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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  September 1, 2019 11:30am-12:00pm CEST

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and probably more the book of. climate exodus starts september 5th on t.w. . with in different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all speak up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for mines.
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that's great product really good stuff and i'm addicted as you too we all. the stuff is called 12th age 22. or so and this is what i'm going to talk about today that in. the world just packed with sweet stuff it's hard to believe but 175000000 tons of sugar are produced every year. average russian consumes 45 kilograms a year in thailand the average is $51.00 and in cuba 70 kilos germans eat half as much but $35.00 kilos a year are still 100 grams per day the equivalent of 33 sugar cubes that's because sugar is not only found in the obvious sweet stuff but in all kinds of process.
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strewed. the world health organization says too much sugar makes you sick it recommends a maximum of 24 grams per day for the average adult. that would be one slice of bread with nutella. or part of a chocolate bar. or maybe a small fruit smoothie. but one can actually stick to such guidelines for many it would be really hard what about your day to start breakfast with an orange juice that's 8 cubes of sugar and add in your cult that's 7 cubes what about afternoon delight with a german already danish that's 15 sugar cubes it's a total of 30 sugar cubes and remember the world health organization recommends only 8. and what about soft drinks. it's.
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not and not not it's fizzy soft drinks and other sugar packed beverages statistically german string can average 84 liters of them every year young people even more and that's far too much. took a hard to get sugary drinks all the worst of all nutritional evils you don't feel full afterwards so you drink huge amounts of them all. and that often sets off a craving for more sugar and stitcher officer knows all too well until 2 years ago he mostly it's not some fast food and direct several leaders of sugary iced tea and sodas every day. then blood tests showed that he developed type 2 diabetes he immediately changed his lifestyle. to shop for. well i cut out all the sugary
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drinks when i realized they contained a huge amount of sugar. normally 10 grams per $100.00 milliliters. cutting out the sugary drinks helped to lower my insulin level and my weight. that alone lowered his sugar intake by 150 grams a day since the diagnosis he's lost 20 kilos and no longer needs insulin injections . why should we eat all let's shorter and how harmful is sugar and how should i enjoy food without any sugar those are questions that moved me so that i would talk about this with my expert today doctor and here at the german institute of human nutrition. and i brought you something very tasty. enjoy that yes that's think this is.
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a guess that you wouldn't take that bet but why are we all craving for sugar. i think there are 2 components one is we we do learn to love sugar as children because we get if we behave well and parents use it as as a as a bomb or as something good for the kids and the other component is that we really have sensory parts ways which link sugar to the release of dopamine in the brain which is a rewarding system so we do get some well feeling some reward if we but how can something so tasty be so bad for us well. the glucose moiety the photos in due course composed of sugar actually is the fuel we use in the cells as energy source so it's not by itself bad we actually make it ourselves in the liver but if we over consume it it poses a problem and we call it empty calories. it doesn't contain any other additional
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positive minerals or fiber components which are in fruits or in other foods so if we eat too much of that we just get a few and we have the problem of getting fat of obesity was too much for her so it's all about weight gain it's a very central component of over consuming for us we've been told that fat is the problem in our new tradition that it makes us fat and that's not good for arteries so our enemy is sugar sugar is not bad as long as you're healthy as long as you're active and you don't overconsume it and you don't get fat then it won't do much harm. when i think about my kids they laugh those kind of soldiers and they are full of sugar more than hidden sugars because you don't easily recognize it as a lot of sugar in it but how can educate my kids to stay away from that i think one component would be just not to condition them to get sweet drinks all the time so
