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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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this is it over news live from berlin and america first doesn't mean america alone that's what u.s. president donald trump told the crowd in davos in his closing remarks at the world economic forum you took credit for the booming u.s. economy an attack that unfair of global trade practices. we will bring this analysis from the top of. the u.s. president makes a sales pitch to the wall to dabble scorning on companies to invest in america on an on free of the world economic forum and i'll have more coming up. the finding a warnings from washington turkey valve's to expand its controversial offensive
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against kurds in northern syria president airlines says the operation will extend the east word to where u.s. forces are currently stationed. plus reserve u.g. who's cooking for the stars before fleeing her native syria make you just met she was a celebrity chef now she's bringing syrian cuisine to the v.i.p.'s at this year's berlin film festival and we've got her story. while iraq thank you very much for your company everyone we started our broadcast in davos where u.s. president donald trump has delivered his much anticipated closing remarks to the world economic forum there in switzerland while trump said that america is quote open for business and that america first doesn't mean america alone. well the
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president stressed that he supports free trade but it needs to be fair and reciprocal all times that america's immigration system is stuck in the past but he announced a change on his immigration stance saying republicans will accept a path to citizenship for almost two million so-called dreamers those are young immigrants brought illegally to the u.s. as children we are all right and now we're going to discuss president trump speech in a greater detail and bring you analysis of it but first let's take a listen to one of the sound bites that stood out i believe in america as president of the united states i will always put america first just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also but america first does not mean america alone when the united
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states grows so does the world. u.s. president addressing davos there a little earlier on now i'm joined by professor erwin collier he's a professor at of economics at berlin's at john f. kennedy institute we're so glad to have you here with us to discuss in greater detail what we just heard the president say america first does not mean america alone as long as it's in america's interest as long as america remains number one this is fairly clear he's talking about trading rules he wants fair trade everybody wants fair trade but the devil is in the detail what are the rules how do you enforce the rules who enforces the rules and how do you leave something and it's fairly clear he is not a multilateral davos ma'am so he really does appear to believe that america can determine the rules of trade thank you enforce the rules of trade rather than trust its fate in the hands of multilaterally negotiated agreements which is
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a system that america actually before him has put in place absolutely you know that was much of the legacy of bretton woods institutions and. experience from the great depression that we need each other badly right but he seems keen to up and that let's talk about his presence at davos i mean he was this star of the show what do you make of the fact that he's the first u.s. president in almost two decades to make an appearance at the world economic forum i think what's also important is you know the last time when bill clinton came it was kind of a last last tour of a great rock star here it's the beginning of his minutes administration it's also for him it's very important to be accepted by the elites one of the grudges donald trump has carried with him is that he was not accepted by the manhattan elite by the great financial elite and here he is now center stage which is
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a place that he certainly likes to be he loves the limelight and. what's interesting is that he did not very off script it wasn't you know according to you if you go by some of his past features a very subdued speech a lot of people expected him to be combative why do you think it was so subdued i think part of it here when he speaks freely to his people his crowds he is fed by the energy in the room and i think here he was quite aware that he was not exactly going to be getting a lot of echo from the people he's talking to and so i think that helped him stay on script and i think this was also he had been briefed and there are times when what else is he going to do when he reads the speech and perhaps someone also convinced him that any deviation could get him into complications that he doesn't want down the road perhaps he's learning speaking about complications while he's
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meeting world leaders and davos switzerland domestic politics are hanging like a dark cloud over him talk to some of it about that well you know it's one of those things that this miller investigation to find out you know from the new york times right before the president is about to speak that in fact he tried to fire robert muller the special counsel investigating the russian affair so that's continuing we've just come out of the united states voting a shutdown but very few short fuse to the next crisis i think that's also why we heard any words about immigration at all that that's a topic he wanted to signal to the democrats there's a possible concession our lots going on when he's already had at every turn a home as we speak thank you so much a professor irvin john f. kennedy institute pleasure talking to you.
