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tv   Washington Journal Arnie Arnesen  CSPAN  April 8, 2021 3:51pm-4:02pm EDT

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editor. watch book tv this weekend and be sure to tune in to in-depth on sunday with an author on book tv on c-span 2. >> all week we have been featuring lyrical podcasters -- political podcasters. the host of the attitude, thank you for giving us your time. >> it is a pleasure, it is a gorgeous morning. >> so, the podcast. tell us about it and why you titled it the attitude. >> anyone who has met me knows i have one so that may be the reason why. back in 2011, we started a radio show on a small community radio station and began podcasting. my husband was dying of stage iv cancer and that meant i needed
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to be flexible because we had to go to the hospital. it matched my life which was so challenging at the time and still let me talk to the world about the issues we are facing. in 2011, i thought they were bad. in 2021, i have a headache. it is an important opportunity for me to talk to people in texas, michigan, north carolina. while i am based in new hampshire, they teach me about their lives and challenges and i think that makes me a better broadcaster. >> how often do you produce the podcast and where can people find it? what is the content? >> the podcast is every single dam day, five days a week. they can go to our website and download the podcast there. we begin our show every day, we
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have our own version -- i will give you an example of how we again our show every day with a bit of political verse. here is what he wrote the other day. i saw a political sign, trump 2024 and a diehard yard that wants to restore -- hate and conceit of a demagogue leader run to the core. obviously we are progressive radio station and podcast but every day we have a different one, it may be about matt gaetz, infrastructure, major league baseball. we begin that way but the topics -- i will give you an example of this week. we had a pulitzer prize-winning writer who worked for frontline, he has a book called "who stole the american dream?
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" he was a phenomenal interview. we had secretary powell on talking about why we need to move away from the voluntary military. we had someone talking about hr 1--and how the caucus and primaries for iowa and hatcher may not be appropriate. we talk to someone from cornell law school who talked about the illusion and why it makes no sense. we have random conversations about all of these topics and i do have to tell you that with things like batteries and climate change, i believe in the democratization of energy, i want everyone to have solar powers on their basement.
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>> if you want to ask questions, call these numbers. how do you feel about the biden administration? >> when joe biden came to new hampshire and was running, he placed seventh or eighth, it was awful. we were not sure he would be able to make it to the next primary stage and yet what happened in south carolina was remarkable. it was based on a very different experience that he would have gotten an iowa and new hampshire , south carolina is a much more diverse state, they had a different experience than we did and had different expectations. but joe biden with his first relief bill was remarkable. what is exciting about him is he wants to remake capitalism.
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he wants a capitalism that asks the needs and wants of labor, of workers, not just of wall street, finance, but of workers. everything he is doing is looking at people and designing legislation that not only sees them, sees the challenges of their lives, but wants to improve their lives. what is an economy for? it cannot be for the 1%, it has to be where the 99%. every single thing he is doing says i understand, i see your challenges, let us figure out what we do with the childcare credit, bringing manufacturing home, improving infrastructure so you can get to work. childcare issues, child care is infrastructure because if i don't have childcare i can't go to work. employers need me to be flexible, that i need support for childcare so i can
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accommodate your work. that is part of infrastructure, it invests in all of us, not just the mother and father with the kids. it is the community and frankly that is not only about security, it is also about success. >> the headlines we have seen in the last couple of days about the president open to negotiating on the corporate tax hike, is that a good move as far as a progressive is concerned? >> we went from 25% to 21%, i think he should have said rated to 31% and they would agree to 28%. i think he is willing to negotiate but let us be honest, in the 1940's and 50's, corporate taxes was representative of 40% of revenue raised. it is now down to 7%.
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many corporations including fedex paid nothing. corporations have been doing extremely well. they need to pay taxes on their profits and not one corporation should not pay anything and it is a win-win. they were shocked with donald trump's 21%, but 25 -- 28% is not only reasonable but a hell of a lot. >> we had a senator talking about the filibuster saying he is not primed to vote for that, what is your reaction from democrats in the senate saying these things? ask let us -->> let us talk and see how long republicans say no
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to everything. no tax hikes, no relief bill. one of the poorest states in the nation, and mansion is going to -- ed mansion -- if he says no to them, i think the people of west virginia need to say to him, why are you a senator? you are not serving us or the country. you are serving a gop that has said no to us, that is not accommodative, but does not work to negotiate. that is not a party anymore and if you do not have a party to negotiate with, get rid of the filibuster or look at reconciliation. but it is going to make a difference for our west virginia residence. >> our first call comes caller: good morning america
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from the great northwest. good morning pedro and arnie. i want to say that i think this is really a good opportunity for democrats. i am a recovered republican myself. right now the republican seems to stand for insurrection, the big lie, and restricting people's ability to vote. democrats are looking to the future. charge stations for electric cars, roads, planes, trains. schools. we want to face the future. we want to get our country -- and arnie, one thing you did not mention i think is the proposal to increase the pay for workers that take care of our invalid
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parents and people that need health care. it is great. these people are heroic. they do things no one else wants to do. they need to get paid for it. arnie: $400 billion goes to things like that. we have an aging demographic. we do not have a lot of long health insurance policies. the only way you get coverage if you get ill and become an invalid, where you have to go? you have to get rid of all your assets and go on medicaid in order for you to be able to stay in a nursing home or home setting. that means the vast majority of people are going to end up spending every time they have to take care -- >> we take you live to a discussion of proposed changes to the american court structure. american constitution society for law and


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