders do anything including lies and incite violence to hold on to power. in contesting the outcome.
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my republican colleagues made arguments that puts party and power before country. the election results were valid when it showed they won their . ces but the ballots were keep the results they like we demand and cancel the one we don't. that's not how democracy works. and neither is armed insurrecollection. here's the truth. arizona has a long record of conducting safe, secure and fair election and i say whose party has more often than not been on the lozzing end. this election was safe and secure and i commend our public servants on both sides of the aisle for making arizona proud once again.
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we are here because the case that republicans have brought before us has failed in court over and over and over again. my colleagues say, let's go back to the states. let them zy. my friend, arizona has has spoken. ey have sent the correct electors. arizona's attorney general said, quote, there is no evidence, there are no facts that would lead anyone to believe the election results will change, unfote. the republican speaker of our state house has told us, he doesn't like the results of the election, but they are the right results. joe biden has won arizona. the state supreme court made up entirely of justices appointed by republican governors, they have spoken, too.
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the court said the president's challenge, quote, fails to present any evidence of misconduct, illegal votes or the biden electorate didn't receive the highest number of votes for office, unquote. look to the words of the president's own campaign chairs, our governor, doug duesy. our governor, he loved the president. he has been so loyal and made sure that the president could hold large rallies in our state in the middle of the pandemic. they spoke so oven that he gave a "hail to the chief" ringtone on his phone. as the legal challenges, the governor kept quiet but when the truth became clear he acknowledged that joe biden did win arizona, unquote and i'm grateful for that. the governor put law, not partisan politics, first.
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and i urge my colleagues in the house to follow his lead. each and every one of us in this house, the people's house, swore an oath to preserve, protect and defend our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. over the last few hours, we have gained a better understanding of what that means. the future of the constitution the most precious of the founding documents of the greatest democracy is in our hands. defending democracy is not and should not be a partisan task. it is a sacred one. right here, right now, we must recognize that it is not about loyalty to one man but rather to ensure that government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth. the world is watching us all right now. we must, must get it right.
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reject this ill-conceived attack on our democracy. i yield back. the speaker: for what purpose does the gentlewoman from new york seek recognition? >> i rise to support the objection. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized for five minutes. >> i rise with a heavy heart. this has been a truly tragic day for america and we all join together in fully condemning the violence and destruction that occurred today in our nation's capitol. ms stefanik: americans will have the freedom of speech and right to protest but violence in any form is unacceptable and anti--american and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. thank you to the capitol police and thank you to the bipartisan
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professional staff of the united states capitol for protecting the people's house and the american people. this hallowed temple of democracy where generations of americans have come together to face our nation's challenges and create a more perfect system of government. this is the appropriate place we stand to respectfully and peacefully give voice to the people we represent across our diverse country. the representatives of the american people in this house are standing up for three fundamental american fundamental beliefs, the right to vote is sacred, that a representative has a duty to represent their constituents and the rule of law
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is the hallmark of our nation. in the spirit of healing, those are not my words but the words of you, madam speaker, from this very chamber when some of my colleagues and friends across the aisle objected to the 2005 to the 2005 electoral. and there were objections from every republican president in my lifetime. and in 2001, in 2005 2017. so history is our guide that the people's sacred house is the appropriate venue for a peaceful debate and this peaceful debate serves as a powerful condemnation to the violence that perpetrated our grounds today, the violence that was truly un-american. today's discussion is about the constitution and the american people and clearly condemning
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the violence that occurred every day. i represent new york's 21stth congressional district and i serve as their voice and their vote. tens of millions of americans are concerned that the 2020 election featured unconstitutional overreach by unelected officials and judges ignoring state election laws. we can and should respectfully discuss these concerns. in pennsylvania, the state supreme court and secretary of state unilaterally and uncon stew nation. in georgia, there was constitutional overreach when the secretary of state unilaterally and gutted signature matching and eliminated voter verification. in wisconsin, officials issued
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illegal rules to circumvent a state law passed by the state legislature as the constitution that required absentee voters to provide identification. and in michigan, signed documents numerous unconstitutional irregularities and blocked poll watches to observe vote counts and hand stamping ballots with the previous day's date. my constituents and the american people cherish the constitution and they know that elected officials closest to the people in state legislature have the power of the pen to write le election law not unelected people. o the he tense of thousands. i'm listening and i hear you those who agree or disagree.
