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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from birth lead u.s. president donald trump sets his lawyer on to his former chief strategist steve barrett is in the firing line for his explosive comments on a trump tower meeting with russians the president says that bannon has quote lost his mind. also coming up
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a government crackdown puts an apparent and to protests in the wrong but for how long we will find out whether the country is now dangerously divided. and russia's election countdown i will ask an opposition lawmaker if anything can stop lattimer putin from winning another term in the kremlin. plus two major security flaws come to light that could affect just about everyone tech firms are working to fix serious bugs in computer chips that could allow hackers to steal sensitive data. and storms cause havoc across europe rough seas flooding and trains delayed we will bring you a roundup as winter bites. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. u.s.
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president donald trump's lawyer is threatening legal action against former white house strategist steve bannon over what he calls disparaging statements and in some cases outright to family tore his statements made a new in a new book the president had already launched a scathing attack of bannan saying steve bannan has nothing to do with me or my presidency when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind well the president disavowed bannan after it emerged that he had attacked donald trump jr for a twenty sixteen meeting with a group of russians in that book bannon is quoted as saying the following even if you thought that this was not treasonous or unpatriotic or bad stuff and i happen to think it is all of that he should have called the f.b.i. immediately u.s. media says that trumps lawyers have sent a cease and desist letter to baton accusing him of violating a nondisclosure agreement by speaking to walls is spectacular falling out between
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two former allies is what this is and what could it mean for the time presidency and the ongoing russia investigation we'll have more on that in just a moment but first a look at how the ban in trump relationship collapsed with friends like these who needs enemies it may feel like ages ago but it hasn't been that long since president donald trump and his former chief strategist steve benen were thick as thieves. toward the end of the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign ben and left his post as executive chairman of the right wing web site breitbart news to join the trump campaign he was the embodiment of all the issues that energized the trump base nationalism and him a great an economic deregulation despite accusations of racism and xenophobia benon helped build the wave of populism but trump it unleashed trump became president and bannon became a kingmaker. bannon took on the role as chief strategist and senior counselor to
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the president he was seen as a primary architect of trump's nationalist agenda the president was not shy about celebrating their closeness this very committed friend of mine it is very committed to getting things passed we'll have a very good relationship as you know with the bennett steve's been a friend of mine for a long time i like steve a lot man and also helped push both the president's populism and his attacks on news organizations there corporatist globalist media that are adamantly opposed adamantly opposed. to an economic nationalist agenda like donald trump has but after a series of staff shake ups and public embarrassments trump brought an instant in the white house to an end after a mere seven months. now following the publication of an incendiary book banning trump have suddenly be relationship could spell trouble. let's get some more on
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this now i am joined in the studio by boris foreman professor of politics at bard college and berlin thanks so much for joining us so boris is trump in trouble here because i mean this book which has been written by wolf apparently it describes an undisciplined man child who doesn't understand the weight of the presidency well this is a critique that's been around for a while i think what this reflects this particular moment is a tension that has been very deep from the start of the trumpet administration between the g.o.p. establishment between the republican establishment and the ultra right which trump was willing to take on board in order to win the election of ben was a representative of the ultra right and what we're seeing now is that this deep deep rift has led to. to. cut between the two these two factions and i think this is long term trouble for it for trump and. ok long term trouble how though because i mean at the end of the day these are just
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words right one of those words that was used by ban and though. the word treasonous he describes this this meeting between the trump campaign and a russian lawyer as such could that have some some real world implications legally speaking for example regarding the russian investigation into the trump campaign well i mean what benon seems to be implying as well is that donald trump jr talked to his father afterwards which would mean that she would be unplugged in this treason and that of course would be an impeachable offense and would have very serious consequences on the other hand there have been a couple of groans for impeachment before if their head in the political will we would have seen some action in congress as it stands it doesn't look like either the democrats or in particular the republican establishment party would benefit from an impeachment process because it would fall it would coincide with the with the congressional elections and the would be quick my or for that you want to talk
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a little bit more about the supporters of both of these individuals because we have known in the past they are of course very very vocal in fact bright parts news site once favoring a favorite on among supporters there's been a lot of reaction there i just want to pull that up so our viewers can see it and then we'll get your reaction to it for us because one person for example writing here i voted for trump i didn't vote for a ban and i will stick with trump thanks another person writing bad in is really thinking that his kark doesn't stink i think he wanted to use a different word there and that he is the king of it all what is wrong with this guy but in the meantime you have on the other side you have many band in backers voicing doubts that the book is little more than half baked journalism a right wing social media favorite for example writing the following here why would bannon go after don jr who is beloved by the base it's a kooky fight to pick doesn't make sense the author has
