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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 4, 2019 8:00am-8:31am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin britain's prime minister suffers a major defeat as parliament seizes control of the brakes agenda lawmakers want to prevent use today from crashing out of the new comedy boris johnson retaliates by saying he'll call for an early election. also coming up devastation in the bahamas the scale of the damage caused by hurricane dorian begins to emerge tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed huge numbers of people. in affected
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pilots sweeps across south africa several people are dead after rioters attacked foreign owned businesses and migrant workers. plus a clash of culture as japan prepares to host rugby world cup players from abroad are being told to cover up their tattoos to explain why many japanese have a problem with skin. below i'm terry martin welcome to the program britain's prime minister boris johnson is bracing for another showdown in parliament today after suffering a defeat over his brakes strategy last night lawmakers voted to seize control of parliament business so they can vote today on legislation to prevent u.k. from crashing out of the e.u. without a deal at the end of october. johnson has responded by saying he would call for
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a snap election. or do it with boris johnson's 1st parliamentary vote as british prime minister and he lost it could stop forest was to the right story 128 the news to the left 301 so the oh you have it the guys have it i'm not going to johnson was healed by a huge rebellion among his own conservative m.p.'s 21 of them joining the opposition to seize the bricks agenda of costing johnson he's working majority they're trying to pass a law that would delay the u.k. takes it from the e.u. and prevent a noise deal breaks it johnson insists a deal or no deal grex it will happen on october the 31st he says he has no option now but to call for an early general election was decided or do action pretty
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please go to tomorrow to stop negotiating shifts and to compel i'm not the point i was delayed 2 brits potentially for years so that would be the only way to resolve this who but johnson could struggle to get a 2 thirds majority needed to approve an early poll opposition leader jeremy coburn has long called for elections but now says he wants a great of them until the end he neuer deal bill passes a general election there is no consent in this house to leave the european union without a deal i know a majority for no deal in the country i on wednesday the crossed party alliance will introduce their bill to july breaks it with october 31 just over 8 weeks away all the turmoil and political maneuvering is only stocking more confusion about how and when breaks it will have. charlotte potts is in london
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following the twists and turns in the british parliament charlotte walk us through this showdown what happened in the british parliament. yes it was really quite an extraordinary showdown that we saw there well 1st of all a tory m.p. he changed ranks and physically left the tory party and joined the liberal democrats and with that boris johnson lost his working majority in parliament with philip leave defecting to the liberal democrats and then after that we saw the vote went parliament to seize the commons agenda they seized control so that they can vote and prevent say no deal brick said later today what we saw there was 21 tory m.p.'s conservative rebels voting in opposition off boris johnson off their own prime minister and boris johnson wouldn't be boris johnson if you didn't
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react quite harshly after that overnight he stripped those m.p.'s that defected to spotty off their whip which essentially kicks them out of the conservative party so in the next general election those conservative m.p.'s i'm not allowed to stand for the tories no longer so high drama in the house of commons and in the conservative party for sure where does this go today. well political commentators wondering where does this go there's one thing we know for sure is that the commons today will vote on whether to force boris johnson to delay breck's it so they want to vote on a bill that would that would force boris johnson's hands vote for a bill that would force boris johnson to extend breck's to the brics a deadline which we feel of course seen in the past to january 31st another 3
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months so if those if this bill goes through by law boris johnson would have to go back to the european union and say we do need another extension of course boris johnson is not happy about that he said we need to the u.k. needs to leave the european union by october 31st come what may and he says he has lost all his leverage in negotiating a new deal with the european union with the commons forcing its hand so overnight boris johnson said that he would call for a general election for a snap election if this vote is indeed successful in the commons later on this afternoon so what do you think is a general election unavoidable under these circumstances it's hard to imagine or sourcing to keep its government together. pretty much i mean a general election does seem completely unavoidable at this point 1st of all
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there's no majority in parliament whatsoever so we can expect boris johnson to call that election the question is how and when this will happen the parliament has to approve this by $230.00 majority so of course labor the labor opposition and other parties would have to join in and all vote in favor off a general election and then the question would be the big question would be when does such a general election happen at the moment the date october. 15 says swirled around here in london october 15th i mean just shortly before boris johnson goes back to the european union the big european union summit to discuss bric said and so october 15th but parliament is very worried that in case a general election is called that boris johnson could force their hand and push a general election back to a later date to november 1st when indeed the u.k. has already left the european union without
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a deal if it goes as boris johnson johnson likes that but in any case a general election is most likely to happen and it will be some kind of another referendum a mini referendum on brics that again on whether to remain or stay in the european union a question that has divided of course the u.k. over the last yes short of things so much for bringing us up to date d.w. charlotte pops there in london. apocalyptic devastating just a couple of the words being used to describe the situation in the bahamas after the islands were battered for 3 days by hurricane dorian the full scale of the disaster has not yet emerged as relief and rescue workers are unable to reach many areas at least 7 people are confirmed dead both already say that figure is set to rise. the bird's eye view of the ruins left behind in the bahamas. dorian is the strongest storm to hit the island since the beginning of modern weather records.