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well as we've heard it's been t.j. a double standard trumps visit to address world leaders of the assembled business and finance elite this is donald trump leaving the mountain resort in the swiss alps right after delivering his highly anticipated speech in it predictably peddled his country as the number one spot in the world bested calling himself a cheerleader for his country praised the achievements of his administration stressing his policies of lowering taxes and cutting red tape as well as record stock market formants and low unemployment. now to find out how all that went down at the end summit itself and on international markets i'm now joined by a hell of a humphrey in davos and of course the frankfurt stock exchange only bartz let's start with you helena no surprises there in that speech really was there anything in there that impressed the assembled business leaders. i think
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impressed would be the wrong word the general perception here now in davos is that speech was overhyped that said considering the perception of business leaders they certainly are receptive to the fact that donald trump has cut the corporate tax rate from thirty five percent to twenty one percent making his call for investment senshi what was a sales pitch all the more attractive to them but i don't say think that they were necessarily i'm surprised as to some concerns here from the international monetary fund that that corporate tax rate could hurt growth in the united states off to twenty twenty two due to the fact that the budget deficit would be considerably enlarge that's not so much of a worry of course to international investors because it wouldn't be hurting their home grown a con and it would be more of the united states so to that extent these words were perhaps interesting at least to the corporate chieftains who were gathered here in
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davos. only to come to you how did markets react to any wild swings and or business as usual. this is as usual there were no wild swings you can see that in the docs behind me trumps part of the afternoon it was a little back and forth but nothing major i think people were braced for a tough message in which they would have had to react in some way but that didn't come the speech i think was received as a little bit more moderate a little a little bit less america first and more america is not alone what the president said so that was ok not really much of an impression with the euro or the dollar as well but one guy said i talked to it's interesting he has the perception now that with the sales pitch invest in america tax reform less regulation trump is maybe trying to reinvent america into the past three industrialized away from a consumer driven economy which would also have a dollar that's weaker suited to it rather than
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a dollar that's stronger. helena come back to that and don't trump had dinner with high profile european business leaders last night the c.e.o.'s of siemens added us to syncro for example in his speech he said he had made fifteen new friends last night and somewhat defused he spoke of billions of dollars of investment promises did you hear anything that could corroborate that. billions and billions is what we had that point hamad he pees even totality it's congratulating chum for the tax reform saying that they would now invest we haven't got a figure on that at the moment but chump did point out that apple had already pledged to invest three hundred fifty billion u.s. dollars following that tax reform we also know that toyota and chrysler haven't acted similar measures so hopefully the chump administration will be waiting i'm sure for pledges that all similarly grand. well he.
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boasted in his speech of low unemployment a boy in record breaking stock market and rising business and consumer confidence as if it all was his doing i mean while his tax cuts are widely praised in the business world isn't he just lucky to ride a bullish stock market and prospering world economy. yeah there's a lot to speak for that interpretation especially as the tax cuts they were just announced they really don't have any influence on a pretty good two thousand and seventeen and excellent stock market but having said that it is if you will in the past year donald trump stock market and not just in the united states where the dow took a huge leap since as a lecture in november of two thousand and sixteen and really has never looked back but also in other markets as well like here in germany and it is donald trump stock market since his election because people were hoping exactly for what he has delivered on now tax reform and less regulation and some infrastructure spending
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and you can be of two minds of whether the tax reform is fair but the people here the investors seem to like that of course they have to like it sustainably see how it turns out in the. early bronze in frankfurt to hell in a humphrey in davos for us thank you very much for this analysis. now reactions to trump's much awaited address what makes but few truly seem to have thought it was the right kind of speech for a gathering of the world economic forum is a quick survey of thoughts and reactions following trump's remarks from davos. i walked out of his speech because i do not believe that this is a forum for people who use the kind of language that he is we're talking about creating unity in a fractured world here and his statements over the last month about where i live and work and many other countries in the world only deepened those fractures his
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speech was. ho hum what it would be say that it was neither here nor there it was basically a speech of a salesman is not a speech of leadership of a large country like america and people expected him to take the global stage and wall when he was doing was just. coming his own achievements so i think it was a missed opportunity for statistics are all wrong in his favor of course they are not accurate as an african-american myself living in america i do know the impact of what his presidency has done to the african-american community in terms of the to vision of the country i know what it has done in terms of the division i'm sorry and just to be out west where is the community and you know weapons so supportive of our work a social enterprise i think there was a huge disconnect with the information that the president of the united states of america delivered and the real experience that social entrepreneur as an
