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tv   Joint Session of Congress for Counting of Electoral College Ballots  CSPAN  January 7, 2021 3:35am-6:10am EST

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president and michael r. pence of the state of indiana received five votes for vice president. vice president pence: are there any objections to counting the certificate of vote from the that the est virginia teller has verified appears to be regular in form and authentic this certificate from wisconsin the parliamentarian's advised me is the only certificate of vote from that state that purpors to be a return from the state, has annexed to it a certificate of authority from the state purporting to appoint or scertain electors. ms. lofgren: the certificate of the electoral vote of the state of wisconsin seems to be regular in form and authentic and appears that joseph r. biden junior of the state of delaware received 10 votes for president and kamala d. harris of the
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state of california received 10 votes for vice president. advise advise for what reason. mr. gohmert: i object to the state of wisconsin because 71 are firmly committed to the resolution of disagreements in civil lawful peaceful institutions with full and free debate free of violence and no single court has allowed a hearing to listen to the significant body of fraud and some of the court's failures to that no court would listen to evidence did not exist while democrat leaders in milwaukee created more than 200 illegal polling places, tens of thousands of votes were changed by workers despite election workers' objections plus so many other illegalities to create a 20,000 vote lead.
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we object along with a senator who now has withdrawn his objection. vice president pence: sections of 15 and 17 of title three require any objection be presented in writing signed by a member of the house of representatives and a senator. is the objection in writing and signed by a member and a senator? mr. gohmert: it is in writing. signed by a member, but not a ned and objected to by senator. vice president pence: the objection cannot be entertained. his certificate from wyoming the parliamentarian's advised me is the only certificate of vote from that state that purpors to be a return from the state, has annexed to it a certificate of authority from the state purporting to appoint or scertain electors.
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mr. blunt: the electoral vote of the state of wyoming is in form and authentic and donald j. trump received three votes for president and michael r. pence from the state of indiana received three votes for vice president. vice president pence: are there any objections to counting the certificate of vote from the state of wyoming that the teller has verified appears to be regular in form and authentic? earing none, the chair advises members of congress that the certificates having been read, the tellers will ascertain and deliver the result to the president of the senate.
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>> the undersigned roy plunt and amy klobuchar tellers on the part of the senate, zoe lofgren and rodney davis tellers on the part of the house of representatives report the following as the result of the ascertainment and counting of the electoral vote for president and vice president of the united states for the term beginning on day of january, e report we make is that joe biden and kamala harris will be the president and vice president according to the ballots that have been given to us.
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vice president pence: the whole number of the numbers elected is 538. within that whole number a majority is 270. the votes for president of the united states are as follows. joseph r. biden junior of the state of delaware has received 306 votes. donald j. trump of the state of florida has received 232 votes. the whole number of electors appointed to vote for vice president of the united states is 538. within that whole number, a majority is 270. the votes for vice president of the united states are as follows, kamala d. harris of the state of california has received 306 votes. michael r. pence of the state of indiana has received 232 votes.
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the announcement of the state of the vote by the president of the senate shall be deemed sufficient declaration of the persons elected president and vice president of the united states. each for the term beginning on the 20th day of january, 2021 and shall be entered together with the list of the votes on the journals of the senate and the house of representatives. the chair now recognizes for the purpose of a closing prayer the 62 chaplain of the united states senate. -- c. barry c black black. he chaplain: let us pray, lord of our lives and sovereign of deplor ved nation, we
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the desecration of the united building, the shedding of innocent blood, the ofs of life and the quagmire isfunction that threatened our democracy. these tragedies have reminded us that words matter and that the power of life and death is in the tongue. we have been warned that eternal igilance continues to be freedom's price. lord, you have helped us remember that we need to see in ch other a common humanity
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that reflects your image. you have strengthened our resolve to protect and defend the constitution of the united ates against all enemies domestic as well as foreign. se us to bring healing and unity to our hurting and divided nation and world. thank you for what you have pleased our lawmakers to complish in spite of threats to liberty. bless and keep us. drive far from us all the wrong desires, incline our hearts to
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do your will and guide our feet on the path of peace. nd god, bless america. , pray in your sovereign name men. vice president pence: the purpose of the joint resolution having conclude pursuant to house concurrent resolution number 1, the chair declares the joint session dissolved.
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the speaker pro tempore: the electoral vote will be spread at large upon the journal. pursuant to section 5-a 1-b of house resolution 8, the house
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stands adjourned until 11:00 11, on monday, january 2021.
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how clear it is we have lost the election. i think it is better instead of dealing with articles of impeachment go nowhere. people can better spend their time. scott, how are you?
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caller: i am a middle school social studies teacher. today was a very interesting day with the kids. area and therural cobit infection rate is still so low we can have the kids tent school -- attend school. , i had every kid's undivided attention to date with what was going on with capitol hill. classwere you watching in when the capital was breached? caller: as best we could. we still have work to do when we are at school. say, i really
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feel that i hope what is happening today will be a wake-up call for both parties so demonizationnd the of people that disagree with us that people of different backgrounds and different circumstances are not ignorant uneducated.r we can use this opportunity to and i more perfect union just want to say, as an example of people who can agree to disagree and still treat people with civility and respect, i have not once in my life, and maybe you can or cannot recall, i have never recalled the late democrats,m hawaii, bobat veteran questioning
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dole's pictures of him. , combat recall bob dole veteran, questioning pictures him. patriotism. i cannot recall them labeling them fastest, subversive. i hope that what is happening in the last 24 hours will be a wake-up call for a more strong union. were when the events happening, what are some of the questions or comments that some of your kids were making? caller: the main question was, why was the army knocked out there dealing with these people? them try to explain to that in our society that is not the role of the military. i had some students of color who really bring to my attention that, i do not understand,
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why is it thater protesters were arrested and sent to jail and to date, it looks like they are being sent home with after school detention? tuned, we willy see what happens. host: thank you for your time. the photos we are showing you were taken by the washington post. they are online there. chris, in pennsylvania. day, theents of the breach, what you want to comment on? want to think i c-span for covering this. cool, collected coverage was reassuring. all -- in awe in of vice president pence, speaker
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house, the senate, the did everything. in spite of the tragedy that unfolded today, i think we are a little stronger today because of the integrity of all of these people deciding to get the job done and make sure every vote counted. especially from this , or peoplea voter have been trying to disenfranchise. ohio, how are you? caller: doing fine. i have been glued to c-span all day long. unravel.everything congressman who has gone on home, he stated that he left men ins because of mean congress and it was time for him
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to go. i am glad that he has passed on and was not able to see something like this today. congressmanmber stokes, he was one of the nicest gentlemen. caller: yes. host: he was in the 1990's? caller: yes. that is correct. he was very influential in they were able to elevate to congress. i was disturbed to see those people on the capitol building, as many times as i have been to the building, i would never disrespect it. to see how people of law enforcement were not there to the rampaging that was going on. i know if it had been african-americans, there would
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have been blood in the streets. i want to thank them for going by an individual to continue to thwart this country and divide us. thank you very much. host: new jersey. caller: how are you? -- join thesay other callers and say the coverage by c-span has been terrific. i know it's been a long day for you. say i think ito is urgent at this point that congress "savings -- proceedings for the removal of the president because it's very clear he and enduring grave threat to democracy. andppeared at the rally
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whipped up his supporters. they then followed his lead and proceeded to the capital, which he told them they would walk to. he himself did not. proceeded tothem break into the capitol building. with witho be dealt absolute clarity. where wel moment here need to make very clear that this kind of action can never be tolerated again. 7, thet is january inauguration of joe biden is happening in less than two weeks. purpose ofbe the either the 25th amendment or ?mpeachment process ,> the longer he is in office
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his continuation in office constitutes a continual threat to democracy. he's already planning on having his supporters, on the 19th. for presumably more mayhem. he tweeted it. in guthrie,s susan oklahoma. an eventful day in the nation's capital. what's your reaction? caller: as i sit here and watch the death rattle of our great country, i am reflecting that once upon a time there was a man who gave up everything to save it and he was unmercifully destroyed and i want to say personally thank you president trump for all your personal sacrifices. you love this country in your
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heart -- and your heart unrelenting work for the american people. we still love you and we will never forget your fight, spirit and willingness to stop the corruption and the continual rape of america's prosperity. host: when you saw the breach of the capital, is that something you condone? >> actually the breach of the capital. -- was not from supporters. three trumpto rallies. i worked as a volunteer, there has never been that kind of violence, of that kind of air of animosity and hate. those were infiltrators. those were not trump supporters. host: susan in guthrie, oklahoma.
