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this is deja vu news live from berlin a britain supreme court set to decide if prime minister boris johnson broke the law he stands accused of overstepping his powers by suspending parliament just 5 weeks before the press the deadline how might he respond if he loses this historic ruling will go large a lot. also coming out a stinging rebuke from climate activists fitted to unberth 2 world leaders at the united nations we are seeing the beginning of a mass extinction and what you can talk about is in money infinitudes of
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economic growth. leader after leader responding with promises to do more to combat global warming but their pledges fall far short of expectations. also on the show g. w. investigates the growing presence of islam as nortons inroads into refugee camps we talk to an armed fighter who uses threats of violence to impose this group strict moves. by brian thomas great to have you with us it's to britain where the supreme court there is set to rule shortly on whether prime minister boris johnson acted illegally when prorogue ing or suspending parliament earlier this month now if the verdict goes against. it would strike at the very heart of that country's
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constitution potentially redefining where the balance of power lies between the government and the judiciary it could also see lawmakers reassemble to deal hammer blow to his plans for taking britain out of the e.u. . let's go live to the supreme court in london our correspondent parts is the ending by there show us a good day to you what's at stake right now for britain and for the british prime minister. but it really is quite a historic day today here in the united kingdom as we're expecting this ruling in about half an hour when the judge the judges will come out and announce their decision of course at the core of the issue is the question has boris johnson acted unlawfully when he sent palm and on that forced break at the lawyers last week during the proceedings against the government argued that he did want to silence
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parliament that he did want to silence m.p.'s in the brics that debate of course the government and boris johnson insisting that it had nothing to do with break that but as always everything has to do with bricks that in this country we are seeing quite a few demonstrators assembled here despite the rain pro break cities and those that want to remain in the european union so it is quite a historic ruling today that could shift the power from the executive and strengthen parliament what about the prime minister what about boris johnson has he indicated at all how he might respond if he loses this crucial because. well boris johnson is in new york right now for the u.n. general assembly and he will hear about this ruling at 5 30 am his time so i'm sure somebody will wake him up but that he is holding a really big feature night before the u.n. general assembly with all the world leaders assembled there so it would be quite a. thing if you use this this case and if indeed the supreme court was ruling that
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he misled the queen by advising her to suspend a palm and so that would be a very big blow to boris johnson and of course there would be pressure on him to resign he has indicated though last night in new york that he is not thinking about that but you know of course would follow the ruling of the supreme court but that he is not thinking about resigning just yet ok now he has promised of course to take britain out of the you one way or the other part over the 31st everything is about as you mentioned for a lot what would this court's decision mean for the brics a process. well if you win so nothing changes he'll negotiate his deal or he try at least if he loses then all cards are on the table again we don't know what is going to happen here and then he might fade face pressure to resign or we will see fresh elections really everything is on the table again then ok in half an hour
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we'll know where this is all going to a lot of parts will have more on that breaking it down for us from london thanks very much a lot. now channeling the anger of a generation who say the fight against climate change is failing after year of street protests took to the world stage yesterday the 16 year old climate activist offering a stinging rebuke to world leaders gathered at the u.n. climate summit in new york her speech drawing rounds of applause as the conference discussed reinvigorating the stalled paris climate accords. people are suffering people are dying and tired school systems are collapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is the money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth how dare you thank you. it was
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an impassioned speech but one of those who most need to to hear it wasn't in the audience. like you are about the president donald trump wasn't due to attend the u.n. summit. the labor leader and the water congress should get together and do that and they should do it at the. trump made a surprise appearance but only stayed to listen to indian prime minister narendra modi and german chancellor angela merkel by john thought i would send germany makes up one percent of the world's population and 2 percent of global emissions if everyone on the planet were to act as we to emissions would double and everyone is more than aware of what this means therefore we want by 2030 to reduce or c o 2 emissions by 55 percent compared with levels in 1990 and in 2050 we want to be climate neutral. when the myan it's by thousands of team on the tides
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and. germany's chancellor has been buffing her green credentials sharing a picture of her meeting timberg on instagram. but the climate activist and other young campaign is have named germany and 4 other countries in a landmark complaint to the un that says in action on climate change amounts to a violation of children's human rights. and allies can only meet the summit hoping that the world sleet is have got the message. the spread you know and some of the other stories making the news at this hour 3 european nations have backed the u.s. and blaming around for recent attack on saudi oil facilities european leaders are also urging iran to agree to new talks with world powers on its nuclear and missile programs. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has met with his political rival benny gantz to discuss a unity government and a rotating prime ministership to lead israel's biggest parties but neither one
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a clear mandate in last week's elections a 3rd round of elections looms if those talks fail to form a unity government. well islam is no alternate groups are reported to be tightening their grip on real hinge or refugee camps like these in bangladesh now they are said to be fighters who belong to the our economy hinges salvation army were the arson and the reported to be brutally enforcing their own strict sharia rules in such camps now you will recall perhaps 875-0000 revenge of fled from right kind state in mayan are to bangladesh that following the brutal crackdown by the me and more army 2 years ago arson has been blamed for the lethal attacks on me and mars soldiers which sparked that clampdown a team of d.w. news reporters went to bangladesh to find out more.