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intrapreneur as like ourselves doing work in america are indeed experiencing i mean i came here with very low expectations and i have to say he met them. you know it was a speech really about america first and i think to understand these issues in the context of a global international community it just rang very odd you know i think the audience sat there and listened there were no claps if fell flat it was really selling a story of america i think it was a very clever speech but it avoids all the difficult topics. and i think the major issue is that he was speaking as a national leader and old as a global leader so when he was saying that we should not forget the people he actually forgot the major part of the population of the world. some critical and emotional reactions there from davos well billionaire u.s. investor george soros used his speech to world leaders at the world economic forum
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to criticize social media for exploitative practices social media companies are tempting people into giving up their autonomy he said the power to shape people's attention is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few companies he said that could lead to a loss of agencies or a swarm meaning the capacity of the people to act after their own free will and he pointed to the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential elections their bodies sees an even more alarming prospect on the horizon there could be an alliance between offered to offer tarion states and these large data rich i.t. monopolies a system of corporate surveillance with an already developed system of state sponsored surveillance may well result in a web of total italian control of a lot of the likes of which not even others huxley or george orwell could have imagined source said he thinks those unholy marriages are likely to happen first in
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russia and china. and that's all for me it's. more well thank you so much kerry we have to turkey where turkey's the president richard tayyip erdogan has revealed plans to expand operation all of branch spied white spread international criticism today he announced that turkish forces will head east from the enclave in syria to the iraqi border onkar wants to drive kurdish fighters out of the region but there is the risk of confrontation with u.s. troops stationed in the town of men peace who are allied with the kurds while the united states has raised their concern in the over an operation saying they have asked turkey to limit their military actions but turkey's president appeared to brush aside the objections from washington have a listen to what he said. we will continue operation the olive branch which is in its seventh day today until all our goals are achieved. we will then
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rid money beach of terrorists. no one should take issue with this because the real owners of these terrorists there are arab brothers there. afterwards we will continue to fight up to the iraqi border until no terrorist is left. juggling music filament to diseases while there is much support in turkey for this new offensive against the kurds but criticism of the move comes with a heavy price tag julia han filed this report from istanbul about how turks are reacting to the military campaign. more on every channel the military operation in syria is the top story on turkish television the tenor of the reporting they repaired trio tick howard lee critical the majority of turkish
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people it seems support operation all of branch in this tea house at least no one thinks the offensive is a mistake would be that the terrorists are looking for an opportunity to divide the country but we will bottom out of them over the years desertions course is all we have fighting against isis and other terrorist groups those who don't want to help us should at least not stand in our way out of the will angel almost of. no army fighting and a friend and strength of it and i hope that with the help of allah we will take home a week to resolve it is that. the minute we will win i'm absolutely sure of eight. turkish politicians agree as well and it's not just the ruling a k party that supports the offensive in syria opposition leader kamal kill each told says he also backs the operation as does meryl action are the head of the new party that wants to challenge president dredge of tired aragon in the next election
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she tweeted that she's praying for a glorious army the only party to condemn the offensive is the pro kurdish h d p g military a former spokes person calls it inacceptable. to put a lot of the olive branch has always been a symbol of peace but now it is stained with blood it's also the one is extending the olive branch to bashar al assad in syria who once used to be his allies if it was not much but this operation is an attempt to massacre the kurds opus we hope that statements like this one by jimmy are dangerous right now in the past days the turkish government has detained dozens of people including politicians activists and journalists for criticizing the military operation in syria the official charged terrorist propaganda. the journalist. servile colleagues who got into trouble with the authorities over reports criticizing the offensive he says
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the government gave editors of turkey's leading media outlets directives on how to report patriotically. with congress i mean have you noticed how all of the newspapers have similar headlines. this is actually government propaganda. journalists must censor themselves to avoid trouble. unfortunately can't do proper journalism in turkey anymore. but mahmoud a columnist for the government friendly daily disagrees he says the government is not influencing coverage of the afrin offensive. when it comes to national security every journalist bears responsibility that's how it is everywhere in the world. but that doesn't mean they're not free to report on everything but there are some media and intellectuals in turkey who use freedom of speech with hatred of the government . the offensive in africa looks set to stay turkey's main story for now the