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los angeles, good morning cory. caller: they don't pay you enough for being there so late. to the point that they were actors and not trump supporters in washington. weeks been documented for on parlor that these people have been planning and coordinating what they were going to do today in washington. they said we are going to go to washington on january 6 like the president told us to print we can match the faces of people that are there with the people who have been to many trump rallies. this is not antifa or actors. these are trump supporters preaching the capital. quote zack from rage against the machine. he said some of those that workforces are the same the burn crosses. great work tonight. host: this is will in sunnyvale,
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california. the san francisco area. caller: i'm here. host: go ahead. caller: i just wanted to address , thes versus them scenario reds versus the blues and all the rest, whatever you want to call it. the interesting part i want to bring up is -- i have some friends as a matter fact, the blue versus red is in the living room. it's really disturbing on how it is destroying. the gentleman is really on with all the conspiracy theories and she is basically trying to call out the facts and it's just destroying them. i don't know what to say or do. host: were you listening 10 minutes ago when we had the
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social studies teacher from reno talk about how he is trying to guide students? caller: yes i saw that. host: what did you think of that? caller: maybe that would be helpful for the future. thank you. host: we will continue to take your calls. we will be taking them during the washington journal this morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. and about three hours from now. times at 3:40 a.m. eastern that mike pence certified the election. >> the whole number of electors appointed to be president of the united states is 538. within that whole number, a majority is 270. votes for president of the united states are as follows. joseph r biden junior of the state of delaware has received 306 votes, donald j. trump of
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the state of florida has received 232 votes. the whole number of electors appointed to vote for vice president of the united states is 538. within that whole number, the majority is 270. the votes for vice president of the united states are as follows. kamala harris of the state of california has received 306 votes. state of. pence of the indiana has received 232 votes. the announcement of the state of the vote by the president of the senate shall be deemed a sufficient declaration of the persons elected president and vice president of the united states. each of the term beginning on the 20th day of january 2021. it shall be entered together with the list of the votes on the journals of the senate and house of representatives. the official electoral math looks like this.
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306 for joe biden, 232 for donald trump. you can see the red for republicans, both nebraska and maine have strikes because the stripes because they split their electoral votes. pence announced the certification of the election. eveningt 8:15 p.m. this when the house and the senate came back in after a six hour delay. at that time, vice president pence, who is president of the senate, majority leader mcconnell and minority leader chuck schumer spoke about what happened. >> the senate will come to order. president as president of the senate would like to give a brief statement. today was a dark day in the history of the united states capital.
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effortnks to the swift of u.s. capitol police, federal state and local law enforcement, the violence was quelled. thecapital is secured and people's work continues. we condemned the violence that took place here in the strongest possible terms. grieve the loss-of-life in these hallowed halls. as well as the injuries suffered by those who defended our capital today. grateful toays be the men and women who stayed at their post to defend this historic place. to those who wreaked havoc in our capital today, you did not win. violence never wins. freedom wins.
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and this is still the people's house. chamber,onvene in this of world will again witness the resilience and strength of our democracy. even in the wake of unprecedented violence and vandalism at this capital. of elected representatives the people of the united states have assembled again on the very and defend support the constitution of the united states. loss, the bless the injured and the heroes on this day. hereod bless all who serve and those who protect this place. and may god bless the united states of america. let's get back to work. [applause]
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>> the majority leader. , theask unanimous consent majority leader and democratic leader be allowed to speak and at the time not count against two hours of debate in relation to the objection raised on the state of arizona. without objection, so ordered. >> i want to say to the american senatethe united states will not be intimidated. we will not be kept out of this mobs, ory thugs, threats. lawlessnessbow to
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or intimidation. posts, wek at our will discharge our duty for our nation. and we will do it tonight. this afternoon, congress began the process of honoring the will of the american people and counting the electoral college votes. to fulfill the solemn duty every four years for more than two centuries. whether our nation has been at peace,a piece -- or at even during an ongoing armed rebellion. the clockwork of our democracy has carried on. the united states and the united states congress have faced down much greater threats than the
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unhinged we saw today. we have never been deterred before and we will not be deterred today. they tried to disrupt our democracy, they failed. they failed. they failed to attempt to obstruct the congress, this failed insurrection only underscores our -- how crucial the time before us is for our republic. our nation was founded precisely so that the free choice of the american people is what shapes our self-government and determines the destiny of our nation. force.r, not expression oful the popular will. assembled this afternoon to
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counter citizens votes and formalize their choice of the next president. to count ourour -- citizens' votes and formalize their choice of the next president. bookll follow this by the in accordance with our laws and constitution. winnerwill certify the of the 2020 presidential election. criminal behavior will never dominate the united states congress. resilient,ution is our democratic republic is strong. deserveican people nothing less. >> mr. president, it is very
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difficult to put into words what has transpired today. i have never lived through or even imagined the experience like the one we just witnessed in this capital. setident franklin roosevelt aside december 7, 1941 is a day that will live in infamy. can now addy, we january 6, 2021 to that very short list of gates in american history that will live forever in infamy. this temple to democracy was desecrated. it's windows smashed, vandalized. american elected officials were hurriedly rushed out. the house and senate floors were
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places of shelter until the evacuation was ordered. rioters to stock these hallowed halls. and our staff feared for their lives. i understand one woman was shot and tragically lost her life. and feel for her friends and family. images are projected to the world. report theassies harrowing scenes of the very heart of our democracy. this will be a stain on our country not so easily washed away. terrible indelible legacy of the 45th president of the united states. , thoseto be very clear
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who perform these reprehensible acts cannot be called protesters. no, of were rioters and insurrectionists, goons and thugs, domestic terrorists. america,ot represent there were a few 1000 violent extremists who tried to take over the capital building. they must and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, hopefully by this administration. if not, certainly by the next. they should be provided no leniency. the capitol hill police and local police who kept us safe today. and work to clear the capital. and return it to its rightful owners. , want to thank the leaders democrat and republican, house
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and senate, speaker pelosi, leader mcconnell, leader mccarthy and myself came together and decided these thugs would not just -- would not succeed. that we would finish the work our constitution requires us to complete. in these very chambers that were desecrated. but we know always belong to the people. friends,no mistake my today's events did not happen spontaneously. the president who promoted conspiracy theories and motivated these folks, the president who ordered them to come to our nations capital, them on, on -- egged hardly ever discourages violence, this president bears a great deal of the blame. was a good part of
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president trump's doing. incited by his words and lies. this violence in good part is responsible -- his responsibility and his everlasting shame. certainly would not have happened without him. down as one ofgo the darkest days in recent american history. a final warning to our nation that the consequences of a demagogic president. the people who enable him, the captive media, the people who follow him. as he attempts to push america to the brink of ruin. tonight, let us
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thisber in the end, all mob has really accomplished is to delay our work by a few hours. we will resume our responsibilities now and finish our task tonight. the house and senate chambers will be restored good as new and ready for legislating in short order. the counting of the electoral votes is our sacred duty democracies roots in this nation are deep and strong and they will not be undone ever by a group of thugs. democracy will triumph as it has for centuries. americans whow were shocked and appalled by the images on the television today and who are worried about the future of this country, let me speak to you directly. country runs in our deep but we are a resilient
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forward-looking and optimistic people. and we will begin the hard work of repairing this nation tonight because here in america, we do hard things and in america, we always overcome our challenges. host: the senate minority leader chuck schumer, you just heard him referencing events from earlier yesterday in the u.s. capitol as you are seeing pictures there. a different picture from what you saw hours ago. mitch mcconnell also commenting as well as a vice president of the united states all making those comments as part of congresses act of certifying -- certifying --ve act of certifying the presidential election votes. thereby certifying joe biden's win of last year's election.