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the founding fathers understood congress and the american people would face historic challenges by debating them on this very floor. i believe that the most precious foundation and the covenant of our republic is the right to vote and free and fair elections and must work together in this house to rebuild that faith so our elections are free, fair, secure and safe and most importantly -- the speaker: the gentlewoman's ime has expired. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? to the.e in >> the people's house was attacked. there is no excuse for it.
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a woman died. and people need to go to jail. and the president should never have spun up for americans to believe something that cannot be. applaud house leadership of both parties bringing us back to do our job which is to count the electors. the problem we face is bigger. we are deeply divided. we are divided about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. now at times tear us apart. my constituents in texas are upset. i say to my colleagues. there is a constant barage to make it into a socialist welfare state and tear down statues, defund our police. we see the debasing of our
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language. we destroy our cartels and attack our second amendment and destroy small businesses. we divide ourselves by race and can't even agree there is man and women and extinguish the unborn. but at the heart of our path forward the essence of our republic that we are a union of states for economic strength and more so bound together through federalism where we may live together in this vast land agreeing to disagree. free to live according to our beliefs and dictates of our conscience. many people were trying to vote congress by rejecting the sole electors sent to us by each of the states of the union. i hope they will reconsider. i was not going to and i will not be voting to reject the
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elections and it may sign my political death warrant. i swore an oath to uphold the constitution of the united states and i will not bend it or political expediency. number one, rejecting the electric torts violates the notwithstanding claims that you must read certain sections first. it is clear, we count. it is ministerial and only job is to count the electors before us. and it is sent to us under color of law. to the extent that we have constitutional authority we are arguing using misleading data points. i'm not afforded time but there
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are more misleading claims. three, rejecting the electors not s the founders' that choose the president. number four, the founders drafted the inclusion of a phrase putting congress in the manner of the electorate process. five, if more than a trivial block votes to reject electors it will empower congress to take over the electorate and will guarantee future houses will vote electors of texas for whatever reason. . . a vote i forced to highlight the very hypocrisy to accept the outcome of the elections ourselves. through elections conducted under the same rules by procedures put in place by the same executive branch officials , impacted by rulings from the
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same judges, state and federal. to do so is entirely inhe can politics -- inexplicable on its face. the argument is based on the allegations of systemic election abuse by executive or judicial branch officials sbevering with the legislatures thereof in article 2. many states made poor policy decisions. whether these poor policy decisions violate state laws to contest a matter and the matter for states to resolve for themselves. more, five of the six legislatures were controlled by republicans. not one body has sent separate electors, not one body has sent us even a letter by a matter majority of its whole body ysm the only body, the pennsylvania senate, who managed to come up with a majority of republicans to complain, only did so yesterday in an 11th hour face-saving political statement. not one g.o.p. statewide official has called change, not one law enforcement organization has presented a case of malfeasance. history will judge this moment. let us not turn the last firewall for liberty we have remaining on its head in a fit of populous rage for political
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expediency. when there's plenty of looking in the mirror for republicans to do for destroying the election systems for the expansion of mail-in ballots. i will not abandon the constitution and i will make clear that i'm standing up in defense of that constitution to protect our federalist order and the electoral college which empowers the very states we represent to -- the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. roy: i submit this respectfully and humfully. -- humbly. the speaker: for what purpose does the gentleman from alabama seek recognition? >> i rise in support of the objection. the speaker: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. >> madam speaker, for years democrats and their media allies deceived america about trump-russian collusion and the extent of foreign interference in the 2016 elections. yet in 2020, democrats promoted massive foreign interference in
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american elections by helping illegal aliens and other noncitizens vote in american elections. thereby canceling the votes of and stealing elections from american citizens. won't evidence exhibit -- want evidence -- exhibit a. in 1993, democrats rammed through congress the national voter registration act, making it illegal, illegal to require proof of citizenship that prevents illegal aliens and noncitizens from registering to vote. mr. brooks: why did democrats do that? simple. to steal elections, of course. exhibit b, how bad is the noncitizen voting problem? in 2005, democrat president jimmy carter's commission on federal election reform warned that, quote, noncitizens have registered to vote in several recent elections, end quote, and recommended that, quote, all states should use their best efforts to obtain proof of citizenship before registering voters, end quote. exhibit c.
