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tv   Look Ahead America Rally in Support of January 6th  CSPAN  September 18, 2021 6:52pm-8:01pm EDT

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watch next week on the c-span networks or listen on the c-span radio app. also, had to for scheduling. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. >> c-span is your unfiltered view of government. we are funded by these television companies and more including midco. ♪ >>midco supports c-span as a public service. giving you a front rosita democracy. >> look ahead america held a
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justice for j6 rally. this event is about one hour. ♪ >> hello, everybody. [applause] what a wonderful turnout. i want to make sure that everyone got the wrist measured for the handcuffs when the fbi comes into take us all away. [laughter] it's hilarious. i want to lay out some ground rules before we get started. number one, there are uniformed
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officers here who i demand that you respect, you are kind to, you are respectful too, and you are obedient to. they are here to keep us safe and we are counting on them to do that. there's also many members of the media here. [laughter] i make the same request. if you see a member of the media, be kind and respectful. they may ask you if you would like to be interviewed. if you aren't used to this, i would recommend that you don't. we have gotten a lot of misrepresentation here. we condemn violence, political violence in all of its forms. we don't want any today and we condemn the political violence that happened on january 6. anyone who engaged in that kind of violence or property
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destruction that day deserves to be tried with speedy trial, if found guilty locked up for a long time. this is about the many people who were there that day who have not been charged with violence, not accused of assaulting a police officer or destroying property. this is about equal treatment under the law. this is about the public investigation into the many things that have happened or the things that have not been investigated especially the death of ashli babbitt. this is about transparency. we have a real issue with transparency in the aftermath january 6. thousands of hours of videotape deny not just from us but from the defense attorneys who needed. mysterious investigations into capitol police officers behavior, ambiguous -- saying that some were sanctions for
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something. this is unheard of in police departments across the country or if it is not, it should be and it should be same with the capitol police. we condemn all political violence. i am demanding that you are respectful and obedient to police officers today. i with her to start off, could we have around of applause for the police officers today? [laughter] [applause] we respect you. we know you have a tough job. we are not your enemy. god bless you all. what this protest is not about, it is not about president trump. it is not about president biden. it is not about the election. it is not about any third-party group. i politely requested that a group i sought today with a flag that they would take it down. this is about justice and disparate treatment and equal treatment under the law. i understand, i'm going to speak to the many people in the
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audience who look at us and say you are insurrection to point out. i understand that you hate president trump and everything about his administration. i get it and i'm not here to argue with you about that. but that doesn't mean what you have to hate what we are standing for today. it doesn't mean you have to hate our cause and what we are representing. that hatred is blinding you to a grave injustice being perpetrated by our government against many of our federal debt hello citizens. if this was the other way around, i swear to you i would be here today doing the same thing. so what our supporters. -- so would our supporters. [applause] we are going to have a prayer to start things off. one of the important things is when we say america first, we mean it. included in this his prayers for the police officers who lost their lives in the aftermath
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january 6. for the people who died on january 6. that is extremely unfortunate, we regret that. that should not have happened. they are close to our hearts. we are going to open with a prayer from my good friend, ned. >> good afternoon. i would like a moment of silence for the americans and the police officers that perished on january 6. bow your heads and give a couple of seconds of silence and ask god to bless them. amen. i ask you lord that you bless this crowd. that you bless these people. no matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, that you understand and know that god is in our presence and we understand and feel and
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accept -- his peace and presence in our love in our lives. i hope that you get home safely tonight and i pray that you learn and understand another side of the story. i pray for the police that are here, that they also return to their families tonight unharmed and safe. i pray for these united states, our leaders, our people. help us as a nation and a people. help us to overcome the differences that strike between us. help us to live, love, and serve you. and to come together as one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. help us dear lord to put aside our troubles i a for the patriot locked up in prison. may you find this grace
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and strength to overcome hardships they are now enduring, mid and have the rights guaranteed under our constitution. i pray for the men and women of our armed services. hold them in our family -- and our families in your hands. in these words i pray to you jesus christ or whatever god you believe in, amen. i will do the pledge. >> now ned will lead us in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. [applause] >> this is a little bit of a
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different turn out then we had several month ago. who here was at that rally? i recognize some faces. who here was at the rally at the prison? we had one person here at the united nations. you see the crowd now. this is because of persistence. our message is reaching our fellow american citizens. we already have poll numbers that show half of the public believes that the government is holding political prisoners. it is not partisan. 45% of democrats agree with that. yesterday i had a wonderful interview, you can see the full livestream with my new friend from msnbc. after the interview a guy who
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watched the whole thing came up and started to be critical of the line of questioning. say he was misrepresenting what the rally is about. they can't hate every person hating a police off -- hate every person hitting a police officer or destroying property. what was interesting to me was he said i'm a liberal democrat. this isn't about president trump , biden, your political party. it is about civil rights. i will bring somebody up to say the pledge who has been consistent with us. she has been out all of our rallies. she has a beautiful singing voice. this touches on many other issues. when we were at the prison we said a prayer for many others incarcerated who have been abused in the prison system.