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for the next 20 minutes or so we will take your calls not only on the certification of these votes, but all the events you heard from and saw today. if you live in the eastern and central time zone, -- the mountain pacific -- pacific time zone. and if you want to text us this ,orning your thoughts 202-748-8903. a statement on these recent events when it comes to the certification process saying even though i totally disagree with the outcome of the election and the facts bear me out, there will be an orderly transition on january 20. i've always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted. while this represent the end of the greatest first term in
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presidential history, it is only the beginning of our fight to make america great again. from thestatement president of the united states over that certification process. we will take your calls. we thank you for waiting and holding on. we start off on a republican line. we hear from janet, thank you for waiting. caller: thank you. i have been sitting here watching this tv for the last -- and watched the election process. feel like 72 million americans have not gotten the have andat they should i believe that the ones that were there in washington today were just part of the whole of whyng of the support
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all the electoral votes turned out to be the way that they turned out and none of the senators or the house had any ,nformation about the machines thatderage voters as well never even voted before or dead people. host: the process of the election to now we've heard several people talk about the verification, we have seen court cases be turned back on this issue, we have seen other events as well. up until this time why do you still not believe it? that thereelieve were several of his attorneys that have been on newsmax and have said there's more evidence there than what the media has been saying and all of the
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different states have denied him all of these rights of looking at the evidence in front of all these different attorneys as well. host: that's janet in texas. grand junction, colorado. a win, you are next up. owen, you are next up. talking aboutr is those despicable acts. in the declaration it says that it's our right to throw off such government when it becomes destructive to its own ends. host: so you agree with everything that took place as far as the actions that took place yesterday? , i am very sad about the lady who got killed. i can tell you this, schumer thinks he's going to tell those
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thate you know -- i think schumer works for the american people and they are probably not to go along with joe biden or pelosi being put in their because it's our duty to throw off such government when it becomes -- host: exactly what do you mean by that? -- i think next time it might be pitchforks instead of flags. host: ok. let me stop you there. john in illinois, you are on as well. go ahead. caller: nice to meet you, nice to be on the show. thank you. happened inng what -- my firstnd election was ronald reagan, i have voted every single time there has been an opportunity to vote because i feel sacred right.
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republicans tonight are throwing this at the feet, whether they be people talking on tv or ex parte officials, they arens, it seems myopically throwing this at the feet of the last four years when they've been building this bonfire for 30 years. they've been putting pieces of wood on because they like the crazyhat by putting out conspiratorial stuff, crazy people voted for them. and they've been slowly building this structure, never thinking that the match would go up. fact thatseeing the all of the lunacy could get together on social media 25 years down the line or 30 years down the line and do something
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like this. the funny thing about this is i tend to wax towards the me, but it is just toilitating to watch this see everyone want to put it on the last four years. host: you said it's 30 years, but who takes the blame for yesterday? back --i go all the way it starts with rush limbaugh. it starts with him and his show and the people he got around him and the money he made. rupert murdoch. host: how do you draw the line from them to yesterday? directly draw the line by the stuff that they put on to get eyeballs to sell their --. host: can use that language. -- cannot use that language.
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byse events documented several news sources when it comes to photography, we have seen video probably. the washington post with a series of photos from yesterday with the events from those of the capital. not only pushing up against the outside but going through the inside of the capital as well. we will show you some of those photos as we continue with calls. this is lillian. caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: i was watching greta startedy when all this in for a few seconds i took my glasses off and i was dozing off listened to the tone of voice in the transmission the changes and i hear people screaming and i put my glasses on because i thought something happened in venezuela, i thought you stop the
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transmission and interrupted to show something from the venezuela. on,when i put my glasses it's in washington. it's in the capital. i could not believe that. that is horrifying. host: when you saw yesterday's events, what went through your mind? caller: what went through my mind is that two years before new year's eve, when trump was in mar-a-lago, he wrote something on twitter that he would be in washington on january the sixth and "more information to come." my thinking is maybe he was planning all this and talking to all these people. this is why he was telling on twitter that was going to happen.
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i believe he is capable of that and more. host: that's lillian in florida talking about president trump's influence on twitter. leading toyesterday the suspension of the president's twitter account. and his facebook account being suspended for a period of time. we are taking your calls not only on the certification of election results. matt in texas on our line for others, you are next up. i thought that was pretty out of line. i had a question for peter but since he is not here i would like to ask -- georgia,on in shawnee, independent line. caller: you've got to think about this objectively now. you guys are being a little
4:32 am
ridiculous on that. there are over 30 stamp time encrypted videos of fraud occurring and i consulted on obamacare and have been down in those chambers. i've been down at the state farm arena. the wheeling in of ballots after everything was closed down, those are felonies. usb 4 gb drive could change 150,000 votes within a matter of seconds, there are signed affidavits, felony level explaining the videos. i'm just being objective here showing the video explaining what was going on. for the court not to take this is no different than someone robbing a bank and having it on video and the courts ignoring. host: what is the responsibility of the states to solve these matters before they send for their electoral college votes? caller: the states have to send
4:33 am
this to the court. you cannot look at irrefutable video. i know where there's two cameras. they were connected where the lady is deaf host: for all that said every state has certified these processes before they send them along to congress to have them counted. caller: no they did not. they can verify that because there's no explanation for the video. so they need to either charge the people in the videos for deepfakes or charge the affidavit people with felonies or bring the people putting them ballots for felonies. host: with all that said, what happens now as far as this process of electing the next president what goes through your mind? caller: the courts have got to get involved and they can be fearful. i'm a consultant, i have consulted for these people. i tell them on the medical aspect. if i brought a usb drive in after hours dealing with people social security numbers in my
4:34 am
field of dealing with the government, it's an automatic felony. host: you made that point. republican line, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i'm definitely for trump. is this man has done everything he can for everybody. he did not have to take this on. he loves this country. the sad thing about it is he is so good and he does everything good that people want to take him down. who does what he did in four years? nobody. would really irritates the hell out of me and excuse my language, but the gentleman said is right. there is so much corruption. when he said drain the swamp, he
4:35 am
is going to drain it. he said in two weeks he will let everything out. those people are scared and they thesenning and that's why people won't stand up. you've got georgia is the most corrupt little -- it is horrible. there is your third world right there. mckenzie in denver, colorado, democrats line. honestly i think what's going on is an attempted coup. we watched people stormed the and the resistance by the police was so much different here than it was with black lives matter protests. it is so strange to watch this happen and no one is really recognizing how extreme people on trump's camp are. you are far as the coup
4:36 am
saying this was organized by whom? cultr: well it's trump's essentially. it's people that look at the trump as someone who was essentially a god. someone who is telling them what to do and they follow blindly. host: do the people themselves bear responsibility for what you saw yesterday and what's been highlighted in photography including the washington post? caller: absolutely. they were following trump's orders but they have responsibility for what they did. and if they continue to do this, they bear responsibility on their own -- for themselves as well as the party that they represent. i don't think that's the republican party i think it's difficult trump has created. host: let's hear from christian in virginia, democrats line, on the events of not only the certification of electoral college votes but what happened
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at the capital. caller: thank you for having me. i'm a college student right now, i am studying government because i want to possibly be a government teacher -- be in government -- election ashe 2008 the first thing in politics i really remember and i remember more than anything this feeling of hope. i was a child of the time so i wasn't as aware as i am now. i just felt hope. and this feeling that that would and moment people remember i have a feeling this will be a moment people remember as well but i don't feel the hope i did.
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what is your view after yesterday? caller: i'm not sure it's easy these days -- i'm sure it is easy these bait -- these days to be cynical and lose faith. it is harder to keep faith. i don't know. for one reason or another i just innot fully lose faith trying to help out people around me. get out ofw how to this situation we are currently in where a mob overruns the u.s. ,apitol because on some level it is not exactly surprising. you can kind of see something like this coming, but still you cannot fully visualize something like this until it happens. i don't know.