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a june, 2005, general accountability office report discovered that up to 3% of people on voter registration lists are not u.s. citizens. xhibit d, in 2018, electoral studies -- 2008, electoral studies surveyed noncitizens. 8% admitted voting in american elections. as an aside, i have seen higher percentages in other studies. exhibit e, the 2010 census counted 11 million illegal aliens in america. exhibit f, a 2018 yale study estimated as many as 22 million illegal aliens in america. exhibit g, the math means between 880,000 and 1.72 million illegal aliens illegally voted in the 2020 elections. exhibit h, in 2014 old dominion university and george mason
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university professors surveyed noncitizens and illegal aliens and found they vote democrat roughly 80% of the time. exips i, the math is again straightforward. the 60% biden advantage times the illegal alien voting number ans joe biden gained roughly 1,032,000 votes from illegal alien voting. that's the high number. exhibit j, while no one knows for sure how massive the illegal alien voting block is, we do know joe biden and his campaign believed it large enough and critical enough to winning the presidential race that, at the october 22 presidential debate, joe biden publicly solicited the illegal alien block vote by promising, quote, within 100 days i'm going to send to the united states congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million
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undocumented people. ladies and gentlemen, madam speaker, that is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for illegal aliens. joe biden knew exactly what he was doing by seeking the illegal alien block vote. after all, on may 11, 1993, then-senator joe biden voted for the national voter registration act that makes it illegal to require proof of citizenship from illegal aliens and other noncitizens when they seek to register to vote. madam speaker, the evidence is compelling and irrefutable. noncitizens overwhelmingly voted for joe biden in exchange for the promised amnesty and citizenship, and in so doing, helped steal the election from donald trump, republican candidate, and american citizens across america. -- candidates, and men certain -- american citizens across america. if only lawful votes cast by eligible american citizens are counted, joe biden lost and
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president trump won the electoral college. as such, it is my constitutional duty to promote honest and accurate elections by rejecting electoral college vote submissions from states whose electoral systems are so badly flawed as to render their vote submissions unreliable, untrustworthy, and unworthy of acceptance. madam speaker, i yield the remainder of my time to the pposition. the speaker: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentleman from new york state seek recognition? >> madam speaker, as a proud republican, i rise in opposition to the objection to he electors. the speaker: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for ive minutes.
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>> madam speaker, i come to this side of the aisle as a proud republican, but most importantly, as a proud american. today we saw an assault on our democracy. i love this institution. i love the united states congress. and i love the united states of america. and what i saw today was mob rule that spat upon the blood of my father that is in the soil of europe and in the soil of korea. mr. reed: and who gave us through that blood this sacred constitution and this sacred ability to lead this world as a power that says, we settle our differences not with mob rule, we settle our differences
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through elections. and when those elections -- are peaceful ve a transition of power. now, make no mistake to my colleagues on the democratic side of the aisle, i will be passionate in my disagreement with you. i will be passionate in my ideas for the future of this country. and i will fight for my republican ideas that i hear -- hold near and dear. but i will stand with you tonight and send a message to the nation and all americans that what we saw today was not american, and what we see tonight in this body shall be what we do in america and that is to transfer power in a peaceful way. and with that, i yield to my best friend in congress and a democrat, josh gottheimer, my co-chair of the problem solvers aucus.