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this is an issue that should concern every moral human being. it is something that concerns me. many people are looking at our supporters. she is a champion for this cause. she wasn't necessarily on our side politically but she saw the treatment of those people and she has been a longtime advocate for many people. we are proud to have her joining forces with us. sing a beautiful national anthem like i know you can. >> i want to say thank you to matt i don't mean for the interview, i mean thank you for the work you are doing on behalf of american is in and that the tension center right now. for everybody things your voice doesn't matter, that you can't do anything, me and a small group of people have been fighting since april, march,
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january to get awareness not only to these inmates but what is going on in our detention center. they are coercing people and keeping them in solitary confinement. they have been doing that all year. we fought, we wrote letters. i got four members of congress to go knock on the door. they were turned away by the fascists who run that prison. never give up your ability and your voice to make a difference. this country is for all of us. it is for all of us americans on the right and on the left. everyone who loves freedom. believes that freedom still lives under that flag i will still sing about right now.
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>> [indiscernible] >> ♪ say can you see by the dawn's early lihgt what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night
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that our flag was still there o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ [applause] >> thank you for being brave enough to be here today. >> that's incredible. really appreciate that. now, one of the common features of our rallies is presentations and hearing from family members who have been victimized. to narrate that, i want to introduce the man who has been a partner in my journey. someone who like me, recognize
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the problem and stood up. she started an organization called citizens against persecution. they have significant rallies. we have done rallies and events together. i cannot tell you how much respect i have. she recognized the problem and she is the first amendment constitutional rights and the democratic tool to do something about it. that is the model of american first community organizing. thank you. [applause] >> kimi.
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>> hey everybody, thanks for coming out today. i am the founder of americans against political persecution. who watched the news this week? who read the media? shame on the people and system who stayed home and did not come out. many people begged for me to stay home because they fear for my life and freedom. america has become where people have become afraid to come out in person. this is a peaceful protest.
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before i present information to you later on i would like to introduce one of the family members of the detainees in washington, d.c. being held in solitary confinement. her name is kelly. she's going to read a letter. everybody please welcome kelly. >> thank you for your bravery. thank you for coming today. i'm going to read another letter written by somebody's mother. it is subject of the same torture. john is in solitary confinement. last night for dinner they were given white bread, a cookie, and tartar sauce. according to them that is a
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nutritious real -- meal. america needs to make this treatment of human right. amen. i just got off the phone after speaking to my son. he is a detainee in the gulag of d.c. i hear the horror that these veterans and citizens are being subject to. he told me he's not allowed to shave or cut his hair. it has been seven months with no shaving or haircuts. as a veteran, he has yet to meet with a representative. how could our country treated citizens and veterans in such a manner? my heart is broken. i'm losing all confidence in our nation. need to have it overruled by a judge in d.c.
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how is this allowed. he's lost his job, lost friends, family and is in the process of losing his home. they treat these men like scum. i just wanted to let your organization know that these brave men are being subjected to. even death row inmates get haircuts and are allowed to shave. i never thought i would live to see such treatment in the united states. i wish i could -- if you happen to read this letter, please don't reveal his name. thank you for all of your efforts and keep up the good fight. thank you guys. thank you for being here.
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>> next up i will introduce jeff, he is the father of one of the political persecutors -- detainees. i can't imagine what it must feel like and have a child in prison right now with no bail. you brought this kid up in america where there's a part -- constitution, due process, now they are being held with no bail, indefinitely. jeff is the father of the political detainee. give a hand court jeff -- for jeff. [applause] >> good afternoon, how are y'all doing? first and foremost i want to tell you that i was here on january 6. i condemned the violence. i condemned the things that took place that were not american, not patriotic.