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sorry, i am a bit overcome. host: what do you think this means then as far as events from yesterday and going forward like you referenced to, what does this mean for the next president? mean, honestly what i'm thinking. maybe there needs to be some sort of truth and reconciliation commission. you heard about stuff like that after apartheid south africa. i'm not trying to be exaggerating or be overflowing any situation. but maybe some type of atrdinated public effort making sense of the last four years or something that this country needs. host: christian in glenallen, virginia, a student there studying government and politics giving his thoughts. carol on our republican line,
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good morning. caller: ok. host: you are on, go ahead. caller: my name is carol goldsmith and i live in seattle, washington. i still think donald trump should be put in jail because to me he is wrong for doing the things he did. host: such as what? caller: like telling people to go to the white house where they shouldn't have been going in the first place. he shouldn't have said anything. he should have said go home, we don't want no problems and he's just playing it off like i didn't say anything. host: did you vote for president trump -- caller: i did not. host: are you a republican? caller: yes. host: ok. inwill go to angie
4:41 am
minneapolis, minnesota. democrats line. caller: hello. host: you are on, go ahead. i just really learned a lot tonight about our democracy and our government. up tolearned it is not decisionso make the about each states -- states state's voting and it's very important to remember that. contest whatcannot is going on in another state's elections. that was what was going on tonight. like everybody did the right thing by following the states have, that
4:42 am
to decide what their state is going to do in an election. host: what do you make about the concerns, we had plenty of calls over the last several hours about concerns about electoral integrity, concerns about how the vote was processed. you hear those claims of people, do you think they should be heard out? feel that theydo were heard, they were heard in byrt, they were heard different lawyers who talked about what the arguments were and what had happened in each state. and judges ruled that there was no fraud. i believe also that every election has some sort -- we are all human and we all make human mistakes. i believe every election has some kind of fraud in it, but
4:43 am
not enough to completely change the outcome of the election. host: that is angie in minneapolis giving her thoughts on the events of the last day starting with the incoming of congress for a joint session of 1:00 to count electoral votes. shortly after, protesters headed to the capital inside of the capital building which you seem documented over the last several hours. congress resuming its work and finishing up early this morning with the certification of electoral college votes for president-elect joe biden. we will continue on with your calls. if you are on the line, hold on, we want to take you back in time a bit about 9:00 last night, congress reconvening in hearing from the house speaker, nancy , aosi, house minority leader kevin mccarthy about the actions of yesterday.
4:44 am
[video clip] >> the house will be in order. the chair will address the chamber. shameful -- it cannot however deter us from our responsibility to validate the election of joe biden and kamala harris. for that reason, congress is returned to the capital. always knew this responsibility would take us into the night and we will stay as long as it takes. our purpose will be accomplished. we show to country into the world that we will not be diverted from our duty, that we will respect our responsibility to the constitution and to the american people. sunday, it was my great honor
4:45 am
to be sworn in as speaker and preside over a sacred ritual of renewal. to open the 117th congress. in this. we were sworn we accept the responsibility, as --nting and demanding as any of leadership that anyone has ever faced. we know we are in difficult times. but little could we have imagined the assault that was made on our democracy today. for those who seek to tear us our responsibility, you have failed. for those engaged in the gleeful deprecation of this temple of democracy, american democracy,
4:46 am
justice rule. is the feast of the epiphany. on this day of revelation, let us pray that this instigation to violence will provide an epiphany for our country to heal. healing iirit of -- andst. francis, he is his song of st. francis is our anthem. lord make me a channel of that piece, where there is darkness may i bring light, where there is hatred made their spring love, where there is despair, let their spring hope. who knew we would be part of history in a positive way today. every four years when we demonstrate again the peaceful transfer of power from one president to the next, and
4:47 am
despite the shameful actions of part ofe still will be a history. -- that this assault is just that, it shows the weakness of those who had to show through violence what their message was. i wear this pin quite frequently. it is a flag of our country, a flag of the united states of america. country, one one destiny. one country, one destiny.
4:48 am
written on this flag. that was also what was in abraham lincoln's coat that he had on that fateful night. party, lincoln's message, one country, one destiny. epiphany, holy day of let us pray. i'm a big believer in prayer. let us pray there will be peace on earth and that it will begin with us. let us pray that god will continue to bless america. withthat, let us proceed our responsibilities to the constitution to which we have just within 72 hours have taken the oath to uphold. whatrise to address happened in this chamber today.
4:49 am
and where do we go from here. the violence, destruction, the chaos we saw earlier was unacceptable, undemocratic and un-american. day i havesaddest ever had serving as a member of this institution. , policetal was in chaos officers were attacked, guns were drawn on this very floor. a woman tragically lost her life. when this building and what it stands for or destroyed. america and this institution is better than this. we saw the worst of america this afternoon. yet in the midst of violence and fear, we also saw the best of america. enforcement,h law the capitol police, the national guard. [applause]
4:50 am
the fbi, the secret service, who faced the most difficult challenges but did their duty with confidence and strength. many of them are injured right now. ,t also extends to this chamber where both democrats and republicans showed courage, calm, and resolve. i would like to recognize the members now who helped to hold the line. gonzales,mullin, tony jason crow, pat fallon and troy nehls.
4:51 am
working with the capitol police they ensured the floor this chamber was never breached. these are the heroes among us. thank you. [applause] looking back on the past few this congresslear will not be the same after today. it will be for the better. i hope not just this institution, but i hope every american pauses for that moment and thinks among themselves. we can disagree with one another , but not dislike each other.
4:52 am
we can respect the voices of times wehere is many debate on this body. there's many times we can get heated. i still consider steny hoyer a very good friend. there's times when i get upset and call him at home to express things i may not see fair are just, but that's the way we should handle things. right toity leader is put all-americans first. we should also think for a moment what we put on social media. what we convey to one another. just because you have a personal opinion different than mine, you have a right to say it, but nobody has a right to become a mob. we all should stand united in condemning the mob together. [applause]
4:53 am
we solve problems before our nation through destruction, but through debate. that is the heart of this democracy. today is tough, but it is just and right. i thought what madam speaker 2005, this is democracy at its best. when they talked about a presidential election in ohio. that wee the moments should raise the issue about integrity and accountability and accuracy in our elections. do,you know what we should not just raise the issue, but work together to solve the problems. [applause]
4:54 am
now is the moment, now is the moment to show america we can work best together. , the size of the majority is slim so it gives us the opportunity to make that happen. the only thing that can hold us back is the will of one another to do it. this side of the aisle always believes in working with anybody who wants to move forward. it does not mean we will agree 100% of the time, it does not mean our voice will not be heard. it does not mean we cannot be treated fairly, we should be. means on our ability to offer an amendment and means our ability to have a voice. at the end of the day it comes to a better conclusion.
4:55 am
we -- we are proving that our democracy cannot be disrupted by critical behavior. we will not falter, we will not bend and we will not shrink from our duty. [applause] let me be very clear, mobs do not rule america, laws rule america. [applause] it was true when our cities were burning this summer and it's true now. [applause] when america -- when americans go to bed tonight, the lasting memory should not be congress overrun by writers, and must be congress conducting healthy debate. we may disagree on the lot in america but tonight we must show the world that we will respectively but thoroughly -- respectfully but thoroughly --
4:56 am
we will continue the task we've been sent here to do. we will follow the constitution and the law in the process for hearing valid concerns about election integrity. we will do it with respect. opinion, weect your will respect what you say and we are willing to listen to it. i think the nation will be better for it on both sides of the aisle. let's show the country the mob did not win. we have a job to do it, let's do it with pride and will be better when the sun rises tomorrow. with that, i yelled back. yield back. host: you heard from nancy pelosi and kevin mccarthy on those events from yesterday. you heard kevin mccarthy highlight one of his colleagues on the floor, democratic
4:57 am
colleague, representative jason crow for the actions he took as people were going in and out of the capital. jason crow himself putting out a tweet about the events saying the job is done after a tumultuous day of the capital shortly after 3:00 a.m. we completed the work of the people. we will never be intimidated and democracy will prevail. the demographic colorado and former army ranger jason crow commenting on the events. 202-748-8920. if you want to text us, 202-748-8903. jason from albuquerque, new mexico. go ahead. i wanted to say that i was surprised by the speeches by
4:58 am
senator mcconnell and senator graham, they caught me by surprise and i'm actually proud that they came out and they supported the public over their party. aboutere talking a lot being a republic versus a ofocracy, that in kind internal debate between the parties. we are a republic, but a democracy is the manner in which we manage that republic. i'm glad they came out. -- i'm glad they came out in favor of that. it took me by surprise being a democrat. i also think it was a little too late, they should have done that little earlier. they hadaited until this type of event that push them towards -- push them towards that decision.
4:59 am
decidedly, i think they country over ego, which is what the president -- by --eply saddened there has been a lot of talk about states determining what the electoral college should do and what they should present to congress. states should not have a say so and how states determine what is valid and what is invalid. to me it doesn't make sense. host: that's jason in new mexico. greta inr from australia calling us this morning. caller: good, i'm in australia. good morning to you.
