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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2018 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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three months after elections germany still has no government and migration is still a huge issue with coalition talks used to begin on sunday chancellor merkel's political allies who oppose so many of her migration policies of rub salt into the wound by inviting hungary's anti immigration prime minister to address them i'm phil gayle in berlin welcome to the day. the will of the people is clear they don't want to live in fear of terrorism they want security. they want our borders to be secure i've told our bavarian friends that i think twenty eighteen movie the year when the will of the people in europe will be restored.
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also coming up on the day the fire of fury donald trump didn't see coming we'll have more on the explosive claims in that new book by michael wolff i have recordings i have no. i am certainly in absolutely in every way comfortable with everything i've reported. we start in germany and while i'm going to medicals conservatives are preparing to answer talks on for me a coalition government with the social democrats chancellors own sister party the c.s.u. was welcoming one of europe's staunchest anti immigration leaders to its winter convention as prime minister viktor orban joined the c.s.u. in southern perve area to deliver a key speech is rarely held back in his criticism of i'm going to medical stance on the european union refugees and immigration and today was no exception. viktor orban the right wing prime minister of hungary is a regular guest here with the conservative c.s.u.
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party in bavaria and regular guests are often invited because you know in advance how they will behave in this regard orbán does not disappoint as a known euro skeptic he opposes germany's refugee policy which he dubs a problem of democracy. after. i told our bavarian friends that i think in the year twenty eighteen we will restore the will of the people in europe. tony. and that the european people step by step will force decisions concerning refugee policy that are in their best interest. the man responsible for inviting orbán is horst the who for the c.s.u. party leader who will be part of the coalition talks with the s.p.d.
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beginning on sunday to the s.p.d. or bond's visit is a slap in the face nonetheless they hope for makes a point of openly supporting orbán. any downed viktor orban respects the rule of law in a newspaper interview s.p.d. leader martin schulz complained about the c.s. use meeting with e.u. euro skeptic orbán warning about his refugee policies at their meeting at the z on monastery the c. s. he was showing an aggressive stance this could prove difficult for the upcoming coalition talks. political correspondent covering this story i asked whether allies are trying to sink coalition talks before they even starts. well let's put it this way i'm going to mark all very well knows her political allies who gather here once a year to essentially make a lot of political noise and that certainly happened today inviting viktor orban is
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a provocation of her but even more saw so for the social democrats that she hopes to put a coalition together with having said that these are very sensitive times in actually the political climate also given the fact that there's very little time to put together another grand coalition something a lot of europe is actually hoping for something that's becoming less and less popular here even here in germany so yes it clearly was a provocation the question is when you listen to some see as you delegates here whether the c.s.u. didn't go a bit over the mark there this is use always wanted a tougher line on immigration and i'm going to merkel c. d. you i wonder victor obama's presence there is likely to exacerbate those differences. well i think both sides the c.d.u. and this is you know exactly where the differences are there's a certain sense of satisfaction in the c.s.u.
