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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  April 15, 2022 12:27pm-1:01pm EDT

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twitter and instagram at c-span of you jake. there are several poll numbers we will look at. approval and disapproval poles --polls. we are not looking for a letter grade. your rating of the president's job performance so far. this is a headline from fox news from yesterday on one of those polls biden approval rating tumbles to the list point of his presidency. >> of the polls is this says itn wednesday. democrats approve of the president's job performance it. 12% disapprove. republicans disapprove of the president's job performance by an overwhelming number, 94% disapprove. and 3% approved. we will get to your phone calls and a moment.
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let's hear from the president one of those road trips to north carolina yesterday talking about the economy. president biden: we are seeing the results of our economic vision. our economy created 431,000 jobs in the month of march alone. 7.9 million jobs over the course of my presidency. our jobs in the 14 months that i have been president than any other president in american history. unemployment at 3.6%. it's down from 6.4% when we took office 14 months ago. it has declined. north carolina, thanks for the american rescue plan and the leadership of the governor has added 194,000 jobs in the last 14 months. [laughter] [applause]
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president biden: that 67,000 jobs ahead of where the state was before the pandemic hit. unlike the past recoveries, this time around, the american rescue plan, we make a choice to bring everyone along. so not only has the unemployment rate dropped to record pace here in north carolina and across the nation, but black unemployment fell by more than 30%. more than 30%. [applause] hispanic unemployment fell from nearly 9% to 4.2% in the year 2021. the fastest single drop ever recorded. we had the largest -- largest drop ever recorded in american history. host: we are opening questions here on "washington journal". how would you rate the president's job performance? (202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8000 for democrats.
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and independents and others (202) 748-8002. this is from the washington times. democrats aim to win back borders -- voters. president biden is reviving his lou koller persona to connect with rural voters and to help congressional democrats to hold onto their majorities in the november elections. the president traveled to north carolina. he referred to members as folks. professed camaraderie with a college student in the audience. when you are chairman of the ibm board call and say hey malcolm it's joe here i don't want to hear you say joe who. they write that after decades of declining prospects in rural america the democrats face the
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possibility of losing the house and the midterms. voters feel the democratic party has abandoned them by failing to address issues such as inflation and rising prices are on twitter, a couple of comments. bill tweets this, according to the poll biden has a 61% disapproval rating on crime, 62% on immigration, and 63% disapproval rating on the economy. in other one says biden's low numbers are his fall. too many bad decisions, deflecting our problems and concentrating on foreign issues. gas is still six dollars a gallon here. derek says light years better than putin's puppet. joe biden is doing ok despite the character assassination by the right. let's go to the calls. sammy in south st. paul, minnesota democrats line. good morning. caller: hi there.
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i think president biden is doing a really good job. basically, it's a change from when trump was in office. that's all i gotta say. thank you. host: to steve and san jose, california. caller: i think the question is what is the goal? if the goal is the destruction of the united states, he gets in a. if the goal is the preservation of our way of life, he gets an f . the colors that say that biden is doing an excellent job, be specific. and what manner is biden doing an excellent job? is it on foreign policy? be specific.
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is it on immigration? is it on crime? is it no wars? is it the national debt? the poll that you cited, i think it tells the whole story that the american public is not fooled. and the only way that the democrats can win an election as they have learned to cheat. they have become very well in knowledge regarding way to cheat. i am very fearful for this country. because once we go over the edge, we are not going to come back. it will be too far gone.
