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Mike Pence
  Vice President Pence Visits National Guard Troops at the Capitol  CSPAN  January 15, 2021 2:25am-2:35am EST

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convey to all of the members of your teams, continues to lean forward to ensure that we achieve just that and i welcome the words of confidence. i think the sext secretary saggede confidence is high and the american people will be confident that our administration will continue to work every day between now and january 20th to ensure an orderly transition and we'll continue to work with the agencies here and the tens of thousands of men and women working around the clock to ensure a safe inauguration for our president elects, for our vice president elects and for the american people. they deserve nothing less. i thank you lead-up
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to inauguration day. here is a look. >> -- over to you, sir. >> great. thank you. thanks for your service. >> thank you, sir. >> appreciate you. >> can we get them to fall in a little bit. >> yes, sir. >> good, bring it in. >> everybody, fall around -- fall out.
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>> well misdemeanor here, pennsylvania, new york and they've been here since thursday on. and virginia. >> since thursday on? >> yes, sir. >> first and foremost on behalf of your commander in chief, on behalf of the american people, if you your service. i'm a former governor. i'm a vice president but i used to be a governor so i have a special place in my heart for the national guard. thank you all for stepping forward to serve your country, to provide security here in our nation's capitol at such an important time in the life of our nation and i want you to thank your families as well. i know you all had to -- out to get here and being here at the capitol providing the level of securities that's going to make it possible for us to have an historic transfer of power. inauguration of a new president of the united states. you all are going to make that possible.
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i just came from a briefing where i has homeland security and i heard about the great efforts that our national guard is making and literally thousands and thousands of men and women in universal are going to make it possible for us to have a safe inauguration and i just wanted to step out today to say thank you. thank you for your service, thank you for stepping forward and god bless you in the days ahead and it's been my great honor to serve as your vice president and i want to thank you for your service, ok? so tell me your name. >> special officer martin, sir. >> where are you from? >> virginia, sir. >> is that right? >> dwress sir. >> how long have you been in the national guard? >> six years, sir. >> that's awesome. >> great job. >> thank you, sir. >> how about you? >> joseph -- virginia. 34 years. >> 4 years in the national guard? >> yes, sir. i think that zembings a rounds of applause.
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[applause] vice president pence: thank you, that's awesome. are you going to look after all those folks? >> yes, sir. how about you? there virginia. vice president pence: how long you been in? >> five years. vice president pence: thank you. how about you, young men? >> virginia, sir. vice president pence: great. is this all virginia sir? >> i think everybody here is from virginia. >> there's new york in there somewhere. >> great, so how long you been in? >> about two and a half years, sir. vice president pence: that's great et and when did you get
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notified about being here? >> wednesday. vice president pence: wednesday? dropped what you were doing, suited up, got to the capitol building. great job. great job. tell me about you. where are you from? >> pittsburgh, pennsylvania. vice president pence: that's great. how long you been in? >> six years. vice president pence: that's great. that's great. we appreciate your service very much. and i'm a colts fan so i'm a little -- [laughter] there's a little tension here. >> we didn't make it, sir. vice president pence: neither did we. thanks for your service. how about you? >> -- virginia. vice president pence: been down that way. beautiful country. how long you been in? >> six years the first time. i just rejoined with my daughter last year.
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vice president pence: you just rejoined with your daughter? >> yeah. she's out right now. vice president pence: where is she? >> she's working out now. she's been in a year. she's been in "two and a half men" years, i've been back a year. vice president pence: that's great. second-sen -- generation national guard right here. thank you. thanks for your service. how about you? >> from radford, virginia. been in 14 years. vice president pence: that's great. what's your specialty? >> medic. vice president pence: very good. you in the health care outside? >> no, i work i.t. outside. vice president pence: very good. thanks for stepping up. listen, i'm going to let you all get back to it. i think you were finishing up with -- [indiscernible] >> 2 4-hour operation. vice president pence: well, i
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just want to say thank you, ok? literally we just came from a briefing at home lanlt security. this is really a whole of government response. we have secret service, f.b.i., fema, but the national guard is playing a vital role here. more than 20,000 strong before we dwelt to inauguration day so i encourage you to be vigilant, respect the you know nighed chain of command, look after your people and we're going to deliver to the american people a safe inauguration. we're going to swear in a new perspective and new vice president and we're going to move our nation forward and you're going to make it possible so thank you very much. god bless you.
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they should respond to the incident. this is about an hour and a half. >> we begin today's hearing by giving special acknowledgment to reverend al sharpton, national action network and marc morial, urban league, for i like