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tv   House Minority Leader Kevin Mc Carthy Rep. Jim Banks R-IN at CPAC Day 2  CSPAN  February 27, 2021 8:24pm-8:40pm EST

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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ >> he likes that. >> he's not too bad, is he? kevin mccarthy was in the back saying i see some good , candidates there.
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minority leader mccarthy: i'm thinking what district can i run , him for? representative banks: speaking of that, election day was rough in some ways, really rough, but in other ways, it really gave me great optimism for the future. and the greatest story of election night was getting so close to getting that gavel from nancy pelosi. did it shock you that you got that close? minority leader mccarthy: we got closer than anyone thought we could get. they said we are going to lose 20 seats that night ed -- that night. no one said we would win seats. my dearest friend is a hard-core republican and said the best we can do is lose 10. do you know why we one that? -- why we won that? president trump worked on all these races. let me tell you a secret and i want you to tell your friends, especially your liberal friends.
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it's the first time since 1994 no republican incumbent lost. we beat 15 democrats and do you know who the 15 democrats lost to? conservative women and conservative minorities, each and every one of them. [applause] and what happened even when , president trump was sick with covid, he called me from the hospital and said, kevin, we have to keep doing this, because we could not do the rallies. he would do these rallies over the phone for each district and he had the candidate on and he would talk and it would turn out the vote. that was the shock. all the polls said we would lose. but election day, the voters said this is a new path. matt: awesome. i have to say, these two gentlemen probably won't like me saying it, but i say it on a regular basis because it puts you on the spot, but i think we have a great chance of getting the majority back. minority leader mccarthy: not a
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chance we are going to get the majority back. we are five seats away. [applause] i would bet my house. don't tell my wife. i would bet it. listen do you want to retire , nancy pelosi? do you want to end this socialism in this country? win the house. five seats. this is the smallest majority democrats have had in 100 years. we can do it. matt: jim banks. by the way both of you have , great scores with the american conservative union. you have been a great champion in the house. by the way, a lot of the people we have had on this stage -- mike pompeo had an outstanding record in the house of representatives. ron desantis, someone i call now america's governor. [applause]
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and i guess what i am learning from that is, when you see conservatives get put into positions of power, what you realize about the conservative philosophy, when well executed, it just makes a lot of sense. what is wrong with these colleagues of years on the other side of the aisle? and i hear them talk and it is like where did they grow up? , where did they learn this stuff? representative banks: you have two wonder where they come from in america when they don't like america like we do. that's what i'm reminded why we are the right party, why the republican party is on the right side of history. we hear a lot about the cancel culture these days, identity to politic -- identity politics per let me say if you identify as an , american, you belong in the republican party. [applause] i chair this group called the american conservative union. i love the name because the last thing is union, and i love the
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idea of being a conservative, i don't know what your response is this, but sometimes i think the conservative word isn't as important because we love america. and it's kind of stops there. minority leader mccarthy: jim is an amazing individual. this is the type of american you want. he runs the biggest conservative group in congress, republican study group, he is a veteran who served in the navy and -- served in the navy in afghanistan and he is serving his country today because he believes in the exceptionalism of america. that is the difference between the conservatives and socialists. matt: the press likes to say republicans are fractured. here is the truth, you all know it, we are getting everybody who doesn't like communism, socialism and marxism. representative banks: this week a poll came out, the most
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popular republican figure in congress today is kevin mccarthy. [applause] let me tell you the least popular republicans are in the party today. matt: they are out there. representative banks: the least popular in our party are the ones who want to erase donald trump and donald trump supporters from our party. if that happens, we won't win back the majority in 2022 and definitely won't win back the white house in 2024 if we erase donald trump. we have a leader right here, conservative leader, you and i know that and for decades, the conservative leader fights with the republican leader. not anymore, because kevin mccarthy is the right leader for the right time to win back the majority. he is going to be the best speaker of the house the united states has ever had. matt: kevin would like you to
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keep talking. minority leader mccarthy: i yield the rest of my time. representative banks: i want to tell you the truth, it is great to be in florida. you guys are normal, open, i don't have to wear a mask. it is so much better than california did you guys like it when kevin mccarthy said it was the right thing for donald trump to be at cpac? i don't know what your response to that would be. [applause] and we are getting closer. matt: we were talking backstage, and we talked about this with ambassador lighthizer and senator, my god, the new senator from tennessee, it is escaping, bill hagerty. it fell out of my mind. a lot is going on. we were talking about the fact this new republican party, this new coalition is really focused
