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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2018 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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union speech is describing one of the shortest revivals ever of a nation in eighty minutes u.s. president donald trump reminded his country of its one year transformation from american carnage to a new american moment tonight thirty minutes on what this means for the world i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. we have gone forward with a clear vision and a righteous mission. to make america great again for all americans that saw no joy in his speech and his speech was very long it was really encouraged that he started out by things that unite us i thought the president struck a good bipartisan tone that he did talk about china and russia and he talked about the threat that they pose and he should have explained to congress why he blatantly refused to impose sanctions on russia donald trump is the least popular
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president the one year in office than any president in modern american history. this in fact is our new american moment there has never been a better time to start living the american dream. and welcome to the program everyone we begin the day with the consequences of twitter trump turning into teleprompter trump last night when u.s. president donald trump delivered his first state of the union address bits were taken would he stay on script or would the donald trump that the world has come to know when expect veer from the message and tell it like it is or tell it like he tweets teleprompter disciplined one else last night for one hour and twenty minutes a speech that had been teased by the white house as an appeal to unity building by . partisan bridges we know was not the forte of the president who has
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a thirty seven percent approval rating his numbers outside the united states are no better all the more reason to use the state of the union speech to reach out to america's allies and yet there was no mention of europe no mention of nato the words alliance multilateral were never utter tonight we focus on the long winded president and the short shrift that he gave the rest of the world let's start with mr trump's main message tonight i want to talk about what kind of future we're going to have and what kind of a nation we're going to be all of us together as one team one people and one american family can do anything americans love their country and they deserve a government that shows them the same love and loyalty in return. for the last year
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we have sought to restore the bonds of trust between our citizens and their government rations reverence for those who have served our nation reminds us of why we salute our flag why we put our hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance and why we proudly stand for the national anthem. and tonight sitting here at the big table with me are true to true transatlantic just to help us read through last night's speech i'm happy to welcome to the day nicole redbird from the german council on foreign relations and to her right julie is fun there are eight campaign strategies and a veteran of the two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve or obama campaign to both of you welcome well what a night it was what did you both bet on before the speech let me ask you that did you think we were going to get a twitter trump or a teleprompter trump i was hoping for twitter to give her her twitter drop light
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because the speech was from their conventional oh ok that's what he did you say joe's i mean i think it was in the spirit of devotes from last year last week but again it was it had a couple of good laws in there what would you say was the highlight of the speech dilate of course was the. authentic charm praising him self being the ultimate cheerleader but most importantly being the ultimate cheerleader for himself from europe's point of view what kind of speech was this why it was a speech where you're up didn't take place i mean you mention it there was no mentioning off the alliance of transatlantic partnership there was no mentioning off the peace process in the middle east and so it wasn't known european speech. so what do you think about that i mean the fact that europe was not mentioned once i mean that was a shocker to a lot of people what people said you know what did you expect that certainly didn't shock me steve miller donald trump whoever wrote the speech i don't think they
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thought about europe even once writing it they clearly had focused on the base but also reaching out above the base to make sure that they get their approval ratings which are completely underwater umesh in the lead in the other round thirty seven percent they have to get those approval ratings out and right now with the economy booming with the dow jones performing with trump being able to push through his tax reform you know he's able to sell that and say to people look are you better off under my first year in office than you were for a long time and i think that's the strategy how they're going to try to make sure that they do at least on the wall during the midterms and to lay out a strategy in order to win in two thousand and twenty i think they're betting on a little bit of of an approvals bump which usually comes after the first state of the union address what about the russian cloud the that is supposedly hanging over the white house i want you to listen to what the president said or maybe what he didn't say because. as we rebuild america's strength and confidence at home