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i gottheimer: i thank -- thank my friend for yielding and for standing with me and with all of us. tom reed is my co-chair of the problem solvers caucus. he's a republican and i'm a democrat. when it comes to policy views, we often disagree. but at the end of the day, we are united as americans. my good friend, like me, always puts country first. today a group of lawless thugs sought to upend the constitution and the peaceful transition of power because they didn't like the outcome of the presidential election. so they tried nullify it using improvised explosives, shattering windows, breaking down doors, injuring law enforcement and even tearing down the american flag that rises above this beacon of democracy. but their attempt to disrupt democracy failed. their insurrection was foiled. the american people and the greatest democracy the world has ever known won.
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abraham lincoln, who sove serfed in this very body, famously said, a house divided against itself cannot stand. that's why for the sake of this country, we must stand together. united. and celebrate a peaceful transition of power. in 14 days, president-elect biden will be sworn in and despite all of our differences, i have faith that for the american people, we will come together. democrats and republicans, committed to unity, civility and truth. we will recognize our higher purpose, to help america through these dark days. that's the only way we'll beat covid, rebuild our economy and stand up to threats at home and abroad. working together as democrats and republicans. i know our best days will always be ahead of us. yield back. mr. reed: madam speaker, i encourage my colleagues to always search their conscience and their souls. and i respect my republican colleagues and my democratic
9:57 pm
colleagues, but today, let us pause and remember what happened here today. let us pause that our ten pour that this congress will far surpass the time that we stay here. and let us pass and cast our votes today, recognizing that what we do here today will set the course of this institution for years to come. and that institution, madam speaker, shall not fail. because the united states of america shall forever be the beacon of hope, the inspiration to all, and may god bless our great country. yield back. the speaker: for what purpose does the gentleman from new york seek recognition? >> madam speaker, i rise in
9:58 pm
support of the objection. the speaker: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. >> thank you, madam speaker. my constitutional oath is sacred. and i have a duty to speak out about confirmed, evidence-filled issues with the administration of the 2020 presidential election in certain battleground states. signature verification, valid observation, voter roll integrity, voter i.d. requirements, and ballot collection protections were weakened, on top of the millions of mailboxes that were flooded with unrequested mail-in ballots. mr. zeldin: many of my constituents have been outraged. and demanding that i voice their objections here today. this debate is necessary. because rowing election officials, -- rogue election officials circumvented state election laws. they made massive changes to how their state's election would be run. these acts, among other issues, were unlawful and unconstitutional. congress has the duty to defend
9:59 pm
the constitution and any powers of state legislatures that were usurped. some claim today's objections set new precedent by challenging state electors. that claim, of course, ignores that democrats have objected every time a republican presidential candidate has won an election over the past generation. if you don't have any objection tostd, that's your call -- today, -- objections today, that's your call. but don't lecture about precedent. over the past four years, democrats boycotted trump's inauguration and state of the union addresses, pushed the trump-russia collusion conspiracies and investigations and knowingly lied about it. voted to impeach the president before even knowing what to impeach him for. and then actually passed articles of impeachment before senate democrats voted to remove him from office. today's debate is necessary, especially because of the insistence that everything president trump and his supporters say about the 2020 election is evidence-free. that's simply not true.
