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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 3, 2019 10:00am-10:15am CEST

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d.w. . this is d w news live from berlin police in hong kong warn democracy protesters that belt clear out demonstrations today that have not been approved is comes in the wake of violence over the last 8 weekends thousands of gather to press for greater rights and government accountability but security officials say those who stray from plans that have been pre-approved will face stern law enforcement also coming
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out. u.s. president donald trump and the european union signed a deal to boost u.s. beef exports to thank you it's a small item on trump's long list of issues with the e.u. but it could win him votes from ranchers and farmers. and women in saudi arabia again the freedom to travel with the consent of a male relative to the new laws are considered a major step for women's rights in the kingdom but conservatives oppose the loosening of the traditional guardianship system. omarion evanston it's good to have you with us hong kong is a braced for another mass protests thousands of people are gathering in one of the major shopping areas in the city center thousands of civil servants joined the air . government protests for the 1st time defying
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a warning from authorities to remain politically neutral the assembled with protesters in the heart of the business district many of them wearing masks to hide their identity the southern chinese city is semi autonomous it's seeing months of unrest triggered by a controversial extradition law unrest that's now evolved into a wider movement for democratic reforms. charlotte chosen pill is in hong kong and she joins us now for the latest so charlotte tell us what is happening where you are right now. maryanna another protest is getting underway today the latest in weeks of protests here in hong kong which have been turning increasingly violent no at the moment protesters are still peace who've spoken to a number of the organizers who said that they really do want today to remain calm
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we've seen children here at this rally so there aren't any great concerns that in the next few hours things will start to get by then but what we are seeing just behind us now is just the the number of people that are here they're in fact looking one of the main roads in this area because there are so many people here now today is going to be a very pivotal moment in a series of pivotal moments and parts of this protest movement will be interesting to see how many people turn up and whether or not things do once again to descend into some of the violence that we've seen over the last few me at least using rubber bullets tear gas clashes and that's because last week a number of the protesters were arrested and charged with rioting now that is a charge that carried up to 10 years in prison people here now in the 1st big public protest and then it's going to be interesting to see whether or not they are that scared away by that whether or not that's a signal to people to to stay at home or whether they are emboldened angry at what they say is police brutality and extreme reaction to them on the streets
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demonstrating democracy. sharlet new development was that now civil servants have joined the protest movement joining the protesters last night what does this tell us. who it seems were having trouble with the audio connection charlotte if you can hear me. my question was what does it tell us that civil servants have now joined the protest movement. so it seems like we have lost our connection to our correspondent in hong kong charlotte we will try and get in touch with her later. all right let's turn now to some other news and u.s. president donald trump has signed an agreement with the european union to increase american beef exports in the block it was a rare bit of positive trade news from
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a president who hopes to extract even wider concessions from europeans later this year and it comes a day after the president announced new tariffs on china a move expected to prolong a trade dispute that's been especially painful for american farmers. after german cars and french wine u.s. president almost trumps most recent beef with the european union was with well before the u.s. had long found it hard to export its meat across the atlantic after a long negotiations trump's announcement on friday sounded like a triumph to the farmers and ranchers listening in the white house. opening markets for our farmers is about more than just an industry it's about a way of life generations of hard work passion and dedication of gonnet to make in america the largest producer of high quality beef anywhere in the world by far we're proud of our farmers and ranchers we love our farmers and ranchers and with
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this announcement we take one more step and giving them the level playing field that they have looking to really been looking forward to this for many many years you folks know that they want a level playing field that's all they want on the subject of level playing fields u.s. farmers and ranchers will also have to change their ways the agreements doesn't mean the e.u. is easing its ban on hormone fed beef at all for u.s. farmers higher exports to the e.u. will make up for market share loss in china that countries slapped import tariffs on u.s. meat in retaliation for trump's tariffs on chinese products. let's get you up to speed now and some of the other stories making news around the world the european union has nominated christo lena to lead the international monetary fund and ing weeks of impasse among the 28 member states and he have a is from bulgaria and is the current chief executive of the world bank
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traditionally the i.m.f. is led by a european the united states gets to appoint the president of the world bank. puerto rico has a new governor and lawyer here the reason he was born in after a week's long protests forced his predecessor. or to step down the easy said that the island senate will vote on whether to confirm his position hundreds of people chanted rang bells outside the governor's mansion to mark the change of leadership . sudan's military council and the main opposition coalition have finalized a power sharing agreement a constitutional declaration is meant to further pave the way for a transition to civilian rule and khartoum residents took to the streets to celebrate this comes after months of political turmoil and violence. suspected al-qaeda militants have raided a military camp in the southern yemeni province of. witnesses say the assailants