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this is about peaceful protest. that is what i expect all of us to do as well. why are we here? this place is decided and the government has decided to start suppressing american citizens. they cannot speak out. it is times like these that good men and women need to stand up that are called by god. what happen on january 6? i could give you a first-hand account. we came to hear a message. what we came to do is to go and have our voice be heard. this is not about trump, democrats, republicans. this is about right and wrong.
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how are we going to effectively make change? we must speak for those that are silent. we must bring light to what is happening to prisoners in our fellow american citizens. my son was with me 100% of the time on j six. when the fbi came to my doorstep and interrogated me for one point five hours, they cleared me of any wrongdoing. they couldn't find one ounce of evidence to hold me. however, my son on february 4 had his door kicked in by 15 fbi agent's, flash bang him and his dog and put him on the floor and handcuffed him and dragged him out of his house. my son lost his job and home
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because of this. he was incarcerated for six weeks in d.c. until we finally got an attorney to get him out. he is out of the prison but what you told me that happened inside was they had cells with black mold on the corners. he went as many days as five without shaving or showering. i have a video of other gentlemen who was breaking windows. i provided that to the fbi. it wasn't until august the 14th he was actually arrested. he was identified as hunter in
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california. his only deal that he did was by actually physically breaking the law, i provided the capitol police with my card and information. they did not arrest him. all my son did was video him and he ended up being incarcerated. it is times like these that good men and women have got to start standing up. we need to start saying no more. god tells us to work boldly in this world. not to fear anything at all. it is times like these that good men and women of god have got to stand up. when the righteous rule, the
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people rejoice. when the wicked rule -- how many people have been groaning lately? this government wants to keep us silent. they want it in a way -- i will not be one of those that is going to be silent. i'm not going to be afraid. i will not bow down. my name is jeff and it is time for people like you to stand up and start talking for these people. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, so much. we had another guest unable to make it. her name is nicole. she was detained at the airport flying here. her computer was traced by the
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fbi. she was unable to attend. i just found that out. you can't make this stuff up. the fbi came to my house twice for peacefully protesting at the capital. i was nowhere near the building. this left this on my mind and makes me want to fight harder for the other people being persecuted. thank you. i'm going to read nicole's letter. it is now in possession of the fbi. he was arrested and charged with a crime. he has been held in solitary for over 40 hours at a time. we spent over five weeks without
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representation. little or no fellowship. no oversight of his civil liberties or safety. he has been deemed a domestic terrorist. how? we are all if you listen to the media. or what? a political ideology. i consider us blessed. the people we will talk about later did not get that chance to have their day in court. say their names. ashli babbitt, rosanne boyland. ashli babbitt, rosanne boyland. ashli babbitt, rosanne boyland. ashli babbitt, rosanne boyland. ashli babbitt, rosanne boyland. thank you. i will tell you guys a little bit about rosanne boyland and a little while. how the media said she died
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of a drug overdose, that is false. they matter. today we give a voice. the false narrative of january 6 union insurrection when not one person has been charged with a crime and doing nothing but tampering with the jury pool and in reality the only thing to fear is being complacent. the mainstream media, the corrupt politicians want us to feel scared. fear coming to our own nation's capital showing a first amendment right that was promised by our forefathers and criminalized the current administration. we the people will not be afraid. whether it is 1776 or 16 21 -- 1/6/21.
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not the mainstream media, we the people. we the people have been lied to about leaving our fellow americans in afghanistan. they are lying about our patriots rotting in a d.c. jail. we are being used as examples to not resist, speak up, or this will happen to you. this can and will happen to you. they cannot let us all up. they cannot shut us all up. we the people are going nowhere. that's right. when the declaration was signed with the blood of our forefathers, the liberty promised to us, it is the right of all americans.
