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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  February 7, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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and facebook page. make your voice heardment thanks for watching. ♪ >> welcome to the "the young turks." tonight on the the show. a controversial clint eastwood act. >> it's halftime, america. and the second half is about to begin. >> was that pro obama? the republicans are mad. we have a whole panel discussion. but i might have a surprising opinion on that. you better watch it. and then we've got very bad news the russians and the chinese, they're both going the wrong way. i'll tell you why. and then a controversial racist ad. >> your economy is very weak. ours is very good. we take your jobs. >> republicans hate a long time. that is an awful ad. who did it and who is at fault.
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but now on the program it's go-time. well we start with campaign news. romney looks like he's in terrific shape after his crushing win in nevada. we'll get to that in a minute and how he's doing in the primaries. but he's taking on obama on the issue of jobs. let's see what he had to say in colorado. >> well, i'm honored to be here. i appreciate your willingness to come out in the middle of the day like this. i understand a moment ago someone said we didn't have to change our schedules. we don't have work. i want to change that. president obama three years ago was on the "today" show, and he said if he could not turn the economy around he would be in an one-term position. we're here to collect. >> i'll show you my favorite chart.
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the chart to show you gee, i wonder who caused the economic down turn the red is bush years. obama is blue. you see how the jobs after he got into office gets better and better then job surpluses. what caused the economic recession? who caused the job losses in first place? it was the republican losers who caused it. don't come talking to me about how obama lost jobs. don't come telling me that it was his fault. look at that graph. it is obviously your loser republican president george bush who caused it. now you want to copy his proposals and make it even worse. well, president obama is talking on the "today" show yesterday and he's going to fight back. >> one of the wars we have in the next campaign is that there are so many of these so-called super pacs, these independent
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expenditures that are out there there'sing about going to be a lot of money flowing around, and bunch that have will be negative. but it's not enough to say the other guy is a bum. you have to explain to the american people what your plan is to make sure that there are good jobs at good wages and this economy is growing over the long term. whoever wins that argument will be the next president. >> i think he's entirely right on that analysis. how is he doing? "abc news" watch post had interesting polling results. 50% say that obama should be re-elected. that's a good number for him. the number you're looking at is a critical one. 66% say mitt romney is not paying his fair share of taxes. 30% saying that he is paying his fair share. first of all i would like to ask those people who are in the 30% really? the guy makes over $20 million a year just on interest. he's not even a wage ener.
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he's just collecting money on his previous money. he only pays 13% in taxes and you think that's his fair share? are you on newt gringrich's moon colony? on what planet are you on? it doesn't matter, an overwhelmingly majority, as you saw, no, he's representative of the 1%. he's not paying his fair share. that looks really bad for romney, but it only gets worse. here are more poll results. who understands your economic problems. 56%--i'm sorry 53% say 'ol obama. only 36% romney. that's good news for obama. who is better at protecting middle class interests? obama, for the moment being 55% to 37%. romney has got to fill sick about these problems. ho do you trust to handle taxes better that's an issue that republicans usually win on and
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unfortunately usually decides collections but obama on that one as well, 52% to 42%. how about the g.o.p. overall message? you have all of their top talent in the primaries how are they doing? disaster. 36% approval rating. that's horrible. and their message is tax cuts for everybody, including the rich. how is that doing? another disaster. 68% of americans say that the tax code favors the wealthy. that is not good news for republicans trying to win' win re-election as they want to help that top 1%. and do americans want to raise taxes on the millionaires? you betcha. 72% saying for the love of god raise taxes on the rich. obama really didn't raise taxes on the rich. he just keeps promising to. he cut taxes on the rich in 2010. i know he said the republicans made him do.
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overall for his election very good news for president obama. is it really going to be mitt romney against him? well, let's look at some of the results from over the weekend and some of the polling coming up. in nevada he crushed romy, 47.6% to gingrich 22-point percent. ron paul's legendary grassroots movement not so legendary only 3 delegates and not a lot of people showed up to vote. what's going to happen on tuesday? colorado is a caucus. romney is crushing there, too 40% to 26%. over san for yum. that number graphic is wrong. it's santorum who has the 26%. and in the minnesota caucus santorum is 29% to 27% over romney but newt gringrich where are you? you're fading. i want to bring in michael shure to talk about this because is this thing over? i mean, that's one of the questions we've got to ask. here he comes.