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we are also we store our strength and standing. around the world we face rogue regimes terrorist groups and rivals like china and russia that challenge our interests our economy and our values. let me ask you is there a strategy behind. the russian investigation from the state of the union speech not opinion there clearly is i mean first of all how are you going to not mention that if there's a federal investigation going on with robert muller the special counsel if congress has passed sanctions and just a day or two before the state of the union this president pretty much said he's not going to enact them mention that either he didn't mention that either of course so i think the strategy is clear the republicans are trying to muddy the waters and
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clearly drag down the f.b.i. and the confidence in the f.b.i. and the federal government in order to make sure that it's just you know so muddy down that people not going to be able to differentiate and who's right and who's not in the co how do you explain to people here in europe when they're looking at the leader of the united states who in one of his most important speeches does not even mention the reality of the russian threat be it cyber or be it to nato whatever how do you explain this well he talked about all kinds of other things and the talk he gave basically focused mainly on an audience in the united states is not and so by focusing on his success for example in the economic sphere even though not all the facts that arrives he very much take the impression off that he's not a real president he's taking care of the people he looks out for americans and this
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is how he ought to be fine foreign policy it's and that he will put the interests of the american people first and therefore there was no need for him to really look out for you know. is there is there something new though we've had other presidents who have who have also had an american first policy they just called it something differently but they've they've always mentioned. i mean this is a complete a mission as if the partners of the allies didn't exist that's new isn't as well it's not so new when you look at you know how the last year developed because from the very start his foreign policy was a give and take kind of off policy and in this respect in the speech he also outlined you know where he sees potential for cooperation and why he doesn't see potential for cooperation he wouldn't just mention it it's all about the transaction and he mentioned issues like iran the iran deal and he mentioned again
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north korea as you know one of the biggest challenges by him and of course he also mentioned building the wall so you know he basically referred to many of the things he wanted to achieve in the last year all the things he still has on his agenda funny. if i may the interesting aspect is that everything was just so fake that's i mean he talked about infrastructure from a different domestic policy perspective that he wants to spend you know a lot of money one point five billion trillion how do you think. well of course it is a spend he says he's going to talk generated generate one point five trillion but there's a big difference between generate and spend right now in the end it's going to add to the deficit and i think you saw paul ryan almost sitting in a hostage video beyond there where is just saying well i don't know how he's going to actually pay for that it's just going to add to the twenty trillion deficit so that's one thing but what i want to get at is you know there were a couple of lofty ideas for one he talked about nuclear weapons and wouldn't it be
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nice that if one day there wouldn't be any nuclear weapons at the same time you know he wants to tear down the iran deal there's no mention of the start treaty all those aspects it was a lofty goals but you know these are going to be there. let's talk about immigration for a moment i spoke to our washington correspondent for more earlier about trump and the dreamers in his speech to give us. carly you've reported numerous times on the immigration debate in the us especially the generation of immigrants who came to the u.s. as children known as dreamers last night trump said that he wanted to work with both parties to give dreamers a path to citizenship his offer did not go well go down well with everyone take a listen under our plan we focused on the immediate family by limiting sponsorships to spouses and minor children my duty and the
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sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber is to defend americans to protect their safety their families their communities and their right to the american dream because americans are dreamers to. do we know that the disagreement over the future of these dreamers it's already led to one government shutdown and it could lead to another one in two weeks' time has the progress been made. hello grant well not really because the whole trump underlined again his proposal for offering the citizenship to one dollar eight million undocumented migrants but only in exchange to the financing of his us mexican border will also honor the condition of ending the green card lottery and limiting family reunification for the ones who already have a green card for the united states he calls it the migration chain and this is a very important topic the immigration plan he proposed yesterday because as he
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already mentioned makes the next step line for the shutdown of c eighth of february it's not even not even two weeks the immigration policy is probably the most important parking change that we're gonna see and we're going to hear during the next week and the experts are commending here that some democrats my that type of partial financing off the wall which could add and having a scandal among the democrats is they have always assured they are not going to accept the wall and any circumstances remember chuck schumer the leader of the democrats in the senate said a week ago during his speech in the senate that he would consider to discuss a border wall as part of a trump deal and he did during his meeting with but apparently this wasn't a laugh compromise for the president because after this meeting the white house released a proposal with the poems i already mentioned what about the statement by the u.s. president what he said because americans are dreamers while brandis was again