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government has announced that it intends to further expand the operation. aren't to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. the. werman charles i'm going to go on her conservatives have begun formal coalition talks with the social democrats will the two sides stress the need for speeding a go she ations and set a deadline of february the fourth for wrapping up talks to form a government and a coalition deal also have to be voted on by s.p.d. party members. in south korea at least thirty seven people have died in a fire in a hospital in the city of mary on the fire broke out of the emergency room of the hospital which also operates as a home for the elderly it's not yet known what caused the blast the blaze. paris residents living close to the banks of the river ascend are evacuating their homes amid rising floodwaters the river flowing through the french capital has been
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swelling due to heavy rain water levels are expected to reach their peak over the weekend. the berlin international film festival opening next month is known for showcasing films that address social and political issues of the day while last year's program was devoted to refugees and migration this year a well known chef from syria and refugee herself will be cooking for guests at the opening reception and this is her story. conjuring up the taste of damascus bringing the craziness of her home country like fried okra to germany is maliki just my passion the said two year old migrant hopes that she can help germans learn more about her heritage. they drive our food in the city they see it's it's good food it's not all that people seem to do we have only
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falafel and. after that they see it's it's very big maliki has been practicing his skills in the shad kitchen of this refugee shelter and. she now runs a catering business making the dishes she grew up please. she's also published a cookbook which takes readers into a world of colorful spices. the book subtitled brings a smile to her face it reads recipes of longing for my homeland a homeland that's been devastated by civil war maliki's husband made the perilous journey to germany by boat in twenty fifteen she followed one of hundreds of thousands of syrians to arrive that year but maliki's story is unique she was already somewhat of a stuff having her city t.v. cooking show in syria and jordan and she's no stranger to cooking for v.i.p.'s
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she's prepared a meal for the german chancellor so how does she feel about cooking for four hundred guests at next month's belly nala. not only had. it's like if you if you do you dream perhaps maliki's recipe for success is how she uses food to build bridges between cultures. to tennis now roger federer has reached the final of the australian open after south korea's chung a on retired injured during their semifinal off friday while the defending champ was in complete command of the match leading six one fifty two five two before trying to quit with foot blisters while federer will face croatia's marin so lets in sunday's final that's a repeat of last year's wimbledon final which the swiss star won in straight sets
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while thirty six year old federer is looking to claim his twentieth grand slam title. in the going to get tonight on for to host of. teams that find themselves at the sharp end of the table but with the title seemingly by munich's to lose their focus is on getting a european spot for next season. are flying high this season with the club and the race for a european spot. this despite a run of form that could be described as inconsistent in part june to a lengthy injury list. with the news that several key players like comma will be back in the squad coach is feeling upbeat this one's a peasant is due out soon as he hits things are getting better for us because the players there were out for a long time a trainee getting into and. more and more. this helps me
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build up the squad we can i also have more players to choose from. that you. will be hoping to take advantage of frank for it's less than impressive home form the eagles have only managed to win a paltry two games on their own turf starkly different to their away record which is only bettered by people in this league leaders by on several big names are among the marco fabiana and alex myer peter hacking expects a tough encounter in frankfurt. there is stable and robust team to boast book i watched that game against holmes and they played well let me see if the team has progressed as and they deserve to be among the teams vying for european spot in months of. well we know it's not going to be an easy game. it's a juicy jewel is on the cards with the winner being catapulted into second spot in the bundesliga types. all right now you just want remind you of our main headliner
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right now u.s. president donald trump has delivered closing remarks to the world economic forum in switzerland he told the audience that america first does not mean america alone he said he supported free trade but added that it must be fair and. and that does it for this edition of the. thank you so much for spending. this part of your day with us news continues at the top of the hour. close. to.
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kickoff life. takes football personally. by doing. this already a hero in his home country chiming by leverkusen him. he's working to become one to charles our hundreds we went in search of his roots and discovered a host of great stories. next to. these men share a common history. voting democrat who is jewish and again she recently was muslim. she's great grandfather say voters mother from the nazis in occupied albania. over seventy years later the to pay tribute to this.
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in sixty minutes on t.w. . lying dormant shall get like say the biggest favor team and sleep got all the best goals we've got all the action scenes dealt with is the whole of german football shared experience every match. fund is legal every weekend here on w. . dropping bombs on civilians. which the situation escalates is no longer enough for schools. ruthless calculation military leaders work up the extent of the massive. technological progress of the conflagrations massacres. coming. from starting february third on t w.
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