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is it a bird, is it a brain? michael, as we look at this, it doesn't look like gingrich is anywhere near, he was crushed in nevada by 30 points. is it over? >> you know i don't think it's over. i don't think we can say it's over for newt gringrich until after the states where he's going to be making a play, after they vote on super tuesday. again, let's not forget that his southern strategy, all of these states are states that difficulty up the delegates. they're not winner take all. you have california and utah which are winner take all states. this is a tough road for newt gringrich. but i tell you it looks bad. newt gringrich has to be saying, i'm hurt, dog, don't be asking if i'm all right. we'll see if he can hang in there on super tuesday. his own incompetence with virginia and missouri not being on the ballot.
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it's turn to the election, that looks to be good poll numbers for obama but they haven't hit him with a lot of negative ads. i think we are way too premature in celebrating although those are good numbers. >> i think you're way too premature in saying that the ads matter right now. you have to realize cenk is that these negative ads you're waiting for all the negative ads, they'll come in droves in the general election, but will also come in droves are negative ads about obama. >> our republican, i hate obama i hate obama. when they do specific hard hitting ads. a lot of people think that obama has the money advantage because when you look at the overall numbers obama has raised $140 million for himself and mitt romney has only raised
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$57 million. it looks like obama has a huge advantage. but what they don't show you is the total money. when you look at obama's total money he has 140 million-dollar in the campaign. he has $18 million from the super pac more than anything else. that looks pretty good. when you go to the republican side you have $37 million for romney this campaign. you've got the outside groups that are gigantic. $51 million from american crossroads. 38 million from romney's pac and then $100 million from the koch brothers in pledges. that totals up to $246 million, so they actually have the money advantage. michael, when they unload a quarter of a billion dollars and they are just getting warmed up. they fire it all at laser beam on obama a lot of these numbers unfortunately change. >> i think these numbers may change but you'll have a response. there is a big money difference that you're referring to,
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however you're going to have a response from the white house. you won't have a response from team obama on any of this. they're sitting back and letting the republicans destroy each other. i must say the polling numbers that you referred to earlier in the segment are important. this long primary season, and this old wives tale that it does, it's finally taking a toll on mitt romney. this year it is taking a coal on mitt romney. >> finally an agreement. epic and i agree. a toll on mitt romney. his negatives are through the roof unlikability through the roof and it's because he's richie rich, and they get it because newt gringrich hit him over the head with it, and he's right. when we come back a commute disaster, the russians and chinese have done something terribly wrong. but then are we on the right side. that's an important discussion well. come right back for that.
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the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>it is an independent progressive voice and i love that. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. she's a political trail-blazer. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. >>determined to find solutions... >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
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♪ >> all right we're back on "the young turks." now we got to tell what you is happening in syria and unfortunately it is not good news. at least 43 civilians killed by security forces across syria today. and theand the syrian forces attacking a city by some accounts indiscriminately shelling the city, a lot of civilians killed. meanwhile the united states has withdrawn their embassy staff or closed their embassy in syria. there are reports of body parts all over homes and it is graphic and grew some as you see there what is happening in syria unfortunately. the unfortunate part is when we
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brought a resolution to condemn these acts saying that the syrian president should step down and call for an unity government, the russians and the chinese vetoed that resolution and it was 13-2. it was not a strong resolution. it could have been stronger, but the iran russians and the chinese turned it down any way. we were quite mad about it. secretary of state hillary clinton called it a travesty. and our ambassador susan rice said this. >> the united states is disgusted that a couple of members of this council continue to prevent us from fulfilling our soul purpose here, addressing an every-deputiening crisis in syria and a growing threat to regional peace and security. >> those are really strong words. president obama addressed syria as well, not quite as strong. let's see what he had to say.