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killed at least 20 soldiers and battled the yemeni security forces for several hours the militants were eventually expelled from the camp after reinforcements arrived backed by the united arab emirates 5 years ago the so-called islamic state began its attacks on the yes the the religious minority in iraq a campaign of genocide. and these images show fleeing the onslaught of i his forces in august of 2014 they had to leave without food or water an estimated 200 children died of dehydration as people descended the slopes of mount singe or the as these ancestral home in northwestern iraq those left behind life became a nightmare i as fighters raped women and shot the men. the singe our region was liberated from the so-called islamic state in november of 2015 today many as it
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is still live in refugee camps and thousands remain unaccounted for our reporter began to shook a met some of those still searching for answers. but remembers exactly when he last saw his brother it was august 3rd 2 cells and 14 went together with their families they fled the approaching i asked fighters his brother tried to find food and was caught by the terrorists along with 5 other family members for a long time bashar hoped that his brows i was still a life. no longer have any hope there's no more ah yes. not in syria not anywhere and only they would have been able to keep prisoners. bashar and those left of his family currently live in a refugee camp in northern iraq like many years they are afraid to go back home afraid of their arab neighbors who they say cooperated with i guess. but sharon and
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his family provided blood samples to the authorities hoping that the remains of his brother will be found they are haunted by the memories bashar says but still. better to know what happened to my brother. in march iraqi or thirty's together with the u.n. finally began to exhume the 1st mass graves. 6 many years e.d.'s came to witness it . desperately seeking closure 5 years after i as killed their men and then slaved their women and children hundreds if not thousands of years he used a belief to be buried the disinterment began in cold cruel hometown of nobel peace prize winner and herself a nice victim she called on authorities to protect the mass graves and. thus the evidence of what the years he's had to endure. there is not a single yazidi family they didn't taste the bitterness of this genocide the lost
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their loved ones their property and their dreams. blood sample sent bones are being tested in a forensic lab in fact that. specialists are trying to identify victims through their d.n.a. and they are searching for criminal evidence. but time has taken its toll the bones have been exposed to floods fire and fighting it could take years experts say to put cases together but the families want answers soon. as a pause i have to be carried out quickly and not neglected i don't want them to start to consume the graves now and then drag their feet for 2 or 3 years. if you haven't been to date only 12 out of more than 70 confirmed mass graves have been exhumed recent vide fires in the homeland have already destroyed several grace
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and each day it is getting harder to identify possible victims into secure hard evidence for islamic states crimes. saudi arabia has issued a series of decrees granting women more freedoms including the right to apply for a passport and travel abroad without permission from a so-called male guardian under the kingdom's guardianship system adult women are considered legal minors and require the consent of a male relative 14 wife decisions the loosening of the rules is being viewed as a step forward for women's rights though many restrictions still remain. last year women were granted the right to drive soon they will be able to fly wherever they want the government's newest push to modernize the once so rigid patriarchal society is being met with enthusiasm. which
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i am so happy with these decisions because as a saudi woman it will make it easier for me to do my job and travel from one place to another and follow up my exhibitions as an artist on an equal footing with men. while happy about the new law many women still fear they will be bound by family ties but out of their command our culture and upbringing will prevent us from travelling without our guardians approval even if it is our rights and today this decision will help develop saudi women and boost them in saudi society. despite these changes we're headed by saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon critics say the reforms are at best cosmetic and gender equality remains a distant goal leading women's rights activists remain imprisoned and saudi arabia features consistently in freedom house's list of the worst countries in the world
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when it comes to human rights abuses. are right some force news now and the new bundesliga season is almost upon us in germany as byron munich and doris indoor plants face off in the season opening super cup later on saturday dortmund are in high spirits after a promising campaign last season they've added firepower to their squad with the signings of union homeless and star on display glory is now the target but 1st i'll be aiming to get off to a strong start with a victory over byron in the super cup. the extreme heat wave that hit parts of you . or of last week has now reached greenland the unusually hot temperatures are accelerating the melting of the island's i as a filmmaker captured dramatic images of greenland melting ice sheets last week saw the biggest volume of einstein lost in a single day this summer this year's ice loss is on track to rival the previous
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annual record set in 2812 scientists say the recent high temperatures have been exacerbated by manmade climate change. you're up to date now on the w. news america and stealing from me and be entire team here in berlin thanks for watching. it is time. to take one stone. faced a. time to search the. find. time to recall. his contact.


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