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do you have any questions? host: thank you for your comment, steve paired we will go to georgia, emma kratz line. caller: i think the president is doing a great job based on the fact that what he inherited from the previous president. we would not have been in this dilemma had our previous president had answered the call to covid. president biden is working based on covid, the pandemic which was international. then he inherited a war. the previous president wanted us out of nato. he was able to garner all the other countries to help ukraine. so that makes it, for me, he did a great job. and i voted for trump. and i lost my mom. so he would never do a good job for me. thank you. host: the political reporter for the washington post, one of his
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polls the headlight of his peace, and that article he writes this. gallup status shows more than half of the members of gen z are political independent. as those older than baby boomers per there is a remarkable correlation between the two. more likely a generational group is to identify with a political party. the less decline of the approval and joe biden. joe biden was in north carolina yesterday talking up about the economy and pushing for one of his technology pieces of legislation to pass through the congress. here are more comments from president biden yesterday. president biden: i know we are still facing tyler and -- tout -- challenges of inflation. i grew up in a family when the price of gasoline went up at the palm it was a conversation at the kitchen table with my dad. putin's invasion has driven up
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gas prices all over the world. ukraine and russia are two of the largest wheat producers in the world. we are number three. they are shut down. we saw that yesterday. what people don't know is 70% of the increase in inflation was a result of the impact on oil prices. 70%. we need to address these high prices and urgently for working folks out there. host: on the things they do is track all kinds of polls and they do a rolling average of presidential approval roles. so the most recent run -- one and that includes all these different ones. the most recent average of approval/disapproval, 40% approval rating of president
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biden's job. disapproval is 52.3%. over time, you can see it sort of graphically laid out there in the chart that they do. the numbers corresponded with the chart, the red being the disapproval number. start go up in the full off last year and crossing. you can see the margin there. by text joan says i didn't vote for him but i was willing to give him a chance. he has been terrible for this country and of the world. he does not know what he is doing. he often speaks untrue information the front is laughing. this is an embarrassment. go to the independent line and hear from anthony in virginia beach. caller: good morning. as far as immigration is concerned, this would be an open border. this is the vengeful destruction of the black felt -- folk that
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the blackman has worked tirelessly for for 400 years period that is going straight out the window eventually. as far as the economy is certain, the place we are entering out that is disruptive to the american spirit of the work ethic. it is going straight out the window as well. and the shift within the country , it's destruction of this nation. joe biden has not done a very good job being president of these united states and that's how it is. thank you. host: northwood, new hampshire. we are from work on the republican line. caller: hey, good morning. i think he is doing an abysmal job. absolutely abysmal. first off, i was denied my third stimulus check through my tax return for no apparent reason. and i can't get anybody at the irs to acknowledge or confirm or
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even talk to me about it. but most importantly, i got fuel delivered yesterday, $800 for a tank of fuel oil which is twice what i paid last year. this is absolutely the worst administration i have seen in my 70 years on this planet. absolutely terrible. your first caller hit the nail on the head 100%. absolutely the worst, abysmal, terrible. i guess that's my vent. host: how long will that tank of fuel oil last you for the -- how long does that last you typically? caller: this will probably last me until november appeared i use it for hot water and heat. we will not need heat going into this bring in summer, but i still needed for hot water. if it lasts me until november, ok fine.
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but still, $800? i only get $1000 a month in social security. how are you supposed to survive? with this kind of nonsense going on? we hear about billions of dollars going to ukraine, billions of dollars going to the south american countries to stop the influx of illegal immigrants for what the heck is going on? host: we will go to mac on the democrats line. good morning. caller: i would like to say that the whole problem, donald trump that the united states up for failure when he went pandering to putin and dip munition power of nato. if we can get rid of putin and donald trump we can get back to normal that's all i have to say. host: in terms of foreign, has president biden restored a lot of the respect, if you will, the
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integrity of the u.s. with nato that you were critical of president trump? caller: well, joe biden has given it a good effort. donald trump broke everything. they had a -- they are totally disregarding that. our system is broken. it's a failure of donald trump and the republican party. they let him get away with everything. he has no respect for law, of respect for subpoenas, anything. it's disgusting. host: next up is mikey on the republican line. caller: i just wanted to say that if we don't get donald trump back in office and stop all this corruption that we've got going on, there is no way ever country can ever come back. we will be date -- paying $10 a
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gallon for gas even here in indiana, we are paying about four dollars right now. we will never get back. i had an rv, i had to sell it. i couldn't afford to put gas in it. everybody is riding bicycles over here. we don't have the jobs around here that people act like we do. by didn't create new jobs. he didn't create anything. he greeted harding for the american people. under this it ministration, we need to get back to our independence on our oil here. we worked so hard to get that. biden went in there and took it all away within a week. we are struggling here all over
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the united states. he's caused whole world to struggle over this gas. host: here is a look at other polls. gop finds favor to win the house has a six point lead over a democrat. there is a quote in that piece that says this is a significant lead for republicans. it shows building strength among key independence among suburban voters. the shift is even greater in the swing districts. especially given the economy prayed we are asking you to rate the president's job performance. the lines are (202) 748-8001 for republicans. democrats it's (202) 748-8000. and for independence and others it's (202) 748-8002. lawrence new jersey independent line. caller: hello? host: good morning, you are on
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the air. caller: i can't see how anybody can look at this president and think remotely that he's doing a good job in any respect. for one thing, he's the answer for all the problems that we have in america. he can barely hold a sentence. let's just beaver the about it. let's just be real about it. i've seen it in the army. i'm in my 60's. president biden is old-school, all right. there is no new ideas going on there. no innovated thinking. just the same old old-school politics with the old president. trump came to office, i was a democrat but i looked at trump, i see he was de-escalating the wars. he was taking care of the borders.
