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tv   Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov Discusses U.S.- Russia Relations  CSPAN  January 10, 2021 8:57pm-9:57pm EST

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them because they would be a very worthy part of any conservative coalition going forward. susan: helen andrews. the new book is called boomers: the men and women who promised freedom and delivered disaster. thanks much for giving c-span and our. -- c-span an hour. appreciate it. helen: thank you. ♪ >> all q&a programs are available on our website or as a podcast at >> use our website,, to follow the federal response to the coronavirus outbreak. watch our searchable video anytime on demand and track the spread with interactive maps all on
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>> the brookings institution hosted a virtual discussions on u.s. russia relations with russia's ambassador to the u.s. he talked about terrorism, arms control and the incoming biden administration. is john allen. i'm the president of the brookings institution. it is a great pleasure to welcome you all this afternoon to the event entitled u.s. -russia relations, a conversation with the russian ambassador, anatoly antonov. throughout the 20th century, the united states and russia have had a long and storied relationships, which has had at various points balanced elements of cooperation, competition and even conflict. differences, from world war ii to the aftermath of 9/11, the united states and russia have indeed found common cause throughout some of the greatest challenges in our
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recent history. it is worth stating that america as a nation of immigrants has benefited from russian blood that runs thickly in the veins of our people. our country is better and our people are better for the emigration of russians to america. today, these, even u.s. and russia continue to share converging interests on issues like arms control, nonproliferation, environmental research in the arctic, biomedical research and public health. the latter is especially important today as the world continues to fight against the covid-19 yet there is no doubt that recent years have strained the u.s. and russia bilateral
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relationship from new starts to ongoing situations in the ukraine and syria, these issues have raised tensions on both sides and for complex reasons. while difficult, i encourage our participants today as well as other experts in the field to not shy away from acknowledging these artifacts. facts.e hard rather i argue that acknowledgment in fact is a first step in resolving our differences so that we may continue to work on behalf of ensuring the security and the health and the environment of our shared global community. as an institution dedicated to supporting the public good, brookings is committed to hosting such essential conversations as the one you will hear today. for without dialogue, we believe there can be no progress. so it is in that spirit that today we are delighted to host his excellency, the ambassador of the russian federation to the
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united states. the ambassador has a long and distinguished career as a specialist in nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons in the ministry of the foreign affairs. prior to being named as the ambassador of the united states, he served as the first deputy minister of defense and then as deputy minister of foreign affairs, two very important positions in the russian federation. is ang the ambassador nonresident senior fellow doctor who is the director the center for russian and eastern european studies and professor of governance and foreign service at georgetown university. she's a former national intelligence officer for russia and eurasia on the national intelligence council. doctor, welcome. and in addition, we are joined
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by brookings senior fellow rick -- frank rose. frank is a former assistant secretary of state for arms-control, verification, and compliance. his portfolio includes missile-defense, space security, chemical and biological weapons, and conventional arms-control. before i turn the floor over to frank, who will be moderating today's event, i would like to quickly remind everybody we are very much live today and on the record and streaming. our audience members can submit questions to the events that or via twitter at # u.s. russia. so with that once again, we are so grateful for you joining us today. let me turn the floor over to frank. we look forward to the conversation that you will be leading today. >> thank you very much, general
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me welcome you to today's event. let me begin by providing you some information on how today's program will proceed, and we will be asking the ambassador to provide about 10 or 15 minutes of opening remarks outlining his views on the current state of the overall u.s.-russia bilateral relationship. following the ambassador's remarks, we will have a moderated discussion between myself and the doctor and the ambassador. towards the end of the event, we will take a few questions from the audience. as general allen mentioned, if you would like to ask a question, you can submit the question by e-mailing events at or via twitter pound u.s.-russia
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hashtag. on that note, let me turn the floor over to the ambassador. ambassador, the floor is yours. ambassador, you are on mute. >> you are muted, sir. i hope that everything is fine. it is a great honor for me to be with you. characterized my remarks on the russian-american relationship. frankly, we're open to discussion in the [indiscernible] it does not mean that i am ready to make more widely our i willion, and of course be very pleased to stop the
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dialogue. it seems to me that under such circumstances, that we face, we have communications between american embassy [indiscernible] and let's concentrate on these issues. and of course i am open to any questions from your side, from audience. the international community is concerned over the state of the international system of control. we share these concerns. today there is no certainty we will succeed in improving the situation. bold and straightforward proposal [indiscernible] cannot be won war