5:00 am
read, i'mue, i'm not not purple, australian. . wanted to reach out it was an extraordinary day in an extraordinary beginning of a new year. say, america has a pride .bout democracy and the vote it's such an important thing for an american to do is the right to vote. today it was a hard job for mike ,ence to be the vice president but also the president of the senate and allow the electoral college process to go through even though the capitol building was stormed by a mob incited by boss,rds of his direct his president, and dear president. i want to reach out to you all , he was your president
5:01 am
for four years, his job is done. i am hoping with a new chapter and kamala that a new unity will be reached. i was touched that the senators who were in the house who had voting against or putting their opposition against the electoral college remove their protest. host: let me ask you, being an australian, it seems like you have a deep interest and fascination with american politics. why is that? caller: i am married to a very handsome american. [laughter] university that had
5:02 am
a big student population from the united states. a lot of people traveled to the u.s.. it is a global village now. much beforect so the pandemic with each other. you guys play baseball and we play cricket. despite those differences we should get along. andrime ministers bush got along very well. i think it is important to things change in politics, and presidents change. country survive, and democracy survives. founded on a bunch you shouldn'tut let malicious people storming
5:03 am
, theyeaking the rules should not win the day. the largest majority of americans voted in this election , and that is a thing to be proud of. in australia you must about in our elections otherwise you get fined $35 if you don't vote. america also includes just voting. in australia, we must do it. in america voting is our right and a privilege and i think it's a really fascinating end to the trump presidency. host: greta, thank you. calling us from australia, giving her thoughts as an australian on what has played out over the last day or so in the united states with the election of a president. harold in altoona, pennsylvania. caller: i am in butler, pennsylvania but that's neither here nor there. thank you, c-span.
5:04 am
this is the first time i have called. or are you talking to another harold? [laughter] host: we are talking to you. go ahead. caller: i can't believe what happened yesterday. it blows my mind. first. second, i felt it was the responsibility of every single congressman and senator in those houses and sacred place where democracy takes place to stand thatd affirm, to affirm what took place yesterday is unacceptable. --ber 2 [laughter] i believe they should have impeached president trump yesterday. yearseen hearing for four the hemming and hawing. if this isn't an example of the dangers that we face under this
5:05 am
man who cannot accept a loss under any circumstance, now i think about how do we move forward. oneave a situation where side believes one thing, the other side believes another. congruence of everything coming together is this. in the beginning, when the republicans were running against mr. trump all spoke freely of who and what mr. trump represented. nomination,t the mr. trump after he got the nomination their voices were silent. silent like crickets. themach and every one of knew that behind the doors of those great halls they were talking about how they really felt. they didn't have to have the propensity to stand up and say it, because there is a large
5:06 am
group of people that are going to follow him no matter what. will goured, hey, we along with this, let's get our policies done or hope everything works out. he's not that bad. situationme to a where finally mitch mcconnell stands up and says it how it is, finally. is, afters me crazy what took place yesterday, they are still creating the impression that these elections were not fair and done -- the impression is given that it isn't fair and that we need to cancel the results. i live in pennsylvania. i voted for mr. biden. , it'sis talk about cheating, there are a lot of people out here. they voted for mr. biden, it's
5:07 am
not out of the world of possibilities. host: ok, that's harold in pennsylvania giving us his thoughts. let's go to tommy in burbank, california. disgrace think it's a that the 14 year veteran was shot in the capital by an officer. do you know her name? host: i am not aware of it. we can find it if it's available. caller: you don't even know her name, you don't care. host: you are putting words in my mouth, you asked me a question and i gave you an answer. veteran in thear u.s. navy was shot in the capital today and you don't know her name. host: your point? caller: you don't care. host: again, you are putting words in my mouth so we will move on. fill in hawaii. in hawaii.
5:08 am
caller: good morning. they asked the caller earlier this evening what would be the point of invoking the 25th amendment being that there are only 13 days left of trump's term. i am just wondering if he would've asked the color the same question two days ago in light of what happened yesterday. thatnk it's pretty clear mr. trump can do plenty of damage to this country in 13 days. in louisville, kentucky. you are next up. i am saddened by yesterday's events. troubled by the gross amount of double standards , and this country having it appears to be provoked by the media.
5:09 am
had -- we over the last four years we have had the democrats damming this president for the russia influence on the 2016 election. now they say because mr. trump is condemning the 2020 election results and he is contesting that, andhe can't do he incited this violence. over this last year i've sat while theseched democratic leaders in our state have allowed protests to get to the point where people are getting hurt. what happened at the capital , this is the final stain on the 45th president.
5:10 am
whenever the right side does it it's not ok. that's what our founding fathers , the framework was laid out. host: paul in kentucky giving us thoughts. in pennsylvania, this is tim. caller: hey, thank you for all that you are doing. i'm sure you are all exhausted. say, what happened
5:11 am
awful, but i can sort of see where these people were coming from. for four years and even going back to george w. bush these marginalized,en been racist, nazis, all of these by people who assume that -- they say these things. you must be a racist or a nazi. saw on television earlier, don , a manrom cnn, who said who has access to broadcast
5:12 am
network airways every night who said, if you support donald trump you are a nazi. you support the clan. klan. support the host: let me ask you. as thet you saw as far folks that participated in this yesterday, do you think those actions were justifiable? caller: of course not. no matteruld ever, what your political persuasion, violence should never ever be the answer. you supported that yesterday you are part of the problem.
5:13 am
on the same end, collectively we all need to turn the temperature down. just because someone does not vote for democrats, doesn't make them a nazi. it doesn't mean they support the klan. are full ofean they hate. same thing i would say to republicans. votebecause you democrat doesn't mean you are a communist who wants to overthrow america. we need to realize that we are if we this together and start coming apart at the seams, we are witnessing the fall of the american empire. host: that's tim in pennsylvania.
5:14 am
mark is in callahan, colorado. caller: hello. i just want to call in and say, approve of do not what happened yesterday at the capital. a lot of times over the last four years i have an approved of how trump has said things. i didn't vote for trump or hillary in 2016, i voted libertarian as i normally do. i feel like sometimes it's easier to see the bias on both the sides when they start going at each other. both have valid points, i heard earlier in the program somebody was saying draw the line from where it started to yesterday in the capital. , thes a hard line to draw left is getting -- the left accuses the right of
5:15 am
conspiracies with just cause, because nobody shuts down people like alex jones with infowars and other people who spread that kind of nonsense. , theyght has valid points say the same about the left with certain media personnel. if you want to even call them media personnel. it goes more than that because you have first neighbors on fox and cnn spewing their own opinion of what they think is going on as far as policy in the country and what is behind that 'slicy and what that person motivation for writing that policy is. they just go crazy without getting all the facts and that wires people up so much, it hurts people like right now. host: where do we go from here? caller: hard to say.
5:16 am
have the left saying let's unite and you have the right not wanting to come to the middle because they had their pride heard with the loss in the election. i don't think there is enough there to overturn it. it is fair to let people investigate, i don't think it needs to last for years, but a couple of people from both sides investigating and getting concrete information and is any, and there let's move on. it's hard to say where we go. host: thank you for the call. for those of you that have called up until this point we will continue on with your calls about the events early this morning with the certification of electoral votes in the joint session, giving the president-elect enough votes to become the president on january the 20th. some senators training in -- chiming in over the last day or so.
5:17 am
thisor ted cruz posting this morning, saying the attack at the capital was a despicable act of terrorism and a shopping assault on our democratic system. we much come together and put this anger and division behind us, i'm confident we will have an orderly and peaceful transition of power. pat lady saying after a long and difficult day i take pride in the vermont votes placed biden harris over the needed 270 votes, and two weeks joe biden will be president and kamala harris will be vice president. making a statement about the events of the last day or so, senator mitt romney, a .epublican sen. romney: mr. president, today was heartbreaking and i was shaken to the core. i thought about the people i met in china, afghanistan, and iraq
5:18 am
who yearned for freedom and look to this building and the shores as a place of hope. i saw the images being broadcast around the world, and it breaks my heart. i have 25 grandchildren, many of them were watching tv thinking about this building and whether their grandpa was ok. i knew i was ok. i was proud to serve with these men and women. this is an extraordinary group of people, i'm proud to be a member of the united states senate and meet with people with integrity as we do today. we gathered due to a selfish man's injured pride and the outrage of supporters who he has deliberately misinformed for the past two months and stirred to action this morning. what happened today was an insurrection incited by the president of the united states. those who choose to continue to support this dangerous gambit by
5:19 am
objecting to the results of a legitimate, democratic election will forever be seen as being complicit in an unprecedented attack against our democracy. they will be remembered for their role in this shameful episode in american history. that will be their legacy. langford,enator leffler, -- of today's outrage they have withdrawn their objection. for many who remain insistent on an audit to satisfy the people who falsely believe the election was stolen i offer this perspective, no congressional audit is ever going to convince these voters particularly when the president will continue to say the election was stolen. the best way we can show respect for the voters who were upset is by telling them the truth!