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that the germans certainly deposit over the past two years from what became known as her open arms policy towards my current we've seen a whole succession of tightening of the laws but of course nowhere near the approach that hungary is taking which is basically shut down its borders and is refusing despite a european court order to take in a share of migrants so basically that kind of solidarity in europe simply isn't working definitely isn't working with the eastern states and what they see as you sees as a potential slight success is that they seem to have extracted from viktor orban that he might actually help humanitarian efforts in regions like syria to help on a humanitarian level but yes of course this is definitely not making it easier in berlin right now. we have a couple reporting still to come to dublin is brussels bureau chief takes a closer look at the biggest challenges facing the european union this year will
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breaks it make leaders seize the moment to reform. the window of opportunity that you might not be as large as many people are hoping for and that's mainly due to that woman that you can see behind the flags with german chancellor angela merkel. a new tell all book that exposes the earliest growing pains of donald trump's presidencies jumping off the shelves in america and selling art on line as well it came out today four days ahead of its show june germany's mr trump's attorney is trying to stop it the president returned to michael wolff after extracts of the book was published betrayed the white house steeped in chaos and put trail. the president says the book is full of lies author michael wolff responded to that on n.b.c. news today program he said he stood by his work based on interviews with trump insiders i would show you the one description that that everyone gave everyone has
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in common they all say he is like a child they say he's. a moron in the year let's remember this man does not read does not listen. i will quote steve bannon he's lost. right now let's get more from d.w. correspondent to catalina chinmoy who joins us from cramer books in washington welcome catalina so we heard a damning picture painted there of the president but mr bull's credibility has been criticized what we learned about him and the way he gathered information for this book. well michael is a very well known journalist and author he in the united states and for this book he conducted over two hundred interviews in eighteen months so he did do a lot of research and interviews on that and on the same interview we just heard on
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b.c. today he also said he works every journalist works and that he has recordings of all the interviews and he has no it's and he also added he's not surprised at all the president trump is reacting that way because this is how he usually approaches problems threatening and he also said on that interview that he assures he spoke to president trump but then he added whether president trump was aware that this was an interview or not i'm not sure but it was definitely on the record so indeed it is also pretty extraordinary to see a president trying to block the publishing of a book in a democracy of course. foreign furia. fail and because the books are sold out here in kramer boats please let me introduce you to see if the owner of this bookshop and he can tell us
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a bit more about yesterday you are sold out of fire and fuel what happened this book was meant to be published on tuesday and then that's correct the book was initially going to come out on tuesday and then with all the rumors and all the banter going around or coming around with the book publishing house decided to push the book up and we happened to have a lot of copies which i give great credit to our book buying team and we are open late so midnight came last night technically friday and we decided to put the book out and it sold literally within two minutes like literally within two minutes in two minutes and do you have a copy of the book yourself i have a copy of the book it's on my house probably better off it is there considering how sought after it is right now but i do have a copy and when i may read it you're looking forward to it. i'm not sure i'm nuts or looking forward to it i think there's been a lot of controversy around it there's a lot of hype around i'm not necessarily sure this this is a great thing to be reading but you know it is what it is and we're
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a bookstore here in d.c. and it's our role to put out you know content and books that our consumers want and you know and that's what we've done steve thank you so much for this interview. thank you back to you fail. to walk us through some of the reaction that from the white house on the day the president. well donald trump seems to be very worried about the publishing of this book and also the people around him and we noticed this not only because of the reactions but also the press release we saw on the when say where he says that a c. fanon is a man out of his mind and also the fact that all tram lawyers have already sent a letter to steve bannon threatening him shows that they are worried very worried about the comments see fanon is making in this book it is also very important phil to point out that c. phantom talks in this book about this meeting with the russian lawyer in
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june two thousand and sixteen that means in the middle of the presidential elections and this is a meeting that donald trump has been denying several times and it is also very important part of the russia affair and conducted by robert muller so it could affect very much donald trump. this is a midterm election year in the u.s. but the democrats don't seem to have gone all we have talk over this book why. well feel this is clearly a conflict between republicans so i can imagine that democrats are just sitting watching and probably smiling because these are two different parts of the republican party who are right now in a quite deep conflict i would say alina cho boy in washington.
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still to come on the day d.w. gets a message from the turkish jail where i german journalist accuses of holding him hostage so well done as usual is continued detention without charge me but he's rocking relations with germany. all this week d w has been looking at the year ahead for the world's major geopolitical players today it's the turn of the european union the e.u. faces a variety of tough issues but there are opportunities as well if germany can get a stable government take coat along with france lead efforts to reshape a bloc deeply shaken by breck's it the w. brussels correspondent max hoffman looks at what's at stake. these three have big plans for two thousand and eighty especially regarding migration. the reform of the euro zone and of course brics.