10:00 pm
no one can honestly claim it's evidence-free. when in arizona courts unilaterally extended the legislatively set deadline to register to vote. the arizona state senate issued subpoenas, post-election, to get information from the maricopa county board on various election matters. but the board and the courts refused to help at all, to let the state senate complete its constitutional duties. in pennsylvania, where state legislatures wrote us about their powers being usurped, the democrat majority on the state supreme court changed signature matching and postal marking requirements. the date to submit mail-in ballots was extended, contradict toy ri to the dates set by -- contradictory to the dates set by state law. the issue is magnified of the inaccurate. e so
10:01 pm
absentee ballots by the democrat of the secretary of the commonwealth. counted and poll watches were denied. in georgia, the secretary of state entered into an agreement with the democratic party changing requirement its. challenging signatures was made far more difficult and it remired election officials to issue training materials retained by the democratic party. in wisconsin, election officials assisted voters how to circumvent the signature laws and putting in drop boxes. the democracy in the park event
10:02 pm
in wisconsin had over 17,000 ballots that were transferred. these are all facts. and certainly not evidence-free. americans deserve nothing less than full faith and confidence in their election. and guarantee that their vote, their voice counts and if there are concerns are being heard. that's why we need to have this debate today, whether you like it or not. this isn't about us, this is about our constitution our election and our people and our republic. yield back. the speaker: for what purpose does the gentleman from arizona seek recognition? mr. gallego: i rise in opposition to the objection. mr. gallego: i'm the proud of son of immigrants.
10:03 pm
growing up about partys and politicians invalidating elections from the people that took power for themselves. when i joined the marine corps, the basic part of my oath was to protect the constitution of the united states, i never thought i would have to do it on the floor of congress. here we are, the people have spoken and the constitution will be preserved. left it all in iraq for this country because there is one idea that we all had and all believed that this country was going to protect everyone's individual rights and going to be able to vote and preserve democracy and pass it on as a legacy. but today, today there was treason in this house and traitors in this house. i'm not asking my republican
10:04 pm
colleagues to help me and stop this objection to arizona. i'm asking you to get off all these objections. it is time for you to save your soul and time to save your country. that man at 1600 pennsylvania avenue will forget you and use you and dump you to the side but will be left will be the stain the stape of democracy that you are engaging in right now. listen to yourselves. i consider most of you very smart, believe it or not. but the idea we would rig an election for the president but not preserve the congressional seats for all of our friends that we lost in the last election is absurd. the idea we would help vice president biden win and not get enough senators in the senate is absurd. he idea that there was
10:05 pm
nepharious voter registration in arizona and there were more registered voters that were republicans than democrats. you are better than this. many of you did serve. many of you have never served. but there is an opportunity and a time for courage. i hope you never have to face fire or bullets or bombs for your country. but right now, right now, this country is asking you to be better. right now this country is asking you to show courage. this will stay with you for the rest of your life. you owe it to democracy and owe it to the hundreds and thousands of men and women who sacrificed their lives. you know better. these are americans. preserve this democracy.
10:06 pm
reject this and stop the terrorism that is happening in the white house. yield back my time. the speaker: members are reminded to direct their remarks to the chair. the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. >> it has been quite a day and in contrast to the gentleman's comments just now, i couldn't get over this text that i received from the mayor of charlotte about 30 minutes ago. he is a progressive democrat, political opponent for years, tremendous and graceful person. and he said representative bishop i hope you are safe and well and it must have been a day of anguish. i know you have a long night ahead and want you to know i was
10:07 pm
thinking about you, your family and staff. god bless. back home, the generosity of spirit still exists and i understand the sharp words and feelings on the other side tonight. but there are good people back home and i have heard from many, many of them and news would suggest there are millions of americans, millions, tens of millions who believe something went awry in this election. and they aren't dumb, they aren't mindless. they don't believe things simply because the president says them. there were problems. i know that joe biden will be president. but i don't know that it hurts
10:08 pm
or would hurt any of us to have the generosity of spirit to reflect on what might be better or what has gone wrong here. even if you reject the notion that the result was wrong. i would like to offer a slightly different perspective, perhaps it will be rejected. if i was sitting on the other side of the aisle it would be difficult to listen to, you have heard it said that many executive branch officials around the nation departed from state legislatures enacted laws. i think it is less understood how it came to pass. it was not a spontaneous independent decision making but it resulted from a coordinated coordinated partisan plan and the fact and scope of the plan isn't disputed.