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and must ever be fought has not found support in washington. failed to dismay my colleagues in these three years, just getting confirmation fro this administration at this very important to the international community. [indiscernible] just a few days ago the united states withdrew from the opec treaty. we also bear in mind that there are no steps of the use of the administration when i got to the treaty, which also ceases to exist. [indiscernible] special focus is on europe and
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the asia-pacific region. the situation is complicated as well. we see the united states does not intend to ratify the treaty, at least for now. majorclear other countries [indiscernible] watch the u.s. closely and wait for the administration to make its move. us isthe question before whether we will be able to save the control system together. managedcept will be [indiscernible] modern mechanisms that determine strategic stability. we will build relationships on
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the principle of equality. always advocated for strong, peaceful, and stable international relations, maintaining strategic stability [indiscernible] russia every state is interested in [indiscernible] not support the idea of islands of stability [indiscernible] we have repeatedly reached out to major countries with proposals to engage in substantial efforts on strengthening strategic stability. have never taken
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the form of ultimatums. those have always been invitations to dialogue and to reach what is mutually acceptable. [indiscernible] concerns every member of the international community. [indiscernible] on the basis of indivisible security. our approaches to potential agreements may be different but the operation to preserve peace is what we share. in this context the phase of a new start is a key issue. no one has ever said the treaty is perfect. [indiscernible] there are problems that require further discussion.
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these agreements enshrined in a maximum that russia and the united states would reach of the time that was signed 11 years ago. and all of these years, neither the united states nor russia, nor other international communities discussed in what we the golden standard of these agreements. it's only in the last few months our american colleagues have found [indiscernible] not to secure some advantage but russia-united states [indiscernible] we need time to work out new cigarette that would -- address the new security challenges in the last few years.
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that is why that russia officially proposed to the united states to expand the helping in this condition. in doing so, we put aside our concerns, which we have repeatedly raised about this, statested [indiscernible] for quite a while, we could not secure the consent with the united states. in fact, we proceeded in establishing context -- contacts [indiscernible] and this will expire on february 5th as well. [indiscernible]
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with all of our american colleagues. russia announced, to washington on two key issues in particular. we agreed to a one year extension of the treaty while it is near-term. [indiscernible] we stress washington should not put forward additional conditions. negotiations would [indiscernible] both sides will have an opportunity to reach the agreement. and in the intermediate, global and deliveries. interface weapons and other factors causing fears of national security.
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[indiscernible] of the free in the development of the subject of other trees. [indiscernible] agocall the time 11 years the distinguished [indiscernible] then our american colleagues talked about the redundancy. they propose to move away from the cold war spirit ties. they sought to convince us of the need to streamline the verification procedure. and we agreed to that. and today, the level of
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transparency and to the most important thing to me is that the united states and russia in the information of the current state of the strategic forces . we have carried out hundreds of inspections. exchange thousands of educations. [indiscernible] an important result of this education of have reached the strategic offenses. [indiscernible] in strengthening strategic and mutual trust. in addition to serving security
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goals it signals to the world that our two countries are here in their efforts to strengthen the global peace and security. and finally, the agreement and -- is a significant contribution to the two great powers. to the implementation of the well-known articles six. and it's important to our country, that the united states [indiscernible] and under no circumstances are we going to engage, that we are openly with responsibly. play open responsibly. [indiscernible]
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and today, we want to debate about, four months to the [indiscernible] has positioned itself as a nuclear alliance. that is why we cannot ignore the nuclear weapons capabilities of london and [indiscernible] believe theyime we anyone who is participating is counterproductive approach.
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[indiscernible] as for our part we are ready for such work. thank you very much. ambassador andr. thank you for the overview of the strategic stability of issues. and let me come back to you on the future of the new stuff. one of the biggest challenges of the united states and russia face in regards to this is the treaty scheduled to expire on february 5th of 2021. so that is less than two months. do you think there is enough time to extend the treaty before then, number one. number two, are you still having discussions with the trump administration currently about extending the treaty? or do you think the discussions about extension will have to wait until president-elect
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biden takes office on january 20? so i would be interested in your thoughts. to think we have time to make this happen. >> we have time. we can get it very quickly. anybody, at the white house staff. and we will continue. [indiscernible] with excellent team in moscow. i know the majority of them. least [indiscernible] this was 11 years ago when we started negotiations on this treaty. this my first and my answer to your first question . and as to the second question, yes, we are in close contact with the key initiator from the american side.