5:20 am
. [applause] , that's theurden duty of leadership. the truth is that president-elect biden won the election. president trump lost. i've had that experience myself. it's no fun. [laughter] scores of people have reach that unequivocal decision. in light of today's sad circumstances i ask my colleagues, do we weigh our own political fortunes the strength -- more than we way the strength of our republic, the strength of
5:21 am
democracy, and the strength of our freedom? theer mcconnell said that vote today is the most important in his 36 years of public service. think of that. wars, voting in two impeachments. he said that not because the vote reveals something about the election, it's because this vote reveals something about us. i urge my colleagues to move forward with completing the electoral account, to refrain from further objections, and to unanimously affirmed the legitimacy of the presidential election. thank you, mr. president. [applause] senator mitt romney, a republican of utah making comments on the senate floor leading up to the eventual accounting of those electoral votes. you can go to our website to see more of what played out. in texas, hello. caller: hello, sir, how are you?
5:22 am
host:3 i'm well, go ahead. caller: ultimately i want to make sure that everyone understands that what happened is notcapital today normal, we can't tolerate that, it's inexcusable. what we have with trump right .ow stems from the tea party saw an 2008 the tea party growth recognizable from all the lobbyists. they understood that if they put money into extremism, people will put money into the party. and so everybody decided to go ahead and put money on either .ide, the left or the right
5:23 am
we are where we are now because money is a terrible thing. i want to make sure everyone understands that a decade and a half later, with trump, we are here with him now because of what happened back in 2008. go to san jose, california, this is greg. caller: hello. i kind of disagree. i called because what i found interesting, i'm only 22 years old and i'm graduating college this year, it's interesting that this day in the 22 years i've been alive is the one day i'm probably going to remember for years to come, and it's all because of trump. the people who are calling right now are trying to find a way i guess to blame someone other than him, but i think that's
5:24 am
hard to do when you have him, in his own words, at his own rally yesterday saying "let's go, i'll meet you at the capital.": there is no one else to blame. it comes from a man who was told yes his whole life and does not know how to relate to something not going his way. it irritates me. i am rambling, but if your dates me. host: let's go to mike in windemere, florida. caller: i'm not sure which line i'm calling in on, but i'm politically agnostic. byefuse to be lowered in this intentional division by the political left right paradigm that most media plays 24/7. most americans are kind of trapped in a situation of
5:25 am
inabilities to research things correctly to find out what the truth is. like these fact checking devices that you see everywhere. host: how does all of that relate to the events of yesterday? caller: the events of yesterday are a media explosion. you guys or whomever it is takes aside and says it was this side or that side. like a plane hitting the world trade center but they can find dna from where to identify the passengers? damascus,s go to maryland. good morning, go ahead. caller: thanks for taking my call. i'm extremely, extremely sad for this country this morning. i truly believe this election and that what
5:26 am
happened yesterday was an absolute set up by the democratic party. i truly believe this. i had friends down there yesterday. capitol police allowed them to walk in. [indiscernible] there is no way the democratic party didn't manipulate what the republicans left that would take a stand and manipulate the whole thing. host: let's start with that.
5:27 am
he said the democratic party manipulated the whole thing. what evidence leads you to that? isler: the first evidence there has never been any kind of violence at these trump rallies, never. has alwaysppened been by other protesters that showed up afterwards and have targeted trump supporters. they were petrified of the scandal and fraud of the clintons and the bidens and how they are bought and paid for -- host: let me lead you to the second point. he said antifa was behind this. give me direct evidence of that. what evidence would you cite? caller: the washington times published after this at all happened photographs of some of the people that were doing the destruction in the capital, the
5:28 am
same people that are and tivo. -- host: your contention that by and large almost everyone they are the photos we have seen, including the washington post highlighting those photos, you are claiming all those people were antifa? caller: i said the washington times. host: i know you said that, we are showing pictures from the post. caller: the violence and the destruction, they were all and tivo. -- antifa. republican party has begun to destroy this country. they do not care about this country, they do not care about its citizens. caller: i am a retired navy
5:29 am
veteran, i served for almost seven years, i served in the air force on active duty and in the navy on active duty. i served with the army and was in the marine corps. toedicated my life supporting and defending the constitution of the united states. agonyin absolute yesterday watching the events on the grounds of the capitol building and in the capitol building. . am an independent i'm tired of the rhetoric between the right and the left and all of that. independent is that this event yesterday is the of trumpon of months and his mouthpieces in the senate and the house of stating that if he lost the election it was rigged. to be anit was going
5:30 am
attempt by the left to steal the election from him. that is where this action yesterday came from. was that ofde trump's mentor and of the hitler's regime, that if you tell a lie enough times people will start to believe it. claimshen you hear their of election interference or inaccuracy, you don't buy those claims? caller: no sir, i do not. the reason i don't is the legal system was utilized, due process was made available, and of the , all the waycourts up to the u.s. supreme court, only one of them got any traction. when the u.s. supreme court onuses to hear a case based
5:31 am
the fact that it has no merit, and three supreme court justices were appointed by trump, then that tells you something. reno, nevada giving us his thoughts about the events from yesterday. putting publications out pictures and photographs of yesterday including usa today and their work as far as the photography side of what was going on, video as well. whatever device you are watching on yesterday, this is courtesy of usa today. as you look at that we will take a call from brittany in california. caller: hi, how are you? i'm just calling in to say that i used to be a republican from the age of 18 to 35.
5:32 am
aboutis just something the message that trump sent out to the public of america, the american public that was a divisive message from the beginning. i don't look at beliefs in terms of what i believed to be true, i look at the evidence. thetruth is i don't see overwhelming amount of evidence of election fraud. i have a hard time supporting against who is truly many of the founding principles of our country. to see how many withe are easily convinced misinformation. there is just misinformation along the political spectrum's from the left to the right. host: when you say you looked at
5:33 am
evidence, what did you look at? caller: you have to look at what was presented in court. it's not the evidence of public opinion that matters. it's the evidence of what is presented in court. host: can you cite something you looked at that lead you to that conclusion? caller: the 60 plus legal battles that went and were presented legally, they did have the right to present these legal battles. none of them came to fruition with any valid information to support that this was a fraudulent election. it's one of the main reasons why i saw over the past four years, i can't support that party. it is a dead party. the republican is no longer. as an independent, pander to me, what are you going to sell to me as an independent thinker in this country who is not easily
5:34 am
guided by the narratives of the different political media outlets. that's the one reason i listen to or watch c-span, because you are able to see a whole spectrum. that's what we need more of, we need a larger spectrum. that internet companies, more social media companies, they do have to play more of a part of owning up to -- there's a fine line between your free speech and spreading misinformation. host: let's go to carol in west virginia. caller: hello, good morning. independent, but i'm a trump supporter. --t i've watched i don't want all the trump supporters put into one basket.
5:35 am
i disagree, it frustrates me, it angered me to see what i did at the capital yesterday. however those were just a small people, just like back in the summer when we was protests.ome it wasn't the black lives matter peaceful protesters that was , it was those people that wanted to put out that everybody would paint black lives matter people protesters with the broad brush. i tried to keep it separated.
5:36 am
groupere people in each that are going to be bad actors? yes. should the whole group organization be painted that? no. host: ok. everybody basically has brought this on, in no way. media, i've got three conservative stations that i can watch, i usually bounce. fox, msnbc, cnn, c-span. i bounce around. i don't want to get in the habit of watching one. i am gettingnn and told i am a racist, i'm a big kid.
