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Charles Schumer
  Senate Majority Leader Schumer Meets With New Senators  CSPAN  January 21, 2021 8:48pm-8:55pm EST

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sabrina rodriguez. then we talk about the biden administration's climate and environment policies with amy harder. watch c-span "washington journal" live friday eastern 7:00 in the morning and be sure to join the discussion with your facebook messages, telephone calls, text messages, and tweets. during a photo op on capitol hill senate majority leader chuck schumer acknowledged the 16 senators who help democrats regain control of the senate. senator schumer also answered a few questions from reporters about the senate agenda, including the second impeachment trial of donald trump. >> what are those papers? [indistinct conversation]
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>> each state has two democrats. senator schumer: i am proud to be joined by jacqueline knoxville who did such a great job running the gsep and we are proud to be joined by the majority makers, these six fine folk have put us in the majority. each of them is a fine human being. i got to know each of them as we went through the campaigns except for alex and i got to know him afterwards. and each of them will really be outstanding senators.
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as the democratic majority with the greatest economic crisis and the new deal at 75 years ago -- since the new deal 75 years ago, the greatest health crisis since the spanish pandemic flu, and all of the other problems america faces, including we have to restore and strengthen our democracy, these six will play a vital role, not simply in giving us the vote to be in the majority but also more importantly because they will each do very good things for their and for the country. we are delighted to be here. do you want to say a word. >> let me just say i was honored to work with chuck over with the incredible staff at the gsce and you see the fruits of the labor. we had stellar candidates and individuals who represent their states. they are here because they know
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the challenges that are facing their states and they are ready to take those challenges on. i have had the opportunity to meet and talk with them, some of them already working with them in the senate and what they have already done on behalf of their constituents. i am so excited to have them join us in the senate, and i note they are going to do a fabulous job as we move this country forward and unite this country, which is needed now more than ever. senator schumer: and they also represent the expanding democratic majority. from the west and from the south. that is where we will have growth and strength in the future. >> you expect the articles of impeachment to come today, tomorrow? can you tell us about the nomination? senator schumer: let me answer both of those. speaker pelosi will determine when she was send the articles
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over. leader mcconnell and i are trying to come up with a bipartisan agreement to conduct a trial, but make no mistake, there will be a trial. there will be a vote up or down on whether to convict the president. i believe he will be convicted. we will have to wait until the article comes over to figure out how to do that. in terms of nominations, we have the greatest health care crisis in 100 years, the rate is economic crisis in 75 years, and the national security of america is always at stake. it does a disservice to america. we are very pleased last night. we got bipartisan cooperation so that avril haines is the dni. we are hoping we can get the same bipartisan cooperation for
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treasury, state, a homeland security, and defense very soon. we need these positions filled quickly. we need our republican colleagues to cooperate. i reminded that when president trump took office on his first day democrats cooperated and secretary, homeland security, and defense were in place. >> do you expect to be here saturday? >> -- senator schumer: we have to get these nominees approved and we will do what it takes to do that. >> [indiscernible] where do you guys stand on that? senator schumer: our caucus believes that the fairest, easiest, and most bipartisan way to come to an organizing resolution is to enact the 2001 agreement that the senators came to in a bipartisan way back then.
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our caucus is strongly opposed to any extraneous provisions, so we will keep working to try to get a bipartisan agreement. thank you, folks. >> [indiscernible] senator schumer: it is passing the house and i would like to get a in the senate asap. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] announcer: on the senate floor minority leader mitch mcconnell spoke about a power-sharing agreement with majority leader chuck schumer that will keep the filibuster in place for legislation. he spoke about the executive actions president biden took following his inauguration. senator mcconnell: this 117th congress the american people chose an evenly split senate, 50 republs