10:09 pm
if you go to , website of the democratic election lawyer who appeared in hundreds of cases across the country in the course of the election year. this plan was not a response to covid but pre-existed and he explained that in january of 2020. it was a chaos strategy, a plan to flood state and federal courts with hundreds of election year lawsuits aimed at displacing states' legislative control. only the most experienced and independent judges appear to have recognized what was afoot. and the 4th district judges said this, let's understand the strategy that is being deployed here. our country is now plagued with
10:10 pm
free election litigation. 385 election-year cases, to that point, on october 20 and referred to the web site courts are changing the rules of the upcoming elections at the last minute and makes the promise of the constitution's election clauses into a far as. this was a political operation massacre aiding as a judicial one. d it had ethics, forum shopping, repet five suits and democratic officials of state and local governments. that, ladies and gentlemen, is what led to officials changing the rules in state after state, mainly through consent orders or the unreviewed decisions of
10:11 pm
ate and federal trial judges inclined by bipartisanship. in turn, the displacement of rules led to chaotic conditions on the ground about which so . ny americans are angry i think we can do better. i think that particularly in light what has happened today. the speaker: for what purpose does the gentleman from arizona seek recognition? >> i rise in opposition to the objection. the speaker: without objection. the gentleman is recognized for five minutes. >> we have endured trying times. and now we face an unprecedented effort to ignore the will of the american people and the people of arizona given the facts that
10:12 pm
the unprecedented events, this must be finished and america has to be united again. that is going to take leadership. we are all leaders. we are elected to be leaders. mr. o'halleran: if we are going to do that, we have to do it from the respect to others, the idea that truth is important, that factual content is important, that we are going to tell the american people what is going on in this country and what we hope to hear from a 30-second sound bite. i used to be a homicide investigator and my job was to follow the facts, make decisions and recommendations. following the process means that decisions cannot be made on umors and inyou endos alone.
10:13 pm
arizona has used mail-in voting for two decades. republicans and democrats are both proud how our state has administered elections. our republican governor and republican attorney general, democratic secretary of state and administrators and volunteers worked with integrity to administer a fair election. we saw a turnout increase in both republican and democratic areas and more republicans registered this election than any other party. i am proud that many of our tribal, rural and underserved communities voted in record numbers all during a pandemic. in 2020, arizona has made their voices heard. multiple state judges, state agencies and state elected
10:14 pm
the ials con concluded biden. as joe and counted audits and confirmed there were no errors that would change the result of the election. the fact is that the republican chairman of maricopa county, the largest republican county in the state, the biggest population county, stated more than two million ballots were cast and no evidence of fraud, misconduct or malfunction. e concluded, no matter how you voted, this was administered in accordance with state laws. the fact is, the president and his campaign and several republican-led groups filed eight lawsuits all of which were
10:15 pm
dismissed by the arizona supreme court where justices were appointed by republican governors. the justices found that the party had failed to present any evidence of misconduct or illegal vote let alone establish any agree of fraud or significant error rate that would undermine the serpt of the election result. after these judicial rulings, the governor said, i trust our election system. there is integrity in our election system. the fact is joe biden is the certified winner of arizona's 11 electoral votes. arizona elected officials from both parties followed the facts and came to this conclusion. i urge my i urge my colleagues do the same. to my colleague as i cross the aisle, i know we may disagree with who we want as president, but what we personally want is
10:16 pm
not what matters here. rather the people's influence, as reflected in the certified electoral college results, is what matters. facts matter. undermining faith in our election process by attempting to mislead the american public only serves to weaken us and make us vulnerable to foreign actors. who would do us harm. for the good of our country this must stop. now is the time to come together, to preserve our democracy and to protect our national security. i know my constituents are looking to congress to move past its divisions, find common ground, and pass legislation to improve the lives of struggling families. we must stay focused on fighting the pandemic. we must work to ensure all americans can be vaccinated as soon as possible. so we can save american lives. safely reopen schools. get people back to work. and visit loved ones again.