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a history of fabricating quotes we need bad end to stream live and get his story out. bennett of course has had no comment since the reports about the book which we have to mention you know it hasn't even been released yet it will be released on monday so you know this is this is quite a lot of foreshadow perhaps as to what's to come this battle between trump and bennett supporter says it matter oh no it doesn't mean it looked like banner would take the momentum from the tea party movement within the republican party and stabilize that wing if that is falling apart if that support for trump is actually crumbling and we don't know yet i mean we have to see as this is the story unfolds but this will have serious repercussions i mean trump is thinking about reelection and he's the first one to ever think about reelection this early into his presidency and this doesn't bode well for him i want to talk a little more about the russia investigation because we saw yesterday paul metaphor
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a former campaign chairman he's actually suing the special counsel robert muller in order to get him to basically tighten the scope of his investigation of course. metaphor himself has been indicted for money laundering is the investigation in trouble right now well it's very unusual to for somebody to sue a special investigator this has very rarely happened and u.s. politics and so this is a surprising move at the same time we have seen also from the trump administration in the inner circle that there has been quite some. strong reaction to the miller comparing attempts to undermine his credibility and i think this is part of that story for us foreman with the very latest on all of the drama in american politics we thank you so much for coming here in the studio to share your perspective thank you. let's get a quick check now some other stories that have making news around the world the death toll in a south african passenger train crash is now twelve according to the country's
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transport minister fire engulfed several of the express trains carriages after it smashed into a truck about two hundred kilometers south of johannesburg the government says that more than two hundred sixty people were injured. the former catalan vice president audiogram cat us has appeared in madrid supreme court today to appeal against his jailing he has been awaiting trial on charges including rebellion and sedition and part of the loony is forbidden drive for independence from spain is granted bail he could be present when the region forms its parliament later this month. in iran has the country's elite revolutionary guard is trying to stop anti-government protests in several provinces new amateur video purports to show security forces aligned with the guard parading down the street in the city of sala about one hundred twenty kilometers southwest of tehran they are there to put down the protests labeled sedition by the head of the revolutionary guard iran has imposed
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a blackout on social media after more than a week of demonstrations. and for more we are joined on the phone now by ali fatah he is a visiting fellow with the brookings doha center in qatar thanks so much for joining us and i just want to begin by asking you because we heard that the head of the revolutionary guard basically saying that the anti-government protests are over are they. thanks for having me of course there are not because there are reasons for the initial uprising that is the combination of deep seated says economic and political grievances of a much there as you have been showing the clampdown is in full for if there is a lot of repression from the regime side. the uprising will and one block is on powerful. but now it is still
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continuing so what do you what do you think what what message is the regime trying to send with this show of mass support on the streets in particular that is then also coupled with the crackdown. of course as with any other of her chair a regime has been trying to portray the people protesting as being influenced by outside forces and the regime is trying to of course instill fear within the pros among the protesters. also there are you know there are also publishing images of the protestors. and all this of course also to to signal to other potentially other sections from the middle classes. to signal to them that it is too dangerous to join the protests. what do you think
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that this week of protests reveals about divisions within iran's government and how high are the hopes that those economic reforms that people have been protesting for on the street that they might be addressed by the government. and what is interesting about these protests is they're being the most other to college protests in the history of the humber public because the protesters think of can be seen various local are not only targeting one faction of the regime but the entire regime that is a both conservative and reformist can. both be on elected state institution and the government under president rouhani. and so what i have been warning many years now is president rouhani is it coming although he is that has been following quite a many older bodog. have been inadequate to get these economic problems of the
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country and so the eruption of rage has or has merely being a matter of time. the fatah in doha thanks so much. and his allies here and it is time to check our computers it is there's panic around the world at the moment i don't know between you and me if we're all that worried about it but you know it's hakas could be out there taking advantage of a weakness in a system that's now been uncovered the scramble long to find a fix for serious flaws in computer chips around the world weakness could affect billions of computers and spawn phones experts i've spoken to say this could well involve every one security research is discovered the problem affecting computer process is built by intel and the chip makers some time ago but the news is only just surfaced intel is still hush hush about a goal i'll be joined in a moment by someone who knows exactly why but first here is what we know so far.
