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price government corporate greed. for selling out. donkeys fear know how you know. september 18th on d.w. . you like it that way the country divided from. our relationship with the european is change it to reason may have to deal wasn't perfect but it would have to live a. tension a change what is another 3 months going to achieve here in london it's still all about. boris johnson who was shot down a fractious and angry parliament but not before m.p.'s managed to do him serious damage denying him a date for the next general election and forcing him by law to seek another extension from the e.u. if you can't get a deal over the 19 my guest to this week is andrew bridge
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a conservative m.p. and leading brecht's it supporter who boris johnson now obey the law the parliament has put in front of him. and your bridge and welcome. one of the biggest obstacles preventing a deal between britain and the e.u. is the irish backstop the so-called insurance policy to keep open border between northern ireland and the irish republic the government has promised new proposals where are there well i think they're already out there alternative arrangements have been discussed for over 12 months a trust a trade a scheme for regular trade it's a very actually a relatively small amount of trade that goes across the board about turn of 1000000000 pounds a year but only exemption exemptions for small traders. and checks away from the
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border but always 21st the prime minister said in berlin standing beside bangalore merkel you rightly say the onus is on us to produce those solutions he hasn't produced any since then why not well i think to an extent the irish border issue is a is a conflated issue in my view. before the irish border became a stick with which to beat the the u.k. government during these negotiations were going there was a reason i just where there was where the proposals are all the proposals are and where the proposals are all proposals they were out there a few months after the referendum was a joint statement by the head of haiti massy northern ireland and customs actually south of the border which said the current infrastructure on the border was quite sufficient to deal and there weren't any outcomes said it isn't look if the minister is playing politics with this issue isn't it because the backstop 20 democratic let's not forget that he actually voted for that backstop in the
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withdrawal agreement in may just 4 months ago the 3rd time it was put out to vote did garner i didn't i didn't so dominate rob so the the leader of the house jacob reese more believing light of your european research group who said if we take this deal we are legally out of the e.u. it restores independence that's what you want it for heaven's sake restoring independence for backstop wasn't so terrible 4 months ago was it terrible not i think they were looking at the lesser of the rules i think they could see that perhaps it was slipping away potentially and it was the reason why is deal or no brick said i didn't hold to that opinion the fact was the truth and i put a job on the line and said if you if you back my withdraw agreement and get it through i will stand down and let someone else take over the negotiation about the future relationship i thought it was a flawed argument michael your people have pretty elastic principles one moment is ok the next moment is not i think they're playing politics with it it's not
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a matter of well i suppose it it is for a large number of us i think that probably boris johnson and jacob riis mark and obviously with hindsight they would have regretted voting for the withdrawal agreement to end the 3 at the end of the day that was never a deal that was ever never got more than 15 percent supported by the public and they. you know don't want to live any price to you i want i do want to be a member of the minister who just resigned asked for reassurances that the government was working on the deal she didn't get them she directly contradicted the prime minister's promise that he was 100 percent focused on getting a deal absolutely but when you contradicted the updates i've been grateful to see you have not provided me with the assurances i so i think campbell rhodes position on e.u. membership and the withdrawal agreement and the negotiations are well known and she doesn't mean she's telling the lie does it but she's telling it from her perspective he's seen the papers well she's seen the cabinet she knows it's not
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only but surely anyone who's ever negotiated anything to him knows that with a walkaway position the more you prepare for no deal and i said this consistently over the last 3 and a half years the more the government prepared for no deal and publicly let that be known the less likely we're ever going to need it it is unfortunate that so much time was wasted going down the blind alley of the withdrawal agreement. with all of the reserve may come under that in the moment but with boris johnson trust isn't it and bones either doesn't score highly on that and see what this is the man who announced in july that the e.u. was stopping britain from having free ports we could do free ports he said it would be a massive boost to this court to me we don't because of our membership of the utter nonsense as well if we actually saw on the withdrawal that we were she would be giving away the powers over state aid and those sort of tax discounts we're giving a veto to the european union so i might potentially talk about freeport when that's simply not true well if we sign the withdrawal we would have been under
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a veto on our state aid rules mr britain but we would have no we would have 3 ports across the e.u. most of them in new member countries what mr jones and also didn't seem to know was that until 2012 when the legislation that established reports expired here in britain there were freeport areas in liverpool southampton share in the. impressed with their book but he didn't know any of that so this is the kind of nonsense that comes from the government is visited on the mother there's a little of this there's a guesstimate i think there's a difference between the e.u. allowing us to have a free port when we are a fully functioning member of the european union and once we were in the withdrawal agreement if we asked for a free port and they had a veto it was not necessarily in the e.u. interest to allow us to have that advantage called into a house of commons library if the treasury wants to designate free ports you can do it by statutory instrument there's no need for a vote it can do it just like that in 5 minutes so it's nothing to do with the as i'll come back to the point if we sign the withdrawal agreement we've given the