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>> i think it is very important for us to try to resolve this without recurs recurs to outside military intervention. that's possible. you're seeing more and more people inside syria recognizing that they need to turn a chapter, and the assad regime is feeling the noose tightening around them. this is not a matter of "if." it's a matter of." >> well, saying that they shouldn't be any military actions. that's an interesting point and he's talking about sanctions. we want to bring in an expert about these discussions. at the new american foundation, steve, great to have you on "the young turks." >> nice to be with you cenk. we'll >> we'll got back to the u.s. in a second. but russia and china. this was a simple resolution say
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that assad is out of control and should step down. what is the motivation. >> they're raising the price for cooperation down the road. russia supplies arms to syriac so it's bad for business, and both countries are generally opposed to regime change efforts knolls they're doing the regime changing. so particularly china. but in this particular case i think that you see russia and china essentially raising the price for what we want of them. it shows just how hard it is to be a country like the united states today that doesn't have very good anchors around the world with other key stakeholders in these big international problem areas. it's hard to move unilateral. you have to move with a team, and those who sit on the sides can charge more for it. >> how lovely we have to bribe them for them to care about massacres. strong words by secretary of state hillary clinton susan rice. that was heartening to see.
11:18 am
on the other hand president obama clearly saying there will not be military action here. if there isn't military action, are we just kind of saying, o that's a shame? >> no, things could really dissolve horribly. i think that for those of us who are debating whether the resolution should have passed or shouldn't have passed, a resolution still wouldn't fundamentally solve any of the problems that we see building in syria today, and the potential--what we've all learned since iraq is we're all becoming specialists on these divides that exist in these countries. syria is very severe. it's a client state of iran and a client of russia. there are lots of kurds in syria during the 1990s unrest, turkey to keep those kurds from running across the burden put troops to keep them were running across the burden. you may see more happening that is not american-designed and
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the turks could make the russians nervous. other building blocks to try to resolve this are potentially doable in my view the u.s. position shouldn't be just to shame the russians at the u.n. but ask the russians who said they would support a transition in government, then to get to it. to become like the turks and negotiate something or take on some role themselves in trying to solve this problem. that's where the pressure should go on right now in saying, okay, you're fighting us in the u.n. what is your game plan, russia? >> first of all i'm in favor of everybody becoming more like the tushes. like--like the turks. >> what do we want out of syria? they were not that tough on israel and we like that. he was maintaining some degree of stability. i'm not sure that we want him to go. there is not that much oil in syria, so that makes action that
11:20 am
much harder. what is our solution in syria. >> what you want is a soft--which you're not going to get--but a relatively soft, moderate transition, which i think is going to be very hard to get. you've got those who are running the show, the minorities. and you're worried about syria turning itself on end. in the anger about the repression that they've had, and the anger if there is western intervention, and i--i see what's going on, but i worry about western intervention basically becoming a point of reallyradicalization and you could end up a darking version of what we have begun to see perk up in egypt. and i think that will be hard for jordan and israel and us to deal with. >> who's side is israel on? do they want assad to stay or
11:21 am
not to stay. >> israel could take action. maybe the israelis could jump in and take the military action to solve things. i don't mean that seriously. israel does not want a radical islamist regime running syria. they could deal with something that looks like lebanon but it's hard to get there from here. you have essentially a relative relatively modestly benign government. not fully benign. they were hosts to hezbollah host to more sophisticated roberts hitting israel, and israel was ratcheting up the pressure publishly technologically with potentially syria and russian on its board. now what is coming next, and no one knows what that will look like. we're looking at a potentially world war i situation where you don't know what is happening next. it could be good. it could be bad.
11:22 am
my sense is more bad than good. in that situation israel is looking at something that is happening everywhere around it. they're having a big tidal wave coming up around israel of a much more hostile region. in your show in the past israel has had to deal with the united states where it's security is like a big new orleans levy. and that could happen until the storm comes and the tournament isstorm isnear. >> if israel does not want assad to go, and there is no oil and the russians and the chinese do not want to oppose, then there could be more massacre. that's the situation we're in. steve clemens, we're out of time. great expertise. i always enjoy hearing your viewpoint on foreign policy. >> thanks, cenk. >> coming back, clint eastwood
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causing trouble for republicans. that's interesting. >> it's halftime. both teams are in their locker room discussing what they can win this game in the second half. icy, cool flavor in a delicious 5-calorie stick of gum. ♪ ♪ polar ice. from extra. good job. we'll explain what that means when we come back.