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the category 5 hurricane pummeled the region with winds up to 300 kilometers an hour. the red cross says it has destroyed more than 13000 homes several people have been killed. schools more injured. there i don't think my god. this is one of. the country's cultural minister film dries in floodwaters in his own house. he said some areas a 7 in the hof meters under water. so. but most residents don't live in such grand houses many have lost their homes and possibly their lives countless people are still missing. in the midst of historic tragedy.
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then bam. our mission and focus now on this search and rescue and recovery. meanwhile the u.s. state of florida has been preparing for dorian's arrival people in vulnerable areas have been ordered to leave their homes the national guard has been deployed even if the hurricane doesn't end up hitting florida as hard as expected the state's governor has warned. this storm shouldn't be underestimated wow we think this is a much better track than we were looking at a 72 hours ago we just asked people to stay safe remain vigilant. but not everyone is taking things as seriously. and some are choosing to remain calm. we're already been years and 57. we're having floods. news to. begin. afloat. but these
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images might just instill some respect this is during a scene from the international space station the hurricane has a dynamic to have some 450 kilometer is a hugely unpredictable and destructive force. and here's some of the other stories making headlines around the world today in haiti opposition supporters have ransacked parliamentary offices in a bid to impede a session with lawmakers it comes with the country facing widespread political and economic unrest fuel shortages and worsening poverty have been stoking months of anti-government protests. protesters in tunisia have rallied to demand the release of media mogul and presidential candidate. for the court on tuesday rejected an appeal to free him from jail. was arrested on monday on money laundering charges in august shortly after announcing his presidential candidacy he says the charges
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are politically motivated. in south africa at least 5 people have been killed in riots targeting migrant workers and poor and owned businesses it's the latest outbreak of ballance against immigrants near johannesburg and part of a trend of hostility toward foreign workers in the country president cyril ramaphosa has condemned the attack saying they are completely against the ethos that south africans espouse. taking to the streets to vent their frustration against foreigners starting on sunday mobs of protestors turned violent looting shops and attacking immigrant shopkeepers and workers. police patrolled the city trying to restore calm. they fired rubber bullets to disperse protesters dozens have been arrested since monday. the violence has also spread to the capital
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pretoria and to the township of alexandra in northeastern johannesburg residents started the work of cleaning up their plundered shops and regional authorities expressed their frustration yes it is important that we strengthen border security there but we can do so without resorting to send a phobia we can't do so without. violence and we can do so without him you know it's one to use this is a 2 week old sense it's been if the. president. has also condemned the violence migrants from other african countries come to south africa searching for work authorities have not ruled out using armed force to stop the protests if the attacks on foreign workers continue. and let's cross straight over to johannesburg. standing by there for us what's the situation there now of things called el. the situation
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this morning is calm as you can see behind me cars are driving around in the people are doing all that they're doing that business this morning but things might change because the threatened that this afternoon they're going to read this into the hands big and today this is after they claimed that 2 of deaf people wish or just that day and killed by the 14 next now so they are saying that going to going to jail has been instituted this is a place where a lot of foreign missile shots are the so we expect that things might change and you brick applies that most of these routines they happen most of my during the day these people are good luck seeing into that business then when the night comes to stop looting so the problem is that the looting is pointing to different places so you put is a crime to the situation at one place then i'm not the place also it so for now is right but things might change what's driving this wave of violence why
