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tv   Student Cam- Second Prize Middle School  CSPAN  April 9, 2021 7:38pm-7:47pm EDT

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i look forward to working with both parties. i hope to get bipartisan support. we are going to work on seeing if we can get some bipartisan support across the board here. thank you all. >> middle and high school students participated in c-span competition. our second prize middle school winners are jane lewis, lily shatner, and noel matthews.
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their winning entry is titled " pervasive, how sexual violence is becoming textbook in schools and on campuses. the government is requiring colleges and universities to hold hearings and cross-examination for both the accused and the accuser. >> when title ix was first written in 1972, it was meant to
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bring equality. it did not change the growing rate of sexual in schools. because of these statistics, president obama released the deer colleague letter -- the dear colleague letter. she believes the regulations would grant equal rights to the accusers of sexual assault. >> the burden of proof is no longer on the school, but on the student.
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>> these measures spark outrage from parents and students. >> we found that the majority of them were on our side. fundamentally, the changes proposed will be -- would be harmful to survivors. >> three years after these laws, coronavirus struck. >> there has not been enough guidance from the department of education to explain how they are supposed to put -- to
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explain to schools how they are supposed to protect students. in a passionate letter to the department of education, centers urged them to abandon their harmful proposal. title ix advocates have also been extremely vocal about their opinion and have staged marches and rallies. even some universities that are under fire for perpetrating great culture do not support them. >> the new title ix regulations
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require students and universities to turn into courtrooms. >> for a student to be able to report sexual harassment under title ix, it needs to be bad, it needs to have happened multiple times -- they have stripped away rights and protections without consideration or respect to the pandemic we are in. students in the investigation were halted due to covid. what do you think president elect biden should do about
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this? >> cross-examination procedures should be eliminated, or at the very least policies and procedures should be put into place. >> ferrites and equitable -- equitable process and is not denied access to education. >> congress returned from their holiday recess next week. the senate returns to continue their work -- later in the week
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senators begin working on more nominations, including wendy sherman to beat deputy secretary of state and ginsburg to head the securities and exchange commission. this week, members are expected to work on equal pay for women legislation, as well as work place violence for health care and social service workers. president biden's package is not expected on the house floor until later this spring or early summer. follow our congressional coverage anytime at, or listen for free on our c-span radio app. >> c-span is your unfiltered
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view of government. >> along with these other television providers, giving you a front row seat to democracy. >> coming out, public health specialists talk about people in the u.s. who are hesitant to receive the vaccine. as well as the vaccine rollout in europe.


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