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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2019 7:00am-7:16am CEST

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the only reason. this is news live from berlin donald trump openly urges china to investigate his leading political rival. the us president wants beijing to open a corruption probe into democratic presidential candidate joe biden even as trump faces an impeachment inquiry for making this same request to the president of ukraine will get an update from washington and. dozens are killed demonstrating
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against miserable conditions in iraq even the government says the protesters are right to demand an end to corruption. spicer thanks for joining us u.s. president donald trump has called on a 2nd foreign government to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son hunter trump says china should look into their business dealings in that country already faces impeachment proceedings after it emerged that he asked ukraine's president to investigate hunter biden for possible corruption because of his work at a ukrainian gas company. donald trump does not shy away from controversy as democrats prepare to impeach the president for soliciting foreign help in the 2020 election
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trump went on the offensive. well i would think that if they were honest about it this sort of major investigation it is a by the very simple and. they should investigate the bike because that is a company that's really formed well these companies if you look and by the way like white china has started investigating is it a bias because what happened in china is just about as bad as what happened with. with you craig. democratic presidential candidate joe biden is emerging as the biggest rival to trump in the upcoming elections this could explain why trump also says ukrainian counterpart of all of them is selenski to investigate biden's son hunter in a july phone call a clear breach of election laws. suggesting
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. here that our president. is an illustration of this president and for the 2 years of this nation is that he feels he can do anything with. trump maintains the support of his own party after having been silent on the issue so far vice president mike pence on thursday threw his weight behind trump. i think the american people have a right to know if the vice president of the united states or his family profited from his position as vice president during the last administration and executive order speaking later that day chunk took his cue from the audience to school and democratic efforts to remove him from power. if you want to drive him crazy just say 8 more years or 12 worriers i 1616 would do it good would it you'd really drive me to the loony bin. of the
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elites why they do the impeachment crap because they know they can't beat us fairly that's the only reason they can't win now with the president trailing biden in several polls impeachment is not the only thing threatening to put an end to trump's time in the white house. times more than 30 people have been killed in antigovernment protests in iraq authorities have imposed curfews and internet blackouts there is widespread anger over unemployment corruption and basic poor services. in cities across the country young and mostly unemployed iraqis but directing their anger at officialdom they blame the government for failing to create jobs the authorities heavy handed response to the protests only increases their resentment. when with we are
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peaceful but they meet us with bullets and tear gas the government is fighting us but we will carry on we will not retreat the last university graduate mystify here liz working as a shop keeper to make ends meet. oh there's corruption everywhere. graduated from the same color just so that she was unemployed but there's no work and that's because of corruption in the government they promise but they never deliver. 2 years after the end of the war against the islamic state terror group there's little sign of any peace dividend one in 4 young iraqis are out of work basic services like water and electricity are unreliable hospitals roads and schools old lack funding. kind of way the slum young people have no jobs and no money the country is taking money from abroad but it doesn't benefit their own people we have
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very tight that will get a video but with god no we say those who are corrupt should go we are protesting for our rights. which. even the government admits the protesters are right to demand an end to corruption the prime minister is proposing a new law granting families a basic income that may not be enough to end the un rest in the short term. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. a police employee stabbed to death for colleagues at police headquarters in paris before an officer shot him to death investigators have not determined a motive rampage came a day after thousands of police officers marched through the french capital to protest against a wave of suicides and for better working conditions. a collection of nazi artifacts is going on display in a holocaust museum in the argentine capital of buenos aires the items including
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a bust of adolf hitler were found in an antique collectors' secret room nazi paraphernalia are not illegal in argentina. climate activists in london have used a fire engine to spray hundreds of gallons of fake blood onto the facade of the british treasury the stunt aimed to draw attention to what activists say is the government's failure to address a looming global global climate catastrophe. the hong kong government may invoke a colonial era state of emergency law to empower police to crackdown on anti-government protests that have rocked the city for months officials are reportedly considering a curfew and the ban on face masks. scenes like this have become common on hong kong streets every weekend and even some weekdays protesters face off against