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seems to be you can look at. the e.u. institutions see a window of opportunity to resolve many of europe's most pressing problems but the window of opportunity might not be as large as many people are hoping for and that's mainly due to that woman that you can see behind the flags the german chancellor. in many ways she's still the queen of europe of course but as long as she doesn't have a governing coalition in berlin her hands are pretty much tied to. the man who's blowing wind into the sails of a reformed european union is french president michel going to fit he's given many speeches and express many ideas and grand visions for two thousand and eighteen and beyond the critically one of them establishing a real european monetary fund to support countries that need help to avoid bankruptcy like greece in thousand two. ten. another one giving the eurozone its
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own budget to invest and absorb economic shocks overall my call is calling for much deeper european integration. but not everybody is on board with that at all there is resistance in germany among others for example and it seems like some of the old fault lines are becoming visible again three g. and a foot fault lines between spending and austerity but also between the west. and east especially on migration the e.u. institutions want a comprehensive deal on asylum and relocation until june but hungary's viktor orbán is still unwilling to accept refugee quotas and he has allies that. we should concentrate on issues where we feel that they be a ready to reach an agreement it would be a big mistake to continue into open issues the when we feel that these issues will
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. divide the boss again european union as he put seen the past on the basis of what i think i mean frankly. poland undermining the rule of law and its ongoing quarrels with brussels could increase this east west divide even further in two thousand and eighteen. but of course there is one thing unifying the european union at least twenty seven of its member states and that's well this one that's walking towards us right there theresa may of course it's not about the person herself but it's about what she's trying to do leading her country the united kingdom out of the european union brags that. so far the e.u. twenty seven have shown remarkable unity on bragg's it but it will get tougher in two thousand and eighteen because with the second phase of the negotiations starting soon future trade relations between the twenty seven remaining member
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states and the u.k. are on the menu including sectors like the german car industry. that's when their interests in the e.u. might collide. the clock is ticking. migration. euro zone reform and brags that the e.u. needs to agree on all these topics in two thousand and eighteen to take advantage of this window of opportunity to. american journalist james kirchick is author of the end of europe dictators demagogues and the coming dark age and joins us from washington welcome to day w. in that report max hoffman has migration in a uniform and brags that as the a used top problems where they top your list. i think those three are certainly there but i would also add potentially the united states and there are differing attitudes on how to deal with the trumpet ministration there are some
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governments you could say some political leaders who are more forthright in wanting to challenge donald trump i would think the german foreign ministers and more gabriel near the top of that list was chancellor merkel's obviously trying to pursue a more diplomatic you could say gentle path and there are governments in eastern europe that are also friendlier to washington and particularly in poland and hungary so i think certainly on how to deal with the united states is not really a question that we would have thoughts perhaps a year and a half ago but i think how to deal with the u.s. is also topping the list i might also put russia up there as well don't forget every six months the e.u. has to renu sanctions on russia that were placed on it after the invasion of ukraine and the annexation of crimea and chancellor merkel has done a pretty fine job being able to maintain unity on that front but there are new
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governments being formed there potentially new governments being formed as well that might want to end that policy certainly in austria with the freedom party in governments i wouldn't expect you know immediately push back on the sanctions but that's a more production political party that sound the government in austria is as those same identical hold over time to adjust and so i'm sorry just wanted to pick up a point the between donald trump and the. people's party i wonder about that this wave of populism that is spreading around the world how do you see that affecting the e.u. perhaps a maybe even giving rise to the dictators in demagogues that you write about. well i think if i think european leaders need to understand that there are legitimate grievances that are driving this if you want to call it populism i think populism is more a tactic than it is an ideology i think the main driver of these parties that we
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refer to as populist is the issue of migration certainly that was the major cause of the freedom party getting as far as far as it did that certainly would push the alternative for joy to thirteen percent in germany in germany that it's what's helping viktor orbán win certainly almost certainly win on third term in hungary this year and i think if the leaders do not listen to what their voters want on migration which is they want less of this external migration that is i'm not talking about internal migration talking about external migration from the middle east or north africa and whatnot i think if if that is not. limited or controlled or brought to a significant lower level that i think you will see continued support for these particular parties. briefly do you see any bright spots for europe in this coming