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a message to his base of course you can see very positive reactions on this comment on this statement of donald trump because here he fares and again directly to america first america can first american citizens first but in a way it's a bit contradictory and confusing as to because dreamers say exactly that they do feel like americans they grew up here they speak the language they went to school to university or work here. so they told me they will probably. change the slogan and say well yes americans are dreamers and the dreamers are americans too and it just proves how much linguistic matters in this debate are corresponding coralie major mori on the story for us tonight in washington covering that thank you very much. back here at the big table i mean as both of you as europeans what does what does that sentence mean to you that trump said americans are dreamers too well we
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would hope that him instead americans also want to live and what want to have a life with dignity if they want to have an income so they can you know have a family and you know have a job. i think should also mean he finds who he things american sa so that's the key right we do we know or do we not know who we means a lot of people in reaction to the speech to say this is the unifying president this is someone who actually wants to bring people together i'd argue that this was one of the moments was exactly doing what he's always been doing is putting people against each other americans are dreamers too this is also and again us versus them versus them or our future is more important than those others and so i think that's how it's frame that debate and again if we look at the families in ohio his base i think that's how he's trying to win that argument and in the end saying that
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democrats are in favor of people who are not us and that's how he's going to friends that is how it seems to have been spun exactly right let's turn now to north korea and the use of guests who were sitting in the gallery last night last night the president used well stories of tragedy and personal strength to talk about how to deal with the minutes of the hermit kingdom that we had the american auto warm beer you know he was kept in north korea he was returned to the u.s. he later died his parents were in the gallery last night sobbing obviously morning and they were not the only guess take a look. he woke up as a train ran over his limbs. he didn't do it multiple amputations without anything to dull the pain or the hurt but somehow i understand you still keep those old crutches as a reminder of how far you've come please thank you.
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i mean there were years holding up the crutches obviously a compelling picture did the u.s. president did he use personal tragedy to build political capital in that moment but it's a very emotional story if somebody comes and shows you know what what happened to him and the picture he paints of course is the picture of victims which you know appeals to people it's emotions so justice and in a very smart way and in doing this he you know prepares people to think even worse off could be at north korea and how to deal with that so it's a busy preparing as if some commentators today said that they felt the speech was preparing the nation for some type of conflict. did you get the impression with that i mean i think that is an option i wouldn't read too much into the fact where
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there's going to preparing the nation for conflict but picking those personal anecdotes and those personal tragedies that people went through it is they were strategically picked for every section of the speech for immigration it was a question of them as thirteen and of course again. he had some of the families who were victims of gang violence up there and of course that was also in order to frame the immigration debate as a national security issue and so every time every new policy issue that was introduced it was for building infrastructure there was somebody else there working why do you think the democrats that's a good point there was nothing said about gun violence in the u.s. there was nothing said about the shooting in las vegas the biggest in u.s. history of mass killing and which of course was committed by what an american and yet he said nothing about that why do you not see the democrats seizing on those facts to reply to the president i mean there's just been mute i mean we did see
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mr kennedy's rebuttal speech which was highly praised and i think rightfully so but again you can't stand up to the present state of the union and there's never been a rebuttal by anyone that even got close to the president standing in front of both chambers of head of congress and so he's got the ultimate stage nobody can live up to that and i think donald trump did masterfully take those personal stories just like president obama did in his state of the unions to drive a narrative the question is and we've seen that polls do go up lightly for day or two of us of course you have a strategic grow out of a policy and actually go out and campaign now for days which i don't think. is going to do is i'm probably not going to before we really just as before we see the speech in davos and we had the state of the union last night. europe is looking at this and you've got these two camps now we stick with the us. just you know a green beret or we realize we can't rely on the u.s.