10:17 pm
i urge my colleagues to follow this and, madam speaker, i yield. the speaker: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentleman from florida seek recognition? >> madam speaker, i rise to claim time in support of the objection. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized -- the speaker: the gentleman is recognized for five minutes, without objection. >> madam speaker, one of the first things we did when the house convened today was to join together to extend our grace and our kindness and our concern for a colleague who has experienced just an insurmountable amount of grief with his family. mr. gaetz: and want all of our fellow americans watching to know that we did that because we care about each other. and we don't want bad things to happen to each other. and our heart hurts when they do. i'm sure there are plenty of folks over there who don't like me too much and there are a few of you that i don't care for too much. but if anybody had been hurt today, it would have been even more of a catastrophe than we
10:18 pm
already saw. and i think that's around important -- an important point for the country. another important point for the country is that this morning, president trump explicitly called for demonstrations and protests to be peaceful. he was far -- you can moan and grown, but he was far more explicit -- groan, but he was far more explicit about his calls for peace than some of the b.l.m. and left-wing riders were this sum when are we saw violence sweem -- this summer when we saw violence sweep across this nation. now we came here today to debate, to follow regular order, to offer an objection, to follow a process that is expressly contemplated in our constitution. and for doing that, we got called a bunch of is he dishes traitors. not since 1985 has a republican president been sworn in absent some democrat effort to object to the electors. but when we do, it is the new violation of all norms. and when those things are said,
10:19 pm
people get angry. now i know there are many countries where political violence may be necessary but america is not one such country. madam speaker, it was wrong when people vandalized and defaced your home, it was wrong when thugs went to senator hawley's home. and i don't know if the reports are true, but the "washington times" has just reported some pretty compelling evidence from a facial recognition company showing that some of the people who breached the capitol today were not trump supporters, they were masquerading as trump supporters and in fact were members of the violent terrorist group antifa. now, we should seek to build america up, not tear her down. and destroy her. and i am sure glad that at least for one day i didn't hear my democrat colleagues calling o defund the police. now, i appreciate all the talk
10:20 pm
appreciate all the talk of coming together, but let us not pretend that our colleagues on the left have been free of some anti-democratic impulses, just because we signed on to legal briefs and asked courts to resolve disputes. there were some on the left who said we should not even be seated in the body. that we ought to be prosecuted. maybe even jailed. those are arguments anger people. but people do understand the concepts of basic fairness. and no competition, contest or election can be deemed fair if the participants are subject to different rules. baseball teams that cheat and steal signs should be stripped of their championships. russian owe litschians who cheat and use -- olympians who cheat and use steroids should be stripped of their medals and states who do not run clean elections should be stripped of their electors.
10:21 pm
this fraud was systemic. it was repeated. it was the same system and i dare say it was effective. we saw circumstances where when democrat operatives couldn't get the outcomes they wanted in state legislators, when they couldn't get the job done there they went and pressured and litigated and usurped the constitution with extra constitutional action of some officials in some states. they fraudulently laundered ballots, votes, voter registration forms, and then they limited review. in 2016 democrats found out that they couldn't beat donald trump at the ballot box with voters who actually show up. so they turned to impeachment. and the witness box. and when that failed, they ran to the mailbox where this election saw an unprecedented amount of votes that could not be authenticated with true i.d., with true signature match, and with true confidence
10:22 pm
for the american people. our article 3 courts have failed by not holding evidentry hearings to weigh the evidence. we should not join in that failure. we should vindicate the rights of states, we should vindicate the subpoenas in arizona that have been issued to get a hold of these voting machines, and we should reject these electors. i yield back. the speaker: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from colorado seek recognition? degree degree i rise in opposition to the -- ms. degette: i rise in opposition to the objection. the speaker: without objection, the gentlewoman is recognized. ms. degette: i'm very pleased to yield my time to the dean of the arizona delegation, mr. grijalva. the speaker: the gentleman is recognized. mr. grijalva: thank you, madam speaker. and i thank the gentlelady from colorado for yielding time. i'll be very brief, madam speaker. there's really nothing left to
10:23 pm
say. this challenge brought by members of this house, republican members from this house from arizona, and a senator from texas, the whole discussion today, this challenge to the electoral, 11 electoral votes that are designated for president beside and vice president harris -- biden and vice president harris, the discussion today proves there is no merit to denying those electoral votes. there's no legal standing, the courts have prove than in arizona time and time again. there is no precedent. there is no constitutional violation. but we're here today, madam speaker, because of the -- because of one man. and those who are desperate to please him. so what do we have to show for his process today?