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e.u. a veto on all of our stated rules including the provision of free ports and our relationship with the european union to change is not the same as it was 5 years before the referendum it'll never be the same again whatever the outcome of the brics it negotiations is what you will be different it will be different yes that's what we promised the people that would leave like boris johnson you to in the past of seem strangely baffled about the rules haven't you you told the irish radio station last year that was possible under the common travel area arrangements between britain and ireland for britons to get passports you know london and the irish to come over here and get passed but they can't let me know that that was simply wrong you want it was it was a it why do you put out the stuff well it was an unfortunate situation i should have done the into the into was after midnight and it was 2 or 3 days after my wife had just given birth to us i was a little sleep deprived and a little dream of happy at that stage i should have given the interview i mistook
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that for the situation regarding to people in northern ireland who have the choice of taking either british or irish passport. and i have apologized for that mistake your suggestions that under an obscure world trade organization article $24.00 britain can somehow avoid tariffs on its exports in the event of a no deal you seem to be somewhat behind government thinking on this because just 6 days ago. michael gove the minister in charge of bricks at preparations said high e.u. tariffs on british exports remain the biggest challenge in the no deal indeed a superdelegate that gets $24.00 article $24.00 it's basically a 2 page agreement between the e.u. and the u.k. which the e.u. have got to agree to what have they got to agree to it will have to agree or they haven't got to agree to it but it to make it work they've got to agree that we can have but you haven't got that agreement you say it's a 2 piece no we haven't you haven't got it we haven't but this is piling more going on that we're not going to get that agreement while the e.u. think they're either going to get us to coerce us through to stay in the european
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union and not actually leave or to ask for an extension or that we would find the withdrawal agreement which is better for me not going to face the consequences of no deal until. we've sorted out our parliament if i were the they're going to charge tirelessly cheechoo as a 3rd country and the rules and terrorists apply at the absolute raiders and that and hundreds a gram we as if that's the way the e.u. want to play and that's fine it's unfortunate it will go down their rules in that case and will pocket we can refund all the tariffs to our exporters and pocket 12000000000 pounds a year from the european union in excess tariffs that's fine if that's what he want to do that's not what i'd like to do i would like to sign get 24 if we don't get to get a deal which i don't think we're going to do that will give us 10 years up to 10 years of tariff and quota free trade as we are now where we thrash out that detailed comprehensive free trade deal along the lines of of the deal that the e.u. did with canada and with far more important encounter will be 70 the market for 70
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percent of all the us here will be far more complicated and difficult to get let's talk a bit about the situation of the prime minister and the because these well over 20 seats short of a working majority no power no authority and i was 26 double up so it's 40 votes no power no or 30 largest number of defeats in parliament for a new prime minister these parliaments puppet how easily i can call an election can't run down the clock among. my analysis of the situation is that i've always maintained that we are we have got a rate remained dominated parliament it's always been that in that situation what actually is happening now is that with the election of boris johnson by the conservative party as the new prime minister. someone who is committed to get us out of the european union by the 31st of october we flushed out the remain as who are in all the parties that i think i don't think it's any any secret we've now in the position we're lost where you've lost major talent margaret talev people the
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father of the house ken clarke you've lost him you lost a number of people who are deeply respected and have a lot of knowledge yet a lot of experience of policy and use. threw them out which is hypocritical in itself isn't it well because because look at all the times that the current front bench i think that's interesting noted again science and math i vote she was probably i voted against the government on many occasions from the backbench and you weren't thrown ball out but i voted against issues and policies i voted for the referendum i was one of the rebels of i voted against intervention led the rebellion against intervention in syria some years ago i voted against the h s 2 project every time it's come to the house speed row yet when i voted i voted against the withdrawal agreement on all 3 occasions but i voted against specific policies what the rebels last week did was they voted to take away the government's ability to legislate and hand it to the opposition and they were warned prior to
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that vote that if they did so they would lose their political lives let's just look at that legislation for a moment that. the lord now says that if boris johnson doesn't get a deal by october 19th the us the e.u. the e.u. summit e.u. for an extension. but isn't this what you wanted the british parliament passing british laws with no interference from the says actually what you wanted part was exerting its sovereign orthorexic mustn't it i wish i wish that your mother happy well i'm not happy when philip hammond one of the leading rebels on this former chancellor of the exchequer exchequer only a few weeks ago he admitted in conversation at number 10 with the prime minister boris johnson that the e.u.'s own lawyers helped to draft that legislation and the and the sting in the tail doesn't matter who helped draft it does what i think is i think it says a lot whose interests some of our members are working and the sting of the tail of the senate is they should still legislation and apparently some people in your