5:37 am
fox i'm a-ok. int: one more call, ken west haven, connecticut. caller: when the capital was stormed it's my understanding that senator mccarthy called the president immediately to inform him. happened, it's my understanding he continued to keep watching the tv and he didn't do anything for quite a while. this is very disturbing. host: where did you hear that from? caller: one of the news stations. because i was switching up from c-span. that has to be looked at if that was trump. the other concern i have with the president is that he may do
5:38 am
something irrational. i don't trust him anymore. mike pence has to take over for the next two weeks. ken finishing off another round of calls taking a look at what events happened yesterday at the capitol building which led up to the certification of electoral college votes for president joe biden securing 306 electoral college votes. after debates over certain states and issues with those states with donald trump getting 232 electoral college votes. weibel hear from one of those senators who took to the floor to talk about those events from yesterday. >> many times my state has been the problem, i love it. tim and i have a good
5:39 am
relationship. i love tim scott. carolina, louisiana and florida sent two slates of electors, they had to governments. we didn't know what to do. florida,outh carolina, and louisiana do it? hostage toe country end reconstruction. it worked. the commission was eight to seven. it didn't work, nobody accepted it. when hayesended is did a deal with these three states and you give me the electors i will kick the union army out. history, if you are looking for historical guidance this is not the one to pick. [laughter] if you are looking for a way to convince people there was no having a commission
5:40 am
chosen by nancy pelosi, mitch mcconnell and john roberts is not going to get you to where you want to go. work.'t gonna it's not going to do any good. it's going to delay, and it gives credibility to a dark chapter of our history. that's why i'm not with you, but i will fight to my death for your ability to object. a uniquely bad idea to delay the selection. a hell of ahave had journey. i hate that it ends that way. the first thing you'll see. all i can say is count me out, nothing is enough, i've tried to be helpful. when the wisconsin supreme court ruled 4-3 that they did not violate the constitution of
5:41 am
wisconsin, i agreed with the three but i accept the four. if al gore can except he's not president i can accept wisconsin. pennsylvania, it went to the second circuit, so much for all the judges being in trump's pocket. no, you are i except the pennsylvania second circuit that trumps loss was right. in georgia the secretary of --te i accept the federal judge. there are 66,000 people in say,ia under 18 voted they how many people believe that? give me 10. they haven't had one. they said 8000 felons in prison in arizona voted, give me 10, i haven't had one. there are problems in every election. enough said enough.
5:42 am
we have to end -- enough is enough. vice president pence, what they are asking to do you won't do because you can't. times, it interesting associate myself with rand paul. [laughter] the mob has done something nobody else could do, to get me and rand paul to agree. 's ride, if you are a conservative this is the most offending concept in the world that a single person could disenfranchise 155 million people. the president of the senate shall in the presence of the senate and the house of representatives open all certificates and the vote shall then be counted, the person having the greatest number of votes for president shall be president. where does it say mike can say i don't like the results, i want to send them back to the states, i believe there was fraud? to the conservatives who believe in the constitution now's your
5:43 am
chance to stand up and be counted. , count me in. it means what it says. president, hang in there. count on mike,n all of us can count on the vice president. he is going to do the right thing, the constitutional thing. a son that flies f-35's and a son-in-law that flies f-18's, they are flying so we can get it right here. weple are dying to make sure have a chance to argue among ourselves and when it's over it is over. it is over. joe biden, i've traveled the world with joe. loss, -- i hoped he would lose, he is the legitimate presidents of the united states. i cannot convince people, certain groups, by my words, but i will tell you by my actions,
5:44 am
that may be i among all others in this body need to say this. harris arend kamala lawfully elected and will become the president and vice president of the united states on january the 20th. [applause] host: that was senator lindsey graham on the floor of the senate talking about the terrorist events from yesterday. go to c-span and we will continue taking your calls on these topics. other news as this was going on on capitol hill, that's where the attention was taking place. , herole of merrick garland was president obama's choice for the supreme court, according to reporting from politico he will be president-elect biden's choice. it looks like he will be
5:45 am
approved by the senate and become the next attorney general. audrey in pacific grove, california. go ahead. caller: good morning, thank you for having me on. didn't know i would get to a place where i was up at 3:00 a.m. waiting to talk about world events in the united states. i have a problem and spend -- and on -- [indiscernible] sometimes what comes on is something that i need to protect their ears from. [indiscernible] i don't even want to think about myself. example, was a great yesterday was a holiday for many christians. i'm catholic. it's the epiphany, when the
5:46 am
three wise men brought the gifts the baby jesus -- to the baby jesus. it supposed to be a happy and surprised, but'm not really surprised i'll be honest, that all this went down yesterday especially by a lot of people that claim to be christian, they claim to care about one another, and claim to care about each other. host: why were you not surprised? caller: it's been going on over and over again. find opinions from those i don't share opinions with. , butd to lean more liberal every conversation i've tried to differ understand and views from my own it turns into something -- all i want to do is seek understanding.
5:47 am
i don't understand how people are still supporting trump. it doesn't mean that they are wrong necessarily. [indiscernible] most if notee with everything that happened in the past three years. i'm not surprised because of all of the [indiscernible] it was trump inciting this violence. all on him doesn't make any sense either. there are so many people that are feeling disenfranchised on any side for a multiple of issues. we can blame the media, we can blame everyone, but it helps us with nothing to put blame on anything or anyone. host: that is audrey in pacific grove giving us a call, early morning in california. from wisconsin, tj is next. caller: good morning.
5:48 am
sat back and listened and i'm glad i had a chance to wait and soak up what everyone is saying. i want to speak to this as a wisconsin resident. biden, and ir supported hillary. i supported hillary only to the effect that a person -- [indiscernible] i had to move from where i lived. just want to point out something important. agree as aer ever people because no one person is the same. what we have to stop doing is hearifying ourselves as, i people trying to defend themselves who voted for trump. it's fine, it's ok. at the end of the day i support my kids because they are my kids no matter what. even if they do something wrong
5:49 am
i support them because they are my children. i hold them accountable and responsible which is what we must do as individuals. host: how does that relate to yesterday? caller: i'm about to put it there. when we protested for jacob blake being shot in the back seven times we got tear gas, we got treated badly. that happened in kenosha. i want to attach something to washington. in 1963 dr. king and john lewis marched on washington, we never broke out windows or did anything to cause harm to anybody, and we still got treated like dogs everywhere else we went. we just marched last year and went to washington for black .ives matter nobody did anything to any capitol building. i watched thousands of people
5:50 am
storm the capital say. i saw a couple of people in dark -- i saw a couple of people of dark dissent, but most people i saw did not look like me. was shot, and the reason i want to bring up her being shot is that i heard a caller earlier saying the president can't be held responsible for certain things. allegedly there were good people on both sides because a veteran got killed. she was a white woman same as the white woman that died today. i'm not saying donald trump went down and shot her, same as he did not get behind the wheel and kill heather heyer, the gentleman who killed people in kenosha after what happened to jacob blake was white. the people that supported him are selling merchandise online and raising money to get him out of jail. if i have all the senators
5:51 am
saying this is not who we are as people, we really need to identify who we are as people. host: that is tj in wisconsin. carmelo in daytona beach, florida. caller: i just want to say, first i dislike what happened yesterday, i don't condone violence and i pray for the families of the woman lost yesterday. one thing i keep on hearing is no evidence, no evidence this that. why did they never go into all the hearings they had where the evidence was presented? host: who is the they? caller: the legislature where they had all the hearings in ,rizona, michigan, pennsylvania and the congressman, anybody on tv, any biden supporter. there is no evidence. the judges all through it out.
5:52 am
i watched over 20 hours of hearings. there should be an investigation. that would find out one way or another what happened. the trump side if there was nothing wrong with the election would calm down. most of theme, would calm down. startedthe violence when he was elected. when you are watching your government attack each other, what are the citizens going to do? watching people going at each other. they are going to take sides and cause division. get into the political ears and start playing political games to try to get one up on the other person.
