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his 1st statement on the russia investigation he spent nearly 2 years leading he says he stands behind his report and he's now stepping down as special counsel but he also raises more questions about president trump i'm in berlin this is the day. i'm speaking out today because our investigation is complete we gave 500 words to 2500 subpoenas 1000000 400000 pages of. hope and expect this to be the only time that i will speak you in this matter you just gave that report why does you have to tell us the by it's ridiculous and the report is my testimony but there should have never been any moeller investigation. millions of dollars when a subject of an investigation obstruction that investigation or lie to
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investigators it strikes at the core of the government's effort to find the truth. which leads to absolutely no obstruction if we had had called confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so. also coming up on the day boris johnson is heading to court he's accused of lying to the british public during a break that referendum misconduct allegations against the man who wants to be britain's next prime minister. deliberately misled the public. to have anything to say mr jones. we start with the man behind the report special counsel robert mueller he addressed the public on wednesday for the 1st time and he said. as the last time miller is
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stepping down from the justice department where he was investigating russian interference in the 2016 u.s. presidential election and possible collusion with the president and his campaign miller says his 4 $148.00 page report speaks for itself but as for the president's innocence on the question of obstruction of justice here's what he set the order appointing me special counsel authorized us to investigate actions that could of struck the investigation we conducted that investigation and we kept the office of the acting attorney general apprised of the progress of our work and as set forth in the report after that investigation if we had had come confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so we did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime the introduction to the volume 2 of our report explains that decision
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it explains that under longstanding department policy a present president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office that is unconstitutional even if the charge is kept under seal and hidden from public view that too is prohibited the special counsel's office is part of the department of justice and by regulation it was bound by that department policy charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider well president trump watched miller statement from the white house and in a tweet said his innocence had been proven let's take a look at what he said he said nothing changes from the miller report there was an sufficient evidence and therefore in our country a person is innocent the case is closed thank you. well our washington correspondent oliver salat sent us this reaction. to years of utter and complete
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silence and for the 1st time since robert s. mahler launched his investigation on russian interference in the 2016 election campaign he actually spoke to the public and while many were wondering if this would mark the end of the saga it could in fact be the beginning of something new robert muller delivered a clear statement essentially saying that if you could have indicted the us president he would have done it and that's not the exoneration donald trump and his attorney general have been claiming it's a setback for him and his rhetoric calling the investigation an illegal witch hunt but it also emboldens democrats whose calls for impeachment have been getting louder and louder every week. well our correspondent was in washington when the miller investigation began she's been following this story for sever since and she's with us here in our studio a lot of people waiting to hear from robert miller so everyone is watching with
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bated breath parsing his every word and i want to start with one of the statements that's really been picked up upon he said he was if he was confident that the president didn't commit a crime he would have said so what do you make of that there's a lot to read between the lines here unfortunately this is how a lot of washington simply works the 1st thing to note is that this statement that he gave to the press today was starkly different from what we heard attorney general william barr give when the mower point recently came out about 2 months ago and it was much less friendly to trump what it looks like was muller on his last day at his job wanted to come out and present a slightly more accurate version of his report to the public it was known that he was not satisfied with the summary that bar presented to congress after the report came out and it's really interesting to see what he did and did not say here essentially at the end of the day what he was saying was we were not allowed to indict the president and that was the reason why we didn't indict the president not
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that there was insufficient evidence which is what barr claimed not that he completely exonerated the president which is what the president is claiming simply they weren't allowed to. like point that's all he was able to say that's a long standing in justice department policy that you can't charge a sitting president with a crime essentially absolutely does that essentially mean is he what he's saying there that if you could have charged the present with a crime you would have well this is what we're all sort of left to connect the dots about here there again there's a lot to parse here and certainly congressional democrats moving forward are going to seize upon that for their ongoing investigation saying ok what was there in the mall report that we can still work with here because when muller came out and said we're not going to press any further charges we're not going to recommend any further. charges the republicans were really crowing from force crowing that he had been given this inoculation against further indictments against further suspicion and we're definitely going to see that being used as we're looking forward to these
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2020 elections which are hanging over all of these goings on as we're moving forward what we have to say that robert mueller said he will not speak about this again let's listen to exactly what he said on that and i hope and expect this to be the only time that i will speak to you in this matter. making that decision myself no one has told me whether i can or should testify or speak further about this matter there has been discussion about an appearance before congress any testimony from this office would not go beyond our report it contains our findings and analysis and the reasons for the decisions we made we chose those words carefully and the work speaks for itself and the report is my testimony i would not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before congress.