10:24 pm
fear. a lockdown. violence. and regrettably and sadly, death. arrests. present and real danger. threats. assault on our institution, this house, this congress and the very democracy that we practice here. the reality is that the challenge will be defeated. president 20, biden and vice president harris will be the president and vice president of the united states. so what did we accomplish? to further divide this nation? to continue to fan the same rhetoric of division and us
10:25 pm
versus them? to paralyze and dismantle our democracy? is that what we're attempting to accomplish today? the mob that attacked this institution, i hold no member specifically responsible for that madness that was around us. but we do share a responsibility, my friends, to end it. this it's past time to accept reality. -- it's past time to accept real. to reaffirm our democracy and move on. i would urge my colleagues from arizona who filed this challenge to withdraw their challenge. -- challenge to this -- to arizona and to the electors that have been chosen. to give their 11 votes to the winners in that election. but if that doesn't happen, then i would urge my colleagues
10:26 pm
reject this challenge and defend all voters, defend the voters of arizona, and that democracy that we practice daily and the representation of our constituents, that's what's at stake today. with that, i yield back to the gentlelady from colorado, and thank her for the time. ms. degette: i thank the gentleman. madam speaker, on sunday, every member this in -- in this chamber took an oath to uphold the constitution. and there's only one vote tonight for those who took that oath and that vote is to reject this challenge. yield back. the speaker: all the time for debate has expired. the question is, shall the objection to the arizona electoral college vote count submitted by the gentleman from arizona, mr. gosar, and the
10:27 pm
senator from texas, mr. cruz, be agreed to. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the noes have it. for what purpose does the gentleman from ohio seek recognition? mr. jordan: we'd ask for a roll call. the speaker: the yeas and nays have been requested. pursuant to section 3-f of house resolution 8, the yeas and nays are ordered. members will record their votes by electronic device. and are reminded to vote when their group is called. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.]
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quick are proving that our democracy cannot be disrupted by criminal behavior. we will not falter, we will not bend, and we will not shrink from our duty. let me be very clear. mobs don't rule america, laws rule america. we'rerue in our cities burning this summer and it is true now. when americans go to bed tonight, their lasting memory should not be a congress overrun by rioters. it must be by congress -- we may not disagree on a lot in america, but we must show the world that we must respectfully but thoroughly carry out the
10:55 pm
most basic duties of democracy. we will continue with the task we were sent here to do. we will do it with respect. we will respect your opinion. we will respect what you say, and we are willing to listen to it. i think the nation will be better for it on both sides of the aisle. let's show the country the mob did not win. we have a job to win. let's do it with pride and let's be better when the sun rises tomorrow. with that i yelled back, madam speaker. back, madam i yield speaker.
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you the speaker: on this vote, the 303. re 121, the nays are the noes have it and without objection, the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. the clerk will now notify the
11:11 pm
senate of the action of this house informing that body that the house is now ready to proceed in joint session with the further counting of the electoral vote for the president and the vice president. to remind both sides of the aisle during the joint session, there are 11 house republicans, 11 house democrats, 11 house senate democrats, 11 senate republicans, 44 members on the floor. please view the proceedings from your offices. thank you. how serious we take the coronavirus threat and the need for social distancing. please, my colleagues, if you are not participating in the
11:12 pm
next part of this, please return to your offices.
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the speaker: the chair will receive a message. the messenger: madam speaker, a meaning from the senate. the secretary: mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: madam secretary. the secretary: i have been directed by the secretary of the senate to inform the house that the senate is ready to proceed in joint session, with the house of representatives.
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>> madam speaker, the vice president and the united states senate.


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