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the simple truth is it is only right your ideology falls in line with that of the status quo. that is not what our forefathers said. we the people will not be intimidated. we will not retreat. we will not leave our patriots to waste away in jail without liberty. it up for nicole, who could not make it today. it was a powerful letter. she is now in a no-fly list. coming to d.c. to peacefully protest and speak on behalf of her loved one in a prison. [crowd chanting "let them go"] >> i'm going to dedicate this
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speech. i had a lot of stuff to say but it is on my website. if you want to find out some truth i have been investigating, i now consider myself an investigative journalist. the stuff the government has told you, i will give you the benefit of the doubt that you did not know has been inaccurate. there was one death that day, i have aside -- a homicide. there is another woman the media said died of a methamphetamine overdose. that is absolutely not true. she had a prescription to adderall and the only other drug in her system was caffeine. i have uncovered video and like i said, go to the website if you're interested. i will show you the video.
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rosanne boyland being beaten severely on capital steps by a metro d.c. police officer, who i have identified. if you go on my website, you could find that out. rosanne boyland, we want to know her name like ashli babbitt main. there is video of police brutality. i support the police but when the police officer goes wrong, that is when they need to be held accountable. all of the other police here, they would agree with me on that. an investigation needs to be held. there needs to be a real investigation. not a fake investigation. a real investigation. the deaths that day. we have reason to believe that perhaps they were not of natural
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causes. go on my website and see video. i have one last message. i will direct this to nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi made a statement to the mainstream media that people cannot come to this rally today and support. i hope you are watching. i want to address you directly. how dare you tell me your other americans not to attend a peaceful protest to advocate against this being perpetrated on u.s. citizens for the events of january 6. i take personal offense and so does everybody here. you have attacked the rally i have cohosting. you are responsible for shipping
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away the constitutional rights of citizens that do care and want to stand up. you've abused your platform as speaker of the house. you have abused your platform in saying everyone here today supports killers. nobody was killed that day besides american citizens and that was not by any detainees thank you to the media for saying this is a white supremacy rally. do i look like a white supremacist? i am chinese, italian, a feminist, i voted for barack obama, bill clinton, and then donald trump twice. i am not a white supremacist.
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they support justice in america. it is a means to divide. please stop dividing and distracting the american people. please stop distracting us. we have more in common according to you, we should be enemies. please follow me on social media. all of the deaths they say were natural causes. please find out the name of the police officer who beat rosanne boyland. we have the video. it cannot be released to the public. people have seen that clearly shows a d.c. metro police officer beating her senseless. there is patriots being killed in prison right now.
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that is why they are being held right now in d.c. present. it is my name is karen casanova, please come up to me after the rally. this is a peaceful, amazing event just like you said it would be on the news. peaceful protest, everybody. not insurrection part two, sorry. thank you for all you do. >> that's a tough act to follow. i think god every day that we found each other and she has the courage to stand up and do what she did. she woke up one day and saw injustice and acted. i want to make a little reminder. we have a wonderful security
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ores, the capitol police and other police forces that have come. they are doing a fantastic job. let's have another round of applause. [applause] it is hot out here, this the last thing they want to be doing. they are doing their duty. if you see any funny business or anything suspicious, take it out, record it, we will make them famous. there have been members of congress stepping forward and helping to lead in this fight. let's have a round of applause for those who signed letters. there is a problem. there are far too many who haven't done anything. they are lying about what they
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are doing today. the political leadership has advised them not to participate in our rallies. i read the constitution. maybe you read the same, the elected officials we send from our states and congressional districts are supposed to work for us and represent us. who is their boss? i think some of them have forgotten that. some of them seem to be more afraid of the political leaders than they are the constituency. you guys when you go back to your states and hopefully attend some of the rallies, you have to remind them who they work for.
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we have extremely courageous gentlemen, i would say even better, two soon to be congressman. i want to make it clear to you, both of these guys say if you are a legitimate candidate, we want to have you. they reached out to me and said could become speech to the crowd? i would like to introduce a brave patriot, he is an entrepreneur, a businessman, he started a trucking company. he is very brave to be here today. his text messages, emails, voicemails. they didn't listen and said they recognize the problem. i want to introduce mike collins, from georgia. please come up here. >> appreciate it, thank you.