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[ male announcer ] cookies with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪ ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter. (vo)weeknights... >>the weakest citizen in this country is more important than the strongest corporation. my god, this is one of the stupidest things i've ever heard! you got a bone to pick with that? the blood is in the water and the sharks are bipartisan. [sirens]
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>> go ahead make my day. >> well, that's what clint eastwood might be saying to republicans today. some of them are angry about his super bowl ad. clint eastwood as a tough-guy image as everyone has seen that clip from "dirty harry." he's using it as a chrysler ad which many believe was secretly helping obama. >> it seems that we've lost our heart at times. the fog the division, discord and blame made it hard to see what lies ahead. but after those trials, we all rallied around what was right and acted as one. this country cannot be knocked out in one punch. we get right back up again and when we do the world will hear the roar of our engines. yeah, it's halftime, america
11:27 am
and our second half is about to begin. >> i watched that ad like eighth times and it kicks ass. it's a really good ad. but we're halfway through obama's two terms if he gets two terms. so it's halftime. he's the one who bailed outcries letter now they're spending a lot of money for this ad. it's a decent point. here comes karl rove. >> i was frankly offended. i'm a huge fan of clint eastwood. it was a well-done ad but it's what happens when you have chicago-style politics and they're using our tax dollars to buy corporate advertising. >> please, karl rove complaining about that? he's the guy who invented the idea of paying back political patronage. he's offended. get out of here. clint eastwood has this to say to karl rove. [laughing] >> stop, let go. >> what are you looking at, old
11:28 am
man. >> whenever you come across someone once in a while you shouldn't have messed with. that's me. >> that's me karl. no, of course, that's from "grand torino" where he played another tough guy who supported the movie in this sense the detroit carmakers, gm. we're going to have a discussion where i might come out with an opposing opinion. i thought it was a decent point that the republicans have but i want to bringing weresives with a different point of view. let me welcome in our power panel. ♪ >> jimmy dor is here with us in the studio, and with us trish rose professor of brown university and great to have all of you back on the show. >> thank you cenk.
11:29 am
>> carl, let me start with you. i don't think they make that bad a point. >> oh, come on. >> you've got the imagery of halftime for obama. let me put it to you this way. if goldman sachs put on an ad for mitt romney i would be lived. >> i timothy rove and their friends need to put down chicago-style pizzas and give it a break. it was a super bowl commercial and it was very well done and the republicans are acting like a bunch of punches. they should be called the grand 'ol punks. i think they're upset when a story can be told about something that the government did that works. let's be honest, it's a very touching and very moving ad as it should be. it's a compelling story to be told. i think it's very moving. >> let me show that graphic for you.
11:30 am
a 30-second ad in a super bowl cost $735 million. this was a two-minute ad, it wound up costing $14 million and huge ads in usa today and other papers etc. let me go back to that point. if goldman sachs are doing it and it's going to be favoring republicans, wouldn't be we be irate. >> it was a pro progressive working ad. some how was in defense of the working class. that's the fundamental manipulation of the ad. the ad actually looks like its supporting workers tapping into their fears and their concerns about joblessness home crisis. but really what the ad is really doing is manipulating those fears in the service of a corporate message. i think it's easy to be angry about both but for different reasons. >> that's an interesting take. you know what i think about that chrysler has paid back the
11:31 am
money, right? through the auto bailout they some how owe us $1.3 billion, which gets confusing but what is funny to me is that chrysler is now not an american company. it's now owned 50% by fiat. >> right. there were zero laughs. >> no one got kicked in the wrong parts. month monkeys. >> and then they showed the firemen like we're coming together on firemen again. i wanted to tell the chrysler we're done with firemen. we're not breaking their unions. i don't know why they put firemen in that commercial as if it's something that we're driving around. i'm sure that clint eastwood drives a chrysler and you know after that commercial ran half the country is why doesn't clint eastwood become president. that has worked out well for us. maybe we could start another 30-year slide. >> to be on your side for a
11:32 am
second, clint eastwood is a well-known republican. he had great words to say about herman cain early on in this process. you wouldn't think that he would be involved in a pro obama ad. carl i'll go back to you on this issue, which is as you look at that, can you at least grant me the obama campaign wouldn't be displeased with ad? as they see that ad they would be like, not so bad. we'll take it. >> no, i don't think that they would. it's telling the story of chrysler's rebirth. i'm getting breaking news that the romney campaign is very anger that go daddy ran that commercial with a scantly clad women which was endorsement of newt gringrich's campaign. [laughing] >> professor, the last word to straighten me out. >> yes, i think we have to see what is invisible in this ad. there are so many profound invisibilities. not only is it a pro chrysler ad as if chrysler itself is detroit but does it by showing the world
11:33 am
even though there are racially ambiguous minorities there are predominantly white but white in race but ethnically indistinct. this is a city that is 80% african-american. then all of a sudden we're getting these predominantly white images. we're talking about 50% in certain age groups for african-americans, and the reason why that has happened is completely. it pulls on our heartstrings for the corporate agenda as if it's the equivalent of citizenry. >> that's why we have professor rose on the show. there is not a single person who has made that point. >> i was just about to say that. >> right. >> no one has made that point. it was a great point guys. thank you so much. now when we come back. >> thank you cenks.
