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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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where is the. migration. to many voices of the european union. on. this is. full of lies misrepresentations and sources that don't exist u.s. president donald trump's latest bombshell book published today it is already a bestseller but the author says one hundred percent of the people around the president questioned his fitness for office also on the program.
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refugee policy tells german conservatives that people with no right to live in the european union should be sent packing. welcome to the program the new tell all book exposing the earliest growing pains of donald trump's presidency is flying off the shelves in american bookstores and selling out online it was published today four days ahead of its release despite attempts by the president's lawyers to stop it mr trump tore into author michael wolff after extracts pro-trade a white house steeped in chaos and betrayal saying the book was full of lies. and b c news is today program. i will tell you the one description that everyone
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gave everyone has in common they all say he is like a child. and what they mean by that is he has a need for immediate gratification it's all about him. they say he's. a moron and. i actually there is a competition to sort of get to the bottom line here of who this man is let's remember this man does not read does not listen so he's he's like a. it's like a pinball just to shooting off the sides but let's get more from to do correspondent to catalina chinmoy who joins us from crave of books in washington welcome catalina so we heard a picture painted of the president but mr woolsey credibility has been criticized what we learned about him and the way he gathered information for this book.
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michael of is a very well known journalist and author he in the united states and for this book he conducted over two hundred interviews in eighteen months so he did do a lot of research and interviews on that and on the same interview we just heard i met him b.c. today he also said he works every journalist works and that he has recordings of all the enter views and he has no it's and he also added he's not surprised at all the president trump is reacting that way because this is how he usually approaches problems threatening and he also said on that interview that he assures he spoke to president trump but then he added whether president trip was a way that this was an interview or not i'm not sure but it was definitely on the record so indeed it is also pretty extraordinary to see a president trying to to to block the publishing of a book in
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a democracy of course have you bought a copy of foreign furia. fail and because the books are sold out here in kramer boats please let me introduce you to. the owner of this bookshop and taken tell us a bit more about yesterday you are sold out of fire and fuel what happened this book was meant to be published on tuesday and then that's correct the book was initially going to come out on tuesday and then with all the rumors and all the banter going around or coming around with the book the publishing house decided to push the book up and we happened to have a lot of copies which i give great credit to our book buying team and we are open late so i came last night technically friday and we decided to put the book out and it sold literally within two minutes like literally within two minutes in two minutes and do you have a copy of the book yourself i have
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a copy of the book at my house probably better off it is there considering how sought after it is right now but i do have a copy and i may read it you're looking forward to it. i'm not sure on this or looking forward to it i think there's been a lot of controversy around it there's a lot of hype around i'm not necessarily sure this does is a great thing to be reading but you know it is what it is and we're a bookstore here in d.c. and it's our role to put out you know content and books that our consumers want and you know that's we've done steve thank you so much for this interview. thank you back to you fail. to walk us through some of the reaction then from the white house and indeed the president. well donald trump seems to be very worried about the publishing of this book and also the people around him and we noticed this not only because of your reactions but also the press release we saw on the when say where he says that steve bannon is
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a man out of his mind and also the fact that all tramp a lawyer is have already sent a letter to steve bannon threatening him shows that they are worried very worried about the comments see fanon is making in this book it is also very important feel to point out that steve benen talks in this book about this meeting with the russian lawyer in june two thousand and sixteen that means in the middle of the presidential elections and this is a meeting that donald trump has been denying several times and it is also very important part of the russia affair and conducted by robert muller so it could affect very much donald trump. this is a midterm election year in the u.s. but the democrats don't seem to have gone all we have talk over this book why. well feel this is clearly a conflict between republicans so i can imagine that democrats are just
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sitting watching and probably smiling because these are two different parts of the republican party who are right now in a quite deep conflict i would say alina cho boy in washington thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world in the congolese capital kinshasa residents of a shanty town of picking up the pieces after at least forty four people died in mudslides interventional rainstorms authorities say victims were killed by collapsing walls and by drowning only homes in the city of ten million are built on hillsides where lack of drainage makes some foldable to flush. france's president emanuel macro has told his turkish counterpart raja tired that democratic countries must respect the rule of law in the fight against terror posing presenter the one in paris president mark owen was discussing the fate of thousands of students