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we have exchanged our thoughts, ideas on this issue. speakow that i prefer to privately. i prefer to speak directly without much media. [indiscernible] that is why what i can say now we are still in that dialogue. we hope that we can continue for possible future. me follow up on that question. let's assume all of the pieces fall into place and we extend the new start treaty. as i would like to say, than the -- then the hard work begins and you talk about that in your opening remarks.
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bringing in the third parties like britain and france and china. but also integrating new technologies like antisatellite weapons, cyber capabilities, hypersonic capabilities. how do we move to the next step after the new start? does russia have a preferred format? for example, can we use the p5 process. could we have tried lateral talks? i would be interested in your -- of the next steps. frank, you have raised so many questions. those are very important questions . what happened 11 years ago. when we started these
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negotiations. in the previous to administration. i will they would like to say is there are a lot of questions. the new technology and regarding strategic defenses. immigration. [indiscernible] and any other issues. and we fail to find the concept to of the questions. and there's a decision at the end of this that we will continue the discussions with our american colleagues. that was my proposal. and while meeting in geneva. with my american friends. let's not leave geneva for washington. let's continue our discussions. you know our faces and you know who we are. we have established a very good
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pragmatic relation with your team. let's continue it. it because we fail to cover all of them. we have to begin to identify what should be the focus of the future. while we have proposed americans for years. we have seen this to be very difficult because we have to take on more issues. [indiscernible] but understand that we have our own jobs. we also would like them to put on the table so that it can be very difficult to identify what types of issues and talk about [indiscernible] what would we do with the rest. it could not be included in if the next new treaty.
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[indiscernible] so it will be very difficult. it is not possible to deal with this issue, or not possible holy -- in only one month 24 hours. ,[indiscernible] and don't know whether it will be geneva or other states . -- other states. but you have to start. you will see that we are open. we understand that the united states would like to give us a chance. chinesejuncture colleagues [indiscernible] an official representative of
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china's has mentioned many times that china is not ready to become a partner. [indiscernible] and by the way frank, there will be discussions. i raised the question many times to my colleagues. what do we want from china? do we want to invite china to get the same thing that the united states and russia have now? or the united states and russia are ready to use a warheads and nuclear delivery vehicles that china as now [indiscernible] answer from great my american friends on this issue. see that it will
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be more prudent if we make first step, extend [indiscernible] and seek together and let's what we want to put on potential treaty papers. note we havethat our colleague angela. understandly want to post-cold war russian relations you need to read her book, the limits of partnership. i had recommend it. i will take my commission after the event. and so on that note, angela, the floor is yours. thank you very much. good afternoon. i apologize. i somehow lost the internet
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freedom going back now for unit so wanted to ask you a question about the u.s. russian relationships. the administration seems to come into office determined to hit a reset with russia party and i wanted to ask you from the russian point of view. if you believe that is the right thing to do. how would you go about doing that? >> it is a very difficult issue. and frankly, i would like to say to you. before our meeting, the counselor suggested from the state department. really difficult to understand, that trump and the rules and the sensitive issues.