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the intel security flaw could allow hackers to obtain access to passwords encryption keys and other sensitive data the newly announced vulnerability could affect every processor released since one thousand nine hundred five at the moment there's no way for users to detect a breach which leaves no trace in traditional log files some security experts are calling it the worst flood ever found by the computer industry not least because the problem may be even bigger than initially reported. in a statement intel said recent reports that these exploits are caused by a bug or a flaw and are unique to intel products are incorrect based on the analysis to date many types of computing devices with many different vendors processors and operating systems are susceptible to these exploits. researchers who discovered the security gaps a computer is part by and a.m.d. are also affected a claim that a.m.d.
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has denied software updates will be released to help protect against security gaps these could cause computers to run more slowly with some estimates indicating a dip of up to thirty percent. but intel things that ordinary users are likely to see a performance hit of no more than two percent. to raise a lot from the tech magazine motherboard deutschland it reports on the intersection between technology and society let's start about this discovery itself because you've uncovered some quite interesting details about the research teams involved in uncovering these flaws in chips yeah it was three separate teams that discovered this flaw and it's known since june two thousand and seventeen and they independently verify it first the two flaws one is called specter and the others called meltdown and this discovery could also mean that very well funded or capable threat agents could have uncovered that at the same time in the wild there is no
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way of knowing if this exploit has been used by anybody else so far because the locked out is not affected so you can't really say it has been exploited but hackers have zero vs lee from what you're telling me they've had a long time to exploit it if they've known about it what about the people at intel who knew about it themselves well in tow and a couple of other tech companies have been secretly working to patch this thing but something very interesting just came out now which is the intel c.e.o. has sold his shares in november a seventeen or so as many shares as he could then came out today saying this is all perfectly normal while knowing about the security flaw for months and months ok this could turn out to be a real financial scandal or corporate scandal intel's shares have already dived overnight is this news has come out and he knew that and of course when are we going to get a fix if they've been working on this for months yeah is it going to take months
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many more months yeah ok there are two flaws one of them is relatively easy to patch and there are already some fixes available but use a search should just sit tight and patch patch patch. touch all that stuff and the other one specter is much harder to execute but also much harder to patch and it basically dissolves the boundaries between programs so even as if one application is designed perfectly and the other program isn't perfectly this bug enables the program to read out each other staton steal secrets basically this has not been patched so far people working on it i expect the first patches to be out in the in about couple of days three or four days so it's basically not even enough just to change a password is not at all know this is a fundamental hardware design flaw it's not a software flaw it's so hardware buck so the design of the chips and these chips they go as far back as one thousand nine hundred five intell chips but also a n d even though they were denying it at first but also affected basically every modern
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chipset in every device and every computer and every cloud storage tablet smartphone can hear fact that by cloud services such as the big ones google apple microsoft they have already patched and upload a software patches to the services actually if if you know patch what should people do that they should wait for patches and apart from that they're the problem or the the problem with the panic about it is there isn't really a threat business model yet so people don't have to really go to through the trouble of hacking someone to independently get there is a look at thank you very much for the information it was very interesting indeed. in germany a far right member of parliament has sparked outrage over a racial slur aimed at the mixed race son of tennis star boris becker meyer of the empty immigration alternative for germany used twitter to describe know
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a backer as a quote little half negro on tuesday germany's leading tabloid build reported on the inflammatory tweet which has since been deleted from the social media service know a backer who is of african american and german descent now plans to press charges against him. and for more on that let's bring in rupert de devolves who is joining us from our parliamentary studios here in berlin so what we know that as we heard know a backer is planning to take legal action against the a.f.d. a lawmaker who used this racist slur against him on twitter what can we expect while germany has some one of the most world's most toughest laws on defamation. offering even prison sentences for on people who deny the holocaust or inciting hatred against minorities but then on the other side we also have to see that the german. justice system has been very reluctant to use these laws
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to the full extent in the past the freedom of opinion and the freedom of speech valued very highly. and it will be proved also very difficult it will be also very difficult to prove. himself is responsible for this tweet as he already said well it was an aid worker it was a coworker of mine who accidentally used my official account and my has also offered to them apology to the back of family so. i would say that the legal charges see obongo very fall other than that what more do we know about young's mire. oh yes maya has a long term self a reputation for making racist remarks he's a fourth former judge and law maker for the a of d. one of the one hundred new lawmakers the dea has been able to sent in to the