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is this violence being directed at foreign nationals. if you speak to this routers they're saying they have problem is that they'll blame foreign as for taking their jobs are saying the foreign as a taking employment form call from them and most of them unemployed also blame the for the now saying the pickling progs around they're saying all places are full of cranks and they're blaming that on the for the nice and they're also saying before enough most of them i hear in the country legally so they want them to go but yesterday you had to civil society organizations like the african does put up what i'm coming out and say the government is to blame the government is fueling this because you have hit a number of government officials saying beings or sentiments that are anti immigrant and they are saying people are just getting out instructions of these politicians so the government is being accused of complicity in this but
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presumably the government wants to stop this violence what is the government doing to deal with the situation the government seem to pervert it despite it for solutions that they have send police all over the place by the police overwhelmed because when they try to stop it at one place it comes on to another place it seems to something that is we'll plant into when orchestrated so the big government is struggling to do that but you have had presence that i'm opposed to coming out in television telling the nation please don't talk foreign as you have it the minute stuff with all this going around the community is trying to address the common to saying list live in peace with these people but yesterday that mr police went to one of these reports. told him so there's no way they're not going to stop until they put in as i won't be able to you know until we can until the government forces all of them to go out of the country to say i thank you very much it is that we have seen african countries but. i think you so much the better
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inclusive also decided not to come ok i'm afraid we're going to leave it there too so thanks for bringing us up to date that was journalist who's a there in johannesburg. germany's foreign minister has said berlin will work to end the international isolation of sudan now that that country is on the path to democracy speaking during a visit to the country where a government has recently been sworn in that will manage the transition from military rule. germany's foreign minister hike a mass came to khartoum with a message it wants to be a reliable partner. must met with representatives of the democracy movement in the capital as well as with those who have peacefully demonstrated against military rule in sudan. there's a lot going on right now in the society expectations are also very high for the new political leadership and i've been asked that germany and europe contribute our bit
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bored by supporting this country financially as much as we can tire that's why it's hard these markets were just. so damn could used to help the country is just beginning to stabilize and a part of this year omar al bashir was overthrown after 30 years as president the military seized control but people took to the streets to protest continued to take the ship and kept up the pressure for months when the army refused to relinquish power. approaching ocracy leaders and the military finally agreed on an interim government to end the crisis it was sworn in in august. many young sudanese people are feeling cautiously optimistic about the future. the 1st thing i was done to feel connected to the outer world. but to feel the same as everyone else in the means of technology and the means of communication in the means of services. would be great if that i could give us the youth more opportunity to achieve what we want
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to achieve feels like we are actually being seen we are not another country another 3rd work unto you with with problem and it where actually being seen for who we are truly who we are. the interim government under prime minister. is preparing for the country's 1st free election set to take place in 2022 on to the transitional agreement he has forbidden from standing in the election. when syke clone hit the mozambican coast in march this year not only houses and streets were washed away the storm which badly affected the area around beira arrived in the middle of the harvest season destroying thousands of crops today 6 months after the storm millions are dependent on emergency relief. funnels like philippe up now and still counting their losses 5 months on from psycho need i the storm swept
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away their homes and harvest 20 crops. here in boozy district 75 percent of the fields was a steroid and some 8000 cattle died ones and passed them infested the water logged soil when. i went back to replant for the 2nd growing season my mission would be. but i couldn't produce anything because there were so many of our own or without the broken to move my entire crop was destroyed both i wanted to go to do it down. many of the farmers are still living in refugee camps. the huge drop in agricultural production has had serious consequences food prices have risen dramatically across the country the price of corn temporarily doubled. the 4000 people who live here survive on emergency aid.