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police many of the demonstrators wear masks and some are warning of dire consequences if a ban on face masks is put into effect. if this regime really wants to suppress the voice of the people like this it will only make the deficiency society more serious i think how people won't be afraid they'll continue to hit the streets and use more drastic methods to fight so. such masks are commonly available many people buy them at pharmacies they're one of the few defenses against the widespread use of facial recognition software by the chinese government authorities say that's part of the problem. this law is the best way to help police officers to prevent those violent acts it's challenging for the police officers to collect evidence if the protesters wear masks but there's
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little agreement on whether the move would actually help the authorities. the help this measures will deter street policy and also to crowd greater powers for the police to detain protesters as some of the skeptics already expressed their concern that this may valet thinking of i saw a phone call and point put on the esteemed doubts that whether this will intimidate radical protestors on all. with no sign of a swift resolution both sides are digging in the situation is likely to escalate. in 2 days' time tunisians will go to the polls to elect the lawmakers who will represent them in parliament people rejected many establishment candidates in the 1st round of the presidential poll last month now a new independent party has launched an unusual campaign to win over voters fanned out with political a.v. . this is not your typical political campaign here in the tunisian. a self-proclaimed anti-party is hoping to get attention with punch backs
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for beating corruption and symbolic yellow cards against the system nice to see started out organizing cultural events before moving into politics now their goal is very serious they want to enter parliament after october 6th. and he joins in a different way we wanted to approach tunisians with culture we wanted to do activities where there was culture and joy 1st nations who express themselves give their opinion and make proposals that despite being the only country to emerge as a democracy from the arab spring tunisia still suffers from corruption and the stagnating economy making many disillusioned with politics amongst the south at the h. 20 sees an opportunity the party is hoping its approach will win over young people frustrated with the country's political elite and their lives that. we have i don't see ask for more than 400000 there are problems and solutions or just to summarize
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them in 12 measures. these 12 measures have been approved by more than 1000000 tunisia from our campaign promises are we will not accept the privileges granted to members of parliament and we will immediately abandon our political unit. for some young people the only opportunity d.c. in politics is the money they can make during the campaign season. in a poverty stricken to a suburb the unemployed know more about how much a candidate will pay to have campaign leaflets distributed than the party manifesto . you know what you should know about the political parties by people with money during the election campaigns to give about 10 euros to people who sit in cafes doing nothing but they use them to do their campaign work and then they fired and when they become presidents ministers or whatever that's when they send us back to misery to have my share of the good day because it was that good man and a good lay people don't think about the future they only look at today and tomorrow
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how do you want them to think about the future when they have nothing if they make enough money to live and feed their children it's a good otherwise they have no money for anything else where do you see the future. how does disillusionment will play out in the election and whether h 2 n c's approach works only become clear once the polls close. elephants have roamed south and southeast asia for thousands of years but now their survival is under threat poaching and shrinking habitats are growing dangers to asian elephants conservationists are trying to help but it's a struggle. helping this core month old get through the hardest part of her day. a deep cleaning of the nasty wound on her leg caused by a poacher snare. and as an adult watch you don't dare to let the other elephants because she's still young and her leg is still in pain we
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couldn't find her parents and we're not sure whether or not they were killed by elephant porters. the orphaned calf arrived here last month her carers have named her a arsene after the forest region where she was found she appears to be on the mend but staff warn she's not yet out of danger. on minorities and the big challenge for us in taking care of baby elephants is to keep them alive and it's kind of a big problem because 2 young elephants have already died. so these young animals are very important for us question what 18 if a little of them have a mother to feed them that well fed with milk powder. b. that's why all of us trainer and camp officials are looking after them very carefully and a priority is to prolong their lives. and several rescued elephants live at this camp. at lyons and
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a former logging region where many elephants once served as draft animals around 2000 still live in the wild in myanmar but their habitats shrink as humans clear land for rice and palm oil plantations. and more than ever before they become targets for poachers after their tusks and skin. it's turned into medicine and so-called red blood beats highly sought after in china for jewelry. a fashion trend with the high cost researchers warn that the skin trade could wipe out myanmar's wild elephant population in less than 60 years. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. u.s. president donald trump has publicly urged china to investigate presidential
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candidate joe biden comments came as u.s. lawmakers began hearing witnesses in the impeachment inquiry against him. you're watching the news coming up next is a doc film namibia shadows of colonialism stay tuned for that and don't forget you can always get more information around the clock at d w dot com for now on the exposure thanks for watching. welcome to the book is the game here for d.w.i. . we have plenty to talk about into. this coverage. 3 more people. to hold we have. let's have a look at some of the other much legal so you don't want to miss this.
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