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buddhist dog off to the last elections in the past. has shown sympathy for the far right terrorist under breivik who in two thousand and eleven has murdered seventy seven people in norway. said that breivik acted out of desperation and frustration over migration inspired himself said that migration would lead to a mixed races and the end of national identities which he called unacceptable so he has a reputation of making these races remarks and is widely known for. with the very latest from berlin thank you you know what i'm. having winter storms have swept across europe from the atlantic wreaking havoc on transportation services and killing at least one person ireland britain germany belgium switzerland and the netherlands have been hit by winds reaching up to one hundred twenty kilometers per
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hour the storms have also interrupted power supplies to hundreds of thousands of homes. the clean up begins after a winter storm that left tens of thousands in the dark it grounded hundreds of flights. no trains off their tracks and dead major damage to homes and sea walls. across europe high winds and heavy rain brought chaos carnage and even death. and ireland beer bottles floated among the dead after flood defenses were breached. and western germany downed trees kept fire services phasey throughout the night. luckily no one was hurt when the scaffolding gave way during the intense weather that battered france. a twenty one year old skier died after a tree fell on him at this hour pine resort and others like it have no close to
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slopes after reporting winds of more than one hundred fifty kilometers per hour. but despite the devastation a happier scene along the coast whipped up see form was simply too much for some to resist. time now for some sports news where world football spotlight will be on the gaming capital a crack tonight and our sports reporter backs merril joins us in the studio to tell us a little bit more about what is at stake so what is happening in the confederation of african football are going to be announcing the african footballer of the year and you will awards and in the running of dortmund america obama young of gabon he's been nominated the last three years in a row and one in twenty fifteen saudi oman a he was also nominated last year represents a center goal and place for liverpool at club level and his team mate at liverpool mohamed salah was also nominated and he could be the first egyptian to win since
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the awards were taken over by the confederation of african football in one thousand nine hundred four so who's the favorite to weigh well i would put my money on mohamed salah the last player i mentioned he's recently joined liverpool in the summer he joined a forty two million euros and at the time the english press many liverpool fans and me too actually thought it was a bit of an overspend not a player that they needed not a player that would really improve the squad but he's proved us all wrong he plays on the wing but he scored impressive twenty three goals and also has a to says the season already really really strong numbers and he's out showing pretty much everyone on the premier league stage including his teammate sadie oh man who i think will go empty handed again this year i think most will be the african footballer of the rebate not openly i mean what are his chances well yeah i mean he has good chances on paper i mean last season he was the top understood scorer in the awards of course for the entire year last season forty goals in forty
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six appearances this season he's continued that form twenty one goals in twenty three games i mean you can't really ask for much more from a strike. but i think a change to the voting will favor most salah and that's because while the confederation put together the shortlist of these three players voting. it's up to the fans online so they voted on the website and on facebook and i think because most at the end of the year has played really really well as the strongest of the three i think the fans will have short term memory and go for salah now that's not the only change the team is voting that you mentioned that's not the only changes that are underway this time around right yeah there's also a change because usually we have two winners and what used to happen from two thousand and five up until last year's ward for the twenty sixteen year was there was a player of the year based in africa so that enabled players who play in africa in smaller leagues in competitions that don't have as much money as the european game
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for instance to get recognition as well that was scrapped and initially without explanation by the confederation and after a lot of criticism they addressed it yesterday in a press conference the president of the confederation i'm not a mob he said there are not two levels of football in africa best is best there's no best of the bad and best of the best i can see his point and i think it's understandable that they scrapped it but i think it is a shame because players who don't play in the big money leagues who are playing in africa across the continent they deserve to get recognized as well and they'll be missing out from that recognition right next morrow thank you so much for telling us a little bit more about these awards and tomorrow we're going to check back in with you if you were right on this picks. here watching news still to come on the program russia's president vladimir putin is standing for reelection this year i will be talking to an advisor to one of the opposition candidates and it all started with a low budget video on you tube but their first song turned into the german do well
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milky chance in two stars overnight now they are about to tour north america kennedy from our culture desk will join us to trace the irresistible rise of them. all that more in just a few minutes you assume you can see. you never listen to the other ducted insult into modern day slavery because the russians are being enslaved by fellow russians that's not happening anywhere else in europe is. an n.c.o. tracks down the victims. and attempts to free them as the other was afraid they'd kill me if i ran away. forced workers in russia in forty five minutes on d w.