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at home it shouldn't be the standard drink but other as harmful as those chocolate treats they are harmful because there are mostly sugar and if relatively low weight kids consume litter of lemonade it gets a lot of sugar per kilogram so children overcoat you are much more rapidly than a big adult even politicians or entire countries have become aware of the sweet danger of sugar and now some countries are trying to introduce the sugar tax like mexico or france or britain. according to the new tax law in britain drinks with more than 5 grams of sugar per $100.00 milliliters are subject to a charge of 18 pence or $21.00 euro cents per leader over 8 grams the tax is $0.28 most producers immediately cut the sugar content of their drinks to get this in any result. from britain show that even the head of the new sugar tax producers
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voluntarily altered their ingredients to get sugar down to the kinds of levels we'd like to see. so this is evidently a very sensible measure that has to be implemented elsewhere to. get to see a dentist. even if a sugar tax doesn't solve the problem completely it would at least be a good start. found to lower that sugar content for the british market down to 4.6 grams per $100.00 milliliters in germany than to still contains 10 point one grams. the sugar talks in britain is an important 1st step but further action is needed. such as making vegetables another healthy foods tax exempt. university study came to the same conclusion it says low taxes on healthy foods combined with high taxes on sugary drinks and other
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unhealthy items could cut german obesity levels by 10 percent. and around the world a growing number of countries are now considering levying a special tax to help counter the problem of excessive sugar consumption. 5 what's your take on the sugar tax. i think it shows a positive development if you look at countries like great britain. you can see that the companies reacted very rapidly to it so they reduced sugar but almost 50 percent so from 10 to 5 grams of sugar they added sweeteners. artificial sweeteners for these sweeteners. but so the amount of sugar has been reduced and most companies reacted to that just to avoid the additional cost is sugar only problem for people who are obese if you are slim and healthy and active and if you eat
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healthy food with very food with all the different components then some sugar wouldn't cause any problems. if you have this type of food pattern. was ready made food which is chips and. and ready made stuff no food no vegetables then eating sugar will give some deficiency of micronutrients and so then sugar is negative sugar has an additional problem to making people obese it can turn your liver into a fed liver but how do how does this work well this is the one of the 2 components and sure do cause and photos photos has to be taken up by the liver and is processed by the liver and the liver can make fat out of it or glucose actually so the photos contribute a lot to liver fat and the glucose additionally supports the formation of liver fat there is not only trigger in those kind of foods where we can actually see it like
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like in sugar for instance or in chocolate and it's also hidden in some kind of food take tomato ketchup for instance if you take one tablespoon of tomato ketchup it contains one teaspoon of sugar or take here take some serious there's added sugar in it or here at the german liverwurst it's the worst thing you can do to you . liver because sugar in it but as a consumer how can you avoid it. well i think it is difficult the the companies make it because we prefer the food which has the sweet component and even if it is salty if possible we should try to find food label and see how much sugar is in it and then perhaps consider if you really want to buy it so you should stay healthy foods but even there if you take fruits for instance the sugar in it and i looked it up in one eval it was 100 grams of evill containing 11 grams of sugar or take some grapes 15 grams of bananas 20 grams so there's
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a lot of fruit sugar in it as dangerous as all the children in fruits it's the same sugar of course but one thing is if you eat a fruit you have to chew it so it takes a lot longer to eat a whole apple than to drink a glass of apple juice and the apple juice will be only the sugar and not contain all the fibers and the healthy components which are in fruits so fruits are certainly more healthy i think if you eat a whole fruit it's not a real problem and you shouldn't eat too much we recommend something like about 300 grams per day so large amounts of fruit are not that good because of the sugar in it but moderate amounts are part of a healthy diet and should because when you're a consumer in a supermarket and you take a look at all the ingredients of some product you can't even spot sugar right away because sugar comes in different names like eyes or glucose which is kind of cool name but it's harmful to your health. surely the best kind of sugar is free.