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blood don't so you don't believe he's bound by law to refuse parliament's instructor i think i think it's against the constitution of our country we have a system where law it's received was sent it is but the way it were. is the way it was delivered was not a photo didn't slow it received a cent wheat on the statue we have a special that i think it should be tested in court where we have a system where whereby the the government of the day brings forward legislation. which the house either approves or votes down it may be amend it and then it goes on the statute book and at the next an election the government will be held responsible for the legislation it has passed we're now in the perverse situation with the connivance of john bercow the speaker. we're in a situation where government legislation is being passed on to the statute book which the government no other proposed indeed opposes doesn't mean of the road through a lot of laws on the statute book that the government hasn't proposed many months
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many of them wouldn't have guns or the standards of laws but what are you suggesting that he breaks the law and i'm not suggesting that he breaks that the law because that would be what i would say but i don't know what i would see and it would set a very dangerous precedent but i mean the the the appetite for democracy is appetite for martyrs it is it is insatiable and you only in your great city is ample time for the monsters as well we had in duncan smith former tory leader saying the prime minister should be willing to be and would be seen as a brick sit mater so it's not something glorious to break the law in britain no it is our duty to britain's international reputation if the prime minister started trashing laws and trashing the rule of law i think you know i think would be a retrograde step i'd rather take a legal challenge to the law and i think if you go raise this really in court after that and they tell him to be the law well that they're the silly shit then if the supreme court says he should then he should but there are other ways around it and
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they've been well publicized he may be right of the letters. he may send a letter saying he wants or he's been told to ask for an extension to article 50 and he may want to that i like that would look really good he sends one letters. you can't do i can't do this no you would say he would station extension and the other one saying i don't know what makes a nancy he will never cross i promise you one thing to him he'll never say i want an extension he may say i have been commanded by parliament to ask for an extension however i think there's no doubt he doesn't want an extension and what will this extension achieve what is another 3 months going to achieve and the sting in the tail of that legislation that was passed helped to be drafted by the european union's loyalty is it avoids a no deal bricks it with a lot of people in this country don't want he who fights and runs away and he lives to run away another they was going to happen on 31st december and then the real stinker in the tail of that legislation is in the final paragraph it is says that the prime minister is ordered to ask for an extension to the 31st of january 3
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month extension however if the european union will not accept the 31st of january and offer an alternative date for extension the prime minister only has 2048 hours to accept that date what if well what if you want to quit he's a quick thing what you can mostly what if the european union come back and say what we've had enough of this we've had extension after extension the short extensions the u.k. can't get its act together 5 years so then we'd be in a situation where probably nearly 9 years after the referendum we haven't implemented the will of the people express that referendum so damaging there are others talk about these are the reasons because you launch you're a lame the remain m.p.'s in parliament for the most britons in you said last week democracy only works when the losers accept the result and they've gone against the will of the british people i know it's always useful to blame somebody else when things go wrong but the fact is if it hadn't been for the unbridgeable divisions
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inside your party then the 3 years that your party has wasted bickering and fighting with itself the will of the people would have been delivered by now to reason may have to deal wasn't perfect but it would have delivered bracks it. in name only not according to jacob riis mark would have given you your independence oh i think i think you are going the polls at this time show people wanted it not the 29th you gov poll leave voters wanted to see that deal passed by 49 percent to 30 percent conservative voters wanted it by an even higher margin by 57 percent to 24 percent but you knew better than your own interest didn't live would i say have 3 more i was surprised i would suggest that the overwhelming majority of those people never actually read the withdrawal agreement for never even read the the legal briefings on the withdrawal agreement and they were downing trees and i was tasked to go and they wanted a deal it doesn't matter with that and they would have and they would let it and
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when when they saw the deal they got it wouldn't have taken very long at all were for a huge amount of dissatisfaction not then with the european union who force the deal on treason a but on us for voting for it and i promise you to whatever happens i am not signing that withdrawal agreement i will not betray my country or my electorate as they have you told the police and i will not sign it if your party missed out in my name if your party had really been interested in delivering the results of the referendum to resume a would have recognised the differences amongst m.p.'s in parliament and sort straight away to work out a deal that could pass through parliament she had a majority she briefly had some more authority she could have started cross party talks immediately but she waited 2 and a half years before doing that it's your failure you blame the remain and be it's the failure of your body and your conservative government are i think tories of maine unfortunately we carry a lot of the blame for this i never voted for her as leader and i was actually the
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1st m.p. to say that she should go which was on the saturday after she launched the checkers proposals when it was clear that that was not delivering on our manifesto that we were single market a customs union jurisdiction ripping quarters take back control of our money our. orders of our laws and i'm disappointed that we have an opportunity in december of last year the vote of confidence where 200 of my colleagues did have confidence in her so she stayed on i don't know what they thought were things going to get better with the clock has been run down has been run down and left boris johnson with very very few options the clock has run the. ministers who are in positions of war 30 david davis liam fox michael go boris johnson breaks it supporting ministers in key jobs and they failed to get it done many of the people who are now sitting on your what they failed but what david davis did fail to do was realize that the reason i was running power well negotiations through his own office using his own civil servants and then presented him 2 days before checkers