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climate change. waste. pollution. and isn't it time for good news to go out africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference equal it for good. magazine d w. this is a fifteen year old girl. being gang raped. his teacher is beating a boy for talking back and class. for the rest of the class watches. and here is toddlers being hit by his mother. breaking up glass. his trial sleeps in the streets because her family through. who hear.
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online bullying. pushes a teenager over their heads. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean others and there are make them visible visible. might violence against children disappear. welcome back you're with t.w. news i'm sarah kelly and our top story is u.s. president donald trump's lawyer is threatening legal action against former chief strategist steve trump has been reacting to remarks bad been reportedly made about a meeting between trump's campaign team and a russian lawyer that bannon had quote lost his mind. in iran a government crackdown has apparently put an end to the protests that have gone on
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for almost a week aronian state television has been broadcasting pictures of pro-government rallies across the country. well all signs point to vladimir putin easily winning reelection despite growing opposition our moscow correspondent gary where shadow has this report on the major issues facing the country and twenty eight. twenty eighteen it will be a special year. first is his predictable victory in the presidential election then the food bowl world cup in russia. but it also involves risks especially in foreign affairs. the middle east and syria in particular. prominent example of russia's attempt to reposition itself on the build stage just a few weeks ago putin announced russia's withdrawal from syria but even if the
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military mission was successful achieving a political solution with partners whose individual goals are often radically different might prove to be a more difficult task the so-called syria peace congress planned for the end of january in such is the best example of this syrian opposition groups have canceled their but dissipation because of a cold russian aggressor committed war crimes in syria. and here how do people in russia see putin syria policy it was a great victory for russia and one of the war lasted too long it was time to pull out now we don't have to pay as much in taxes. most of those who we asked to were in favor of withdrawing russian troops over they called of the withdrawal the most important foreign policy event of the past year russians are tired and say pomp and brands are well and good but it wouldn't be bad for the government to turn it down russia's economic problems coast in part by western sanctions will remain largely
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unresolved even in twenty eighteen. nevertheless is and to will remain as the country's most popular politician in twenty eighteen and he expects a victory in march why because the kremlin promises stability and muzzles anyone who questions is their promises the only serious challenge off saying of ali was not allowed to run for president. he has already announced his plans to appeal the decision. politically russia is already starting to heat up and it probably won't cool down after the election is a camel and can only hope that this is ration in the country will remain stable until june so that russia can finally score some positive press as the host of the don't stop. and for more let's bring in you're a rather less head of the roosevelt center for us studies at moscow state university thanks so much for joining us here. thank you
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now i want to begin first by asking you about the upcoming election because as we mentioned polls show that vladimir putin is on course to comfortably win another six year term but of course you have the main challenger alexina vali who is blocked from running therefore how democratic do you see this process as being well first of all i don't consider nobody as a main challenger here never had been the popular politician to enough to become a national political figure so on the one hand on another hand. is a very contradictory figure because he tried to play with many movements including the russian nationalist movement in russia which certainly doesn't open for him road to national politics and even though if you wouldn't
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have any legal obstacles to participate in the elections i wouldn't say that he would i would say that he would never be successful in the national elections supporters of the volley they say that it's unconstitutional to block him from from being part of the ticket why not just let the voters be able to weigh in on him as a candidate. well to speak about because the constitutionality of this decision we should address the russian law and he was charged by the court in the russia and these charge doesn't permit him to participate in elections formally so and through elderly guys it optical he should get the read of that he was he was. he was