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ok my of 2 important points there he said he had no instructions on whether he could or should testify before congress that's one and he said even if you would he wouldn't say anything that's beyond what's in the report why what's behind that decision well robert mueller is famously someone who does not want to be made a political figure and this is really neat capping the democrat strategy here is not only did the mall report come out and it was not this total. it were it was. not not an exoneration of the president but it also wasn't something that the democrats could really act further upon in terms of pressing charges at the president of collusion or conspiracy or things like that the smoking gun exactly it wasn't the smoking gun the democrats were hoping for and now mahler is coming out saying i'm not going to be your star witness i'm not going to be your guy you can't haul me up in front of a bunch of t.v. cameras and make me testify in the way that democrats were really hoping they could do they're hoping to have another round of james komi testimony if we remember back
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in the summer of 2012 when the former f.b.i. director did exactly this when he came before congress to tell his version of events of what had gone down between him and the president he is just famously someone who doesn't who wants to avoid the spotlight we should mention that he is a republican voter he's a registered republican he served under republican ministrations and he's really just known as a guy who wants to get the job done and doesn't want people making hay out of what he's done and we should say he is still stepping down from the justice department as well that's what he said that's a disappointment for some house democrats might be at least because they want to hear more about what is in the report and also what's not in the report perhaps let's listen to some reactions that we saw from congress today starting with jerry nat'l our chairman of the house judiciary committee. we do suspect to impeachment question at this point all options are on the table and nothing should be ruled out the president's response to repeatedly like the american people and ignore all congressional subpoenas is a morrow and unwalkable no one is above the law and we will hold the president
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accountable ok on the other side of the aisle senator lindsey graham as a republican chair of the senate committee on the judiciary he said as for me the case is over mr miller has decided to move on and let the report speak for itself congress should follow his lead. my own do you think they should and will they move on. well this is something the democrats have really pinned a lot of their hopes on. we are already hearing some rumors that they're going to try to haul moller up in front of the committee anyway perhaps was that in most of tina but that may be politically backfire on them we've already seen muller come out and say that's not going to do anything what i'm going to say is in the report i'm not going to spend upon that even specifically is that i'm not going to speculate on the actions of certain characters that were presented in this report and it may just make the democrats it may just end up making the democrats look desperate to try to cling to any hopes that they still had of being able to find
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a reason to impeach trump you know what does that mean then for these efforts to pursue this obstruction of justice charge excellent question and the obstruction of justice charge is now going to be something that the democrats are going to have to focus in even more we should say that in the mall a report it doesn't not say that the president struck just as there are many examples of the way trump tried to interfere with the report including firing james comey the f.b.i. director repeatedly trying to push out various just department officials attacking people who were cooperating with the investigation praising those who didn't cooperate with them all investigation trying to fire moeller himself is that none of these attempts were successful so whether or not that's enough for an obstruction of justice charge well now that's up to congress to figure out why we should my invention a central point to take away from today it's something that robert mueller himself really focused upon that there was interference in the elect and the election let's
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listen to what he set and i will close by reiterating the central allegation or indictments that there were multiple systematic efforts to interfere in our election and allegation deserves the attention of every american thank you thank you for being here today. it's all this talk about president trumps innocence whether he did collude or obstruct justice is this overshadowing the most important point here that russia interfered in the election well moeller certainly seems to think so for a while and the 1st part of the report is very much dedicated to this investigation on that russian interference it's also interesting to know that muller did not go so far to say that there was no collusion between the camp the trump campaign and russia but his focus on this and his call to action a call to action that didn't exist in the rest of his statement he didn't call on congress to act he didn't call on any other justice department officials to act as
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one call to action was americans need to be aware of this and educate themselves on this situation and we have in fact seeing more attempted interference during the $20000.00 mid-term elections there's going to be more reports about this coming out as we get closer and closer to those 2020 presidential elections america is awoken to this now the u.s. is awoken to this now and mole or at least very much thinks that this is an ongoing threat all right our correspondent my of schwager with us here in the studio maya thank you for your analysis. still to come on the day she was elected mayor of a turkish city with more than 50 percent of the vote but like other opposition candidates she's been prevented from taking office a special report on democracy in president erica wants turkey. but 1st she is the favorite to become britain's next prime minister conservative