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on the working men and women, forgotten men and women. we are focused on the actual workers. minority leader mccarthy: that is exactly true. a new poll came out and it literally says the republican party grew with lou collar workers, because it was the forgotten men and women that donald trump listened to the voice no one else would listen to. and we are never going to forget those people. that is what we are focused on. look at what happened this morning at 2:00 a.m.. nancy pelosi put about a $2 trillion bail in. there was a vote on the floor. she put a tunnel in silicon valley that has nothing to do with covid into the bill we wanted to take that gas into the bell. we wanted -- -- that has nothing to do with covid into the bill. we wanted to take that money to put the kids back to school. democrats voted for it. it is a clear fight, who is
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standing for the american public and who is standing for corporations? it is the republican party today, tomorrow and in the future. that is why america is going to be stronger as we put america first. [applause] representative banks: donald trump taught us many things and make the republican party the party of the working class for the first time since ronald reagan. the democratic party today is the party of multinational corporations, big business, wall street, silicon valley and they are the pro-china party, putting american workers last in the interests of our greatest adversary had wall street interests ahead of the interests of working class, working men and women in this country. my dad is a retired factory worker. he made axles all his life. he identified as a democrat for most of his life. he didn't like a lot of republican leaders until donald trump. he was for donald trump eared we have to keep voters like i get
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and under kevin mccarthy and my leadership, we are going to be the party of the working class for longtime. minority leader mccarthy: there is something really throughout their. i don't think of -- something really true out there. i don't know if you are conservative -- i don't know if your democrat or republican, but the chinese communist party as something on them. they put eric swalwell, anyone who has heard that breathing would not have him on that committee and would question keeping him in congress but that is what happened with the democratic party. what is the first thing joe biden does? he calls the chinese xi and he placates to them. he says that what they do one human rights is ok, it is a cultural thing. he won't stand up to what they are doing to our universities.
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china wins that election if biden gets in, that is the problem that happened and i don't know what they have on the democratic party but it is powerful and we need people like jim banks who is a part of the china task force who has a plan to actually stand up to them. matt: let's at the question of this radical policy hitting the house floor, hitting the senate floor, i am sure it is shocking to all of you. we have all been numb since the election. and then you start seeing, will the democrats be as radical in their policy proposals as they told us? and we are always such nice people, they are knuckling to be that way, and then it starts coming. and it is so radical on this recent covid bill they can't even keep their own members together, members from ma
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ube -- members from maine and stuff. speaker pelosi is so tough, maybe she keeps it together but maybe there are a couple of senators that being a socialist -- realizing that being a socialist is not good at the ballot box. minority leader mccarthy: less than 9% of it has anything to do with covid. it was all a waste. when you put a bill out you see the hr number, they reserved hr one for the most important bill. the democrats have hr one to take over our entire election. they change rules in congress that have never been changed to take away the right of the minority and they have an amendment because they are afraid of our ideas. jim banks is fighting this with the republican study group. [applause] representative banks: the republican study committee introduced a bill to save democracy. almost half the american people don't trust our elections after
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the fiasco in november. we have a moral duty as republicans to restore trust in our elections. hr one would do the opposite of that is what democrats are going to ram through the house. matt: i'm sure you would agree if i could give you one charge in leaving feedback, it would be do all you can any member we have any influence over to explain to them that it is unacceptable to have this unconstitutional power grab on elections, so that what we saw in this election will be what you see every single election, and we have to fight it. in order to fight it, we have to pick up more seats. let's end the conversation by talking about politics. i stand corrected. it is not if, it is when we get the majority. tell us your blueprint for getting that done. minority leader mccarthy: we are
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going to do what we did in the last election. we elected more republican women in the history than ever before. but if you look at history, there are only five people in the majority election, we have redistricting. we do a census every 10 years. do you know who loses seats, all these left-running governors, california, illinois, new york. do you know who gained two seats into rhoda -- two seats in florida and three seats in texas? [applause] history says the party in power, whoever wins the white house in the first off your election on average loses d7's. in 2009 i was the deputy whip, it would take for us 40 seats to win the majority. do you know what happened that
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election? we beat 63 democrats. let's double that number. [applause] matt: we appreciate what you are doing, mr. leader, mr. chairman. keep up the great work and thanks for being at cpac. ♪ [applause] ♪ governor noem:


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