11:34 am
>> susan g. komen foundation. there is a right winger on this side. on this program i said she shouldn't be fired. i'm changing my mind. i'll tell you why when is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. she's a political trail-blazer. >>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
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and there's only one place you'll find us. weeknights on current tv. ♪ >> welcome back to "the young turks." this is the portion of the program where i iet a ary. t' hat' shaeom fun. ofofourse w wveeeee telling you about the susan g. komen all along and how they defunded planned parenthood and they reversed that decision and three plant parenthood received the grant money from an earlier grant request. but the person instrumental in getting this money pulled was karen end. she's senior vp over there and she ran for governor of georgia. when she did on her blog, she had written quote since i am pro-life i do not support the
11:38 am
mission of planned parenthood. state and federal law prohibits the use of taxpayer fund for abortions and i strongly support those laws. since grants like these are from the state i'll eliminate them as your next governor. luckily that didn't happen. so we didn't have to worry about it. but she did go to the susan g. komen foundation. on this program last week i defended her right to be there. i want right wingers and left wingers to be able to work for cure of breast cancer. until we have evidence that she was, in fact responsible for pushing susan g. komen foundation into this political direction i'm not going to hold her views on pro-life as something that should be held against her. but unfortunately we now have proof. well insider of susan g. komen talked in an exclusive and showed the e-mails that corroborated what was saying and apparently it turns out that karen hendel was pushing for
11:39 am
this all along. here is one of the quotes, from the insider. she said, karen hendel said this. if we say it's just about investigations we can defund planned parenthood and no one can blame us for being political. did you get that? she said let's be political and defund planned parenthood. let's forget about our goal of curing breast cancer. and then doing it in a way that's crafty and they can't blame us for it. that wasn't all. it turns out that in all the internal deliberations whenever pro-life protests pro brought up and there weren't many of them and they weren't very large large, karen hendel would blowup and say, we have to address this. quote, every time someone would even mention a protest she would magnify, pump it up, exaggerate. she's the one that kept driving the issue. then one more quote from this insider could be rated by e-mails that the huffington post
11:40 am
saw, it was apparent to everyone in the organization that karen was doing everything in her power to defund planned parenthood. now that we have this evidence it is clear. it is not just that she has a pro-life position and she's a right winger looking to find a cure for breast cancer as anyone is. no, she had a political agenda when she went into susan g. komen. she spent all of her time on that political agenda to the great cost of fighting breast cancer because you know, plant parenthood gives 700,000 breast exams across the country. but she didn't give a damn, apparently. she only cared about her pro-life position. should karen handle be fired? definitely. she turned that group that was not political before into a political outfit with they are actions, and it cost their brand tremendously and will hurt the cause of trying to find a cure
11:41 am
for breast cancer. i can't imagine that she should be fired any quicker than in a situation like this. finally one last clownish right wing position on this. rick santorum was on, talking about why he thinks that susan g. komen should not have switched positions on this. let's watch. >> i don't believe that breast cancer research is advanced by funding an organization that does abortions whether you've seen ties to cancer and abortion. so i don't think it's a particularly healthy way of contributing money to further the cause of breast cancer. >> hey, liar, or perhaps you're grossry ignorant. there is no link between cancer and abortion. you made it up. you fraud. there was a study in 2007. it's not opinion, it's fact. published by the archives of internal medicine studying over 105,000 women no link between cancer and abortion. these people are liars.
