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tv   Sen. Judiciary Chair Durbin Speaks to Reporters on Merrick Garland...  CSPAN  February 23, 2021 1:29am-1:33am EST

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>> after the hearing, dick durbin and josh hawley spoke with reporters outside the hearing room and gave their impressions of judge garland's testimony.
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senator durbin: i thought he was forthright and not evasive. he answered all questions and i fell a good response from both sides of the aisle to statements that he made. i am looking forward to continuing this afternoon and completing it, the first round, today. >> are you confident that his nomination will receive bipartisan support? senator durbin: republican senators have told me privately they will support him. i hope that his testimony will add to that number. >> do you think that he is going to pursue investigations into things like governor cuomo? is there anything like that that has come forward? senator durbin: of course, he's very careful to not make that sort of statement. he has an awesome responsibility at as the highest level of law enforcement in america. we look for judgment from him. we know he has judicial temperament. he has proven it.
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i just trust this man's character and integrity. >> as for being chairman but also being the whip of your conference, we know neera tanden is going to face a difficult vote potentially later this week. do you think you are going to have any republican support on that? senator durbin: i don't know the answer to that. clearly, senator manchin's public statement makes this a challenge. we need to find support on the republican side of the aisle to make up for that vote the other way. ok, thanks. >> we will be taking this off. >> what do you think of garland as the nominee? do you expect that he will have bipartisan support? senator hawley: i don't kn


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