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accepted here he was guilty according to the court's decision and the received sundin's i don't remember how much it was it was about seventy years of. of conviction. now critics they say they say the democratic the goods government has undermined democratic institutions just generally speaking what do you make of that assessment. first of all i would say that we may criticize the russian elections system and political system in general but the war the russia is trying to do is to build up russian elections on the basis of the party principles and speaking over the political parties. vali has no access to any of a russian political parties so in this sense he simply can the bully
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a major role in russian politics and that is why if speaking about who is the challenger to president putin it is probably the new candidate from the communist party mr godin who is not a member of the party but at the same time he was elected as a candidate major candidate for this body in the presidential election i think he will be and he will become a major challenger. we thank you so much for joining us here on news as we mentioned you are the head of the roosevelt center of american studies at moscow university and we appreciate you taking the time to speak with us today. on now to some of the challenges facing ordinary russians that they may be contributing to a supernatural thing a rational phenomenon faith healers and stuart so tell are so are popular with many
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people they're seeking help and hope and our next report takes a closer look at the beliefs that are fueling their success. the other time mountains. this is where russia borders mongolia kazakhstan and china. it's a destination for generations of pilgrims. they come from miles around seeking spiritual guidance. legend has it that this is a place to embark on a path of inner change. where the most of the go i doubt me a little say that if you think out loud on president you saw this coming surely there was no way to avoid this fall now it's important to remind yourself of that and spiritual places like these i miss the sea you left us but i don't have visitors here call themselves modern pilgrims but if they are drawn to yoga healing rituals and self very. yet in a leeds groups of stressed out city dwellers to the altai mountains. you
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know what. i was here a year ago all my wishes were fulfilled i came to relax but also to find merica house that your son is old because that over. a million leads the visitors to the icons of the village monastery. the confluence of these two rivers is the place to wish for a spouse. you covered for you here what i see by saying we russians in particular were always on a search for meaning is the only that's the way we are i remember being a small child in the soviet union one of and one of my relatives went to a healer that kind of thing was normal they won't think of. anything. in a village in southwestern russia not be a mega nova says women like her used to be burned at the stake but nowadays doctors be for their patients to her. she's known locally as the bush the
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village matriarch. offers treatments with water wax and prayers. but she only receives people who have been baptized. he knew they had what he was really scared you're not scared anymore. everyone comes to me rich even healthy and he thought if people are afraid i can hear a lot of the fight against the evil eye sore throat bad skin inflammation. while you do what you're doing this. hundreds of kilometers away from not his village is another place where people arrive from moscow and beyond hoping for miracles. i was
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diagnosed with cancer i want to be treated here maybe i'll be cured but the king's possible meaning to the truth is i'm just trying to deal with my husband's alcohol problems. to see that i'd say drinking is the number one problem in russian. nadezhda stars ever doesn't have an easy her husband recently committed suicide alcohol was involved and jealousy she has additional problems going to his opinion you know i'm scared about what the doctors say about some dark spots on my lung and city and i want to know how my children are doing i have a lot of children i worry about them of. thousands of people have sought help from vadim petrovich over the years he tells the dead that the crosses formed by the matches floating in the water symbolize the burden of life. he prophesies as an illness and her daughter and says he sees the
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shadows in the dead as logs. petrovich predicts a new man will soon enter her life then he tells her to drink the water that he's blessed payment is optional people give what they can but. i do my best to cleanse away all the negative energy. i was hoping fewer people would make their way here actually more and more coming. in the former soviet union belief in the supernatural was an open secret the psychokinetic experiments involving gina who claimed to have psychic powers or watched by the government in the one nine hundred sixty s. . shortly before the soviet union collapsed assault professed psychic named anatoly appeared on t.v. to conduct mass healing sessions to millions throughout the soviet bloc.