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m.p. former foreign secretary forced johnson but he's being taken to court over allegations that he lied to voters ahead of the 2016 breaks that referendum he's being accused of intentionally lying during the campaign ahead of the vote claiming that britain would save $350000000.00 pounds a week if it left the european union in fact that claim was plastered across the vote leave campaign bus now johnson is facing questioning over possible misconduct in public office a case was brought by business but marcus ball. let's get more on the story with our correspondent did a lot of parts is standing by for us in london i shall have to tell us more about the accusations that boris johnson is facing here. so boris johnson is basically accused of misconduct in public office that means in concrete terms he's accused of lying while he was leading the leaf campaign in that referendum over 3 years ago he's accused of lying to the british public about the money that
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britain spends on its european union membership you mention to some $350000000.00 pounds per week he said it spent on the european union by british voters and taxpayer money and the actual number is a much lower because the european union pays britain back so that is at the center of the issue and today a judge ruled that this case will actually be brought forward so johnson has to physically appear in court in about $3.00 to $4.00 weeks' time and if then this case will be brought forward even more it will go to the crown court where a jury will in the end have a verdict on this case that could take up to 6 months will challenge that this is not coming at a very good time for boris johnson he is the leading candidate to succeed theresa may as british prime minister so what will this do to that. of course yeah it's not a good time for johnson and the press it's definitely bad it's
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a bad image in the public eye but on the other hand the leader the new leader of the conservative party is chosen by the tory m.p.'s by the members of parliament by the tory party and the conservatives and johnson themselves said that this was a political stunt this this case it has been brought forward against him the. probe tories have been rallying behind him today saying that this was a witch hunt and it was a matter of free speech so he still has that support within the tory paci and especially within the tory base and they are going to be decisive in the end to name the next conservative leader and thereby the next prime minister of the u.k. showed it was just that this was a private case filed by a businessman named marcus ball what was his motivation to take boris johnson to court. right a private citizen who has been working on this relentlessly for the last 3 years
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he's been building this case collecting evidence he's also been collecting 200000 pounds to finance basically this legal proceedings and he wants to set a legal precedent he said that he was tired of politicians lying in public office to the public and he wants to set a legal precedent that this will not happen again and that politicians can be held accountable in complains if they are not telling the truth. reporting for us in london thank you very much. now turkey's largest city istanbul is preparing for a rerun of its may or election in a few weeks time the country's electoral commission commission a no the result of an earlier vote following a complaint from president to once a party now his party lost the election to him old who represented an alliance of opposition parties now way from the capital in the east of turkey it is not
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uncommon that candidates who have won an election are prevented from taking up their positions well our correspondent yulia han visited the kurdish majority city of van she met a woman there who won her local election back in march but hasn't yet been able to start serving as mayor. if i ever started out. i'm not so young when did john catch must walk through her neighborhood in the city of van it always takes a while she's constantly recognised by people involved in conversations asked for advice it's hardly surprising many you think of catch must as then they are. that is what they're there just minutes into a local elections at the end of march she stood for the pro kurdish opposition party h d p in vans it amid district she won with almost 54 percent of the vote but her joy did not last long. in order here to feel secure here museum although never thought that i would not receive my mandate i wasn't expecting this because the
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election commission had approved me as a candidate. 2 months after the vote people here are still appalled by the election board's decision. i think this is very unfair the. decision is wrong whoever wins the election should take office. in minutes by not giving her the mandate there stealing the will of the people. the election commission says goujon catchments should not be mayor because she was dismissed from her job by an emergency decree following the attempted coup in 2016 despite international criticism the turkish government had tens of thousands of state employees detained sacked was suspended. most was a teacher at the time was also on the list she still doesn't know why but i mean if that comes in bottles of coke will the same election authority that allowed us to