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before i start i've got a couple of things i want to make perfectly clear. i strongly condemn political violence of any form. especially the violence that was perpetrated on january 6 or anybody who may commit violence here today. those who committed violent acts should be tried in a court of law and if convicted punished accordingly. also, i am a strong supporter of our men and women who serve in law enforcement. i especially do not support defunding our police. i also support our military. military is stationed all around this world. they are on the front lines
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protecting our constitutional rights and freedoms. our freedoms are under attack every day. even right here in the united states. our god-given constitutional rights, that is what makes our country great. that's what separates from the rest of the world. it is our government's duty to protect our rights, not use them or our law enforcement as political ponds to advance an agenda. we are also a nation of laws. those laws of -- apply to every american that is equally, not politically. i chose to attend this rally.
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i chose to attend this rally in support of our constitutional right and the laws that govern our nation and govern the political prisoners being held today. i don't want to pretend to know who is innocent and who is guilty. i will tell you what i do see. i see people who are being held for nonviolent crimes. they deserve their day in court. they deserve their sixth and eighth amendments upheld, otherwise they are political prisoners. they are being used to suppress law-abiding american citizens from expressing their first amendment rights. the current administration, they make you believe it. the detainees, they are being treated just as equally as
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protesters on the left. that is just not true. we have political prisoners here. the media, that is the biggest ally from the left. they want you to believe this is just another conspiracy. . the facts are clear. we've got nonviolent misdemeanor offenders that are currently being held with no bond, no access to lawyers and some with solitary confinement. they are not slated to see trial until next year. i'll tell you what, you won't find an example of that from minneapolis or when the nation's capital was on fire. the american people are not stupid. we could see it with our own eyes because of someone's
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political belief. that is regardless of how the news media tries to spin it or what they tell you. i am mike collins. i urge -- i demand the federal government begin trying those accused, the j6 political detainees be released immediately, especially those being held for nonviolent crimes. thank you. >> let's have another round for mike. [applause] all the people up here are too cowardly to speak to you, mike is not. mike has your back. do we have mike's back? [applause] it is a great privilege to introduce another great patriot. the moment i heard his story, i
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could not help but have a deep felt respect. this is a man who served our country for 20 years overseas. he made the ultimate sacrifice, i think. he lost his wife fighting for our country in syria. now he is running for congress in washington's third congressional district. i urge you to listen to his words. give some applause for joe kent. [applause] >> thank you all so much for being out here. we are all here for the same reason. we know our brothers and sisters, our fellow americans regardless of what walk of life we are from more political party they are from have the right to due process. those rights were given, man
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cannot take them away. we are peacefully out here fighting, making our forces heard. i'm out here because i had the opportunity and the privilege to serve this country for a little bit over 20 years. the thing i had in common with those i went to war with was they are all americans. our political leaders didn't think twice about sending us off on endless wars. all of us fought, many of us died, many of us carried the stars from war for many reason. we believe in this country, we believe in the flag, and everything it ends four. when there is an injustice done to our brothers and citizen -- sisters, if we do not speak out against that, we are guilty of standing by and watching those rights erode. what governments do overseas, they will do here and they have already started.
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it is banana republic stuff when they are arrested and died -- not given due process. unfortunately we conducted operations like that and it did nothing but further radicalized people. our founders gave us protections in our constitution to make sure those things did not happen here in america. too many americans just think it is not their business. i'm a part of that political party so i will let those guys have their due process denied. this is not how this works. if we don't start fighting back and pushing back, call your elected officials. show up at every single rally. be their voice. it is not even just about them. it is about our forefathers who gave us these rights. it is about every single veteran who was ever deployed overseas,
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whoever was killed, everyone at national -- arlington cemetery. the law enforcement officers are on the front line every single day defending our rights. they are defending our rights putting their lives on the line day in and day out. i'm extremely grateful for all of them that were present on january 6. our enemies are those that will deny people constitutional rights. they label all of us terrorists and insurrectionists. it is our god-given right and duty as americans to question things, question the narrative. that is our job. i can't thank all of you enough for being here. we are the majority of the country. keep speaking out. we will take this country back. god bless america. [crowd chanting "usa"]
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>> robert, are we ready to start rolling pictures and stuff? i want to show you guys the insurrection. give us a on the screen. i don't know if you could see that through the sunlight. that is alexandria ocasio-cortez -- do not boo her. we are not booing people today. that is her insurrection, at the speaker's office interfering with government business, parading. let's see the next picture.
