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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Tribute to the late Rep. Ron Wright R-TX  CSPAN  February 24, 2021 8:55pm-9:01pm EST

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his presidency, donald trump spoke at the conservative political action conference. sunday, he returns to the annual gathering to give his first public speech since leaving office. watch live coverage of the three-day office -- three-day conference scheduled for 3:40 p.m. eastern on c-span, online at or listen on the free c-span radio app. earlier today, the u.s. house paid tribute and held a moment of silence in honor of texas congressman ron wright who died february 8 after being hospitalized due to complications from cancer in covid-19. he was 67. >> the gentleman from texas
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state recognition. the house will be in order. >> thank you, madam speaker. i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. >> without objection. the gentlewoman is recognized. >> thank you. high-rise to express -- i rise to express my condolences on the passage of congressman ron wright of arlington. in his death, congress has lost a statesman. texas has lost a dedicated representative and i have lost a dear friend. congressman wright was a bright presence in our delegations.
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he had a passion for public service and was willing to work with anyone regardless of party or politics to get things done. he leaves behind a legacy that will inspire future generations of texans to commit themselves to public service. though his presence will certainly be missed, we will find comfort in knowing that his memory will always be with us. i now yield to my congressman -- to my colleague, congressman kevin brady for a minute. >> thank you you, madam chair. today we gather as a grieving delegation at a proud nation to recognize the life and legacy of our colleague and friend, congressman ron wright. texas born and bred, ron worked with and for the people of texas in some way for the past 21 years.
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throughout his courageous battle with lung cancer, his good spirits never faltered and he remained a steadfast champion of his conservative principles. to many of us, it seemed like ron ever had a bad day. the last two bills he introduced in congress protected the sanctity of life, something ron always passionately supported. as his life was winning, he was protecting the lives of the innocent unborn. the texas people have lost a real fighter and all of us have lost a true friend. kathy and i and our entire texas delegation hold ron's wife susan close to our hearts. godspeed you, friend. will be missed. i yield back. >> for a moment of silence. >> the chair asks all members in
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the chamber to rise for a moment of silence. [gavel bangs] >> with the biden administration no leaving the federal response to the coronavirus endemic, follow the latest at search our coverage of news
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conferences as well as remarks from members of congress. use the interactive gallery of maps to follow cases in the u.s. and worldwide. go to >> happier becerra was on capitol hill for the second day of confirmation hearings. he faced questions from the senate finance committee about the coronavirus pandemic, women's health care, prescription drug costs and mental health services. mr. becerra previously served in the house of representatives until 2017 when he became california attorney general. this hearing runs just under three hours.


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