5:53 am
in -- wentrters when in, some of them are angry. host: julia in boulder, colorado. good morning. caller: good morning. after yesterday's events i feel a deep sadness and also a rage that i don't want to be feeling, but i almost can help. thevisual symbolism and reality of our capitol building waving with rioters american flags was difficult. i have no greater claim on america than any other citizen, but the desecration of my country by people who have insultingly claimed they are patriots feels deeply personal and it makes me angry. nominate were right to , and americans were right to elect in joe biden a president who wants to heal the soul of
5:54 am
this nation, and i see the need to turn down the political temperature and at least try to see if we can crawl our way back from this dangerous precipice and i say this in a policy sense by investing in economically devastated communities, because the kind of conspiracy and hatred we saw manifest yesterday spreads more easily in that environment of hopelessness and the healing has to happen on every level, personally and politically. after what i saw yesterday i don't know if i have it in me to be part of that solution. i never thought i would get to that place, so i am struggling. host: where do you think you go from here? caller: i try to put my shoulder back to the wheel. i'm glad we have an incoming president who has called for unity. i think i need to take a step away for a minute, because i
5:55 am
recognize in myself a rage that is unproductive, and looking around i don't think i can rely follow on the capital yesterday to turn down the temperature and i don't feel ready to reach out a hand myself. i have to take some time. host: julia in colorado. we will hear from robbie in westminster, california. say that would like to i absolutely support the action -- the occupation of the buildings. for eight months we have watched antifa protest, they have executed police officers. your main stream media doesn't matter if it's left-wing or right-wing, they are all owned by the same corporations. what's been going on with antifa and blm is touched.
5:56 am
these people that occupy the building are domestic terrorists and they have to be stopped. the courts wouldn't look at it, look at the judges. bush,ave been placed by clinton, obama. these are globalist. host: what justified the actions yesterday? biden gets in that they are telling us you don't have a vote anymore. is onlypened yesterday the start. their are telling people vote doesn't matter there's going to be a serious civil war situation, real revolution. host: you are saying you still don't think president-elect biden will become the president? caller: i'm saying if he does. look at the evidence.
5:57 am
there is problems with signatures. in one state the local supreme court changed the law. that's up to the legislators. you have thousands of affidavits. host: all those things being considered by states themselves in the court process as you laid out, and still here we are. caller: it's not that they threw it out. most of the courts would not look at it. the: is it possible that judges looked at the evidence and didn't find it compelling? caller: the cases i looked at they wouldn't look at it. host: such as what. caller: they would not look at the affidavits. case what specifically? caller: if you watch the hearing that they had, they had thousands of different people
5:58 am
with affidavits. these machines are hooked up to the internet. judges won't look at it. host: that is robbie in california. many of you calling into talk about the events from yesterday. keep calling, we will take a few more calls. one more piece of sound from yesterday on the senate floor, the name that came up early in this process of objection to some of those states and their electoral college votes senator josh hawley, a republican from missouri. i want to begin this evening by saying thank you to the men and women of the capitol hill police, the national guardsmen, the metropolitan police and others who came to this capital who put their lives on the line to protect everyone here working inside.
5:59 am
i want to thank law enforcement across this country, in my home state of missouri and everywhere else who do that day in and day out. violence thisto has been a terrible year in america this last year. we've seen a lot of violence against law enforcement and we sought in the capital of the united states. in the united states of america we cannot say emphatically enough, violence is not how you achieve change. violence is not how you achieve something better. our constitution was built and put into place so there would be in the words of abraham lincoln no appeal from ballots to bullets, which is what we saw attempted tonight. there is no place for that in the united states of america. is why i submit to my colleagues that what we are doing tonight is very important. for those who have concerns about the integrity of our elections, those who have
6:00 am
concerns about what happened in november, this is the appropriate means. this is the lawful place where concerns should be heard. this is the forum that the law provides for our laws, provides for for those concerns to be registered, not through violence, not by appealing for ballots to bullets, but here in this lawful process. for those who say that this is ant a formality today, antique ceremony that we have engaged in for a couple hundred years, i cannot say that i agree. i cannot say that our precedents suggests that. the opportunity to be heard, to for our objections is vital. this lawful means, peacefully, without violence, without attacks, without bullets. mr. president, let me say
6:01 am
briefly in lieu of speaking about pennsylvania, a state i have been focused on, objected to, as an example of why people are concerned, millions of americans concerned about our election integrity. apartate of pennsylvania, from allegations of fraud, you have a state constitution that as been interpreted over century that there has been no mail-in ballot inc. permitted except for narrow circumstances provided in the law. yet last year pennsylvania elected officials passed a new law that allows universal mail-in ballot, and did it irregardless of what the pennsylvania constitution said. and then when pennsylvania citizens tried to be heard on this subject before the pennsylvania supreme court, they were dismissed on grounds of procedure, timeliness, and violation of the supreme court's on precedent. so the merits of the case have never been heard, the
6:02 am
constitutionality of the statute has never been defendant. i'm not aware of anyone who has defended the constitutionality. this was the statute that governed this last election that we saw over two point 5 million mail-in ballots in pennsylvania. this is my point, that this is the forum. the pennsylvania supreme court has not heard the case. there is no other court to go to to hear the case. this is the place for concerns to be raised, which is why i have raised them today. and i hope that this body will not miss the opportunity to take affirmative action to address the concerns of so many millions of americans. the state of many americans tonight, that violence will not be tolerated, that those who engaged in it will be prosecuted. we do need an investigation into irregularities, we do need a way forward together.
6:03 am
we need election security reforms. i bet my friends on the others of the don't disagree with that. we need to move forward on that together so that the american people from both parties in all walks of life can have confidence in their elections and that we can arrange ourselves under the rule of law that we share together. thank you, mr. president. i yield the floor. and that is the event from yesterday with senator hawley. a tweet from evan rosenfield 's homethat the senator state newspaper editorial, "the kansas city star," said he is largely to blame by inspiring one of the most heartbreaking days in modern american history, going on to say he has blood on his hands." you find that tweet from evan rosenfeld. from cordova,ron tennessee. hello. caller: good morning, thanks for having me on.
6:04 am
immigrant from turkey, a naturalized citizen now. it is kind of interesting seeing all of these events unfold because i am a political science student as well, like a lot of other people calling in. i am one of those -- the young socialists that both the republican and some in the democratic party are alternatively kind of afraid of. the turkeyck to thing -- and i think that if this would have happened there, it would have been characterized as a coup attempt. it all seems like -- that might seem like blowing it out of proportion, but this is how these things develop. i am really concerned for the future because what we saw today was that the police, the security forces were at times taking selfies with these folks.
6:05 am
i was also involved with the black lives matter protests, and that is not the treatment that i have seen here. generally when there is a confederate flag rally or something like that, they turned their backs on them and face us. that was not very surprising for me to see. election,joe biden's i am concerned for the future of that as well because clearly america is hurting. we are in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic. people are about to dashed a ton of people are about to be homeless. we have no medical care. people cannot start their lives because there is so much student loan debt. there are all of these things that affect the material conditions of the american people, that are not addressed in a meaningful, substantive
6:06 am
way. such as through the green new deal bringing back -- ok.: the president elect went before cameras yesterday to talk about the events at the u.s. capitol. if you want to see that and other things related to yesterday, go to our website, victoria -- let's go to bobby, from texas. hello. caller: my name is bobby. i am from a small city of less than 4000. i feel like i am a disenfranchised voter. i feel like my vote should be from to someone, say, detroit, michigan, or philadelphia, pennsylvania, or any of the bigger cities. but yet the voters in pennsylvania and their supreme
6:07 am
changedconstitutionally the laws before the election, and in that process they disenfranchised me, and several more like me. host: how does that relate to ?he events of yesterday he ech caller: that our constitution -- i am 100% in support of our constitution, but it needs to be followed. i in no way tolerate or condone violence in the events that happened yesterday, but they actually won. they won. perspective, the only way to say that they actually won was that they caused some of the senators to change their minds. in objecting. victoria inl go to
6:08 am
muskegon, michigan. you are the last call. go ahead. caller: first let me say this. you do not win when you tear down the very fabric of your nation. when you attack the leaders that are holding up the nation, you do not win. the fact that i am an immigrant and i can see these are lies. people are willing to believe lies because their party did not win and you call yourself patriots -- it is embarrassing that immigrants are more willing to hold up this nation, and people calling themselves patriots. believe lies and you take it to the grave, and you call that patriotism? patriotism is when a government win, you aredo not
6:09 am
willing to work with the government that did when. leavevictoria, i have to it there. i appreciate all of you who made the calls. you can continue on with her calls in about an hour when "washington journal" starts up at 7:00. before that, we will take you to the senate debating the electoral college vote. about 50 minutes of that. we will take you to that now. >> i want to begin this evening by saying thank you to the men and women of the capitol police, the national guard's men, the metropolitan police and others who came to this capitol, who put their lives on the line to protect everyone here working inside of it. i want to thank law enforcement all across this country, in my home state of missouri and ever were else who do that day in and day out. t want to ack


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