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these are great programs for us. we cannot extend this for our doctor . we cannot get a reason for that. [indiscernible] frankly i am disappointed . based on my assumptions. of course it's difficult to think about the future. we would like to have a very relationsn pragmatic with the united states. we have two great powers. we have security council . and ability for international peace and stability and peace
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for [indiscernible] and when i say in english. we are doomed for generations. the results, between the united states and russia [indiscernible] and they are wanting to see the shape of american and russian relations. i understand it will be very difficult to start dialogue with the united states and russia. stop even, we did not with the circumstances. when the administration sees questions expelled a lot of the , russian diplomats asked for an event that we are responsible for. we are still in a good mood . in favor of
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developing power relations. we have before and we have for now. [indiscernible] the problem of nonproliferation, we are together on this issue. anywhere whether it is in latin or asiaor middle east or other countries. excellent relations on space issues. [indiscernible] and i would like to welcome our wena friends and i am sure
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have excellent information with [indiscernible] our only a few months ago scientists [indiscernible] it seems to me we should not try to launch a petition on this issue. we should unite our efforts. you see if we have vaccines that can protect americans we are ready to share with you. and today, by the way, we have made a presentation in the u.n. on this issue and we would like to welcome our american friends to work together on this issue. culture.talking about i like it very much and have seen many times how american audiences supported russian
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artists who came from moscow. i have a joke. [indiscernible] just only to see your smile and continue our preparation. >> angela you are muted. is one area culture where u.s.-russian relationships we have always let slide. i want to ask you about one other area with the united states and russia to talk or we also compete. but it is an area that has a lot of focus, and that is the arctic. what do you see going forward as a prospect with relations there? if you permit me, i will take a
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few minutes to answer you. because i feel the arctic is in a zone of friendship and calculation between the united states and russia. i can tell you right away that we are in competition. we are focused on the securitization of the region. we are focused on the, substitutions and development. [indiscernible] we support the principal in the arctic including relations. we know the need to address the problems of the army. us special terrific attention to the arctic [indiscernible]
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more than 20% of gdp [indiscernible] growthspect for economic in the years ahead [indiscernible] and transportation of the arctic. [indiscernible] ensuring national security through 2035. ago myfew months president has signed legislation on this issue. make progress on preservation and economic development. we will be intent to [indiscernible] in supporting a constructive agenda and out sustainable development of the north.
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[indiscernible] it was my first discussion with them, and i would like to say we have a future agenda for a potential declaration within the united states. decidep to washington to whether this issue is right. in all be waiting reaction. >> thank you. >> thank you and now i'm going to ask a question i know which all of our viewers and listeners are very curious to hear an answer to. president puxpect tin to acknowledge president will be the next president of the united states? [laughter]
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i can just only amount to this question. a kremlin. him but i ame to , aware of the position of this issue. we can see american people decide itself who will run this country, and we will recognize any choice that your people make. need to awaitd we some legal procedures in your country. when all official results will be announced, and it goes without saying that after this everythings event will be done and supported with state particles. >> maybe we expect december 14 when the electoral college will announce the results.
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>> i believe in real life today is the second of december. i told what i can say on this issue. >> thank you very much. back to you, frank. >> thanks so much, angela. ambassador, can we come back strategic portfolio? talk about one of the issues that is near and dear to both of our hearts, missile defense. it's something you and i worked on very closely during the obama administration. in the past, russia demanded the united states provided legally binding guarantees missile defense and undermine strategic deterrent. you have consistently rejected these requests. i'd be interested in your view, is it possible for the united
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states and russia to agree on further nuclear reductions including limitations on nonstrategic weapons, absent reaching some type of agreement on missile defenses? >> you raise two questions. defense, it's a complicated issue. [indiscernible] as you remember, it's strategic defensive arms are fixed in this treaty. i know americans legal experts, now they can see it is not a
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part of a legally binding document endorsed by u.s. senate. i don't know if you remember the united states, i am sure your former secretary of defense in san francisco, his famous speech when he first introduced an idea between strategic defense departments and at that time, a few years we rejected such --, but then we were persuaded by the american side. cannot reduce the quantity of missiles without looking at missile defense. remember my conversations with
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former secretary of defense jim miller. i hope you know this person. [indiscernible] we were very close to finding compromise. we have stopped events on the former soviet union. as to us we are keen [indiscernible] as to nonstrategic nuclear weapons, what can i say? [indiscernible]
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what would be the subject of a potential agreement between the united states and the russian federation. we would like to come strategic defensive arms. i don't understand this, why this administration decided to deliver this. [indiscernible] there was no damage to security. it's necessary to use this to send them in the direction that want to do for me, the next
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three years. arrangements regarding the strategic delivery systems for these warheads. what kind of words? out negotiating team will decide. discuss all issues and frame each the right to raise any question of concern. it is up to us to come to a conclusion. [indiscernible] we should put such issues aside. may be to wait for a while. >> great. thank you so much ambassador. we are coming to the last 15 so i wouldour event,
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like to take a few questions from the audience. the first question i have deals with u.s., russia cooperation on nonproliferation, specifically whether the u.s. was seeks to -- will seek to rejoin the joint comprehensive plan of action with iran. i'd be interested in your thoughts whether from russia's perspective you would welcome the united states rejoining and secondly, your thoughts on how the united states and russia might work together on nonproliferation more generally. it goes without saying we welcome potential decision of the united states until we come back to this deal. this was endorsed by the council
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. have a question of whether there are documents, taking into account. i would like you to understand it. that is why you will see we will regarding is decision this variation. to me, you know in this duration, we have excellent records about calculation in nonproliferation. sometimes you will see my colleagues raise one question, whether we have identical use on nonproliferation issues on us. and my answer for you, i can see our strategical dissection is
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-- participation is the same. [indiscernible] we don't want anyone to destroy this treaty. security net, and we did a lot about issuese know [indiscernible] where we work together with you. so that is why you see that we are open and ready to continue such calculations. we have such calculations now with the current administration but i would like to see more especially [indiscernible] this year there was decision to
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delay the review contracts. i do not know what kind of situation we will trade with hope we will i keep together and work together. me toa great pleasure for work with you in this framework. great, we cannot get away from arms control. i have another question here about the future of conventional arms control in europe. as you know, russia remains a authority to the treaty but i suspended the invitation. has officiallyes withdrawn from the open treaty, what from your perspective, is the future of conventional arms control and europe?