7:42 pm
this man has not been accused of violence. this man has not been accused of destruction of property. he has been accused of dressing horribly, i think. it is a matter of opinion. what he did that day, if anybody did anything similar does not deserve nine-month solitary confinement without conviction. nine months in prison. denied bail, denied medical care. he is suffering. in fact, his mother was going to come speak to us today. she was intimidated out of her first amendment right out of fear, out of all the fear mongering surrounding this. all of you are out here for her since she could not be out here. let's go to c.
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i'm sorry let's go to b2. i put that up there because i showed you one picture. people exercising their first amendment rights in the wrong way. i admit it is stupid and there should be a penalty. the thing is historically at the capital hearings where people were arrested over and over again for storming the senate buildings. they were arrested, bailed out, went and did the same thing that day over and over again. it is the same picture. robert, let's see c. a and b are the same picture. they're engaging the same
7:44 pm
behavior. very different outcome, not because of what they did but because of what they believe. that is what makes them political prisoners. let's go to image c. the media likes to run this footage of the most violent moments at the rally. even though i expressly say we are solely here for the folks who have not been charged with any kind of violent activity. that is how disingenuous they are. that is how they operate. can't do anything about it, really. those are the people we are talking about. let's see image d, please. those are people illegally assembled in that building being
7:45 pm
rounded up by police officers with zip ties. they were all find between $35 and $50. the message i'm trying to send is this treatment that i had to expire to every reporter, they don't seem to get it. i know everybody who has showed up here on behalf of this understands this, this is real. let's go to picture e, please. this image is from a hearing room. this is the same thing the political prisoners have been charged with. not the individual asians fault, really. it is their orders of the political leadership behind me. those people having their doors kicked in and being rounded up in the middle of the night denied bail, losing their jobs.
7:46 pm
these people did exactly the same thing. no one called it insurrection. if they did report, it was favorably. let's roll video f, please. turn up the volume please, if you can. this is footage of president trump's inauguration. a large crowd violently attacking the police. trying to penetrate the lines, the secure border where the inauguration is taking place. they assaulted police officers, they actually injured a journalist and sound guy. cars were destroyed, businesses were destroyed. we never heard the word insurrection.
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these people were charged with violence, assaulting police officers. over 200 of them had all charges dropped. are you getting it now? are you journalist to ask this question over and over getting it now? could i make it any more obvious? that is exactly what this rally is about. i will say it all day long. i actually have a friend who showed up a few hours after and walked into the building. he walked all through it, now the fbi isn't going to visit him. he was a member of the press. we are not booing anybody today. the press is our friends today. the point is anybody showing up
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or getting caught up in the moment could easily have fallen into that trap. as did many violent protesters. something you guys never even heard about. two months ago environmental protesters blockaded the white house. sunshine group or something were arrested. the little media that did cover them reported that mostly as heroes. we cannot have a two tier justice system. i don't care what your stripers. it is on tolerable. we will continue fighting for these people. look, i also happen to talk to my good friend who is here from msnbc. i asked her a question yesterday. the capitol police leadership,
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then on six officers had been sanctioned. i asked her, do you know what they were sanctioned for? it is not her fault. they haven't said, six officers were sanctioned and had their careers sabotaged for something that happened on january 6. that is the same problem we are pointing to. maybe that is on just two. the brothers and sisters in the prison. maybe they are being sanctioned for being scapegoated. we demand transparency. we demand the 14,000 hours of videotape is released. i ask our friends in the media, i remember -- i am a little older. our member there was an allegation of being flushed down
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the toilet in guantanamo bay. that was a story for weeks. it was covered despite the fact that the media new it would result in violent action in iraq against our troops and get our troops killed. they knew that but they still put it out there. i just wish they would have the same fortitude when it comes to demanding the release of these 14,000 hours of videotape. like they should be our allies. most of the requests were filed by journalists. they need the demand to know what those charges were adjudicated. we are on the same side here. i want to close with something. i don't want to keep you too long. we will talk about it in a minute. i want to applaud you for a moment. it took real courage to come out here today.
7:51 pm
you have my respect. i am internally grateful for each of you and trusting in me. i was the one that told you you would get here safely. so many voices on the left and so many of the armchair patriots on the right that you should not come. my inbox is full. i constantly hear from people. if you stood up, you withstood that. this is a very important because but ultimately about something so much more important. the political leadership in this country is a dirty secret. when you're upset about a political problem, you're angry, they want you to do what happened on january 6. they want violence from us. they want us to cross the line. they want to destroy property.