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renegotiating the trade agreements. he was doing things that helped america. he stopped part of the swamp in he didn't come in there with handlers and owners like you get with biden. that they want to call him a putin puppet. all that has been debunked. all that has been debunked but they still want to call him that, you know? people are misinformed. if there is anything that i seek at that biden is doing, night -- not one thing. host: brian on the democrats line. caller: good morning. i'm agnostic but i want to wish you a happy easter. it's for my republican friends out there. you can't say merry christmas and whatnot. but biden has been doing an ok job. he hasn't been doing great, everyone complains about the border. foreign policy, i mean, they did
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a number on the country's bird after that, no one is going to listen to it anyway. he's a better president than trump. he at least has compassion, empathy, integrity, that's all i have to say. thank you. host: next to ella ware and sheila on the republican line. caller: good morning. hi. i am not pleased with joe biden at all. i did not vote for him. the country has really gone way downhill in months. i'm really not pleased with anything he has done. i don't want to get into specifics because i don't really want to upset people but i am
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not pleased by any stretch of the amash -- imagination with anything he has done. host: in political story this morning. the wall street journal, rnc to require gop presidential candidates to sign debate ledges to pull out of the debate commission, in a statement the debates are an important part of the democratic process. the rnc, the republican national committee is created to free and fair debates. it has refused to enact reforms and help ensure fair debates including posting debates before debating begins and selecting moderators who have never worked for candidates on the debate stage. next is paul in myrtle beach south carolina. go ahead. caller: good morning, you look at the breakdown and
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conservatives are about 35%. the rest of the ones that decide the election. i think the national mainstream media is the democrat party, big tech, social media. they supported these people that think biden is doing a good job, no matter what -- they don't get the true story all this mainstream media are still stuck on january 6. they never mentioned what kind of job biden is doing. so people need to kind of look at it for themselves. it's a terrible president and they got together in south carolina and decided he was the louvre one that he could be -- they cut a deal and he started
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losing the democrat nomination. that's when it turned around. you get what you get. host: all right. toledo, iowa. dennis on the democrat line. caller: republicans are telling me to go back to trumpcare that we had unemployment, since the great depression. we had sporting events canceled. we had short seasons and baseball. we had fans going to the games because of trump's [indiscernible] why -- i don't think biden's children saying -- living in the white house like trump's grown children living off the government. you very much.
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host: there fully hose, california. caller: thank you. 31 days ago i made an appointment to talk to vladimir putin because i met him as a teenager growing up in europe. my mom was section chief of cia and my dad was a general with the military. the reason i wanted to talk to putin was, number one, to get him to stop the ukraine fighting and poking his head into poland. and he made a comment to me said i have no respect for biden. i did have respect for trump and if trump gets reelected, all this bullying -- i'm told that i'm a bigger bully than trump will end.