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with a fait accompli that you're working on a super candidate the oh but this is what we're going to do with davis didn't have the 1st thing about the european union this is what he said within minutes of a vote for bret's it the c.e.o.'s of mercedes b.m.w. v.w. an audi would be knocking on merkel's door demanding there be no barriers to the british market didn't happen i think they said it was going to be the easiest deal in is to didn't have what it should all the cards were going to be in britain's hands didn't happen this was nonsense wasn't it project fantasy what we've what we've got is we do still have some semblance of democracy in this country whereby people are dissatisfied what the government's doing come and lobby me our lobby the prime minister they lobby the prime minister directly due to the democratic deficit in the european union we're trading with germany france and all the other e.u. countries but they've given the powers of these negotiations to an another body called the european union and and it's. what it wants to get out of these
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negotiations is going to be different to what our customers in those countries want to get on there is a huge democratic deficit with the people making the big decisions in the european union and not elected or not not politically account a lot of them are elected we just had the largest the largest democratic vote is for the european parliament yes the large 400000000 people a lot of the largest party elected that parliament is the brics it party. you're happy with the democracy for that's democracy is democracy but i was i was very i was i would have been very unhappy had we pulled the prime minister then treason by paul the european elections because we weren't going to do very well in them that would have been wrong and i made that very clear mr pidgen when you look around this country you can't fail to see people getting angrier more divided more bitter demonstrations are getting angry you know like it that way the country divided full
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of hatred noveck to no not at all and that's what you i'm as distance to a deal has produced isn't know it's the resistance to leaving as i said the democracy only works when a deal you could have left you would have been out by it was a very very bad deal and it would have it was a deal i don't think we ever would have got out of the backstop i think that was the end state for the got in mind for our country and they would have had a fatalist in the article 50 process we can actually leave or we're in a time of along we extend it and however unpopular it is with our electorate once which sign that we draw agreement the e.u. would have a veto when we could actually get out of that treaty. and i do think the country can come back together but one thing for sure how is it going to come back to get when we lose so deep when we actually divide it when we actually leave you have a situation where anyone who contradicts the government line is belittled and insulted you take the dr david nicol who contributed to the government's contingency plan for no deal access he dared to share his concerns about the
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government's inability to stop our medicines and he was told to be ashamed of himself and he was fear mongering he was obviously good enough to contribute to the government your own work your money this what a wonderful precedent for a free society isn't it that he didn't tell you what you wanted to hear so he was fear mongering well i'll tell you what is going on the liberal elite in this country have never lost a serious political battle. in history he was the last royal a lot they've lost this one and they'll use yeah absolutely at their disposal to achieve their aims is not leave your people talking about people who might actually lose their life because they haven't got the medicines they need are you prepared to risk lives in this grand project of yours and that is pure project fear that continues to project for you what 10 these are these are experts who are pointing out that there is a huge risk here my question is how you x. is a has been a mother not only upon the primary question to you is are you prepared to risk
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lives in this project are you there is there is always a simple question yes or no well. are the european union willing to risk luskin you the question we were who put that question to the i must mean you or the fact i do 5 characters to risk lives well give me a month where that we're the 2nd biggest pharmaceutical. industry in our country in the world only only bigger by america and you get 36000000 paxil madson from the everyone about so so if it's so it's a big deal about what we sell it so the question we sell is answer the question we are you prepared to respond if not this problem i will do nothing i will do nothing that risk lives we will not interfere with the massive amount of drugs that manufacture in this country that are used by people on the continent we're not threatening their lives it would appear that the e.u. are threatening the lives of people in my country and i think the you have misjudged the british terrorism and that's all they're talking about one widely known frictionless trade as
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a temp that will result the day of the measures that are in the european union no do it was up we've got complete regulator e equivalence with your people in the european union one minute past 11 when we leave one minute past 11 when we leave those goods were manufactured while we were in the european what's the difference between those goods the minute before we left and the minute after the birth the day off with one extra checks would you lie on those words you're a what a what you extra 3rd country and you know that there was a tyrant's about it we've already been through that went directly to the us military that is actually go exactly for regulator equivalents it will probably be a year or 18 months this is a common sense arrangement it's a legal order to show you what what you should change to let need on the goods a legal order. it's illegal well in the w.c. you think that doesn't make it up on the whole if this never saw it was a bad the being 2 countries trading as 3rd parties with fold regulator a quote this is unique in history of the w t o rolls it's usually let me go it's
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a normal tariff barret of extra checks what your checks do you want thanks very much is going away so thank you. google. the book. google.
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