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oh night time in bangladesh strange accounts young men patrol the streets on the lookout for criminal gangs we've heard tales of murder the duction and rape. we're defying the curfew on our way to meet a woman whose husband was shot dead nearby. on the. moment and the miles after my husband used to fight for the right hinges he had no been here for everyone's problems and wanted to stop the lawlessness in the camps that's why some people felt insulted. my god. to protect the woman's identity we cannot say who he was but one thing is clear he angered a powerful group operating in the camps well you might imagine and my husband was shot after evening prayers those who killed him are members of the ark and right here in just salvation army. but before we can ask any further questions about the
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militant group affix it tells us it's time to leave. what. guides us along the back alley ways to make sure we aren't being followed. once we reach our car he disappears. we want to meet a member of the militants but our guides was so afraid of it took weeks for contact arrange an opportunity in a secluded spot outside of the count's we can't verify if the man really is who he claims to be but his story checks out with other accounts he doesn't want to face filmed he's too scared his commander might find out he gave us an interview. some people came to our village and asked whether we want to govern ourselves they told us you don't have any rights in your own country we are here to help you take
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control of your land if you agree come and join us that's how they convinced us they also gave us arms training after that so i joined a group. that was in 2017 shortly after he joined the conflict between us and the me and my army escalated forcing hundreds of thousands of ranger to flee to bangladesh among them oscar and surgeons like this man today trying to impose strict rules in the camp to live that is incredibly. awesome friends informants from myanmar in the camps they are killed. all women are also threatened. if we see a woman dressed incorrectly and if we see her arms we can hit her. in the capital dhaka we confront the foreign minister with the stories we've heard . like it was
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a little bit like there is no art in bangladesh there is in. here if there is any became up up and we will send that individual to milan. the militant tells us some 20500 fighters live in the camps a figure we can't verify we want to know why he agreed to talk to us. if we cause trouble and kill people here the government of bangladesh will also start killing us that's why i disagree with us as actions here but i want to fight in myanmar. faced with the might of the me and my army across the river this isn't a fight they are likely to win the stage is set for a refugee crisis that isn't going away soon. we have some sports for you now and football's biggest names hit the red carpet at the long slow scala opera house last
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night for the 5th a player and coach of the year awards american megan repeat no was named best female player after helping her team to a world cup victory in july. i. can repeat no start at the women's world cup in june and july being named best player and ending up as joint top scorer as the u.s. clinched their 4th title it was no surprise when she was voted his feet as the best female player. she had a powerful message for the football world we have a unique opportunity in football different to any other sport in the world to use this beautiful game to actually change the world for better so that's my charge everyone i hope you take that to heart and just do something do anything we have incredible power in this room. there was more success in the u.s.
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with former national ball still taking the coach prize the fee for awards of voted for by fans journalists national coaches and captains most pundits assumed liverpool the netherlands defended virgil van dyke would skip the men's player award after helping liverpool to champions league glory but for the 6th time boss alone as leader no messi triumphed after standing his club side to another spanish league title. i don't know what my secret is the only thing i know is that hard work doing the most to keep improving to keep bettering yourself to keep winning that i've always said is most important everything else is secondary. in a sort of stick with it despite missing out there was recognition for liverpool that german manage it you're going club took home the best male coach award football paid homage to its heroes and pino stole the show. stay reminder of our top stories this hour britain's supreme court is set to rule on whether prime
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minister boris johnson overstepped his powers by suspending parliament many lawmakers say johnson's move was a tactical push to get his plans for a no deal back set through. and we'll have the latest from london on that for now though for me brian thomas i'm saying thank you and you. stay in school in the jungle. for 1st coming listen. doris grand moment arrives. join the ring again on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour of.


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