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so i think the best for us is best. definitely. in fact it's relatively healthy unlike glucose for example we don't store it in our muscles the fructose molecules absorbed by the small intestine end up in the low. turned to fat the more fructose you consume the faster your liver fatty tissue. and a growing number of foods are being made with a high fructose mixture of glucose and fructose. glucose or high fructose corn syrup it's made by treating maize waste products with certain enzymes to produce sugar syrup i simply because it's cheap and practical and the food industry loves it. in the us corn syrup has been used for decades in beverages candy and a myriad of other processed foods. and it's been blamed for rising rates of obesity
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and diabetes. the big problem is that i so glucose is cheaper to produce than your standard sucrose and according to all forecasts. will be used increasingly in processed foods that means that our sugar intake for our food is likely to rise and that is a big problem. identifying iso clucas in your food isn't easy in many cases it's labeled in small print as corn syrup or fructose glucose syrup which can be up to 90 percent. so it's best to read the ingredients carefully and to eat as little processed food as possible to avoid falling into the sugar trap. you want to. i could read
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and 1000000 to half of things my mom always said life's like a box of chocolates you never know what you get and it's essentially the same with ice and glucose so what do you think of the eyes of glucose problem i think the major problem is that i so glucose is very cheap and so you can produce. very cheap drinks and gets a 2 liter bottle for almost nothing and this will lead to over consumption as a consumer you should avoid it i think generally you should avoid both types of which food label ingredients should you avoid i think you should look for any type of sugar which is listed which maybe i so glucose or toes or natural foods sugar or. other types of to cause but it can be quite complicated. to know what is really meant by the name of the for re received a lot of questions like from henry c. tuttle from australia he wants to know is brown sugar healthy brown sugar is the
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same as white sugar it's just less discolored so there is nothing healthy about brunch your health benefits from the wrong one no ok. from thailand once you know that's sugar damage our intestinal microbiota. well microbial to live from what we do not take up so from fibers mainly and things which are not resolved in the up into stein so sugar is very rapidly taking up and will not feed to microbiota so sure will not damage microbiota but they get nothing to eat so you have a reduction of the diversity and a lot of diversity is good so sugar is not directly damaging but it's not favorable . as a family from wants to know does sugar harm our immune system. well the immune system needs a lot of energy so if you eat much energy your immune system is actually driven up this is more disadvantages in our culture and obese people. for instance have
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a subclinical inflammation resay which drives are to risk corrosive and also diabetes and even cancer so it's unfavorable to have too much immunity i think in former times when there was cast to put this was an advantage and if you do not have enough energy you also economize the immune system which can be good if you have a rheumatic disease or other inflammatory. at. once you know can sugar cause alzheimer's . probably does not cause directly alzheimer's disease but it's closely related to obesity overweight and inactivity so if you get abuse with sugar it may promote time of disease but i don't think that there was a direct effect if you're wondering why your question hasn't been answered it's maybe because you didn't send it in the 1st place but here's a chance. on an upcoming show we'll be looking at alzheimer's disease our brain is an immensely complex organ brain disorders can affect memory language and our
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entire personality what's known about the cause of out simons and can it be cured send your questions to him in good shape d w dot com the key word is out simon we look forward to hearing from me. so sugar is harmful and that's so sad because i love all those sweet delicious things what should they eat any less turned to have. we don't have to do completely without sweet treats there are plenty of not sure to sugar but not what's marketed as brown sugar i was commonly thought it's merely caramelized with malt and is not a total healthier. treacle is a different story and may not have any britons but it does contain minerals and has a rather special aroma naturally brown sugar is the result of very gentle processing which also preserves minerals. with honey excessive heating damages its
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nutritional benefits i gave you concentrate contains a lot of fructose maple syrup isn't a sweet but does contain minerals and nutrients. the new star among the sugar alternatives is coconut blossom syrup. another option to syrup one from rice using artificial and zines. finally another alternative to refined sugar is stay via you know powdered or liquid for. life can be so sweet even without sugar. can we live without sugar and is it good for us and how fast does our body react when dairy couple tried it out. aren't can polish off a box of chocolates in one go. it has been known to happen i close
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the lid from time to time then i open it again close it open it and suddenly the box is empty. but now the couple want to temporarily curb that craving for candy. they're limiting their consumption to the world health organization's daily recommended amount. in the 25 grams. before starting their sugar fast. when testing at hamburg university's medical center to find out how well their bodies processed sugar. they each drank a solution containing 75 grams of pure glucose. then they had their blood taken at 30 minute intervals 6 times in total. the aim was to track how fast their blood sugar levels fell. 2 hours later their levels were
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still over the limit. at 1st they had had $99.00 milligrams per deciliter after 2 hours it was up to $169.00 had $150.00 milligrams also way too much. and they both have particular difficulties when it comes to metabolizing sugar it's a recognized precursor to diabetes is. the good news is that their sugar fast will normalize their metabolisms. the test results only reinforced their resolve to say no to candy. now they only eat food they prepare themselves and keep or record of their intake. the day 9 menu for instance is the eating and egg open sandwiches pickled herring with onion and brown bread and vegetable soup that's just 7 grams of added processed sugar to be honest i'm finding it difficult. to measure always got to check how much sugar your groceries contain and there's
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a range of foods why you would never have thought that have so much sugar and that includes foods like pickles bread cream cheese salt sticks and salad dressing. and also a load of so-called diet products what they lack in fat they make up for in more sugar. after surviving 2 weeks of sugar fasting borgerson will be sure see it another 75 gram dose of glucose what did the blood tests say this time the blood sugar count wasn't any lower than it was before they embarked on their fast. but their insulin count was way down. and seeing the snubs you can see how would each point the values are slightly lower so the overall level has moved downwards just what you aim for with the fast. the successful fast then because it's healthy not to need much insulin.
