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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2019 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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the palms code. to berlin been on d w. this is deja vu news live from berlin donald trump openly urges china to investigate his leading political rival. the us president wants beijing to open a corruption for open to democratic presidential candidate joe biden that's even as trophy says an impeachment inquiry for making the same request to the president of ukraine will get an update from washington and. dozens are killed demonstrating
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against miserable conditions in iraq even the government says the protesters are right to demand an end to corruption. thanks for joining us u.s. president donald trump has suggested that china should investigate former vice president joe biden and biden's son hunter who had a business relationship with a chinese company trump floated the idea as congressional investigators heard testimony from their 1st witness in the impeachment inquiry against him. was questioned behind closed doors about his role in trump's attempt to prod ukraine's president into investigating the bidens volcker was trumped special envoy for ukraine until he resign. last week right after a whistleblower filed
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a complaint about the now famous phone call between trump and the ukrainian leader polluted news the lead's. rational democrats say tribes efforts caused acute abuse of power but if it's not ready for more let's bring in dubuque correspondent. in washington d.c. so this is the 1st inquiry into what could be a long road ahead what more do we know well before we actually get on to those rather extraordinary comments from president trump of course we do need to focus on this testimony the 1st testimony in this impeachment inquiry and as you mentioned curt falter now he's the former u.s. special envoy to ukraine and what we're hearing from media reports is here. told rudy giuliani no that's president trump's personal attorney he essentially warned him that the information that you leon he was that was getting from the ukrainians
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and it wasn't really trustworthy he also it's also being said here in the media that president trump ordered the removal of the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine following complaints by giuliani now let's also go back a little bit because in the whistleblower complaint it was said that folk are just one day after the phone call between president trump and the ukrainian president met with the president selenski alongside the u.s. ambassador to the european union in which they spoke to him about how to navigate trump's requests now before his testimony folk are also handed over documents including copies of text messages that he had with rudy giuliani but of course this testimony has been taking place behind closed doors and a lot of the attention today has been focused very much on those rather explosive comments that came from president trump. exactly the president's making new accusations saying that it's not just ukraine but china that should probe the
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bidens let's hear what the president had to say. they best to gauge that because that is a company but only for the world cup but if you look good by the way like white guys just started to gauge it. because what happened is. just about as bad as what happened with. your brain so just as we're getting used to this ukraine story all of a sudden china why china why call on beijing. now president trump is referring back to a trip by the former vice president and of course one of the democratic presidential nominees joe biden back in 2013 he traveled there alongside his son hunter and his daughter and hunter met a chinese banker who would later become. his business associate now i want to speak
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i want to talk to you about what the republican senator and finance chairman chuck grassley said he said the younger biden hunter had a history of investing in and collaborating with chinese companies including at least one posing significant national security concerns and then we also need to just focus on the fact that president trump is essentially asking china a country which in just a few days' time is going to be holding trade talks has been engaged in a trade war with the united states for a century help in investigating a u.s. national and also in that same press conference he reiterated those calls for ukraine to investigate joe biden so as you can imagine you know the fallout from those comments here in particular from democrats has been rather intense. and where do you see all of this going politically. well i mean it's quite a complicated situation so fast moving we're hearing so many you know different reports day today what i think we need to focus on the fact that republicans have come out several in support of president trump but there are a significant number who have sat back there listening they're waiting to see what
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those inquiries are going to reveal and you know for the time being of course the democrats are focusing very much on continuing with their inquiry but you know what this is going to be a fast moving investigation and inquiry we'll see where it ends up ok top of the list in washington d.c. thank you for that. more than 30 people have been killed in the n.t. government protest in iraq authorities have imposed curfews and internet blackouts there's widespread anger over unemployment corruption and poor basic services. in cities across the country young mostly unemployed iraqis but directing their anger. they blame the government for failing to create jobs the authorities heavy handed response to the protests only increases their resentment.
