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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 4, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is did over the years lie from britain's prime minister calls for an election to break the back seat logjam boris johnson comes out after suffering a fatal defeat intolerant on tuesday italians as the opposition will agree to an election next month also on the program the scale of the disaster caused by how to control him in the bahamas begins very much tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed huge numbers of people without.
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i'm so girl welcome to the program britain's prime minister is calling for an election to break the practice that logjam to suffering a major defeat in parliament on tuesday for his johnson demanding a snap election on the 15th of october if lawmakers succeed in stopping him using the threat of a no deal in the go sanctions with the european union a bill to stop a britain leaving the e.u. without a withdrawal deals going through parliament now but the prime minister says it would undermine his negotiating position. if you lost control prime minister heading for his 1st and possibly last prime minister's questions. defeat last night boris johnson came out fighting kicking more than 20 rebels out of his party including winston churchill's grandson and site parliament he accused his opponents of tying the government's hands. for the. questions to the prime minister the only
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thing that standing is standing you know you know way is the undermine the of those negotiations by this surrender bill which would be to moot be that and we delayed in march we delayed in april and now we want to do it he wants to delay again for absolutely no purpose whatever i really fail to see how i can be accused of undermining the go see ations because no negotiations are taking right i. these negotiations that he talks about i rush am only is doing is running down the clock or to seeking to break the deadlock johnson used an ill tempered session to repeat calls for fresh elections but the labor party wants to control the timing. johnson says they are running scared. there's only one car in a cage she came in i can see the size i was already.
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pretty. much the people decide that the people decide on what he's doing to this country's negotiating position by having a general election on october the p.p. since he was a boy he has dreamed of leading his country but now it's boris johnson's high stakes gamble to suspend parliament and deliver breaks it at any cost doesn't pay off he may be the shortest $7.00 prime minister in history. well let's get the latest view on this ongoing drama from barbara faisal in london 10 shots and brussels welcome both let's start with you bob talk asserted today as to votes and messing with accounts. i mean the 1st round of foods we're going to see now the deal that was the bill that is supposed to try boris johnson's hands that is supposed to make it impossible for him to crash britain out of the european union
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at the end of october without deal it would force him if it came into power it would force him to go back to the european summit on october 17th and say sorry about this things went wrong back home could you please give me a light in the pool on geishas now that is something that doris jones will absolutely hate to do he will do anything to avoid it so the battle about this is still going on but we're in the 1st part we're going to see in the next 23 hours 2 rounds of those where the opposition and it reinforced by the tory rebels will push this last through then it will go in through the north and finally will have to get the formula sent of the queen and then it could come into force at the beginning of next week. and if you don't against him mr johnson wants an election but he can't call it by himself. he wants an election so he is going to call that election after the 2nd round of this voting tonight he has gone through the thought that he
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needs a 2 thirds majority now he has no majority whatsoever he's not talking about a 2 thirds majority and so he's going to lose that again so then the next sort of we get into the next stage of this sort of rocket and that is a little under british politics and he will come back next monday and try to push for an election again and then and in a different sort of procedure he needs only a simple majority and we will see whether the opposition and the rebels hold together all whether he can manage then to pull it off. in brussels any request from britain for an extension would have to be signed off by the $27.00 of us how they might view such a request. that's right and phil earlier when we spoke i said that i thought they would probably be fairly amenable to such a request because the european union would be half happy of brecht's that were
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called off all together and giving them a 3 month extension to possibly ease some of the burdens of bracks if the financial implications all the problems it's going to cause would seem like a rather small price to pay but just in the last couple of hours the finnish prime minister with finland being the president of the european union at the moment he said to his parliament that he doesn't think the other $27.00 e.u. leaders would be so open to giving britain an extension because he says we don't see any reason why if it's just 3 more months of what we're seeing today all this chaos all this division what would be the use of dragging it on for 3 more months so that would be something where the e.u. and boris johnson might actually be on the same page in saying that an extension isn't worth it. reversal in london people are always looking for some sort of conspiracy and one of the series doing the rounds is that a new election was always what mr johnson a wanted all along. yes absolutely i many many here say this is
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sort of the strategy behind the tactics that we're seeing at the moment that this is what he wanted because he started into the job without being elected it was only his own tory party who voted for him and he didn't have a majority yesterday he still had like one vote up he was still one vote up and then within a few hours that this whole completely so he does need a majority if he wants to govern in any way and he won sort of to sort of push to push the issue of bracks it and use that like a battering ram to sort of polarized politics in britain to the extent that he could possibly gain an election and have his own majority in parliament but many can also hear a look at the statistics and they look at the figures had never been talking to some people and they say we don't know about that it could end up in just a hung parliament if boris johnson is unlucky all the opposition sort of can hold