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and the face healer junot really was sought by many in the politburo her famous patients included soviet premier league. and later president boris yeltsin. nearly thirty years later countless healing services online represent a major enterprise. the patriarch of the russian orthodox church considers president vladimir putin's rise to power a miracle of god he also foresees an impending apocalypse. it's not uncommon for a police officer to ask a priest to bless the sight of numerous car accidents jesus has become an antidote for misfortune. sociologists point to depression anxiety and a disoriented society as an explanation for the rising belief in magical thinking. but it's the people who are going to no idea what's going to happen in the near future from those they plan their lives from one paycheck to the next maybe a few months of the last. leg of this bitter. back in the time mountains
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the spiritual guide yelena gum a young insists healers are more than a rural phenomenon she says her clients from moscow couldn't get by without people like her. affair my clients work with psychics the energy therapist unfortunately lez and it may be a good psychologist always leave your books. in a country where reality is a painful experience for many russians cope by hoping for miracles. well we'd like to return now to one of our top stories because as we reported earlier iran has declared the end of deadly unrest there are fewer reports of demonstrations as government supporters take to the streets officials now trying to turn attention to addressing the economic concerns that fuel to those protests and
3:45 pm
then fizzle and has more on that story thanks sara when the international sanctions on iran started lifting many iranians hope their lives would improve and in twenty fifteen foreign companies did invest some two billion dollars in iran foreign direct investment increase to almost three and a huff billion dollars french energy giant to tie clinched the deal with billions with tehran to pump natural gas comic as pajoy and renault build plants there and german companies have also been active it all adds up to a sixty five percent increase in foreign investment now that's something you can't laugh at but the current wave of protests come comes in no small part because many iranians feel the economic upswing bypass them others fear the ties they were able to establish with the west may now unravel. so dot is general manager. in charge of a primarily female team the tehran based company imports medical devices to supply
3:46 pm
hospitals and clinics that specializes with high quality products and sources them from european partners known for innovation and reliability. they're not looking to just sell a product and then just as you go citrus juice and not falling over the customer the fall of the customers make sure that they get trained because the believe if my customers happy with my for their act and it's a happy customer it's going to bring more customers. that would like to contribute towards making iran into a medical tourism destination it's planned availability of state of the art technology to attract well lot of patients from foreign countries. it's part of iran's economic renewal following the lifting of international sanctions in two thousand and sixteen iranian businesses and erstwhile western partners reached out to each other hungry to pursue investment and trade opportunities but the economy is still struggling unemployment and corruption are rife inflation is running at
3:47 pm
near ten percent and the current unrest could scare off potential investors. turkey reacted furiously on thursday to the us fraud conviction of a turkish bank and the verdict came out after an explosive new york trial over iran sanctions busting that implicated form a turkish capita ministers and even president rich a tie a better one of wednesday jury found. the deputy c.e.o. of turkish linda hike guilty of bank fraud and conspiracy in a scheme that allowed to run to trade billions of dollars of oil and gas for gold a star witness testified at one had given his blessing to the deal the turkish foreign ministry brand of the trial as unfair and a shame of law. oil prices are trading at a three year high passing the sixty eight dollars. due to concerns that iran's crude supply could be limited by unrest there analysts say iranian output of over two million barrels
3:48 pm
a day is not presently under threat but political protests added to uncertainty in the market comes as oil cartel opec extends production caps in an effort to tighten the market. like cost of crude could be a reason why the price of mexican till till is set to surge the government has denounced the far full cost hike saying they're on justified it's trying to allay public fears about high inflation at the start of a presidential election year. for many mexicans point to tia's are a staple of the national tortilla maker association warns that prices are focused to rise by up to twenty percent in the coming days an increase that's been blamed on rising fuel prices. but i know. this is a man thing that my suppliers deliver the point by car. if you will prices go up then obviously they're going to have to adjust their prices i think it's about a forty cent increases to the price of
3:49 pm
a point will go up. to make an adjustment as well. as we. think this will affect everyone you're going to. commit. the price hike is a serious concern especially for low income mexicans rising consumer prices have been a problem in recent years with the inflation rate hovering around six percent the week pez so has also played a role since september twenty seventeen that the value of the pestle has dropped by seven point five percent raising the price of imports. we're going to need to care remember are a readout of the character of your marker mature the government will need to do a lot to reduce inflation significantly this year from now i think prices will go up more losses on the exchange rate is a factor but it isn't the only thing i think it is the price of food that we have seen a lot of that in january which affect the situation a lot of us were here with the winter especially for the lower socio economic loss
3:50 pm
of spirit of gruffness this christmas which are going to because my sister morocco . with presidential elections due in july the mexican government is concerned that protests could further it rolled its support among volta this. link. this is badly they track off. the second album from germany back to milky chad kick off a major north american tour on sunday. and our resident music girl entry in kennedy is joining us here in the studio to tell us a little bit more about this band which you know twenty eighteen is likely to be
3:51 pm
a big year for them this is. from castle life recently and. if you haven't heard of the new probably being living under a rock the debut single stolen don't which we'll say in a moment maybe you'll recognize it it's been viewed three hundred fifty million times on you chupin is one of the most shows. songs of all time that means people recognize it but they don't necessarily know who it's by so they look it up on the app share sam many of the fans don't even know that the band is actually german it's a mixture of folk and electronic and before we talk some more mayhaps we should take a listen. i'm unstable and philip dallas were still in school when they uploaded their first video first stone and.