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teachers and journalists being held in custody in turkey. the so-called truce village in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea will be the site of the first formal talks between the countries in more than two years the discussions set for tuesday could pave the way for north korean athletes to attend the forthcoming winter olympics in south korea. here in germany hungary's prime minister viktor orban has criticised the chances i'm going to medical stance on the european union and migration mr obama said migrants without the right to stay in europe should be sent home he was speaking at the conference of the c.s.u. sister party of chancellor merkel's conservatives it comes at an awkward time for chancellor merkel as she prepares to start exploratory coalition talks with the social democrats. viktor orban the right wing prime minister of hungary is a regular guest here with the conservative c.s.u. party in bavaria and regular guests are often invited because you know in advance
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how they will behave in this regard orbán does not disappoint as a known euro skeptic he opposes germany's refugee policy which he dubs a problem of democracy. after. i told our bavarian friends that i think in the year twenty eighteen we will restore the will of the people in europe you need. for your case study tony. and that the european people step by step will force decisions concerning refugee policy that are in their best interest. the man responsible for inviting orbán is horst the who for the c.s.u. party leader who will be part of the coalition talks with the s.p.d. beginning on sunday to the s.p.d. or bond's visit is
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a slap in the face nonetheless they hope for makes the point of openly supporting orbán. any downed viktor orban respects the rule of law in a newspaper interview s.p.d. leader martin schulz complained about the c.s. use meeting with e.u. euro skeptic orbán warning about his refugee policies at their meeting at the say on monastery the c.s.u. is showing an aggressive stance this could prove difficult for the upcoming coalition talks. political correspondent joins us from the c.s.u. party conference is being held welcome if i think we're too old to speak looks like . our own political allies are trying to sing coalition talks before they even starts. well let's put it this way i'm going to mark all very well knows her political allies who gather here once a year to essentially make
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a lot of political noise and that certainly happened today inviting viktor orban is a provocation of her but even more saw so for the social democrats that she hopes to put a coalition together with having said that these are very sensitive times in actually the political climate also given the fact that there's very little time to put together another grand coalition something a lot of europe is actually hoping for something that's becoming less and less popular even here in germany so yes it clearly was a provocation the question is when you listen to some see as you delegates here whether the c.s.u. didn't go a bit over the mark there this is use always wanted a tougher line on immigration and i'm going to merkel c. d. you i wonder victor obama's presence there is likely to exacerbate those differences. well i think both sides the c.d.u. and this use you know exactly where their differences are there's
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a certain sense of satisfaction in the c.s. you got the germans not certainly deposit over the past two years from what became known as her open arms policy towards my current we've seen a whole succession of tightening of the laws but of course nowhere near the approach that hungary is taking which is basically shut down its borders and is refusing despite a european court order to take in a share of migrants so basically that kind of solidarity in europe simply isn't working definitely isn't working with the eastern states and what they see as you sees as a potential slight success is that they seem to have extracted from viktor orban that he might actually help humanitarian efforts in regions like syria to help on a humanitarian level but yes of course this is definitely not making it easier in berlin right now we touched on it in the room report that. perspective coalition
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partners the s.p.d. don't like this tell us more about their reaction. well this is kind of interesting i mean we did hear the sea is you hear basically formulate what they expect to see from the social democrats and one key point there is that those migrants those refugees here in germany hue of a lesser protection who do not have protection under the geneva conventions which means they don't are not entitled automatically to bring close family members legally to germany well that was that right was suspended for them at that runs out early this year and the serious you expects the social democrats to go along with that earlier compromise and extend that and speedy leader has been quite clear that he certainly doesn't see that on the cards so this definitely isn't helping in finding the kind of let's say harmony that would be needed to at least find
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a common level there but then again of course this is a lot of public statements we've seen a lot of public drama over that very issue of formulating a coalition and the more interesting bit is really what is going on behind closed doors come sunday. thank you. guys over northwest may have been filled with hot air balloons back got to be bad across the whole weekend of the small town of mondavi is hosting the international balloon meeting of the it's a thirty edition b. event welcoming pilots from your product launch time ahead of snowy windy weather don't i just feel may leave some ground you know we can't so father things seem to be floating along according to plan. his reminder about top stories at this house under his prime minister viktor obama's father broadside
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that's germany's chancellor merkel told a conference of her sister posse the c.s.u. people who have no rights to live in the european union should be sent packing europe needs secure borders he said. that's it you're up to date move you up the top of the alley in the meantime of course there's always the website that's called how to get to. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for. africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference he quit for good morning.


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