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its own proviso in london same process thank you. we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world as well as prime minister to stop the counting has announced a new capital today to a populist and center left coalition 35 star movement began the rage tomorrow as foreign minister far right leader of a terror cell vini is replaced as interior minister by technocrats novel gacy. pope francis has arrived in mozambique the southern african country was hard hit by cycling 6 months ago and protection of the environment is expected to be a key theme of his visit the pope's 6 day tour will also take in madagascar and mercer's. iran has announced that it will be least 7 crew members of the detained british flag time problems stemming imperiled the ship was captured by iran's revolutionary guard in july in the strait of hormuz 2 weeks after britain's your
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brain tanker off the coast of. north georgia is in the bahamas assessing the devastation caused by her could dorian the most powerful ever to hit the country large areas of the islands in the flooded with thousands of homes completely destroyed at least 7 people are confirmed dead and it could last we heard last strength which could yet make landfall dangerous winds in the united states off of georgia lines. let's get more from a completely amal and she's a journalist in freeport grand bahama welcome to day w. how bad are things. things are pretty bad things are pretty bad rescue efforts are being carried out here on grandma mile and been you know doing it in the thick of the storm on monday again yesterday even with outer bands and right now you know. tropical storm winds force winds. you know we still haven't heard all
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settlement whole the whole eastern end of the out of this thing so people are right now trying to mobilize themselves chatzky they have to they can't get there people have been stuck in there for days we haven't heard from them stands the wee hours of the morning on monday things are pretty bad. people have nothing and i see nothing. that was on their back and they go home to nothing. we need our 3 things. the hospital the water. police agent. command center you know so we need everything ok it does sound pretty bad are you are you getting much as much coming in. nothing can really come into our island or say right now because the. airport is not open as yet the best way to quickest way to be able to get things to us would be through. freight. train boat however.
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the port has to be assessed right now all of our ports have to be assessed in order for things to be able to come in right now most people who are coming to the alan me they're lining the. where they have. air traffic control actually the air traffic control they have been stuck in its hour. from the storm again so they would know when the airports you know in but they at so they're living in that area. if you look into it at this point in time are asking people to collect when they can. and now people in their regions they might be able to. money of course is it's needed but we need items more than anything you can give his money whatever. but if you can send us things that that are
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a big help right now with the cleanup. you're trying to get people normally structures are standing on the big issues today 3 garbage in the road that they're trying to get things out of people's homes that they can get things in there. and much structural damage to the mare fact that. building code is impressive. things. begin to clean. we need people to. you know return. to normalcy what life was once like that's when it. we need cleaning items blowers and such. but the sun is out of things are drying right now that we need things to clean that we need volunteers to come to how to clean what we we wish you well thank you so much for joining us kimberly among the moderns and. has bowed to the demands of
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pro-democracy protesters on withdrawal the controversial action that spock bunts of . other proposals allowed for suspects to be tried in courts and mainland china run by the communist party decision on television. the queen thing when the government of the special administrative region will officially withdraw the bill and eradicate the ruiz of the people the security chief will propose in motion to withdraw on the bill after the legislative meeting is back. to light on what happened in the last 2 months has shocked and saddened the hong kong people and made everyone worried and upset about hong kong. like everyone is worried and hopes to resolve the current situation i got the whole sport now starting with travis and that the u.s. open much of federer is out after grigor dimitrov beat him in 5 sets of 8 semifinals federer was leading 2 sets to walk but the 38 year old needed
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a medical timeout never returned to 4 also in the semifinals this arena williams who made life work of a potent wang chung to win in straight sets this was her 100th the weight of the tournament she's only the 2nd player to achieve that milestone. unveiled its lug of for the 2022 world cup with they design project still to lon marks around the world the stylized to arabic white shawl enough figure of ain't patent was projected on ticket national archives girl big these acting 20 turns to local time it also rush on a out from out on your new rope sept time square i'm london's lest as gret and the end no recent torment post cities muska johanna's proud and south jaren fashion photographer beaten lynn bag has died aged 740 and he was widely credited with inventing the 980 supermodel and was famous for photographing women without having make got as our conny images my house or so what is like you know me
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kalb it's a talented and cindy crawford and he survived by his wife and 4 sons i'm next a all day w. up business africa up with that gap heart to al 1st up in back of the top of the after i'm going to stay up today don't miss our highlights program d.w. dark come highlights look canceling missing carefully you don't look good suki me through gets to dig it


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