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tv   Washington Journal Brian Craig  CSPAN  April 9, 2021 12:02pm-12:34pm EDT

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harassment needs to be --, it should be eliminated or have achievable objectives. >> our hope needs to be that -- to ensure that any student going through the misconduct process has failed rights and process. >> all winning entries are available online at ♪ >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government, created by america's cable television companies in 1979. today we are about to buy these companies who provide c-span2 viewers as a public service --
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provide c-span to viewers as a public service. >> throughout throughout the weo tomorrow we have been featuring critical podcasters about issues of today. we have the host of a show out of florida. guest: thank you for the opportunity. host: what is the podcast about? guest: it is about conservative politics. i've been on the radio, for my 30th year. the longest running radio show in florida. i've been at it for many years. i've been podcasting for about 10 years. host: what do you engage in your viewers with is it florida or national politics? guest: national politics but ford is becoming a big part.
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we are about to become the most popular state surpassing florida soon. our great governor who has done a fantastic job is becoming a national figure that people are talking about running for president. this is related to the story -- host: this is related to the story about the governor on 60 minutes. can you tell us about that how did you interpret that on your show and with your viewers? guest: they slandered governor desantis, pay for play. they accused him of taking a bribe. publix dennis everybody. publix was third are fourth on the list. -- or fourth on the list. he started doing it by our oldest population. he said in his announcement 80%
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of florida seniors live within three miles of a public. it made sense to do vaccinations and publix. -- at publix. host: will this follow translate to the -- will this translate to the national run? guest: our listeners are talking about him running in 2028 after trump's second term. host: you also have two other people from florida who might be interested in a run as well, senator marco rubio, maybe even rick scott, the other senator from florida. what are their chances? guest: zero. rick scott was a good governor, he was a great senator -- he is a great senator, he but -- but he is not a charismatic man.
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a lot of freudians do not give her marco rubio, they have not forgiven him how he treated president trump during the primaries. host: elaborate. guest: he was talking about president trump's hand size, things like this, it got petty. marco rubio is an amnesty supporter. conservatives and the mega movement do not want that. you mentioned the mega movement. what is the situation like kissing president trump living in florida? what is his pull on the party? guest: he is the kingmaker. that is what matt gaetz and ron desantis are being focused in on. they are mega people, trump loyalists. trump has backed both of them. the swamp are trying to bring
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down ron desantis and matt gaetz. host: what do you think about the accusations against matt gaetz? you have -- guest: you have this jailhouse snitch sitting in trial awaiting trial on sex trafficking. he will say whatever he's got to say tuesday shave time off of his sentence. the story went for about a week and have. i'm not seen any proof that shows any of these are true. host: what makes you believe he is not guilty? guest: in america you are innocent until your proven guilty. i am not going to convict a man in the court of public opinion. i'm not seen one woman come forward. where is the 17-year-old girl that he supposedly trafficked at that is 19 now?
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there is a story that he went to president trump that he went for an advance pardon and that is fake news. host: our guest is buying crack and if you want to ask them questions about the issue of florida politics, national politics, you can give us a call and let us know. for republicans (202) 748-8001, democrats (202) 748-8000 and independents (202) 748-8002. if you want to text as your questions or comments, you can do so at (202) 748-8003. politically again with matt gaetz, is this a story of visibility to serving congress, how do you think this impacts that? guest: it helps them, makes him stronger. they are running the same story against matt gaetz that they did against president trump with the fake russian dossier and stormy daniels. slammer, nothing backs up these
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accusations. ron desantis is up for reelection of governor and matt gaetz could be the next governor of florida after ron desantis is -- ron desantis's second term. host: is there anything in his past that might indicate he is guilty? two -- guest: if they come out with evidence i will reevaluate. i see the same things that they're going after with ron desantis. there are trying to stop the trump dynasty from like the kennedys and the democratic party. host: you talked about the president's role as the head of the republican party. what is his role in the future? do you think there is another run involved, or the think he serves another role in the midterm elections? guest: he is going to bring us back to the house, he is going to be our nominee in 2024 and
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having to nonconsecutive terms will be better than two consecutive terms. when president trump wins in 2024 you will have a mandate. you are not have to worry about the wall because it looks like biden says he will finish the wall. host: this is brian craig, our first call is from herbert. he is in columbia south carolina, independent line. you are on with brian craig of the brian craig podcast. how do people find your show? guest: they can find me on youtube, brian craig on youtube, and on the steve kane show, which i'm on every morning with steve kane taking live calls. host: how long do you produce the podcasts? guest: four days per week and five days per week on the radio. host: what do you talk about and how do you determine your topics? guest: i often look at twitter and see what is trending. on today's show, we will talk