11:42 am
and they lie on a regular basis whether it's rick santorum running for president or karen hendel grossly abuseing her situation at the susan g. komen. rick santorum should get out of the race, and karen hendel should get out of the susan g. komen. if you think i'm angry about this, wait until
11:43 am
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>> 97% of those services that help women are going to be hurt. a lot of people won't get those exams and might get breast cancer. it's widely counter productive. anna, thank you for doing this story. we appreciate it. >> when we come back, we're going to celebrate the life of don cornelius. we'll tell you things about him that you might not know, when we return. >> back on "the young turks." in michigan the congressman running to be a senator is running against debbie stebenow. during the super bowl in michigan he decided to run this incredibly racist ad. >> thank you michigan senator debby spend it now. spending so much of american money, you borrow more and more from us. your economy get very weak.
11:46 am
our get very good. we take your jobs. thank you debby spend it now. >> i think this race for u.s. senate is between debby spend it now and pete spend it not. i approve this message. >> first of all have you seen a worse campaign than pete spend it not? it's horrible. but of course the core of the problem is this race. it's okay to say the chinese government is doing unfair trade practices, etc., etc. it's not okay to have a woman who by the way looks vietnamese in a vietnamese background pretending to be chinese. i don't know what her particular nationality is but it's unbelievable the accent they put on her so we have this feeling where it's these asians are taking our jobs. of course that's the climate that he wants to create. the editor of the foreign policy
11:47 am
called the ad, quote despicable. the g.o.p. consultant called the ad really, really dumb. what did pete hoekstra call it? quote, home run. unreal. i'll bring someone in here to talk about this and other issues as well. an isabel wilkerson the book abouthas won 28 awards. i lost count. isabel wilkerson is the first african-american to woman to win a pollpoll lister prize. did i leave anything out. >> well, i think this is sad. here we are in 2012 where many groups have come to this country
11:48 am
and have had to defend themselves against stereotypes and here we have per perpetuateing further stereotypes and i hope we can rise above this as a country. >> is it the same pattern that you see over and over. obama is the food stamp president. it's black people trying to take your money. now it's asians are taking your money and we already knew that the mexicans are coming in to take your money. it's the same theme that we've seen from republicans decades after decades. >> it's a reliable source of kicking out support and reaching out to the basest elements of anyone who might be afraid for themselves and threatennenned. it's a longstanding approach that politicians have taken. it does not elevate us and it does not take us forward in the future. >> isabel, your book is fascinating. you talk about the migration of blacks from the south to the
11:49 am
north, the midwest and the west. there is a fact in there that i had not considered at all. everyone talks about the gold rush of 1850s, 100,000 people in that gold rush. the dust bowl migration of the 19 30's. 300,000. of migration from blacks from the south 6 million. that's amazing right? >> it is amazing. >> right. at the same time you've got conservative organizations like the manhattan institute saying no no, we've solved this problem of segregation. we're the most integrated than we've been in u.s. history. >> i think we're still living with the after effects of what happened during in much of the 20th century. this is not something that can be resolved overnight. we're still living with this. this is a grate migration great migration involved 6 million people who left the south a caste system
11:50 am
which made it illegal for a black person and a white person to play checkers together. it led for black and white bibles to sell the word of truth truth. we hadthere was a place in our country that was so entrenched that they left to the cities that you talked about. the north and midwest and west look the way they did because 6 million people left the south in it defection you might say. >> professor rose was saying detroit is 80% black and having read what you wrote in the book, i thought, i know why and then you talk about the migration pattern. do we see a migration pattern back to the south at all? >> well, we do. the great migration was the largest internal migration that occurred within the country's border and ultimately changed the country and ultimately freed
11:51 am
the country of this burden and shame of having this caste system. almost two countries in one. by doing that they ended up freeing themselves and also freeing the country that is a burden so the south is a more welcoming place to people of all backgrounds. people who are white northerners who would never imagine themselves living in parts of the south if it had been the way it was now if it had been the same. and then african-americans who are returning to the ancestral homeland, you might say. they're familiar and going to the north. >> unfortunately when they return, as we discussed on the show they're faced with voter i.d. laws and redistricting and creating congressional ghettos so that all the minorities are in one district, and so they're unfortunate we've got a new resegregation coming up. i don't want to see another migration, but unfortunately we see this over and over again.
11:52 am
isabel wilkerson, thank you for coming on with the book, it is amaze approximating thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> when we come back on "the young turks" we've got another super bowl controversial--that's three in one show. this one is about mia the culture wars in a sense. who is right who is wrong as usual we'll sort it
11:53 am
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