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if trump gets reelected, i will make payments to ukraine to help rebuild it. so i think putin for that comment. host: the director of the cia was on capitol hill testifying about the state of affairs in ukraine with russia. headline for the hell, u.s. can't take lightly possibility of russia using nuclear weapons. cia director said thursday the u.s. cannot take lightly the possibility that russia could use technical nuclear weapons as it grows more desperate and its military attack on ukraine. even the potential desperation of russian president a lot of your patent and the russian leadership given the setback they faced so far militarily, none of us can take lightly the threat of his resort to nuclear weapons. following a speech, at georgia
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tech he also noted however that the u.s. has not yet seen practical evidence of russia moving to use such weapons. kim is next up in nashville, tennessee. good morning, kim. caller: good morning. i would like to make a comment about the $800 fuel cost and making him sick when he hears about billions going to ukraine. what makes me sick is the billions that are spent on the campaigns for the politicians that we got. anytime i hear the word bipartisan it makes my skin crawl. i think biden, we can't blame on the problems on the republicans. but it's petty. the ones that have been there forever and ever they are lining their pockets.
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one comment i would like to make about term, he said he was going to tilt the ball and mexico was going to pay for it, ago didn't pay for it. and i don't, we need to take control. host: how long have you identified as an independent voter? caller: pre-much on my life. host: i appreciate you calling this morning. this is the headline from the washington post blast sinks russian warship. sustained severe damage and sank on its way back to port early thursday. a major symbolic blow to moscow and at the invasion of ukraine entered its eighth week. both sides prepared for potentially devastating battle over the eastern donbass region. on the missile cruiser, remains contested with russia saying a fire detonated ammunition on
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board and forced the q crash -- crew to evacuate. a senior official told washington post thursday evening that the ships think as a result of the ukrainian attack but did not confirm what weapon was used. john kirby, the pentagon spokesman talked about that ship and it sinking yesterday at the briefing at the pentagon. [video clip] >> the servitude they have had from a dozen to two dozen ships operating in the black sea since the beginning of this invasion. they have ports as you know on the black sea. historically they have operated there. it would be difficult to be if all to tell you that this one shipping out of commission what exactly the impact is going to be.
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the reason i say that is, the naval component here has been fairly limited to two things. one, chris missile strikes in ukraine and two, replenishment of their supplies in the south. they have only conducted one amphibious landing. that was an uncontested stretch of beach. they really haven't made any concerted naval effort towards odessa. i guess it remains to be seen what the major impact is going to be. this is a cruiser, they only have three in its class. the ship that is roughly 600 feet long and has a crew of almost 400, sorry that is what this ship is designed to do not unlike our own cruisers. it is going to have an impact on their capabilities in the near term whether it has an impact in the long term it is unclear
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right now. we do not have as much as we would like to have. we do not have a better clearer sense of the damage done and what impact it will have to the ships future in the near term. whether she can and will be repaired we do not know. host: we are asking you to rate president biden's job performance. we will go to a couple of polls. some comments on social media about this saying. a true -- a tweet saying biden is hurting us. instead of taking responsibility by then tries to pass lane to putin. real leaders do not do this. deborah says i love having a caring and intelligent man doing everything he can for our country. he does not bash republicans. he is not all about power or ego. i do not worry at night that he
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is going to do something stupid. trump created such a mess biden would've been better off losing. this one says that president biden's approval rating is 41.5. that is better than trump then when he left office. also higher than the losers at this point in their presidency. back to your calls and we will go to dorothy on the democrats line in north carolina. caller: good morning. this is so comical to me because we know people are in long lines for food. people were out of work. everything was shut down. trump did not know at it handle it. as far as afghanistan, trump made the deal with the taliban. not the afghan government. the taliban was giving -- trump
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did not remove anyone from afghanistan while he was there. also, let us talk about the war in ukraine. we know what trump would've did. look at what he did with turkey -- and invaded the cards. he did not help them. he would not have helped ukraine. if -- putin was planning on that. putin is not actually winning this war because of the usa. they stopping him. without firing a shot. he is doing a great job as far as i can -- as far as i'm concerned. when trump came in there we were not losing jobs. that was done by greed. biden does not have anything to do with that. the democrats could win, it gives them -- raise social security for the elderly people.
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they do them two things they would kill the republicans. how many republicans go for it. they do not raise social security. host: our caller from north carolina. one of the states that has an open senate seat. this is an ad in that senate race from the republican candidate in the race, mike durham. >> trump made it clear from day one. joe biden speaks a different language. open borders, tax dollars for illegals. violent gangs. here is some plain english. >> right now we will take you to a live discussion focusing on russia's invasion of ukraine and the


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