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about the ridiculous executive orders of biden yesterday on gun control. host: we will talk through that an event. but here's herbert first in columbia. you are on with brian craig. caller: good morning. i was calling. about politics. you said the ridiculous gun -- whatever about biden just now. biden has his opinion, you have your opinion. both sides have both opinions. government is about getting to the table and expressing both opinions and coming to the center to make laws for both sides to agree on, isn't that right? guest: in theory. caller: you can't have it your way, because that is your opinion. and he got his opinion. guest: that's right. one man, one voice. caller: we vote for you guys, not you, but we vote for the representatives to go there with both opinions and come to the
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middle, right? because nobody can get 100% of what they want. guest: listen, everybody has an opinion. vice president kamala harris had the opinion during the democrat primary that joe biden opposed the integration of public schools. she sighed was that girl when joe biden was opposing buzzing -- opposing bussing. so her opinion was that joe biden was a racist. host: is there some commonplace you think when it comes to the issue of guns? you heard the president -- why not? guest: not at all. first off, it is not just because our second amendment. it is a guaranteed right given to us by god in our constitution. this last year has been the single largest loss of individual liberty in my lifetime, and maybe most people's lifetime that are alive. people don't trust government anymore. they take away your right to assemble, your right to go to church, which that has happened, they take away your child's
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right to have a proper public education. people are not going to trust the government to take away any liberties, because we can see they are not so quick to give them back, are they? like the lockdown orders. host: we hear from pierre and -- in washington, d.c. caller: brian, you talk about lack of trust in people and government. what about your maga movement? the party of taking away our right to a free and fair election. you can say it was stolen from trump, but we all know that we saw armed gangs inside of the capital, trying to commit a coup. as long as the maga movement is the party of coups we cannot trust you. we cannot trust you. why should i trust you? guest: i don't know if you will trust me or not, but i think you should trust and president -- in president trump. he didn't organize anything that went on at the capital. those people, hundreds of them are in jail and a lot of them will do long stretches in
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prison. that was appalling what they did at the capital. president trump does not support that the maga movement does not , supported, i do not support it. host: what you attribute january -- do you attribute january 6 to? guest: a lot of agitators. he got the proud boys, antifa. a lot of those people that when in were maga people, but there were antifa in there that broke down the windows and opened up the doors. it was a joint effort of a lot of different political people. it wasn't just the maga movements, it wasn't just republicans. a lot of leftists. movements, it wasn't just republicans. host: janet in florida, you next with our guest. good morning. caller: hey, how are you doing? just the publix thing, there is not a publix every three miles in the state of florida because the city i live in it is 50 miles before you get to a publix. on the 60 minute thing, they said publix was going to charge
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medicare $40 for the vaccination, is that true or is that not true? guest: first off, what governor desantis said is 80% of seniors live within three miles of a publix. caller: that's not true. guest: that is not true. you live a little further away. host: go ahead, mr. craig. guest: as far as charging $40, well yeah. any place you go will charge medicare, charge the government, that is the nature of it. they don't get the vaccination for free. they have to pay people to give you the vaccination. of course they charge. $40, that is nothing. host: janet, do you want to follow? caller: number one, when i got my vaccination and in my small town it was a church i gave it, , and they did not ask for any of my medicare information or anything. guest: ok. caller: i'm not too sure about that, but i thought since -- guest: listen, i have been
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vaccinated, i have had my first shot and get my second in a couple weeks. president trump did a great job of getting the vaccinations developed with operation warp speed, and governor ron desantis has done a textbook example of perfection in his vaccine rollout in florida. you have it, i have it, we are both in florida and seems like desantis is doing all right. host: what is the status of florida republicans? are they still behind president trump? guest: oh yeah. host: what do you measure that by? guest: on presidents' day, i went up to mar-a-lago, and he was not in office anymore, it was former president trump on presidents' day. there were tens of thousands of people driving by mar-a-lago, and there was impromptu unplanned rally of tens of thousands of people that went there to be close to the president at mar-a-lago. that is what i judge it by. i've never seen tens of thousands turnout for a sitting
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president on presidents' day, not to mention a former president. host: from brent, democrats line in michigan, hello. caller: hello. your guest is trying to take over the limbaugh bs. guest: that would be awesome. i would be honored. caller: no doubt you would. guest: i would do it for half they paid him. host: craig, let him finish -- then you can respond. caller: did you deny trump paid millions of dollars for defrauding students? guest: i did not catch that. caller: did he spend millions of dollars defrauding charities? this is the kind of man that you are defending.