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donor honey a is the administrator at the camp. he says it's a weekly struggle to find enough food for everyone. deployed. or we received the 1st go deliveries we may do with what we had stockpiled here. but our stocks are now depleted. so in order to feed those who didn't receive anything yet we asked for help from world vision and they aim to deliver supplies every 30 days they didn't a day but the storage unit is completely empty 30 days have passed people here hope that the deliveries will actually arrive soon and that here at the world vision center a nearby beta. is responsible for supplying the camps in mozambique that the organization took over the management from the world food program he expects millions of people to be reliant on their deliveries in the coming months so it's going to the region what we're talking about the region we're talking about 5000000 people who will be
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affected by this. it will actually be a huge number of people who need assistance that he needs a lot of. in the meantime filippo have it all is rebuilding his house fortunately he was able to save a small part of his harvest. this i plan destroyed the granary so his corn is now stored in the open. hopes he can also receive emergency aid when his supply is used up. francis is due to visit mozambique on wednesday as part of a 7 day tour of sub-saharan africa but he won't be visiting the areas hit by the cycle that's disappointed many catholics in the port city of beirut here's what some are saying about the pope's visit. it's been. it's a shame he won't come here to beda where the cyclon passed he should have visited. but his conditions didn't allow it the fact that he's coming to our capital maputo
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is satisfying. it's still mozambique. and the. moon many residents of the who felt the cycling on this can will travel to my putah together to accompany the mass of the holy priest. and that i'm also going with my family to the city of but i mean i need to see it up close and follow the words of the holy priest very. much but i will send a bible. and we'll be following the pope's visit to mozambique i'll be bringing you more updates throughout the day. the rugby world cup begins in japan this month and players have been advised to cover up their tattoos that's because in japan tattoos are seen as being linked to crime but some of the country hope the tournament is a chance to break the tattoo taboo. arriving in japan the world's best rugby players bring with them something that the country isn't much accustomed to their
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tattoos. they've long been associated with criminality in japan to be inked suggests links with yahoo is a crime syndicates for polynesians tattoos have a very different meaning many new zealand players wear them in tribute to their maori heritage they have some adjusting to do. it's funny 1st they were here we went with them and we wanted to cover up so there was a few long sleeve tights cos he's going around but. i think that'll just be that it'll be the norm for the players that are lucky enough to come over here you know we got to speak of barry's. people have been just notice some local tattoo artists are hoping that with the world cup in town the sudden high profile of the art form will help change japanese attitudes for it's a positive thing rugby players with tattoos are coming to japan so everyone with
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tattoos and yeah. i think japanese people need to be aware of that. but world rugby has said it would prefer players to bow to custom and cover up and the teams have said they're happy to feel that request if they do so when the tournaments gets underway in 2 weeks' time there will be no going display after all. this is the w. news these are our top stories this phrase prime minister boris johnson has suffered a major defeat in parliament says lawmakers seized control of his brakes and agenda is the 1st part of their attempt to pass a law designed to stall a no brags that no deal breaks this means they can bring forward a bill seeking to delay the u.k. leaving the. u.k. leaving the e.u. beyond the 31st of october. at least 7 people have been killed in the bahamas as hurricane dorian moves towards the u.s.
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east coast despite weakening to a category 2 the storm is still packing winds of more than 170 kilometers per hour it's forced millions of people in the u.s. to leave their homes. reports from south africa say 5 people have been killed in santa phobic attacks which are continuing for a 3rd day arson and widespread looting of targeted foreign owned businesses across through hemis bergen pretoria south africa's president cyril ramaphosa has condemned the violence. italy's 5 star movement has overwhelmingly approved a new governing coalition with the center left democratic party means far right leader matteo savini will be relegated to the opposition and italy will avoid a snap election. this is d w news from berlin as always you can find the latest headlines around the clock at the w dot com or follow us on twitter at d w news. all that still to come on d w business with monica jack you're watching t.w.
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news says always you know you can find this also all the facebook and other social media thanks.
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will germany's car industry survive. electro mobility is picking up speed. around the world the market but he calls good. but germany has been looking on the brakes. the automotive powerhouse is stuck in the slow lane. running on anything. close to 60.
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where i come from we have to fly for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to a shadow and a few newspapers with official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many can trust and their problems are all in the same core to the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption work on the floor to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans on scene or my through foals who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is johnny carson and i poured a d.w.i. . the water starts rising people by force are. told her this could be dangerous. floods and droughts will climate
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change become the main driver of mass migration you could look right any going to matter if you want and probably most of the book on. climate exodus starts september 5th on g.w. . and off is enough following recent shootings in the united states the country's biggest retail chain wal-mart says it will stop selling hunter guns and certain kinds of ammunition. also coming up it's quite possibly the most complicated times for case in german history today to the investment bankers go on trial. at its finest cleaned up not cheap a swedish stand up presented the pilots could.


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