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if you need a lot of ensued in the cells that produce it wear out and eventually you get diabetes if you can get by with much less insulin you won't get diabetes. our human guinea pigs plan to keep their sugar intake down they hope that will enable them to avoid diabetes and its potential complications. long term benefit and feel good all reduce carbohydrates the idea is of course to eat healthy food and to reduce the intake of. to eat a little bit less because. the problem of obesity is very prevalent so the. the recommendation would be to give away sugar and to really enjoy the taste of vegetables and of of plant food mainly but also of proteins in meat and fish but isn't that the risk that when i read juice sugar that i would stick to more salty snacks or fattest well it could be your choice but this is what one should
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learn if one is conscious to reduce sugar one should also be conscious to do good food choices and also to look for good fats and healthy food it's always recommended that you should stick to complex carbohydrates what does it mean nowadays we more use the correct reservation of high or low glycemic index carbohydrates and low glycemic index carbohydrates which are taking up slowly are usually more favorable because they get further down into the gutter in the reading these hormones which are more for having eaten too much so they stop. appetite they reduce food intake and are generally more healthy and you really ought to have more fibers. chris you look at the switch to artificial sweeteners they are usually much more sweet than natural sugar and you eat tiny amounts and as long as you do that you are on the safe side you probably can't use craving for food and people who eat artificial sweeteners are not slimmer so they compensate with other food so that
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they're not as so used to the problem of obesity and it's better to reduce the craving for sweet stuff so to learn to taste better how can you actually reduce the amount of sugar in the digging live places you have to do it with your brain and your ration so you have to think what you eat and you have to look how much sugar is in the product to try to find that out and then consciously reduce intentionally the intake of 3 shows ok so what about you do you sometimes crave for some great things like chocolate i think we all love sweet things and the way to hammer that is to on the one hand and stuff you really like not just the cheap. chocolate which you get in the in the in the supermarket but rather by some expensive stuff which you really love so you will eat less of it and then really enjoy it so like it's a great box of chocolates you would like it's certainly ok thanks for meeting me today thank you. and here come simitian for next week
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don't eat and eat sugar and then we see each other again in good shape. and i need some time alone right. back.
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in. the mountains. on a. thank you nicole because in germany to learn german to nickel why not learn with him d.j. music you learn course because vic. ah i'm likely to have to. file mail and i'm getting the brand new delusions on a post office has posted its device in the top
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a still affects us all thanks for the fish climate change and a return to. all the incentives check out. how. the quiet melody resounds michael lighten the mood. and did some repeat resonate with and it's all. the mind and the music. tovan 1st 12019 from september 6th to september 29th. feel.
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my. feet. feel. feet. feel . all we can be the generation that ends it good malaria must die so millions can live.
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the book . this is deja vu news live from berlin commemorations marking the 80th anniversary of the start of world war 2. world leaders including both the german chancellor and the german president are gathering in warsaw to remember the invasion of poland by nazi german troops on september 1st 1930 not watchin.


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