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he lied to the american people, a serial liar. he said i would do a great job if i had kept the deaths are covered at 100,000. how great of a job did he do? guest: he did a great job. host: hold on, mr. craig. he is not done yet. caller, finish your statement. host: how about his fealty to putin? explain why he never said a bad word about putin. guest: this business about trump university, i wish i had a trump university degree to hang on my wall. president trump is the only president in history, in the modern area, that left office with less money then when he went in. if it was all about money, he would have -- he walked away from 200 million dollars just on the apprentice.
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he lost millions of dollars being president of the united states. he is not about money. he is about making america great again and keeping it great again, and he will make america great again again when he wins in 2024. host: what convinces you he takes another run at it? guest: he did an interview and said keep an eye out. people have an indication. he says little things here and there that says he's going to run. host: is the absence of his presence on twitter going to impact that? guest: that is the best thing that ever happened to president trump being of twitter. now, he is starting his own social media network. the great mike lindell is starting his own social media network, and that would not have happened if he stayed on twitter. twitter did president trump favor knocking him off. host: did twitter do president trump's own favor as far as the things he tweeted that ultimately was that a setback
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for him? guest: while he was president, it was spectacular. when have we ever had that kind of connection with a president? i saw a guy on cnn comparing president trump on twitter to kennedy on television. kennedy won because he was the first president to understand how to use television. this is van jones talking. he said donald trump, during the 2016 campaign, understands how to use social media like no other president or presidential candidate ever has. we have never had that kind of -- president trump would comment on what was going on in real time. that is a connection with the people no president has. host: brian craig of the brian craig show podcast joining us. we go to raleigh, north carolina, a republican line. robert, hello. caller: hello. hi, mr. craig. i would like to ask you short questions and i wish i could get
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an answer without getting cut off. what do you think about the show than trial, the police officer that they claimed murdered george floyd? guest: i am mad. that is some of the most disturbing video i have ever seen, with his knee on the neck. the only thing close to horrific as that video with george floyd and that cop are the beheading videos that isis use to put out on the internet. it is disturbing. host: caller, your second question? caller: my second question would be a comment. i think that we have the second amendment right for free speech, and i hope they never take it away, but it is so sad everybody that has a microphone thinks they can reach out to the public and keep this country divided. i feel they need to take their medication and go somewhere and
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mind their business. you should be the first to take my advice. guest: ok. [laughter] host: what you think about that comment? guest: i think it is american. anybody that wants to pick up a microphone in the era of podcasting can be on the air, talking to people in five minutes. when i take calls on our radio show we are conservative, liberal, independent anti-trump, pro-trump, we take calls for everyone -- from everyone because everyone should be heard. the last caller is talking about stop having diverse viewpoints and should agree with the democrats. that is not america. host: how do you think it affects dialogue with people that don't agree with each other politically. guest: this country is always divided. our greatest president it's abraham lincoln. the country broke out into civil war when he was elected. i'm sorry the democrats don't agree with the maga movement. they don't, that is america. host: this is from iowa, in ottumwa. this is kim. go ahead.
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caller: sir, i was listening to you about the gun rights, saying they are taking your guns and everything, but the right has taken away rights, abortion rights, transgender rights. you are talking about an issue of everyone's rights being taken away, but the only one you are hollering about his guns, and the democrats and independents are saying that all the other things matter. guest: i am very pro-life. host: hold on. let the caller finisher thought. -- finish her thought. caller: you're not the one taking up buddies rights, it is the legislators. all i've seen, the republicans have been fighting against every other rights, but they want to keep the gun rights. i want to know, between all of
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the other three i have spit out to you like the abortion rights, voting rights, do those matter more than the guns, or do guns matter more than those rights? guest: what matters are the first 10 amendments of our constitution, the bill of rights. the second amendment is the second amendment, and those rights are most important. as far as republicans wanting to take away abortion rights, we had an evangelical christian president in george w. bush and he did not take away abortion rights. president trump even signed legislation continuing the funding of planned parenthood. republicans aren't restricting abortion rights. host: when you produce your podcast, your wife is your cohost if i understand it. guest: my wife, cathy. host: how does that work? guest: i met my wife, she listened to me on the radio for many years and that is how she -- how we met. she came to a personal experience and we got together
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and got married. we have been doing the show together, and sometimes we don't agree on everything, but we agree on most things, like a happy married couple, and we talk for a few minutes before we do the show about the topics, and then we do the show. guest: then you have a call in portion to the show? how do you divide the lines and how do you hear from people of other of -- of other opinions other than yourself? guest: so we take the calls on air. i don't have a call screener and no one answers the phones until i answer them on the air. ice cream calls -- i screen calls live on air. i don't know what people will bring up to me. i don't know if they are republican, democrat, love me, or hates me, and i think it makes for more exciting listening for the listener and more exciting me when i do not know what is coming up next. host: what is the breakdown in people who believe in things you do or oppose? guest: talk radio and conservative podcast has always leaned to the right.