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we are peaceful but they meet us with bullets and tear gas the government is fighting us but we will carry on and we will not retreat so the university graduate mr often here lives working as a shop keeper to make ends meet. there's corruption everywhere. graduated from the same color just she's unemployed but there's no work and that's because of corruption in the government but they promise but they never deliver. 2 years after the end of the war against the islamic state terrorist group there's little sign of any peace dividend one in 4 young iraqis are out of work basic services like water and electricity are unreliable hospitals roads and schools own lack funding. kind of way the flow of young people have no jobs and no money the country is taking money from abroad but it doesn't benefit our own people we have a very tired look at
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a video but with sadness we say those who are corrupt should go we have protesting for our rights. but. even the government admits the protesters are right to demand an end to corruption the prime minister is proposing a new law granting families a basic income that may not be enough to end the un rest in the short term 7. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. a police employee with a knife killed 4 colleagues at paris's police headquarters before another officer shot him to death investigators have not determined a motive rampage came a day after officers marched through the french capital to protest against a long hours and rising suicide rates. a collection of nazi artifacts is going on display at the holocaust museum in buenos aires as part of the permanent collection the items were found in an antique collector secret room
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nazi paraphernalia are not illegal in argentina but the relics were seized while the collector faces charges of trafficking of items. in london have used a fire engine to spray hundreds of gallons of fake blood onto the facade of the british treasury. aim to draw attention to what activists say is the government's failure to address a looming global climate catastrophe. and the 1st arab to visit the international space station has returned to earth after 8 days in space. and story of the united arab emirates kazakstan on a soyuz capsule also on board were an american. and. from russia they both spent about 6 months in the space station. the hong kong government may invoke
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a colonial era state of emergency law to empower police to crack down on the anti-government protests that have rocked the city for months officials are reportedly considering a curfew and a ban on face masks. scenes like this have become common on hong kong streets every weekend and even some weekdays protesters face off against police many of the demonstrators wear masks and some are warning of dire consequences if a ban on face masks is put into effect. if this regime really wants to suppress the voice of the people like this it will only make the deficiency in our society more serious i think our people won't be afraid they'll continue to hit the streets and use more drastic methods to fight. such masks are commonly available many people buy them at pharmacies they're one of the few defenses against the widespread use of facial recognition software by the
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chinese government authorities say that's part of the problem. this law is the best way to help police officers to prevent those violent acts it's challenging for the police officers to collect evidence if the protesters wear masks but there's little agreement on whether the move would actually help the authorities. the help is measures work deters great powers and also to crowds greater powers for the police to detain protesters as some of the skeptics already expressed their concern that this may valid they think it will buy side home call and more importantly this new doubts that whether this will intimidate radical protestors are not. with no sign of a swift resolution both sides are digging in the situation is likely to escalate. germany is marking the anniversary of the reunification of its east and west after decades of hostile division during the cold war commemorations have taken place in
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the northern city of kill chancellor angela merkel says more still needs to be done to end inequality. sound lines evoking the shifting counters of germany's history as a country marked 29 years of unity in the northwestern city of killer chancellor and america highlighted to successes of reunification but she acknowledged that there was still work to do. and you know in advance if you are in the 29 years that have gone by since for unification an incredible amount has been achieved overall in both western and eastern germany people are now more contented with their lives than is any other time since reunification but we also know that that is not the whole truth surveys show that 29 years since reunification the majority of people from eastern germany feel they are 2nd class citizens. drawing upon her own experience and going to america spoke of the mixed feelings of east germans i think country disappeared. from asian few under the control myself and to many others the
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fall of the berling wall in 1989 and german reunification in 1990 when moments of happiness of confidence and of openness but others were intimidated by this new openness for them the east german system was a form of support was. chance and america also used the occasion to pay tribute to victims of the company's 2 regime. well you know there's that most i also want to remember the victims of the dictatorship those who lost their lives trying to flee those who were persecuted imprisoned they shouldn't be forgotten even on a day full of joy like today you forget some of them talk the foid of people it and . the german chancellor acknowledged that a gap still remains that in raising a border between 2 states wasn't enough to overcome differences in the to 210
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values when you guys behaved less than half of the east germans a happy with democracy here in germany which means that aside from one happened all of us politicians and civil society alike have to understand that and also why german unity wasn't just a positive experience for many east germans. in a positive is. that they are said abrasion for germany but also in occasion to look at how difference is that still exists between east and west can be mended. time for sport now and in football frankfurt has secured their 1st win this season's europa league after beating portuguese. scored the only goal of a game in the 1st half the victory gets frankfurt back on track in europe after they lost their previous game. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. u.s. president donald trump has publicly urged china to investigate presidential
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candidate joe biden trump's comments came as u.s. lawmakers began hearing witnesses in the impeachment inquiry against. watching you give you a few news coming up next is indeed a new business thanks for watching. us after the fall of the berlin wall november night d.w. . i was here when i arrived here i slept with 6
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people in a room. it was hard to.


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