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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones 2  CSPAN  April 8, 2021 1:48pm-2:03pm EDT

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military and in the u.s. senate. she is interviewed by politicos congressional editor. watch book tv every weekend. be sure to tune into in-depth sunday, may 2 at noon eastern with an author on book tv on c-span2. half-hour we will get your thoughts on this plan announcement by the biden administration, several executive actions when it comes to the topics of guns and gun violence. we will go through them and get your thinking as far as what you support or oppose it. if you support it, 202-748-8000. if you oppose it, 202-748-8001. and we will take up that when " washington journal" continues. before that though, he will go to a previous interview that we did -- we will go to a previous
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interview we did talking about the parameters of what is expected from the biden administration. [video clip] >> president biden will take six actions on firearms, several will be through the department of justice. he is also going to nominate his director of atf, that has been vacant and he has not nominated anyone yet. he will nominate someone who worked at the atf for a long time but has been working at a gun control group, which should be interesting getting through the senate, that might be tough. he will talk about money that he wants to spend in communities of color to combat violence. he wants to designate $5 billion over eight years. host: one of the topics expected to be addressed was the topic of ghost gun's, can you explain what it is and why it is important? guest: that has become more popular. ghost guns is a nickname for the guns that are handmade,
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makeshift guns that you can buy kits for that they are not regulated as firearms and do not have serial numbers. if they do not have serial numbers that does not mean -- that means that you are not regulated. if you buy one of these you have to go through a background check, you do not have to right now. it is important because it will factor in who should not have a gun, and that is something that he has been pushed to do by a lot of advocates in the last couple of months, even during the translation and he has talked about certain things on the campaign trail. host: one of the topics we hear about is assault style weapons as it has been described. does that fall into consideration when it comes to the president's actions? guest: not for today and he wants congress to act. he still thinks that congress needs to act. there are several bills that he supports and we are likely to hear him talk about that including the assault rifle. he will act on something that is an assault type rifle, that was
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used in the boulder, colorado shooting just recently, something that falls through the cracks and is not regulated as a rifle, and what he wants to do is direct the department of justice to regulate those so they also have to go through background checks and other mechanisms before someone can own one of those. host: do any of the actions hamper someone's ability to buy a gun? guest: those couple that we talked about will allow people to go to a -- through a background check. if they do not meet the background check guidelines they cannot buy these specific types of guns. these are a couple of different things, it is not huge numbers here for that. congress still needs to act. host: if someone is convicted of a domestic violence situation they might be hampered buying a gun, does that fall into what the president will be doing today? guest: there was an executive action that advocates pushed him
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to do, and he did not do that. what is important about today is that this is just the first step. you might call it modest, and you will see advocates cheering because they wanted president biden to do something and they had been waiting for him to do something, that it is the first step so this is not everything he is doing. there are a lot of other suggestions and other things he can do down the road. host: you referenced david chipman, the choice to head the atf. you said that his confirmation might be difficult, but interesting, explain why. guest: he actually, even though he worked at the atf for a long time, he has been working at gifford's, one of the very prominent gun control groups, and there might be some republicans in the senate. the senate is split 50-50, so it is tight. some of them might not like that and say that he wants to do to
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many things with firearms and we are not sure that we want him there. we do not know what that will look like, but that is a possibility. yesterday after his name was announced you heard people talking about that and speculating and wondering how the senate republicans and even a couple of democrats, joe manchin being one of them, how they would feel about him. the president has nominated someone for another job that did not get through and it is likely he has vetted this person through many senators so he will not have someone that he needs to withdraw again. host: she covers the white house for political and you can -- politico and you can find her work on their website. thank you for walking us through what we are expecting to hear today. [end video clip] host: you can watch, and through c-span. -- through with the plan when it comes to the series of executive actions and for about half an hour or so we will take your calls on it again. if you support the measures
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which you heard your guest elaborate, 202-748-8000. if you oppose it, 202-748-8001. you can post on our social media sites and text us at 202-748-8003. the "washington post" highlights that when it comes to the actions on ghost gun's saying " it was in lieu of legislative action that several lawmakers urge the president to issue those executive orders. four democratic senators wrote the president last month asking the administration to regulate ghost gun's like other firearms." jen psaki sending out a treat -- tweet with when what to expect today, "gun violence is an epidemic and so far it has been a partisan administration for a long sense fighter for commonsense gun safety and it is a step forward to making our kids and community safer."