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year. well i think i'm one of the few people who thinks the breads it might not go through i think that if there if the final deal comes out from the e.u. and is presented to the british people and it is significantly or even moderately worse than the current arrangement that they have as members of the e.u. i think there's a possibility that there could be a second referendum on branson i think it's entirely rational that the british people should be given an opportunity having voted for this you know this vague idea of leaving the e.u. a year and a half ago now actually being presented with the specifics of what of what that means. i still think that there is absolutely there's opportunities for the for the french german efforts to to reform the euro zone i wouldn't count those no no not at all. james curser thank you so much for joining us from washington thank you. thank you. after more than a year of worsening relations between turkey and germany could we be about to see
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a breakthrough turkish foreign minister. a soldier who has been called for a new beginning had a meeting tomorrow with his german counterpart sigma gubbio a major so point has been turkey's jailing of german nationals including journalist denis usual and as usual been held in turkey for ted months without charge but a statement sent to d.w. by his lawyer uses anchor of holding him hostage he also takes issue with the turkish foreign minister's remarks about this case. so let us find out more about that letter and its possible implications for strained german turkish relations d.w. our correspondent julie holland joins us so welcome julia so the turkish foreign minister has been quoted as saying that the charges against it then as usual are very serious remind us why he was arrested well the charges this as such are very
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rape and very general then is your jewels being accused of inciting hatred and supporting terrorist organization and that's actually a charge leveled against tens of thousands of people in turkey since the failed military coup in twenty sixteen the problem here is that there are just charges there is no indictment yet and you need an indictment in order to have a trial and that's what didn't as usual is waiting for and he says and his lawyers are saying they have no axes to the whole investigation they don't know where the investigation stands they don't know what kind of evidence is on the table so this is the huge problem here so tell us about the message that has reached the w yeah let's talk about this message i mean you have to understand that for a dent is huge oh it's very very difficult to communicate with the outside world he is in jail there. strict rules so we got this message through his lawyer who is among the few people who are actually allowed to meet him regularly and to then
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speak on his be halt and obviously did his usual felt the need to reply to certain remarks made by the turkish foreign minister in the past days because when asked about a case in interviews. said and i'm quoting him here that he is not very happy that there is no indictment yet and. replied with a clear a second tone to it that really upset me i'm reading it out as i would not want to be unhappy because of me but i can comfort him if i can get used to being held hostage for more than a year he can manage it too so you clearly get the irony the. amount of humor in there what do you make of the well since we don't have the chance to speak to him i can just come up with an educated guess but if you try to imagine that he
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is now behind bars for almost eleven months he spent a long time in solitary confinement he doesn't really know what the charges are against him when his trial is going to start i mean he got married in prison even and now he's only allowed to see his wife a few times a month so this is a very distressing and difficult situation it would be for any any of us. so i think this is his way of dealing with the whole situation and among his colleagues he's also known for his documents are actually get it from the turkish president president who's been visiting friends he's been talking about this issue. it. doesn't form by itself. there are so called god knows of terrorists these god knows of those people are viewed as things because. they are right in their newspaper columns as if watering them yeah he was being asked
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about european journalists jailed in turkey so he's not specifically maybe referring to them as usual but you're certainly one of those cases. no he isn't actually that's that's interesting because the turks foreign minister has a different approach she is set to be here in germany tomorrow to meet his german counterpart sigma goglia and. also message head of this meeting is clear we want to get past this crisis we want a fresh start neutral understanding and build up trust again in the german turkish relationship so this sounds more what the foreign minister is doing sounds more like an appeasement offensive by ancora towards berlin. and we have to see if this is going to work out because the utah case is really big big song and russell asians. you. now this day is nearly done but as ever the
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