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tv   Student Cam- Second Prize High School East  CSPAN  April 8, 2021 11:05am-11:11am EDT

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with the radio app. >> congress returns from their holiday recess next week, the senate returns monday at 3:00 p.m. eastern to continue work on the nomination of polly trenton to be deputy of transportation. later they will work on more nominations including wendy sherman to be deputy secretary of state and gary gensler to chair the exterior -- the securities and exchange commission. the houses back tuesday for legislative business and members are expected to work on equal pay for women legislation as well as a bill to prevent workplace violence against health care and social services workers. president biden's infrastructure and jobs package is not expected on the house floor until later in the spring or early summer. watch live coverage of the house on c-span, the senate on c-span2, and follow
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congressional coverage anytime at or listen on the free radio app. middle and high school students participated in c-span's studentcam competition telling us what congress should address this year. all month we are featuring the winners. our second prized high school winners are ethan norman and jack typee, 11th graders from gonzaga college high school in washington, d.c. where c-span is available through comcast. their winning entry is titled honest news or as a method to this tribute unregulated and
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often untrue news? >> 63% of people worldwide agree that the average person couldn't tell good journalism from rumors. >> right now we are seeing in the dawning days of this new information age, a lot of the negative effects on what can happen when the only mode of content is whether or not it sells or agitates. you combine that and sell that to the people who are the most willing to believe and it has a huge negative impact. >> is impossible to stop disinformation, it is becoming imperative that we take action to stop the spread of misinformation through news and social media literacy. >> misinformation is an unfortunate side effect of social media, and overall good system, however, if left unchecked, misinformation might become intertwined from -- and
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unable to be seen from the truth. our future depends on if we are able to stop this disease that is dividing our country at such a vulnerable time. >> i think there is a tremendous opportunity to all -- to influence a positive influence on how we agree with each other and talk about issues that are important to one another. it is an unprecedented platform. >> this is the information campaign. so it is read by 4.5 million people, and we helped about 100,000 people and poll workers. >> social media has a tremendous opportunity to bring in a variety of voices to local debates and cultural debates, all kinds of debates.
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[wind blowing] >> social media provides a positive that has never been seen before, in a time of national vulnerability, how can we demand accurate information from social media. >> it is hard for people to process everything in a headline or tweet and a lot of us are just reading headlines in our newsfeeds, so the trust is based on i am not sure what, we just have a flood of information, and when you are giving so much information and so little time to digest it, you do not trust any of it. >> i would just encourage everybody to check their own information because it is so easy to put anything on social media so, we as individuals should do it for our social media. >> before you share anything, on
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social media or elsewhere, think about it. are you doing it because your emotions have been triggered, pause, look at the information, open up a new tab and google it. >> social media should be seen as one aspect of newsgathering. it should be seen as one tool to gather information to make an informed opinion. >> just like you regulate electric and telecommunications utilities, we need to do a better job of regulating communication utilities. >> never before has more information been available to more people, which is a great thing, but it is also true that for the first time never in our history has more bad information been available to more people. >> we have a renewed commitment to democracy, more just another
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call to action and social media is another venue with which we can further democracy. ♪ >> many years ago, and bit of writing played out a contrasting future that george orwell and albert huxley foresaw on the road ahead for our civilization. they feared that the truth would be concealed from us, huxley field -- feared that the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. orwell field we would become a captive culture. huxley feared that we would become a trivial culture. in short, or will field -- feared that what we


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