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run as candidates then makes this unlawful decision it's supposed to be an absolutely independent institution but it's not it's under the control of the a.k.p. . instead of catches the runner up candidate in her district was declared made a member of president. adeline's a.k. party. a few weeks ago catchments protested against a ruling in front of the town hall where she feels she should now be working just a few minutes for the police to clear the demonstrators. i am. hyla tanisha is the only member of the ruling a.k.p. in van who is willing to talk to us he blames goujon catchment his party for the outcome. of a rival party deliberately nominated candidates who were sacked by emergency
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decrees are honorable president had warned them don't nominate people with links to terror groups or crime or those who were sacked if you do it this is what you can't who will. in 5 districts in southeastern turkey a key people the titians were given the office despite pro kurdish h t p candidates actually winning the elections the opposition insists it's a deliberate attempt to keep them out of power. gen catchments is now helping out in her husband's stationery store and she has filed an appeal against the decision to withdraw her mandate even though she has little chance of success is evident pokers i don't want to give up i want to be there for the people of adamant i hope for the unlawful an end to democratic practices in turkey will soon end. as. a present from a friend and nameplate for what should have been her new office. now it's here in
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the shop one of the few remind us that goujon catchments was recently and they could mayor. now india is witnessing a push to change the taboo surrounding premarital sex the stigma has consequences for women's reproductive health for example when women go to their gynecologists to ask for contraception many are asked are you married and if they answer no they are shamed or refused certain forms of birth control now women are banding together to campaign for a change in attitudes they want not judge mental health care for married and unmarried women. reports from delhi. on the streets of new delhi suitably chavous focus on the mission. she's asking young women like her to stop and think about their sexual health. should it be herself
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was forced to reckon with the issue when she went to a gynecologist to ask for a contraceptive called in in trying to explain device are you deep in the gun ecologist asked her if she already had children and if her husband was with her when soupy told the doctor that she was a matter she was turned over it shouts i denied it and she said that no it's not safe for you and when i asked for evidence to prove that she didn't really have anything to say so i think again it was very driven by societal attitudes around who can get an i.u.d. you with supposed to use contraception who should be having sex and shouldn't be having in fact after being denied by another doctor so to give up but she doesn't want other women do. when it comes to women's has been in doubt a part of these are focused on improving health care for mothers but a group of young women have come together to say that their access to sex for the health should not be denied simply because of that i'm mad it. they're calling.
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being held over stigma. sex before marriage commonly discussed in popular culture on social media is still a taboo in india. and this often shows in the attitudes of doctors that. the gambian is appealing to medical the parties hospitals and doctors to sign their code of conduct and provide nonjudgmental so the system all of them and equally as an unmarried woman if i go up to the doctor the doctor shouldn't ask me questions like how you manage all unix to do your parents nor the only things like that so able to the doctor so my confidentiality should be mended let i shouldn't been scared. i'm gambian eased resonating with some we live in a society where where i was sick so. much depressed and also suppressed so i think it is high time when time to come derrick face to face and have
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a dialogue about it has to go in a light safely why do you have to take shit on something which i mean they all want my spoken all of the stuff that many people in this instance talking about these things i didn't these issues must be all you know. taking up more. already that he's medically council has agreed to hear of the petition. has joined the movement. can change attitudes across the country. well that's it for the day of the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either attitude of you news or act some ugly ass and don't forget to use our cash tax. thanks for watching.
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calling all women what do you think why do we often earn less than men and why are we less likely to be promoted and why are we more at risk of poverty in old age isn't the same worldwide or are there places where women are the higher earners closing the gender pay gap more money for women. made in germany. on d w. 2 conflicts on team sebastian
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coaches in the european parliament election this is shaken off the cons of those fall the ticks harvesters review is still closed due to tom and me feeling a memory a collapse a bill to stop some so recent break on the promise of free european peoples party what did she on the hot seat do wrong the conflict sofa in 60 minutes dealing. sometime in the 26th. my great granddaughter. what were the world be like in your lifetime around half a century. your world will be a true degrees warmer. inevitably sea level rise by at least
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one meter in this century that's really frightening. why aren't people more concerned. starts with 31st on t.w. . it is the year 2019 we're sending money around the world phones are talking about autonomy as flying taxis were taking pictures of black holes in space and still a woman makes less money working in the same job as a man we need to talk about mind the gap that's our topic this week.


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