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anymore because the trial which came was going to be stronger now after these two speeches. i mean europe is again in the position that it can't really choose either or we have this very strong dependencies on the u.s. and i think this speech somehow made people believe well you know finally maybe you know if he comes around he will be a good president but the the the fear that what he says in the state of the union has very little to do with reality it's still there and if you look at the facts for example he he threatened the t.v. will do something about not about north korea if they cross a certain line it's something where he has to live or it's not a good thing but if he if he makes this announcement a halt accountable for his actions and. i very much believe that people look at this speech quite closely and the reaction and analysis what does it really mean in
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reality will it come in the next few weeks months where you know we see what will happen in the u.s. your thirty seconds there might be twenty tomorrow morning and we'll forget all about the speech that is a not as well and i think the way we should look at this base goes back to values is just going to be the economy that we're focused on and can we make a quick buck of it or do we keep in mind all the things that donald trump is doing this for c. as well good point nicole ran for the angeles from the lord to both of you thank you for coming in to look at the big table and helping us read through that speech we appreciate you. tonight i am asking congress to pass legislation to help ensure american foreign assistance dollars always share american interests and only go to friends of america not every. ah. that was donald trump explaining the potential
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impact of america first on international aid now earlier this month the u.s. decided to withhold sixty five million dollars earmarked to help five million palestinian refugees the u.n. agency responsible for refugees says it's running out of money today the european union took steps to plug that gap pledging forty two and a half million euros towards palestinian state building efforts. spoke with the head of the un r w a p a korean boo about washington's decision to cut its funding . the debate about reform for you your organization is not new there have been allegations of corruption the u.s. has said you were organization is inefficient are you ready to make adjustments the u.s. has invested hundreds of millions of dollars and i don't think that their message was that we were inefficient i was in washington in november and had actually very positive feedback it was my best visit ever so i think here something else happened
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in the context which was related to the debate on jerusalem and our funding got caught up in that today the e.u. announced an aid package an extra eight package but it's not directed to you organisation are you disappointed no because the e.u. is one of the most formidable donors we have a multi-year agreement it's a partnership since one thousand nine hundred eighty one if you take the e.u. and you member states that's over fifty five percent of the overall funding but of course now that we are in a very deep crisis mode following the u.s. decision we will need to engage european partners for additional support as well so no need off reform on your part would you say well we live in the middle of reforms the whole year round i mean we constantly reform our education system we run seven hundred schools for half a million students so you're constantly improving and searching for new ways same in the health system i reduced the expenditure of over the last two years by eighty million dollars that's a considerable amount so you know people have to revise the way they think about
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how serious and there is about the actions it takes on efficiencies what happens if the u.s. aid that is know not coming your way is not replaced well what's at stake is the access and the right to education for five hundred thousand palestinian boys and girls from aleppo in syria across to lebanon jordan the west bank and throughout the cuz the strip and gaza strip alone it's two hundred seventy thousand students that are and people always ask me when are you worried about further radicalization well not as long as the students are in our schools and therefore it's very important that these activities continue and the same for health care activities in our emergency response. so far the e.u. has said that they are willing to make early payments but not pay extra money are you confident you will be able to close that gap well it was very important that several countries including several members of the european union advanced their funding to us to allow us to keep the schools open to keep the clinics open it's
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clear that at one point if the three hundred million that has been reduced by the us cannot be bridged then we will find ourselves hitting the wall and that will have major implications but not just implications for implications for the dignity of the refugees and regional stability which truly can be in the interest of no one . thank you very much. for the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either a d w news or you can write directly to me brit golf t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day the moon has been putting on a rare celestial white show for the first time in decades a blue moon has coincided with a blood and a super moon during a lunar eclipse the result is what you see right here a super blue blood moon will leave you with that tonight a remember no matter what
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happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody. or. good move.
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from the. good distinctive sumptuous color from a religious visitation creation a place to. be eccentric design and was murdered over twenty years ago. now the world's largest prison she respected has been kind of ending. with many of his famous friends in attendance good. books for the next ten dollars. she doesn't know if her daughter's
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a night the dead. matzah lamo both one of many chechen mothers who've lost their children to the us. why do so many young chechens join the islamist militia even parents call to between hope and fear not knowing if they'll ever see their sons or daughters again. sixty minutes on. busy covering is coming to life from buddies but the right to our correspondent news in central istanbul i'm joined by the show a couple or did of his political correspondent all those stories in just a minute but first this news just in it's all about perspective closer. to. earth hope to millions of species. worth saving. googling dio's tell stories of creative people and innovative projects
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