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with regard todo the next step? [indiscernible] it seems to me, don't remember we decided to reach out and participation, [indiscernible] i remembered the message i sent at the time. that we are ready to knowme you, but as you weblems regarding georgia
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failed to put into force [indiscernible] frankly i know concerns introduced [indiscernible] what nobody from -- phil follow suit. it means they are sure all problems possible to solve in the framework of an official commission that we have in the end. treatyon regarding this is very much obligated. we are concerned some members [indiscernible] planes, and convey them to the united states. that everybody abides by
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will speakents and to its obligation under this treaty. the main focus we face now is deep mistrust. mistrust between european countries, within your countries -- european countries and the united states. we have to restore trust. we should find ways how to [indiscernible] we have introduced a lot of regarding prosperity in european countries. remember 2015 when i worked in ministry of defense. legation --ell
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special allegation of generals to introduce proposals. i remember those proposals. they were rejected. i called the thinnest president regarding the flight of military plane's [indiscernible] oftried to meet concerns finnish colleagues. [indiscernible] my answer to you is very simple. we have not to impose restrictions on conventional arms in europe. we have to think about competence billing. you in theke to urge
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united states, european countries to look at russian findsals and at least two an interest for you. it is impossible to say everything proposed by russian is a negative. we need to find a balance. we already for such discussions. >> great, we are coming to the end of our time, but i think we have time for one more question. i'm going to try to end on a positive note here. ambassador, you have talked about the number of pressing issues of concern in u.s. russian relations. i argue that it will be important to build on early success in that relationship. that said, where would you
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bilaterally we have of coming to an agreement on which to build. i assume it's at the top of your list but are there other near-term areas where the united states and russia early on in a new administration could reach a win-win solution and build a good foundation for trust moving forward? >> i just mentioned some of them today already. [indiscernible] expiration, we have to fight against terrorism together , to fight the covid-19
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pandemic. five elements i see. a goodh we can create base between the united states and russia. we need to install general munication. communication. [indiscernible] it is excellent channel to exchange views. everyone can raise interests but at the same time we can find a wider base for potential cooperation between the united states and russia. >> we do have five minutes left. let me go back to the doctor, any questions or comments you would like to close with?
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i would like to go back to talk about. n talkedpresident puti about convening the service because of covid, say there is the capability next year, next september to convene such a meeting. what do you think would be the most important issues there on the table? >> it goes without saying it would be very important. [indiscernible] they will start talking to each other, not blaming trying to find a compromise.
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our agenda shows dialogue. [indiscernible] we can see that we should not focus only on arms control. er, and eachs wid tote as its own right reflect the most important issues for this country or another one. decoration information technologies your. as russian president introduce the whole program out of the store dialogue between the united states and russia. sureurse this issue i am will be on the table of discussions between our presidents. i can see everybody is waiting. it will be very important for
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our leaders to sit together and understand i've drew programs joint what kind of programs there are and what we can do together maybe not to save but make it safer. >> on that note, i think we have reached the end of our time. on behalf of the brookings institution, let me thank the ambassador for joining us for this very interesting and insightful discussion. let me also think my colleague for joining us today again. thank you so much to the audience have a nice evening. goodbye. >> thank you. i get great honor. >> c-span's "washington journal" taking her calls every day life on the air and discussing policy
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