7:52 pm
when you break the law, they could deal with you very easily as you have seen. they send the fbi after you and you go into the gulags. that is what they want. what is the lesson we learn from people like gandhi? or martin luther king, the civil rights movement in the country. it terrifies them, this is what terrifies them. a peaceful assembly of the america first right. we are operating within the law, we respect the constitution. we love the first amendment, we love our police officers. when we show up at school board meetings and use our first amendment rights, we educate our legislators. we demand justice. peacefully. orderly. this is what terrifies them. this is why they didn't want you
7:53 pm
to come. we will not be stop. peaceful, community organizing belongs to us. i know that many here and many watching are upset about the election. i am upset too. the reactions we saw on january 6 was stupid and wrong. anger is dangerous. anger gets turned inward and self-destructed. what i'm asking you to do is take your anger and dial it into something productive. work as a volunteer. work within the law, work peacefully. do not give up on the constitution. do not give up on voting.
7:54 pm
take that energy and give it to look ahead america. help us save this country. help us fix our election system. help us get justice. help us get our schools from our founders. sign up with us, volunteer with us. be difficult. stand outside for 30 minutes or three hours in the hot sun. if anybody knows the ceo, they are doing god's work. those are our people. it is hard to write letters, it is easy to sit behind a computer. that is easy. coming out here is hard. you will forever be at my gratitude.
7:55 pm
if you ever happen to catch meet in the civilian world, iou a beer. not today, not all at once. my wife would kill me. look, may god bless you and before we go again, i cannot emphasize this enough. these guys trying to portray us as standing up for killers and people who assaulted police officers, we hate that. anybody who has done anything like that does not belong. we condemn it. this is about different treatment of the nonviolent people. is about the lack of transparency. it is about the great cause that there might have been different victims that day. we need that video. release the video. let's get a tear going. maybe the journalists will join in with us.
7:56 pm
[chanting "release the video."] don't worry, i won't tell your boss. i want to bring things to a close here. i won't mow more round of applause. a lot of the guys out here today, they are doing their best. they are ordered here by political leadership. i appreciate everyone keeping it safe today. i respect it. i am in the business of community organizing. that is what i am. i am america first community organizer. setting up and keeping us all safe, that is not my area of expertise. the capitol police have done a wonderful job communicating with us. i would like to thank the individual officers by name but that will only get them in trouble.
7:57 pm
you have our eternal gratitude and respect. let's have around for all of the police officers here today from virginia, maryland, they flew in a swat team from puerto rico, they were so worried about us. i want to give us some exit instructions. d.c. is historically a pretty dangerous city. we will play exit music and my good new friend robert will play music. on your way out, give a smile and wave to any cop you see. tell them we appreciate their service. any journalist, smile but keep on walking. stay in groups. unlike other rallies, i take your safety personally. i will be the last one to be
7:58 pm
here along with my security team. we will do this again someday. we will keep writing. this battle does not end today. i think this is the beginning of the america first right taking over this country. i'm so proud of you, i could cry. i am so proud of you all. [crowd chanting usa] ♪ >> god bless you all. leave in large groups. if you see somebody walking alone say why don't you come with us. i want you to stay safe. again, you had to ignore a lot of people that told you not to come. you heard it from everywhere. go out there and tell them we are not giving up on this.
7:59 pm
we are not giving up on protest culture. we are not giving up on the first amendment. the dark voices saying apathy and even violence are the only answer. we resent that. you go home and tell them you came today and you tell them what you saw. anybody that tells you that this is a trap or anything like that, remember the name and never trust him again. god bless you all. america first. america forever. [applause] go home, please, thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ >> ♪ i tried so hard and got so
8:00 pm
far but in the end, it does not even matter i had to fall, to lose it all but in the end, it doesn't even matter ♪ ♪ >> coming up tonight on c-span, elite u.s. gymnast testify on that abuse they endured from former u.s. gymnastics team dr. larry nassar. in u.s. securities and exchange commission chair on his agency's agenda, including a plan to regulate cryptocurrency markets. and, we will show you look ahead america's justice for j6 rally, in support of those charged in the capital riot. -- in the january 6 u.s. capitol riot. >> c-span is funded by these television companies and more >> . the world changed in an instant.


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