3:52 pm
this song is soon became a huge hit on the internet so instead of taking a big summer vacation the two friends set up their own label and recorded a cd. the first time we realized a lot of people were into what we were doing was on earth first little tour of germany so i. figured the tickets sold out pretty fast and we couldn't believe how many people came. people actually came. it's been a while since milky chance played clubs a small as this one and berlin they scored an international hit what the south produced m.p.u. album sat necessary and strong the charts in several countries. sec sas happened so fast i hardly knew what hit them.
3:53 pm
and it was going to the us was a milestone that's when we knew something huge was happening but there was a lot of travelling involved and touring isn't like taking a road trip across europe with a few friends and. although. at first we were terrified and didn't want to go. but then they achieved something that few germany france achieved for us break through the venues they played got bigger and bigger and the band from castle in central germany morphed into a global pop phenomenon. and i myself have to confess i knew the music i did not know that this was a german band in fact that's a president that they're not the only german band now that's making waves this year
3:54 pm
much like story or tension also to. neil's from his first studio to a year or melody will be released on january the twenty fifth and we can have a look at this mess moralizing. in action. from a trained pianist works with into keyboards and lots of samples as we see he also composed the soundtrack for victoria and he's also heading out on seoul mainland europe u.k. and north america this year so look out for meals from. and you also have one more for us to watch as well if you have a little more time than the german european breaking borders award this is actually a prize given to artists who have success beyond. country and this she is.
3:55 pm
and we can listen to. make. and name is. setting her sights on the u.s. twenty eight. was. ruthless germans are coming you have been warned to work. in twenty and you know what i feel very proud i i know all of the songs. definitely an indication that they are having an impact there because they don't follow these things quite as closely as you do as our music expert adrian kennedy from our culture task thank you so much for telling us a little bit more about what to watch in twenty. thank you. and you are watching d. w. news a quick reminder of the top stories that we have been following for you u.s. president donald trump's lawyer is threatening legal action against former chief strategist steve bannon trump has been reacting to remarks that phantom reportedly
3:56 pm
made about a meeting between trump's campaign team and a russian lawyer trump said the fan in had quote lost his mom. up to date now on i'm sarah kelly in berlin after a short break my colleague in little rock takes you to the headlines to hear. from.
3:57 pm
other duck didn't sold into modern day slavery because the russians are being enslaved by froebel russians that's not happening anywhere else in your. tracks down the victims. and attempts to free them knows each other i was afraid they'd kill me if i ran away. forced workers in russia in fifteen minutes on d.
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knowledge this is a trio good if you use it to make it see it'll help ease pain of. projects i live on the coast i feel it's my duty to protect the area and that's why i bring my students here at the end to love nature as an aim. this isn't. the first thread is based on the traditional lifestyle of the people as a way of preserving the environment for future generations out of. global ideas on facebook tristan and detailing. what will twenty eighteen have in store for us which topics will shape the next twelve months. political. news in moscow. between the election soon you can see the olympics. are twenty two turn up for president putin. today.
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this is the w. news life for the firing back u.s. president donald trump appears to assume his former chief strategist for libel and slander steve bannon's explosive accusations in a controversial tell all book on the trump white house call a meeting with a russian lawyer treasonous the president.


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