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the majority of callers are concerts and large of liberals. and debate them like we are doing on your show. host: laura, you are on, republican line. caller: i'm so glad i was able to get on, because my nephew and friend of his from college just came home from florida, they met some fellows they knew fraternity brothers and these large crowds that are around ex-president are paid. they got paid $25 each, and they told him, when you get back up to michigan, there's a number to call, and you can get paid to go out and wave flags or do whatever they assign you to do. so these are paid people that go
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to those rallies. it's nothing new, because it has been done in other countries and such, but don't think all of these people are so adoring that they go out there for nothing. quite a few, especially i guess 20-30-year-olds, and possibly some more, but anyway, these two boys got paid $25 each for two minutes of flag-waving. and i do have a question in regards to mar-a-lago, because when mr. trump signed some sort of papers with the citizens or i guess the powers that be for that particular area, supposedly are only allowed to stay there 21 days, and i understand they are going to court to do
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something to keep him from making that a residence. would you explain more on that? guest: president trump is paying people $25 to go to his rallies, he owes me $100. i have gone to four and have not got anything. that is ridiculous. when you go to a trump rally or spontaneous events at mar-a-lago that happen around the streets, nobody is paid. florida has been a republican state since jeb bush was elected. it is just people that want to show their love. the reason so many democrats think people are paid to go to trump rallies his back -- because that is what democrats do to fill seats and their sparsely populated events with biden. host: from myrtle beach, this is hilary on the independent line.
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caller: yes, i want to address what he said on president trump leaving office with less money than he came into office with. it's hard for me to believe that, because he got paid -- mar-a-lago got paid every time he went there on vacation, weekend, whatever. as a matter of fact, in one weekend in 2019, the bill was up to $63,000, and not only that, his businesses overseas even when military was at his hotels and in his golf courses. so saying he left with less money than he went in with -- and look at his children, all of the money they got paid for what they were supposed to be doing. as a matter of fact, his son-in-law could not even get clearance. but he was supposed to be his advisor. let's be for real at that.
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guest: i'm glad you brought that up. that is interesting, because you must be very upset at president biden. president biden, back to when he was vice president, charged the secret service rent money to stay at his house. this is something that happens. if president trump charged the secret service $63,000 -- it was worth $10 billion when he became -- that's cigar money for president trump. host: that is hillary in myrtle beach, south carolina. brian cragg the host of the -- brian craig, the host of the brian craig show podcast. we have been featuring podcasters this week. mr. craig, talk a little bit about what shaped you politically. how did you become a conservative and what shaped that's primarily? guest: when i first started on the radio 30 years ago, i was a liberal democrat. i was a member of the young democrats of america. i was on the air and did not make a lot of money. i was a democrat for a number of years. as i started earning more money,
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i did my taxes one year and i owed money for the first time. i always got a refund, and i thought it was a mistake, so i did my taxes again and found out i owed money, $3200. that was the big transformation for me. when i started to wake up and understand there is the producers and the takers, and i do not feel like paying high taxes. i know president biden wants to raise everyone's taxes again, but that is a big turning point for me. host: would you describe your conservative as financial means or social means as well? guest: i'm very pro-life. my daughter is adopted, my mother is adopted, and i support the conservative agenda on most things socially too. a lot of people that are republicans, were democrats, liberals when they were kids. it is part of growing up, becoming a conservative.
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host: we go to chicago, on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: brian, i know you on open borders as the republicans bread-and-butter but it won't work this time. turns out donald trump hires undocumented immigrants and has and -- and had them on his payroll while he was in the white house. the hypocrisy has been exposed. you can try all you want, the only open borders are the ones writing -- are the ones running up to his hr office. guest: there were some people that worked for president trump that had fake documents to gain employment. so yeah, there were people committing some type of fraud. i don't know if it was identity fraud, but they had false identification. as far about arguing against borders, we do not have a border on the southern border. it is complete anarchy down there.
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president biden put kamala harris in charge, and all i've seen heard do is go to chicago for snacks. she has not been down to the border like ted cruz did an jim jordan did in the past couple of weeks. so we do not have a southern border as we speak right now. host: one of the things republicans and democrats have done over the years with comprehensive immigration reform is is it possible and would you support it? guest: we already have all of the immigration reform we need. melania trump is an immigrant to the united states who went through a legal immigration process. it is already on the books. before she was a citizen, or -- her immigration status was about to expire and she went home to europe, reapplied, and came back and did it legally. what you are talking about is not having any type of immigration process, just to test -- just to everyone who wants to be here. i have been in mexico three times in the last couple years on listener cruises we have done

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