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from eastpointe michigan, a supporter of the plan. go ahead and tell us why. she dropped. so, let us go to bob in fayetteville, pennsylvania, who opposes this. go ahead. caller: i am just glad that it did not go as far as he was saying that he wanted to go when he was running for president. if you remember he was going to get rid of the awesome -- the automatics with a stroke of a pen, which i assume is what he is doing today. and, basically what he is doing is stuff around the edges, and i think he has a pretty smart man. he realized that if you went ahead with what he was threatening to do we would have another civil war in this country. people are not going to allow the government to kick their door down and confiscate their weapons, that is not going to happen. at least not without a
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bloodbath. so, this is proof that he -- host: that is bob in pennsylvania. patricia in ohio, a supporter. hello. caller: hello, i definitely support it. the second amendment is a misinterpreted, it calls for a militia that is -- what is the technical term? but, in ohio just past the stand your ground -- just passed the stand your ground bill in ohio and it is proven that there are more deaths by guns and states that have stand your ground bill. that is insanity. so, anything that joe biden, president biden can do to stem the violence in this country from guns he showed to do. i totally support it -- support
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it and thank god we have a president that is willing to do that. host: patricia in ohio. "the washington post" highlights the legislative effort. "the white house has yet to release a legislative plan, instead the first of a pair of bills passed by the democratically controlled house on the liability legislation. the president said in a news conference that he plans to do all of the above, but that was a matter of timing suggesting other goals are more urgent. the house measures were asked -- would expand background checks to unlicensed individuals while closing what advocates of stricter gun laws have called the charleston loophole, which allows the gun sale to go through if the background check is not finished after three days. chuck schumer has promised to put those pillows on the summit -- senate floor for a vote but it is unclear if they can win a simple majority much less the support of 60 senators needed to pass much less -- most
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legislation in the senate." everett opposes this effort. go ahead. caller: hello. i am opposed to it. basically this gives the people the right to keep and bear arms. most people opposed to the assault style weapons do not understand that the military definition of an assault white -- rifle is that it has a selector switch where it can go into automatic and they have been outlawed for years. if you call in and try to find out how me laws are in this country, the nra says around 9000, and it goes to whatever you can find and up to 20,000. host: what did you think specifically about the actions today and the things that he
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outlined? caller: i think that the ghost style rifles and weapons of some kind that do not have social security numbers -- not social security numbers, identification numbers i think that they need to have that. i think that people need to make sure that they are in a good mental state when they buy a weapon or use a weapon. if they don't they should not have a weapon. that is where i come from. host: let us hear from carol in ohio on the support line. caller: hello. i am in support of these gun regulations. ohio is working to pass stand your ground, or it is taking effect and i am horrified. i grew up in the country, and on a farm. my dad had a shotgun, which was used only for predators with four legs, not those with two
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legs. i cannot imagine what the great fear is of not having guns, or having them regulated. look what we do to a person driving a car. you know, there are rules and regulations, and we need those rules and regulations in the whole area of gun control. host: do you think the president should have gone further? caller: well, sure. think the president should have gone farther? caller: sure. but this notion of saying no to everything biden wants to do will just go out of control on something like guns. you have to take step-by-step
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that makes sense and the people can look at and realize he is not trying to put a sign in cages. host: caroline a son barry, ohio. our affiliate rna columbus says ohio is joining three dozen states tuesday with stand your ground laws. the law says a legal gun owner can use deadly force if they reasonably believe it is i day defense of life. can assign a diamond, missouri on our oppose line. caller: when i purchased my guns i went through a background check like everybody does when you go to the gun store. i'm not going to give them up because i bought them to protect myself from a tyrannical government. that is what we have right now.
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i do not agree with anything this president does. host: liz i name alton, new jersey -- list -- live --liz i nee -- in alton, new jersey. live to a news briefing with house speaker nancy pelosi.


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